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  • Title: QIntervention-2011
    Descriptive info: .. Welcome to QIntervention.. -2012.. Please see Apple's App store for an iPhone version of.. QRISK2.. and.. QDiabetes.. About you.. Age (30-79):.. Sex:.. Male.. Female.. Ethnicity:.. White or not stated.. Indian.. Pakistani.. Bangladeshi.. Other Asian.. Black Caribbean.. Black African.. Chinese.. Other ethnic group.. Leave blank if unknown.. Postcode:.. Clinical information -- check those that apply.. Do you smoke at all?.. Non smoker.. Ex-smoker.. Light.. Moderate.. Heavy.. Do you have diabetes?.. No.. Type 1.. Type 2.. Are you on regular steroid tablets?.. Do you have high blood pressure requiring treatment?.. Have you had a heart attack, angina, stroke or TIA (a mini-stroke with full recovery within 24hrs)?.. Has anyone in your immediate family.. *.. had angina or a heart attack whilst under 60?.. Do immediate family.. have diabetes?.. Have you been diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis?.. Have you been diagnosed with chronic kidney disease?.. Have you been diagnosed with atrial fibrillation or irregular heartbeat?.. Do you have congestive cardiac failure?.. Do you have hypothyroidism?.. Do you have liver failure?.. mother, father, brothers or sisters.. Cholesterol/HDL ratio:.. Systolic blood pressure (mmHg):.. Body mass index.. Weight (kg):.. Height (cm):.. Welcome to the QIntervention.. website.. QIntervention.. enables you to work out your risk of diabetes, heart disease, or stroke over the next 10 years and show you how that risk could change with interventions such as stopping smoking, losing weight, lowering your blood pressure or taking cholesterol lowering medication.. It  ...   national GP contract (QOF), and QDiabetes.. has been validated for clinical use.. All medical decisions need to be taken by a patient in consultation with their doctor.. Neither ClinRisk Ltd.. nor the algorithm's developers accept any responsibility for clinical use or misuse of this calculator.. was formally known as QDScore.. We like the new name better.. Copyright 2010-12 ClinRisk Ltd.. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.. Materials on this web site are protected by copyright law.. Access to the materials on this web site for the sole purpose of personal educational and research use only.. Where appropriate a single print out of a reasonable proportion of these materials may be made for personal education, research and private study.. Materials should not be further copied, photocopied or reproduced, or distributed in electronic form.. Any unauthorised use or distribution for commercial purposes is expressly forbidden.. Any other unauthorised use or distribution of the materials may constitute an infringement of copyright and may lead to legal action.. For avoidance of doubt, any use of this site as a web service to obtain any score for any purpose is expressly forbidden.. Similarly, use of this website for developing or testing software of any sort is forbidden unless permission has been explicitly granted.. is a registered trademark of the University of Nottingham and EMIS.. , QDScore.. , QIntervention.. and QStatin.. are registered trademarks of ClinRisk Ltd.. Website and risk engine built by ClinRisk Ltd..

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