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  • Title: Literacy for a billion :: PlanetRead
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  • Title: SLS|Same Language Subtitling:PlanetRead
    Descriptive info: .. PlanetRead wins The International Prize for literacy.. September 22, 2013.. Home.. Overview.. About Us.. Awards.. Team.. Financial Statement.. Research.. SLS Group.. Independent Scholars.. Activities.. TV Programs.. Literacy in India.. Global Outreach.. BookBox.. Tribal Languages.. Media.. Interview.. Newspapers.. Radio.. Gallery.. Images.. FAQs.. Folk Songs.. Support Us.. Donate.. Pledge.. Get Involved.. Inform Me.. Spread the Word.. Partners.. Policy Support.. Message Board.. Contact Us.. PlanetRead wins The International Prize a literacy award.. from Library of Congress, Washington, D.. C.. , USA.. Monday, September 23, 2013.. Press Release.. PlanetRead s Same Language Subtitling (SLS) was announced as the winner of The International Prize on Sunday, September 22, 2013.. Based on recommendations from a broad-ranging Awards Advisory Board of experts in the field of literacy, the Librarian of Congress James H.. Billington chose the winners of the 2013 Library of Congress Literacy Awards, a new program originated and sponsored by philanthropist David M.. Rubenstein.. The Library of Congress Literacy Awards were announced in January 2013 as a program to help support organizations working to alleviate the problems of illiteracy and aliteracy' (a lack of interest in reading) both in the United States and worldwide.. The awards seek to reward those organizations that have been doing exemplary, innovative and easily replicable work over a sustained period of time and to encourage new groups, organizations and individuals to become involved.. "The generosity of David Rubenstein in instituting this literacy awards program will have a profound impact not just on the winners and their programs,  ...   idea of subtitling the lyrics of existing Bollywood film songs on TV, in the same language as they are sung in.. Essentially, it is Karaoke on popular film songs and music videos.. Reading skills are practiced, automatically, subconsciously, and inescapably, as an integral part of staple entertainment already consumed by 650 million TV viewers nationally.. SLS is also known to improve program ratings by 10-15%.. PlanetRead and the Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad, have already implemented SLS nationwide, on 10 weekly TV programs of Doordarshan, India s public service broadcaster.. One weekly program is broadcast in Hindi, Bengali, Gujarati, Marathi, Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, and Punjabi.. A Hindi song is shown with the lyrics subtitled in Hindi, Tamil songs with Tamil subtitles, and so on.. What you hear is what you read.. The subtitles are designed to change the color of every word in perfect timing with the song, thus, providing automatic & subconscious reading practice.. SLS is also tremendously cost-effective.. On a Hindi program one US dollar gives reading practice to 5,000 people for one year.. Independently collected data by Nielsen s ORG Center for Social Research, found that regular SLS exposure more than doubles the number of functional readers among primary school children.. SLS has also become a major contributor to the growth of newspaper circulation.. Press Release from Library of Congress.. http://www.. loc.. gov/today/pr/2013/13-168.. html.. Please contact:.. Parthibhan Amudhan:.. parthibhan@planetread.. org.. PlanetRead is a registered not-for-profit organization in the United States and in India.. |.. Sitemap..

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  • Title: SLS|Same Language Subtitling:PlanetRead
    Descriptive info: One of the most cost-effective ideas.. Such subtitles could be used worldwide to increase literacy and cost almost nothing.. The New York Times.. Deutche-Welle TV.. Same Language Subtitling (SLS).. is simply the idea of subtitling the lyrics of existing film songs (or music videos) on  ...   Call it Karaoke on Bollywood for mass reading! A deceptively simple innovation, SLS is already delivering regular and inescapable reading practice to 150 million weak-readers in India.. "Watch and learn.. How music videos are triggering a literacy boom.. ".. -Boston Globe article on Same Language Subtitling..

