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  • Title: Home - Pacific Islands Society of the UK and Ireland
    Descriptive info: .. facebook.. users may like to visit our new.. Facebook.. page.. What is.. PISUKI?.. Aims.. How to.. join.. Members'.. Area.. Click on Logo for Sitemap.. Newsletter.. News and.. Views.. Events.. Pacific.. Links..

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  • Title: What is PISUKI?
    Descriptive info: WHAT IS THE PACIFIC.. ISLANDS SOCIETY?.. The Pacific Islands Society of the United Kingdom and Ireland (PISUKI) was formed in 1981 to promote relationships between the peoples and countries of the Pacific Islands and the United Kingdom and Ireland.. Most of our members have lived, worked or travelled in the Pacific, and include Pacific Islanders living in the British Isles.. Among the membership are VSOs, diplomats, tourists, academics, clergy and many other ordinary and extraordinary people with Pacific Islands connections.. Europeans have been involved with Pacific Islanders for more than two centuries, with their roles in trading, colonising, Christianising and shaping the now mostly independent Pacific Islands countries, while creating romantic South Seas fantasies at home.. PISUKI maintains that there is much  ...   for a social gathering with Pacific Islands entertainment, while holding its Annual General Meeting and electing its governing Council.. Other events are held during the year, both centrally and locally through the Society's regional Area Representatives.. The Society publishes a newsletter, The Outrigger, to keep members in touch with its own activities and events in the Pacific Islands.. Finance.. The Society is an independent, non-profit making organisation.. It depends on its members subscriptions, which are kept at a level sufficient to meet basic running costs, plus fees charged to meet the expenses of special events, as necessary.. Contact: info@pisuki.. charitydays.. co.. uk.. [.. Home.. ][.. Sitemap.. ][What is PISUKI?][.. How to join.. The Outrigger.. Links main.. News and views - report.. ]..

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  • Title: Aims
    Descriptive info: THE SOCIETY'S.. AIMS.. The Society seeks to develop links with the Pacific Islands through personal relationships, by raising the public profile of the Pacific Islands in the UK and Ireland and advocacy of Pacific Islands interests and concerns.. It does so by:.. Bringing People with Pacific Islands interests into contact with each other through social gatherings and networks.. Offering assistance and hospitality to visiting and resident Pacific Islanders.. Promoting knowledge and understanding of the Pacific Islands, its peoples, cultures and  ...   platform for prominent visitors from the Pacific Islands to report on current affairs and issues from the region.. Advocating Pacific Islands interests on issues involving government and other institutions and bodies in the UK and Ireland.. Acting as an umbrella organisation linking societies and affiliated organisations which represent particular Pacific Island countries or interests, in the UK and Ireland and in Europe.. Providing a network of expertise to supply accurate information on Pacific Islands topics and issues.. What is PISUKI?.. ][Aims][..

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  • Title: How to join
    Descriptive info: JOINING THE.. SOCIETY.. Subscription rates.. :.. Individuals families £12 per annum (continuing members).. £15 per annum (new members).. UK Students and serving VSOs £ 6 per annum.. (Visiting Pacific students free).. Corporate members £50 per annum.. Kindred Organisations £15.. Islander Associations No Fee.. Pacific Island Students No Fee.. At present we can only accept postal applications.. Subscriptions are due on Jan 1 each year, and may be made annually, or for up  ...   the Pacific Islands Society of the United Kingdom and Ireland.. For membership please apply to the Membership Secretary :.. Mr.. David Evans,.. 9 Pershore Road.. Halesowen.. West Midlands.. B63 4QJ.. United Kingdom.. You may wish print a copy of the.. Membership Application Form.. Payment by bank Standing Order is welcome.. If you wish to pay in this way, a standing order mandate can be obtained from the Membership Secretary.. ][How to join][..

