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  • Title: Pacific Freedom Forum
    Descriptive info: .. welcome to the official website of the Pacific Freedom Forum, a regional network of journalists, academics and friends committed to the defence and implementation of Article 19 of the UNDHR in our Pacific.. Pacific NiusBeat.. about PFF.. PFF contacts.. Tuesday, October 15, 2013.. PFF calls on Fiji media authority to pull back from extending restrictions.. Chairman of the Fiji Media Industry Development Authority Ashwin Raj, left, and director Matai Akauola meet the Fijian media on 8 October 2013.. RAROTONGA, Cook Islands, 15 October 2013 The Pacific Freedom Forum, the regional media monitoring group, is alarmed at the extension by Fiji's media authority of restrictions on foreign media trainers, independent journalists and communications workers as a retrograde step in what at first appeared to be a positive move to engage the country s media workers and owners.. The new chairman of the Media Industry Development Authority (MIDA), academic Ashwin Raj announced on 8 October the authority was looking at extending registration requirements to foreign media trainers and organisations that conducted media training in Fiji on issues including media freedom, democracy, human rights and the election.. At his first appearance before Fijian journalists, Raj called for more open dialogue among Fiji s media on the decree under which they work, and was keen to help the media promote a culture of deep democracy , including a rejection of self-censorship.. That encouraging statement was overshadowed by comments in which he signalled a wider interpretation of the authority s powers to include foreign media trainers, organisations that produce their own media and freelance journalists working in Fiji.. We are always ready to engage with the Fijian media authority and welcome the call for honest dialogue, but the requirement to register for a whole new section of media workers could discourage the very thing Fiji s media needs at the moment, PFF Chair Titi Gabi of PNG said.. The media in Fiji need all the training and moral support they can get as the country prepares for its first general election in eight years in September 2014 under a new Constitution, Gabi said.. MIDA s  ...   New Guinea Mail: PO Box 7776, Boroko, NCD, Papua New Guinea | Mob: (675) 7314 3929 | Email: titi.. gabipng@gmail.. com PFF co-Chair Monica Miller | KHJ Radio | American Samoa Mob 684 258-4197 | Office 684 633-7793 | Email: monica@khjradio.. com.. PFF Coordinator: Email | ricardomorris@gmail.. com or Mobile | +679 9041215.. The Pacific Freedom Forum are a regional and global online network of Pacific media colleagues, with the specific intent of raising awareness and advocacy of the right of Pacific people to enjoy freedom of expression and be served by a free and independent media.. We believe in the critical and basic link between these freedoms, and the vision of democratic and participatory governance pledged by our leaders in their endorsement of the Pacific Plan and other commitments to good governance.. In support of the above, our key focus is monitoring threats to media freedom and bringing issues of concern to the attention of the wider regional and international community.. 0 comments.. linking here.. Email This.. BlogThis!.. Share to Twitter.. Share to Facebook.. Older Posts.. Home.. Subscribe to:.. Posts (Atom).. Tweet.. latest.. Loading.. Reporting the reporters-- Pacific links.. Archives and articles from the Pacific Media Centre, Auckland University of Technology, NZ.. Read the regional NIUSbeatPACIFIC bulletin.. The Pacific Freedom Forum: who we are, what we do.. The Pacific Freedom Forum, PFF, is a regional and global online network of Pacific media colleagues raising awareness and advocacy o the right of Pacific peoples to enjoy freedom of expression and a free and independant media.. We believe in the critical and basic link between the freedoms promised in Article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, from which we take our XIX logo, and the vision of democratic and participatory governance pledged by our leaders in their endorsement of the Pacific Plan and other commitments to good governance.. Our key focus to support that vision is monitoring threats to media freedom and bringing issues of concern to the attention of the wider regional and international community.. PFF piks.. Search This Blog.. Get PFF updates to your inbox!.. Powered by.. Blogger..

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  • Title: Pacific Freedom Forum: about PFF
    Descriptive info: LINKS.. PFF.. mission.. what is xix ?.. google.. pacific freedom forum.. join.. the PFF, via Google groups.. Pacific Freedom Forum is an advocacy group set up August 2008 in response to threats against media and other freedoms in the islands region.. The PFF forum itself is an off-the-record space aimed at raising alerts and enabling input into public statements on regional freedoms.. This site is for public comments, feedback and a source of information about members of the PFF editorial board.. _____________________________..

