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  • Title: PWA :: Home
    Descriptive info: .. Skip over navigation.. Portland Workforce Alliance.. Home.. What We Do.. Career Expo.. Get Involved.. Who We Are.. Donate.. Portland Workforce Alliance: Our Mission.. Portland Workforce Alliance is dedicated to building enduring partnerships between local businesses and Portland metro high schools.. Providing concrete real life work experiences for students will enrich their academic experience, engaging all students to graduate and make more informed coherent career choices after high school or college.. PWA paves the way for our youth to contribute to the economic vitality of our region.. Our Goals.. The Portland Workforce Alliance (PWA) is an independent, nonprofit organization that was created in 2005.. The goals of the Portland Workforce Alliance are to:.. 1.. Skilled Workforce.. Help provide the region with a skilled workforce.. 2.. Partner with Business Industry to educate students about Career Opportunities.. Develop experiences ( career days, internships, mentorship programs,etc.. ) for high school students that help to motivate them to succeed academically and continue their education after high school.. 3.. Increase the High School Graduation Rate.. Many studies conclude that students are far more likely to stay in school and graduate if they see the relevance of their education and have a relationship with a  ...   completion rates improve.. Two recent studies conclude that relevance is a critical factor in student success and in helping students transition to the next level:.. "The Silent Epidemic" : Perspectives of High School Dropouts.. Bill Melinda Gates Foundation -- Excerpt from the Executive Summary:.. "While most dropouts blame themselves for failing to graduate, there are things that they say schools can do to help them finish: Four out of five students (81%) said that there should be more opportunities for real world learning and some in the focus groups called for more experiential learning.. They said students need to see the connection between school and getting a good job.. ".. read full article.. "Reclaiming the American Dream" : The Bridgespan Group.. " Academic preparation is necessary but not sufficient, however, in helping low-income students enroll in and graduate from college.. Expectations about college attendance are important with one in particular standing out: a student's expectation that a college degree will be essential to pursue his or her desired career.. Students who make this connection are six times more likely to earn their degree than those who did not.. Copyright 2013 Portland Workforce Alliance - Portland, OR // Dreams.. Skills.. Jobs..

