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  • Title: Quarries and Beyond Home
    Descriptive info: .. Introduction.. Disclaimer.. Site Map.. Search Our Site.. Geology.. Quarries.. Listed by State in the United States.. Names and Origins of Stone.. The Quarry Industry in General.. Economics, Methods, Stone Types, Equipment, and Other Considerations, etc.. (Also see Stone Carvers /Stone Cutters / Methods Tools below.. ).. Articles, Links Books (General).. Photographic Tours of Stone Quarries, Etc.. Stone Carvers.. /.. Stone Cutters.. (Also please see individual.. state.. sections).. Methods, Transportation Tools.. Personal Accounts.. Stone Workers Unions.. The Finished Product.. Architecture.. The Building Industry Building Stone.. Cemetery Stones and Monuments.. From Quarry to Cemetery Monuments.. Sources, Bibliography, Some General Stone-Related Internet Resources.. WWW.. Stone Quarries and Beyond.. Background sandstone courtesy of the National Park  ...   located.. The finished products (such as buildings, bridges, etc.. ) are listed in the state in which the stone was quarried.. Alabama.. Alaska.. Arizona.. Arkansas.. California.. Colorado.. Connecticut.. Delaware.. Florida.. Georgia.. Hawaii.. Idaho.. Illinois.. Indiana.. Iowa.. Kansas.. Kentucky.. Louisiana.. Maine.. Maryland.. Massachusetts.. Michigan.. Minnesota.. Mississippi.. Missouri.. Montana.. Nebraska.. Nevada.. New Hampshire.. New Jersey.. New Mexico.. New York.. North Carolina.. North Dakota.. Ohio.. Oklahoma.. Oregon.. Pennsylvania.. Puerto Rico.. Rhode Island.. South Carolina.. South Dakota.. Tennessee.. Texas.. Utah.. Vermont.. Virginia.. Washington.. Washington D.. C.. West Virginia.. Wisconsin.. Wyoming.. Commercial use of material within this site is strictly prohibited.. It is not to be captured, reworked, and placed inside another web site.. ©.. All rights reserved..

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  • Title: Introduction
    Descriptive info: Home.. Search.. Introduction.. (Also see section entitled,.. How the Web site is Organized.. ).. Note re.. Recent Additions to Our Web Site:.. I will list recenty added articles and entries of general interest as I complete them on our.. Facebook page: Stone Quarries and Beyond.. I am.. Peggy Barriskill Perazzo.. , and my husband is Pat Perazzo.. We would like to introduce ourselves to you so you will be aware of how this web site is organized and the roles we play in its creation and ongoing growth.. If you would like to contact us, you can either reach us either by email at.. pbperazzo@comcast.. net.. or by telephone at (925) 420-4126.. We live in the Delta area in the eastern portion of the San Francisco Bay Area in California in the United States, so you may, at times, see a perspective skewed by our living here in California.. I have not traveled much, although my husband has traveled in Europe and Canada.. We hope to travel more in the future so we can see quarries in the rest of the United States and in other countries.. I do all of the research, compile the information, and write the material; and Pat is responsible for designing and maintaining our web site.. He has been involved in computing since the early 1980s and has had an interest in web design and programming.. He also likes to ride his bicycle, hike with a local group, and program his small robots.. We decided to put the web site online even though it will never be completely finished.. I have only completed 21 of the U.. S.. states so far.. We hope you will find a large selection of subjects of interest.. We hope you enjoy the web site and find it of value.. I began by researching the cemetery stone carvers and monument companies and the old cemetery stones created during the 1800s and early 1900s in the San Francisco Bay Area in California since 1997 and our family histories research for many more years.. When I began my research, I was surprised to find it very difficult to easily obtain information on the quarries, quarriers, stone carvers, dealers of stone, and the results of their work online.. While my stone carver research will continue, I decided to create this web site so we can present information including quarry locations and descriptions of quarries when possible, photographs, online links, personal histories, and quarry-related books for those also interested in stone quarries of the past and related subjects.. One of my main interests has been dimension stone quarries, although other types of quarries have caught my attention and intrigued me so some of other types of quarries are addressed as well.. Because I found huge numbers of gravel, sand, and decomposed granite quarries and my time is limited, I decided not to include these three commodities on our web site.. You are welcome to contact me if you have a question about specific quarries that produced gravel, sand, and decomposed granite; and I will check the books in my collection for the information.. (Initially, quarries may have started as dimension stone quarries and are aggregate quarries today.. ) I have compiled information and photographs on many different kinds of stone quarries, such as limestone, marble, sandstone, granite, slate, tuff, and soapstone for our web site.. While researching the stone carvers was originally the main purpose of my research, other aspects have caught my interest; and the web site has branched out in many directions since we began in 1998.. One of the most interesting subjects has been structures where stone was used, such as buildings, bridges, cemetery monuments, etc.. To me these quarries are both intriguing and beautiful, although I understand to others they may be considered an eyesore and a blight on the landscape.. I have found that some of these old quarries have been transformed into golf courses, gardens, theme parks, places for artists to work, housing subdivisions, etc.. A few years ago, we were allowed to photograph the.. Standard Portland Cement Co.. /Basalt Rock Co.. ruins near American Canyon in Napa County.. , California; and we will continue to include information and photographs relating to industrial archeology such as this subject.. Within the last few years we ve added new sections on the progress of stone from the quarry to the creation of cemetery stones and monuments (.. From Quarry to Cemetery Stone.. ) and a  ...   rock.. , kindly wrote a review of our web site on his Stories in Stone blog.. If you would like to read it, you ll find it at:.. Best Building Stone Site on the Web.. (Scroll down to the entry.. We ll try hard to shoot for this goal.. How the Web Site is Organized.. This site is set up basically as general links, information, and photographs of stone quarries, stone workers and dealers, and the finished products listed by state/country and locale.. In addition to listings of quarries and quarry information for each state/country, separate subjects within the state/country sections are also included, such as geology, research resources, and each state s stone industry, if there is (or was) one.. (For example, if you want to see the listings of Vermont quarries, you would first go to the Vermont state section of the page.. Note:.. All finished products (monuments, buildings, bridges, sculptures, cemetery monuments, etc.. You can use the.. on-site search engine.. to help you locate what you are searching for.. You can also check the topic,.. , found on the main menu under the.. section on the main page to help ascertain the origin of certain stones or you can go directly to the location of the quarry in the state or country sections.. There is also a list of the unique articles, books, and photographic quarry-related trips.. You can click the title here,.. Articles, Links, Booklets.. , or on the main page under the.. section.. For each state and country, I am compiling lists of individual historical stone quarries (many of which are now abandoned) under the state/country listings.. In each state there will be two sections that relate to quarries in addition to the other sections.. The first section will be the stone industry for each state, and the second will be the Quarries Quarry links, Photographs and Articles section.. If you are looking for quarries in a particular area, check the state/country where I have listed all the quarries that I have been able to find.. Sometimes the location descriptions are quite specific, while other times they are vague.. Locations described in the early 1900s may well have been built upon by now.. Also, most of these quarries today are located on private property, you should obtain permission before entering the property.. Many of these abandoned quarries are very dangerous today.. If you wish more detailed information on these quarries, feel free to contact me as I have only abstracted, in some cases, very brief information from the descriptions and may have more information in my possession and may have more information in my possession.. One other item I would like to address is the fact that I have included several present-day companies.. Most of these are listed because they have historical information on their sites about the quarries in the past and many have some beautiful, or informative photographs of equipment and the quarries as they are today.. The presence of a company on these links is not meant as any kind of recommendation or endorsement for these companies or their products as we have no relationship with any of these companies.. There is one area I am including on this page for which I am seeking information and input from others.. I am including a section in which people can contribute their own ancestors stories of their days in any of these related businesses.. In addition to my stone carver research, I am a family historian, and I value our ancestors stories and would like to provide a place so the stories of these people who worked in the stone industry or created the many buildings and art created from stone can live on and be read and appreciated by others.. If you have any stories you feel would be of interest to others about your own people who were involved in the historical stone industries that you would like to contribute, please contact me and full credit will be attributed to you.. If you already have your story written up on your own web page, please send me with the link.. We hope you enjoy your visit to our page.. Peggy B.. Perazzo, Compiler.. , January 2013.. Member of the.. Association For Gravestone Studies.. the.. Early American Industries Association, Inc.. George (Pat) Perazzo, Webmaster.. [.. Top of Page.. ].. It is not to be captured, reworked, and placed inside another web site ©.. and.. George (Pat) Perazzo..

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  • Title: Disclaimer
    Descriptive info: Disclaimer.. Many of the linked pages and sites accessible from our Stone Quarries and Beyond page are not maintained by us, and we are not responsible for their availability or content.. The following disclaimer is applicable in all such instances and without exception:.. We have provided a link to this site because  ...   to our site.. We do not necessarily endorse the views, facts, products, processes, services, producers or providers presented on the site.. In addition, we do not make any warranty, express or implied, or assume any legal liability, for the accuracy, completeness or usefulness of any information linked to from this site.. Patrick Perazzo..

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  • Title: Stone Quarries and Beyond Site Map
    Descriptive info: Stone Quarries and Beyond Site Map.. Geology (General).. Geology Institutions.. Geology Geography Resources.. Geology-Related Glossaries, Dictionaries, Terminology, Etc.. Geology Photos.. Early Geologists Photographs of Some Early Geological Field Trips.. Articles Reguarding Geology from.. The Manufacturer and Builder (1831-1893).. Geological Tours and Studies of Structures.. Other Some Geology Links for Kids.. Quarries.. (.. Note each state contains the following sections.. : Geology Resources, Research Resources, Stone Industry of the State, Printed and Online Sources, Lists of Quarries Quarry Links, Photographs and Articles, Structures and Monuments in Which the State Stone was Used, and Stone Carvers, Stone Cutters, Monument Dealers.. Names and Origins of Stones.. General Quarry/Mining Industry Information and Links.. Quarry/Mining Entities (companies, museums, etc.. ).. Stone Selection Resources.. Historical Perspectives in Quarring and Mining.. Other.. Quarries: Economics, Methods, Stone Types, Equipment and Other Considerations.. Qualities of Building Stone.. Quarrying Methods.. Quarry and Mining Terminology.. Quarry Economics Stone Production, Cost,  ...   Methods and Miscellaneous.. Articles Relating to Techniques, Designs Emblems Used by Stone Carvers.. Stone Carver Patterns Designs.. Historical Research Relating to Labor.. Bibliography.. Principal Varieties of Materials Used for Cemetery Markers.. Types of Stone Quarrying Quarries.. Stone imported into California during the latter half of the 1800's for Cemetery Stones.. California Quarries that Supplied Stone.. Tools Equipment Used in Quarring Stone.. Transporting Stone from the Quarry to the Stone Mill or Retail Shop.. Stone Mills or Workshops for Dressing, Shaping, Layout, Carving, Finishing Polishing Stone.. Monumental Shops.. Advertising Cemetery Stones Accessories by Monumental Magazines, Cemetery Monument Cards, Pattern Books, Architectural Designes.. Cemetery Stones / Monuments Accessories from Catalogs Price Lists.. Transporting Installing Monuments to Cemeteries in the 1920's.. Signed Cemetery Stones of the Past.. Some Monument Companies Individuals.. A Few Words About Old Cemetery Stones.. Conclusion.. References Resources.. Cemetery Stone References Resources.. Some Interesting Links Relating to Cemetery Stones..

