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  • Title: Quantum Flux - Home
    Descriptive info: .. Quantum Flux.. The Virtual Intelligence Matrix and beyond.. Home.. The Neuroscience Blog.. The Image of Perception.. The VIM.. You are here:.. What's here.. The Virtual Intelligence Matrix.. A Walk in the Forest.. Downloads.. About QFlux.. History.. Who's Online.. We have 5 guests and no members online.. A New Era.. It was back in 1999 when Billy "Wicked" Wilson (R.. I.. P.. ) from Voodoo Extreme posted a blurb on a piece of software from Quantum Flux called the Virtual Intelligence Matrix.. The VIM was a machine intelligence construct which controlled a female 3D character who lived in a virtual world.. Billy's post launched a torrent of downloads, and the birth of an online presence for the research and exploration into the nature of the human mind that I have been pursuing for several decades.. The new site will bring together the many facets of Quantum Flux.. Here your will find information of the status of the VIM,  ...   interesting in neuroscience research, at least according to me, Dr.. Colicos, a professor and researcher at the University of Calgary.. I'm going to try and blog about what it is like to do research in this field, which has its share of problems too.. Vision is an abstraction, meaning that our eyes sense light from the world around us, and then transforms it into a construct in our mind that represents our perception of reality.. The Image of Perception is a gallery of the photography of Dr.. Colicos, which tries to embody this concept.. Welcome to the home of the Virtual Intelligence Matrix.. The VIM is a model of human brain function, which is used to drive a 3D character who lives in a virtual world.. Rather than trying to imitate brain function, the VIM is designed to replicate it.. The VIM would explore the environment and acquire different behavior patterns with time.. 2013 Quantum Flux |.. Under construction..