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  • Title: PWA :: What We Do
    Descriptive info: Dreams.. Click here.. for PWA's 2011-2012 calendar of selected career related learning experiences.. ARCHITECTURE Construction.. ZGF ARCHITECTS LLP: ARCHITECTURE CAREER DAY.. A one-day event in October that educates students about what an architect does and the skills required to be successful.. A one-day event in October that educates students about what an architect does and the skills required to be successful in this growing field.. Students visit ZGF's new offices, tour downtown buildings and work in small groups with mentors to design a middle school.. read more.. HOWARD S.. WRIGHT CONSTRUCTION: Career DayS.. Students can tour a downtown office building undergoing a major remodel and learn from construction managers about career opportunities in the industry.. WRIGHT CONSTRUCTION: TOURS OF EDITH GREEN FEDERAL BUILDING.. Other career opportunties in the construction industry including engineering, design and the trades.. Students will also learn from professionals about sustainable building practices and new techniques to make buildings more energy efficient.. Industry professionals shared with students the work involved in constructing a "green" building such as the Edith Green Federal Building, one of the most energy effienient buildings west of the Mississippi River.. ACE CAREER DAY MENTORING PROGRAM.. Ninety five students worked in small teams with over 60 mentors to "design, construct and engineer" a variety of buildings while learning.. ACE.. After School Mentorship Program.. October 25 27 - Info Sessions.. January - May 2012 - Actual Sessions.. Ninety five students work in small teams with over 60 mentors to "design, construct and engineer" a variety of buildings while learning about career opportunities and the skills required to become a successful architect, construction manager and engineer.. Students participate in 12 after school sessions that are held in the offices of some of the leading firms in Oregon.. Seniors are eligible for college scholarships.. Arts Communications.. SECOND STORY INTERACTIVE MEDIA: STUDIO CAREER DAY.. Since 1994, Second Story has conceptualized, designed and developed interactive media experiences in diverse formats that enchant.. Since 1994, Second Story has conceptualized, designed and developed interactive media experiences in diverse formats that enchant, inform and entertain.. Students will have an opportunity to visit with employees to discuss their work, observe creative exhibits and learn about the skills required to be successful in one of the most unique media companies in Oregon.. WIEDEN+KENNEDY | ADVERTISING CAREER DAY.. Fifty students from Portland Public High Schools participated in the Wieden+Kennedy Career Day which exposed students to 13 different career opportunities.. WIEDEN+KENNEDY: CAREER DAY.. Wieden+Kennedy will host a Career Day that will allow students to interact with Creative Art Directors, Creative Writers, Studio Designers, Digital Designers, Media Communications Planners and other employees.. Wieden+Kennedy has offices in Portland and seven other cities on five continents.. W+K was voted best advertising agency in the world in 2010.. MICROSOFT CAREER DAY.. Learn about careers at Microsoft including Program Manager, Software Developer, Marketing, Technology Specialist and Sales.. Each student will also have an opportunity to.. Each student will also have an opportunity to participate in a mock interview.. NIKE: WORLD HQ TOUR CAREER DAY.. Nike hosted 55 Portland Public School Students at their World  ...   intereacted with professionals from Marketing.. Ninty-two students from the tri-county area toured adidas North American Headquarters.. Students were introduced to the inner workings of a global sporting goods brand.. In small groups, students toured the campus and experience four interactive presentations from Product Marketing, HR/Recruiting, Branding/Merchandising and Marketing Strategy.. Industry professionals shared their own experiences and also discussed the skills and traits needed to be successful in any corporation.. Energy Green Careers.. PGE/PACIFICORP CAREER DAY.. PGE PacifiCorp have organized Career Days at their joint Training Center in Wilsonville.. Students from Jefferson, Benson and Grant High Schools learn about careers in the utilities sector.. Students have an opportunity to climb.. Students have an opportunity to climb poles, ride in a "bucket truck" and interact with skilled trades' people.. Journeymen line people earn over $40 per hour and have a very generous benefit package.. Utilities project that over 50% of their linemen will retire in the next 3 to 5 years.. MCKINSTRY CAREER DAY.. Students were exposed to a variety of careers including plumbing, architectural engineering, welding electrical engineering.. Twenty one high school students from the tri-county area toured and engaged with different profiessionals at McKinstry's North Portland Office.. Students were exposed to a variety of careers including plumbing, architectural engineering, welding, electrical engineering, and remote operation capacities.. Industry professionals lead hands-on sessions in a fabrication shop and in using sketchup tools for modeling buildings.. Students explored pre-loaded 3D buidling images and practiced modeling their house.. After watching an orbital welder, students were shown black pipe threading and tried their hand at tube bending.. HEALTHCARE.. LEGACY, PROVIDENCE OHSU.. Major health care providers organize interactive career days for students in the tri county area that allow students to visit with health care professionals at their worksites.. Health Care staff share information about the wide variety of health care jobs and how to access those opportunities.. OHSU - DISCOVER CAREERS Days.. Students participate in two sessions on the OHSU Campus where they will learn about career opportunities in 12 career paths.. OHSU - DISCOVER CAREERS.. Students participate in two sessions on the OHSU Campus where they will learn about career opportunities in 12 different occupations, the skills required to be successful in the healthcare industry.. Manufacturing.. Manufacturers have worked with educators to organize classroom demonstrations (i.. e.. welding techniques) and presentations about career opportunities in the sector.. Students have also toured Portland area manufacturing plants to learn about various job opportunities, skills required to be successful in the industry and salary benefit packages.. PWA'S YOUTH APPRENTICESHIP TRAINING PROGRAM.. Representatives of PCC Structurals, Gunderson, Tice Industries and Kraft Foods interviewed 30+ Benson students who have applied for the YATP.. Representatives of PCC Structurals, Gunderson, Tice Industries and Kraft Foods will interview over 30 Benson students who have applied for the YAPT.. In cooperation with the Bureau of Labor Industries, students under the age of 18 are eligible to work in plants alongside of journeymen millwrights, welders and electricians.. Students learn new skills, obtain "hands on" experience and can earn over $11 an hour.. Efforts to recruit additional companies continue..

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  • Title: PWA :: Career Expo
    Descriptive info: Exhibitor Registration.. School/Student Registration.. Exhibitor List.. Sponsorship.. Participate in the NW Youth Careers Expo: March 18, 2014.. An annual event that is the capstone of PWA's work, the goal of the Expo is to educate students about the amazing diversity of career opportunities in our region and the skills they need to acquire to pursue those jobs.. The Expo attracted over 4,800 students from 70+ high schools.. Over 120 exhibitors and many of Oregon's best companies participated from nearly every sector including health care, business, communications, manufacturing, construction, energy, education and government.. Over 100 volunteers organized by the Portland SW Washington Human Resource Associations and  ...   provided students with feedback on their resumes.. The NW Youth Career Expo is one of the premier business - education partnerships in the Pacific Northwest.. Historically, the event has drawn over 5,000 students from over 60 high schools throughout the region.. The Expo is a great opportunity for businesses to connect with their future workforce and encourage students to acquire skills they need to be successful in the workplace.. For more information about the Expo and how to participate, please contact our event coordinator, Stephanie Kennedy at.. skennedy@portlandworkforcealliance.. org.. Sign up.. Sign Up.. Participate.. Name.. Company.. Email.. Phone number.. I am interested in the career expo..