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  • Title: Geology
    Descriptive info: Geology.. GEOLOGY.. Geology-Related Glossaries, Dictionaries,.. Terminology, etc.. Articles Regarding Geology from.. The Manufacturer and Builder.. (1831-1893).. Geologic Tours and Studies of Structures.. Broken Links: If you find broken links before I can check them, the easiest way to find them is to search for the web site in question on.. Google.. Perazzo.. Geology (General).. Geology - Listed by State.. Please see the individual.. state links on the main page.. Geology - Listed by Country.. (other than the U.. ) -.. Not available yet.. For books, maps, etc.. , please see the.. Sources.. State Geological Surveys and Related Agencies in the United States.. , presented by the California Department of Conservation, Division of Mines and Geology.. State Geologic Maps.. , presented by Steven Dutch, Natural and Applied Sciences, University of Wisconsin Green Bay.. U.. S.. Bureau of Mines - Minerals Yearbook (1932 through 1993).. ,.. courtesy of the University of Wisconsin Ecology and Natural Resources Collection.. (Links to the images of the books for the years 1932 through 1993 are available on this web site.. The following note is included in.. Publications of the Geological Survey 1879 -1961.. , U.. Department of the Interior, Geological Survey, reprinted 1965:.. Note: On July 1, 1925, by Executive order, the Division of Mineral Resources of the Geological Survey was transferred to the United States Department of Commerce, Bureau of Mines.. On April 24, 1934, the Bureau was transferred to the Department of the Interior.. The series (entitled Mineral Resources during the years 1924-31 and Minerals Yearbook thereafter) is published by the Department of the Interior, Bureau of Mines.. (buildings, walls, etc.. Below is a list of online links, books, etc.. , that relate to information on the stones used in constructing these structures.. The City Rocks: Explore the Hidden World of Building Stone.. , presented by Emily Burns.. A Web Gallery of Stone Buildings and Their Building Stone.. , presented by Bruce Railsback, Professor, Department of Geology, University of Georgia.. Burton Bradstock, Dorset, England, UK -.. The Geology and Building Stones of Burton Bradstock, Dorset, England, UK.. , by Jo Thomas.. The California GeoTour: An Index to Online Geologic Field Trip Guides of California.. , presented by the California Geological Survey.. California Penryn Quarry, Penryn, California.. Geological Side Trips from Interstate 80: Griffith Quarry in Penryn.. , by Andrew Alden.. Cambridge, England, UK -.. Building Stones of Cambridge: A walking tour around the historic city centre.. , by Nigel Woodcock and David Norman.. Canada.. Building Stones and Monuments of the National Capital Region.. , presented by,.. Professor J.. A.. Donaldson, Carlton University.. - Ottawa Geoheritage.. (Scroll down to Trip 5.. Canada Calgary, Canada.. A Virtual Tour of Historic Calgary.. , presented by the.. Calgary Public Library.. Canada.. Hamilton, Canada.. Heart of the City, A Virtual Tour of Downtown Hamilton.. Hamilton Public Library.. (Photographs of Hamilton buildings might be available in.. Hamilton Public Library s Local History Archives Department PreVIEW database.. , which contains over 11,000 images.. Canada Toronto, Canada.. Learning Geology from Buildings in Downtown Toronto, Canada.. , by Kathleen Kemp, Tucker Barrie, Marcia Charles, Janet Parkin, Denise Payne and Michael Perkins.. (The link on which this tour was located is no longer available.. http://www.. science.. uwaterloo.. ca/earth/waton/toronto.. html.. Canada Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.. Dimension Stone in Victoria, British Columbia, a city guide and walking tour.. , by Z.. D.. Hora and L.. B.. Miller.. Colorado Denver, Colorado.. Geology Tour of Denver s Buildings and Monuments.. , by Jack A.. Murphy, publisher: Denver, Colorado, Historic Denver in cooperation with Denver Museum of Natural History, c1995, ISBN:0914248065 (Book).. Georgia -.. Tour of Building Stones on the UGA Campus.. , by Dr.. Paul Schroeder.. England - Gloucestershire, England.. Huntley Quarry Geology Reserve.. England Isle of Portland, Dorset, Southern England The Isle of Portland, Dorset Geology of the Quarries.. , Ian West, Romsey, Hampshire and Visiting Scientist at: Faculty of Natural and Environmental Sciences, Southampton University.. Illinois Chicago, Illinois.. Geology Along Michigan Avenue.. ,.. presented by.. Ellin Beltz.. (photographs).. Iowa.. Geologic Sources of Historic Stone Architecture in Iowa.. , by Brian J.. Witzke, Iowa Geological and Water Resources.. Ireland Dublin, Ireland.. The Building Stones of Dublin: A Walking Guide.. , by Patrick Wyse Jackson, photography by Declan Burke, publisher: Dublin, Ireland, Town House and Country House, 1993, ISBN:0946172323 (Book).. London, England.. The Gloucester Wall Game: London.. , by Eric Robinson, no date, London Geologists Association.. PDF.. ].. Maryland Baltimore, Maryland.. A Geologic Walking Tour of Building Stones of Downtown Baltimore, Maryland.. , by Sherry McCann-Murray, presented by the Maryland Geological Survey.. This site includes contributions and photography by the Environmental Geology and Mineral Resources Program of the Maryland Geological Survey.. (Adapted for the Internet from Educational Series No.. 10.. Massachusetts Boston, Massachusetts.. Boston Rocks: A History of the Earth in 13 Landmarks.. article by David B.. Williams, Graphics by Javier Zarracina (in PDF format).. This article was published on the May 3, 2009, in the.. Boston Globe.. David Williams has a new book,.. Stories in Stone.. , that will be published in June 2009 by Walker and Company.. More information on this book is available in the.. Stone section of his web site.. (The following buildings are discussed in the above article (which includes photos of the buildings and the stones): 100 Cambridge Street, Government Center; Trinity Church, Copley Square; New Old South Church, Copley Square; Morse Auditorium, Boston University; Massachusetts General Hospital; Townhouses, Beacon Hill; Cathedral Church of St.. Paul, downtown Massachusetts; Boston Public Library, Copley Square; Memorial Hall Hauser Hall, Harvard University; King s Chapel, downtown Massachusetts; Algonquin Club, Back Bay; and the Keystone Building, Financial District.. Missouri Springfield, Missouri Field Trip Guide to the Geology of Missouri State University s Springfield Campus.. , written by Dr.. Kevin R.. Evans, Department of Geography, Geology Planning, Missouri State University, edited by Dr.. James F.. Miller, Department of Geography, Geology Planning Missouri State University, Dr.. Thomas G.. Plymate, Department of Geography, Geology Planning, Missouri State University, Revised December 2006.. New York Buffalo, New York.. Buffalo as an Architectural Museum.. , by Chuck LaChiusa.. New York - Ithaca, New York.. Building Stones on the Cornell Campus.. Ohio Cincinnati, Ohio.. Guide to the Building Stones of Downtown Cincinnati; A Walking Tour.. , by J.. T.. Hannibal and R.. A.. Davis, 1992,.. Ohio Division of Geological Survey Guidebook 7.. (Book).. Ohio Cleveland, Ohio.. Guide to the Building Stones of Downtown Cleveland: A Walking Tour.. , Ohio Division of Geological Survey Guidebook, by J.. Hannibal and M.. Schmidt, 1992; reprinted 1997 with additional notes (Book).. Ohio Columbus, Ohio.. Building Stones in the Vicinity of Capitol Square, Columbus, Ohio, A Walking Tour in Celebration of Earth Week October 10, 2000.. (PDF), Tour Leaders: Garry D.. McKenzie and Dale M.. Gnidovec, Sponsors: the American Institute of Professional Geologists, the Ohio Department of Natural Resources, Division of Geological Survey, and the Ohio State University, 3 pp.. Guide to the Building Stones of Downtown Columbus: A Walking Tour.. , by R.. W.. Melvin and G.. McKenzie, 1992,.. Ohio Division of Geological Survey Guidebook 6.. , reprinted with additional notes (Book).. Ohio Dayton, Ohio.. Geologic Glimpses from Around the World - The Geology of Monuments in Woodland Cemetery and Arboretum.. , Dayton, Ohio:.. A Self-Guided Tour.. , by M.. R.. Sandy, 1992,.. Ohio Division of Geological Survey Guidebook 8.. Ohio Northeastern Ohio.. Guide to Stones Used for Houses of Worship in Northeastern Ohio.. , by.. Joseph T.. Hannibal.. , Curator of Invertebrate Paleontology at the Cleveland Museum of Natural History.. The Urban Center s Sacred Landmark Series.. Based on Guide to Stones Used for Houses of Worship in Northeastern Ohio, Cleveland Ohio, by Joseph T.. Hannibal,Curator of Invertebrate Paleontology at the.. Cleveland Museum of Natural History.. Published by the Sacred Landmarks Partnership of Northeast Ohio.. United Kingdom Burton Bradstock, Dorset, England, UK -.. United Kingdom -.. Utah Salt Lake City, Utah, USA.. Building Stones of Downtown Salt Lake City.. , presented by the Utah Geological Society, Public Information Series #60.. Washington, D.. C.. , USA.. Building Stones of Washington Walking Tour.. , presented by the United States Geological Survey.. , USA.. Descriptions and Origins of Selected Principal Building Stones of Washington.. , United States Geological Survey (Book).. , USA National Mall and Memorials Washington DC.. Klondike Gold Rush National Historical Park.. This article discusses the history and geology of the large stone monuments and memorials in the National Mall in Washington, D.. Welcome to the National Mall, a National Park in Washington, DC where large stone monuments and memorials honor important historical people and events.. The National Mall is a good place to visit if you want to learn about American history and be a historian.. Because of all the different stones used in the construction of the memorials, it is also a good place to visit if you want to learn about rocks and be a geologist.. Historians and Geologists actually have many similarities.. They both look at past events to better understand the present, and guess what will happen in the future.. They both use tools to help them in their research.. They both make timelines to keep track of events.. The biggest difference is that Historians study the events of humans while Geologists study the events of the earth.. Washington State Seattle, Washington.. Downtown Rock Hound: A Seattle Geology Tour.. , by David B.. Williams (in PDF format).. (Web site:.. David B.. Williams: Stories in Stone.. Washington State Spokane, Washington.. Cornerstones of Spokane: A guidebook to the building stones of downtown Spokane.. Text and map are from: McKelvey, G.. E.. ; Bunning, Bonnie B.. ; Burnet, F.. William; Hamilton, Mike; Swanson, Byron, 1981, Northwest, Mining Association (in PDF format).. Wisconsin Milwaukee, Wisconsin Virtual Tour of Downtown Milwaukee s Geology and Architecture: The Buildings and Building Stones of Downtown Milwaukee.. , presented by Tim Grundl, Associate Professor, Geosciences Department, Nancy Hubbard, Associate Professor, Architecture and Urban Planning, Bill Kean, Professor, Geosciences Department, University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee.. Other:.. Rocks of Famous Monuments.. , presented by.. Guillermo Rocha, P.. G.. / Brooklyn College Geology Department.. Other Some Geology Links for Kids:.. Collecting Rocks Rocks Tell the Story of the Earth.. , by Rachel M.. Barker, United States Geological Survey.. Date a Rock! An Age-Dating Simulation.. by Karen Kalumuck, Biology Education Director at the San Francisco Exploratorium.. Do We Take Minerals For Granted?.. Geological Survey.. Geological Sites of Interest.. , presented by the Rogers Group in their Rockology 101: Fun Facts section.. com News and Information About Geology.. Geology For Kids.. Online Education Database.. The Geology News Blog: The latest and greatest news in geology, from around the world.. , presented by Dave Scumaker.. Geology of National Parks in the United States.. , presented by U.. Google Earth Engine.. ( Our global, zoomable timelapse of Earth s surface now extends back to 1984.. Learn more about these stunning new visualizations on the Official Google Blog and in an in-depth, exclusive article by.. Time.. magazine.. Explore the gallery below to see thirty years of change across the entire planet.. Interactive Rock Cycle Animation How Do Rocks Undergo Change?.. Limestone Quarry Explosion Photos (Japan).. , presented on The Geology News Blog.. Mineralogy for Kids.. , presented by the Mineral Society of America.. Neighborhood Rocks.. - Find - Collect - Name Play.. , presented by Eric D.. Gyllenhaal.. Neighborhood Rocks.. is part of the.. Salt the Sandbox Web.. Optical Mineralogy: A Resource for Educators and Students.. Playing Robinson s Wall Game.. , by Joseph T.. Hannibal, The.. Science in Your Backyard.. , presented by the U.. (A United States maps provides easy access to Science in Your Backyard in all of the U.. states.. The U.. Geological Survey Science Education.. Virtual Quarry Interactive.. , presented by the Mineral Products Association (MPA), the United Kingdom s leading trade association for the UK aggregates, asphalt, cement, concrete, lime, mortar and silica sand industries.. The Wall Game In Battersea Park.. , by Eric Robinson, 1996.. in M.. Bennett and others, eds.. , Geology on Your Doorstep:.. The Role of Urban Geology in Earth Heritage Conservation: Bath.. , the Geological Society Publishing House (Book).. Geology Institutions.. American Geological Institute (AGI).. GeoTimes - News Magazine of Geosciences.. Association of American State Geologists.. - United States Geological Survey Sites.. , hosted by the Alaska Division of Geological Geophysical Surveys.. (Once you reach this site, choose individual U.. Geological Survey sites by map or by list.. Directory of Geoscience Organizations of the World  ...   