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  • Title: Sitemap
    Descriptive info: SITEMAP.. HOME.. Constitution of the Society.. Members only area.. Membership Application.. Newsletter - THE OUTRIGGER.. - extract from current issue.. Newsletter extracts - Summer 2010.. Newsletter extracts - 2009.. Newsletter extract - Summer 2006.. Newsletter extract -Winter 2005/6.. Newsletter extract -Summer 2005.. Newsletter extract - Winter 2004/5.. Newsletter extract - Summer 2004.. Newsletter extract - Autumn 2003.. Newsletter extract - Winter 2002/3.. Newsletter extract Summer 2002.. News and Views - Chairman's Report.. - Annual Report.. Older Reports.. News and Views 2 - Double Bill Talks.. News and Views 3 -Two Early Pacific Visitors to Britain.. Lee Boo's tomb, Rotherhithe - pictures.. Address by Meg Munn MP.. Address by Akuila Yabaki -.. Fiji - A year on from the April 2009 Constitutional Crisis.. Address by Marilyn Strathern.. Lecture by Rick Nimmo.. - Society Events - Other Events.. Events Pictures - Culture Evening, November 2007.. First Meeting of the Society.. Notes on First Edwin Smith Memorial Lecture, June 2007.. Pacific Islands Festival, August 2006.. Events Pictures - Girton College Reception, June 2006.. West Papua presentation..  ...   by Dr Heinz Schürmann-Zeggel of Amnesty International - Solomon Islands.. Extract from the paper delivered by Agnes Henson-Derby - Kiribati.. Additional Related Material - Oxford Papuan Rights Campaign.. Other Events.. Events Pictures - AGM 2002.. Events Pictures - AGM 2003.. Events Pictures - AGM 2005.. Events Pictures - Island Night 2003.. Events Pictures - Presentation of the Film The Land Has Eyes by Professor V.. Hereniko.. arranged by PISUKI, at the British Museum, July 9th 2004.. Pacific Links.. Gateways.. Academic, Education.. Arts, Literature, Language.. Environment and Development.. Geography, Maps, Population Statistics.. Governance, Economy, Law.. History, Voyaging, Archaeology.. Museums and Libraries.. News and Current Affairs.. NGOs and Societies.. Regional Organisations and International Institutions.. UK-Pacific Links.. Countries links map.. Links to Regions and Countries of the Pacific.. American Samoa.. Cook Islands.. Easter Island.. Federated States of Micronesia (FSM).. Fiji.. French Polynesia.. Guam.. Hawai.. i.. Kiribati.. (Republic of the) Marshall Islands.. Nauru.. New Caledonia/Kanaky.. New Zealand/Aotearoa.. Niue.. Northern Marianas.. Palau.. Papua New Guinea.. (West)Papua/Irian Jaya.. Pitcairn.. Samoa.. Solomon Islands.. Tokelau.. Tonga.. Tuvalu.. Vanuatu.. Wallis and Futuna..

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  • Title: The Outrigger
    Descriptive info: is the newsletter of the Pacific Islands Society.. It includes news of the Pacific and of PISUKI, and other Pacific-related events in the UK and Ireland.. A shorter news-sheet,.. PISUKI.. Report.. is published between issues.. OTHER EXTRACTS.. Lords Papua Plea - Election deadline for Fiji - 2009.. Fiji embarks on multiparty government - Summer 2006.. UK Pledges to Stay Active in the Pacific + Edwin's Last Mission - Winter 2005/6.. Islanders fear UK is 'quitting the Pacific' - Summer 2005.. Britain withdraws from aid body - Winter 2004/5.. Britain cleans up nuclear test island - Summer 2004.. Wave of sympathy over murdered Brothers - Autumn 2003.. Meet the Chevening Scholars - Winter 2002/3.. Strengthening Democracy in the Pacific - Summer 2002.. Katya.. Göbel.. Akuila Yabaki.. From.. Issue 53, Summer 2010.. Big efforts, small returns.. The Islanders had a bitter taste in their mouths, reports.. Katja Göbel.. THEY flocked to Copenhagen in December from all over the world for what was technically known as the 15th session of the Conference of the Parties (COP15) to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC).. There were 120 Heads of State and Government, over 10,500 delegates, 13,500 observers, and the proceedings were covered minutely by more than 3,000 media representatives.. But what do these record numbers say about the results of the big event? Not too much.. Big efforts were made by delegates and observers to establish an ambitious, fair and legally binding global climate agreement for the period from 2012 when the first commitment period under the Kyoto Protocol expires.. Whether at the Bella Center, where the conference took place, or at the Klimaforum09 , the alternative climate summit located near the central station in Copenhagen, non-governmental organisations, governments and institutions were able to learn about different aspects of climate change and its consequences.. There were various kinds of exhibitions, events and activities going on everywhere in Copenhagen.. There were also many representatives and delegates (and also the youth) from the Pacific.. Furthermore, organisations in Europe, which are interested in the region, demonstrated their solidarity with their Pacific friends in practical ways.. The Pacific Information Desk in Germany, in cooperation with the Pacific Networking in Europe organisation, presented an exhibition, Land Submerged in the Pacific, at different sites in Copenhagen as well as at the Bella Center to raise awareness for the devastating consequences of climate change for the Pacific Islands.. But in the end the conference took note of the Copenhagen Accord.. The final document of the conference was not legally binding and did not contain any legally binding commitments for reducing CO2 emissions.. The document only recognised that climate change is one of the great challenges of today s world, and that action should be taken to keep any temperature increase to below 2 degrees C, although it contained pledges for adaptation measures for developing countries.. Most of the participants were frustrated, especially the representatives of the most vulnerable countries like those from the Pacific region.. Their frustration was not only with the final result, but also about the way the conference was handled by the Danish government, in particular the drafting of the final document.. Tuvalu complained to the conference president about non-transparent processes.. Prime Minister Apisai Lelemia made no secret of his discontent.. We came here with the intention of signing on the bottom line and working out true, legally-binding agreements, he said.. Unfortunately, this is not happening.. The legal affects have been swept under the carpet.. We came to this meeting expecting an open and transparent process.. We will leave this meeting with a bitter taste in our mouth, with the true victims of climate change not having been heard.. Tuvalu, as all members of the AOSIS (Alliance of Small Islands States), demanded that temperature increases should be limited to 1.. 