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  • Title: European Guidance Counselling – Research on guidance practice and Education
    Descriptive info: .. //.. Jobs in Europe-How to Get a Good One.. Written by.. admin.. on March 31, 2012.. in.. Guidance Counselling.. -.. No Comments.. Even though, a great deal of Europe is silent getting better from the Great depression, a few countries have a comparatively short unemployment tempo, even if economic expansion still is slow.. Where are the best countries in Europe to discover a work?.. Identified for its icy winters, sky-scraping taxes and thin inhabitants, Norway is the greatest country today to get the job.. This thinly populated resource wealthy nation has the lowest job loss tempo in Europe of around 3.. 4%, and has according to different studies- the lowest poor-quality rate in Europe.. The majority of employment chances are in Norway s blooming sources based industries, as well as the nation’s oil, gas and forestry industries.. However, Norway also has a fishing and agricultural division that hire regular personnel.. Read more.. Importance of Guidance of Education.. on March 30, 2012.. The schools, colleges, universities and every other educational institute undoubtedly plays an important role in helping Europe become the world’s most knowledgeable society.. Education and most importantly the higher education is extremely important for a society based on knowledge.. This has enabled Europe to become more competitive, progressive and stronger in its social cohesion.. In this era, human resource is the greatest and the most valuable asset for Europe.. Furthermore, producing knowledge and creating unique ways to disseminate this work force will be particularly vital in creating better job opportunities for everyone.. The most urgent need of today is the modernization of the universities.. It is critically important if the universities want the students to give their full potential.. Modernization is a major requirement, particularly in those areas that are directly linked to students’ success via higher education and into the professional world of jobs and work.. Impact of Career Guidance and Its Benefits to an Individual.. on March 29, 2012.. In the last few decades, career guidance services have underwent major drastic changes in Europe.. But the question is what career guidance is and which services can be considered as a part of career guidance services? The term “career guidance” indicated services and  ...   to get a professional occupation.. Every youth needs a job or some business that should be run by him.. The purpose of the guidance and counseling in Europe is to give the youth a way to develop.. Since the economic recession has been started, almost 20 percent of the youth has been unemployed in Europe.. Many young people are unemployed.. That is why there is urgency for a platform that caters the needs of the youth.. These days’ the young people are the most talented and educated generation we are observing.. However, still they are facing number of difficulties in their professional lives.. They are not able to cope with the problems in the labor sector.. There are numbers of youth helping organizations in Europe who help the young people by guiding them and entering them in the labor market.. For too many of them, the transition to work is problematic.. Older Entries.. Recent Posts.. European Guidance and Research for Studies Advice.. Unemployment in Europe.. Business Woman of Europe needs crucial steps of Guidance and Counseling.. Balance in “Work and Family” Makes a Happy Family And Increases Productivity on The job.. A Detailed Study on Burnout Syndrome.. Do you need for Guidance and Counseling in Career and Education?.. Problems in Guidance And Counseling And Their Solutions.. Guidance Systems in United Kingdom.. Guidance Systems in Greece.. Guidance Systems in Finland.. Guidance Systems in Denmark.. Slovenia System of Guidance And Counseling.. EUROPEAN EDUCATION’S HISTORY GIVEN A BRIGHT FUTURE.. EUROPEAN COMPANIES ORGANISE SEMINARS TO SHOW RIGHT WAY IN CHOOSING CAREER.. BUSINESS IN EUROPE SHOULD START WITH STRATEGY.. Guidance Systems Across Partner Countries.. Herbal Treatments for Depression.. Depression Medical Treatments.. Depression in Europe- The Early Years.. Cost of Depression in Europe.. Europe Depression.. Councelling Course Structure.. Councelling Courses in Europe.. Children and Relocation Councelling.. Multicultural Relocation.. Careers Guidance System.. Guidance Councelling.. Partner Sites.. Business Gas Tariffs.. Business Electricity.. August 2013.. M.. T.. W.. F.. S.. Mar.. 1.. 2.. 3.. 4.. 5.. 6.. 7.. 8.. 9.. 10.. 11.. 12.. 13.. 14.. 15.. 16.. 17.. 18.. 19.. 20.. 21.. 22.. 23.. 24.. 25.. 26.. 27.. 28.. 29.. 30.. 31.. 2013.. European Guidance Counselling Research on guidance practice and Education.. All Rights Reserved..

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