on the large archaeological comparative rock collection housed in the Department of Archaeology, University of Southampton.. The main aim of the project has been to create an easily accessible, unique, multidisciplinary, searchable relational database which comprises the principal stones known to be used in antiquity throughout England.. This database allows the identification of stone samples by searching on the distinctive physical properties of a stone.. The results of the search can be backed up by macroscopic and thin-section photomicrographs of each sample and any geologically relevant information.. The resource also provides information regarding the use, quarry location/vicinity and distribution of the stone throughout various periods of history.. The resource s ability to be manipulated in many different ways is one of its strengths.. Unforbidden Geology.. : The not so hidden history of Man from the often overlooked geologic perspective, presented by Archae Solenhofen.. United States Geological Survey - Geology.. Geological Survey Library.. USGS Yearbooks (Online) Minerals Yearbook.. (Starting in 1999 the Yearbooks were replaced with the annual financial reports.. The Virtual Geoscience Professor.. , presented by John Butler, University of Houston.. Geology-Related Glossaries, Dictionaries, Terminology, etc.. Dictionary of Geological Terms.. , 3rd edition, Prepared by the American Geological Institute, Robert L.. Bates and Julia A.. Jackson, Editors, Anchor Books, New York, paperback ISBN 0-385-18101-9.. Dictionary of Mining, Mineral, and Related Terms.. , compiled and edited by the Staff of the U.. Bureau of Mines.. Glossary of Geologic Terms.. (Iowa State University).. Glossary of Volcano and Related Terms.. Articles Relating to Geology in.. , et al.. The following articles can be found online at the Library of Congress, American Memories,.. The Nineteenth Century in Print.. These digital images are from Cornell University.. (These images are slow to load.. Geology (April 1831).. The North American Review.. , Vol.. 32, Issue 71, April 1831, pgs.. (bottom of) 471-490.. (Article in digital images viewed at American Memory, Library of Congress.. Geology (September 1873).. 5, Issue 9, September 1873, pg.. 207.. Geology (October 1873).. 5, Issue 10, October 1873, pg.. 231.. Geology Explained in the Simplest Terms (April 1888).. 20, Issue 4, April 1888, pg.. 84.. Geology (December 1888).. 20, Issue 12, December 1888, pgs.. 274-275.. (The article includes a sketch of the stone; article in digital images viewed at American Memory, Library of Congress).. Geology (January 1889).. (Continued from December 1888).. 21, Issue 1, January 1889, pgs.. 12-13.. (The articles includes the following sketches: A piece of Granite, and Some of the Grains of a Piece of Chalk; article in digital images viewed at American Memory, Library of Congress).. Geology (February 1889).. (Continued from January 1889).. 21, Issue 2, February 1889, pgs.. 34-35.. (The article includes the following sketches: Piece of Conglomerate or Pudding Stone, Piece of Shale; article in digital images viewed at American Memory, Library of Congress).. Geology (March 1889).. (Continued from February 1889).. 21, Issue 3, March 1889, pg.. 59.. (The article include the following sketches: 1) Stones detached from cliffs by rains, frosts, etc.. and launched into a brook; 2) Stones from the same cliff after having been rolled about in the bed of the brook; 3) A small heap of sand, consisting of the same pieces of stone from the same cliff article in digital images viewed at American Memory, Library of Congress).. Geology (April 1889).. 21, Issue 4, April 1889, pgs.. 82-84.. (The article includes the following sketches: 1) Section or cutting through the sediment brought by a rain into a pool on a roadway and 2) Stratification of Sedimentary Rocks; article in digital images viewed at American Memory, Library of Congress).. Geology (May 1889).. (Continued from April 1889).. 21, Issue 5, May 1889, pgs.. 106-107.. (The article includes the following sketches: 1) A Piece of Shale Containing a Portion of a Fossil Fern; 2) Piece of Shale with Animal Remains; 3) Quarry in Sedimentary Rock; article in digital images viewed at American Memory, Library of Congress).. Geology (June 1889).. (Continued from May 1889).. 21, Issue 6, June 1889, pg.. 132.. (The article includes the following sketches: 1) Ripple marks in sandstone; 2) Rainprints in sandstone; 3) Fossils: Coral, part of Encrinite, Spirifer, and a marine shell; article in digital images viewed at American Memory, Library of Congress).. Geology - Organic Rocks, or Rocks Formed of the Remains of Plants and Animals (July 1889).. (Continued from June 1889).. 21, Issue 7, July 1889, pgs.. 154-155.. Geology (August 1889).. (Continued from July 1889).. 21, Issue 8, August 1889, pgs.. 178-180.. (This article contains the following sketches: 1) Ground plan, or a map of peat moss filling up a former lake 2) Some of the ooze from the Atlantic bed, magnified 25 times; 3) A piece of chalk with shell in it; A piece of limestone showing how the stone is made up of animal remains; article in digital images viewed at American Memory, Library of Congress).. Geology (September 1889).. (Continued from August 1889).. 21, Issue 9, September 1889, pgs.. 203-204.. (The article includes the following sketches: 1) View of lava stream issuing from one of the extinct volcanic cones in Auvergue, in central France; 2) Piece of lava showing the crystals and steam holes; article in digital images viewed at American Memory, Library of Congress).. Geology (October 1889).. (Continued from September 1889).. 21, Issue 10, October 1889, pgs.. 227-228.. (The article contains the following sketches: 1) Vesuvius, as it appeared at the beginning of the Christian era, when it was a dormant volcano; 2) Piece of volcanic tuff-a rock formed of consolidated volcanic ashes; 3) View of hot springs or geysers, Iceland; 4) Vesuvius as it appears at present time-an active volcano; article in digital images viewed at American Memory, Library of Congress).. Geology (November 1889).. (Continued from October 1889).. 21, Issue 11, November 1889, pgs.. 250-251.. Geology (December 1889).. (Continued from November 1889).. 21, Issue 12, December 1889, pg.. 275.. Geology (January 1890).. (Continued from December 1889 continued in February 1890 issue).. 22, Issue 1, January 1890, pg.. 8.. (The article includes the following sketches: 1) Inclined Strata; 2) Vertical Strata; 3) View of Contorted Strata; 4) Section of Igneous Rock forced up into cracks and fissures of the earth s crust; article in digital images viewed at American Memory, Library of Congress).. Geology (February 1890).. (Continued from January 1890 issue continued in the March 1890 issue).. 22, Issue 2, February 1890, pgs.. 32-34.. (This article includes the following sketches: 1) Section of a series of sedimentary rocks originally deposited horizontally on the sea bottom; 2) Section of a mountain formed of crumpled rocks which have been contorted before the deposition of the flat rocks; 3) View of a tableland cut into ridges and valleys by the flow of its river; article in digital images viewed at American Memory, Library of Congress).. Geology (March 1890).. (Continued from February 1890).. 22, Issue 3, March 1890, pgs.. 56-57.. Lamination in Stone (April 1893).. 25, Issue 4, April 1893, pg.. 87.. The Rocks - Their Physical Structure.. (continued) (May 1885) Quarrying Notes in.. 17, Issue 5, May 1885, pgs.. The Rocks (June 1885).. (Includes the beginning of the article on the Granites) Quarrying Notes -.. 17, Issue 6, June 1885, pg.. 130-131.. Article in digital images viewed at American Memory, Library of Congress).. Granite-Related Articles from the.. Manufacturer and Builder.. Granite Rock (January 1880).. 12, Issue 1, January 1880, pg.. 22.. The Building Stones.. - Granite (Concluded) (July 1885).. Quarrying Notes in.. 17, Issue 7, July 1885, pgs.. Granite (December 1889) (Continued in issue January 1890).. 21, Issue 12, December 1889, pgs.. Granites and Sandstones (May 1891).. 23, Issue 5, May 1891, pg.. 104.. May 1891.. Quincy Granite (December 1893).. 25, Issue 12, December 1893, pg.. 278.. Limestone-Related Articles from the.. Facts About Lime and Limestones (September 1891).. 23, Issue 9, September 1891, pg.. (Text of article in digital images viewed at American Memory, Library of Congress.. Facts About Lime and Limestone (March 1892).. 24, Issue 3, March 1892, pg.. 63.. The Limestones of Wisconsin (January 1886).. 18, Issue 1, January 1886, pgs.. 10-11.. Magnesian Limestone (October 1893).. 25, Issue 10, October 1893, pg.. The Presence of Magnesia in Limestones (September 1882).. 14, Issue 9, September 1882, pg.. (Article in digital images viewed at American Memory, Library of Congress.. Marble-Related Articles from the.. (Also see.. Algerian Marbles (November 1887).. (This article includes a sketch: Salem (Ind.. ) Quarry Yards, Mills and Kilns, and Cars Loaded with Monoliths for the Georgia State Capitol.. 19, Issue 11, November 1887, pg.. 253.. American Marbles (January 1857).. The Living Age.. 52, Issue 660, January 17, 1857, pgs.. 148-149.. American Marbles (November 1888).. 20, Issue 11, November 1888, pgs.. Australian Marble (June 1894).. 26, Issue 6, June 1894, pg.. 135.. California Marble (May 1894).. 26, Issue 5, May 1894, pg.. 108-109.. The Geology of the Marble Deposits (December 1884).. 16, Issue 12, December 1884, pg.. 274.. Georgia - Extensive Marble Belt in Georgia (October 1894).. 26, Issue 10, October 1894, pg.. 230.. Georgia Marble (January 1889).. 14-15.. Georgia Marble (December 1891).. 23, Issue 12, December 1891, pg.. (Article in digital images viewed at American Memory, Library of Congress).. Inyo Marble (California) (March 1889).. 21, Issue 3, March 1889, pgs.. 59-60.. Marble in Oregon (October 1890).. 22, Issue 10, October 1890, pgs.. 225-226.. The Marbles of Vermont (September 1888).. 20, Issue 9, September 1888, pg.. 203.. (The article includes a sketch: Interior View of Marble Quarry at West Rutland, Vermont ; article in digital images viewed at American Memory, Library of Congress.. The Marbles of Vermont (December 1890).. 22, Issue 12, December 1890, pgs.. 272-273.. Oregon Marble (January 1890).. 22, Issue 1, January 1890, pgs.. 8-9.. (article in digital images viewed at American Memory, Library of Congress).. Southern Marble (June 1887).. 19, Issue 6, June 1887, pgs.. Statuary Marble in (Inyo) California (May 1886).. 18, Issue 5, May 1886, pgs.. 107-108.. Tennessee Marble (June 1886).. 18, Issue 6, June 1886, pgs.. Texas Marble (July 1887).. (This article states that pure white marble was discovered when the Antonio and Arkansas Pass Railway was being built toward Boerne near San Antonio, Texas.. Arrangements were being made to open quarries at that location.. 19, Issue 7, July 1887, pg.. 156.. Vermont Marble (May 1891).. 23, Issue 5, May 1891, pgs.. 105-106.. Sandstone-Related Articles from the.. The Building Stones - The Sandstones (September 1885).. Quarrying Notes -.. 17, Issue 9, September 1885, pgs.. 202-203.. The Berea and Amherst Sandstone (May 1887).. 19, Issue 5, May 1887, pg.. 107.. (The article includes a sketch: The Cleveland Co.. s Quarry No.. 4.. ; text of article in digital images viewed at American Memory, Library of Congress).. Berea Sandstone (March 1893).. 25, Issue 3, March 1893, pg.. 60.. (The article includes a sketch of: Berea Sandstone Quarry No.. 6, North Amherst, Ohio.. ; article in digital images viewed at American Memory, Library of Congress).. Ohio Sandstone (December 1892).. 24, Issue 12, December 1892, pg.. 279.. (The article includes a sketch: Cleveland Stone Co.. 3, Columbia, Ohio.. The Portland Sandstone Quarries (February 1888).. 20, Issue 2, February 1888, pg.. 35.. (The article includes a sketch: Portland Sandstone Quarries - Splitting Out the Stone With Wedges.. Potsdam Red Sandstone (April 1891).. 23, Issue 4, April 1891, pg.. 90.. The Potsdam Red Sandstone (January 1893).. 25, Issue 1, January 1893, pgs.. 9-12.. (The article includes six sketches: (1) Bird s-Eye View of the Potsdam Sandstone Quarries ; (2) Quarry No.. 2.. ; (3) Quarry No.. 2 - Under Development.. ; (4) Quarry No.. 3 (Dark Red) - Under Development.. ; (5) Quarry No.. ; and (6) Selecting Large Blocks of Stone ; article in digital images viewed at American Memory, Library of Congress).. Potsdam Sandstone (as a building material) (July 1893).. 25, Issue 7, July 1893, pg.. 158.. The Wisconsin Sandstones (December 1885).. 17, Issue 12, December 1885, pg.. (Article in digital images viewed at American Memory, Library of Congress) Quarrying Notes -.. Slate-Related Articles from the.. The Building-Stone and Slate of Virginia (February 1869).. 1, Issue 2, February 1869, pgs.. 46-47.. The Building Stones - Serpentine Slate (November 1885).. 17, Issue 11, November 1885, pg.. 250.. Peach-Bottom Slate (York County, Pennsylvania) (October 1890).. 22, Issue 10, October 1890, pg.. 225.. Red Slate (August 1885).. 17, Issue 8, August 1885, pgs.. 181-182.. Red Slate (November 1893).. 25, Issue 11, November 1893, pg.. Slate (July 1878).. 10, Issue 7, July 1878, pg.. 166.. Slate in Vermont (July 1892).. 24, Issue 7, July 1892, pg..