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  • Title: PWA :: Get Involved
    Descriptive info: Get involved with students in your community: A guide for partners.. What are Career Related Learning Experiences?.. Career Related Learning Experiences (CRLEs) are a graduation requirement for all Oregon.. high school students and they provide a bridge that connects classroom learning to the world of work.. Meaningful CRLEs and rigorous academics promote student learning and enable students to better prepare for their future.. Through the partnerships organized by business and education, classroom learning becomes relevant to future education, jobs, careers and life long learning.. Classroom Presentations.. more details.. Talk with students about your job, the skills needed to be successful and your own career path.. Many students are unaware of the vast array of job opportunities and classroom presentations help them to make better decisions about their future.. One hour.. I am interested.. Career Days & Worksite Tours.. PWA will help you to organize a career day that engages a group of students at your work site.. Tours of offices  ...   and give a student an inside look at your job and the work environment.. Internships.. Internships help students understand the work environment and the importance of having a work ethic, and being responsible.. It also helps students observe how employees work in teams, problem solve and communicate with one another.. Internships can be paid or unpaid and vary in length from one month to several months.. Mock Interviews.. Help students practice their interviewing skills before their first "real"job interview.. This also might be an opportunity to give students feedback on their resumes.. This year's Expo will be held on Tuesday, March 19 from 9:00 AM till 2:00 PM at the Oregon Convention Center.. Typically this event attracts over 5,000 students from high schools in the metro Portland area and SW Washington.. We invite your company to be an exhibitor or a sponsor of this premier business -education partnership and help you develop the 'pipeline' of talent for your future workforce needs..

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  • Title: PWA :: Who We Are
    Descriptive info: The Board of Directors meets at least six times a year and guides the overall work of the Portland Workforce Alliance including execution of our mission, fundraising and recruitment of new business and industry partners who work with students.. Members of the Board of Directors come from every sector including health care, manufacturing, energy, labor, construction, business, education and the arts communication industry.. There are also Committee Members who helps to organize the annual NW Youth Career Expo and other  ...   Carol Campbell.. Portland Public Schools.. Corbett Gordon.. PHRMA, Tonkon Torp LLP.. Erica Meyers.. Jane Williams.. Multnomah County.. Janet Hull.. ZGF Architects LLP.. Jeanne Yerkovich.. Joe Hutchins.. Portland General Electric.. JR Gustafson.. NIKE.. Keith Edwards.. International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers.. Kurt Simonds.. Portland Community College.. Madeline Kokes.. Grant High School.. Natalie Miller.. PHRMA, Lee Hecht Harrison.. Penny McBain.. Providence Health & Services.. Rhonnda Edmiston.. Howard S Wright Constuction.. Scott Kleiner.. Wieden+Kennedy.. Susan Burke.. PacifiCorp.. Susan Shugerman.. Oregon Health & Science University..

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  • Title: PWA :: Donate
    Descriptive info: The Portland Workforce Alliance is an independent non profit organization and all contributions to PWA are tax deductible.. The budget for the organization is less that $ 175,000 annually and 80% of the funding for the organization comes from the private sector and grants.. Those funds support a small staff that organizes business and education partnerships (career days, tours, classroom presentations, mentorship programs, etc.. ) that help  ...   needs.. PWA has a small contract with Portland Public Schools and PPS also generously donates office space and equipment to the organization.. Donate today.. or for additional information about how you can contribute and support the mission of PWA, please contact Kevin Jeans Gail at 503--916-5442 or e mail him at kevin@portlandworkforcealliance.. Checks can be mailed to: 546 NE 12th AVE #A-202, Portland, OR 97232.. Thank you..

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  • Title: PWA :: Exhibitor Registration
    Descriptive info: Interested in exhibiting at the 2013 NW Youth Careers Expo on MARCH 19 at the Oregon Convention Center?.. There are two ways to sign up.. to register online.. to download a registration form..

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  • Title: PWA :: School/Student Registration
    Descriptive info: School/Group Registration Form - PDF.. Individual Registration Form - PDF.. Funds Request Form.. NW Youth Careers Expo is for.. YOU.. if you are interested in:.. Working with Your Hands.. Working with Machinery.. Helping People.. Exploring Healthcare Opportunities.. Using Computers.. Operating Equipment.. Making Great $$$$ Benefits.. Stable, Long Term Jobs.. Life Long Learning.. Learning Work Readiness Skills..

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  • Title: PWA :: Exhibitor List
    Descriptive info: Exhibitors come from the following areas.. Business Management/Technology.. Health Services.. Industrial Engineering.. Construction.. Human Services.. for the current 2013 exhibitor list..

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  • Title: PWA :: Sponsorship
    Descriptive info: to purchase a sponsorship online.. Click here.. to download sponsorship information.. The Expo is supported by many sponsors.. Thank You to our Generous 2013 Sponsors -.. Platinum Sponsors:.. Nike.. Portland Development Commission.. Gold Sponsors:.. Bureau of Environmental Services, City of Portland.. Legacy Health Systems.. Oregon Iron Works..  ...   Portland General Electric Foundation.. Worksystems/CAWS.. Silver Sponsors:.. adidas.. Bonneville Power Administration.. City of Portland, Environmental Sercices.. Evraz.. Gunderson.. Howard S Wright.. NECA-IBEW Electrical Training Center.. NW Natural.. Oregon Health Science University (OHSU).. PCMA.. Pacific Power.. Performance Contracting, Inc.. Portland HR Management Association.. Walsh Construction.. Other Sponsors:.. Providence..

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  • Title: PWA :: Career Expo
    Descriptive info: Name must be at least 2 characters long.. Invalid email address provided.. Message must be at least 2 characters long.. If you are experiencing problems submitting the form please send an email to..

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