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  • Title: City Club of Portland | Good citizens are the riches of a city
    Descriptive info: .. Skip to main content.. City Club of Portland.. Donate Now.. Membership.. Who We Are.. History.. Staff.. Board.. Board Meetings.. Bylaws.. Budget.. Committees.. News.. Contact.. What We Do.. Annual Reports.. Research.. Methodology.. Studies in Progress.. Report Archive.. Handbooks.. Advocacy.. Friday Forums.. Friday Forum Archive.. Broadcast Times.. Friday Forum FAQ.. Member-Led Forums.. New Leaders Collective.. Mentorship Program.. Members Write History.. Centennial History.. Membership Matters.. New Members.. New Member Orientation.. Join/Renew Today.. Directory.. Member Spotlight.. Supporters.. Corporate Sponsors.. Sponsor Benefits.. Media Partners.. Leadership Circle.. Annual Fund.. Annual Fund Donors.. Endowments.. Legacy Society.. Calendar.. Upcoming Friday Forums.. SPECIAL FRIDAY FORUM: Finding a Better Balance Between Surveillance and Privacy.. US Senator Ron Wyden and Congressman Earl Blumenauer.. Date:.. August 23, 2013 - 11:30am.. Speaker(s):.. Senator Ron Wyden;.. Congressman Earl Blumenauer.. To paraphrase Benjamin Franklin, anyone who trades liberty for security deserves neither.. As useful technology expands, so do the threats to individual privacy and liberties brought about by the misuse of that technology.. Recent revelations about the National Security Agency - how it collects information and from who - has raised serious concerns about whether we are protecting our liberties while ensuring security.. Reserve Tickets.. Read more.. about SPECIAL FRIDAY FORUM: Finding a Better Balance Between Surveillance and Privacy.. about Upcoming Friday Forums.. Mentorship Program- Apply Now!.. "As a new member of City Club and resident of Portland, Sharon VanSickle-Robbins and I engaged in an invaluable leadership exchange; she not only invested quality time, but also her social capital, which opened doors, catalyzing my growth and success as a civic and educational leader.. Because of the mentoring program, we are friends for life!".. Kimberlin Butler, 2012-2013 Mentee and current Outreach Chair of NLC.. A City Club of Portland membership offers access to a wide range of leaders and professionals in the Portland area, all of which are connected by a common interest in civic engagement and bettering their city.. Within this group of members are those with a desire to strengthen or demonstrate their leadership skills, gain and share knowledge of City Club activities and opportunities, and engage in  ...   (2000-01), received the City Club Award for his efforts to launch the.. New Leaders Council.. , and has served on the Friday Forum Committee during three separate stints.. Like many City Club members, Tillett was first attracted to the Club because of Friday Forums.. He heard Senator Hatfield speak on his reasons for voting down the MX missile, against his party.. Hatfield's frankness and rationale were so impressive to Tillett, that he says he just couldn't afford to miss out on future such discussions, and made the decision to join City Club.. about Paddy Tillett, 1984.. Knock, Knock! It s Your Neighbor.. September 17, 2013 -.. 5:30pm.. to.. 8:30pm.. Location:.. Bagdad Theater & Pub, 3702 SE Hawthorne Blvd.. , Portland.. City Club of Portland is a Presenting Partner for.. Knock, Knock! It’s Your Neighbor.. - an inspirational night, where members of our community will share hilarious, heart-felt, honest, bizarre and quirky stories of neighborly interactions.. about Knock, Knock! It s Your Neighbor.. Keep In Touch With Us.. Sign Up For Our Newsletter.. This form needs Javascript to display, which your browser doesn't support.. Sign up here.. instead.. Have an Idea for a City Club event?.. Who would you like to hear from?.. Do you have a civic question in need of good answer?.. Is there a policy issue you think needs a public airing?.. Click Here to Submit Your Forum Ideas.. Twitter.. Follow @pdxcityclub.. No Friday Forums in August, but you can catch up on the programs you missed on the City Club archive.. What was.. http://t.. co/Ws1wXvitKX.. 1 week 4 days.. ago.. Do you have stories of bizarre and humorous neighborly interaction? What's the most epic battle you've ever fought.. co/VQliXNVolj.. 1 week 6 days.. @grantschott.. one of our panelist said about 500 Oregon wineries!.. 2 weeks 2 days.. RT.. @RayleenMcMillan.. : Members of.. @pdxcityclub.. were pleasantly surprised today with wine tastings from.. @SokolBlosser.. I'm not imbibing, but i….. In the upcoming weeks: Oregon wines will fly free on.. @AlaskaAir.. @TravelOregon.. #cityclub.. more.. Search form.. Search.. Copyright ©2013 City Club of Portland.. Website Credits..