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  • Title: Names and Origins of Stone
    Descriptive info: Names and Origins of Stones.. Please Note.. : This list is made up mainly of historical stone names, although you will find some present-day stones listed as well.. There are many stone portals on the Internet that can provide you with lists and images of present-day stones located all over the world.. In the.. Stone Portals on the Internet.. of our web site, I have listed a few of these stone portals.. Many times in the descriptions of the stone used in construction of buildings, bridges, monuments, etc.. , the name of the stone is used without indicating the place of origin.. I am compiling this list so that when a name of a stone is mentioned without the origin, I will have a tool to help me locate the origin.. (For example, Berea Sandstone is from Amherst, Ohio; Aquia Creek Sandstone is from Aquia Creek, Virginia, and Botticino marble is from Italy.. ) Also, you can access the URLs for the companies below to see color samples of their stone.. Unless indicated otherwise, the locations are in the United States.. If you have further names to add, feel free to contact  ...   (4).. From.. TexaStone Quarries site.. (5).. Used with the permission of.. findSTONE.. com.. , Marketplace for Building Stones.. If you visit the.. Stone Album.. , you can view photographs of the stone listed.. (6).. Building and Decorative Stones Collection.. , The Natural History Museum, Cromwell Road, London, UK.. (7).. Greece.. Trade International, Inc.. , Jeffrey Matthews.. (8).. McMarmilloyd Ltd.. The listing from this site is used with the permission of Ian Macdonald.. (9).. Building Stones of Maryland.. , by Karen R.. Kuff and James R.. Brooks, 1985, Maryland Geological Survey.. (10).. Report of the State Geologist on the Mineral Industries and Geology of Vermont, 1931-1932.. , George H.. Perkins, State Geologist, Burlington, Vt.. , Free Press Printing Co.. , 1933.. (11).. A Technical Guide to The Rational Use of Marble, Italian Marble Industrie.. , 1964.. (12).. The Architect's Handbook of Marble, Granite and Stone.. III Color Sample Book, 1990.. (13).. Stone.. Magazine (various issues).. (14).. List of the World s Marbles, by J.. McClymont, in.. Through The Ages,.. magazine, the National Association of Marble Dealers/.. Marble Institute of America.. (MIA), used with permission).. (15).. Mindat Mineral and Gem Directory Mineral and Rock Specimens..

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  • Title: The Quarry Industry (in General)
    Descriptive info: The Quarry Industry (in General).. (Also see:.. Quarries - Economics, Methods, Equipment, and.. other Considerations.. The Building Industry.. Historical Perspectives in Quarrying and Mining.. Quarry/Mine-related glossaries, dictionaries, definitions, etc.. (See:.. Quarries: Economics, Methods, Stone Types, Equipment, and Other Considerations - Quarry and Mining Terminology section.. Blasting and Quarrying Stone (1895).. A.. Treatise on the Blasting and Quarrying of Stone for Building and Other Purposes: With the Constituents and Analyses of Granite, Slate, Limestone, and Sandstone.. By John Fox Burgoyne, London: Crosby Lockwood Son Co.. , 1895, 136 pp.. (This book is available for reading or downloading to your computer in PDF format on.. Google Book Search - Full View Books.. Granite Quarries.. , by Shayna Redwine, Physical Geology, Spring 2006, Cochise College.. Hard Rock Mining on Federal Lands.. Minerals Information - United States Geological Survey (USGS).. (Statistics Information is presented according to: Commodity, Country, and State.. Active Metal and Industrial Mineral Underground Mines in the United States.. , United States Geological Survey Mineral Industry Survey.. Active Metal and Industrial Mineral Underground Mines in the United States in 2002.. Active Metal and Industrial Mineral Underground Mines in the United States in 2003.. Active Metal and Industrial Mineral Underground Mines in the United States in 2004.. Active Metal and Industrial Mineral Underground Mines in the United States in 2005.. Active Metal and Industrial Mineral Underground Mines in the United States in 2006.. Active Metal and Industrial Mineral Underground Mines in the United States in 2007.. Active Metal and Industrial Mineral Underground Mines in the United States in 2008.. Active Metal and Industrial Mineral Underground Mines in the United States in 2009.. Historical Statistics for Mineral and Material Commodities in the United States.. Geological Survey Open-File Report 01-006, Version 6.. 9, By Thomas Kelly, David Buckingham, Carl DiFrancesco, Kenneth Porter, Thomas Goonan, John Sznopek, Cyrus Berry, and Melissa Crane.. Historical Events in Minerals and Materials.. :.. Minerals and Materials in the 20th Century - A Review [available in PDF].. Events Affecting the U.. Nonfuel Minerals Industry, 1900-2000 [available in PDF].. Mineral Commodity Summaries (beginning 1996).. (scroll down to entry).. A few of the Individual Commodity Data Sheet subjects include: Abrasives, Manufactured; Lime; Stone, Crushed; and Stone, Dimension.. Published on an annual basis, this report is the earliest Government publication to furnish estimates covering nonfuel mineral industry data.. Data sheets contain information on the domestic industry structure, Government programs, tariffs, and 5-year salient statistics for over 90 individual minerals and materials.. Dimension Stone - Statistics and Information.. [Mineral Commodity Summaries (from 1997) and Minerals Yearbooks (from 1994)].. Dimension stone can be defined as natural rock material quarried for the purpose of obtaining blocks or slabs that meet specifications as to size (width, length, and thickness) and shape.. Color, grain texture and pattern, and surface finish of the stone are normal requirements.. Durability (essentially based on mineral composition and hardness and past performance), strength, and the ability of the stone to take a polish are other important selection criteria.. Although a variety of igneous, metamorphic, and sedimentary rocks are used as dimension stone, the principal rock types are granite, limestone, marble, sandstone, and slate.. Other varieties of dimension stone that are normally considered to be special minor types include alabaster (massive gypsum), soapstone (massive talc), and various products fashioned from natural stone.. Publications - Dimension Stone.. Dimension Stone.. Crushed Stone.. [Mineral Commodity Summaries (from 1997), Minerals Yearbooks (from1994), Preliminary Data for Crushed Stone in 2002 by State, Mineral Industry Surveys (from 2002)].. Directories (crushed stone):.. 2003 Directory of State Listings of Crushed Stone and Sand and Gravel Producers [.. Principal Aggregates Producers in the Conterminous United States, 2002 [.. Principal Crushed Stone Producers in the United States, 2001 [.. Special Publications.. (Scroll down).. Aggregates Industry Atlas of the United States.. (available on CD-ROM).. [Scroll down to Stone (crushed )].. Natural Aggregates - Foundation of America s Future.. FS144-97.. Statistical Compendium - Crushed Stone.. Mining History and Tourism.. , presented by MiningUSA.. com.. United States Quarries.. Library of Congress.. (American Memory published by the Detroit Publishing Co.. , 1880 - 1920,.. WPA interviews.. , and other resources).. Quarry/Mining (companies, museums, resources, etc.. American Memory - Library of Congress.. For quarrying photographs and other resources relating to stone quarrying and mining in the United States, a very good historical resource is the Library of Congress.. Click.. here.. to search using words such as quarrying and any state name you are interested in if you are looking for a specific location.. Links to many quarry resources will be listed for you to choice from.. These will be historical photographs, interviews done by the WPA interviewers, and other resources.. Association of Marble Producers from Verona (ASMAVE).. ( The AS.. MA.. VE, Association of Marble Producers from Verona, is proposing to expand the presence in the international markets of a group of companies operating in the Country of Verona, which in processing marble and marble products, can boast with centuries old traditions.. Association of The Natural Stone Mining and Processing Companies in The Ossola, Verbano and Cusio Area, Italy (ASSOCAVE).. ( For 30 years Assocave has been promoting in Italy and abroad images of companies that extract and work the natural stones of Ossola, Verbano and Cusio.. Barre Granite Association.. , Barre, Vermont (dimension stone association).. Building Stone Institute.. , Elgin, Illinois.. (dimension stone association).. Canadian Stone Association.. 435 Cr.. de Paris Laval, QC, QC H7E 3E5 Canada; phone (450) 661-6740; fax: (450) 661-7907; email: webmaster@stone.. ca.. Elberton Granite Association.. , Elberton, Georgia.. Indiana Limestone Institute of America.. , Bedford, Indiana.. The Industrial Archaeology Industrial History Web.. , Kelvin Lake, Ring Master.. International Center for Aggregates Research (ICAR).. Internazionale Marmi E Macchine Carrara Spa (IMM).. , Italy.. List of Underground Mines/Museums - Souterrains.. (man-made underground objects, artificial cavities, mines, quarries, tunnels).. Mining History Exploration WebRing.. National Lime Association.. National Stone, Sand, Gravel Association.. Ohio Aggregates Industrial Minerals Association.. Ontario Dimension Stone Producers and Processors Directory.. Stone World.. - Stone World magazine is recognized worldwide as the leading source of information on stone use in architecture and interior design as well as stone production, distribution, installation, and maintenance.. With technical information, high quality architectural photography and in-depth international industry coverage, Stone World is designed for and read by the top buyers and decision makers who specify, quarry, fabricate, export, import, distribute, design, sell and install stone and stone-related equipment and supplies.. Please Note:.. There are many stone portals on the Internet, and below are a few.. If you are aware of other similar web sites, feel free to send them to me to be included in the list below.. Dimension Stones of the World, Vol.. I II.. , (CD) available through the.. estonex.. Findstone.. com - Stone Album.. (over 2700 stone photographs from 50 countries) You can also visit the.. text list of stones that are in the Findstone.. com album.. findStone.. (main web site URL).. findStone stone names and colors.. (by country).. findstone - stone images (by country).. National Building Granite Quarries Association, Inc.. presents the.. Color Classifications of Granite Quarried by Association Members.. which lists the granite according to color, quarry location, and quarrier.. Stone Contact: International Stone Marketplace.. StoneInfo.. Stone Locator.. - Stone World magazine is recognized worldwide as the leading source of.. information on stone use in architecture and interior design as well as stone production, distribution, installation, and maintenance.. The.. Buyers Guide.. section includes a Stone Suppliers list of stone suppliers on the Web.. Historical Perspectives in Quarrying/Mining.. The Art of Splitting Stone: Early Rock Quarrying Methods in Pre-Industrial New England, 1630-1825.. , (book) by Mary Gage and James Gage, Powwow River Books, Amesbury, Massachusetts.. (A comprehensive study of methods used to split stone in pre-industrial New England.. A total of 11 different stone splitting methods are documented in New England for the time period.. Some were transferred from Europe, while others were developed here.. All are discussed in the book, which includes illustrations.. Powwow River Books, 163 Kimball Road, Amesbury, MA 