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  • Title: In the News: Referee Decisions - Republica.it
    Descriptive info: it.. Friday, 05 August 2011 14:21.. PisaVisionLab.. "If the referee makes a mistake when calling an offside? It is a perception problem".. The Pisa Vision Lab researchers demonstrate that a referee might make a mistake no just he is being paid to, but that the mistake could be due to confusion and an increased number of visual stimuli.. (Article is in Italian).. : Italian)..

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  • Title: In the News: STANIB - University of Pisa
    Descriptive info: In the News: STANIB - University of Pisa.. In the News:.. Space, Time and number in the brain - A strong connection at the visual perception level: the Pisa Vision Lab research.. Space, time and numbers are correlated in our sense perception in a much higher measure than is usually thought.. The inter-University project known as STANIB (Space,  ...   is a 5 year project which, in a decisively innovative way, investigates our way of perceiving space and time by considering them together and not as two independent and separate dimensions.. The strong connection, which resounds in the tradition of physics both ancient (Aristotle) and contemporary (Einsteinian concept of space-time) is new for studies on perception.. : English)..

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  • Title: David Burr Extended Publications
    Descriptive info: David Burr Extended Publications.. Wednesday, 03 August 2011 14:55.. David Burr Extended Publications.. Recent Publications and David Burr's Profile.. Jump to manuscripts published in:.. 2009.. 2005.. 2000.. 1995.. 1990.. 1985.. 1980.. Book chapters.. Book Reviews.. Burr, D.. (2005).. A perceptive new textbook.. Review of J.. Wolfe “Sensation and perception”,.. Nat Neurosci,.. 8.. (12), 1629.. Review of Purves and Lotto.. Why we see things as we do.. , for J.. Cog.. Neuroscience.. Commentaries.. C.. , Ross, J.. , Binda, P.. , and Morrone, M.. (2010).. Saccades compress space, time and number.. Trends Cogn Sci.. 14.. , 528-533.. Ross, J.. , Burr, D.. (2008).. The knowing visual self.. Trends Cogn Sci, 12.. (10), 363-364.. , Morrone, M.. C.. , Goldberg, M.. E.. Changes in visual perception at the time of saccades.. Trends in Neuroscience.. 24.. , 131-121 (2001).. See also: Ross, J.. Response: 'Saccadic suppression' - no need for an active extra-retinal_ mechanism.. , 317-318 (2001).. Morrone, M.. Suppression of the Magnocellular Pathways during Saccades.. Behavioural Brain Research.. 80.. , 1-8 (1996).. Visual processing of motion.. Trends in Neurosci.. 9.. , 304-306 (1986).. Dispatches and primers for.. Current Biology.. Vision: keeping the world still when the eyes move.. Curr Biol.. 20.. , R442-444.. Thompson, P.. (2009).. Visual aftereffects.. Curr Biol, 19.. (1), R11-14.. and C.. Morrone (2006).. "Perception: transient disruptions to neural space-time.. ".. Curr Biol.. 16.. (19): R847-9.. , Morrone, C.. (2006).. Time perception: space-time in the brain.. Curr Biol,.. (5), R171-173.. Vision: building a stable world from glance to glance.. 15.. (20), R839-840.. Vision: in the blink of an eye.. R554-556 (2005).. Vision: the world through picket fences.. , R381-2 (2004).. Eye movements: keeping vision stable.. , R195-7 (2004).. Motion vision: are 'speed lines' used in human visual motion?.. 