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  • Title: New/Returning Member Information | City Club of Portland
    Descriptive info: New/Returning Member Information.. Required fields are marked with a.. red asterisk *.. Membership Type.. *.. I am a new member.. I am renewing an existing membership.. First Name.. Last Name.. Title/Occupation.. Employer.. Home Address.. Street 1.. Street 2.. City.. State.. Zip.. Phone.. Email.. Business Address.. Date of Birth.. Month.. Month.. Jan.. Feb.. Mar.. Apr.. May.. Jun.. Jul.. Aug.. Sep.. Oct.. Nov.. Dec.. Day.. Day.. 1.. 2.. 3.. 4.. 5.. 6.. 7.. 8.. 9.. 10.. 11.. 12.. 13.. 14.. 15.. 16.. 17.. 18.. 19.. 20.. 21.. 22.. 23.. 24.. 25.. 26.. 27.. 28.. 29.. 30.. 31.. Year.. If you are a new member, what prompted you to join?.. Friday Forum.. New Leaders Collective (NLC) event.. Member-Led Forum (MLF) event.. Civic Salon.. Serve on an event committee (MLF, NLC, Friday Forum).. Serve on a research committee.. A friend/colleague suggested it.. My employer asked me to join or gave me a membership.. I’m new to town.. To learn about my community.. Social media source.. News source.. Other.. Please check as many as apply.. If a person referred you to City Club, please tell us who.. Preferred Email Address..  ...   Junior Membership.. Under 31 years.. $82.. 50.. Senior Membership.. 65 years and older AND.. 20 consecutive years of membership.. Student Membership.. Full Time Student.. $45.. 00.. Non-Resident Membership.. Do not live or work in Multnomah, Washington, Clackamas or Clark counties.. Family Membership.. Two people who reside at same address.. $275.. 1 standard and 1 junior or senior.. $205.. 2 juniors or seniors.. $135.. New Members: There is a one time activation fee of $25.. Membership Application.. Do you prefer to mail your application?.. Download the membership application here!.. Learn about City Club!.. If you are a new member to City Club, or if you are contemplating membership, mark your calendar for one of the upcoming welcome events! We'll talk about the many Club events and the committees that plan them.. You'll learn how to get involved and you'll meet people who share your interests in civic engagement at all levels.. 2013/14 Welcome Events.. September 11, 5:30pm.. November 6, 7:30am.. January 28, 5:30pm.. March 24, 5:30pm.. May 7, 7:30am.. All events are at the City Club Commons, 901 SW Washington.. EMAIL Jennifer.. to confirm your attendance..

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  • Title: Who We Are | City Club of Portland
    Descriptive info: City Club Mission:.. To inform its members and the community in public matters, and to arouse in them the realization of the obligations of citizenship.. City Club of Portland is a nonprofit, nonpartisan education and research based civic organization dedicated to community service, public affairs and leadership development.. Through weekly Friday Forums, citizen-based research reports and other programs City Club examines issues of importance to the Portland metropolitan region, the state and society as a whole.. Our 1,500 members represent a cross section of people in business, government, social services and other professions, who are committed to making a positive difference in our community.. Members encompass all ages and come from a wide range of  ...   generative discourse, and welcome the diverse voices of our community.. Access.. : City Club aspires to expand citizen access to public leaders, bring greater transparency to its operations, and enrich member opportunities to exercise leadership and influence in our community.. Interaction.. : City Club aspires to continually innovate interactive means of engaging citizens in the betterment of their community.. Relevance.. : City Club aspires to consistently address our community’s most relevant issues in a timely manner through balanced, non-agenda driven programming.. Sustainability.. : City Club aspires to attract and utilize all resources – human, financial, material and influential – in a manner that continually generates increased capability in the community as well as in the organization..