5 degrees C above pre-industrial levels, but this was not considered in the outcome of the conference.. Even with a current global warming of about 0.. 8 degrees C.. , low-lying islands like Tuvalu will suffer.. Some of the islands will be uninhabitable in the immediate future.. Fe iloakitau Kaho Tevi, General Secretary of the Pacific Conference of Churches, emphasised the AOSIS claim by stressing.. 1.. 5 to.. survive.. this is our future.. Representatives from the government of Kiribati as well as from the Australian-Pacific initiative, Pacific Calling Partnership, made big efforts to convince delegates about the threats to their countries.. Tessie Eria Lambourne, the Kiribati Secretary of Foreign Affairs and Immigration, referred to the problem of leaving Kiribati due to sea level rise.. We are on the frontline of climate change, we are on  ...   coup, but the Bainimarama government s actions have been intimidating, violating human rights.. The following articles of the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights (1948) are affected by the current media censorship:.. Article 18.. Freedom of Thought, Conscience and Religion,.. Article 19.. Freedom of Opinion and Expression,.. Article 20.. Right of Peaceful Assembly and Association,.. Article 30.. Freedom from State or Personal Interference.. in the Above Rights.. The importance of a free media is paramount.. Without it, government processes are no longer transparent or responsive to the needs of citizens, who cannot understand what is going on and cannot participate.. The December 2006 coup and the purported abrogation of Fiji s 1997 Constitution had serious implications for other developing countries in the South Pacific and elsewhere.. The attempted civilian coup of 19 May 2000 in Fiji triggered what has been referred to as a copycat attempted coup in the Solomon Islands, and may have influenced the rioting and civil unrest that took place in Tonga in November 2006.. Fiji is the leading nation in the South Pacific in terms of social and economic development, hosting most of the key regional institutions headquarters, yet is the only country in the region with a history of coup culture and illegitimate governments.. The disproportionately large size of the army in Fiji has been blamed for Fiji s coup problems.. After the Bougainville crisis, the Biketawa Declaration was created by the Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat, setting out procedures for crisis intervention.. The Biketawa declaration was successfully used by the Solomon Islands government when they requested Australian assistance after the 2000 uprising.. In November 2006, Fiji s ousted Prime Minister Qarase called on Australia and New Zealand to intervene, amidst public threats of a coup by Bainimarama.. Both countries declined, fearing bloodshed.. In the aftermath of the 2006 coup, CCF called on international organisations to assist Fiji in returning to sustainable electoral democracy through the processes provided under the Cotonou Agreement of the Asia, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) countries and the Milbrook Declaration of the Commonwealth.. The Milbrook Declaration was activated after the December 2006 coup, with the European Union and the ACP countries calling on the Bainimarama regime to hold an election in Fiji by December 2008.. The Fiji government agreed to elections by early 2009.. However, the abrogation of the Constitution, with elections put back to 2014, means that the Bainimarama government is no longer trusted.. The Cotonou Agreement, which provides for informal discussions aimed at resolving conflict and dialogue, has been ignored by Fiji.. The CCF and other non-government organisations have utilised international mechanisms to put pressure on the Fiji government to return to electoral democracy.. In February 2010, Fiji was reviewed by the UN under the Universal Periodic Review (UPR).. I represented the CCF at these consultations in Geneva.. We called on the interim government to have elections in Fiji at the earliest possible time, ensuring an independent judiciary in Fiji, and protecting human rights.. The major attempt since December 2006 to address problems of political instability was under the aegis of the National Council for Building a Better Fiji (NCBBF), launched in October 2007.. This was designed to lead to the creation of the People s Charter for Change, Peace and Progress (PCCPP).. The charter s key recommendations, such as electoral reforms, were included for discussion in the mid-2008 President s Political Dialogue Forum (PPDF), with facilitators from the UN and Commonwealth Secretariat.. The process began promisingly with the dialogue process but, in April 2009, four of the major political parties were excluded and the talks collapsed.. The interim government seems determined to push ahead with its own agenda regardless of whether or not it has popular or legal support.. It has suggested that there will be further constitutional development in 2012.. Current restrictions (PER) must be lifted so that citizens can express their views without fear of reprisal.. The Melanesian Spearhead Group, the Pacific Islands Forum and the Commonwealth Secretariat have all offered their support for a dialogue process that leads to elections.. Fiji s two major political rivals, ex-PMs Qarase and Chaudhry, are working together to revive an inclusive PPDF.. With the right attitude, dialogue can bring people together despite Fiji s history of ethno-political conflict.. The Rev Akuila Yabaki, a co-founder of the Pacific Islands Society of the UK and Ireland, is Chief Executive Officer of the Suva-based Citizens Constitutional Forum, which was established in 1991 as a platform for the discussion of constitutional issues.. This article is based on a talk he gave to the society several months ago and does not take into account recent developments..