01913-5515.. The Stone Industries in the United States Foreign Countries up through 1939.. in.. The Stone Industries: Dimension Stone, Crushed Stone, Geology, Technology, Distribution, Utilization.. , by Oliver Bowles (Supervising Engineer, Building Materials Section, United States Bureau of Mines), New York: 2nd ed.. , New York: McGraw-Hill, 1939.. (You can view a copy of this book on Internet Archive web site, and you can download a copy of the book to your computer at the link above.. This book fully covers the United States stone quarry industry up through 1939.. There is also a chapter on Foreign Building and Ornamental Stones.. Below is a listing of the information covered in the chapters.. (Many photographs of quarries, etc.. , are included in this book.. Part I.. General Features of the Stone Industries.. Chapter I.. Extent and Subdivision.. Extent of the Industry Major Divisions of the Industry Varieties of Stone Used.. Chapter II.. Minerals and Rocks.. Distinction between Rock and Stone Relationship of Rocks to Minerals Rock-forming Minerals Classification of Rocks General Distribution of Rocks in the United States.. Chapter III.. Factors Governing Rock Utilization.. Rock Qualities on Which Use Depends Importance of Other factors than Quality Available Markets; Diversification of Products Transportation Facilities Production Code.. Chapter IV.. Prospecting and Developing.. Prospecting Stripping General Methods of Operation Bibliography.. Part II.. Chapter V.. General Features of Dimension-Stone Industries.. Definition of Dimension Stone Principal Uses Requisite Qualities of Dimension Stone Adaptations of Raw Materials to Use Complexities in Marketing Royalties.. Chapter VI.. Definition Origin Physical Properties Varieties Qualities on Which Use Depends Uses Industry by States Occurrences of Travertine Quarry Methods Milling Methods Limestone Products Cost of Quarrying and Manufacture Waste in Quarrying and Manufacture Utilization of Waste Limestone Marketing Bibliography.. Chapter VII.. Varieties Composition Size and Shape of Grains Cementation Color Porosity Uses Production Industry by States Quarry Methods Quarry Processes Yard Service Sandstone Sawmills and Finishing Plants The Bluestone Industry Waste in Sandstone Quarrying and Manufacture Bibliography.. Chapter VIII.. General Character Mineral Composition Chemical Composition Physical Properties Varieties Related Rocks Structural Features Uses Distribution of deposits Industry by States Quarry Methods and Equipment Milling Methods and Equipment Market Range Imports, Exports, and Tariffs Prices Bibliography.. Chapter IX.. History Definition Composition Origin and Varieties Physical Properties Jointing or Unsoundness Chief Impurities of Marble Uses Distribution of Deposits Production Industry by States Quarry Methods and Equipment Transportation; Equipment and Operation in Mills and Shops Waste in Quarrying and Manufacture Marketing Marble Imports and Exports Tariff Prices Bibliography.. Chapter X.. Definition Origin Mineralogical Composition Chemical Composition Physical Properties Structural Features Imperfections Uses History of Industry General Distribution Production Industry by States General Plan of Quarrying Quarry Operations Quarry Methods Yard Transportation Manufacture of Roofing Slate Storage of Roofing Slate The Art of Roofing with Slate Manufacture of School slates Manufacture of Mill Stock Slate Floors Walks, and Walls Crushed and Pulverized Slate Products Waste in Quarrying and Manufacturing Tests and Specifications Marketing Imports and Exports Tariff Prices Bibliography.. Chapter XI.. Composition and Properties History Uses Origin and Occurrence Quarry Methods Milling Processes Marketing Rocks Related to Soapstone Bibliography.. Chapter XII.. Boulders as Building Materials.. Origin and Nature of Boulders Stone Fences The Use of Boulders in Buildings.. Chapter XIII.. Foreign Building and Ornamental Stones.. Scope of Discussion Imports of Stone Foreign Limestones Foreign Sandstones Foreign Granites Foreign Marbles Foreign Slates Bibliography.. Chapter XIV.. Miscellaneous Rocks and Minerals Used for Building and Ornamental Purposes.. Agalmatolite Alabaster Amazonite Catlinite Clay Diatomite Tripoli and Pumice Fluorite Jade Labradorite Lapis-lazuli Malachite and Azurite Meerschaum Mica Schist Porphyry Quartz; Snow and Ice Sodalite Bibliography.. Chapter XV.. Deterioration, Preservation, and Cleaning of Stonework.. Deterioration of Stone Preservation of Stone Cleaning Stone Bibliography.. Part III.. Crushed and Broken Stone.. Chapter XVI.. General Features of the Crushed-Stone Industries.. History Types and Values of Stone Used Crushed Stone and Dimension Stone Contrasted Uses of Crushed Stone Competition Markets Transportation Prices Royalties Capital Required.. Chapter XVII.. Crushed and Broken Limestone.. Types of Stone Included Extent of Industry Uses of Crushed and Broken Limestone Uses for Which Physical Properties are Most Important Uses for Which Chemical Properties are Most Important Uses of Dolomite and High-magnesian Limestone Industry by States Quarry Methods and Equipment; Bibliography.. Chapter XVIII.. Crushed and Broken Stone Other Than Limestone.. General Features Uses General Distribution and Value Industries by States Quarry Method and Equipment Marketing Bibliography.. Barre in The Nineties, (Barre, Vermont).. by William Barclay, son of the first William Barclay, founder of the pioneer firm of Barclay Brothers, in.. Monumental News.. Magazine, Vol.. 51, No.. 12, December, 1939, pp.. 548-550.. (Includes information on the progressive use of new tools and equipment in the granite quarry industry from 1899 up through 1939.. Cemetery Geology: Geology of Mausoleums.. , August 30, 2008, on the.. Scientific American.. ( For Halloween, we take a tour of Woodlawn Cemetery in the Bronx, New York, with geologist Sidney Horenstein and Woodlawn expert Susan Olsen, concentrating  ...   top, near the middle, and near the bottom of the deposit, because the unsoundness may vary in different beds, as well as in different parts of the same bed.. In order to get the fullest information from an inclined core hole the core parts should be matched up from one end to the other and placed as fast as obtained on an inclined rack that will hold the core in a position parallel with the hole from which it was taken.. While the core is in this position the compass bearing of the cracks and also the angle that they make with the core can easily be determined.. From this information a plan may be made from which the probable percentage of marble unaffected by unsoundness may be computed with reasonable accuracy.. As a rule, drill cores are not preserved with sufficient care by quarrymen.. They are often carelessly stored, lost, or given away as samples.. It is important that every part of every drill core be carefully marked and stored for future reference.. It must not be assumed that the value of drill cores disappears after their first investigation.. They are invaluable records, which should be available at all times.. All drill cores should be polished on one side, in order to facilitate determination of color, uniformity, and degree of polish that may be obtained.. It is well to supplement the evidence of the cores by stripping the marble along each line of holes, and also to dig a trench or two at right angles to each line of core holes, so as to expose the marble to some extent along the strike.. Marble Quarrying Industry in Vermont circa 1904.. The Carrara of America.. by Day Allen Willey, in.. XCI, No.. 10, November 5, 1904, pp.. 309, 317-318.. A Vermont Marble Quarry 200 feet Deep.. Fifty-Ton Electric Crane Used for Loading Cars.. Channeling Machine at Work, Showing Vertical and Horizonal Cuts.. One of the Locomotive Cranes in Use at the American Carrara.. View of Quarry, Showing the Method of Supporting the Sides by Leaving Buttresses of Marble in the Cut.. Quarry at Proctor with Gang of Electric Channeling Machines.. Type of Steam Drill Used in Quarrying.. The Methodology, History and Philosophy of Building Materials in Archaeology.. (Building Materials In Archaeology Use and Reuse of Building Materials).. Ian Windsor, DSc FRNS, 24 March, 2012, 1992.. Mineral Resources of the United States in the U.. Geological Survey annual reports and mineral resources books from 1883 through 1931.. Included for these years are the sections on the Stone (including granite, marble, limestone, and slate), Cement, and portions of the Abrasive Materials of the Mineral Resources sections of the U.. Geological Survey books from 1883 through 1931.. (For 1932 and later years, see.. Mineral Yearbooks of the U.. Bureau of Mines (1932 through 1993).. - Metals, Nonmetals, and Fuels - Domestic International.. Mining and Quarrying.. Mining and Quarrying Trends.. The Problem of Dust Phthisis in the Granite-stone Industry.. , by Frederick Ludwig Haffman, published by Government Printing Office, 1922, 178 pp.. (Previous investigations into the dust hazard of certain trades issued as Bulletins nos.. 79, 82, and 231 of the U.. Bureau of labor statistics.. ) (This book is available in.. for reading or downloading to your computer in PDF format.. Introduction and summary:.. Pulmonary tuberculosis, silicosis, granite;.. Previous investigations in the stone industry:.. Phthisis, tuberculosis, Aberdeen;.. Mortality among granite stone workers:.. Pulmonary tuberculosis, granite cutters, schist;.. Mortality among families of granite cutters.. : Caledonia Counties, granite, female genital organs;.. Trade life and occupational changes:.. Transvaal, living granite, granite cutters;.. Supplementary considerations:.. Limestone, influenza, Calcium carbonate;.. Comparative occupational mortality data:.. Pulmonary Tuberculosis, limestone, Netherlands;.. Stonedust correlation data:.. Calcium carbonate, silica, among granite cutters;.. Other investigations:.. Bendigo, silicosis, fibroid;.. General conclusions:.. Silica, sputum, Dyspnea;.. Appendix A Inquiry blank used in this investigation:.. Grinshill, quartz, Pulmonary Tuberculosis;.. Mineralogy of the dust problem.. : Biotite, feldspar, orthoclase;.. Appendix G Report of medical investigation of granite cutters of Barre Vermont:.. X-ray, Granite, radiograms;.. Appendix H German sickfund experience:.. Cape Town, Silicosis, stonecutters;.. Charts:.. Lead poisoning, Anthrax, occupational disease.. Related Book:.. Deadly Dust: Silicosis and the Politics of Occupational Disease in Twentieth-Century America.. , by David Rosner, Gerald Markowitz, contributor Gerald Markowitz, published by Princeton University Press, 1994, 248 pp.. , ISBN 069103771X, 9780691037714.. (Further information is available on this book on.. Google Book Search.. During the Depression, silicosis, an industrial lung disease, emerged as a national social crisis.. Experts estimated that hundreds of thousands of workers were at risk of disease, disability, and death by inhaling silica in mines, foundries, and quarries.. By the 1950s, however, silicosis was nearly forgotten by the media and health professionals.. Asking what makes a health threat a public issue, David Rosner and Gerald Markowitz examine how a culture defines disease and how disease itself is understood at different moments in history.. They also consider who should assume responsibility for occupational disease.. Slate Production in 1890.. Production of Slate.. , August 23, 1890, Vol.. LXIII, No.. 8, August 23, 1890, pp.. 117.. Stone Cutters Online.. , presented by Dorothea McKenzie.. From the web site:.. This web site was developed to help preserve the memories, contributions and hard work of the granite, limestone, slate and marble quarry workers of the United States and Canada.. The site is also a virtual resource of collecting names of ancestors and their contributions to the industry and their labor unions.. Tools and Machinery of the Granite Industry.. , by Paul Wood, in.. The Chronicle of the.. Vol.. 59, No.. 2, June 2006.. ( Introduction: This article, the first in a series of four on granite working, deals with granite as a material, an industry, and a product and begins the description of the granite quarrying process.. 