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  • Title: City Club History | City Club of Portland
    Descriptive info: City Club History.. The Origins of the City Club of Portland.. In the early years of the 20th century, a wave of progressive reform swept the United States.. Widespread disenchantment with the entrenched corporate and political elites led to an era marked by Theodore Roosevelt’s “trust-busting,” the struggle for women’s suffrage, prohibition, Upton Sinclair’s.. The Jungle.. , and labor activism.. In this milieu a new form of organization emerged, the “city club,” with the first of many founded in Cleveland in 1912.. Oregon was at the forefront of many progressive issues—the initiative referendum process, direct election of senators, the commission form of city government, protective labor laws, and the minimum wage.. And in the autumn of 1916, a small group of men began meeting in the Hazelwood Confectionary Restaurant in downtown Portland.. Well-educated, eager to foster positive change, and dissatisfied with the operation of the city’s public institutions, they felt that existing service organizations gave them no voice.. They decided to form a “distinctive club” along the lines of the new “city clubs” in Eastern cities, which served as community “watchdogs.. ” The idea of “just another luncheon club” didn’t appeal to them, nor did continuing to meet, eat, and gripe about conditions without doing anything about them.. And so they formed The City Club of Portland.. “No mossbacks or drones are wanted,” said the attorney who became the Club’s first secretary.. The Club was never to deteriorate into a tool of special interests.. To guarantee independence, dues paid by individual members would fund the Club.. Neither politics nor money were to suppress ideas and ability.. Character, intelligence, training, civic-mindedness, and a desire to help the community were wanted and fostered.. The first constitution and bylaws set down seven purposes of the Club:.. •To bring together congenial, forward-looking men of divergent beliefs, politics and occupations.. (Women were admitted to membership in 1973).. •To assemble a library of information relating to all phases of civic life.. •To study and discuss impartially Portland’s civic problems.. •To work for the improvement of the city’s economic and social conditions.. •To encourage fellowship which would breed ideas and to endeavor intelligently  ...   2004-2005.. Korleen Kraft.. 2003-2004.. Andrew Linehan.. 2002-2003.. Susan Kelly.. 2001-2002.. Paddy Tillett.. 2000-2001.. Harriet Watson.. 1999-2000.. Lloyd Anderson.. 1998-1999.. Peter Heuser.. 1997-1998.. Frances Storrs.. 1996-1997.. Kristine Olson.. 1995-1996.. Don Frisbee.. 1994-1995.. Don Barney.. 1993-1994.. Mary McWilliams/Don Barney.. 1992-1993.. Patty Bedient.. 1991-1992.. Jim Westwood.. 1990-1991.. Mary Cramer.. 1989-1990.. Bill Lesh.. 1988-1989.. Philllip R.. Bogue.. 1987-1988.. Charles Hinkle.. 1986-1987.. Randall Kester.. 1985-1986.. Orcillia Forbes.. 1984-1985.. Harry Demorest.. 1983-1984.. Bob Shoemaker.. 1982-1983.. Pauline Anderson.. 1981-1982.. Charles Davis.. 1980-1981.. Jon Schleuning.. 1979-1980.. Mike Katz.. 1978-1979.. Ogden Beeman.. 1977-1978.. Bob McMenamin.. 1976-1977.. Bill Webber.. 1975-1976.. Cliff Carlsen.. 1974-1975.. George Dysart.. 1973-1974.. Don Sterling.. 1972-1973.. Sid Lezak/John Bledsoe.. 1971-1972.. Ken Klarquist.. 1970-1971.. Herbert Goodman.. 1969-1970.. Samuel Stewart.. 1968-1969.. John Bledsoe.. 1967-1968.. R.. Evan Kennedy.. 1966-1967.. Allan Hart.. 1965-1966.. Stetson Harmon.. 1964-1965.. Carleton Whitehead.. 1963-1964.. Thomas Stoel.. 1962-1963.. Donald Morrison.. 1961-1962.. John C.. Beatty, Jr.. 1960-1961.. Rudie Wilhelm, Jr.. 1959-1960.. McDannell Brown.. 1958-1959.. Dean Anderson.. 1957-1958.. Marcolm Bauer.. 1956-1957.. Frances Staten.. 1955-1956.. Hugh Barzee.. 1954-1955.. Luke Roberts.. 1953-1954.. Dr.. Paul Wright.. 1952-1953.. L.. Riggs.. 1951-1952.. Richard Steiner.. 1950-1951.. Morgan S.. Odell.. 1949-1950.. David Robinson.. 1948-1949.. Blair Stewart.. 1947-1948.. Ralph Thom.. 1946-1947.. Eugene Caldwell.. 1945-1946.. Clarence D.. Phillips.. 1944-1945.. C.. B.. Stephenson.. 