10.. , R440-443 (2000).. Vision: modular analysis--or not?.. , R90-2 (1999).. Editorial in Vision Research:.. Baldassi, S.. , Carrasco, M.. , Eckstein, M.. Verghese, P.. Visual attention.. Vision Res.. 44.. , 1189-91 (2004).. Pre-prints.. Published Papers.. Jump to.. 2011.. , and Thompson, P.. G.. (2011).. Motion Psychophysics:1985-2010.. , in press.. Spatiotopic coding and remapping in humans.. Philos Trans R Soc Lond B Biol Sci.. 366.. , 504-515.. Binda, P.. , and Burr, D.. Underestimation of perceived number at the time of saccades.. Vision Res.. 51.. , 34-42.. 2010.. , Turi, M.. , and Anobile, G.. Subitizing but not estimation of numerosity requires attentional resources.. J.. Vis.. ,.. , 20.. Stein, B.. E.. , Constantinidis, C.. , Laurienti, P.. J.. , Alex Meredith, M.. , Perrault, T.. , Jr.. , Ramachandran, R.. , Roder, B.. , Rowland, B.. A.. , Sathian, K.. , Schroeder, C.. , Shams, L.. , Stanford, T.. R.. , Wallace, M.. T.. , Yu, L.. , and Lewkowicz, D.. Semantic confusion regarding the development of multisensory integration: a practical solution.. Eur J Neurosci.. 31.. , 1713-1720.. , Cicchini, M.. Spatial maps for time and motion.. Exp Brain Res.. 206.. Temporal auditory capture does not affect the time-course of saccadic mislocalization of visual stimuli.. Vision.. , 7, 1-13.. Gori, M.. , Sandini, G.. , Martinoli, C.. Poor haptic orientation discrimination in non-sighted children may reflect disruption of cross-sensory calibration.. , 20, 223-225.. Vision senses number directly.. , 10.. , 1-8.. Arrighi, R.. , Marini, F.. Meaningful auditory information enhances perception of visual biological motion.. J Vis, 9.. (4), 25 21-27.. , Cicchini, G.. M.. Spatiotemporal distortions of visual perception at the time of saccades.. J Neurosci, 29.. (42), 13147-13157.. , Baldassi, S.. , Verghese, P.. Pooling and segmenting motion signals.. Vision Res, 49.. (10), 1065-1072.. Burr D, Banks M.. S.. , Morrone M.. (2009),.. Auditory dominance over vision in the perception of interval duration.. EBR.. ,vol.. 198 (1),pp 49,tot.. pag 8,2009.. , Silva, O.. , Banks, M.. Temporal mechanisms of multimodal binding.. Proc Biol Sci, 276.. (1663), 1761-1769.. 200.. , Del Viva, M.. Young children do not integrate visual and haptic form information.. Curr Biol, 18.. (9), 694-698.. Commentary: Ernst, M.. O.. Multisensory integration: a late bloomer.. (12), R519-521.. , and Ross, J.. A visual sense of number.. Curr Biol, in press.. Commentary: Butterworth, B.. Numerosity Perception: How many speckles in the hen? Curr.. Biol, 2008,.. 18.. (9) R388.. , Guzzetta, A.. , Tinelli, F.. , Tosetti, M.. , Montanaro, D.. , and Cioni, G.. Inversion of Perceived Direction of Motion Caused by Spatial Undersampling in Two Children with Periventricular Leukomalacia.. J Cogn Neurosci.. 2007.. Pellicano, E.. , Jeffries, L.. Rhodes, G.. Abnormal adaptive face-coding mechanisms in children with autism spectrum disorder.. Curr Biol, 2007.. 17.. (17): p.. 1508-12.. Commentary: Davis, G.. and K.. Plaisted,.. Autism: Not Interested or Not 'Tuned-in'?.. (19): p.. R851-3.. , Bruno, A.. (2007).. Fusion of visual and auditory stimuli during saccades: a Bayesian explanation for perisaccadic distortions.. J Neurosci, 27.. (32), 8525-8532.. Commentary: Collignon, O.. Reinforcing the weight attributed to auditory space across saccades.. J Neurosci.. 27.. , 12438-12439.. , Tozzi, A.. Neural mechanisms for timing visual events are spatially selective in real-world coordinates.. Nat Neurosci, 10.. (4), 423-425.. d'Avossa, G.. , Crespi, S.. , Biagi, L.. Spatiotopic selectivity of BOLD responses to visual motion in human area MT.. (2), 249-255.. Ciaramelli, E.. , Leo, F.. , Ladavas, E.. The contribution of prefrontal cortex to global perception.. Exp Brain Res.. Tozzi, A.. The effect of optokinetic nystagmus on the perceived position of briefly flashed targets.. Vision Res, 47.. (6), 861-868.. Chirimuuta M, Burr D, Morrone MC (2007) The role of perceptual learning on modality-specific visual attentional effects.. 