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  • Title: Family Literacy: Parent & Childhood Education
    Descriptive info: .. Main Menu.. Home.. Children and sexuality.. About Adult Education.. Continuing Education.. About Distance Learning.. What is Early Literacy.. Impact on Finances.. Centers.. Importance of Childhood Literacy.. Children Development.. Fun Activities.. Learning Disabilities.. World Rate.. Parent Child Education.. Parent Education Classes.. Online Reading Program.. Volunteer Program.. Sexual Education.. Comprehensive.. sexual education.. deals with topics like abstinence, contraception, and awareness of sexual conditions, not only STD's, but also erectile dysfunction and its treatments, such as medication.. Family Literacy Information.. Family literacy is an education method that is currently put into practice in countries such as South Africa and the United States.. The family literacy as a method of education roots comes from the belief that parents are children's first teacher.. Family literacy occurs on the daily lives of parents, children and other family members and focuses on the learning for their future members.. Recent studies have showed that parents who have a high level of education are tend to be productive individuals with economic and social capacity in their society.. Usually their children are known to be successful in school.. Literacy is a term known as the ability of a person to write, read and think.. The main key of literacy is Reading development.. Family literacy provides satisfactory changes in a family such as: having more favorable family relationships, becoming a full integrated family, improves children and parents literary  ...   opportunity to interact, enrich their relationship, share their new literacy experiences and enable them to become great partners in education.. Parent education programs is used to improve and correct an individual's parent skills.. Parent education courses are for teenagers, toddlers, children or infants.. These programs are also very useful for people who are considering to have a child, pregnant or will like to adopt a child.. Two very effective programs are the following: Systematic Training for Effective Parenting and Parent Effectiveness Training.. Childhood education assists on involving parents in their children learning environment.. It mainly focuses on a child learning way through play.. An example of this education is to read and share stories or books between the child and the parent.. Continuing studies is a term, which encompasses the post secondary programs or activities of learning.. Some of the recognized forms of these programs or activities are the following: Non degree career training, degree credit courses, workforce train, personal enrichment courses like online or on campus, self directed train through Internet groups or clubs.. This term is mainly used in Canada and the United States.. Continuing studies is intended for adult learners.. Here, at pafamilyliteracy.. org you will be provided with information on this and other forms of family literacy.. More.. Family Games.. Literacy Learning in the United States.. Improve Literacy Online.. 2002-2011 pafamilyliteracy.. org All Rights Reserved..

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  • Title: How to talk to your children about sexuality
    Descriptive info: There comes a time that parents will have to talk to their children about sex.. This is a normal and natural event in every parent's life.. Now a days the generational change and the many things that have happened in our society.. It is possible that your parents might have not discussed sex with you in an open way because back then things were different.. It's ok to feel uneasy, tense or uncomfortable when talking about sex with your child.. Don't hide it, be open about it, tell them: You know, I'm uncomfortable talking about sex because my parents never talked with me about it.. But I want us to be able to talk about anything, including  ...   know, how to answer your child's questions and how to engage the conversation with your children.. The main importance is that your children feel safe talking to you.. You don't need to know all the answers, what's important is that you are open to talk to them about any subject at any time they need.. Engage your children and discuss the subject openly.. Your children might find on your computer a website that perhaps you didn't intend for them to see.. Embarrassing situations like that are best handled in a straight forward manner.. Tell your children what you were doing and why.. Your children trust you and will turn to you in case that any question might appear..

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  • Title: About Adult Education, Adult Education, Adult
    Descriptive info: Adult education courses are important in today’s rapidly expanding world and those who get up to the upper levels of the educational bracket often have their choice of better job opportunities and thus more money for them and their families.. If you are an adult that is looking for information about adult education programs than it is important that you know where to look and what programs you qualify for.. One of the first steps to getting the degree you need in order to succeed in the job market is the step of getting a high school diploma and getting accepted to a four year university or community college.. For those who did not finish high school and get a diploma there is still a way to get on the path towards  ...   achievement as a graduate from high school.. In regards to the GED testing program this program covers five tests that are taken in the subjects of writing, social studies, literature/are, science and math.. These areas of study are seen as the most important for anyone’s future success in the job market as well as when becoming a college student.. The intellectual abilities such as evaluation, drawing conclusions, and understanding concepts and information are emphasized with these tests.. If you are a person that wants to take the GED tests then this is possible all over the US and possibly in a testing facility near you.. They are available in a variety of languages in addition to this including Spanish and Braille and can be ordered from the company called the Steck-Vaughn Company..