3, September 2006.. ( Introduction: This article, the second in a series of four on granite working, completes the description of the quarrying process.. 4, December 2006.. ( Granite Finishing: A small number of basic finished dimension stones made up the great majority of granite shed production.. For gravestones and private.. Part IV.. 60, No.. 1, March 2007.. ( This article is the last in a series of four on the tools and machinery of granite working.. Stone Quarry / Trade Card Images from.. France.. Italy.. (very early 1900s).. French Slate Trade Card loosely translated (below):.. The Slate as Roofing.. Slates are hardened clay that can be sheared (?) easily in thin sheets.. The color of slate varies, but generally model goes from green to.. from green to blue gray.. They are used primarily to coat the roofs and also in large, thick plates to make the billiards.. They often replace the paper in schools for teaching writing and arithmetic.. The Stone and Its Use - Slate.. (back of trade card to the left).. French Granite Trade Card loosely translated (below):.. The Stone and Its Use Granite The granite stone as a building stone.. Granite possesses high hardness and resisted for a long time has the influence of weather.. It is an excellent building stone because of its great inalterability.. It is used primarily in construction of bridges, lighthouses, etc.. Granite is very well polished.. The Stone and Its Use - Granite.. French Sandstone Trade Card loosely translated (below):.. Sandstone with the ease with which we work, is a stone of employ frequent in the construction industry.. It is used for paving roads and in the manufacture of grindstones.. Utilize it also works with any kind of sculpture and ornamentation.. The Stone and Its Use - Sandstone.. French Marble Quarries Trade Card loosely translated (below):.. The Treasures of the earth.. Marble quarries white Carrara (Italy).. - Sculpture.. French Basque Stone Quarry Trade Card loosely translated (below):.. The Basques, established.. people on both sides of the Western Pyrenes descended from Iberians, the primitive inhabitants of Spain.. In the middle of the two nations, France and Spain, which they are politically part, they have maintained for a relatively long period, ancient laws and privileges of individuals.. Their language, which has continued until today, is the key to most geo-graphical denominations of the Iberian peninsula.. Our engraving represents quarry workers, dressed in traditional costumes and light, which features pieces that include colored shirt and the plaid beret.. Women wear the beret as frequently, their lace bodice and sleeves are covered without a multicolored scarf.. Montagnards - Basque Stone Quarriers at Work.. Alabaster, fine white stone so highly esteemed for making small objects of sculpture, comes mainly from the quarries of Volterra in Tuscany.. The work function is very painful and because of the dust for unhealthy.. As shown in the left part of our vignette, the gross alabaster is cut using a bandsaw before being submitted to the chisel of the artist, making statues, vases, frames of clocks, etc.. Alabaster.. Carriere - Sawing blocks.. Italian Marble Quarry Trade Card loosely translated (below):1.. Excavation.. Civil evolution of man, since ancient times marble was known and used.. If it finds evidence in the dolmen, which are the first monuments and the Babylonians, the Aztecs.. The Greeks and Romans, who prized material for architectural and artistic works, which have come down to our days.. There are almost unknown, however, the primitive systems of quarrying of marble.. The modern technique is used for this purpose of various means, suitably selected depending on the quality, hardness and position of arrangement of the marble.. To get the material from the bowels of the mountain are also used explosive charges.. In quarries discoveries, as shown by our illustration, it performs the cutting of monolithic blocks by means of the helical wire, consisting of three steel wires wrapped helically on the other one, with a diameter of about 6 mm and length up to 1000 meters.. This wire rope, mounted in a closed circuit on pulleys, comes made to slide at a speed of 5 or 6 meters per second, passing in a position of rubbing along the rock to be separated; the line of friction is continuously sprayed from a mixture of water and silica sand which serves as the abrasive.. The groove-crack so you ridden it may also deepen gradually over tens of meters, as long as it would lower per square on the first place, in marketable size.. Marble Excavation in Italy.. Italian Marble Quarry Trade Card loosely translated (below):2.. Transport of Blocks.. from the quarries, the transport of the marble deposits to sawmills can be performed with different systems.. Formerly they were dropping blocks to the quarry floor making them roll down the slope of the mountain to fend for themselves.. This system, called momentum, is no longer used because it causes great damage to the material.. The illustration shows three modern systems used.. The first is by hand, the cheapest and oldest.. The blocks from one or two hundred tons are placed on the contention that it is formed by two strong beams of oak or beech, roughly square, with the ends somewhat pointed and curved upwards.. The load is restrained with thick ropes of hemp or steel wire, which are the piri stakes driven into the mountain, and slid slowly over wallpaper (?) or hardwood joists, lubricated with soap or tallow to prevent excessive friction and to slide smoothly along the upstream load.. The second system illustrated is the inclined plane that is carried out on a normal railway track, by means of special trucks, on which are loaded blocks, retained with steel cables.. A third transport system, the cable car, with which you can pull down from the mountain blocks up to 20 tons, is usually very expensive for marble.. Inset: an example of Red Verona.. Processing Marble.. Transport Blocks.. Italian Marble Quarry Trade Card loosely translated (below): Marble Work - 3.. Deposits of Crude Blocks.. - After transport downstream, blocks of marble are usually stacked in large deposits.. Here the laborers and masons ensure riquadrarli (?) further, to remove any rough edges making.. the face of the blocks, then numbered and cataloged them, in order of quality.. The numerous types of marbles are named according to their physical properties and color, as well as in connection with, often, the places from which they are extracted.. One of the most marbles I have known are White Carrara, Tuscany and the Roman Travertine, Rosso di Verona, the Baveno pink granite, the red Solberga (Swedish), Brazil s Black, Black Belgian, etc.. The operation of moving blocks of marble out by a crane trestle with fly outside that allow them to withdraw or deposit the same on the carts, trucks or railcars that transport them to the sawmills.. In the box: a copy of Green Apli.. Marble Work.. 3.. Women Who Walk Through Time.. , presented by the American Geological Institute - AGI.. This site is for everyone but includes some special things for girls and women interested in the earth sciences..

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  • Title: Quarries - Economics, Methods, Stone Types, Equipment and Other Considerations
    Descriptive info: Quarries: Economics, Methods, Stone Types.. Quarries: Economics Methods Stone Types.. Equipment/Tools, Other Considerations.. Methods, Transportation and Tools Used Working with Stone.. Qualities of Building Stones.. Quarry Mining Terminology.. (Glossaries, dictionaries, definitions etc.. Quarry Economics - Stone Production, Cost, etc.. Quarry Workshop Equipment.. American Stone Fields.. (August 1890).. The Manufacture and Builder.. 22, Issue 8, August 1890, pg.. 177.. American Marbles.. (January 1857).. (November 1888).. Brown-Stone.. (The end of an era) (November 1869).. 1, Issue 11, November 1869, pgs.. 332-333.. The Building Stones in the United States.. (October 1884).. 16, Issue 10, October 1884, pgs.. 229-230.. Building and Decorative Stone.. (June 1886).. (The material in the article was extracted from an address before the British Association.. 18, Issue 6, June 1886, pg.. 129.. Building and Decorative Stones.. The Building Stones - Serpentine Slate.. (November 1885).. The Building Stones - The Sandstones.. (September 1885).. Quarrying Notes.. The Building Stones.. - The Syenites (gneiss, mica-schist, diabase, basalt, porphyry).. (September 1885).. End of article.. (pg.. 180) Quarrying Notes -.. 17, Issue 9, September 1885, pg.. 179.. The Building Stones - Granite.. (Concluded) (July 1885).. The Coming of Age of Marble.. (December 1892).. 24, Issue 12, December 1892, pgs.. 278-279.. Concerning Building Stones.. (June 1890).. (This article describes: rock face, pointed face, aze-hammered face, patent hammered, bush hammered, square drove, tooth chiseled, sawed face, fine sand finish, pumice finish, polished surface, and includes a few diagrams of some of these faces.. 22, Issue 6, June 1890, pgs.. 129-130.. Elastic Marble.. (March 1894).. 26, Issue 3, March 1894, pg.. 62.. Granite Architecture.. (February 1892).. The New England magazine.. 24, Issue 2, February 1892, pg.. 39.. Induration of Stone.. (February 1887).. 19, Issue 2, February 1887, pg.. 36.. (October 1888).. 20, Issue 10, October 1888, pg.. 228.. Lamination in Stone.. (April 1893).. The Limestones as Building and  ...   of the machine; article in digital images viewed at American Memory, Library of Congress.. Stone Quarrying by Machinery.. (This article includes a sketch of Saunders' Improved Ingersoll Channeling Machine and another of a gang of drills.. 16, Issue 10, October 1884, pg.. 226.. (Glossaries, dictionaries, etc.. Dictionary of Mining, Minerals and Related Terms.. , presented by Hacettepe University.. Department of Mining Engineering.. The EduMine Dictionary of Mining, Minerals and Related Terms.. , presented by Global InfoMine.. Glossary of Building Stone Terms.. (Appendix 5), from Building Stone in Nova Scotia, by G.. Dickie, Nova Scotia Department of Natural Resources, Mineral Resources Branch, Economic Geology Series ME 1996-1.. A Glossary of The Mining and Mineral Industry.. , by A.. Fay,.. Bulletin 95.. , United States Department of the Interior, Bureau of Mines, Washington: Government Printing Office: 1947, 754 pp.. (Reprinted from 1920 edition, without changes.. ) (Book).. Glossary of Scientific and Quarry Terms.. The Chief Commercial Granites of Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Rhode Island, Bulletin 354.. (1908) and.. The Commercial Granites of New England, Bulletin 738.. , both by T.. Nelson Dale.. , from.. The Granites of.. , Bulletin 313.. , 1907, by T.. Nelson Dale, United States Geological Survey.. Glossary of Slate Quarry Terms.. , C.. Derven, Poultney, November 22, 1938.. A Glossary of Some Slate Industry Terms.. , The.. Slate Industry of North and Mid Wales.. , by Dave Sallery.. Glossary of Stone Terms.. , Eldon Precision Stone, Artist and Stonemason Thomas Mahany.. , Encyclopedia of Home Improvements.. (PDF), Marble Institute of America.. Nomenclature of Building Stones and of Stone Masonry.. (March 1885).. 17, Issue 3, March 1885, pgs.. 60-61.. Paving Glossary.. , by Rose Paving Co.. Terminology by Champlain Stone, Ltd.. , derived from.. Marble and Stone Slab Veneer.. , written by James E.. Amrhien and Michael W.. Merrigan..

