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  • Title: User account | QUALITY PUBLIC SERVICES
    Descriptive info: You are here /.. User account.. / Request new password.. Create new account.. Log in.. Request new password.. Username or e-mail address:.. *..

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  • Title: World Teachers' Day 2011
    Descriptive info: Published on.. (.. ).. Printer-friendly.. World Teachers Day 2011.. Themes:.. Education.. Equity.. Public funding.. Trade union rights.. Women.. When:.. Wednesday, October 05, 2011.. Since 1994 World Teachers’ Day has been celebrated on 5 October.. It is an opportunity for UNESCO and Education International to celebrate the global teaching profession and to promote international standards for education professionals.. The theme for this year’s World Teachers’ Day is:.. Teachers for gender equality.. Despite the teaching  ...   equality are enshrined into the policies and constitutions of many states, for millions of female teachers, the goals remain unfulfilled.. The teaching profession, both men and women, must unite and urge governments to implement their commitments.. We encourage everyone to move from words to action: World Teachers’ Day is your day, so let’s get involved!.. Email:.. 5oct@ei-ie.. Organisation:.. Education International.. Website:.. 5oct.. facebook.. com/educationinternational.. twitter.. com/eduint.. flickr.. com/photos/30593921@N03/.. youtube.. com/eduinternational.. Source URL:.. org/event/world-teachers-day-2011..

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    Descriptive info: You are here.. / Video.. Video.. Energy.. Environment.. The description is the same as always, it will appear on the page underneath the video.. Print this page..

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  • Title: Mengapa kita membutuhkan belanja publik
    Descriptive info: Mengapa kita membutuhkan belanja publik.. [1].. [2].. Social services.. [3].. Taxation.. [4].. Research Author:.. David Hall, PSIRU, University of Greenwich.. Public Services International Research Unit.. "Why we need public spending," Indonesian translation.. Public investment in public services and social benefits is central to social and economic development, and is more efficient that leaving such services to be supplied by the market, says this report by  ...   shows that the economic efficiency of using taxation to finance public spending on infrastructure and services which enable and support all other economic activity.. It also finds that higher taxation is affordable, and that corporations in particular are paying far too little tax.. Research Document:.. Mengapa_kita_membutuhkan_belanja_publik_Indonesian.. pdf.. [5].. org/mengapa-kita-membutuhkan-belanja-publik.. Links:.. [1] http://www.. org/category/campaign-themes-or-issues/public-funding.. [2] http://www.. org/category/campaign-themes-or-issues/quality-public-services.. [3] http://www.. org/category/campaign-themes-or-issues/social-services.. [4] http://www.. org/category/campaign-themes-or-issues/taxation.. [5] http://www.. org/sites/default/files/Mengapa_kita_membutuhkan_belanja_publik_Indonesian..

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  • Title: Public services, delivered with pride | QUALITY PUBLIC SERVICES
    Descriptive info: / Public services, delivered with pride.. Public services, delivered with pride.. The long list of vital services delivered by public employees is too often taken for granted -- they are an important part of our lives every day.. IMPACT has produced a short.. video.. which highlights some of these services..

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  • Title: Why we need public spending
    Descriptive info: Why we need public spending.. Language:.. English.. WhyWeNeedPublicSpending_PSIRU.. org/why-we-need-public-spending.. org/sites/default/files/WhyWeNeedPublicSpending_PSIRU..

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  • Title: 'Bring a Book' for Quality Education at the Education International World Congress, 18-26 July 2011
    Descriptive info: Bring a Book for Quality Education at the Education International World Congress, 18-26 July 2011.. Young people.. School libraries in South Africa are in a desperate state.. Only seven per cent of public schools have functional libraries; 13 per cent have a library space without books or a librarian; and a massive 79 per cent do not have a library.. Major international studies have shown that the provision of a functional library in a school will add between 10-25 per cent to average learner outcomes.. Local research has similarly shown a strong correlation and causal relationship between the presence of a staffed library and higher academic performance.. Libraries have also been found to be a cost-effective method of improving these outcomes.. Teachers understand that reading is an essential part of the educational experience so Education International - the global union which represents 30 million teachers worldwide - is encouraging every participant who will attend its World Congress to ‘bring a book’ for Equal Education to help resource libraries in the area.. EI is proud to be working alongside Equal Education which is a movement of young people, parents, teachers and unions  ...   500 broken windows at a school in Khayelitsha, a working-class community in Cape Town.. In three years, Equal Education has grown into a national organisation with campaigns from coast to coast, and is robustly supported by South African teachers’ unions, NAPTOSA and SADTU.. Some of Equal Education’s major accomplishments include: putting the question of school libraries and access to books on the national agenda; bringing down late-coming in schools where it is a chronic problem; and, through its campaigning, winning major allocation of resources to address school infrastructure.. Equal Education’s Bookery project will receive the books that are brought by EI World Congress participants to establish school libraries.. Everyone is encouraged to bring a book and help build a library.. Please visit Equal Education at their stand in the EI Congress exhibition area, where you can deposit your books, or learn more about the campaigns it runs by visiting their website.. Address:.. EI World Congress, Cape Town International Conference Centre, 1 Lower Long Street, Cape Town.. Telephone:.. 0 (027) 214 614 189.. ei-ie.. Events.. Submit an Event.. [6].. Videos.. Submit a Video.. [7].. org/campaign/bring-book-quality-education-education-international-world-congress-18-26-july-2011.. org/taxonomy/term/6.. org/category/campaign-themes-or-issues/young-people.. [6] http://www.. org/node/add/event.. [7] http://www.. org/node/add/video..