1943-1944.. Henry M.. Gunn.. 1942-1943.. Verne Dusenbery.. 1941-1942.. Clarence Young.. 1940-1941.. Raymond B.. Walker.. 1939-1940.. Berkeley Snow.. 1938-1939.. George Mackenzie.. 1937-1938.. E.. Zollinger.. 1936-1937.. Randall S.. Jones.. 1935-1936.. Quincy Scott.. 1934-1935.. Nicholas Jaureguy.. 1933-1934.. William C.. McCulloch.. 1932-1933.. Richard W.. Montague.. 1931-1932.. Charles McKinley.. 1930-1931.. Stuart Strong.. 1929-1930.. McKinnon.. 1928-1929.. MacCormac Snow.. 1927-1928.. J.. P.. Newell.. 1926-1927.. Ernest C.. Willard.. 1925-1926.. George N.. Woodley.. 1924-1925.. Ludwig.. 1923-1924.. Thaddeus W.. Veness.. 1922-1923.. T.. Mische.. 1921-1922.. D.. Bosley.. 1920-1921.. Robert R.. Rankin.. 1919-1920.. H.. Ashley Ely.. 1918-1919.. 1917-1918.. Sensenich.. 1916-1917.. G.. Cornish.. Read about City Club s First 50 Years.. In 1966, Ellis Lucia wrote the definitive account of the Club's first fifty years:.. The Conscience of a City.. Who will produce the next historical work to commemorate the Club's 100th Anniversary in 2016? We don't know yet.. But members make history every year by organizing game-changing political debates and authoring influential policy reports.. You too can make history by.. joining.. City Club now..

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  • Title: Who's Who at City Club: Staff | City Club of Portland
    Descriptive info: Who's Who at City Club: Staff.. Sam Adams.. Title:.. Executive Director.. Email:.. Phone Extension:.. 101.. Until 2013, Sam Adams most recently was the Mayor of Portland, Oregon.. Prior to being elected Mayor, Sam served a four-year term as City Commissioner and 11 years as Chief of Staff to Portland Mayor Vera Katz.. His earlier public service includes work as the Political Director of the Oregon House Democrats and as an aide to Oregon Congressmen Peter DeFazio.. Sam’s non-profit service includes: All Hands Raised (Co-founder), Greater Portland, Inc.. (Co-founder), U.. Conference of Mayors (Chair, Metro Economies Committee), National League of Cities, Oregon Mayors Association, National Association of City Transportation Officials (Treasurer), Portland Streetcar, Inc.. , Bicycle Transportation Alliance, Creative Advocacy Network (Co-founder), Oregon Art PAC (Co-founder), Innovation Partnership (Co-founder), Q Center (Co-founder), Basic Rights Oregon, Cascade Aids Project (Chair), Portland Sustainability Institute (Co-founder).. Greg Wallinger.. Research and Policy Director.. 103.. Greg Wallinger received his Masters of Public Administration at Portland State University and his bachelors in Political Science at Susquehanna University in Pennsylvania.. Prior to joining City Club, Greg worked on policy, advocacy and volunteer management projects with Stand for Children, the Oregon Community Foundation, Oregon Public Broadcasting, and the Multnomah County Office of Sustainability.. Co-author  ...   in accounting (PSU and WSU Vancouver) and is focused on passing the Uniform CPA Exam in 2013.. Jennifer has a diverse background in hotel / hospitality management and event planning, which led her to community event planning and ultimately non-profit administration.. She speaks Spanish near fluently after completion of a six month cultural program at the University of Guadalajara, and in her spare time she works with her 10 year old quarter horse, Paco.. Rachel Loskill.. Program and Communications Coordinator.. 100.. As Program and Communications Coordinator, Rachel is liaison to City Club’s event-programming committees: Friday Forum, Member-Led Forums, and New Leaders Council.. Most recently, she worked with LGBTQ students and allies at colleges across the state to eliminate barriers and create safe spaces for all students.. She’s in Oregon thanks to EMILY’s List Campaign Corps, a program that sends young people across the United States to help women get elected into office.. After contributing to a winning campaign in Bend, OR for Judy for District 54, Rachel continued working as her Legislative Assistant in the Oregon State Legislature.. Rachel’s passion and work experience has focused on developing young leaders and engaging them in democracy, with organizations such as Oregon Student Association and The Bus Project..