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  • Title: Literacy for a billion|SLS:PlanetRead
    Descriptive info: PlanetRead.. PlanetRead is a not-for-profit organization registered in CA, USA and in India.. It is dedicated to reading and literacy development around the world and has a solid track record of work in India.. PlanetRead was originally created around the idea of Same Language Subtitling (SLS), now a globally recognized innovation for mass literacy and reading development on TV.. SLS for literacy was first conceived and researched in 1996 at the Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad.. Then PlanetRead pioneered the concept of Same-Language Subtitling (SLS) for mass literacy, by suggesting its implementation on the immensely popular Bollywood film songs on TV in India.. PlanetRead  ...   opportunities in both his/her native or other language(s).. We contribute to literacy worldwide by innovating and implementing simple, scalable, and cost-effective solutions, especially using mass media and information technologies.. We have already used SLS on several song-based TV programs on Doordarshan, India s national broadcaster.. Our main target group is the early-literates, people who are officially literate but who cannot read, for example, the headlines of a newspaper.. PlanetRead s karaoke approach to literacy provides.. automatic and regular reading practice to over 200 million early-literates in India.. In addition, nearly 270 million illiterate people are motivated to become literate.. Annual Report-2012.. Annual Report-2011.. Annual Report-2010..

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  • Title: SLS|Same Language Subtitling:PlanetRead
    Descriptive info: PlanetRead wins.. The International Prize a literacy award from Library of Congress,.. Washington, D.. , USA, September 22, 2013.. Ranked #75.. , The Top 100 Global NGOs, The Global Journal, January & February 2013.. Five Biggest Innovations.. in Social Good.. according to Adam Braun.. Winner.. ,.. All Children Reading: A Grand Challenge for Development.. organized by.. USAID.. World Vision.. and.. AusAID.. September 7, 2012.. Ranked #27.. , The Top 100 Global NGOs,.. The Global Journal, January 2012.. , ICT led Innovation by Non-Profits,.. Genpact  ...   Finalist.. , Social Entrepreneur of the Year, 2008,.. Khemka Foundation, November 2008.. Ashoka Fellowship.. , Ashoka Innovators for the Public, 2004.. Tech Laureate.. in Education (2003), Tech Museum of Innovations,.. San Jose, CA.. , Oct.. 2003.. , Development Marketplace, World Bank's Global Innovation Competition, January, 2002,.. Same Language Subtitling on TV for Mass Literacy.. Best Social Innovation.. for the year 2000 in the Education category for the project, 'Subtitling TV Songs for Mass Literacy', awarded by The Institute for Social Inventions, London (U.. K.. )..

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  • Title: PlanetRead Board :: Brij Kothari | Stuart Gannes | Kenneth Keniston
    Descriptive info: Board.. USA.. India.. Brij Kothari.. Dr.. Brij Kothari (Cornell University) and his team have innovated, researched, and nationalized the use of "Same Language Subtitling" (SLS) on Bollywood film songs on TV, for mass literacy in India.. He laid the foundation for the SLS project as an Associate Professor at the Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad (IIMA) in its Centre for Educational Innovation.. Brij is an Ashoka Fellow and the President of PlanetRead, a non-profit involved in scaling SLS efforts in India and other countries.. He is also the CEO of BookBox Inc, a for-profit social venture producing children's animated stories in more than 25 languages.. He co-founded PlanetRead.. org and BookBox.. com as a Reuters Digital Vision Fellow at Stanford University.. Brij grew up in the Sri Aurobindo Ashram at Pondicherry and went on  ...   Digital Vision Fellowship at Stanford University.. Prior to that, he was the Vice President for Advanced Development and Internet Applications at AT&T Labs, Menlo Park, California.. Stuart was also Director of Improvenet and Founder & CEO of Books At Work, an award-winning graphics software company that pioneered the use of PCs for home improvement and gardening applications.. Earlier he was an Associate Editor at Fortune Magazine for science and technology.. Stuart has also worked as a journalist for Time, Discover and PC Letter, and is a John S.. Knight Journalism Fellow at Stanford University.. Stuart earned a BA from the University of Michigan and an Ed.. M.. from Harvard University.. Kenneth Keniston.. is the Andrew Mellon Professor of Human Development Emeritus and Founder of the MIT India Program at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology..

