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    Archived pages: 979 . Archive date: 2013-10.

  • Title: Quackwatch
    Descriptive info: .. Your Guide to Quackery, Health Fraud, and Intelligent Decisions.. Operated by.. Stephen Barrett, M.. D.. or.. search all our sites.. search with Google.. How to Navigate This Site.. |.. What s New?.. Ask a Question.. Make a Comment.. Report a Fraud.. Join Discussion List.. Join Advisory Board.. Get Free Newsletter.. - Visit Our Affiliated Sites -.. Acupuncture Watch.. Autism Watch.. BioethicsWatch.. Cancer Treatment Watch.. Casewatch.. Chelation Watch.. Chirobase.. Credential Watch.. Dental Watch.. Device Watch.. Diet Scam Watch.. Fibromyalgia Watch.. Homeowatch.. Internet Health Pilot.. Infomercial Watch.. Insurance Reform Watch.. Mental Health Watch.. NCCAM Watch.. MLM Watch.. Naturowatch.. NutriWatch.. Pharmwatch.. NCAHF.. We accept.. donations.. to support our work.. Links to.. Recommended Vendors.. Natural Medicines Comprehensive Database.. Trustworthy information on dietary supplements and herbs.. ConsumerLab.. com.. : Evaluates the quality of dietary supplement and herbal products.. PharmacyChecker.. : Compare drug prices and save money at verified online pharmacies.. Hot Topics.. Why Doctor's Data Is.. Trying to Shut Me Up.. How the Urine Toxic Metals Test.. Is Used to Defraud Patients.. FDA orders Dr.. Joseph Mercola to stop making illegal claims.. A critical look at Dr.. Robert O.. Young's activities and credentials.. Do Children Get Too Many Immunizations? The Answer Is No.. A Critical Look at Gary Null's Activities and Credentials.. The Libel Campaign against Quackwatch and Dr.. Barrett.. Please Report HONCode Violators.. Stay Away from Lorraine Day.. Quackwatch has grown considerably.. To help visitors with special areas of interest, we maintain 24 additional sites for autism, chiropractic, dentistry, multilevel marketing, and many other hot topics.. We are also closely affiliated with the National Council Against Health Fraud, which cosponsors our free weekly newsletter, and with Bioethics Watch, which highlights issues of questionable research on humans.. Our Internet Health Pilot site provides links to hundreds of reliable health sites.. Our Casewatch site contains a large library of legal cases, licensing board actions, government sanctions, and regulatory actions against questionable medical products.. These sites can be accessed through the Visit Our Affiliated Sites drop-down menu above.. Their contents can be searched selectively with.. our WebGlimpse multi-site search engine.. or all at once through our.. Google.. search page.. About Quackwatch.. Mission Statement.. (updated 1/13/12).. Tips for Navigating Our Web Sites.. (updated 2/5/07).. Recently Posted Articles.. Who Funds Quackwatch.. ? (updated 8/20/11).. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).. (updated 5/3/10).. How to Become a Quackwatch Advisor.. (posted 6/16/10).. Honors and Awards (70+) Given to Quackwatch.. (updated 7/11/04).. Cheers and Jeers from Quackwatch Visitors.. (updated 10/6/04).. FEATURE.. Special Message for Cancer Patients Seeking Alternative Treatment.. (updated 9/18/08).. Join the Health Fraud Discussion List.. Quackwatch auf Deutsch.. ||.. Quackwatch en Français.. Quackwatch em Português.. About Dr.. Biographical Sketch and Contact Information.. (updated 4/7/13).. Curriculum Vitae.. (updated 4/7/13).. Books and Book Chapters.. (updated 9/28/12).. (updated 3/26/11).. Biography Magazine Interview.. (posted 11/17/98).. American Psychiatric News article.. (posted 1/9/12).. MEDHUNTERS magazine article.. (posted 8/6/02).. People Magazine article.. (1/25/99).. TIME Magazine article.. (4/22/01).. More Nasty Comments Sent to Quackwatch.. (posted 1/8/12).. Publications for Sale.. Consumer Protection Books.. (updated 7/20/06).. Consumer Health Library: Recommended Reference Books.. (updated 3/8/08).. General Observations.. Quackery.. How Should It Be Defined?.. (updated 4/23/08).. How It Sells.. (updated 1/20/05).. 