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  • Title: Who's Who at City Club: Board of Governors | City Club of Portland
    Descriptive info: Who's Who at City Club: Board of Governors.. John Horvick.. President.. John Horvick will be the first under-40 president in over 30 years.. John brings the commitment of a new generation of Club members to the role of president-elect.. Since joining City Club in 2004, John has volunteered for two research committees and chaired the Research Board, chaired the New Leaders Council, co-created several Member-Led Forum events, and served on the Board of Governors.. Professionally, he is as a research associate at DHM Research where he conducts public opinion research in a variety of policy areas, including health care, education reform, sustainability, land use planning, and water management.. John previously served as a project director at the University of Nebraska Bureau of Sociological Research, where he focused on tobacco policy, and at the OHSU School of Nursing, where he managed a Phase III clinical trial related to family caregiving.. John graduated from the University of Minnesota with a sociology degree.. He has a long-standing interest in conflict resolution and has been a volunteer mediator with Resolutions Northwest's neighborhood program.. John is also a devoted long-distance runner, competing in marathons and competitions across the country.. Karen Kervin.. President-Elect.. Karen Kervin is a 10-year member of City Club, and has served as chair of the Advocacy Awareness Board, secretary of the Board of Governors, and chair of the 2012/13 executive director search committee.. Karen and her family own two local businesses, Kervin Bros.. Ornamental Iron and Pip’s Frozen Yogurt Gelato.. As the chief marketing officer for Schwabe, Williamson Wyatt for seven years, Karen held firm-wide administrative responsibility for all facets of the organization’s client relations, marketing, public relations and business development activities.. Karen also serves as vice-chair of the board of Camp Fire Columbia.. David Quisenberry.. Secretary.. David Quisenberry joined City Club in 2010, currently serves on the Club's Research Board and is research advisor to the property tax study committee.. Past City Club involvement includes 2012/2013 executive director search committee, research advisor to the Casino Ballot Measure Study in 2012, and vice-chair of the Club's PERS Reform comprehensive study.. Professionally, David is an independent wealth advisor helping clients locally and nationally with fee-only financial planning, asset management, and comprehensive wealth advice.. He is a graduate of Whitworth University and also serves as vice-chair of the board of directors of The Dougy Center.. Bill Holmer.. Treasurer.. Bill Holmer has been a member of City Club for over 10 years and has served as Treasurer since 2011.. Prior City Club service includes membership on the Friday Forum Committee, the Finance Committee, and serving on the City Club study on the Business Environment in Portland.. Following graduation from Princeton University with a degree in Economics, Bill served in the Peace Corps in Ecuador before receiving an M.. B.. from Stanford University.. Bill works as an Accredited Senior Appraiser in Business Valuation with the First Princeton Corporation, a business he formed in 1983.. Bill is a member of the Board of Trustees of Lake Grove Presbyterian Church, where he sings in the choir, and is also a member of the Estate Planning Council of Portland.. Rob Aldisert.. Governor.. Rob Aldisert is the managing partner at Perkins Coie.. He recently chaired the Club's PERS study committee and is leading the advocacy efforts for the study's recommendations.. He has practiced law for 20 years and focuses on the trial and litigation of business, commercial and product liability cases in the federal and state courts of Oregon, California and Washington.. He is a graduate of Columbia University (A.. , History) and Loyola Law School.. Jeanne Crouch.. Jeanne Crouch is the Director of Sustainable Growth at Charter Construction where she focuses on business development, community outreach and steering the company’s activities in an ever more sustainable direction.. Prior to her work at Charter, Jeanne was a management consultant, guiding owners and executives of mid-sized companies in growing their businesses to the next level of performance.. Earlier in her career she held various management and senior positions at Callanetics Franchise Corporation, CoBank and the Browning Corporation, served as a policy advisor to the South African government, co-founded Environmental Training and Consulting International and served in the International Executive Service Corps.. In 2011 Jeanne received the Volunteer of the Year award from the Oregon Community Associations Institute (CAI) and in  ...   