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  • Title: Quantum Flux - The Neuroscience Blog
    Descriptive info: Donations to help support the site are appreciated.. Thank you!.. A Walk in the Forest.. | Print |.. Email.. So if any of you remember the previous version of the Quantum Flux site, you might recall a section called A Walk in the Forest.. This is the title that I have given to I guess what you would call a book (although it's more like a collection of ideas) that I have been working on for quite a few years now.. A Walk in the Forest refers to an analogy describing how information flowing through a physical structure can result in the development of what could be described as an intelligent information processing system, or in other words a structure such as our brain.. In addition to understanding our brain's ability to take in information and make decisions based on this information, many people wish to understand another aspect of what our brain does, which is to produce the phenomenon of consciousness.. Also as part of a Walk in the Forest is an explanation of how consciousness arises, how it is an inherently occurring epiphenomena of how the brain works to do its day to day job.. In a nutshell, consciousness arises as a result of the simultaneous presence of a sequence of perceptive states of the world, in a logical order through time.. One of the things that you realize as a scientist or researcher is that when you come up with a new idea, chances are somebody else has come up with that idea too.. Over the past few decades the evolution of the Internet and the huge increase in availability and transfer of information between people has made this even more obvious.. you come up with something that you think is really unique, you run a search on it and find out that 100 other people have also come up with the same idea.. But a lot of the ideas that I had in the Walk in the Forest I think were somewhat unique.. I mention all this I guess because I'm somewhat irked; I recently watched one of the episodes from the excellent Discovery Channel series called Through the Wormhole, narrated by Morgan Freeman.. It's called Does Time Really Exist, it's the third episode from season two in case you wish to watch it.. Anyway about eight minutes into the show they describe my ideas about consciousness almost verbatim.. It's not so much that I would've liked to have been referenced at some point, it's more of a reminder that I want to get all my writings and work organized in a collected format.. So over the next few days I am going to get the Walk in the Forest pages backup online, and hopefully you'll see a link to them soon.. I want to set it up so that it's easy to comment on and perhaps start some discussions going about these ideas on the site.. And by the way, a thank you note to the people who have donated in response to my posting of the new versions of the software; as it has always been with this project, when people go to the trouble of registering or donating, I suppose it mainly lets me know that there are some other people who find this stuff interesting, and I'm not just wasting my time releasing software and with the site, just talking to the web crawlers and bots.. Anyways, thanks again.. Comments (3).. VIM 2.. 0.. So the Virtual Intelligence Matrix 2.. 0 is now available for download, compatible with Windows 7.. I must say I have some mixed feelings about this; on one hand I put an incredible amount of work into this program and I'm glad to see that it can still run on modern systems now.. It even works with NVIDIA's 3DVision glasses, and it's kind of cool to see the VIM walking around in full 3-D.. But it is also very dated in terms of graphics, which makes it easy to underestimate how much work went into it at the time.. And with large software companies picking up the ball and creating virtual world programs and life-sim games, it seems in many ways quite dull and limited.. It is unique and different than other software, but I know it just sounds like I'm defending it when I point these things out.. The differences that it is not a script driving the character - it is making decisions on its own as to where it wants to go and what it wants to do.. So it's really the subtleties of what's going on that you have to look for.. I think the best part of releasing the VIM programs has been the incredible  ...   NYC on the last shopping day before Christmas, by putting a very slight bias towards a goal, randomness drifts in a specific direction and no matter how you choose to describe it, it starts to look like what we see living things doing all the time.. The third thing that the program does is in addition to the goal-driven modification of random behavior is an emotion-driven modification of the goal-driven behavior.. So when you put a physically based selective pressure on a random system you will make it function more efficiently in achieving a goal such as survival.. But if you can then randomly generate a bias in the system that has no clear physical rationale (emotion, to simplify terminology), then you have a whole new spectrum of behavior to overlay on top of the logical, practical behaviors.. And with these three steps virtually all of the behaviors exhibited by life forms can be created.. You start with a random framework which allows a variety of behaviors to be expressed (what they can do); you put a selective pressure on the repertoire of behaviors, grounded in survival in physical reality (what they have to do); and finally you put a random pressure on the system to drive it in an unpredicted direction (what they want to do).. Now it's easy to see what the first thing that is going to happen here will be.. Step 3 feeds back right on top of step 2.. Because as we all know sometimes the emotional response is not a good idea for what is necessary to survive.. And thus the richness of behavior begins.. As usual, I digress.. I've tested the program out on several systems and it seems to be working fine under Windows 7, both 64-bit and 32-bit.. It's a single zip file containing a single.. scr file.. I suppose screensavers are not that popular anymore but you can run it by simply double-clicking on the file, or install it as a normal screensaver if you wish.. Actually I suppose I should put the readme file in there as well to explain what's going on, so I'll wait until tomorrow to post the file.. Anyway the first time you run the program it will go to the configuration dialog box so you can set the screen resolution that you want to run at.. If you ever want to change this you just right-click on the file and select Configure.. Other than that you use the plus and minus keys to zoom in and out on the birds, the spacebar switches between the two birds, and the arrow keys will direct the flight of the bird that you're looking at.. A bit anyways, until it's matrix kicks in and overrides whatever it is you telling it to do.. So since the program is not new, and many people have supported it over the years, you no longer have to register it to unlock extra features etc.. There is simply a donate button, so if you wish to help support the project and the site, it would be much appreciated.. Thanks, and I hope you enjoy the program!.. Michael.. Comments (1).. Oh well.. I'm not sure if a lot of people know how the mechanics of scientific research goes in academic institutions, but certainly isn't easy.. I'm reflecting on this because we just had a paper turned down for publication, granted from a very prestigious journal, but still we had our hopes up.. We have a very important story regarding maternal health that we want to get out there, but the final steps in the whole process of doing research can often be the most difficult.. In a nutshell you can follow a line of research for let's say two years, then you spend sometimes months writing the manuscript, getting all the figures made up, having people read it, getting comments back, changing things and basically working on it until you think it's perfect.. Then you submit it to a journal and within 24 hours sometimes they can tell you, no thanks.. Then usually the next step is to set your sights a little bit lower, you rewrite the whole thing into a new format and send it into a lower impact factor journal.. So yes I am procrastinating on starting the rewrites tonight by posting this.. There is an absolutely awesome video that went somewhat viral, at least among nerdy research types; it's a takeoff on Lady Gaga's Bad Romance video.. It's called "Bad Project", and considering it's done by real researchers, I think they do an excellent job with it.. And it is dead-on accurate.. Comments (4).. More Articles.. The VIM on Windows 7!.. Page 1 of 2.. Start.. Prev.. 1.. 2.. Next.. End..