26 Ways to Spot It.. (updated 12/9/12).. How It Harms Cancer Patients.. (posted 5/29/97).. "Health Freedom".. (updated 9/27/97).. More Ploys That May Fool You.. (updated 1/17/07).. "Research" Associated with Promotion of Questionable Methods.. (updated 1/31/08).. Seven Warning Signs of Bogus Science.. (posted 3/5/03).. Common Misconceptions.. (updated 8/30/99).. Why People Are Vulnerable.. How People Are Fooled by Ideomotor Action.. (posted 8/26/03).. Endorsements Don't Guarantee Reliability.. (posted 2/12/03).. The Power of Coincidence.. (posted 8/31/00).. Distinguishing Science and Pseudoscience.. (posted 5/30/01).. Why Science Needs to Combat Pseudoscience.. (posted 12/13/98).. Why Health Professionals Become Quacks.. (posted 12/11/98).. Why Quackery Persists.. (posted 12/7/01).. Victim Case Reports (32).. (updated 5/26/12).. Nonvictim Case Reports (4).. (updated 6/28/00).. Ten Ways to Avoid Being Quacked.. (posted 4/24/97).. Signs of a Quack Device.. (posted 9/23/00).. Signs of a "Quacky" Web Site.. (updated 9/6/06).. Pro-Quackery Legislation.. (updated 5/16/01).. Quackery: A $10 Billion Scandal (1984).. [Report.. ] [.. Congressional Hearing.. ] (posted 7/13/12).. Senate Hearing on Anti-Aging Quackery.. (updated 11/11/01).. Incisive Comments.. (updated 3/6/11).. Lessons from the History of Medical Delusions (Worthington Hooker, MD, 1850.. ) (posted 6/9/11).. The Medical Messiahs: A Social History of Quackery in 20th-Century America.. (posted 2/1/02).. The Toadstool Millionaires: Social History of Patent Medicines before Federal Regulation.. (updated 6/1/02).. Propaganda Techniques Related to Environmental Scares.. (posted 3/10/98).. Spontaneous Remission and the Placebo Effect.. (posted 12/19/01).. Why Strong Laws Are Needed to Protect Us.. (updated 11/15/98).. Some Notes on the Nature of Science.. (updated 6/22/01).. Why Bogus Therapies Often Seem to Work.. (posted 9/2/97).. Fifteen Ways to Spot an Internet Bandit.. (posted 12/29/96).. Questionable Products, Services, and Theories.. Acupuncture.. (updated 1/12/11).. AIDS-Related Quackery and Fraud.. (updated 12/5/01).. Algae Products: False Claims and Hype.. (updated 1/14/07).. Allergies: Dubious Diagnosis and Treatment.. (updated 1/17/08).. "Alternative" and "Complementary" Methods.. Important Definitions.. (posted 1/3/01).. Be Wary of "Alternative" Health Methods.. (updated 6/8/10).. A Special Message to Physicians (to be posted).. Miniglossary of Alternative Methods.. (updated 12/31/07).. "Alternative Medicine as Self-Care.. (posted 12/1/00).. Commonly Publicized Methods.. (updated 12/8/99).. The Braid of the 'Alternative' Medicine Movement.. (posted 6/21/01).. Science vs "Alternative" Methods.. (posted 8/22/97).. A Public Health Perspective.. (updated 8/16/99).. The Eisenberg Data: Flawed and Deceptive.. (posted 3/16/02).. Why Extraordinary Claims Demand Extraordinary Proof.. (posted 12/26/98).. ".. Alternative Medicine" and the Psychology of Belief.. (posted 6/24/01).. "Postmodern" Attacks on Science and Reality.. (posted 5/30/98).. Problems with "CAM" Peer Review and Accreditation.. (revised 6/14/04).. "Alternative Engineering": A Postmodern Parable.. (posted 1/4/00).. Should Managed Care Companies Cover "Alternative Medicine"?.. (posted 1/24/99).. Views of a Concerned Layperson.. (posted 8/23/01).. Additional Thoughts about "CAM" Beliefs.. (posted 7/24/02).. Newsweek's Misleading Report.. (revised 7/14/03).. Definitions of 1,169 Methods.. (130-page dictionary posted 5/27/97).. White House Commission on Complementary and Alternative Medicine Policy.. (posted 3/4/02).. Detailed Analysis of WHCCAMP Draft Report.. (updated 3/4/02).. Institute of Medicine Publishes Dishonest "CAM" Report.. (posted 1/12/05).. NEW.. A Skeptical Look.. (index to Dr.. Barrett's weekly column on Canoe.. ca).. "Antiaging Medicine".. (posted 8/26/04).. Aromatherapy: Making Dollars out of Scents.. (updated 8/22/01).. Ayurvedic Mumbo-Jumbo.. (updated 7/14/12).. "Bio-Identical" Hormones.. (updated 1/19/08).. Cancer: Questionable Therapies.. (index to many articles, updated 9/16/07).. FEATURE TOPIC.. "Calorie-Blockers".. (posted 7/5/01).. "Candidiasis Hypersensitivity/Yeast Allergy".. (updated 10/8/05).. "Cellulite" Removers.. (updated 8/10/00).. Chelation Therapy.. (updated 7/24/07).. Chinese Medicine.. (updated 1/29/04).. Chiropractic.. :.. FEATURE TOPIC -.. ALSO VISIT CHIROBASE.. Don't  ...   