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  • Title: Quarry Articles, Links and Books
    Descriptive info: Quarry Articles, Links and Books.. Quarry- Stone-Related Articles, Links, Books, Etc.. (This includes links to various mining, minerals and other government resources.. Next Page.. (After using the links below, use your Back button to return to this site.. 1889 Vermont Marble Company Price List: Rutland, Sutherland Falls, Dark Marble.. , Proctor, Vermont, 415 pp.. (cemetery stones, monuments, and accessories) Due to the size of this book, I have broken the book into 4 sections in PDF.. (Parts 1, 2, 3, are about 14 MB; Part 4 is 17+ MB.. You can click on the thumbnail image of the Index page below to find the section of the book you wish to view, and then you can click on one of the following links to view that section.. Part 1.. Title page through pp.. 99.. (14 MB).. Part 2.. pp.. 100-199.. (13+ MB).. Part 3.. 200-299.. Part 4.. 300-415.. (17+ MB) (.. Title Page.. Index / Contents.. American Stone Fields (August 1890).. Angers, France -.. A Visit to the Slate Quarries of Angers.. (1894).. Scientific American Supplement No.. 974.. , Munn Co.. , New York, September 1, 1894.. Ash Grove Cement Plant Photographic Tour, Seattle, Washington.. The photographs below and included in the photographic tour of the Ash Grove Cement Plant were taken by Anthony Meadow, who is a member of the.. Samuel Knight Chapter.. of the.. Society for Industrial Archeology.. Peggy.. Australian Quarries.. The Freestone Quarries at Pyrmont, Sydney, New South Wales (Australia).. , in the.. Scientific American Supplement.. XVII, No.. 427, New York, March 8, 1884.. Picture from.. The Freestone Quarries of Pyrmont, Sydney,.. New South Wales.. , Australia,.. , No.. 427, March 8, 1884.. Bal Maidens Mining Women.. - This web site explores the many different roles which women and girls have undertaken at mines around the world.. Benicia Arsenal - Photographic Tour of the Benicia Historical Museu.. m and Grounds:.. The Camel Barns, the Spenger Memorial Garden, the Benicia Arsenal Powder Magazine #10, and the Silas Casey Industrial (Tool) Exhibit in Camel Barn building #7, in Benicia, Solano County, California.. Book of Epitaphs (circa 1890s).. (pdf) - Provided by Office of S.. Sargent, Manufacturer of Dealer in All Kinds of Marble Granite Work, Tilton, New Hampshire.. (The title and date of publication are unknown, although the S.. B.. Sargent company is listed in an 1893 publication.. The last half of the booklet is in German.. The Book of Vermont Marble: A Reference for Architects and Builders.. , published by the Vermont Marble Company, Proctor, Vermont, Third edition, 1929.. Front cover of.. The Book of Vermont Marble.. The William H.. Porter Mausoleum, Woodlawn Cemetery, New York, as it looked in the early stages of construction.. Trowbridge Livingston, Architects.. (circa 1929).. This recent photo (circa 1929) of the old Custom House, Erie, Pa.. , shows the excellent condition of the marble after nearly a hundred years of exposure.. Edward Summers, Architect.. Brown-Stone (The end of an era) (November 1869).. Brunner and Lay Tool Catalog.. -.. Brunner Lay, Manufacturers of Marble, Stone, Granite and Bricklayers Tools, Stone Jacks, Derricks, and Contractors Supplies.. , 570 West Polk Street, Corner Jefferson and Polk Streets, Chicago, Illinois.. (No date of publication).. (Please Note: Using the link at the beginning of this section will take you a menu from which you can access the individual pages of this catalog.. You can also use this.. Brunner and Lay Tool Catalog PDF link.. to view the booklet in PDF format.. Building and Ornamental Stones of the United States.. , by George P.. Merrill, article in.. Popular Science Monthly.. , conducted by E.. and W.. Youmans, Vol.. XXVII, May to October, 1885.. Building Stone of the United States - the NIST Test Wall.. , presented by the Building and Fire Research Laboratory, sponsored by the National Park Service.. You can visit the NIST Test Wall in Gaithersburg, Maryland.. ) (The photograph below is used with permission.. The stone test wall was constructed to study the performance of stone subjected to weathering.. It contains 2352 individual samples of stone, of which 2032 are domestic stone from 47 states, and 320 are stones from 16 foreign countries.. (The following description is from the web site.. Over 30 distinct types of stones are represented, some of which are not commonly used for building purposes.. There are many varieties of the common types used in building, such as marble, limestone, sandstone, and granite.. This site presents the existing data and pictures for each particular stone.. The Building Stones in the United States (October 1884).. California History of Quarrying in California from the California Indians up to Present Time.. Presentation for the International Stonework Symposium 2011 January 13, 2011.. (.. brochure in PDF).. Cape Ann Quarries, Massachusetts.. (1884).. Also included in this 1884 article from.. Harper's New Monthly Magazine.. are several sketches of stone quarriers and stone cutters at work and other quarry-related pictures.. Cape Ann, Massachusetts Leslie D.. Barlett s wonderful quarry photographs were displayed in his.. Chapters on a Quarry Wall.. museum installation/photograph collection at the Cape Ann Historical Museum in Gloucester, Massachusetts, in early 2008.. Since then he has had other presentations and exhibitions in New York City, Vermont, and Michigan.. You ll find more information about his presentations and installations below.. The Lives Struggles of Cape Ann s Quarry Workers Labor, Utility and Art.. Presentation to be held on July 14th, 2013, in Gloucester, Massachusetts.. Leslie Bartlett s next talk and presentation will be.. on July 14th, 2013, from 2:00 p.. m.. until 4:00 p.. at the Lanesville Community Center, 8 Vulcan Street, Gloucester, Massachusetts.. You can read the flyer for more detailed information using the linke above.. (If you d like to contact him directly, his contact information is available on the flyer.. ) He has prepared a.. You Tube video entitled, Cape Ann Granite,.. and his next book will be entitled,.. Break Stone Water Heart: The Lives Struggles of Cape Ann s Quarry Workers.. Leslie Bartlett s next book will be:.. is one of Leslie Bartlett s past installations.. Cape Ann Historical Museum, Gloucester, Massachusetts.. This photograph was a part of the museum installation, and it is titled Shadowing Ibis.. Leslie D.. Barlett s Chapters on a Quarry Wall.. Photo Collection New York City, New York.. May 5 - May 30, 2009.. Give Me Your Hands: The Legacy of the Barre.. Sculptors and Their Stone.. This was one of Leslie D.. Bartlett s past presentations held.. October 2 through December 15, 2011, at the Michigan State University.. College of Law.. Successive waves of master stone sculptors, carvers, and quarrymen came to America during the late 1800s and early 1900s.. This photography exhibition documents their lives, their craft, and the plight of some of the immigrant master stone sculptors who have labored with the granite stone from the quarries of Barre, Vermont.. Carrara, Italy Marble quarries of Ravaccione, at Carrara, Italy, engraving from a late 1800 s magazine.. Carrara Marble Quarries in Italy (circa 1854).. Famous Quarries of the World.. Putnam s Monthly Magazine of American Literature, Science and Art.. 4, Issue 22, October 1854, pp.. 404-408.. (Quarries described in this article include: The Carrara Marbles Quarries in Italy; the Pentelic and Paros quarries in Greece; the marble quarry at Brandon, Vermont; the marble quarry at Rutland, Vermont, in the United States.. The Quarries of Carrara.. , in.. LII, No.. 7, New York, February 14, 1885, pp.. 103-104.. Carrara (Marble).. (PDF), article from.. The Monumental News.. , March 1893, pp.. 123-125.. The Carrara Marble Industry.. (Italy),.. LIII, No.. 1376, New York, May 17, 1902, pp.. 22045-22046.. The Marble City of Carrara (left above) How the quarried marble is carried down (right above).. The Famous Marble Quarries of Carrara: The Railway leading to the foot of the quarries (left above) Quarries at La Piastra (right above).. Carrara Marble Quarries, Italy.. , A Marble World,.. Pearson s.. Magazine, by E.. John Hart, February 1903.. A gigantic block of marble used for the statue of the Austrian Empress in A Marble World.. Lower a block from high to low level.. A sea of marble, with four blocks on their way down from the quarries.. Transferring a block, weighing 40 tons, from the foot of the quarry to Carrara with a team of 40 oxen.. Avenza, the port of Carrara, whence the marble blocks are shipped to all parts of the world.. Carrara, Italy,  ...   and the Summer of 2000).. Griffith Granite Quarry and Museum Photographic Tour.. , October 2010.. Harrison Granite Company Clientele Catalog ( Monuments).. (pdf), Harrison Granite Company, Established 1845, 200 Fifth Avenue, New York City, Quarries Works: Barre, Vermont, January 1, 1918, 24 pp.. Harrison Granite Co.. Clientele Monument Catalog Covers.. Title page of the Harrison Granite Co.. Clientele Monument Catalog.. Letter from Harrison Granite Co.. to a customer in June 1921.. The Helicoidal or Wire Stone Saw.. 520, New York, December 19, 1885.. 5.. Application of Gay s Stone Saw in a Marble Quarry.. (in Belgium).. Figs 1, 2, and 3.. Apparatus for Sawing Stone.. Apparatus for Sawing Stone into Slabs.. History of Cemetery Memorial Art.. , (PDF) Summary of an address before the National Retail Monument Dealer s convention at Milwaukee, by S.. Duffield, in.. The Monumental News Magazine.. , early 1900 s, pp.. 479-482.. Illustrations include:.. French s Melvin Memorial, Concord, Massachusetts; Tomb of Tuleman; Alexander s Tomb; Tomb of Mausolus; Scipio Sarcophagus; Choragic Monument to Lysicrates; Celtic Cross at Monasterboice, Ireland; Tomb of Theodoric; Petria, City of the Dead; Catacombs of Rome; Column of Trajan; Arch of Titus; Pyramids and Sphinx; Oblisks of Egypt; a 1500-ton stone at Baalbec in quarry; and Temple of Baalbec.. History of the Slate Industry.. (PDF), excerpt from.. Hower s Lightning Slate Reckoner on 33 Practical Sizes Roofing Slate.. , by F.. Hower, Proprietor of the Peach Hill Slate Quarry and President of the Eagle Slate Company, Cherryville, Pennsylvania, 1884.. Hower s Lightning Slate Reckoner.. on 33 Practical Sizes Roofing Slate (1888/1904).. (PDF), being a complete and most convenient system of computing the amount in squares of any given number of slate a very convenient ratio on each of the thirty-three different sizes for each two, three and four inches lap, mapping ninety-nine different ratios, together with rules and practical information, To Quarrymen, Operators on Slate, Slate-roofers and others, by F.. Hower, Proprietor of the Peach Hill Slate Quarry and President of the Eagle Slate Company, Cherryville, Pennsylvania, 1884, 99 pp.. For an interesting comparison, visit.. Terry Hughes Penrhyn Quarries Slate Calculator,.. described on his web site as: This calculator was produced by Penrhyn Quarries (McAlpine Slate Ltd.. ) in 1986, just before desk top computers became commonplace.. It is one stage in the development of roof design tools from books to spreadsheets.. Contents of this book include:.. History of the Slate Industry, As to Cost of Maintenance and Repairs, How Slate are Put On, How to Measure a Roof, Punching, Slate as Siding, Weight of Slate, Slate (dimensions), Table of Ratios, How to Use the Tables, and Number of Squares in a plane Roof.. Hummelstown Brownstone Company, Altonville, Pennvylania - early 1900s.. (booklet in PDF Format).. The following is a list of the photo captions included in this booklet.. (There are several other unnamed photos in addition to a map of the area.. (pp.. 8) Berst House ; (pp.. 9 10) General View Quarry No.. 4 looking west ; (pp.. 16) North American Building, Philadelphia, Pa.. ; (pp.. 17) The Market and Fulton National Bank, New York City"; (pp.. 18) Salem Lutheran Church, Lebanon, Pa.. ; Roman Catholic Protectory, Flatland, Pa.. ; Administration Building, State Hospital, Harrisburg, Pa.. ; Pennsylvania College Building, Gettysburg, Pa.. 19) High School, Altoona, Pa.. 20) York Collegiate Institute, York, Pa.. ; Bullitt Building, Philadelphia, Pa.. 21) City Hall, Wilkes-Barre, Pa.. ; Engine House, Philadelphia, Pa.. 22) Presbyterian Church, Indiana, Pa.. 23) Emory Methodist Episcopal Church, Pittsburgh, Pa.. 24 25) General View of Mill and Shops from north side of No.. 3 Quarry ; (pp.. 26) Third United Presbyterian Church, Pittsburgh, Pa.. 27) Library, Mount Holly Springs, Pa.. Residence, Dayton, Ohio ; United States Post Office, Pottsville, Pa.. 28) Orange County Court-House, Orlando, Florida ; (pp.. 29) Zion Lutheran Church, Hummelstown, Pa.. ; Christ s Lutheran Church, Lewisburg, Pa.. 30) Home Savings Bank, Washington, D.. ; Pottier Stymus, New York City ; A.. Scottish Rite, Williamsport, Pa.. 31) First National Bank, Frackville, Pa.. ; Residence, Washington, D.. 32) Harrisburg Academy, Harrisburg, Pa.. 33) Rev.. Stevens Memorial Methodist Episcopal Church, Harrisburg, Pa.. 34) Denny Hall, Dickinson College, Carlisle, Pa.. 35) The Arcade, Cleveland, Ohio ; Susquehanna Trust Company, Williamsport, Pa.. 36) Union Station, Indianapolis, Indiana ; (pp.. 37) National Exchange Bank, Baltimore, Md.. ; Bank entrance detail ; (pp.. 38 39) General View, Rear of Mill ; (pp.. 40) Residence detail, Philadelphia, Pa.. ; Bank entrance detail, Philadelphia, Pa.. 41) Bank entrance detail, New York City ; College entrance detail, Philadelphia, Pa.. 42) Stevens High School, Lancaster, Pa.. 43) Residence, Broad Street, Philadelphia, Pa.. ; The Citizens Trust Company, Gettysburg, Pa.. Hummelstown Brownstone: A study of the Hummelstown brownstone industry and its contribution to the American building arts.. (South of the borough of Hummelstown, Dauphine County, Pennsylvania), by Ben F.. Olena.. Postcard Showing Derricks at Corner of Quarry #4 at Brownstone Quarry.. Asbury United Methodist Church, Uniontown.. Huntington Botanical Garden Photo Tour.. Stones Used in the Garden and Buildings.. , in San Marino near Pasadena, California, late September, 2010.. In The Marble Hills.. (in Vermont) (1890).. This article about marble quarrying includes several very nice sketches relating to quarrying marble from the.. Century Magazine.. , September.. 1890.. In The Marble Quarries of Vermont.. Popular Mechanics.. , October.. 1914.. India.. Quarrying in India.. in 1890.. in The Manufacturer and Builder, Vol.. Indian Diggings Marble Quarry Area and Indian Diggings Cemetery, El Dorado County, California.. - Visit to the Indian Diggings Cemetery and Indian Diggings Marble Quarry Area in the summer of 2003.. The Industrial Progress of The South.. (circa 1880).. (pdf), by J.. Killebrew, in.. Frank Leslie s Popular Monthly.. X, No.. 6, December 1880, pp.. 642-652.. A Tennessee Marble Quarry (1880).. Front page of Frank Leslie s Popular Monthly Magazine, 1880.. Cut in a Georgia Gold Mine.. Mica Mine, Bakersville, North Carolina (1880).. Stamping Mill in the Georgia Mine District (1880).. South Carolina Phosphate Works - Mining Room, Phosphate Mill, Screen, and Crushing of Phosphate (1880).. View of the Canal at Augusta, Ga.. (1880).. Improvement of Charleston Harbor (1880).. Ironworks in Tennessee (1880).. A Rice-Pounding Room (1880).. A Tobacco Sale at New Orleans (1880).. Inyo Dolomite Quarries Photographic Tour.. (These quarries are located in the eastern foothills of the Owens Valley near Lone Pine, Inyo County; and they were known as the Inyo Marble Company quarries in the late 1800s.. Ireland.. Slate and its Uses (On Valentia Island, County Kerry, Ireland).. Harper s New Monthly Magazine.. 6, Issue 31, December 1852.. Isle of Portland, England - Portland Quarry,.. The Penny Magazine of the Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge, #378.. , February 24,.. 1838.. A Week in The Isle of Portland in 1837.. (PDF) (Part one of this two-part article is available by using the preceding link.. The Knox Blasting System.. Modern Methods of Quarrying.. XXXII, No.. 832, New York, December 12, 1891.. Banner from the December 12, 1891, issue of.. 832.. Fig 3 is a round hole drilled either by hand or otherwise, preferably otherwise, because an important point is to get it round.. 4 is the improved form of hole, and this is made by inserting a reamer, Figs.. 5 and 6, into the hole in the line of the proposed fracture, thus cutting two V-shaped grooves into the walls of the hole.. (from the December 12, 1891, issue of.. The usual method of charging and tamping a hole in using the new system is shown in Fig.. The charge of powder is shown at C, the air space at B and the tamping at A.. 9 is a special hole for use in thin beds of rock (from the December 12, 1891, issue of.. Lessons In Stone - Harvard s Building Blocks Teach Natural and Cultural History.. Harvard.. Magazine (Text by.. Davis B.. Williams.. ; photographs by Jim Harrison.. Lettering in Marble.. : A few plates and a few words of explanation - all bearing on the subject of lettering as it applies to the memorial trade, issued by the Vermont Marble Company, Procter, Vermont (in PDF format).. Lime.. How Lime is Prepared.. The Rural New-Yorker.. : A Journal for the Suburban and Country Home, New York, July 25, 1908.. The Limestone in the Quarry, Montour County, Pennsylvania.. The Tunnel from Quarry and the Kilns, Montour County, Pennsylvania.. Drawing off the Liime from the Kilns, Montour County, Pennsylvania..