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  • Title: News and views - report
    Descriptive info: NEWS AND VIEWS.. Chairman's Report.. Chairman's Report 2009/2010.. Address by Akuila Yabaki.. Double Bill Talks.. Two Early Pacific Visitors to Britain.. The.. C.. hairman, Mrs Chris Luxton.. 30th Anniversary Party.. Ftom the Book Special.. (click image for more pictures).. Rick Nimmo at the Edwin Smith Memorial Lecture 2012.. Ian Conrich speaking on Easter Island in popular culture.. (click on image for more pictures).. FROM THE CHAIRMAN S ADDRESSES 2012 AND 2013.. Chairman s Report.. (Presented at the 31st AGM, May 2012).. Since the last.. AGM.. , your Council has met four times in its 30.. th.. anniversary year, and hosted some successful and interesting events.. First the acclaimed.. Islands Picnic on 18.. June in Great Missenden.. which was written up in the last PISUKI Report.. Our warmest thanks to Agnes Henson-Derby, to whom also Happy Birthday, and her team including Norman Shackley and John Wilson for a really wonderful event, including a hog roasted by the local Fire Brigade!.. And an amazing Meke dance workshop by Ana Lavekau, much enjoyed by all the students.. Pictures on Facebook and Picasa.. On 30.. November,.. we enjoyed the hospitality of our Secretary Canon Rex Davis at a.. 30.. anniversary party.. at the beautiful Green Rooms at Grosvenor Chapel, in Mayfair, which was our first opportunity to welcome High Commissioner Kiap.. On.. 7.. December,.. we foregathered in the CPA, Commonwealth Parliamentary Association Room at the Houses of Parliament an oversubscribed event - to hear Lord Howell, Minister of State at the Foreign Commonwealth Office address us on The Modern Commonwealth and the Pacific Island Nations.. Whilst very bullish about the Commonwealth, there was little comfort in what he had to say regarding reopening of missions in the Pacific.. High Commissioners Kiap and Mara were joined on this occasion by the Tonga First Secretary, Sonata Tupou, and Vijay Krishnarayan, Deputy Director of the Commonwealth Foundation.. This year, in lighter vein,.. on 3.. rd.. March,.. at St Philips the Society hosted a Pacific Book Special, the initiative of Nicola Baird, a former publicity Officer.. Will Randall spoke engagingly about his best-selling travel memoir, Solomon Time, Rosie Millard read with brio from Bonnes Vacances:.. A crazy family adventure in the French Territories, and Nicola, author of e-romance Coconut wireless organised her delightful family to do much of the admin work.. I thnk I m right in saying tht there have been two editions of the excellent PISUKI Report produced by Editors Tom Hughes and Margaret Taylor, to whom much thanks.. Farewells precede welcomes and last year, we bade farewell to the indefatiguable former PNG High Commissioner, Jean Kekedo, in office since 2003.. I was pleased to represent.. the Society at the farewell for Jean hosted by the Tonga High Commission in July.. It is also pleasing since then to have been invited to sit as a Trustee of Wantok Support, the newly registered UK Charity, four Trustees of which are present today, which was the brainchild of Jean Kekedo.. Do ask Tandy Lubett, Oe Jameson or myself for more information, if you would like more information, or to support the charity.. It would take a braver woman than I am to comment on the current political situation in PNG, although HE the High Commissioner may provide informal insights later on.. Suffice it perhaps to say that the Commonwealth Secetariat yesterday issued a statement:.. Responding to events this week in Papua New Guinea, Commonwealth Secretary-General Kamalesh Sharma today strongly reiterated his call for respect of the rule of law in that country.. He urged all parties.. to exercise restraint in their actions and to ensure a peaceful and constructive resolution to the present situation through democratic and lawful processes.. The Secretary-General said that the rule of law, the independence and impartiality of the judiciary, and constitutional, democratic governance are core Commonwealth values, which must be preserved in Papua New Guinea.. Last year I reported that Social networking and mobile telephones have taken firm hold in Papua New Guinea and the wider Pacific.. Updating you, in May 2011 Facebook had.. already attracted 35,000 users in PNG.. By this May, the figure has more than doubled.. According to the Guardian.. this week that there are now over 80,000 Facebook users in-country.. Looking to the June election, Alphonse Gelu, registrar of PNG s Integrity of Political Parties and Candidates Commission commented:.. There s an unprecedented amount of action by civil society groups and trade unions, taking stands against Government decisions.. On your behalf I attended the 41.. st.. Anniversary of the Republic of Fiji s Independence, at which HC Mara had just come from presenting his credentials to HM The Queen.. Our hearts went out, last year to Queensland and to those in Christchurch.. This year, we were devastated to hear of the terrible floods in Fiji, and sent a donation of £200 to the appeal mounted by the High Commission in London,.. We were greatly saddened to learn of the death in March of the much loved King George Tupou V of Tonga.. On Saturday, 31.. March, I was privileged to rep  ...   