Publishers That Promote Quackery.. Avery Publishing Group.. Bottom Line Books.. EBSCO (Natural Alternative Treatments Database).. Future Medicine Publishing.. Keats Publishing.. Mary Ann Liebert, Inc.. Rodale Press.. Nonrecommended Web Sites.. (updated 3/18/04).. Consumer Protection.. Intelligent Consumer Behavior.. (posted 5/1/97).. Doctor-Patient Communication Tips.. (updated 10/9/06).. How to Spot a Personal Injury Mill.. (posted 7/25/02).. Antiquackery Organizations.. (updated 4/29/07).. Where to Complain or Seek Help.. (updated 2/11/04).. Online Scams: A Message from the FTC.. Legal Help for Quackery Victims.. (revised 3/23/10).. Dealing with Telephone Pests.. (posted 5/15/02).. Spam Messages.. Some Strategies to Prevent Spams.. (updated 10/29/02).. FTC Names "Dirty Dozen" Spam Scams.. (posted 4/6/00).. Strengths and Weaknesses of Our Laws.. (updated 9/15/01).. How Congress Weakened the FDA in 1994.. (updated 5/18/02).. Genetically Engineered Foods Should NOT Bear Special Labels.. (posted 1/2/00).. Why Nutritionist Licensing Is Important.. (updated 8/16/11).. AMA Discourages Product Sales in Medical Offices.. (updated 11/23/99).. Viatical Settlements.. (posted 8/16/00).. FDA Warning Letters.. (.. 2001.. ).. The Dr.. Rinse Case: An Inside Look at FDA Dietary Supplement Regulation in the 1980s.. (posted 6/19/11).. Other Important Regulatory Actions.. Enzymatic Therapy.. (posted 8/15/00).. General Nutrition.. (updated 9/24/99).. Home Shopping Network.. (posted 4/17/99).. Consumer Strategy: Health Promotion.. Antioxidants and other Phytochemicals: Current Scientific Perspective.. (updated 1/22/10).. Cardiovascular Disease.. Risk Factors.. (updated 12/20/00).. Does Lowering Homocysteine Prevent Cardiovascular Disease.. ? (updated 5/6/10).. Dietary Supplements: Appropriate Use.. (updated 11/12/10).. Exercise: Choosing and Using Equipment.. (posted 11/7/97).. Fluoridation: Don't Let the Poisonmongers Scare You!.. (4 articles, updated 3/4/01).. Food Irradiation: A Valuable Public Health Measure.. Immunization: Common Misconceptions.. (updated 4/20/13).. Low-Fat Eating: Practical Tips.. (updated 4/6/11).. Tobacco-Related News.. (updated 4/7/00).. Vegetarianism: Healthful But Not Necessary.. (updated 3/17/00).. Consumer Strategy: Tips for Provider Selection.. Choosing a Dentist.. (posted 1/31/01).. Where to Get Mental Help.. (updated 11/14/02).. Where to Get Professional Nutrition Advice.. (updated 1/3/10).. Choosing an Osteopathic Physician.. (updated 4/24/01).. Choosing a Chiropractor.. (updated 10/13/00).. Be Wary of "Free Foot Exam" Ads.. (updated 12/20/98).. Board Certification: What Does It Mean?.. (updated 12/5/00).. Choosing a Personal Trainer.. (undergoing revision).. How to Check a Physician's Credentials.. (updated 1/14/08).. Choosing a Health Club.. Personal Emergency Response Systems.. (posted 4/20/02).. Nonrecommended Treatment Facilities.. (posted 4/13/02).. Consumer Strategy: Disease Management.. Drugs.. Tips for Prudent Use.. (posted 10/25/99).. Generic Drugs: What You Need to Know.. (posted 9/22/02).. Glaucoma Patients: Don't Waste Money on Overpriced Eyedrops.. (posted 5/1/00).. Fibromyalgia Strategies.. (8 articles, updated 2/13/00).. Irritable Bowel Syndrome.. (posted 6/7/00).. Latex Allergy Epidemic.. (updated 1/23/00).. Low Back Pain.. (updated 5/18/99).. Refractive Surgery.. (updated 8/23/05).. Scoliosis: A Sensible Approach.. (posted 1/14/98).. Education for Consumers and Health Professionals.. (updated 1/18/08).. (updated 12/13/01).. Handling Challenges to Skepticism.. (posted 9/30/99).. HONcode Principles: What Do They Signify.. ? (updated 3/14/09).. Internet Health Scares.. (posted 9/12/99).. Internet Search Strategies.. (posted 8/25/01).. Media Watch: Critiques of Prominent Articles and Broadcasts.. Consumer Reports' Attack on Pesticides Criticized.. (posted 4/30/99).. The Unfounded Vaccination/Autism Scare.. (updated 11/17/02).. News Briefs.. (many topics, updated 12/18/01).. Questions and Answers.. (updated 3/31/03).. Quiz: What's Your Consumer Health IQ.. ? (posted 9/19/97).. Recommended Magazines, Newsletters, and Journals.. Reliable Agencies and Organizations.. (updated 10/20/05).. Urban Legends, Rumors, and