executive director of the Native American Youth and Family Center (NAYA) in Portland for over 11 years.. She holds a masters in public health from the Mark Hatfield School of Government at Portland State University and two bachelors of science, one in public health and another in American Indian studies from Oregon State University.. She serves on a number of boards, including the Comcast/NBC National Philanthropic Board, the National Urban Indian Family Coalition and the Oregon Education Investment Board.. Immediate Past President.. Pat McCormick is a partner in AM:PM PR, a Portland public relations firm he founded in 2010 with his daughter, Allison.. For the prior 20 years, Pat was a partner in Conkling Fiskum McCormick, a public affairs, research and public relations firm with offices in Portland, Salem and Washington, D.. He brings 40 years of experience in Oregon public policy and communications to the counsel he offers clients and colleagues.. In 1999 his Portland PR peers honored him with the prestigious William Marsh Lifetime Achievement Award.. Pat’s public policy role began as chief of staff to Oregon House Majority Leader Les AuCoin, then as Oregon staff director after AuCoin was elected to Congress.. Pat returned to the state capitol as chief of staff to House Speaker Hardy Myers.. He then founded his own public affairs firm and directed the state’s high tech trade association.. He later managed state affairs for Tektronix and served as senior VP at Pihas Schmidt Westerdahl advertising and PR agency before joining CFM in 1991.. Pat has been a City Club member since 1969.. Su Midghall.. Su is the Managing Partner of Davis, Hibbitts Midghall, Inc.. (DHM Research), a non-partisan and independent public opinion research firm specializing in public policy issues and social causes.. Su has been in her field for close to 15 years and feels privileged to work on important reform issues like education, health and wellness, alternative transportation and renewable energy.. She strives to bring more awareness of the values and beliefs of 18-24 and 12-17 year-olds on these issues.. Su came to the US from South Korea to take advantage of our great public education, eventually graduating from the University of Tennessee in Marketing and Psychology, before finding her home in Portland.. Su has been a City Club member since 2008.. Kourtney Nelson.. Kourtney Nelson was the chair of the New Leaders Council for two years and previously served as its events subcommittee chair.. She works for Iberdrola Renewables and has been in the energy industry since 2000, with expertise in western renewable energy markets.. Kourtney serves as the secretary for the Portland Chapter of the Women of Wind Energy and has supported various organizations in Portland, including the Oregon Food Bank.. She is a graduate of the University of Portland.. Mac Prichard.. Mac Prichard is founder and president of Prichard Communications, a public relations and social media firm that serves foundations, non-profits and public agencies across the country.. Mac earned a Master of Public Administration degree at Harvard University and a degree in political science at the University of Iowa.. Mac has been a spokesman for the Oregon Department of Human Services and other state agencies, was a speechwriter and deputy legislative director for Oregon Governor John Kitzhaber, and served as communications director for Earl Blumenauer at City Hall.. He also served on the board of The Bus Project.. Mac joined City Club in 2004, served on the Agora committee for two years and has served on the Board of Governors for two years.. Jazzmin Reece.. Jazzmin Reece moved to Oregon in 1999 to pursue a college degree and the experience of a college athlete.. Since graduating from Willamette University, she has held many roles related to real estate development, planning, policy, education and technology.. Today she works for Nike as a business systems analyst and is also the owner of a certified Minority Woman Emerging Small Business (MWESB) that is focused on project management, business analysis and system support for Geographic Information Systems (GIS).. Jazzmin is passionate about civic engagement and served on the City Club's research study committee on regional transportation governance.. As the current president of the Urban League of Portland Young Professionals, she understands the importance of community advocacy, outreach and education on policymaking and decisions that impact an entire community and its residents..