47:60-70.. 2006.. , and Alais, D.. Combining visual and auditory information.. Progress in Brain Research.. 155.. 243-58.. Del Viva M, Gori M, Burr D.. (2006) A powerful motion illusion caused by temporal asymmetries in ON and OFF visual pathways.. Neurophysiology.. 95.. 3928-32..  ...   Neuroscience.. , 909-918 (1994).. Pattern-reversal electroretinigram in response to chromatic stimuli: I Humans.. , 861-871 (1994).. , Bisti, S.. _ Burr, D.. Pattern-reversal electroretinogram in response to chromatic stimuli: II monkey.. , 873-884 (1994).. Illusory brightness step in the Chevreul illusion.. 34.. , 1567-1574 (1994).. Selective suppression of the magnocellular visual pathway during saccadic eye movements.. 371.. , 511-513 (1994).. 1993.. Development of infant contrast sensitivity to chromatic stimuli.. 33.. , 2535-2552 (1993).. Impulse response functions for chromatic and achromatic stimuli.. Opt.. Am.. , 1706-1713 (1993).. 1992.. The effects of ageing on the pattern electroretinogram and visual evoked potential in humans.. 32.. , 1199-1209 (1992).. Electro-physiological investigation of edge-selective mechanisms of human vision.. , 239-247 (1992).. 1991.. Speed, H.. D.. The effects of monocular deprivation on the development of visual inhibitory interactions in kittens.. , 335-344 (1991).. , Speed, H.. Development of inhibitory interactions in kittens.. , 321-334 (1991).. Wijesundra, S.. Orientation discrimination depends on spatial frequency.. , 1449-1452 (1991).. Anderson, S.. , M.. M.. The two-dimensional spatial and spatial frequency properties of motion sensitive mechanisms in human vision.. A 8.. , 1340-1351 (1991).. Receptive field length and width of human motion detector units: spatial summation.. , 1330-1339 (1991).. Development of infant contrast sensitivity and acuity to chromatic stimuli.. Proc Roy Soc B.. 242.. , 134-139 (1990).. 1989.. The conditions for the appearance of Mach bands.. 29.. , 699-715 (1989).. Discrimination of spatial phase in central and peripheral vision.. , 433-445 (1989).. Evidence for edge and bar detectors in human vision.. , 419-431 (1989).. Receptive field properties of human motion detector units inferred from spatial frequency masking.. , 1343-1358 (1989).. 1988.. Feature detection in human vision: a phase dependent energy model.. (Lond).. B235.. , 221-245 (1988).. 1987.. Cross-orientation inhibition in cat is GABA mediated.. Expl.. Brain Res.. 67.. , 635-644 (1987).. Electrophysiological correlates of positive and negative afterimages.. , 201-207 (1987).. Inhibitory interactions in the human visual system revealed in pattern visual evoked potentials.. Physiol.. (Lond.. ).. 389.. , 1-21 (1987).. Implications of the Craik-O'Brien illusion for brightness perception.. , 1903-1913 (1987).. Receptive field sizes of human motion detectors.. , 621-635 (1987).. 1986.. Owens, R.. Mach bands depend on spatial phase.. 324.. , 250-253 (1986).. , Di Stefano, M.. Spatial and temporal selectivity of neurones of the lateral suprasylvian gyrus of the cat.. Neurophysiol.. 56.. , 969-986 (1986).. Evidence for the existence and development of visual inhibition in humans.. 321.. , 235-237 (1986).. Hayes, A.. Recognition of positive and negative bandpass-filtered images.. Perception.. , 595-602 (1986).. Smooth and sampled motion.. 