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  • Title: PlanetRead::Financial Statement|Income|Expenditure
    Descriptive info: Financial Statement (PlanetRead, India).. Currency:.. Indian Rupees (INR).. US Dollars (USD).. Balance Sheet as on 31st March.. 2011.. 2010.. 2009.. 2008.. 2007.. 2006.. 2005.. ASSETS.. I.. FIXED ASSETS.. 721841.. 878322.. 896457.. 924064.. 1075725.. 92647.. 0.. II.. CURRENT ASSETS.. Loans and advances.. Deposits.. Cash in hand at bank.. 101117.. 103839.. 84571.. 248578.. 136162.. 108030.. 5400.. 600000.. 10750.. 57266.. 87960.. 834239.. 934693.. 64800.. 67179.. 6001.. Total Assets.. 885624.. 1075521.. 1820667.. 2112735.. 1876687.. 267856.. 16751.. LIABILITIES.. Capital fund.. 568307.. 676849.. 1666466.. 1912735..  ...   and Expenditure Account as on 31st March.. INCOME.. Donations.. 2617340.. 3656976.. 1646000.. 2500295.. 7535119.. 1374331.. 680406.. Bank interest.. 19142.. 18833.. 24986.. 14952.. 46009.. 982.. Excess of expenses over income.. 108542.. 989617.. 246269.. 24579.. Total Income.. 2745024.. 4665426.. 1917255.. 2515247.. 7581128.. 1399892.. EXPENSES.. Operational costs.. 1877958.. 3382083.. 1525147.. 1117097.. 4999257.. 1255266.. 587990.. Administrative costs.. 865835.. 1282972.. 391798.. 1235045.. 817803.. 141984.. 75715.. Bank costs.. 1231.. 371.. 310.. 1918.. 4693.. 2642.. 951.. IV.. Excess of income over expenses.. 161187.. 1759375.. 15750.. Total Expenses..

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  • Title: PlanetRead Research::SLS|Same language Subtitling
    Descriptive info: 1.. Problem.. 2.. Solution.. 3.. Indian Film Industry.. 4.. Coverage.. 5.. Same Language Subtitling.. 6.. No SLS: Eye fixation on TV.. 7.. With SLS: Eye fixation on TV.. 8.. Scientific Studies.. 9.. Impact of SLS.. 10.. Cost effectiveness.. 11.. Useful Sites/Links.. Research Article (2011).. Can India's literate read?.. Overview Article (2008).. Some Key Findings.. Impact Study (2007, Draft).. SLS on TV: Impact among children and adults.. SLS: Research Summary (2007).. Research Article (2004).. SLS on Television in India.. Research Article (2002).. SLS: a butterfly for literacy?.. India's 7+ Population, 66% Literacy (2001).. Source: 5-state ORG-MARG survey.. Women: 70 % of early non- literate.. Hindi belt: 50% of early non-literate.. S.. ame.. L.. anguage.. ubtitling..  ...   value for non-literate.. Print-exposure with text-sound association for pre-reading children.. No SLS : Eye-fixation on TV.. With SLS : Eye-fixation on TV.. Eye-tracking research has shown that viewers naturally synchronize the auditory and textual information while watching a film song with SLS.. When SLS is integrated into popular TV entertainment, reading happens automatically and subconsciously.. Every US dollar spent on subtitling a nationally telecast program of Hindi film songs, gives 30 minutes of weekly reading practice to 10,000 people, for a whole year! This is the equivalent of one paisa per person per year in India.. In specific states or languages, it would range from 5-20 paisa per person per year.. www.. bookbox.. com..