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  • Title: List of Photograph Tours of Stone Quarries, etc.
    Descriptive info: List of Photograph Tours of Stone Quarries, etc.. List of Photographic Tours of.. Stone Quarries, Etc.. Below is a list of photographic tours of quarries and other places.. I will place any other quarry tours here as I find them; and if any of you find some photo tours of quarries, please let me know.. They need not be in the United States.. (Click on the photo tour titles below to view the entire  ...   are located in California.. Because we live in the San Francisco Bay Area, it s easier for us to travel throughout California than elsewhere.. In the future, we plan to visit quarries in other U.. states and countries at which time we will include more photo tours outside of our state.. Please contact me if you are aware of any other photographic tours of stone quarries online so I can add them to our list..

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  • Title: Methods and Tools Used Working with Stone
    Descriptive info: Methods, Transportation and Tools Used Working with Stone.. Stone Carver/Stone Cutter Methods, Transportation, Tools Used Working with Stone.. Tools Equipment.. Articles Relating to Techniques, Designs, Emblems Used by Stone Carvers.. (Also see: the.. Quarry and Workship Equipment.. Tools Equipment Used in the Stone Shops Mills.. (saws, hand tools, etc.. sections of our web site.. Brunner Lay - Brunner Lay: Manufacturers of Marble, Stone, Granite and Bricklayers Tools, Stone Jacks, Derricks, and Contractors Supplies.. (Catalog).. Chicago, Illinois.. (You can also use this.. Design Hints for Memorial Craftsmen.. Magazine.. , St.. Cloud, Minnesota, Dan B.. Haslam, Editor and Publisher.. (Some issues for 1926, 1927, 1928, 1929, 1930, 1931, and 1932).. Front cover of the May 1926 issue of.. Poppy Design Suggestions for use on cemetery monuments,.. , May 1926.. , March 1926.. 13.. (The Early American Industries Association, Inc.. , was founded in 1933.. The purpose of the Early American Industries Association, Inc.. is to encourage the study and better understanding of early American industries in the home, in the shop, on the farm, and on the sea, also to discover, identify, classify, preserve and exhibit obsolete tools, implements, and mechanical devices which were used in early America.. (Tools and equipment used in Maine and Massachusetts coastline granite quarries circa 1891).. Hammers - the Hammer Museum.. in Haines, Alaska.. (Includes a virtual tour of the museum hammers.. Hand Tools For Marble and Other Soft Stone.. (This section discusses the bush hammer, chipper, pitching tool, plug and feathers, point, and slab splitter.. Hand Drilling Stone.. , presented on the.. Early Stone Cutters in Western Missouri.. Machine Drilling.. Pneumatic Hammer.. Toothed Chisels.. The Dallett Company.. , Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (Carving Tools).. The George Vogel Co.. , Missouri.. Marble Stone Carving Tools of the Trade.. , by Walter S.. Arnold, Sculptor/Stone Carver, Chicago, Illinois.. Marble Workers Tools.. The Marble-Workers Manual.. : Designed for the Use of Marble-Workers, Builders, and Owners of Houses (With an Appendix Concerning American Marbles).. Booth (Translated from the French), 1856.. (Scroll down to the Table of Contents and click on the Atelier of the Marble Worker section.. Each tool description entry includes a link that takes you to the table that displays the tools.. Marble-working Tools as demonstrated via French Trade Cards.. (circa 1903) (The following trade cards were published about 1903.. The translations are not fully correct, so if you see errors in translation, please let me know.. French Marble-working Trade Card.. loosely translated (below): The marble, called in Greek brilliant stone, is likely to receive a high polish and is used especially in the Arts and Architecture year.. It is found mainly in Greece and Italy, particularly in Carrara, Genoa, Florence, but in France also operates one of the marbles in several departments.. The Algeria provides marble onyx.. The Stone and Its Use - Marble.. (Back of trade card to the left).. French Marble-working Trade Card:.. Marble Works Tools Arrigo Fantozzi, Marble and Granite Works, Jackson, Amador County, California.. , presented on the Amador Gold.. This site includes history and photographs of the marble works building and tools of the trade as the marble works was when it closed.. (Arrigo Fantozzi died on June 2, 1972.. Material, Tools, and Process: Essential Design Elements.. Don Dougan, Sculptor.. Traditional Processes.. ( Interesting sections relating to tools on this web site include the following sections.. (You can use the buttons at the bottom of each page on the web site to navigate through the tools section of the web site.. Boring Tools.. Splitting and Cutting Tools.. Carving Tools: Mallet and Chisel.. Carving Tools: Hammer and Chisel.. Hand Carving Chisels: The Point.. Hand Carving Chisels: The Tooth Chisel or Claw.. Hand Carving Chisels - Chisels with Sharp Edges.. Surfacing Tools.. Rasps, Files, and Rifflers.. Abrasives, Sandpaper.. Power Tool Abrasives.. Pneumatic Hammers.. Special Purpose Tools.. Memorializing the Civil War Dead: Modernity and Corruption under the Grant Administration.. (pdf), by Bruce S.. Elliott, in.. Markers XXVI.. , Association for Gravestone Studies, 2011, pp.. 15-55.. (Reprinted with permission of the.. Association for Gravestone Studies.. This article describes the need to mass produce the Civil War headstones rather than by individual stone carvers.. Contracts for the headstones and bases were given out to several different quarries and companies in Vermont, Massachusetts, New York, Pennsylvania, Kansas, and Tennessee.. The need for large numbers of markers also increased the use of the sandblasting process to speed up carving the names on the stones.. Both mass production the sandblasting process caused great changes in the work of the stone carvers, which led to demands by the stone workers unions, such as the eight-hour work day.. Museum of Early Trades Crafts.. , Madison, New Jersey.. ( The mission of the Museum of Early Trades Crafts is to enhance the understanding and appreciation  ...   36).. This page is given up to the specialty marks of the Navy, with one space set apart for the sign of the Marine Corps.. 37).. Greek Proportion.. , (PDF) by John Cargill, Designer with Chas.. , Chicago, Illinois, in.. 5, No.. 5, November 1928.. 14-16.. Hints on Making Scale Models of Monuments.. , (PDF) by Leonard V.. Huber, in.. 7, No.. 1, July 1930.. 14,16.. Historic Ornament: Something About Curves.. , (PDF) by Glanville Smith, in.. 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Monumental Drawing and Lettering: The Poinsettia in Applied Ornament.. 10-11, 20.. Monumental Drawing and Lettering: The Poppy in Applied Ornament.. 11, May 1926.. Monumental Drawing and Lettering: The Primrose in Applied Ornament.. 9, March 1927.. Monumental Drawing and Lettering: The Rose in Applied Ornament.. 5, November 1926.. Monumental Drawing and Design: The Wood Sorrel in Applied Ornament.. 10-11, 21.. Monumental Drawing and Lettering: A Review on Perspective.. 10-11, 18-21.. Monumental Drawing Lettering: A Simple and Quick method of making Large Drawings from Small Photos.. 9, March 1926.. 10-11, 20-21.. Monumental Shades and Shadow.. , (PDF) by Jerome Aske, (Article II.. ), in.. 12-13, 21.. Musical Angles.. 7, January 1929.. (The old cross on the Island of Canna the old cross near Dupplin Castle, Scotland).. The New Orleans Tomb Styles Articles from.. 1929/1930.. The New Orleans Tomb, Part I.. and Albert R.. 4, October 1929.. 14-16, 28.. (the foundation work ).. The New Orleans Tomb, Part II.. 5, November 1929.. (the granite work ).. The New Orleans Tomb, Part III.. 6, December 1929.. (a large family vault).. The New Orleans Tomb, Part IV.. 7, January 1930.. (a marble tomb).. The New Orleans Tomb, Part V.. The New Orleans Tomb, Part VI.. ( designed along Georgian lines ).. , * (PDF) by Leonard V.. (two-family house / tomb).. (Note: There Part VII of this series was listed in both the March 1930 and April 1930 issues.. The New Orleans Tomb, Part VII.. (ventilation).. The New Orleans Tomb, Part IX.. 12, June 1930.. Stone Carver Patterns Designs.. Flower Designs from.. Magazine, July 1927.. 11 (includes sketches of: lily of the valley, wild rose, blue bell, Easter lily, star of Bethlehem, passion flower, violets, poppy, daffodil, and daisy).. Daffodil Patterns in.. Magazine, July 1926.. 11.. Daisy Patterns in.. Magazine, September 1926.. Easter Lily Patterns in.. Magazine, October 1926.. 11.. Oak Ivy Patterns in.. Magazine, June 1926.. Poinsettia Patterns in.. , by Dan B.. Magazine, December 1926.. Poppy Patterns in.. Magazine, May 1926.. Primrose Patterns in.. Magazine, March 192.. 7, pp.. Rose Patterns in.. Magazine, November 1926.. Flower Patterns in.. Magazine, August 1927.. Wood Sorrel Patterns in.. Magazine, April 1927.. Sources of Memorial Ornamentation.. (PDF).. Colonial Ornamentation Patterns in.. Greek Ornamentation Patterns in.. Roman Ornamentation Patterns in.. Celtic Ornamentation Patterns in.. Gothic Ornamentation Patterns in.. Renaissance Ornamentation Patterns in.. (PDF).. Egyptian Ornamentation Patters in.. Egyptian Patterns from.. 10, April 1929, pp.. Page of Emblems.. Lasting Memorials of Artistic Beauty, Design Book No.. 108.. (pdf), Universal Monument Company, Atlanta, Georgia, 1920 s.. (Note, this pdf document is very large.. 108, 1920s (Included are: Woodmen of the World and others..

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