26.. , 643-652 (1986).. A spatial illusion from motion rivalry.. , 59-66 (1986).. Seeing objects in motion.. B227.. , 249-265 (1986).. Local and global visual analysis.. , 749-757 (1986).. DiStefano, M.. Spatial acuity of cells of the post medial lateral suprasylvian gyrus.. 331.. , 382-385 (1985).. Local regulation of luminance gain.. 25.. , 717-728 (1985).. Spatial and temporal selectivity of the human motion detection system.. , 1147-1154 (1985).. 1984.. Noise and recognizability of coarse quantized images.. 308.. , 211-212 (1984).. Summation of target and mask metacontrast stimuli.. , 183-192 (1984).. 1983.. Added noise restores recognition of coarse quantised images.. 305.. , 226-228 (1983).. 1982.. Maffei, L.. Functional significance of cross-orientational inhibition: part I Neurophysiological evidence.. (London).. B216.. , 335-354 (1982).. , Holt, J.. , Johnstone, J.. Selective depression of motion selectivity during saccades.. 333.. , 1-15 (1982).. Contrast sensitivity at high velocities.. 23.. , 3567-3569 (1982).. 1981.. Intracortical inhibition prevents simple cells from responding to textured patterns.. Exp.. 43.. , 455-458 (1981).. Temporal summation of moving images by the human visual system.. B211.. , 321-339 (1981).. Sensitivity to spatial phase.. , 391-396 (1980).. Motion smear.. 284.. , 164-165 (1980).. How does binocular delay give information about depth?.. , 523-532 (1979).. 1979.. Acuity for apparent vernier offset.. , 835-837 (1979).. Book Chapters.. Combining vision with audition and touch, in adults and in children.. In Cue integration in multi-sensory percpetion M.. Landy, ed.. (Oxford: Oxford University Press).. Neural plasticity in humans: development of cross-orientation contrast normalization and cross-sensory calibration.. In Cerebral plasticity, L.. Chalupa, N.. Berardi, M.. Caleo, L.. -.. Resta and T.. Pizzorusso, eds.. (Cambridge MA: MIT Press).. (2007).. Keeping vision stable: rapid updating of spatiotopic receptive fields may cause relativistic-like effects.. In Space and time in perception and action, R.. Nijhawan, ed.. (Cambridge: CUP).. In press.. The visual neurosciences.. (eds.. Chalupa, L.. Werner, J.. ) 1391-1401 (MIT Press, Boston, 2004).. The handbook of brain theory and neural networks: second edition.. (ed.. Arbib, M.. ) 672-676 (MIT Press, Cambridge, 2003).. John Dalton's colour vision legacy.. Dickinson, I.. ) (Talor and Francis, London, 1996).. EBBS workshop series: development of infant vision.. Vital-Durant, J.. O.. ) 63-77 (OUP, Oxford, 1996).. Higher-order processing in the visual system.. ) (John Wiley, London, 1994).. Levialdi, B.. ) (Word Scientific, 1994).. Robots and biological systems: Towards a new Bionics?.. Dario, P.. Aebischer, P.. ) 43-64 (Springer-Verlag, Berlin, 1993).. Meccanismi visivi per la percezione di strutture e caratteristiche di immagini.. Sistemi Intelligenti.. , 7-28 (1992).. Non-linear vision.. Nabet, R.. P.. a.. ) 309-328 (CRC Press, Inc.. , 1992).. From Pigment to Perception: Advances in understanding visual processing.. Valberg, A.. Lee, B.. ) 139-150 (Nato ASIS series 203, Berlin, 1991).. From Pigment to Percpetion: Advances in understanding visual processes.. Lee, A.. V.. ) 185-187 (Nato ASI Series 203, Berlin, 1991).. Visual function and dysfunction: volume 5, chapter 15.. Cronly-Dillon, J.. ) (Macmillan, London, 1991).. Vision: Coding and Efficiency.. Blakemore, C.. ) 185-194 (CUP, Cambridge, 1990).. , C.. _ Ross, J.. Visual analysis during motion.. Arbib Hanson (eds.. I.. , In Press (1985).. Theses.. On seeing objects in motion.. PhD thesis, Cambridge Univ.. (1979).. A second binocular depth perception system.. Honours thesis, Univ.. WA.. (1975)..