talk to Vicky later.. Also in.. September, on the 28.. , members of three PISUKI Areas joined at short notice a most successful occasion in Central London, a dinner at the Holiday Inn, Mayfair, hosted by Agnes Henson-Derby, and David Wynne-Jones, Area Reps for London/Herts/Bucks, with a bit of help from Council Members located in the three areas, as well as.. Vernon Scarborough.. , who has responsibility for Area Representatives.. We were pleased to welcome High Commissioner Mara and Mrs Mara to this event.. The Phil Philo Lecture by the Curator of the Captain Cook Birthplace Museum was cancelled, due to unforseen circumstances, but will be rearranged to take place this year, somewhere in the Midlands.. The Grand finale to 2012 was the Pre-Xmas party on.. 11.. also at St Philips, a happy occasion attended by a number of students and excellently catered by Council Member Oe Jameson.. The profits from that event as we were nearing Xmas, were donated to the UK Charity,.. Wantok Support.. It is pleasing to have several Trustees of that Charity, including High Commissioner Kiap, here today.. We were delighted that the Chairman of the Kiribati Tungaru Association, Erin Orme, won first prize in the Raffle, having travelled from freezing Essex.. Do ask Oe, or Genevieve Ali-Teo.. for more information, in case you would like to join the charity.. In April this year I was pleased to travel to Devon for the PISUKI South-West Area event, organised by Tony Child with excellent speakers, lunch and a dance performance by two solo by members of the Kiribati Tungaru Association, KTA.. A selection of events, your chairman has attended on behalf of the Society, include:.. The Solomon Islands Independence Day Celebrations courtesy of Mazula Head in Solihull.. Nearest Saturday to 6.. July every year.. Tonga Day on 4.. August in Farnham, hosted by Elenoa Lyons.. It is invidious to mention particular Olympics related events, but in early August, the pan-Pacific week long inspirational Pacific Village overseen by Jane West of Fiji Travel, with located at St Katharine s Dock in the City of London, providing a home from home for Pacific Islanders and their wantoks was for me, and I m sure others, a highlight.. There was a Fiji military wives choir and meke group, and groups performing also included islanders from PNG, Vanuatu, Maori, Kiribati, Samoa, Solomons and more.. A Welcome reception for the Fiji President, and former London High Commissioner,.. on 26.. July at St Mary Abbots Centre in Kensington, also attended by Vernon Scarborough, and Margaret Taylor.. On 28.. July, A reception at the PNG High Commission Residence for the PNG Olympians, and on the same day.. At Greenbanks, the Tongan High Commissioner s residence a reception for Their Royal Highnesses, the Crown Prince and Princess and Team Tonga.. The London Pacific Fashion Show on 5.. October at the Salvation Army Theatre with profits going to Help for Heroes, Bank of Brothers.. In March 2013, the Commonwealth Youth Awards at Marlborough House, also attended by Michael Walsh, at the invitation of Tamara Sadgrove, who carried the Commonwealth Mace on Commonwealth Day in Westminster Abbey, and organised the 8.. Commonwealth Youth Ministers Meeting in Port Moresby in April.. Also in March, a Pacific Island Night at the Commonwealth Secretariat.. As there is not much time for wider Pacific news this year, I recommend the many excellent on-line daily reports and newsfeeds of, for example, Pacific Islands business, Australian and NZ Broadcasting Corporations, providing news of the Pacific,.. One thing you may have read about was the Women Arise movement in Papua New Guinea, a call to action to help end violence following recent horrific killings.. In solidarity with the Port Moresby Haus Krai (House of Mourning) held on 14.. /15.. , a service was held in London on 18.. May, last Saturday, organised by Chevening Scholar, Felix Kipalan and Collette Tsiperau from Leicester.. I was proud to stand with them.. Amnesty International in its report issued two days ago highlighted sorcery related killings in PNG, and.. police brutality in Fiji.. For the last two years I have reported that Social networking and mobile telephones have taken firm hold in Papua New Guinea and the wider Pacific.. PISUKI has gone with the flow and a couple of weeks ago put up a Facebook page, at date with 190 Likes not bad going.. Other Pacific based FB pages include British Friends of Vanuatu and.. UK in the Pacific.. the Facebook page for the British High.. Commission offices in the South Pacific.. located in Honiara, Suva and Port Moresby.. We were greatly saddened to learn of the death last week of the former Archibishop of Melanesia, Sir Ellison Pogo, following a long illness.. Finally, warm thanks to all who have served this year and given so freely of their time and energy especially new members of Council, Laisani Jioji, who also happens to work at the Fiji High Commission.. Also Siale Bain-Vete who, as reported earlier, but wishes to stand down through pressure of work.. ][News and views - report][..