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  • Title: PlanetRead::Independent scholars
    Descriptive info: Articles: Independent Scholars.. What Works Clearinghouse (2013).. WWC Review of the Report Same-Language-Subtitling (SLS): Using Subtitled Music Video for Reading Growth.. WWC Single Study Review - U.. S.. DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION.. About WWC.. About the report.. Arora, Payal (2005).. Profiting from empowerment.. International Journal of Education and Development using Information and Communication Technology (IJEDICT).. Vol.. 1; Issue.. 4, pp.. 18-29.. Copyright Notice.. Copyright for articles published in this journal is retained by the authors, with first publication rights granted to the journal.. By virtue of their appearance in this open access journal, articles are free to use, with proper attribution, in educational and other non-commercial settings.. Arora, Payal (2006).. E-Karaoke Learning for Gender Empowerment in Rural India.. Information and Communication Technologies and Development, 2006.. ICTD apos;06.. International Conference on pp:155 - 164.. IEEE copyright - RETAINED RIGHTS/TERMS AND CONDITIONS.. Authors/employers retain all proprietary rights in any process, procedure, or article of manufacture described in the Work.. Authors/employers may reproduce or authorize others to reproduce the Work, material extracted verbatim from the Work, or derivative works for the author's personal  ...   inform the IEEE in advance of the nature and extent of such limited distribution.. Karaoke for social and cultural change.. Journal of Information, Communication and Ethics in Society.. 4; Issue.. 3, pp 121-130.. This account demonstrates the key challenges faced in producing engaging educational content for information and communication technologies (ICT) deployed in rural India.. The Stills in Sync (SIS) project aims to enhance literacy through the revival and proliferation of popular regional folksongs with social awareness themes in rural India.. This product entails the use of the Same Language Subtitling (SLS) karaoke feature that won the Worldbank Development Marketplace award in 2002 and the Tech Laureate honor from the Technology Museum of Innovation in 2003.. This case study highlights the struggles faced in the production process as we sought to negotiate localism with scalability.. The paper is meant to stimulate discussion and further research on the process of digitalizing cultural and educational content in multiple languages for literacy gains and empowerment.. I attempt to give three-dimensionality to current buzzwords in education content creation using ICT: localism, relevance and engagement..

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  • Title: PlanetRead Activities::SLS on Doordarshan
    Descriptive info: TV Programs with Same Language Subtitling (SLS) in India.. The following table gives you details of programs (available within India only) with SLS on Doordarshan, India s National broadcaster:.. Program Name.. Language.. Channel.. Day.. Time.. Rangoli.. Hindi.. DD National.. Sunday.. 8:00 a.. m.. - 9:00 a.. Chitrahaar.. DD Delhi.. Friday.. 7:30 p.. - 8:00 p.. Movie.. Bengali.. DD Kolkata.. 4:10 p.. Kannada.. DD Bangalore.. Saturday or Sunday.. 4:00 p.. - 6:30 p.. Punjabi.. DD Punjabi.. Saturday.. 12:00 p.. 10:00 p.. (repeat).. Oliyum Oliyum.. Tamil.. DD Chennai.. Telugu.. DD Hyderabad.. Filmi saragam.. Gujarati.. DD Ahmedabad.. Chitrageet.. Marathi.. DD Mumbai.. Wednesday.. 2:00 p.. While reading material is at a premium another medium the Bollywood film is ubiquitous.. India boasts the largest film industry in the world and its people s passion for these musical films is undeniable.. The people of India satisfy their hunger for entertainment by watching Bollywood film songs on television.. There are 108 million homes in India with a television.. Each television is watched on an average by 5 people, making the Indian television viewer ship  ...   national television Doordarshan with PlanetRead s Same Language Subtitling (SLS).. This provides automatic reading practice to 300 million early literates.. With SLS the viewers subconsciously associate the songs with the text, so the familiar lyrics on screen reinforce their literacy skills.. Since 1997, several impact studies including eye tracking experiments have resulted in this proven approach to reading skill improvement on a mass scale.. Independent surveys conducted by AC Nielsons ORG Centre for social research found that SLS is preferred by 90% viewers and that it accelerates reading skill improvement among adults and children both in and out of school.. 3 to 5 years of exposure to SLS enables a person with basic familiarity with the alphabet, to become functionally literate.. First broadcast in 1999 on a film song program in Gujarat, SLS programs are now enjoyed in 10 regional languages nationwide.. India s national broadcaster Doordarshan has seen a 15% ratings increase on programs with SLS.. The programs are being sponsored by local education departments and private people who are interested in the promotion of literacy..