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  • Title: Concetta Morrone Extended Publications
    Descriptive info: Concetta Morrone Extended Publications.. Concetta Morrone Extended Publications.. Recent Publications and Concetta Morrone's Profile.. Reviews and commentaries.. Burr DC, Morrone MC.. Philos Trans R Soc Lond B Biol Sci.. 2011 Feb 27;366(1564):504-15.. Morrone MC.. (2010) Brain Development: Critical Periods for Cross-Sensory Plasticity.. Current Biology.. 20(19): 1797.. Editoria lfor Special issue of Journal of Vision:.. Eye movements.. and.. the perception of a clear.. stable visual world, Martinez-Conde S, Krauzlis R, Miller JM,.. Morrone MC,.. Williams D and.. Kowler E.. J Vis October 23, 2008 8(14): i; doi:10.. 1167/8.. 14.. i.. Campanella F, Sandini G, Morrone MC.. (2011) Visual information gleaned by observing grasping movement in allocentric and egocentric perspectives.. Proc Biol Sci.. Dec 8.. [Epub ahead of print].. (2011) Spatiotopic coding and remapping in humans.. Phil.. Trans.. , Lond B Biol Sci.. Burr DC, Ross J, Binda P, Morrone MC.. Trends in Cognitive Sciences.. Dec;14(12):528-33.. Epub.. Binda P, Morrone MC, Ross J, Burr DC.. (2010) Underestimation of perceived number at the time of saccades,.. online 8 October 2010, ISSN 0042-6989, DOI: 10.. 1016/j.. visres.. 2010.. 09.. 028.. Schutz A, Morrone MC.. (2010) Compression of time during smooth pursuit eye movements,.. , In Press, Corrected Proof, Available online 4 August 2010, ISSN 0042-6989, DOI: 10.. 07.. 022.. Binda P, Morrone MC, Burr DC.. (2010).. Temporal auditory capture does not affect the time course of saccadic mislocalization of visual stimuli.. Journal Of Vision.. , vol.. 10(2),pp 1,tot.. pag 12.. Morrone MC, Cicchini M, Burr DC.. Experimental Brain Research.. , pp 350-358.. Journal of Vision.. (2):7, 1-13, http://journalofvision.. org/10/2/7/, doi:10.. 1167/10.. 2.. 7.. Lunghi.. , C,.. Morrone, MC.. (2010)Touch disambiguates rivalrous perception at early stages of visual analysis.. 10(4), R143-R144, 23 Feb 2010.. Cicchini, GM and Morrone, MC (2009) Shifts in spatial attention affect the perceived duration of events.. J of Vision.. 9(1), Article 9, Pages 1-13.. http://journalofvision.. org/9/1/9/.. PubMed PMID: 19271879.. Burr, D, Baldassi, S, Morrone, MC , Verghese, P.. (2009) Pooling and Segmenting Motion Signals.. 49(10):1065-72.. Epub 2008 Dec 16.. Burr, D, Silva, O, Cicchini, GM, Banks, MS and Morrone, MC (2009).. 276.. :.. 1761.. -.. 1769.. ;.. PubMed PMID: 19324779; PubMed Central PMCID: PMC2674495.. Binda P, Cicchini GM, Burr DC, Morrone MC.. (2009) Spatiotemporal distortions of visual perception at the time of saccades.. 29(42):13147-57.. Oct 21; PubMed PMID: 19846702.. Burr D, Banks MS, Morrone MC.. 2009 Sep;198(1):49-57.. Epub 2009 Jul 14.. PubMed PMID: 19597804.. 2008.. Morrone, MC, Gazzetta, A, Tinelli, F, Tosetti, M, Del Viva, M, Montanaro, D, Burr, D and Cioni, C (2008) Inversion of Perceived Direction of Motion Caused by Spatial Undersampling in Two Children with Periventricular Leukomalacia.. Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience.. 20(6):1094-106.. Perna, A, Tosetti, M, Montanaro, D and Morrone, MC (2008) BOLD response to spatial phase congruency in human brain.. , 2008 Dec 22;8(10):15.. 1-15.. Puiatti, P.. Binda, M.. Cicchini, S.. Giordano and M.. Morrone, “A Wireless Sensor Networks Platform for Modelling Space Perception During Saccadic Eye-Movements”, IMEKO TC1-TC7.. Events Series.. - proceedings.. http://www.. imeko.. org/publications/tc1-tc7-2008/IMEKO-TC1-TC7-2008-019.. pdf.. , Bruno,A.. (2007)  ...   (12), 1389-1401.. Melcher, D, Crespi, S, Bruno, A Morrone, MC (2004) The role of attention in central and peripheral motion integration.. Vision Res, 44.. (12), 1367-1374.. Melcher, D.. (2003).. Spatiotopic temporal integration of visual motion across saccadic eye movements.. Nat Neurosci, 6.. (8), 877-881.. , Denti, V.. , Spinelli, D.. (2002).. Color and luminance contrasts attract independent attention.. Curr Biol, 12.. (13), 1134-1137.. See also Husain, M.. Di Russo F, Spinelli D Morrone M C (2001) Automatic gain control contrast mechanisms are modulated by attention in human: evidence from visual evoked potentials.. 