Hoaxes.. (updated 3/3/02).. Web Site Evaluations.. Research Projects (Volunteers Needed).. Alternative Cancer Treatment Registry.. (posted 9/20/98).. Dubious Advertising.. Link Patrol.. (posted 5/18/98).. Multilevel Marketing through the Internet.. (updated 3/9/00).. Quackery for Pets.. (updated 11/14/97).. Questionable Methods Project.. (updated 1/9/99).. Legal and Political Activities (How You Can Help).. Fighting Quackery: Tips for Activists.. (revised 3/11/04).. Qui Tam Suits against Health Care Fraud.. (posted 8/23/00).. Why Psychologists Should Not Be Licensed to Prescribe Psychiatric Drugs.. (posted 4/15/02).. Recommended Links.. ALS Untangled.. (Investigates clinics claiming to treat ALS).. American Council on Science and Health (ACSH).. Aquascams.. (Water-related scams and quackery).. Australian Council Against Health Fraud (ACAHF).. Bad Science Watch.. Campaign for Science-Based Healthcare.. Chirobase.. (Quackwatch's skeptical guide to chiropractic history, theories, and current practices).. Commission for Scientific Medicine and Mental Health.. Committee for the Scientific Investigation of Claims of the Paranormal (CSICOP).. Current Issues in Alternative Medicine (CINAM).. (Quackery viewed from a Christian perspective).. (Quackwatch's guide to intelligent dental care).. ebm-first.. (What alternative medical practitioners might not tell you).. Bill of Health.. Edzard Ernst's CAM Blog.. Genomics, Medicine, and Pseudoscience.. (Steven Saltzberg's blog).. Hair quackery.. (Quackwatch's skeptical guide to homeopathy's history, theories, and current practices).. James Randi Educational Foundation.. Mesothelioma.. resources and.. mesothelioma treatment.. information.. (Quackwatch's guide to multilevel marketing).. Museum of Questionable Medical Devices.. The Nightengale Collaboration.. (consumer protection campaigns).. The Quack-Files.. Quackcast.. (skeptical evaluations of alternative medicine).. Quackometer.. (efficient Web search for critical information).. RatbagsDotCom.. (fighting quackery with humor).. SaveYourself.. ca.. (quackery related to massage, sports, and physical therapy).. Sense about Science.. Science Based Medicine.. (antiquackery blog).. Skeptical Information Sources.. [updated 4/11/07].. Skeptics Circle Blogspot.. Skeptics Dictionary.. (over 400 topics).. The SkeptVet.. Veterinarywatch.. Other Valuable Sites.. (More than 200 links, updated 7/8/12).. Ring Membership.. Anti-Quackery Ring.. (health-related frauds, myths, fads, and fallacies).. Navigate the Ring:.. Next Site.. |||.. Previous Site.. Random.. List Next 5.. List All Sites.. Skeptic Ring.. (examines claims about paranormal phenomena and fringe science).. Quackwatch abides by the.. HONcode principles.. of the.. Health On the Net Foundation.. Quackwatch home.. page visitors.. since 1/4/97:.. Our home-page hits reached 1 million on 3/28/00, 2 million on 7/20/01, 3 million on 9/8/02, 4 million on 9/16/03, 5 million on 8/19/04, 6 million on 6/6/05, 7 million on 2/4/06, 8 million on 1/21/07, 9 million on 2/6/08, 10 million on 7/16/09, 11 million on 12/8/10, and 12 million on 9/18/12.. Portions of Quackwatch are updated several times a month.. Most recent update: August 4, 2013.. Site indexing is done daily at 5:00 AM.. All articles on this Web site except government reports are copyrighted.. Single copies can be downloaded for personal education; other uses without authorization are illegal.. "Quackwatch" and the duck picture are service-marked; their unauthorized use is illegal.. Site design was developed by Marty Mapes of.. Boulder Information Services.. Make a Donation.. Search All of Our Affiliated Sites.. Home.. Links to Recommended Vendors.. Bukh Law Firm.. : Free phone consultation for health fraud victims.. Swim instruction videos and books from world champion Dr.. Pete Andersen.. Herbal Medicine, 3rd edition.. Excellent reference book, discount-priced.. Roar and Squeak.. Nonprofit site that offers T-shirts and other novelty items to benefit the World Wildlife Fund.. Nevyas Eye Associates.. : LASIK and other refractive surgery.. OnlyMyEmail.. : Award-winning anti-spam services.. 10 Types.. : Website design, development, and hosting with superb technical support..