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  • Title: People's Summit for Quality Education, Cape Town, 25-27 June 2011
    Descriptive info: People s Summit for Quality Education, Cape Town, 25-27 June 2011.. and our South African affiliate member, the.. South African Democratic Teachers' Union (SADTU).. , are proud to be supporting the civil society organisation,.. Equal Education.. , to hold a People's Summit for Quality Education.. The People’s Summit for Quality Education will be a landmark event in building a truly national movement for quality and equal education.. The summit will develop delegates as education activists and empower them with practical plans to improve their own schools, sharing powerful analysis and inspiring successes.. The summit is open to all.. So join us! Apply to be one of the 360.. learners, parents, teachers and unions, NGOs, academics and student delegates.. We invite everyone to join us and hear the Minister of Basic Education, Angie Motshekga, who will be speaking on the opening night.. Across South Africa, there are countless ordinary learners, parents and teachers who do extraordinary work in poor conditions every single day.. The people of South Africa are joining together and working for quality education for all.. In an unequal country, a few are lucky enough to know schools that achieve among the best in the world; many know schools that suffer with the worst.. But the country is worse for all because of poor education – and all stand to benefit from quality education that frees the potential of each person.. In gathering at the summit, the people take responsibility for attitudes and  ...   quality education.. Studies of South African performance on international tests show educational achievement in South Africa is worse than in almost all other countries in the region.. A fundamental conclusion of this research is that schools are inefficient in turning education inputs into outputs – still a legacy of apartheid.. Our struggle is simultaneously for equal education.. In last year’s matric exams, at the school heralded as “the top state school” in the country, 165 matrics achieved 404 A symbols (excluding life orientation).. But in Khayelitsha, just 30 kms away, 3,228 matrics across 19 high schools achieved just 44 A symbols between them.. Join our struggle – come to The People’s Summit for Quality Education!.. Together, we are already driving the largest mobilisation for quality and equal education for all since the advent of democracy.. Some months ago, on World Human Rights Day, 20,000 learners and allies marched to parliament for quality education for all.. In 2010, more than 12,000 people participated in Human Rights Day marches across the country; more than 5,000 fasted during the Fast for School Libraries; more than 7,000 sent postcards to political leaders calling for libraries and resources in schools; and more than 60,000 signed the petition calling for ‘One School, One Library, One Librarian’.. Together, we will carry forward the campaign for quality and equal education in schools and communities across the country!.. summit@equaleducation.. za.. 0 (027) 213 870 022.. educationsummit.. za/.. [8].. org/campaign/peoples-summit-quality-education-cape-town-25-27-june-2011.. [4] mailto:summit@equaleducation.. [8] http://www..

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  • Title: A Huge Rally & Discussion Meeting
    Descriptive info: A Huge Rally Discussion Meeting.. Precarious work.. Privatization.. Where:.. Parliament Street, New Delhi, India.. Wednesday, September 07, 2011.. Time:.. 11.. 00 AM.. A huge Rally organized by.. National Federation of Indian Railwaymen (NFIR).. and.. affiliates.. in support of 13 demands was a.. "GRAND SUCCESS".. with Thousands of employees from all over Indian Railways marching towards Indian Parliament braving the incessant rains and inclement weather conditions.. We Heartily Congratulate each and every Railway Worker for their Cooperation and registering their protest by Silently walking to Parliament culminating in a discussion meeting.. The 13 demands that were raised by NFIR and affiliates are:.. 1.. Rectify 6th Central Pay Commission (CPC) Modified Assure Career Scheme  ...   Stenographers etc.. ,.. 6.. Implement agreement for merger of Technician II I with Grade Pay of Rs.. 2800/-.. 7.. Settle all pending issues Ensure implementation of agreements reached through negotiations.. 8.. Ensure Cadre Restructuring Upgradation on Fast Track.. 9.. Implement Joint Committee Report on career growth of Trackmen Category.. 10.. Grant Upgradation from Group 'C' to Group 'B' (Gazetted) without delay.. Count Casual Labour (Temporary Status) Service in full for all purposes.. 12.. Ensure Employment Opportunity to Wards of Employees.. 13.. Conduct Secret Ballot Elections for recognition of Unions.. nfirindia@gmail.. com.. 3, Chelmsford Road, New Delhi - 110 055.. INDIA.. 91-011-23744013, 919717635805.. nfirindia.. https://www.. com/pages/National-Federation-of-Indian-Railwaymen-NFIR/189.. https://twitter.. com/nfirindia.. http://in.. linkedin.. com/pub/national-federation-of-indian-railwaymen/35/543/b66.. scres_cmc.. org/event/huge-rally-discussion-meeting..

