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  • Title: The facts support raising revenues from the highest income households
    Descriptive info: Published on.. (.. ).. Printer-friendly.. The facts support raising revenues from the highest income households.. Taxation.. [1].. Research Author:.. Andrew Fieldhouse, Isaac Shapiro.. Organisation:.. Economic Policy Institute.. Language:.. English.. A new report by the Economic Policy Institute confirms that the Bush-era tax cuts in the United States have been an incredible boon for the very rich – and a slap in the face for the middle class.. Between 1979 and 2007, the share of after-tax national income going to the top 1 percent of households rocketed from 7.. 5 percent  ...   of total income slide from 16.. 5 percent to 14.. The burden of financing Bush’s tax cuts for the rich is falling on everyone else.. Between 2009 and 2019, it will add $5.. 4 trillion to the nation’s cumulative deficit.. This year alone, it will cost $50 billion in interest spending.. It’s clearly time for those who are most able to pay to pay their fair share, just as other Americans do.. The full report is available.. here.. [2].. Source URL:.. org/facts-support-raising-revenues-highest-income-households.. Links:.. [1] http://www.. org/category/campaign-themes-or-issues/taxation.. [2] http://www.. epi.. org/publications/entry/7419..

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  • Title: Welfare: An alternative vision
    Descriptive info: Welfare: An alternative vision.. Social services.. Public and Commercial Services Union.. The current UK government is attacking the most unfortunate citizens by cutting £18 billion from welfare while giving away more than £25 billion in corporate tax breaks, and turning a blind eye to more than £120 billion lost through tax evasion, avoidance and non-collection.. This report by the Public and Commercial Services Union adds that the  ...   propaganda campaign that suggests welfare is too generous, claimants are lazy and fraudulent, and that public servants are not fit to run welfare services.. The report challenges these false allegations, busts the myths that some politicians are trying to create, and persuasively makes the case that welfare is a fundamental part of a society that wishes to describe itself as civilised.. Research Document:.. Welfare_an_alternative_vision_PCS.. pdf.. org/welfare-alternative-vision.. org/category/campaign-themes-or-issues/social-services.. org/sites/default/files/Welfare_an_alternative_vision_PCS_1..

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  • Title: Trends in Water Privatization
    Descriptive info: Trends in Water Privatization.. Privatization.. Water.. Food Water Watch.. Food Water Watch says various cities and towns across the United States, confronted with daunting budget shortfalls as a result of the recent economic downturn, have considered cashing out their water utilities to generate revenue.. The report is the  ...   and concessions over the last two decades.. It concludes that rather than easing fiscal pressures on local governments, the sale of lease of water access is more likely to further weaken their long-term financial health and saddle consumers with debt.. Water_PrivatizationTrends.. [3].. org/trends-water-privatization.. org/category/campaign-themes-or-issues/privatization.. org/category/campaign-themes-or-issues/water.. [3] http://www.. org/sites/default/files/Water_PrivatizationTrends..

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  • Title: Bearing the brunt, leading the response
    Descriptive info: Bearing the brunt, leading the response.. Precarious work.. Public funding.. [4].. Women.. [5].. Trades Union Congress.. "Bearing the brunt, leading the response -- Women and the global economic crisis" is a sobering look at how women are being affected by economic turmoil and deep cuts in public services.. "As we in the UK fight savage, ideologically driven cuts that are hitting women and the poorest the hardest and hollowing out our public services, we also stand in solidarity with our sisters around the world  ...   to the report.. She notes that women are shouldering the economic crisis in every corner of the globe -- more likely to be in vulnerable jobs, to be unemployed, to lack social protection, and to have limited financial resources.. This report combines a collection of stories, articles and case studies from individuals, unions and NGOs to highlight just how deeply the global economic crisis has affected women all over the world.. TUC_Global_Women_Crisis_Impact2011.. [6].. org/bearing-brunt-leading-response.. org/category/campaign-themes-or-issues/precarious-work.. org/category/campaign-themes-or-issues/public-funding.. org/category/campaign-themes-or-issues/quality-public-services.. [4] http://www.. [5] http://www.. org/category/campaign-themes-or-issues/women.. [6] http://www.. org/sites/default/files/TUC_Global_Women_Crisis_Impact2011..

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  • Title: Civil Society and Public Services: Collaboration not Competition
    Descriptive info: Civil Society and Public Services: Collaboration not Competition.. This 50 page report from the Trades Union Congress make the case for quality public services that provide benefits not only to service users, but to society as a whole.. It criticizes outsourcing of public services, saying this action must be seen in  ...   the report examines the current threats to public services, and the impact of cuts on the voluntary sector.. It concludes by calling for more collaboration as the key to public service reform, and outlining proposals for managing the threats to public services and the society they serve.. TUC_Civil_Society_and_Public Services-Collaboration.. org/civil-society-and-public-services-collaboration-not-competition.. org/sites/default/files/TUC_Civil_Society_and_Public Services-Collaboration..