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  • Title: Pacific Freedom Forum: PFF contacts
    Descriptive info: _______________________________.. PFF CONTACTS:.. PFF Chair Titi Gabi.. | Freelance Journalist.. | Papua New Guinea.. | Mail: PO Box 7776, Boroko, NCD, Papua New Guinea.. | Mob: (675) 7314 3929.. | Email: titi.. PFF co-Chair Monica Miller.. | KHJ Radio.. | American Samoa.. | Mob 684  ...   FREEDOM FORUM.. The Pacific Freedom Forum is a regional and global online network of Pacific media colleagues, with the specific intent of raising awareness and advocacy of the right of Pacific people to enjoy freedom of expression and be served by a free and independent media..

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  • Title: Pacific Freedom Forum: PFF calls on Fiji media authority to pull back from extending restrictions
    Descriptive info: No comments:.. Post a Comment.. Older Post.. Post Comments (Atom)..

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  • Title: Pacific Freedom Forum: PFF welcomes new regional coordinator
    Descriptive info: Tuesday, September 24, 2013.. PFF welcomes new regional coordinator.. Fiji publisher/freelancer Ricardo Morris.. PFF, Rarotonga, COOK ISLANDS.. -- Fiji journalist and media freelancer Ricardo Morris has become the new face of regional media rights and monitoring network the Pacific Freedom Forum, PFF.. Morris, a Suva-based freelance journalist and publisher of Republika Magazine, is a founding member of the PFF and takes up the voluntary role from outgoing coordinator Jason Brown, of the Samoa Observer.. "We welcome the commitment and leadership of our new coordinator and the insights that he will bring to the regional and global media monitoring networks," says PFF Chair Titi Gabi of PNG.. PFF co-chair Monica Miller from American Samoa, noted the tasks facing the new coordinator.. "It is no small ask for  ...   a whole.. ".. "PFF's direct links to practising Pacific journalists across the region continues to show us that as the watchdog industry, we need to be vigilant of the people's right to know, even as we must strengthen processes for the people's right to let us know what they think of news ethics and media standards," she said.. In his role as Coordinator, Morris will be leading drafting work and engagement with a range of PFF partners.. He will also advise on advocacy and partnership projects with PFF members around ethics and self-regulation and lead PFF's Pacific hosting of the annual red-letter day for journalists, World Press Freedom Day, every May 3.. --.. PFF Coordinator:.. Email.. | ricardomorris@gmail.. com or.. Mobile.. | +679 9041215.. Newer Post..

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  • Title: Pacific Freedom Forum: Fiji: Regional media leader steps into Fiji's Media Decree body
    Descriptive info: Saturday, September 21, 2013.. Fiji: Regional media leader steps into Fiji's Media Decree body.. The Pacific Freedom Forum says a key media appointment in Fiji will influence how freedom of expression is promoted in the Pacific Island country.. The comment from PFF Chair Titi Gabi of Papua New Guinea follows reports that the current head of the Pacific Islands News Association, Mr Matai Akauola, has been named as the new Director of Fiji s Media Industry Development Authority.. The PFF , Gabi said, will continue to engage with Mr Akauola, and other stakeholders, on the need to protect the public s right to express their views.. "With his wealth of experience and having worked with Pacific media for seven years as PINA Coordinator, Akauola can make a big impact in shaping the future direction of Fiji  ...   a bright future in his new role.. We also remain hopeful of deepening our already existing ties with PINA on media ethics and independance," said Miller.. Many members of the PFF are also members of PINA, with PFF founding co-chair Monica Miller also serving as a former PINA President.. Miller has been the only female president of PINA in its 30-year history.. Fiji has been without an elected government since a military takeover in December 2006, with the first elections currently set for 2014.. --.. LINKS:.. Fiji Broadcasting Corp:.. http://www.. fbc.. fj/fiji/13785/mida-director-appointed-.. com The Pacific Freedom Forum are a regional and global online network of Pacific media colleagues, with the specific intent of raising awareness and advocacy of the right of Pacific people to enjoy freedom of expression and be served by a free and independent media..