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  • Title: Events
    Descriptive info: EVENTS.. PAST EVENTS.. The First Event.. the German Pacific Society and PISUKI publication r.. ecording the first meeting in 1981.. For larger pictures click on image.. The 30th Anniversary Event.. 26 November 2011.. A drinks party in the Garden Room, the Grosvenor Chapel, Mayfair, London.. This even marked the founding of the Society in December 1981.. For further pictures from Chris Luxton,.. Click on image.. Click below for HE.. John Dauth's Address.. to AGM 2009.. 'Changes in Australia's.. Approach to the.. Pacific?'.. An.. Address by Meg Munn M.. P.. , formerly Parliamentary.. Under-Secretary and Minister responsible for the Pacific.. 'Has the UK Forgotten its Friends in the Pacific?'.. December 8th 2008 -.. For text see 'News and Views' or click on image.. First Edwin Smith Memorial Lecture, June 2007.. for notes click on image.. Cultural Evening.. Nov.. 2007.. c.. lick on image for more pictures.. for pictures and report click on image.. Girton College Reception and Dinner, June 2006.. for more pictures click on image.. Benny Wenda and Richard Samuelson.. present information on (West) Papua.. at the 2005 AGM.. click on picture for further information.. The British Museum Study Day 2004.. PACIFIC ISLANDERS.. IN THE 21ST CENTURY.. Click on image below.. for papers and pictures.. Dr Fereti Dewa.. addresses the 2004 AGM.. For more pictures, click on image.. For.. text of address.. click.. here.. Insert c.. SOCIETY EVENTS.. PISUKI and KTA Family Picnic.. (Joint event of South Wales and Midlands Areas).. 31 August.. 2013.. 12 noon onwards.. Kiribati Consulate, The Great House , Llanddewi, Rhydderch, Monmouth shire, NP7 9UY.. For further information and contact details, see Members Area.. F.. On 20th.. June 2013.. at St Philip's  ...   and Popular Culture.. ,.. an illustrated talk, was delivered by Ian Conrich, at.. Philip's Church.. (Lower Hall), Earls Court Road,.. For pictures from Chrisl Luxton click.. On 13 August 2012.. a talk by.. Rev Akuila Yabaki, Executive Director.. of the Suva-based Citizens Constitutional Forum, was delivered at the.. Garden Rooms, Grosvenor Chapel South Audley Street, Mayfair, London.. For pictures of the event, click on image.. 6 July 2012 the.. Edwin Smith Memorial Lecture.. was delivered at.. the.. Inter.. -Parliamentary Union Room, Westminster Hall, Houses of Parliament.. Change in the Pacific - a Forum Perspective.. Presented by.. Rick Nimmo, Former Director, Political Governance and Security.. Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat (PIFS).. For pictures of the event , click on image.. For text of the lecture go to drop-down menu.. on News and Views or.. click here.. On 26 May 2012.. The Annual General Meeting.. was held at St.. Philip's,.. Court Road.. Guest Speaker: Professor Marilyn Strathern.. For pictures from Chris Luxton, click on image below.. For text of Professor Strathern's address go to drop-down.. menu on News and Views or.. OTHER EVENTS.. Squar.. 7 June 2013 - 19 April 2014.. Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology, Cambridge.. Exhibition:.. Chiefs and Governors: Art and power in Fiji.. More information from:.. http://maa.. cam.. ac.. uk/maa/chiefs-governors/.. htt.. p://.. The British Museum.. Two current exhibitions contain material from the.. museum's Pacific collections.. The Enlightenment:discovering the world in the eighteenth century.. is in the restored King's Library.. Living and Dying.. - is in the Wellcome Gallery.. There is additional material in the temporary displays of.. The Changing.. Museum.. , Room 2.. britishmuseum.. org/explore/galleries/themes/room_1_enlightenment/.. org/explore/galleries/themes/room_24_living_and_dying.. aspx.. /room_24_living_and_dying.. CLICK HERE FOR IMAGES OF FURTHER EVENTS.. ][Events][..

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  • Title: Links main
    Descriptive info: PACIFIC LINKS.. For information only - PISUKI does not endorse content of individual sites.. Links Metasites.. Regions and Countries of the Pacific.. Regional organisations and institutions.. Pacific and Pacific-related NGOs and Societies.. Geography, Maps, Population Stats.. UK-Pacific.. GATEWAYS.. (Sites offering extensive lists of links relating to the Pacific Islands).. Pacific Internet Resources (National Library of Australia).. Pacific Islands News and Information Links - Pacific Islands Report (PIDP).. Pacific Regional Links (Global islands Network.. ).. Pacific Related Links -ESfO (European Society for Oceanists).. Pacifique Sud (Ile en Ile) - links to Francophone sites.. Pacific Studies - WWW Virtual Library.. (Ceased publishing Jan 2011 - but still useful).. Te Puna Web Directory - Pacific (National Library of New Zealand).. Return to links menu.. PACIFIC NEWS AND CURRENT AFFAIRS.. Pacific Islands Report- East-West Center, Hawaii.. David Robie's Café Pacific.. Einnews.. com - Oceania News (Subscription).. Event Polynesia - News and Info.. Islands Business.. Michael J.. Field's South Pacific News.. News-PAD-Pacific.. OneWorld.. net - Oceania.. Pacific Beat (Australian Broadcasting Corporation).. Pacific Media - Newspaper links from Escape Artist.. Pacific Economic Bulletin Homepage.. Scoop (Auckland University of Technology Pacific Media Centre).. Radio New Zealand International.. SPASIFIK Magazine.. Pacific Journalism Review.. PACIFIC REGIONAL ORGANISATIONS AND INTERNATIONAL INSTITUTIONS IN THE PACIFIC.. ACP (African, Caribbean and Pacific Group of States- Secretariat).. ADB (Asian Development Bank) - Pacific.. CROP (Council of Regional Organisations in the Pacific - formerly SPOCC).. European Union - EU Pacific Strategy.. Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO - UN) - Sub-Regional office the Pacific Islands.. FFA (Forum Fisheries  ...   