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  • Title: Stephen Barrett, M.D. Biographical Sketch
    Descriptive info: Search.. Send This Page to a Friend.. , Biographical Sketch.. , a retired psychiatrist who resides near Chapel Hill, North Carolina, has achieved national renown as an author, editor, and consumer advocate.. In addition to heading Quackwatch, he is vice-president of the.. Institute for Science in Medicine.. and a Fellow of the.. Committee for Skeptical Inquiry.. In 1984, he received an FDA Commissioner's Special Citation Award for Public Service in fighting nutrition quackery.. In 1986, he was awarded honorary membership in the American Dietetic Association.. From 1987 through 1989, he taught health education at The Pennsylvania State University.. He is listed in Marquis.. Who's Who in America.. and received the 2001 Distinguished Service to Health Education Award from the American Association for Health Education.. His research library, pictured below, houses more than 6,000 books and 100,000 documents and recordings collected over a 40-year period.. Photo by Lance Richardson.. An expert in medical communications, Dr.. Barrett operates 25 Web sites; edits.. Consumer Health Digest.. (a free weekly electronic newsletter); is medical editor of Prometheus Books; and has been a peer-review panelist for several top medical journals.. He has written more than 2,000 articles and delivered more than 300 talks at colleges, universities, medical schools, and professional meetings.. His 52 books include.. The Health Robbers.. A Close Look at Quackery in America.. and eight editions of the college textbook.. Consumer Health: A Guide to Intelligent Decisions.. One book he edited,.. Vitamins and Minerals: Help or  ...   interviews.. Since moving to North Carolina in 2007, Dr.. Barrett has been swimming competitively and.. has won 40 state championship events, 8 medals in national events, and 7 medals in international events.. At the 2012 U.. S.. Masters Spring Nationals, he and his teammates earned Relay All-American Awards for the fastest times swum in the U.. in 2012 in the age 75-79 men's 200 freestyle and 200 medley relay events.. During the 2013 season, he won 3 three gold medals at the North Carolina Senior Games, 3 silver medals at the National Senior Games, and became a world champion by winning the age 80-84 men's 50-meter butterfly event at the Huntsman World Senior Games.. Additional Information.. Interview in Biography Magazine.. Time Magazine Article.. Frequently Asked Questions about Dr.. Barrett's Activities.. The Internet Libel Campaign against Dr.. Barrett.. How to Contact Dr.. Barrett (Please mention how you found this Web site).. E-mail:.. Click here.. Snail mail:.. Chatham Crossing, Suite 107/208.. 11312 U.. 15 501 North.. Chapel Hill, NC 27517.. Telephone: ( ).. Any Questions?.. When time permits, your questions related to consumer health will be answered by e-mail.. The most interesting ones will be posted (without the sender's name) to this Web site.. Before sending a question, please.. search Quackwatch.. to see whether the topic has been covered! If you prefer to phone, please send an email message first so I can retain your contact information.. This page was revised on October 20, 2013..

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  • Title: Search Our Affiliated Sites
    Descriptive info: Search Our Affiliated Sites.. Select the site(s) you wish to search and enter a word string in the box below.. WebGlimpse II.. Quackwatch.. NCAHF.. Allergy Watch*.. Autism Watch.. Acupuncture Watch*.. Bioethics Watch.. Cancer Treatment Watch*.. Credential Watch*.. Dental Watch.. Device Watch*.. Diet Scam Watch*.. Homeowatch*.. Infomercial Watch.. Insurance Reform Watch*.. Internet Health Pilot.. Mental Health Watch*.. MLM Watch.. Naturowatch.. NCCAM Watch*.. Nutriwatch.. Pharmwatch*.. Select one or more of the above archives.. The sites marked * are under construction and have relatively little content.. If you are not sure which site(s) to search, use our.. Google search.. to access all of our sites at once.. String to search for:.. Case sensitive.. Partial match Rank by:.. Combined score.. Most recent first.. Link Popularity.. Title and Meta matches.. 0.. 1.. 2.. misspellings allowed.. Use filters.. Jump to line.. Return only files modified within the last.. days.. Maximum number of files returned:.. 10.. 50.. 100.. 1000.. Maximum number of matches per file returned:.. 30.. 500.. Maximum number of characters output per file:.. Glimpse.. and..  ...   in which the word string does not appear precisely the same way.. Don't place word strings in quotes as you might in other search engines.. For words that are likely to be in more than 50 files, you might find our.. Google search page.. useful.. Interpreting the Results.. For detailed discussions, first try entries under the headings that appear to be full articles.. Links that begin with index.. html are the titles of articles listed on the home page.. In most cases they should be ignored.. Headings containing booklist or BookContents should be ignored unless you would like to see which books we sell contain the search topic.. Most dictionary links are for single paragraphs.. Navigating to Search Results.. If you want to access many items, use your browser to open a new window to each linked page.. When you are finished with that page you can simply close it rather than using the Back command to return to the search results.. This page was revised on January 26, 2010..