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  • Title: Pacific Freedom Forum: Registration shock in Samoa–PFF
    Descriptive info: Sunday, September 8, 2013.. Registration shock in Samoa PFF.. JAWS members at a WPFD event, now deregistered.. Rarotonga, Cook Islands -.. Regional media monitoring the Pacific Freedom Forum has welcomed news that Samoa's media body will be re-registered before the end of the year.. Jaws is the Journalists Association of (Western) Samoa, one of the region s oldest bodies, registered 1st September 1991.. News that JAWS was deregistered came as a shock to regional media colleagues as the details behind the move were unclear.. "JAWS is seen by Pacific colleagues as a leading national media association and its active and feisty membership has set a standard many smaller nations can only dream of," said PFF chair Titi Gabi.. "While we welcome news of paperwork and other details being the focus of a new revised JAWS, we remain cautious over the state plans to legislate on media complaints and await further information in that area.. The PFF position supported  ...   Pacific broadcasters meeting this month in Vanuatu, and is also being researched as part of a scoping study involving PFF, UNESCO and the UNDP Pacific.. "It's important that where possible, our national bodies such as JAWS be fostered to promote media autonomy and integrity.. and that where the media industry may be unable to self-regulate because of size and interest, an effective and supported regional mechanism can help out," said PFF Co-chair, Monica Miller.. LINKS :.. JAWS deregisters.. Former President of J.. A.. W.. S refutes claim.. JAWS drops demands for full two years.. President defends conflict of interest.. SAMOA: Journalism association shuts down amid new moves to control media.. CONTACTS :.. PFF Chair.. Titi Gabi.. Freelance Journalist.. Papua New Guinea.. +67573143929.. titi.. com.. PFF co-Chair.. Monica Miller.. KHJ Radio.. American Samoa.. +6842584197.. monica@khjradio.. PFF Coordinator.. Jason Brown.. Samoa Observer.. Samoa.. +6857604412.. subeditor@samoaobserver.. ws.. ABOUT PFF :.. We are registered as an incorporated society in Rarotonga, Cook Islands..

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  • Title: Pacific Freedom Forum: NZ spy laws impact region - PFF
    Descriptive info: Wednesday, August 14, 2013.. NZ spy laws impact region - PFF.. New Zealand prime minister John Key:.. defended the role of security agencies illegally spying on residents, and law amendments to legalise domestic surveillance.. Rarotonga, Cook Islands.. Spying on journalists by authorities in New Zealand is potentially dangerous to the future health of democracy in that country and the region, warns the Pacific Freedom Forum.. "Government in New Zealand needs to take a bigger picture of its national security arrangements," says PFF Chair Titi Gabi.. "That picture includes all four estates including, yes, the press.. PFF states that balance and separation of power in New Zealand faces an uncertain future if domestic spying is enabled on an enhanced scale.. Tracking the movements and messages of journalists inside and outside Parliament threatens to unsettle that balance, says Gabi.. Activists and other free speech practitioners are others whose contributions may suffer under a climate of enhanced state surveillance.. "Journalists are not 'subversives' as claimed by the defence force in New Zealand, nor should other ordinary citizens be viewed in that way, either.. Co-Chair Monica Miller said that the Pacific Freedom Forum stands for basic human rights under international law, including those relating to  ...   on a monumental scale.. nzherald.. co.. nz/nz/news/article.. cfm?c_id=1 objectid=10907488.. John Armstrong: GCSB trickery and deception revealed.. cfm?c_id=1 objectid=10876776.. NZ protesters condemn GCSB spy bill and spooks centre with Pacific targets.. http://cafepacific.. blogspot.. com/2013/07/nz-protesters-condemn-gcsb-spy-bill-and.. html.. ".. many small Pacific island states that had been the target of GCSB.. radioaustralia.. net.. au/international/radio/program/pacific-beat/thousands-in-opposition-to-nz-spy-agency/1168104.. Are recent revelations about New Zealand journalists under surveillance signs of a state that hates the Fourth Estate? (Audio - Radio New Zealand - MediaWatch.. radionz.. nz/national/programmes/mediawatch/audio/2564412/mediawatch-for-4-august-2013.. Editorial: Release of journalist's records crosses line.. stuff.. nz/the-press/opinion/editorials/8992910/Editorial-Release-of-journalists-records-crosses-line.. Editorial: Leaders should value fourth estate.. bayofplentytimes.. nz/news/editorial-leaders-should-value-fourth-estate/1962387/.. Gordon Campbell on the Defence Force s paranoia about journalism.. nznewsuk.. uk/columns/?id=42759 story=Gordon-Campbell-on-Defence-Force-s-paranoia-about-journalism.. NZ snooping scandal shows disconnect between ranks of civil service [ UK ].. theguardian.. com/public-leaders-network/2013/aug/06/new-zealand-civil-service-snooping-scandal.. Papua New Guinea.. 2 comments:.. concerned said.. NZ PM recent presser, that addressed the upcoming GCSB Bill.. http://rt.. com/news/new-zealand-pm-gcsb-surveillance-685/.. Monday, 19 August, 2013.. Jon Snow said.. Raids by the UK Stassi on the London offices of.. The Guardian.. , coupled with the.. detention of Glen Greenwald s partner.. while transiting through UK s Heathrow aiport; marks the new chapter on state sponsored attacks on the 4th Estate and human rights.. These methods have already been exported to New Zealand..