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  • Title: PlanetRead Activities::Literacy in India
    Descriptive info: History.. Up until the end of the 1920s, there had been very little progress in the world of adult education in India.. Enlightened rulers of the princely States of Baroda, Travancore and Mysore in India had begun to extend their financial support to night schools and established rural libraries in and around the 19th century.. Later, the national leaders who steered the freedom movement were concerned with the question of educating the masses as well; in fact, it was viewed as an important part of the independence agenda.. When the Congress Governments did come to power in some provinces in 1937, adult literacy and education were included among the responsibilities of the new government.. Only after independence in 1947 did adult education imbed itself in the national consciousness in India as an area that was in need of collective help, large reforms, and positive change.. Present condition.. However, the 2001 Census presented some very encouraging numbers that perhaps the Indian literacy rate is improving.. According to this source, 65 percent of the country s population is literate and 95 percent of the rural population has a primary school within one kilometer of its village, granting almost every child access to his/her neighboring school.. This is a significant achievement, but the important questions to ask are: does the socio-economic condition of children in India today allow them to go to these schools? How many students drop out before they learn anything significant? And what quality of education do these schools provide and is it adequate?.. Total number of illiterates: 296 million (2001 Census).. The literacy rate: 65.. 38% (2001 Census).. Males: 75.. 96% Females: 54.. 28%.. The literacy rate: (1991 Census): 51.. 63%.. The truth is that in rural India the quality of education that children receive is poor.. 50 percent of these children drop out of school before they turn twelve or until their parents arrange their marriages.. The gender gap in literacy.. In 1991, the urban female literacy rate was more than twice that of the rural rate, 64 and 31 percent respectively (RGCC, 1993).. Not only is there a large difference in literacy rates between Indians in rural and urban areas of the country, but among men and women as well.. This gender gap in literacy rates on the whole  ...   It was with this in mind that the government of India launched the National Literacy Mission (NLM) in 1988.. This initiative is aimed at achieving functional literacy for 80.. 000.. 000 illiterates, aged 15 to 35 years.. Since women account for an overwhelming percentage of the total number of illiterates, the NLM is for all practical purposes a mission imparting literacy predominately to the women of India.. In junction with this central goal, the NLM also seeks to make women aware of family planning and trains them in skills related to improving their living standards.. While the Indian government is doing its utmost to improve literacy rates following formal methods, non-profit organizations are working with innovative techniques of educating people in the common struggle to help make India 100 percent literate.. In a world where literacy is of growing importance, PlanetRead offers a simple and successful way to reach this goal by giving individuals better access to reading practice through filmsongs they enjoy.. Bollywood songs are a major source of affordable entertainment in India.. PlanetRead seeks to harness this entertainment capital in movies and incorporate reading practice into them.. The end result is a form of education that becomes, in some sense, automatic and, of course, fun.. Same-Language Subtitling (SLS) has been broadcast on television in India and serves as a teaching tool to motivate nearly 290 million people who are illiterate.. SLS also integrates reading into the lives of an additional 400 million who are early-literates.. Independent studies have consistently found that SLS improves literacy skills and is preferred by over 90 percent of viewers.. PlanetRead benefits women in particular as they represent a large segment of the early literates.. Furthermore, it is an extremely simple and economical approach to improving literacy skills among all age groups.. Eradication of illiteracy from a nation that is set to become the most populated in the world in another 10 years time is by no means an easy task.. Even though, the Indian government is doing its best, it is left to socially motivated organizations, devoted to the cause of making India 100 percent literate, such as PlanetRead, to come up with new solutions.. The challenge of creating a learning society is a formidable one, more so for a nation of one billion people..

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