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  • Title: Search Our Affiliated Sites with Google
    Descriptive info: Search Our Affiliated Sites with Google.. This page can be used to search all of our affiliated sites simultaneously with Google.. When you put two or more words (abc xyz) in the box, Google interprets this as a search for abc.. plus.. xyz.. To search for a phrase, put the phrase in quotation marks ("abc xyz")..  ...   our.. 22-site search page.. This page was revised on February 5, 2007.. Links to Recommended Companies.. Netflix.. : Free 2-week trial of DVD rentals by mail; 55,000 titles available.. Amazon Books.. : Internet's leading source of books, electronics, tools, toys, and many other consumer goods.. Healthgrades.. : Check your doctors' training, board certifications, and disciplinary actions..

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  • Title: Tips for Navigating Our Web Sites
    Descriptive info: Tips for Navigating Our Web Sites.. Quackwatch.. and its many affiliated sites can be navigated by either browsing or searching.. Their home pages list hundreds of major topics.. Articles posted or significantly revised during the past three months are listed on the.. Recent Additions and Major Updates page.. The list below enables browsing through lists of articles in major categories on several of the sites.. Information on specific topics can be found with three types of searches:.. Each Home Page search box will look for any word string on that site.. Our.. 22-site search engine.. includes the National Council Against Health Fraud's site as well as all of Quackwatch's sites.. It can be used to search any combination of sites you choose.. provides another convenient way to search all of our sites simultaneously.. The arrows (.. ) on  ...   searching the domain with.. Google's advanced search.. If the domain has been removed, formerly posted pages may still be accessible through Google's cache links or the.. Wayback Machine.. Additional Features.. Free Weekly E-mail Newsletter.. Healthfraud Discussion List.. Topical Indexes.. Alternative cancer treatment.. Alternative methods : 1,169 definitions.. Autism.. (Autism Watch Web site).. Chelation therapy.. (Chirobase Web site).. (weekly electronic newsletter).. Dental topics.. Devices.. Dietary supplements, herbs, and hormones.. Fad diagnoses.. History of quackery.. Immunization.. Infomercials.. Miscellaneous news.. Multilevel marketing.. (MLM Watch Web site).. Nonrecommended treatment facilities.. Nutrition: NutriWatch Web site.. Questionable ads.. Questionable books.. Questionable devices.. Questionable diagnostic tests.. Questionable individuals.. Questionable mental hel.. p.. Questionable methods we are investigating.. Questionable organizations.. Questionable treatments.. Questions and answers.. Recent additions and major updates.. Urban legends, rumors, and hoaxes.. Water-related quackery.. Web site evaluations.. Weight control products, practices, and theories..

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  • Title: Recent Additions to Quackwatch
    Descriptive info: Recent Additions and Major Updates to.. Quackwatch and Its Affiliated Sites.. This page provides a brief description and quick access to the newest information on Quackwatch and its subsidiaries.. Together, these have over 4,700 pages and cover thousands of topics.. Checking this page weekly will enable you to identify new postings and major updates, many of which are not listed on the home pages of these sites.. Special Announcements.. We invite you to subscribe to our.. free weekly electronic newsletter.. Advanced Search.. can now search up to 23 sites simultaneously.. We also have a.. that enables more complex searches.. Our sites are gradually being reformatted.. Donations to help support this site can be made through PayPal or by mail.. Please report HONcode violators.. Click here for instructions.. A Critical Response to Antifluoridationist Yolanda Whte, M.. (updated 2/11/13).. A Close Look at Richard T.. Hansen, D.. M.. (posted 1/8/13).. (posted 4/19/11).. How the Urine Toxic Metals Test Is Used to Defraud Patients.. (updated 4/19/13).. Why Doctor's Data Is Trying to Shut Me Up.. (updated 7/26/12).. Three Arrested on Charges of Illegally Producing, Selling Unpasteurized Milk.. (posted 6/6/12).. British Advertising Standards Authority Criticizes Ads for YorkTest Laboratories FoodScan Test.. (posted 6/20/12).. Carol Ann Ryser, M.. , Facig Multiple Legal Actions.. (posted 7/8/12).. Quackery: A $10 Billion Scandal (1984 report.. ) (posted 7/13/12).. Quackery: A $10 Billion Scandal (1984 hearing.. Unlicensed Life Coach Suing Nutrition Licensing Board.. (posted 7/23/12).. Electrical Hypersensitivity Is Not a Valid Diagnosis.. (updated 11/10/12).. Court Enjoins Stem Cell Treatment.. (updated 11/26/12).. Nasty Comments from Quackwarch Visitors.. (updated 7/13/13).. Why TCM Diagnosis Is Worthless.. (posted 3/26/08).. Allergy Watch.. Common Food Allergy Myths.. (posted 1/18/08).. Boyd Haley Ordered to Stop Illegal Marketing of OSR#1.. (posted 7/22/10).. Be Wary of CARE Clinics and the Center for Autistic Spectrum Disorders (CASD).. (updated 4/12/11)..  ...   Technique: A Skeptical Look.. (updated 11/16/10).. Some Notes on James W.. Parker, D.. C.. (posted 1/6/12).. Allstate Wins $3.. 96 Million Judgment in Chiropractic Fraud Case.. (revised 11/26/12).. American Specialty Health Network Excludes Many Complementary Methods.. (updated 3/11/13).. A Skeptical Look at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.. (major update, 1/9/10).. Two Libel Suits By Gary Null Fail.. (posted 2/14/11).. Dental Fluorosis: Much Ado about Nothing.. (updated 2/6/13).. Does Bioesthetic Dentistry Provide Good Value.. ? (updated 4/4/10).. Massive Dental Fraud Uncovered.. (posted 2/10/10).. A Skeptical Look at the Under Armour Mouth Guard.. (posted 5/3/10).. The Tooth Robbers: A Profluoridation Handbook (1980.. ) (posted 10/7/11).. Fluoridation: The Search and the Victory (1970.. ) (posted 1/18/12).. Be Wary of CardioVision Assessment.. (posted 3/21/10).. Power Balance Products: A Skeptical Look.. (updated 5/22/11).. Jillian Michaels Sued for False Advertising.. (posted 2/14/10).. Longtime Diet Pill Scammer Gets 20-Year Prison Sentence.. (updated 3/17/10).. Why You Should Not Trust Homeopathy.. (posted 1/22/12).. British Advertising Standards Authority issues warning about homeopathy claims.. (poted 7/10/12).. Donald Barrett's Free Vitamin D Is Overhyped and Overpriced.. (posted 11/13/10).. A Skeptical Look at Rick Scott and His Conservatives for Patients' Rights Propaganda Machine.. (updated 8/31/09).. 2010 Health Interview Survey Finds 50 Million Uninsured.. (posted 8/10/11).. Why Malpractice Reform Is Needed to Protect Doctors and Medical Care.. (posted 3/21/11).. FBI Overview of Health Care Fraud.. (posted 4/13/11).. MLM: A Warnning to College Students.. Dore Treatment Program Lacks Research Basis.. (posted 4/7/07).. National Council Against Health Fraud Archive.. (updated weekly).. Debate with a Naturopath (posted 8/6/09).. Nutriwatch.. UK Food Standards Agency Publishes Organic Review.. (posted 8/4/09).. Major Generic Manufacturer Agrees to Pay $500 Million to Settle Criminal and Civil Charges.. (posted 5/19/13).. OIG Reports That Medicare Paid for Drugs Ordered by Individuals without Prescribing Authority.. (posted 6/27/13).. This page was revised on July 18, 2013..

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  • Title: Questions and Answers
    Descriptive info: Questions and Answers.. We will be happy to answer questions related to health frauds, quackery, and consumer decision-making.. Due to heavy volume, we are currently able to answer only 25% of those received.. This page indexes answers we have posted to Quackwatch.. Some questions we receive are readily answerable by articles posted to this site.. Before submitting a question, please search to see whether Quackwatch already contains the information you want.. Also:.. Before sending any question about herbs, dietary supplements, or hormones, please check our.. supplement/herb index.. page to see whether an article on this topic is available.. Before asking about a chain e-mail letter, please visit Quackwatch's.. urban legends index.. and the sites of.. David Emery.. , and the.. San Fernando Valley Folklore Society.. When writing to us, please indicate how you found our Web site.. Search Quackwatch.. Ask a Question.. Answers to FAQs.. Abortion and breast cancer: Is there a link.. ? (link to LookSmart).. Aluminum: Do aluminum cooking utensils pose any risk..  ...   Bigelson, M.. : What do you think of it.. ? (posted 3/27/07).. Chitosan: Can it help to control weight.. ? (updated 5/13/03).. Chiropractic Questions and Answers.. Circumcision: What's the latest information.. ? (updated 11/6/08).. Cryonics: Is it feasible.. ? (posted 9/2/01).. Juice Plus+: Does using it make sense?.. (updated 7/2/06).. Ketogenic diet for epilepsy: Does it make sense.. ? (posted 2/10/98).. Lactation: Can herbs help induce it?.. (posted 6/12/99).. Magnet therapy: How can I evaluate the claims.. ? (updated 2/29/08).. Mucoid plaque: What is it.. ? (posted 1/7/98).. Nutritional Support : What Does This Term Mean? (to be posted).. Osteopaths: What's your opinion.. ? (updated 8/18/03).. Physician credentials: How can I check them.. ? (updated 9/20/04).. St.. John's wort: How safe and effective is it.. ? (updated 7/31/2010).. Tampons: Should women be worried.. ? (updated 12/19/99).. Ultrafast CT screening: Does it make sense.. ? (posted 3/22/02).. Why do some of your articles lack references.. ? (posted 5/15/98).. This page was revised on May 26, 2011..

