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  • Title: Pacific Spirit Park Society
    Descriptive info: Pacific Spirit Park Society.. PSPS is a member of the Metro Vancouver Regional Park Partners Program.. to contact PSPS.. call the West Area Park office at 604-224-5739,.. or email.. PSPS Board.. website developed by Pille Bunnell (it is not regularly updated).. unless otherwise indicated, photos © Pille Bunnell.. email.. webmaster.. Stories Along the Trail..

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  • Title: Membership
    Descriptive info: The Best Free Membership You’ll Ever Have!.. Nearly twice the size of Vancouver’s iconic Stanley Park, Pacific Spirit Park offers an “into the wild” extravaganza be it through a casual walk, run, bike ride or special event.. We know that thousands of annual users have a very personal relationship with the park, in all kinds of weather and in any season, and because of this, you may not be aware of the Pacific Spirit Park Society (PSPS) who partner with Metro Vancouver (formerly the GVRD) in the operation and maintenance of this natural refuge.. The PSPS enriches all aspects of the park through numerous programs, strategic planning, activities and events that are outlined on other pages of this web site.. We want to know what the park’s stakeholder/users think about the park and what we can collectively do to enhance their multi-faceted experiences.. The best way for us to do that, is to sign you up as a member (no kidding  ...   way or your address shared with a mailing list.. We just know, because we are dedicated to this park’s future, that you as a user will be too.. And even if you have never set foot in the park, but value its presence and the livability its great green lungs contribute to your daily air quality, sign up below.. Please indicate what you’d like to hear about from us, and how you’d like to best receive that information.. PSPS membership form.. doc.. You can print out the pdf PSPS membership form.. fill it out, and send it in by regular mail, or download and edit the word doc and attach it to an email to.. volunteer@pacificspiritparksociety.. org.. PSPS Membership.. PO Box 72085, Sasamat RPO.. Vancouver, B.. C.. , V6R 4P2.. this page prepared by Terri Clark, July 2008,.. revised April 2009.. Would you like to receive notices of.. PSPS events and updates on park news?.. hit counter initialized Sept 10, 2009..

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  • Title: Donations Received
    Descriptive info: Thank You!.. to Whole Foods and VanCity Credit Union for your contributions!.. PSPS was selected as a beneficiary under the Whole Foods CommUnity Chest program for the period from April 9, 2012 to July 1, 2012.. Under the program, customers may designate $0.. 10 to the participating beneficiary of their choice when they bring in their own grocery bags.. During this period, we successfully generated $4,921.. 80 in donations.. Thank you to Whole Foods’ Kitsilano store located at 4.. th.. and Vine!.. For more  ...   under its Community Project Grants Program.. The priorities for the program are aligned to recognize and enhance their vision of putting money to good in the following three areas:.. •.. People:.. Good Money™ shows people how to build their wealth.. Planet:.. Good Money™ creates a sustainable place to live.. Places:.. Good Money™ invests for positive change in the community.. Thank you to the Vancity branch located at Broadway and Waterloo!.. For more information on the Community Project Grants Program,.. please see the.. Vancity website..

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  • Title: Help Support our Work!
    Descriptive info: Help Support our Work!.. Do you enjoy our Park?.. Did you know how many volunteer hours.. go into helping maintain it for us all?.. Do you enjoy the Family Events that PSPS produces?.. go into putting these on?.. The Cost of Success.. During the nine-month period ended May 31, 2011, we received a total of 3,823 volunteer hours from 1,271 volunteers.. At a rate of $25 per volunteer hour this contribution to our Park would be valued at $95,575.. Up to now Metro Vancouver has been paying for the costs of supporting all our projects and programs, but our success is outstripping our financial resources.. Can you help support our work?.. We Appreciate Your Help!.. Your donation, regardless of the amount, is greatly appreciated! It will help PSPS continue to organize volunteer involvement in our Park stewardship activities and our outreach programs..  ...   We provide a way for groups and individuals who enjoy this Park to meet, exchange ideas, help coordinate Park activities, operate successful Park stewardship work parties, hold engaging family programs, educate the public on nature and parks, and hold special community events.. To do all this we recruit volunteers from our wide community of Park users and supporters.. In addition to the benefits provided to the Park, our volunteer programs provide youth with the opportunity to connect with nature.. Our Family Programs, Trail Troupers, Stories Along the Trail, and Take Another Look are not only directed at enhancing this connection, but also engage young volunteer interpreters in designing and implementing these popular events.. Furthermore, approximately 80 – 85% of the volunteers for the invasive species removal work parties are between the ages of 14 – 25 years of age (and sometimes younger)..

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  • Title: About the Park
    Descriptive info: this page prepared by Pille Bunnell, February 2007; last update Sept 1, 2009.. Metro Vancouver park map..

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  • Title: Stories and Images
    Descriptive info: We welcome contributions!.. Please contact PSPS.. to discuss your submission.. Contributed Stories.. Turning Kids on to Nature - May 2011.. Photo Essays.. Take Another Look, May 2010.. Secret Lives (bird walk) May 2010.. NEW Stories Along the Trail 2010 videos.. What is Natural? April 2011.. Take Another Look, May 2011.. Stories Along the Trail Sept 2011..

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  • Title: Nature Nuggets Birds
    Descriptive info: Nature Nuggets.. Birds.. Little nuggets or tidbits of interesting stories, facts, or insights about some aspect of Nature in.. Pacific Spirit Regional Park.. Contributions welcome, contact.. Blog Summary Widget.. Go to archive..