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  • Title: Board Meetings | City Club of Portland
    Descriptive info: The next board meeting will be on Monday, May 13, 2013, from 11:30am to 1:00pm, at the City Club Commons, 901 SW Washington St.. , Portland, OR 97205.. City Club members are welcome to observe board meetings with advanced reservations.. Email Jennifer at.. info@pdxcityclub.. org.. to make your reservation.. Minutes Fiscal Year 2012-2013.. Attachment.. Size.. May Executive Director Report.. pdf.. 195.. 61 KB.. minutes 4-22-13.. 70.. 5 KB.. minutes 4-4-13..  ...   ED Report 3-11.. 426.. 76 KB.. minutes 2-11-13.. 84.. 21 KB.. ED report-Feb.. 2013.. doc.. Members Caucus Notes 2-5-13-FINAL.. 40 KB.. City Club Member Caucus Interests 2-6-13.. 36.. 54 KB.. revised minutes 1-14-13.. 55.. 55 KB.. minutes 12-10-12.. 38.. 16 KB.. minutes 11-12-12.. 65.. 02 KB.. minutes 10-08-12.. 88.. 7 KB.. REVISED minutes 09-24-12.. 58 KB.. minutes 09-10-12.. 80.. 79 KB.. minutes 7-17-12.. 54.. 08 KB.. minutes 06-25-12.. 79.. 6 KB..

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  • Title: Bylaws | City Club of Portland
    Descriptive info: City Club's Bylaws are attached below.. Proposed Bylaw Change, February 11, 2013.. View the proposed change to allow on-line voting here.. Bylaws 2010 Final.. 33.. 88 KB..

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  • Title: FY 13 Operating Budget | City Club of Portland
    Descriptive info: FY 13 Operating Budget.. Year to Date Financial Statements, (March 31, 2013).. Balance Sheet.. YTD Budget to Actual.. The 2012 - 2013 and the 2013-2014 Operating Budgets are attached below.. CC_Budget_2012-13 approved.. 32.. 28 KB.. CC_Budget_2013-14.. 15 KB..

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  • Title: City Club Committees | City Club of Portland
    Descriptive info: City Club Committees.. These are the active City Club of Portland committees.. Click on the committee title link to learn more about the committee.. Advocacy Awareness Board.. City Club Town Hall.. Chair:.. Merril Keane.. advocacy@pdxcityclub.. The Advocacy Awareness Board provides support and oversight for City Club's numerous advocacy committees.. Advocacy committees are formed when the Club's membership adopts the recommendations contained in a recently published research report.. These advocacy committees are charged with informing decision-makers and the wider public about the Club's adopted policy positions.. Applications.. for A A Board membership are due April 27.. City Club also accepts applications for various.. advocacy committees.. on a rolling basis.. about Advocacy Awareness Board.. Centennial Committee.. Ted Kaye.. 100Years@pdxcityclub.. The City Club Centennial Committee (CCCC) is charged with organizing, promoting, coordinating, and implementing the activities commemorating the Club’s 100th anniversary before and during 2016.. The centennial commemoration will: a) celebrate among the membership the Club’s reaching a milestone anniversary, b) record and publish documentation of the Club’s history, especially 1966–2016, c) educate the broader public about the Club’s role and accomplishments, and d) look forward into the Club’s next century.. about Centennial Committee.. Finance Committee.. finance@pdxcityclub.. The Finance Committee provides oversight of the fiscal management of City Club, proposing an annual budget  ...   audience, statewide on OPB radio and locally on cable access television.. Committee members are well-informed about timely topics and have access to experts who could address timely and pertinent topics.. about Friday Forum.. Member-Led Forums Committee.. Paula Amato.. agora@pdxcityclub.. Member-Led Forums plan events that inform our community about critical issues, while sparking conversation and change in our area.. about Member-Led Forums Committee.. Brian Forrester.. newleaders@pdxcityclub.. New Leaders Collective (NLC) promotes civic engagement, education and equity by fostering dialogue and collaboration among young leaders in Portland.. NLC is a group of active young (and young-at-heart!) citizens who love this city and work to make it better by finding opportunities for civic involvement that are informative, interactive, and fun!.. about New Leaders Collective.. Research Board.. Kathy Black.. research@pdxcityclub.. The Research Board provides oversight and support for the Club's numerous comprehensive and ballot measure study committees.. Research Board members identify study topics, develop study charges, serve as advisors to various study committees, and review and approve draft reports.. Membership on the Research Board requires prior service on a City Club comprehensive or ballot measure study committee.. City Club also regularly issues calls to its members to join one of the many.. comprehensive and ballot measure study committees.. launched each year.. about Research Board..