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  • Title: Pacific Freedom Forum: Papua police ban on new mag illegal – PFF
    Descriptive info: Sunday, July 21, 2013.. Papua police ban on new mag illegal PFF.. DISAPPOINTED:.. Fidelis Jeminta, chief editor of Pelita Papua in Jayapura, said police action would again deter freedom of the press in West Papua.. Photo - Katarina Lita / PortalKBR.. Police actions to stop distribution of a new magazine in West Papua break press laws of Indonesia and must be condemned, says the Pacific Freedom Forum.. Press freedom is not a vague constitutional promise in Indonesia, says Titi Gabi, Chair of the Pacific Freedom Forum.. There are specific laws that back press freedom and expressly prohibit police from banning media organisations.. Pacific Freedom Forum joins the Indonesian Press Council in criticising police for their actions against the magazine, Papua Pelita.. The magazine had dedicated its first issue to reporting on the OPM, the Organisation of Papua Freedom, with a cover featuring the West Papua pro-independence flag which is banned by authorities in West Papua, but not anywhere else in Indonesia.. Indonesia Press Council member Imam Wahdyudi said that blocking the press is defined as the forceful or unlawful prohibition of publishing, distributing and/or broadcast of information, under Press Law No.. 40/1999.. Imam Wahdyudi said that if police do not approve of the contents of a publication then the only legal option available to them was to complain to the Press Council.. If the police really did come and prohibit the distribution of information, that is a form of  ...   of the breakdown of rule of law in West Papua.. Continued failure by Jakarta to rein in their police and security forces is unacceptable and must be condemned , said Miller.. We join our colleagues at Alliance of Independent Journalists in expressing common concern at a rise in violent and other actions against journalists in West Papua.. Police denied there was any ban.. It was just a check up, to see if there was any seditious material , said Papua Regional Police Commissioner Gede Sumerta Jaya.. Nine cases so far this year to June 2013 relate to freedom and independence of the press, according to AJI, the Alliance of Independent Journalists in Papua.. Police Ban First Edition of Pelita Papua Magazine.. http://en.. tempo.. co/read/news/2013/07/04/055493689/Police-Ban-First-Edition-of-Pelita-Papua-Magazine.. Ban on Papua Magazine, Attempt to Block the Press?.. co/read/news/2013/07/08/055494509/Ban-on-Papua-Magazine-Attempt-to-Block-the-Press.. WEST PAPUA: Indonesian authorities ban magazine publication.. pmc.. aut.. ac.. nz/pacific-media-watch/west-papua-indonesian-authorities-denies-magazine-be-published-8356.. Violence Against Journalists in Papua on the Rise (Indonesian).. timlo.. net/baca/68719503942/kekerasan-terhadap-wartawan-di-papua-kian-meningkat/.. PFF Chair.. Freelance Journalist.. +67573143929.. PFF co-Chair.. Monica Miller.. KHJ Radio.. American Samoa.. +6842584197.. PFF Projects.. Lisa Williams Lahari.. Media Strategy.. Solomon Islands.. +6777574230.. lisawilliamsonline@gmail.. PFF Coordinator.. +6857604412.. 1 comment:.. SnowMonkey.. said.. It s also in violation of the UN Charter article 76 which Indonesia and the rest of the UN bound itself to when they made General Assembly resolution 1752 (XVII) to approve the UN occupation of West Papua in 1962, see article 85 of the UN Charter.. Monday, 22 July, 2013..