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  • Title: Quantum Flux - Images Home
    Descriptive info: Images Home.. Images Blog.. Image Gallery.. Inherent in this process is the minds ability to turn patterns into objects and by doing so we “see” much more than a camera can.. Part of this ability comes from the high dynamic range of our visual system; we conceptualize dark areas and bright areas of a scene just as well as each other.. Overcoming this difference in how our mind sees the world compared to how a camera records it is part of the goal of the following images.. As a neuroscientist, I hope to create a sense of the experience of looking at the world, rather than simply present a picture of what it looks like.. Thank you for visiting the gallery,.. Dr.. Colicos is a professor  ...   living neurons and digital technology, based on growing brain cells on silicon wafers.. This technology is also being developed for use as a biological computer, trying to meld the abilities of living neuronal networks and machine intelligence.. An interview with Dr.. Colicos about some of his current research can be downloaded here.. In addition to his professional work in neuroscience, Dr.. Colicos is also the creator of the Virtual Intelligence Matrix, a computer-based model of human brain function.. Prints of the gallery images used to be available for purchase, however due to time restraints I cannot really do this anymore - however any commercial inquires can be sent to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots.. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. , thanks..

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  • Title: Quantum Flux - VIM Home
    Descriptive info: VIM Home.. Screenshots.. Rather than registering the programs, they now will be freely available.. We ask if you enjoy the project, please donate to help further development.. The VIM is a model of human brain function, which is used to drive 3D characters who live in virtual worlds.. The VI's here will explore their environment, and acquire different behavior patterns with time.. We hope you enjoy watching these lifeforms evolve, and decide yourself whether they are "artificial"  ...   it was now over a decade ago.. The goal of this page and the links here will be to document the project, and the incredible amount of feedback and discussion the VIM programs generated.. The best way to start to get familiar with the different forms the VIM has taken over the years is to click through the screen shots from each program.. As I get time I'll add more information about the backstory behind this all..

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  • Title: Quantum Flux - A Walk in the Forest
    Descriptive info: The following is a set of 6 articles describing an analogy between a forest, some people, and a bit of time, and intelligent systems such as the human brain.. It is designed to illustrate how an intelligent system can evolve from structures which we don't usually think of as intelligent, such as the rocks and dirt and tress of a forest.. In the later chapters I describe how an intelligent system can develop properties such as consciousness and things like that(!).. Hope you enjoy it, thanks for reading.. Chapter 1, Part 1.. Imagine a forest.. It is all wild and overgrown, and is complete with all your basic forest necessities; trees and shrubs, rocks and hills, streams and valleys and such.. Now, the forest lies between two towns, and presents a formidable obstacle for anyone wishing to travel between them.. Let's say some adventurous person decides one day to travel through the forest from one town to the other.. Where they enter the forest is pretty much predetermined; it will have to be somewhere close to the town they are originating from.. Where they exit the forest is fixed as well, since they have a specific goal; to reach the other town.. But what isn't predetermined is the path they choose to take through the forest.. The path they take will be determined by a variety of factors, many of which reflect the nature of our determined traveler himself.. Perhaps our first traveler is tall and skinny, and can climb up trees to avoid obstacles, or fit between rocks in a crevice and take a shortcut.. Or perhaps he is short and heavy, and cannot walk along fragile branches, but he  ...   As our traveler makes his way through the forest, he will break branches, trample plants, and in general leave a bit of a trail behind.. So now what happens the next time our traveler makes the journey? Since this is a pretty wild forest, chances are most of this trail would be gone for at least very hard to find.. But some of it would remain, and since he is still basically the same traveler he was before, even without the trail chances are he would still make similar decisions as to which path to follow.. So the months go by and he makes many trips between the two towns.. Now this trail is getting more and more obvious, and in fact he is finding it easier and quicker to get to his destination.. So after hanging out in his hometown, telling people about his adventures on the other town, another person decides to venture off through the forest and see what all the fuss is about.. However, when she enters the forest she realizes that the path taken by our first traveler might not be the ideal one for her.. Perhaps she's not tall enough to reach a ledge, and since she has no fear of spiders or water she just simply swims across the stream and ventures through the swamp.. So while her journey might share some of the pathways followed by our first traveler, she forges new trails, again based on her own personal characteristics.. So it seems our forest now has two paths, one for each specific individual who has passed through it.. And the more each person travels through it, the more worn the paths become..

