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  • Title: Upcoming Seminars and Events
    Descriptive info: Upcoming Seminars and Events.. Title Filter.. Display #.. 5.. 10.. 15.. 20.. 25.. 30.. 50.. 100.. All.. #.. Article Title.. Author.. Hits.. 1.. 2012-Morrone_CNR.. PisaVisionLab.. 100..

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  • Title: Previous Seminars and Events
    Descriptive info: Previous Seminars and Events.. 2012 - Guy Orban Seminar.. 234.. 2.. 2011 - Di Russo talk.. 305.. 3.. 2011 - ECVP.. 556.. 4.. 2011 - NumberFest.. 580.. 5.. 2011 - Pisa-Paris Fest.. Stefano Baldassi.. 733..

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  • Title: Calendar
    Descriptive info: Calendar.. This option will not work correctly.. Unfortunately, your browser does not support inline frames..

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  • Title: Active Vision - Introduction
    Descriptive info: Active Vision - Introduction.. Wednesday, 21 November 2012 13:00.. The workshop is sponsored by the ERC advanced grant “Space, Time and Number in the Brain (STANIB)” and Italian Ministry of University and Research via the PRIN 2009 "Meccanismi neuronali per la percezione dello spazio, del tempo e dei numeri" awarded to Prof David Burr and Concetta Morrone.. It aims to unite senior international researchers with young scientists from the STANIB project to discuss topical issues in the fields of perception and action.. Some of the key issues to be discussed are the interaction of action and perception for the construction of stable spatial maps of the world, for  ...   interaction.. The venue of the workshop will be the Friary of Capuchin Fathers where San Pio took his vows.. Confirmed Speakers as of May 2012 are:.. Dora Angelaki, Jan Atkinson, Ol Braddick, Doris Braun, Frank Bremmer, Michele Fabre-Thorpe, Karl Gegenfurtner, Michael Goldberg, Mel Goodale, Marcus Lappe, Lamberto Maffei, Pascal Mamassian, David Melcher, Michael Morgan, Peter Neri, Tania Pasternak, Liz Pellicano, Giulio Sandini, Steve Shevell, Donatella Spinelli, Peter Thompson, Simon Thorpe, Andrew Welchman and Robert Wurtz.. More Inforormation:.. Introduction.. -.. Getting There.. Getting Around.. Venue.. Accomodation.. Recreational Activities.. Workshop Flyes and Press Coverage.. Programme Overview.. Detalied Scientific Programme.. Information about Speakers.. Contacts.. Active Vision Workshop 2013.. Active Vision - Introduction..

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  • Title: PisaVisionLab
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  • Title: Cicchini in JN
    Descriptive info: Cicchini in JN.. Tuesday, 17 January 2012 17:35.. New Research in Journal of Neuroscience.. Roberto.. , who's latest paper just got accepted for publication in Journal of Neuroscience.. Optimal Encoding of Interval Timing in Expert Percussionists.. Marco Cicchini.. , Luca Cecchetti, Marco Giusti and.. We measured temporal reproduction in human subjects with various levels of musical expertise: expert drummers, string musicians, and non-musicians.. While duration reproduction of the non-percussionists showed a characteristic central tendency or regression to the mean, drummers responded veridically.. Furthermore, when the stimuli were auditory tones rather  ...   Bayesian model that seeks to minimize reproduction errors by incorporating a central tendency prior, a probability density function centered at the mean duration of the sample.. We measured separately temporal precision thresholds with a bisection task; thresholds were twice as low in drummers as in the other two groups.. These estimates of temporal precision, together with an adaptable Bayesian prior, predict well the reproduction results and the central tendency strategy under all conditions and for all subject groups.. These results highlight the efficiency and flexibility of sensorimotor mechanisms estimating temporal duration..

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  • Title: Dave and Concetta awarded Kurt-Kofka Award 2011
    Descriptive info: Dave and Concetta awarded Kurt-Kofka Award 2011.. Friday, 05 August 2011 14:21.. David Burr and Concetta Morrone award the 2011 Kurt-Koffka Award.. The Kurt-Koffka award honors scientists who have advanced the fields of perception or developmental psychology to an extraordinary extent.. The award is in remembrance of Kurt Koffka, who is well-known as  ...   of perception and child development.. Koffka worked in Giessen for 16 years, from 1911 to 1927.. This was the fifth time that the Kurt-Koffka medal was awarded.. In a ceremony that took place on June 22, 2011, Profs.. David Burr.. were honored for their work on visual perception and its development.. : German)..

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  • Title: Roberto in CB 2011
    Descriptive info: Roberto in CB 2011.. Tuesday, 17 January 2012 17:09.. New Research in Current Biology.. , who's latest paper just got accepted for publication in Current Biology.. The paper reports a strong link between the ability of executing motor acts and having efficient perceptual sensitivity.. Reduced perceptual sensitivity for biological motion in paraplegia patients.. , Giulia Cartocci, and..

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  • Title: In the News: Visual Stability
    Descriptive info: In the News: Visual Stability.. "That strange mechanism by which we see the world delayed".. The.. visual world we perceive seems stable - despite all the changes and movements we see.. Researchers (including Concetta Morrone) have proposed that this stability is the result of simultaneous modifications of both space and time neural mechanisms  ...   eyes, there could be a reorganization of the connections between neurons to ensure stability - and this results in a distortion between real and perceived time.. To accommodate this change, the brain must reset both the inner and the 'real' clock at the end of each ocular movement.. (Article is in Italian).. : Italian)..

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  • Title: Claudia in CB 2011
    Descriptive info: Claudia in CB 2011.. New Research in Current Biology.. Claudia.. Brief periods of monocular deprivation disrupt ocular balance in human adult visual cortex.. Neuroplasticity is a fundamental property of the developing mammalian visual system, with residual potential in adult human cortex.. A short period of abnormal visual experience (such as occlusion of one eye) before closure of the critical period has dramatic and permanent neural consequences, reshaping visual cortical organization in favour of the non-deprived eye.. We used binocular rivalry — a sensitive probe of neural  ...   important perceptual consequences.. We report that 150 minutes of monocular deprivation strongly affects the dynamics of binocular rivalry, unexpectedly causing the deprived eye to prevail in conscious perception twice as much as the non-deprived eye, with significant effects for up to 90 minutes.. Apparent contrast of stimuli presented to the deprived eye was also increased, suggesting that the deprivation acts by up-regulation of cortical gain-control mechanisms of the deprived eye.. The results suggest that adult visual cortex retains a good deal of plasticity that could be important..

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  • Title: Eckart in CB 2011
    Descriptive info: Eckart in CB 2011.. , who's latest paper just got accepted for publication in current biology.. Spatiotopic Visual Maps Revealed by Saccadic Adaptation in Humans.. Saccadic adaptation is a powerful experimental paradigm to probe the mechanisms of eye movement control and spatial vision, in which saccadic amplitudes change in response to false visual feedback.. The adaptation occurs primarily in the motor system, but there is also evidence for visual adaptation, depending on the size and the permanence of the postsaccadic error.. Here we confirm that adaptation has a strong visual component and show that  ...   task designed to maximize visual adaptation and to dissociate the visual and motor corrections.. When the memorized saccadic target was in the same position (in external space) as that used in the adaptation training, saccade targeting was strongly influenced by adaptation (even if not matched in retinal or cranial position), but when in the same retinal or cranial but different external spatial position, targeting was unaffected by adaptation, demonstrating unequivocal spatiotopic selectivity.. These results point to the existence of a spatiotopic neural representation for eye movement control that adapts in response to saccade error signals..

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