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  • Title: Pacific Green Party of Oregon | Sustainability • Social and Economic Justice • Grassroots Democracy • Peace and Nonviolence
    Descriptive info: .. Login.. Register.. Take Action.. Register Green.. Volunteer.. Donate.. Host a House Party.. Order Green Materials.. Run for Office.. Search Green.. Start A Green Chapter.. Campaigns.. Voter Registration Drive.. 2012 Candidates.. Candidate Debate Schedule.. Legislation and Ballot Measures.. NO LNG.. NO COAL EXPORTS.. Move To Amend.. Oregon Cannabis Tax Act.. Protect the Illinois River.. Issues.. Jobs.. Health Care.. Student Loan Debt.. Campaign Finance Reform.. Election Reform.. War.. Media Reform.. Human Rights.. Education.. Global Climate Change.. Wilderness and Biodiversity.. Energy.. Worker Rights.. Financial Reform.. Resources.. Local Chapters.. Voter Lists and Maps.. Email Lists.. Grassroot Action Kits.. Flyers Posters and Graphics.. Documents.. Tabling Materials.. Web Links.. About Us.. About The Party.. Contact Us.. 10 Key Values.. Greens in Office.. Calendar.. Election Results.. Official Election Results.. Thank you for voting! Results for Green candidates and measures can be found on our.. page.. SB 146 signed into law!.. SB 146 unanimously passed the Oregon House of Representatives on June 20 and was subsequently signed by the Governor, becoming law!.. read more ».. Hooray - Oregon Senate Bill 146 approved unanimously!.. Pacific Green Party ballot access legislation SB 146 -- extending to 4 years the period of ballot qualification -- passed the Oregon..  ...   3/16 in Portland Cascade Campus.. The Pacific Green Party of Oregon is happy to announce that it will sponsor a “Green Campaign School” at the Portland Community College.. Sign open letter to President Obama to take bold climate action.. From Bill McKibben, Co-Founder, 350.. org:.. Friends.. I immediately added my name to this open letter to President Obama calling.. Lets Rally for Health Care Justice!.. On February 4, the first day of the legislative session,.. Health Care for All Oregon.. will.. Frankenfish Production and Sale Tentatively Approved, Your Action Needed.. If you cherish our wild salmon heritage, now is the time to take up the fight.. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is taking public.. Call Oregon Congressional and Senate Delegation on Grand Bargain.. Please contact your Oregon Senate and Congressional representatives and tell them that you do not want President Obama to weaken any.. State Convention 1/19/2012 Oregon City.. A Pacific Green Party state convention is scheduled to be held as follows:.. Date: Saturday19 January 2013.. Time: 10 a.. m.. to 4.. Get Green Gear.. Pacific Green Party Store.. Site map.. Free Pricing.. |.. JCPenney Coupons.. Pizza Hut Coupons.. simvastatin side effects.. papa johns coupons.. omeprazole side effects..

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  • Title: User account | Pacific Green Party of Oregon
    Descriptive info: Home.. ›.. User account.. Create new account.. Log in.. Request new password.. Username:.. *.. Enter your Pacific Green Party of Oregon username.. Password:.. Enter the password that accompanies your username.. CAPTCHA.. This question is for testing whether you are a human visitor and to prevent automated spam submissions.. What code is in the image?:.. Enter the characters shown in the image..

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  • Title: User account | Pacific Green Party of Oregon
    Descriptive info: Spaces are allowed; punctuation is not allowed except for periods, hyphens, and underscores.. E-mail address:.. A valid e-mail address.. All e-mails from the system will be sent to this address.. The e-mail address is not made public and will only be used if you wish to receive a new password or wish to receive certain news or notifications by e-mail..

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  • Title: Join the Pacific Green Party of Oregon | Pacific Green Party of Oregon
    Descriptive info: Join the Pacific Green Party of Oregon.. You can register to vote online.. Have your Oregon Driver's license handy, then simply click the register to vote box below.. Make sure to select the Pacific Green Party (PAC)!..

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  • Title: Volunteer | Pacific Green Party of Oregon
    Descriptive info: warning: Parameter 2 to webform_client_form() expected to be a reference, value given in /home/pacificg/public_html/includes/form.. inc on line 371.. Submitted by admin on September 11, 2003 - 6:58pm..

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  • Title: Host A House Party | Pacific Green Party of Oregon
    Descriptive info: Host A House Party.. Submitted by Anonymous on September 2, 2012 - 6:37pm.. Hosting a house party for your neighbors - Green or otherwise! - is a great way to spread the word about the Green Party.. It's also a great opportunity to organize activities such as starting a local chapter, registering voters or supporting a local candidate.. Don't forget to pass the hat - the Green Party only accepts contributions from REAL PEOPLE.. or.. register.. to post comments..