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  • Title: Common good, common wealth, common values
    Descriptive info: Common good, common wealth, common values.. National Union of Provincial and General Employees.. NUPGE -- Canada's National Union of Provincial and General Employees -- argues that public services are a critical part of creating a society that lives up to the profound belief that the pursuit of the common good enables us to achieve a good greater than any we can ever achieve alone.. This discussion  ...   and the common good as in direct conflict with each other.. The conservative approach, says the union, believes that people do best as individual competitors in a lonely struggle in an impersonal marketplace of buyers and sellers.. "We believe, instead, that people exist and thrive only in relation to others, working cooperatively with each other, within a strong and supportive society," says the paper.. NUPGE_Common_Good_paper2007.. org/common-good-common-wealth-common-values.. org/sites/default/files/NUPGE_Common_Good_paper2007..

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  • Title: Living with economic insecurity: women in precarious work | QUALITY PUBLIC SERVICES
    Descriptive info: You are here.. / Living with economic insecurity: women in precarious work.. Living with economic insecurity: women in precarious work.. International Trade Union Confederation.. This report looks at women's economic insecurity, focusing on the precariousness of their employment.. It analyses global trends in the world of work from a gender perspective, including the devastating impact of the 2008 global economic recession.. It stresses that women are affected by a second wave impact from the crisis which in insufficiently recognized.. The report underlines the boom of precarious and informal work in virtually all countries.. The 2008 economic crisis  ...   The over-representation fo women in insecure forms of work undermines women's rights, perpetuates gender inequalities in societies, and dampers the prospects for sustainable economic progress.. The report concludes with a call for governments and unions to take action in four key areas:.. Shifting policy to focus on the creation of quality jobs.. Implementing gender equality measures in the labour market.. Providing universal access to social security through the implementation of a social protection floor for all workers, regardless of their employment situation.. Taking up the challenge of organising workers in insecure forms of work.. ITUC_Women_PrecariousWork2011_EN.. Print this page..

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  • Title: Reducing the gender pay gap | QUALITY PUBLIC SERVICES
    Descriptive info: / Reducing the gender pay gap.. Reducing the gender pay gap.. Equity.. European Federation of Public Service Unions.. The European Federation of Public Service Unions has conducted a survey of affiliates to identify the size of the gender pay gap in sectors across Europe.. The pay gap -- the difference between the average pay  ...   inequality in the workplace.. Reducing the gap is not just a question of tackling low pay and inequalities in pay structures.. It also relates to training, promotion, child care, flexible working conditions and parental leave.. This report reflects the progress made by EPSU affiliates, as well as some of the key challenges that remain.. EPSU_Gender_Pay_Gap_Report_2010_2_-2..

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  • Title: The benefits of public spending | QUALITY PUBLIC SERVICES
    Descriptive info: / The benefits of public spending.. The benefits of public spending.. Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives.. The vast majority of Canadians are getting a quiet bargain by investing in taxes that produce enormous public benefits, according to a comprehensive study by the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives.. Using a sophisticated array  ...   study finds Canadians enjoy an average $17,000 (CAD) benefit from public services such as education, health care, child care, public pensions, employment insurance and family benefits.. For more than two-thirds of Canadians, the benefit from public services adds up to more than 50 percent of their household's total earned income.. CCPA_Benefits_of_Public_Spending2009..

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  • Title: Ready, set, go! Quality Public Services - Action Now!
    Descriptive info: Ready, set, go! Quality Public Services - Action Now!.. The Council of Global Unions Quality Public Services—Action Now! campaign officially launched 23 June 2011, United Nations Public Services Day.. Local campaign initiatives involving public and private sector unions, civil society organisations and local governments have begun in South Africa, Thailand, USA, India, Fiji, Japan, Lebanon, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Ukraine, Morocco, Mauritius, Russia, Uganda, Spain, and the Netherlands.. Join us!.. Quality Public Services—Action Now! campaign launch statements in.. EN.. FR.. ES.. AR.. RU.. JP.. Council of Global Unions – Stand with Wisconsin solidarity statement.. Spain FSP-UGT statement of commitment to campaign (ES).. USA, Middle East and North Africa solidarity exchange statement.. EPSU-PSI, ETF, ETUCE, UNI Europa, European Service Workers’ Union and EFBWW endorse the Quality Public Services—Action Now! campaign.. More International Transport Workers’ Federation campaign actions.. itfglobal.. org/campaigns/QPSActionDay2011.. cfm.. More Public  ...   CUPE national president Paul Moist statement in support of campaign.. More Education International campaign actions.. ei-ie.. org/en/news/news_details/1845.. Actions linked to the Quality Public Services—Action Now! campaign.. Success on the Global Day of Action for the FTT.. EPSU-PSI, Maires Nantes et Bruxelles –Taxe transactions financieres (FR).. National Nurses United rally on Wall Street.. Radio stories:.. RadioLabour feature on World Public Services Day and the Quality Public Services—Action Now! campaign.. The broadcast features an interview with Peter Waldorff, PSI general secretary and chair, Council of Global Unions:.. radiolabour.. net/waldorff-230611.. html.. RadioLabour has produced a special program on the Day of Action for the Financial Transaction Tax with an interview with John Evans, TUAC (June 22):.. net/evans-220611.. Listen to interviews about the referendum on water privatization in Italy and the struggle for trade union rights in Swaziland on June 24:.. www.. net.. org/media/ready-set-go-quality-public-services-action-now..