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  • Title: Quantum Flux - Downloads
    Descriptive info: Download Links.. As I mentioned in the Neuroscience Blog, the great news is that I have finally found a way to get the old Virtual Intelligence Matrix programs running on Windows 7! The programs used to have a option for people to register the software and essentially donate to the project.. Given the age of the code and all the support we have had over the years, I think I will simple put a donate button on the download page, so if you would like to contribute to the continued development of the project, you can do so at your own discretion.. Thanks, and I'll post on the main blog when the new versions  ...   setup program for this one, rather than just an.. scr file, so it is very easy to install and uninstall.. Again, the default resolution is very low, so right click on the icon that shows up on the desktop and select configure to increase this.. This is the full registered version of the program.. If you have any questions or feedback, please leave comments on the blog.. 829.. Download VIRaptor.. VI Raptor 2.. 0 is now available for download.. It is a relaxing screensaver showing a pair of hawks flying around in Southern California.. Scenery is from the hiking train into Iron Mountain just outside San Diego (before the fire) for those interested.. 405..

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  • Title: Quantum Flux - History
    Descriptive info: The History of Quantum Flux.. Quantum Flux and the Virtual Intelligence Matrix project are led by Michael A.. Colicos, Ph.. D.. , a neuroscientist currently developing an interface between living neuronal networks and silicon chips.. The long term goal of this work is to develop a machine intelligence with the creative properties of the human mind.. With the majority of current medical and scientific research now available in electronic form, such a construct can hopefully be applied to solving medical and scientific challenges..

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  • Title: Quantum Flux - A Walk in the Forest
    Descriptive info: 3.. Thursday, 26 April 2012 22:43.. James Files.. About posting the new program it reads as malicious software when i try to download it.. But getting back to perception is it possible to make this programming into a sort of plug-in application for something like the Ultra HAL assistant.. i would be very intrested to see how a program that recreats peception would affect something like it especially if a program allowing acess to a web cam to act as eyes.. Monday, 19 March 2012 04:44.. Thanks for reading Randy.. and the only thing I'd criticize is the phrase "perils of criticism"! Criticism is either the path to improvement, if one is wrong, or tells you what needs to be worded more clearly if one is right! I couldn't survive without it.. I think your point is that consciousness is another tool we evolved to understand our surroundings.. I think that is true, but perhaps in a more complex way.. Insects and fish can perceive and respond to their environment excellently, they really have no need to understand it, so to speak.. But human behavior has evolved to such a complex level, perceiving that aspect of the environment becomes a real challenge.. And for that task, consciousness is very useful.. essential perhaps.. I teach almost a whole lecture on this, but there is some unnervingly cool research that very clearly shows our brain makes decisions before  ...   watch everything the other does, if you know what I mean (as some species of animals do), because you can just ask them.. And social evolution is perhaps an even more powerful driving force than physical survival of the fittest these days.. Friday, 16 March 2012 11:48.. Randy Hoffman.. Something I have thought about a lot is how we perceive the environment around us specifically with regard to our perception of time and why we perceive it as static and unchangeable.. Of course we shouldn’t disregard Einstein but perhaps we should take note that he worked with the tool of mathematics.. Is it not a construct of that same consciousness that you speak about.. As with all tools that our species has developed to help us understand the environment that we find ourselves in?.. I am simply a layman and I guess you could say an armchair philosopher and do not have the tools and education that you have at your disposal.. So I humbly submit, at the peril of criticism, a small amendment to the last line in the first paragraph of your blog.. I apologize if this causes offence because for lack of better tools at hand.. “In a nutshell, consciousness arises as a result of the simultaneous presence of a sequence of perceptive states of the world, causing the development of the notion of time as a mechanism to cope with perceived reality”..

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  • Title: Quantum Flux
    Descriptive info: Email this link to a friend.. Close Window.. Email to.. Sender.. Your Email.. Subject.. Send.. Cancel..

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  • Title: Quantum Flux - A Walk in the Forest
    Descriptive info: Next.. Add your comment.. Your name:.. Comment:.. Anti-spam: complete the task.. You should turn on JavaScript on your browser.. After that please reload the page.. Otherwise you won t be able to post any information on this site.. Post.. Preview..

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  • Title: Quantum Flux - VIM 2.0
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