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  • Title: Grassroots Action Kits | Pacific Green Party of Oregon
    Descriptive info: Grassroots Action Kits.. Submitted by Anonymous on July 9, 2011 - 12:20pm.. Everything you need to sustain grassroots democracy in Oregon!.. Well, almost everything.. To sustain means to do.. You are the grassroots, you are the action.. Person to person, one at a time.. And our primary goal is to educate people as to our Green Party  ...   change requires critical thinking followed by action!.. A Pacific Green Party tote bag is the perfect item in which to carry your action kit items! Click on the image to order one from our store.. A contribution is suggested to cover the costs of the kits.. Before processing, orders will be confirmed with you by email or phone..

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  • Title: Run for Office | Pacific Green Party of Oregon
    Descriptive info: You can make a big difference as a Green in elected office! Here's a list of seats to consider:.. school board.. conservation district.. city or county council.. mayor.. Oregon House or Senate.. Oregon Federal Congressional districts.. Oregon Federal Senate seats.. state offices, including Governor, Treasurer, Secretary of State, Attorney General, etc.. Every election there are often local seats which are uncontested.. Getting your name on ballot in these cases means you will likely win that election.. We can help you with paperwork, treasury, volunteers, voter lists, and free assistance consulting on how to navigate your way through the process.. Everybody should run for office at least once.. Consider it your duty.. If you've never run for office before and don't like the limelight of a higher office, consider joining a neighborhood association.. You might find it's fun to be contributing to your community through civic engagement, even if it involves just your local neighbors.. Think globally, act locally!.. Candidate Filing Quick Guide.. Certificate of Limited Contributions and Expenditures.. Statement of Organization.. Campaign Account Information.. Contact the.. State Coordinating Committee.. or your..  ...   intend to run for state or local office you should read and become familiar with the following documents:.. State Candidates Manual: Minor Political Party.. Campaign Finance Manual.. Oregon Election Laws.. These document are free and available from the State Elections Division of.. the Secretary of State’s office, at (503) 986-1518 or 1-866-ORE VOTE.. If you intend to run for a local office (city council or county commissioner, for example), you should check with your.. county clerk.. for the relevant documents and instructions.. If you will be seeking the.. nomination.. of the PGP:.. Please supply the information described in the.. Statement of Candidacy.. The information you supply here will be reviewed by the PGP Elections Committee, and their recommendation will be made to the full PGP statewide nominating convention.. If you are seeking the.. endorsement.. For a non-partisan race, please note that in your.. Please note that there are printed materials that you may find useful in your campaign:.. Previous Oregon Voters’ Pamphlets.. PGP Platform, Constitution, and Bylaws.. The Campaign Manager: Running and Winning Local Elections.. by former Ashland mayor Cathy Shaw..

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  • Title: Search Green | Pacific Green Party of Oregon
    Descriptive info: Submitted by Anonymous on July 2, 2011 - 10:03am.. Now - by using Goodsearch - each web search you make can generate a little over a penny for us - and those pennies DO add up!.. By clicking submit button below, you will be redirected to the Goodsearch web site.. Be sure to enter "Pacific Green Party" as your charity and then click the verify button.. It's also easy to Search Green by  ...   first goal to raise an average $25 a month, which is 25 members searching a little over 3 times a day.. As of May 2012 we are raising about $4.. 25 a month, so be sure to tell your friends! We'd like to know if you intend to Search Green, so please take a moment to fill out the form below, then click the submit button.. This will then take you to Goodsearch..

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  • Title: Start A Green Chapter | Pacific Green Party of Oregon
    Descriptive info: It's easy and exiting to start a new Pacific Green Party chapter! There is great joy to be had in working with others towards a Green future.. Chapters are generally organized on a county level, but there are exceptions such as Multnomah County which due to it's large population has three chapters.. Here's some simple steps to get going:.. request a map and  ...   organize and publicize a meetup or house party.. get five Greens to sign up for the new chapter and mail a copy of the signup sheet to the Pacific Green Party, PO Box 1606 Eugene OR 97440.. The Pacific Green Party has funding available to help new chapters and a Revenue Sharing program for chapters that are able to establish a political action committee..

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  • Title: Voter Registration Drive | Pacific Green Party of Oregon
    Descriptive info: Our new goal: Moving from 4th to 3rd place.. We are not far behind the Libertarian party, which is temporarily the 3rd largest party in Oregon.. Our goal is reach a registration of at least 14,000 Greens, which will make US the 3rd largest party.. Door to Door and tabling.. We are looking for volunteers to table at local venues and walk door-to-door to register new voters.. Check in with your  ...   upcoming events, and post info on our Calendar.. table at the event, materials (voter forms, signup sheets, flyers, posters) can be requested at our Request Materials page.. post pictures and writeups about the event!.. Also included in this category is tabling at colleges and universities.. New Chapters.. If you don't have a local chapter, start one! We can provide material, voter lists, and guidance to anyone seeking to start a new chapter..

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  • Archived pages: 350