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  • Title: Continuing Education Programs Help Improve Adult Literacy
    Descriptive info: In nearly every major city of the United States, there are continuing education programs for adults and families to increase their knowledge base.. In many cases, this is not only toward practical skills, but also to help with the adult literacy problem.. These classes allow adults that have the same issue of not being able to read or write to meet and improve these basic skills without any fear of shame.. While these continuing education and literacy programs can be found across the country, the majority are located in regions that have high percentages of immigrants and other ethnic minorities that have come to America.. In a full continuing education school for adults, the literacy programs are only one aspect of the complete education.. A person that is  ...   of literacy skills.. In this manner, going to a continuing education program for adults works to fix the literacy problem while at the same time instilling a positive attitude towards reading.. Many of the continuing education and literacy programs are offered for free to residents of a certain geographical area.. An example of this would be the courses that are offered by the public library in the city of Los Angeles.. For members of the local community, there are many free resources that can be utilized, including adult tutors, teacher led courses, and videos that can be rented from the public library and watched at home.. By improving the literacy rate of the area, the city is able to improve the lives and pay levels of its residents..

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  • Title: About Distance Learning and Literacy Education, Literacy Classes
    Descriptive info: About Distance Literacy Learning.. Distance literacy education or distance literacy learning is about different teaching methods that focus on delivering basic knowledge like writing and reading to students who can’t be enrolled in a classic classroom system.. Distance literacy education has been made available today with the help of different technologies.. For example, web conferencing and videoconferencing are useful in this kind of activity because they enable the student to actually see and hear his teacher.. Distance learning has been embraced by different academic institutions across the US, but few educational centers offer distance literacy learning.. Usually, parents who have to relocate to a different country because of their job and have a kid that is not yet in school can keep in touch with a US teacher by email and video chatting.. Teaching  ...   everything correctly.. Literacy learning is a skill that is taught in school, in a large classroom with other students for interaction.. That is why, in distance literacy learning, the interaction is crucial.. During the session, the child has to understand many things.. He should ask about things that he doesn’t understand and keep in mind that individual work is more important than the actual virtual classroom.. Exercising literacy skills individually will help him develop them faster and easier.. There are many public and non-profit organizations that offer distance literacy learning worldwide.. When choosing such an institution parents should keep in mind to search for one that is accredited by the Distance Education and Training Council or DETC.. The rest may be fraudulent and will do a bad job in providing children with basic literacy skills..

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  • Title: About Early Literacy, Children Education, Early Education
    Descriptive info: Early literacy refers to the things children know about writing and reading before they go to school and actually start learning how to read and write.. So this means that early literacy starts before children reach 7 years old, the age when they are enrolled in an educational institution.. A sign of early literacy is when a child asks his parents to read him the same book over and over or when children start reciting the story they’ve heard from memory.. Early literacy starts in the first 5 years of life.. That is why it is very important for kids to have an early contact with books and reading before they enter school.. A child’s early experiences with reading may lay the foundations for his future literacy interests.. There is a common word of mouth going around that a parent is  ...   early literacy isn’t about teaching children how to read, but about developing their appetite for knowledge by verbal stimulating them in a fun and familiar atmosphere.. The goal of early literacy is to create a familiar background in which the child feels safe and comfortable and to give him the opportunity to talk, be listened to, read, sing and be heard and encouraged.. Kids who are exposed from an early each to fun and interactive environments that are full of books and literacy-rich will develop their literacy skills easier and faster.. When a parent is reading to a child, talking to him or playing verbal games, he is actually stimulating certain parts of the brain that are responsible for learning how to read.. He is helping him make the connections that will later be the building blocks for reading and writing..