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  • Title: City Club in the News | City Club of Portland
    Descriptive info: City Club in the News.. Year:.. -Year.. 2004.. 2005.. 2006.. 2007.. 2008.. 2009.. 2010.. 2011.. 2012.. 2013.. Text:.. Publication:.. - Any -.. Albany Democrat-Herald.. AP Feed.. Asian Reporter.. Associated Press.. Bend Bulletin.. Blog.. Bloomberg.. Blue Oregon.. Clackamas Review.. Corvallis Gazette-Times.. Daily Astorian.. Daily Journal of Commerce.. Daily Vanguard.. Dow Jones.. East County News.. El Hispanic News.. Examiner.. H N/Herald and News.. Hillsboro Argus.. Just Out.. KATU.. KBND.. KGW.. Kink FM.. KLCC Eugene.. KOIN 6.. KPTV/Fox.. KTVZ Channel 21.. KVAL Eugene.. Lake Oswego Review.. Lunch Times.. Lund Report.. Medford News.. Misc.. Websites.. News4Neighbors.. Newsletter.. NPR.. OPB.. OPB News.. Oregon Business.. Portland Architecture.. Portland Business Journal.. Portland Daily Journal of Commerce.. Portland Mercury.. Portland Monthly.. Portland Public School News.. Portland Spectator.. Portland Tribune.. PSU Daily Vanguard.. Regal Courier.. Register-Guard.. Seattle Times.. SPUR.. Statesman Journal.. Street Roots.. The Columbian.. The Daily News.. The Dalles Chronicles.. The Nation.. The Oregonian.. The Skanner.. USA Today.. Willamette Week.. Yamhill County News Register.. Topic:.. Agora.. Architecture.. Childhood.. Economy.. Education.. Elections.. FPDR.. General.. Health Care.. Issue committees.. New Leaders.. Politics.. Portland Development Commission.. Programs.. Transportation.. Title.. Topic.. 09/23/2012.. Studies Offer a Look at the Viability of Serveral PERS Solutions.. 09/02/2012.. PERS tax perk for out-of-state retirees has to go.. 07/05/2012.. City Club to address Supremes health ruling.. 06/02/2012.. Failure to support Fair Housing Act leads to subsidized segregation.. 05/31/2012.. Leadership for the next generation.. 05/20/2012.. Teachers sacrifices fall short.. 05/11/2012.. Public Records Access Burdens  ...   04/24/2012.. Fritz Nolan Politifact.. Geithner takes a ‘ride’ on unfinished Oregon Iron Works streetcar.. 04/23/2012.. City Club of Portland will embark on comprehensive study of bicycling.. Geithner Warns Of Fiscal Cliff Facing US.. 04/21/2012.. Mayoral candidates diverge on Columbia River Crossing project.. Portland mayoral debate: More image than economy?.. Steve Duin: Most likely to succeed as Portland mayor? Who knows?.. 04/20/2012.. Mayoral candidates meet in City Club of Portland debate.. Mayoral candidates find little disagreement in City Club debate.. Portland mayoral debate gives undecided voters points to ponder.. PDX Mayoral Contenders Sharpen Attacks, Stick To Talking Points At City Club.. 04/19/2012.. Wheels coming off the bus.. 04/18/2012.. Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner appearing at Portland City Club next week.. Treasury Secrectary Tim Geithner appearing at Portland City Club next week.. Treasury Secretary Geithner to speak at City Club.. Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner to speak at City Club.. 04/13/2012.. National Medicaid companies want in on the Oregon Health Plan; lawmakers cry fou.. 04/04/2012.. Commissioner Race Pits Incumbent Fritz Against Legislator Nolan.. 03/30/2012.. Amanda Fritz and Mary Nolan, candidates for Portland City Council, debate.. Nolan Blasts Fritz At City Club Debate.. Nolan goes after Fritz over new 911 system failures during debate.. 03/24/2012.. DeFazio timber bill slights water quality, recreation, salmon.. 03/23/2012.. Jeff Cogen announces public market deal in State of Multnomah County address.. Cogen: County has a deal for new public market.. Pages.. ….. next ›.. last »..

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