2435-2447.. Fahle M.. , biester A, Morrone M C.. (2001) Spatiotemporal interpolation and quality of apparent motion.. J Opt Soc Am A Opt Image Sci Vis.. 2001;18(11):2668-78.. Morrone, Mc, Tosetti, M, Montanaro, D.. Fiorentini A.. Cioni, G.. Burr D C (2000) “A cortical area that responds specifically to optic flow, revealed by fMRI.. : 1221-1228.. Diamond M R, Ross J, Morrone M C (2000) “Extraretinal Control of saccadic Suppression”.. Neurosci.. :3442 - 3448.. Morrone M C, Atkinson J, Cioni G, Braddick O J, Fiorentini A, 1999 “Development changes in optokinetic mechanisms in the absence of unilateral cortical control.. ”.. , 1-7, 1999.. (1998) Motion Analysis by feature tracking.. 38: 3633-3655.. Girard, P.. (1994) Spatial structure of chromatically opponent receptive fields in human visual system.. 12.. 103-116.. Morrone.. (1987) Feature detection from local energy.. 103-113.. Berardi, N.. (1984) The role of g-aminobutyric acid mediated inhibition in the response properties of cat lateral geniculate nucleus neurones.. 357.. 505- 523.. (1984) Development of g-aminobutyric acid mediated inhibition of X cells of the cat lateral geniculate nucleus.. 525-537.. Cattaneo, A.. , Maffei, L.. (1981) Patterns in the discharge of simple and complex visual cortical cells.. Roc.. ) B.. 212.. 279-297.. (1981) Two firing patterns in the discharge of complex cells encode different attributes of the visual stimulus.. Exp Brain Research.. 115-118.. Hoffmann, K.. P.. Reuter, J.. H.. (1980) A comparison of the response of simple cells in the LGN and visual cortex to bar and noise stimuli in cat.. 771- 777.. , Pirchio, M.. Sandini, G.. (1979) A perceptual phenomenon and its neurophysiological correlate.. 43-46.. (1979) Response of visual cortical cells to periodic and non-periodic stimuli.. 296.. 27-47.. Morrone, M C and Burr, D C (2010) Space-Time in the brain.. Attention and Time.. Nobre Coull, editors.. Oxford University Press pages:177-186.. Morrone, MC and Burr, DC (2009).. Visual stability during saccadic eye movements.. The Cognitive Neurosciences, 3.. rd.. Edition.. , Gazzaniga.. , editors.. MIT Press(Cambridge).. In: R.. Nijhawan (Ed.. ).. Problems of Space and Time in Perception and Action.. Melcher, D and Morrone, M C (2007) Transsaccadic memory: Building a stable world from glance to glance.. In R.. van Gompel, R.. , M.. Fischer, W.. Murray, R.. Hill (Eds.. Eye-movements: A window on mind and brain.. Oxford: Elsevier.. 213-236.. Bedarida, L.. (1996) A model of cone interaction for coding chromatic information.. In.. 599-610 (Edited by Dickinson, Murray Carden.. Taylor and Francis, London.. Last update:.. 31 January 2011..

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  • Title: Autism TICS
    Descriptive info: Message.. You are not authorised to view this resource.. Autism TICS.. Monday, 10 September 2012 09:38.. Autism TICS..

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  • Title: PisaVisionLab
    Descriptive info: Close Window.. E-mail this link to a friend.. E-mail to:.. Sender:.. Your E-mail:.. Subject:.. Send.. Cancel..

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  • Title: Risultati Esonero Percezione Attenzione 19 Aprile 2013
    Descriptive info: Risultati Esonero Percezione Attenzione 19 Aprile 2013.. Friday, 19 April 2013 21:08.. Risultati Esonero.. Percezione ed Attenzione.. 19 Aprile 2013.. MATRICOLA.. VOTO.. 5072921.. 5079557.. 5074618.. 5074357.. 5080326.. 5082679.. 5082691.. 28.. 5069693.. 5069798.. 5082168.. 5072804.. lode.. 4929565.. 30.. 5072048.. 4763070.. 5068683.. 5074913.. 5085465.. 4744090.. 5071050.. 5114995.. 21.. 5191519.. 5082368.. 5079385.. 5082374.. 5178400..