and the Pacific.. UNIFEM Pacific Regional Offi.. ce.. World Bank -Pacific Islands and the World Bank.. World Health Organisation - South Pacific.. World Health Organisation - Western Pacific Region.. PACIFIC AND PACIFIC-RELATED NGOs AND SOCIETIES.. Association of Pacific Studies, Germany.. Australia, New Zealand and Oceania Research Association, Poland.. British Friends Of Vanuatu.. Deutsch Pazifische Gesellschaft (Geman Pacific Society).. European Society for Oceanist.. s.. Foundation of the Peoples of the South Pacific International.. Friends of Micronesia (Japan).. Japanese Society for Oceanic Studies.. Kiribati and Tungaru Association (UK and Continental Europe).. Micronesian Seminar.. Oceanic Art Society.. OSPG - Österreichisch-Südpazifische Gesellschaft (Austrian Pacific Society).. Pacific Arts Association.. Pacific Cooperation Foundation (NZ/Aotearoa).. Pacific Islands Friendship Society (Tyynenmeren Saarden Ystävyys seura) in Finland.. Pacific Media Watch.. Pacific Networking in Europe.. Pacific Peoples Partnership -PPP (Canada).. Pacific Science Association.. Pazifik Netwerk (German Pacific NGO network.. PIANGO (Pacific Islands Association of Non Governmental Organisations).. The Polynesian Society.. Société des Océanistes.. UK-PACIFIC LINKS.. Government.. British High Commission, Port Moresby.. British High Commission, Suva.. Foreign Commonwealth Office -.. Country Profiles, Asia Oceania.. National Archives - FCO Western Pacific Archives.. Pacific Missions.. Fiji High Commission to the UK.. New Zealand High Commission (Te Aka Aorere) London.. Papua New Guinea High Commission in London.. Churches.. Papua New Guinea Church Partnership.. (Facebook.. Organisations.. Beats of Polynesia (Dance, music,culture).. British Nuclear Test Veterans Association.. Ngati Ranana London Maori Club.. Overseas Services Pensioners' Association.. Pacific Islands Society (SOAS).. Pacific Islands Study Circle (Stamps and postal history).. Te Kohanga Reo (London).. Te Nati Ni Kiribati.. ][Links main]..

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    Descriptive info: PACIFIC.. ISLANDS.. SOCIETY OF THE.. UNITED KINGDOM.. AND.. NORTHERN IRELAND.. CONSTITUTION.. Preamble.. THERE is a need to make the.. Islands.. better known and understood in the.. and.. Ireland.. In other countries, notably.. France.. Germany.. Holland.. , this need has been recognised by the establishment of societies specialising in.. Island.. affairs.. In order, therefore, to build closer and deeper relationships between the Pacific Islands, and the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland, and to have an organisation which will take a special inter est in Pacific Islanders visiting or staying in the United Kingdom or the Irish Republic and which will encourage Pacific studies in these countries, the Pacific Islands Society of the United Kingdom and Ireland has been formed.. Article 1 -.. Name of the Society.. The name of the Society shall be 'The Pacific Islands Society of the.. ', commonly known as 'The Pacific Islands Society'.. Article 2 - Objects of the Society.. The objects of the Society are -.. a).. to bring people with Pacific.. interests into contact with each other.. through social gatherings and networks;.. b).. to offer assistance and hospitality to visiting and resident Pacific Islanders;.. c).. to co-operate with similar bodies in other countries, with governments, churches.. and other organisations in the.. and with institutions anywhere.. concerned with the welfare of Pacific Islanders or with Pacific studies;.. d).. to promote knowledge and understanding of the.. , its peoples,.. cultures and current affairs, through public meetings and discussions, conferences and artistic displays;.. e).. to provide a welcome and a platform for prominent visitors from the Pacific.. Islands to report on current affairs and issues from the region;.. f).. to advocate.. interests on issues involving government and other.. institutions and bodies in the.. UK.. ;.. g).. to co-operate with and link societies and organisations which represent.. particular.. countries or interests in the.. and in.. Europe.. h).. to provide a network of expertise to supply accurate information on Pacific.. Islands topics and issues.. Article 3 - Membership.. Members of the Pacific Islands Society shall be.. such Pacific Islanders and friends of the Pacific who, being willing to co-operate.. in furthering and carrying out the aims of the Society, have been admitted to the Society by its Council in such manner as the Council may from time to time determine;.. members of the Council nominated in accordance with Article 6.. 1(d); and.. Corporate Members and Kindred Organisations admitted under Article 3.. 2.. 2.. Bodies in agreement with the objects of the Society may be admitted to the Society by its Council as Corporate Members or Kindred Organisations as appropriate.. 3.. The Council may elect to honorary life membership of the Society a person whose services to the Society or to the.. deserves recognition.. 4.. Members of the Society in their various categories shall pay such annual subscription as the Council may from time to time determine.. 5.. Any member of the Society may be removed from the roll of members by the votes of two-thirds of those members present at a meeting of Council if at least one month's notice of the intention to propose such a removal has been given in writing to the member concerned and to the members of the Council.. Should one year have elapsed since the payment of the annual subscription was due and notice have been given without effect, then the member will normally be deemed to have withdrawn from the Society.. Article 4 - Patrons.. The Society may invite without limit to number, persons of appropriate status resident in or concerned with the.. to become Patrons of the Society, and such Patrons shall be entitled to be kept informed of the affairs of the Society, to be consulted on matters affecting its work or the ordering of its affairs and to offer advice.. Article 5 - Administration.. The administration of the Society and its affairs shall be vested in its officers and the Council.. Heads of permanent diplomatic missions representing Pacific Island States resident in.. London.. shall be joint presidents of the Society, if willing to serve.. Officers of the Council shall be: the Chairman, the Vice-Chairman, the Secretary, the.. Assistant Secretary, the Membership Secretary, the Treasurer, and the Publicity Officer, hereinafter referred to as the 'Officers'.. The Officers shall be elected by the Annual General Meeting for a 3-year term and shall be eligible for re-election except that the Chairman shall  ...   