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  • Title: Pacific Spirit Park Society
    Descriptive info: The Pacific Spirit Park Society (PSPS) is a community-based volunteer organization.. We work together with the.. Metro Vancouver.. (Metro V), as part of the Regional Park Partners Program, for the benefit of Pacific Spirit Regional Park.. Like other park associations in the program, we act as the public steward of the Park.. We provide a way for groups and individuals who enjoy the park to meet, coordinate activities, educate the public, raise funds for special events and recruit members and volunteers.. We hold a vision of an  ...   that vision a reality, we work with Metro Vancouver to develop programs and organize events designed to:.. · protect the natural environment of the park.. · maintain recreational use that.. is in harmony with nature.. · promote stewardship activities.. Active PSPS Groups.. Outreach Group.. Youth Initiatives Group.. Invasive Species.. Restoration Group.. Camosun Bog Restoration.. Board.. Trails Working Group.. Affiliated Groups.. (our “partners” in the park).. Wreck Beach.. Preservation Society.. Nature Vancouver.. Dunbar Residents’ Association.. Spanish Bank Streamkeepers.. UEL Trail Riders.. Catching the Spirit.. BC Mobility Opportunities Society..

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  • Title: Stories 2013
    Descriptive info: Family Event.. Stories Along the Trail 2013.. Sunday Sept.. 22 1:00 to 4:00 PM.. (last departure from starting point at 3:15).. Its time for this special annual event! Costumed storytellers will be found along a trail, and enchant you as they tell you about the adventures of a mysterious Chimera who is looking for a home.. You will hear how it just doesn’t work out to live with any of the creatures who it meets.. And of course you will learn about the secret lives of all the creatures it meets.. including bats, birds, a coyote and more! You will be left wondering what sort of being the Chimera is.. just wait till you find out!.. Bring your family and friends to a unique storytelling event where you will be  ...   10 to 15 minutes.. The walk, including the stories will take about an hour and a half.. Enjoy waiting for you turn by visiting activities and displays by a Metro Vancouver Park Interpreter, Young Naturalists, and Terry Taylor! Girl Guides will offer refreshments.. How to get there!.. Meet at the Salish Trail park entrance on 16th Ave about 1/2 km east of the traffic circle at 16th and Wesbrook Mall.. You will be directed to follow the short path to the event start.. Parking is available along 16th Ave.. You can take either the 33 or 25 bus along 16th Ave.. ; the closest stop is Hampton Place.. co-produced by.. PSPS.. ,.. Living Language Institute.. ,.. Creative Minds Early Learning,.. Become a PSPS.. Member.. and receive email notices of events!..

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  • Title: The Park in a Nutshell
    Descriptive info: Access:.. There are many places to enter the Park and several transportation options.. Main entrances may be found at the Park Center, on 16.. Avenue, between Blanca and Wesbrook Mall, at 16.. Ave.. and Sasamat St.. , at Imperial Drive and 29.. , at 33.. rd.. and Camosun, on the south side of University Hill High School, along the west end of the University Golf Course, on Chancellor Blvd, between Blanca and Acadia.. Reach the foreshore via the marked points along Marine Drive, west of the university.. Origins:.. Pacific Spirit Regional Park (PSRP) was established in 1989.. Originally part of the University Endowment Lands (UEL), the park was created as a natural forest preserve adjacent to the city of Vancouver and the University of British Columbia.. It is currently part of the Metro Vancouver park system, which extends from the Straight of Georgia into the Fraser Valley.. Description:.. The park covers 763 hectares, consisting of a spectacular foreshore, including the popular “Wreck Beach”, and a richly dense forest.. The foreshore lies along the Point Grey Peninsula, from the Burrard Inlet in the north to the Fraser River in the south.. The forest separates UBC from Vancouver.. People Places:.. Over 50 km of forest trails  ...   has many varieties of evergreen trees, including Cedar, Hemlock, Douglas Fir and Sitka Spruce.. There are also deciduous trees, like Vine Maple, Red Alder and Bitter Cherry.. Berry bushes are abundant, too: Salal, Salmonberry, Blackberry, and Elderberry.. Many varieties typical of rain forest plants are abundant: Ferns, mosses, lichens and mushrooms.. Fauna:.. Birds and small animals are commonly heard or seen along the trails: Owl, Eagle, Chickadee, Warbler, Wren, Kinglet, Woodpecker and sea birds.. Smaller mammals, like Douglas Squirrel, Vole, Mice and larger ones, like Coyote, Skunk and Raccoon are common.. Salamander, Newt, Garter Snake, Toad and Tree Frog are found in the wet areas of the Park.. Transport by walking, “sole power” and by bicycle is easy from the UEL/UBC area as well as the neighborhoods of Point Grey, Dunbar and Southlands.. Public transit runs along four major routes with stops near park entrances: Southwest Marine Drive, 16.. Avenue, Broadway/University Boulevard, and Fourth Avenue/Chancellor Boulevard.. From the north, you can enter the Park from Spanish Banks on Northwest Marine Drive also accessible by bus.. If you are driving, there is ample parking along 16.. , 29.. and Imperial, Southwest Marine Drive, and the beaches at Spanish Banks.. contributed by Fred LePiane.. Oct.. 2008..

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