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  • Title: David Burr Teaching
    Descriptive info: Title Filter.. Display #.. 50.. 100.. All.. #.. Article Title.. Author.. Hits.. 1.. Risultati Esonero Percezione Attenzione 19 Aprile 2013.. 142.. 2.. Valutazione psicofisica con esercitazioni - Modulo Tempo.. 470.. 3.. Valutazione psicofisica con esercitazioni - Modulo Avanzato Percezione Visiva.. 354.. 4.. Valutazione psicofisica con esercitazioni - Corso Matlab.. 921.. 5.. Percezione e Attenzione (Modulo Percezione).. 1618..

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  • Title: Valutazione psicofisica con esercitazioni - Modulo Tempo
    Descriptive info: Valutazione psicofisica con esercitazioni - Modulo Tempo.. Thursday, 14 March 2013 18:46.. Lesson.. Topic.. Introduzione alla studio percezione del tempo.. 463 Kb.. Un fenomeno di dilatazione temporale: Cronostasi saccadica.. 400 Kb.. 2 Art.. Action, arousal, and subjective time.. 346 Kb.. Un fenomeno di contrazione temporale al tempo delle saccadi.. 974 Kb.. 3 Art.. Saccadic eye movements cause compression of time as well as space.. 252 Kb.. Teoria modulare, binding problem e asincronie temporali.. 2 Mb.. 1 Art.. Vision:Modular analysis-or not?.. 192 Kb.. 3 Art.. Early binding of feature pairs for visual perception.. 275 Kb.. A direct demonstration of perceptual asynchrony in vision.. 419  ...   processing latency determines Temporal Binding of Visual Attributes.. 529 Kb.. 2 Art.. Perceived timing of first- and second-order changes in vision and hearing.. 531 Kb.. Asincronie temporali e ruolo del movimento biologico nella percezione temporale.. Perceptual asynchronies for biological and non-biological visual events.. 20 Mb.. Perceptual synchrony of audio-visual streams for natural and artificial motion sequences.. 263 Kb.. L’illusione visiva del FLE e le teorie proposte sino ad ora per darne spiegazione.. 1 Mb.. Motion estrapolation in catching.. 56 Mb.. Neural processing delays are compensated in the sensorimotor branch of the visual system.. 85 Kb.. Motion integration and Postdiction in visual awareness.. 152 Kb..

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  • Title: Valutazione psicofisica con esercitazioni - Modulo Avanzato Percezione Visiva
    Descriptive info: Valutazione psicofisica con esercitazioni - Modulo Avanzato Percezione Visiva.. Friday, 29 March 2013 11:43.. Further reading.. Teaching slides.. Cenni di fisiologia.. 6 Mb.. La percezione del contrasto e della brillanza.. Spinelli:.. la visione del contrasto.. Anderson:.. Image segmentation and lightness perception.. Thompson Burr:.. 27 Mb.. La percezione di movimento semplice.. Burr: “.. Elementary motion  ...   “.. Two stages of visual processing for circular and radial motion.. Morrone et al: ".. A cortical area that responds to optic flow.. ".. 4 Mb.. La visione durante i movimenti saccadici.. Ross, Morrone, Goldberg and Burr: ".. Changes in visual percpetiona at the time of saccades.. Desperati ".. I movimenti oculari.. 18 Mb..

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  • Title: Valutazione psicofisica con esercitazioni - Corso Matlab
    Descriptive info: Valutazione psicofisica con esercitazioni - Corso Matlab.. Monday, 03 October 2011 13:02.. Per scaricare le slides delle lezioni di porgrammazione Matlab si prega di usare la funzione "salva con nome" sui links riportati a destra.. Introduzione a Matlab.. 897 Kb.. Vettori e Matrici.. 343 Kb.. Grafici, funzioni e analisi statistica.. Es 1.. Esercitazione.. 599 Kb.. Es 2.. Gioco delle tre porte.. 4 Kb..

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