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  • Title: Signature Campaign for Ratification of Two ILO Conventions in INDIA
    Descriptive info: Signature Campaign for Ratification of Two ILO Conventions in INDIA.. Six national trade unions including.. Indian National Trade Union Congress (INTUC).. joined together to launch a signature campaign seeking the support of the people and workers of both.. organised.. and.. unorganised.. sectors for the ratification of two International Labour Organisation (ILO) Conventions by India and their implementation in Tamil Nadu, India.. ILO-ACTRAV (Bureau for Workers' Activities).. , in collaboration with the Tamil Nadu trade unions' Joint Action Forum (JAF) consisting of representatives of six central trade unions, is implementing a project to address workers' issues in the context  ...   Convention 87.. (freedom of association and protection of the right to organise).. Convention 98.. (the right to organise and collective bargaining),.. Convention 138.. (regarding minimum age for labourers) and.. Convention 182.. (on the worst forms of child labour).. Mr M.. Raghavaiah.. Vice President, Indian National Trade Union Congress (INTUC) and General Secretary, National Federation of Indian Railwaymen (NFIR).. extended whole hearted support and stressed for early ratification of these conventions.. 3, Chelmsford Raod, New Delhi, Pin - 110 055, INDIA.. [9].. [10].. org/campaign/signature-campaign-ratification-two-ilo-conventions-india.. org/category/campaign-themes-or-issues/trade-union-rights.. [3] mailto:nfirindia@gmail.. [5] https://www.. com/pages/National-Federation-of-Indian-Railwaymen-NFIR/189236377792866.. [6] https://twitter.. [7] http://in.. org/skype:scres_cmc?chat.. [9] http://www.. [10] http://www..

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  • Title: Quality Public Services Action Day by National Federation of Indian Railwaymen (NFIR) and Affiliates
    Descriptive info: Quality Public Services Action Day by National Federation of Indian Railwaymen (NFIR) and Affiliates.. Campaign:.. Observance of Quality Public Service Action Day 23-06-11.. Secunderabad, New Delhi, Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Kolkata, Chennai, India.. Thursday, June 23, 2011.. The.. South Central Railway Employees Sangh (SCRES).. , an affiliate of the.. , observed the Quality Public Service Action Day on.. 23rd June 2011.. as directed by ITF in all divisions over the South Central Railway.. As part of the campaign, public meetings and rallies were organized at various places in order to create awareness in the public and commuters at all important Railway junctions and even roads explaining the importance of quality public services for ensuring safety and best services.. A huge rally followed by meeting was arranged by Mr.. B.. Venkatsubbaiah, Divisional Secretary Vijayawada.. (an important junction on South Central Railway, that links South India with rest of the country, was attended by a large number of activists and general public with enthusiasm.. In the meeting, the Divisional Secretary highlighted the issue of rising fuel costs and the importance of usage of public transport.. outsourcing.. of major works on Indian Railways was the key discussion, he gave a call to all the employees irrespective of their allegiance to any  ...   Visveshwar Rao.. Mr Brahmaiah the Divisional Secretary and Divisional President of Guntur Division.. respectively.. Like wise, hundreds of employees from Workshops joined hands with.. and held a magnanimous procession and rally at Tank Bund in the vicinity of AP Secretariat (Governing body of State of Andhra Pradesh) in the towering presence of.. Mr G.. Mohan Rao, Divisional Secretary.. and other leaders of Workshop and INTUC.. The workers took an oath to promote Quality Public Services the whole year by wearing badges and educating people through various programmes.. Similar programmes were also conducted by 61 Divisions and 6 production units of National Federation of Indian Railwaymen (NFIR) jointly with Indian National Trade Union Congress (INTUC) all over the country.. At all the rally's emphasis was laid on the usage of public transport over the private modes which is more economical, eco-friendly and safety oriented.. Metro rail at Kolkata and Delhi were cited as the BEST and live examples in this pursuit, making travel a PLEASURE to one and all.. The huge turnouts and active participation in the rally's/protests is perhaps an epitome of general unrest prevailing among the employees,which needs an immediate intervention and redressal.. 3 - Chelmsford Road, New Delhi - 110 055.. +919717635805 +919848014130.. org/event/quality-public-services-action-day-national-federation-indian-railwaymen-nfir-and-affiliates..

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