of the Society and may dissolve any such committee.. 9.. The Council may organise or recognise groups of members of the Society meeting together as branches of the Society which shall make their own branch rules subject to approval of the Council.. 10.. Any 5 members of the Council may request in writing that a special meeting of the Council be held.. Such a meeting shall be convened within 6 weeks of the receipt of the letter by the Chairman of the Society.. There will be a vacancy on the Council if any elected member fails to attend meetings of the Council during a calendar year, but such person will be eligible for re-election.. Article 7 - General meetings.. A general meeting of the Society, to be known as the Annual General Meeting, shall be held each year on a date and at a place to be decided by the Council.. The Annual Report of the Council with a balance sheet and.. independently examined.. statement of accounts shall be presented at the Annual General Meeting.. Other general meetings may be called on the authority of the Council.. The Chairman shall summon a general meeting if 20 members of the Society sign a request to him to do so provided that in the view of the Chairman the object of the request lies within the objects of the Society.. Notice shall be given to all members not less than 3 weeks before any general meeting and the agenda shall be distributed before the meeting.. If officers or Council members are due for election the Secretary shall call for nominations with the notice of the meeting.. If all the Presidents, the Chairman and Vice-Chairman shall be absent from a General Meeting, the meeting shall elect a chairman for the occasion.. The decision of the chairman on any point of order or on the interpretation of the Constitution shall be final.. All other questions shall be deter mined by a majority of the votes of those present, the chairman having a casting vote in addition to his own vote.. Corporate members and Kindred Organisations shall each have one vote only.. Article 8 - Finance.. The Treasurer shall keep the accounts of the Society and be responsible for the preparation of the annual balance sheet and statement of accounts.. The accounts shall be.. at the end of each calendar year by.. a suitably qualified independent examiner.. appointed by the Council.. The funds of the Society are at the disposal of the Council for all expenses connected with the administration of the Society and may be invested as the Council may determine.. The Council may appoint trustees to care for any property or other assets of the Society.. Article 9 - Amendments to the Constitution.. The Constitution may be amended only at the Annual General Meeting or at a general meeting convened for the purpose.. Notification of any proposed amendment shall be sent out with the agenda of the meeting, and shall be given to the Secretary not less than one month before the date of the meeting.. Article 10 - Dissolution of the Society.. If the Council decides that it is necessary to dissolve the Society, it shall call a Special General Meeting of which not less than 21 days' notice (stating the resolution to be proposed) shall be given.. If the proposal is confirmed by a two-thirds majority of members present who have paid the necessary subscription and are entitled to vote, the Council shall have power to realise any assets held by, or on behalf of, the Society.. Any assets remaining after the satisfaction of any proper debts and liabilities shall be given or transferred to a charity concerned with the Pacific Islands, or a Society with similar aims to those of the Society, or to more than one of these.. A copy of the Statement of Accounts, or Account and Statement for the final accounting period of the Society must be presented to the Council for approval before any dissolution is completed.. Historical Note.. At an inaugural meeting of the Society held on.. December 12th, 1981.. , at.. in the.. , the constitution was formally adopted.. It was subsequently revised on.. 23 March 1985, 14 May 1988, 8 May 1993, 29 April 1995, 15 May 2004, 14 May 2005.. 20 May 2006, 12 May 2007.. [JFW.. 17/07/08.. (As amended at AGM 2011)..

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    Descriptive info: Pacific Islands Society.. of the United Kingdom and Ireland.. I/We wish to join the Pacific Islands Society of the United Kingdom and Ireland as:.. an individual [ ] a family [ ].. a UK student [ ] a serving VSO [ ].. a Pacific Islands Student [ ] Islander Association [ ].. Corporate Member [  ...   _________________________________________________.. ________________________________________________________.. _________________________________ Postcode_______________.. Telephone ________________________________.. E-mail____________________________________.. Pacific connection/country ____________________________________.. I enclose a Cheque/Postal Order/Money Order for:.. Subscription £ _______.. Donation £ _______.. Total £ _______.. I request a standing order mandate form [ ].. Signed.. ____________________________.. Date.. ____________________.. Please send to the Membership Secretary:.. David Evans,.. , Halesowen, West Midlands, B63 4QJ.. , United Kingdom..

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