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  • Title: Pacific Freedom Forum: Samoa urged to halt plans for new media council – PFF
    Descriptive info: Saturday, July 13, 2013.. Samoa urged to halt plans for new media council PFF.. A meeting last week between journalists, the Samoa Law Reform.. Commission and the office of the Attorney General.. Government in Samoa must halt plans for a state media council and return to the original timeframe recommended by the country s law reform commission, says the Pacific Freedom Forum.. Plans for the new statutory media council are deeply concerning so soon after threats to ban journalists from Parliament, says PFF.. Serious questions about the timing must be raised given that the government is breaking a two year timeframe recommended by its own law reform commission, says PFF Chair Titi Gabi.. In June last year, the Samoa Law Reform Commission issued a report supporting a national media council to hear complaints.. But the Commission recommended a two year period to allow local media an attempt at self-regulation through its own independent media council.. Instead, we have a government that personally attacks the reputations of critics and reporters on a near daily basis now insisting that a state media council cannot wait a minute longer, says Gabi.. These attacks, as well as police failure to protect journalists from threats and assault; advice not to answer media questions, and a threat to ban journalists hardly inspire confidence in the future credibility and independence of any media council.. News of plans for a media council were announced on 4th June by Attorney General who said he had been instructed by cabinet to begin drafting a new law for a state media council.. A reputation for good governance is no longer under threat in Samoa  ...   them the power to seek prosecution against prejudicial reporting on Samoa tourism with a.. maximum penalty of $5,000 fine and three months in jail.. The Tourism Development Act 2012 had previously escaped public attention, until it was raised during a series of workshops aimed at answering weeks of criticism from the industry about an alleged failure by government to properly market, develop and regulate the destination.. PFF co-Chair Monica Miller said government emphasis of their power to prosecute tourism critics shows a rapidly closing mindset.. Instead of addressing the problems highlighted by the industry itself, and rightfully reported by the media, government seems to focus on shooting the messenger, says Miller.. Government is a displaying a remarkably immature response for a country now enjoying its 51st year of independence, the oldest independent state in the Pacific Islands.. Government needs to act its age, and assume more statesman-like responses to public debate cherishing criticism as valuable feedback, not rejecting anything that threatens its attempts to maintain an entirely unrealistic image of perfection.. Govt.. instructs AG on Media Council.. samoaobserver.. ws/other/legal/5815-govt-instructs-ag-on-media-council.. Samoa Observer Chief Reporter threatened.. ws/home/headlines/5809-samoa-observer-chief-reporter-threatened.. Threatening acts and everyone s responsibility - editorial.. ws/editorial/5877-threatening-acts-and-everyones-responsibility.. Media Council, accountability, dictatorship - editorial.. ws/editorial/5861-media-council-accountability-dictatorship.. AG ignores media group.. talamua.. com/ag-ignores-media-group/.. JAWS does not want AG to draft media law.. com/jaws-does-not-want-ag-to-draft-media-law/.. PFF Chair Titi Gabi | Freelance Journalist | Papua New Guinea | +67573143929 | titi.. PFF co-Chair Monica Miller | KHJ Radio | American Samoa | + 6842584197 | monica@khjradio.. PFF Projects Lisa Williams Lahari | Media Strategy | Solomon Islands | +6777574230.. PFF Coordinator Jason Brown | Samoa Observer | Samoa | +6857604412 | subeditor@samoaobserver.. ws..

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  • Title: Pacific Freedom Forum: Police state attack in Fiji - PFF
    Descriptive info: Friday, July 12, 2013.. Police state attack in Fiji - PFF.. Fiji police on parade - and under fire for attack on market seller.. Pacific Freedom Forum is condemning an assault by police and security forces on a market seller in Fiji, as well as his arrest for expressing criticism.. "An ordinary citizen appears to suffer persecution for exerting ordinary rights," says PFF Chair Titi Gabi.. Reports that a market seller in Fiji was hospitalised after being arrested for making comments about the country's military regime are disturbing, says the Forum chairs.. 40-year-old Ram Chandra is alleged to have made some comments about the Prime Minister, the military and the government in Suva last month.. In court on 2nd July, his lawyer Naipote Vere said his client was assaulted at three different locations by Police and security officers and he is also an outpatient of St Giles hospital.. He appeared again on 11th July and is committed to trial in October.. "The arrest and beating of Mr.. Ram Chandra shows a descent by Fiji into petty police state activity," says Gabi.. Reports of the arrest and beating of the market seller, Ram Chandra were carried by Fiji Times, Fiji  ...   Fiji police have a slogan of Salus Populi, a short version of a Latin phrase meaning Let the welfare of the people be the supreme law".. However PFF co-Chair Monica Miller says the arrest and the beating of a market seller speaks of a trend in the opposition direction for people of Fiji.. "Targeting leading critics of the regime is not a new thing - arresting someone at a market reveals a police and security force more dangerously out of control.. She suggests that regime officials study the role of markets in society, including as a safety valve for expression of public sentiment.. "We ask that colleagues in Fiji monitor situations like this closely and, where they are unable to report themselves, inform domestic and foreign monitors, like the Pacific Freedom Forum," says Miller, based in Pagopago.. NGO Coalition on Human Rights raises concerns over continued restrictions to freedom of expression in Fiji.. https://www.. facebook.. com/republikamag/posts/596497587049013.. Market vendor appears on Malicious Act charge.. fj/fiji/11917/market-vendor-appears-on-malicious-act-charge.. Market vendor pleads not guilty to malicious act.. fijivillage.. com/?mod=story id=020713a7a2bf97e5c5967d02d0bd01.. Market vendor pleads innocent in malicious act case.. http://fijiworldnews.. com/market-vendor-pleads-innocent-in-malicious-act-case-9194.. Man denies charges.. fijitimes.. com/story.. aspx?id=238633.. Our registered base is in Rarotonga, Cook Islands..

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