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  • Title: How to Report a Fraud to Quackwatch
    Descriptive info: Quackwatch Home Page.. How to Report a Fraud to Quackwatch.. If you have been victimized, reporting your experience to us may enable us to help you or help protect others.. All information sent to us will be held in strict confidence if that is your wish.. However, it is far more useful for us to be able to share that information within our anti-quackery network, bring it to the attention of a law-enforcement agency, or post it so other can learn from your experience.. To report to us, please send the following information.. by e-mail.. :.. To Report an Online Fraud or Suspected Fraud.. Send us the URL.. Add any additional information you  ...   information.. To Report a Personal Experience.. Include your name, age, address, work and home telephone numbers.. Provide a detailed account of what happened to you that includes:.. Dates or approximate dates that the events occurred.. Name and location of perpetrator.. Pertinent health history, including problem for which you sought help.. What would you like us to do with the information?.. Post your story to one of our sites.. That usually requires inclusion of your name.. Forward your story to a regulatory agency.. Try to help you recover money.. Help you file a lawsuit.. Give your name to a reporter who might want to interview you.. This page was posted on June 16, 2004..

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  • Title: How to Become a Quackwatch Advisor
    Descriptive info: Our scientific advisors help us evaluate web sites, answer health-related questions, review books, provide or help prepare articles, and engage in other projects that foster the spread of accurate information on the Internet.. So far, more than 1,000 have volunteered.. When the number was small, we listed them online, but as it grew, the task of keeping a directory up to date became far more trouble than it was worth.. Our legal advisors help with legal issues, regulatory matters, victim redress, and questions related to insurance fraud and utilization review.. Some are also available to file lawsuits on behalf of injured consumers.. Our technical advisers help with Web site maintenance, design, and security..  ...   Name and degree(s).. Mailing address.. Home, work and cell phone numbers.. Academic title(s), if any.. Professional specialty (if any).. Board certifications (if any).. Amount of time per week or per month that you might be able to help.. Please also include information about yourself and what interests you in this project, plus any other comments you have.. If you would like to provide an article for us, please mention that also.. We would like to have smaller versions of our site in other languages.. If you operate a site and would like to translate and post some of our articles, please mention this in your application.. This article was revised on March 20, 2011..

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  • Title: Free Newsletter: Consumer Health Digest
    Descriptive info: Free Newsletter: Consumer Health Digest.. Consumer health encompasses all aspects of the marketplace related to the purchase of health products and services.. Positively, it involves the facts and understanding that enable people to make wise choices.. Negatively, it means avoiding unwise decisions based on deception, misinformation, or other factors.. Consumer Health Digest is a weekly e-mail newsletter edited by Stephen Barrett, M.. , with help from William M.. London, Ed.. , M.. P.. H.. It summarizes scientific reports; legislative developments; enforcement actions; news reports; Web site evaluations;  ...   calls attention to new articles on our Web sites.. The.. chd Info Page.. tells how to subscribe.. Please record your password so you can access your account later.. To unsubscribe, access your account or follow the instructions that will be included in each issue.. Please add to your spam whitelist.. Archives.. 2002.. 2003.. 2004.. 2005.. 2006.. 2007.. 2008.. 2009.. 2010.. 2011.. 2012.. 2013.. Our subscriber list is private and will not be given to third parties for any purpose.. This page was revised on January 6, 2013..

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  • Title: How to Donate to Quackwatch
    Descriptive info: How to Donate to Quackwatch.. Quackwatch operates with minimal expense, funded mainly by small individual donations, commissons from sales on other sites to which we refer, and profits from the sale of publications.. The money supports research, writing, and legal actions that can protect many people from being misled.. Online  ...   don't have a PayPal account, you can use a credit card on the PayPal site.. Donating by Mail.. Payment by check or money order can also be sent directly to:.. 15-501 North.. Quackwatch also receives support when visitors to our site place an order through some of the links listed below..

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