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  • Title: Global unions launch campaign for the common good
    Descriptive info: Global unions launch campaign for the common good.. Quality Public Services—Action Now!.. The Council of Global Unions will launch the worldwide Quality Public Services—Action Now! campaign on Thursday 23 June, United Nations Public Services Day.. The aim is to advance quality public services for all people through unprecedented coordinated solidarity action across borders.. From the American Midwest to the Middle East, Asia to Africa, Europe to South America – private and public sector unions are uniting as never before to defend and advance the quality public services that keep communities strong.. Unions are working with a wide range of allies including municipal governments and civil society groups to build sustainable economies that benefit all people – not just a select few.. In South Africa, this means local unions are working with the Durban eThekwini municipality and community partners to advance affordable housing and reliable public water, electricity, sanitation and transport services through a campaign initiated by Public Services International.. In Cape Town, this includes providing books to build public libraries in a partnership effort between Education International affiliates and the civil society organisation Equal Education.. In Bangkok, Thailand, railway workers who are members of the International Transport Workers’ Federation are marching with public sector unions to reinforce their message of protest against government privatisation plans.. In Spain, where youth unemployment is shooting past 40-percent under austerity measures imposed by the European Union and the International Monetary Fund, leading public and private sector unions are joining forces under the Quality Public Services—Action Now! banner to advance a new social and economic vision.. Solidarity exchanges between American, European, Middle Eastern and North African unions will take place in the coming weeks.. In Egypt, leaders of the American Federation of Teachers, whose members in Wisconsin have been stripped of their collective bargaining rights, will meet with the independent Egyptian unions whose call for a general strike proved to be the decisive moment in toppling their country’s corrupt regime earlier this year.. However, Egypt’s transitional military council has just banned strikes and sit-ins.. Italian trade union leaders, who are celebrating a national referendum victory that halts moves to privatise water,  ...   23 June to defend the right to decent work and to reclaim public services for the common good.. “When we look around the world today, we find peace and improved equality and opportunity only in countries where strong public services provide equitable redistribution of wealth, protect democracy and deliver security, justice and decent work,” Council of Global Unions chair Peter Waldorff emphasizes.. “We need priority investment in quality public services to create jobs and stimulate sustainable economic growth and development.. Spending on clean energy, water, health care, education infrastructure and transport is an investment in our collective future.. ”.. The Quality Public Services—Action Now! campaign is guided by principles outlined in the Geneva Charter on Quality Public Services.. Of key importance, public funding must be supported by fair taxes based on ability to pay, an end to shifting taxes from corporations and the super-rich to ordinary people, and a crackdown on tax dodgers who hide their profits in foreign tax havens.. Leading up to the launch of the Quality Public Services—Action Now! campaign on 23 June, global union members are participating in the European Trade Union Confederation Day of Action on 21 June and the Global Day of Action for a Financial Transactions Tax on 22 June.. Trade unions, political and civil society partners are invited to associate their related campaigns or to start new initiatives under the Quality Public Services—Action Now! campaign banner, and are encouraged to sign on to the Geneva Charter on Quality Public Services today.. More campaign information, posters and talking points are available at.. Global Unions are international private and public sector trade union organisations working together with a shared commitment to the ideals and principles of the trade union movement.. They share a common determination to organise, to defend human rights and labour standards everywhere, and to promote the growth of trade unions for the benefit of all working women and men and their families.. Together they represent more than 175 million members worldwide.. For more information:.. org/page/who-we-are.. Attachment.. Size.. AR_QPS_campaign_launch.. 325.. 97 KB.. EN_QPS_campaign_launch.. 307.. 66 KB.. ES_QPS_campaign_launch.. 291.. 42 KB.. FR__QPS_campaign_launch.. 306.. 98 KB.. RU_QPS_campaign_launch.. 332.. 59 KB.. org/media/global-unions-launch-campaign-common-good-0..

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