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  • Title: Literacy and Finances, Improving Personal Finances by Understanding
    Descriptive info: Impact of Literacy on Finances.. Educating yourself in personal finance from any source is a significant way to improve your financial situation, but to be able to understand the resources that are available; you have to make sure you have become as literate as you can.. Higher education is one way to improve yourself and insure that you have the best chance at increasing your potential for earning.. Literacy is the ability to read, write, and comprehend what you have read clearly.. If someone is illiterate they will not have the same opportunities open to them that someone who is literate will.. Education is the bridge to cross the gap in economic standing.. One set back adults often face when trying to become more literate is learning disabilities.. Dyslexia is one  ...   more.. In personal finance it can be difficult to understand what terms and contracts are saying if you aren’t as literate as you can possibly be.. The ability to read and understand the terms and conditions on things involving your financial records, credit card contracts, bank statements can mean a great deal as to how much money you spend, or earn.. No one wants to end up paying more than they have to just because they don’t understand what the contract said.. So literacy doesn’t just impact your ability to relax and read a book, not understanding what you read can have a dramatic effect on your financial standing.. Classes and information is available for you to improve your literacy rate, and therefore improve the way you will understand your finances..

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  • Title: Literacy Centers, Literacy Programs, Books and Education
    Descriptive info: What are Literacy Centers.. Literacy centers are usually non-profit organizations that have the sole mission of delivering free literacy education material to preschool-age children.. These books can be delivered to local libraries, school and homes.. Parents who are interested in offering their kids some home literacy education can ask for professionally written literacy books that these centers offer.. Literacy centers are designed to work hand in hand with parents.. Literacy centers aren’t destined to replace schools, but their info and knowledge on literacy teaching can be used by parents to help their children develop early literacy skills.. Literacy centers strongly believe in parents as the first and most important tutors for their children because parents know their children and know exactly what they need.. Literacy centers have online lessons that can be used  ...   besides the first one.. Learning a second language and learning how to read are two activities that can be done simultaneously.. At an early age, children have the ability to absorb and memorize a lot of information on different topics.. Literacy centers also recommend literacy visual games.. They offer educational games, simulations and visual aid that are both fun and effective and will make a parent’s job easier when it comes to early literacy.. Children who learn to read in their first language from an early age will have excellent results further in life.. That is why early education is important and literacy centers are here to help parents develop a strong literacy program for their children.. With literacy games and visual stimulation, parents will offer the best possible education to their children..

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  • Title: Importance of Childhood Literacy, Kids Learning, Child Development
    Descriptive info: Reading comprehension among children is among the most important things you can influence in their life.. It’s proven that people who are better when it comes to written communication will be more likely to succeed.. Children love to learn, so when you’re trying to get your kids learning about reading it will be important to get involved.. Early childhood is the best place to start; you will give your child a head start when they enter the school system.. Reading and learning to understand what they read will influence a child’s performance throughout all the subjects, as being able to comprehend not only the instructions but the subject.. Child Education is a topic often in the public eye, but what is often overlooked, are the more simple  ...   as they grow older.. Phonics is one way to teach reading and writing skills, often used during child education.. It relies on the use of sounds in words to determine the spelling.. Another method involves defining words that can be broken down and sounded out, and words that just have to be memorized.. There are many different and varied ways to teach reading.. No matter the type of education you provide your child, if you choose phonics, or sight words, you’re doing what is best for your child by offering them the road to literacy.. They will grow up in a world full of opportunities and things to explore as they learn to read, and write, and express the ideas that they wish to communicate through written words..

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  • Title: Steps of Child Development and What to Expect at Each Age
    Descriptive info: About Children Development.. Childhood is considered to be the time period between birth and adolescence.. Development during childhood refers to the biological, psychological, and emotional changes that a boy or girl goes through during this time period.. The developmental changes can be influenced by genetics as well as parental influence.. Child development encompasses the fact that people have a natural sense to adapt to their surroundings.. Usually, ages are defined by intervals which separate the different developmental periods for children.. These are newborn, which is birth to one month, infant, which is one month to one year, toddler, age one year to three years, preschooler, age four to six years, school aged child, age six to thirteen years, and adolescent, years thirteen to twenty.. Having the best development of children possible is vital to society and  ...   to the way a child handles situations.. This process checks to see the amount of anger a child possesses, how upset they get over negative situations, whether they have the ability to be happy and active, etc.. Cognitive development refers to the development of the brain.. When very young, children have sponges as brains and collect a lot of information.. Cognitive development studies whether a child's brain is absorbing the correct amounts of information.. Finally, educational development refers to the child's studies.. This type of development normally occurs in the classroom, but can be active at home as well.. All of these different developments in children are important factors of literacy.. Every developmental process, social, emotional, cognitive, and educational have to be in working order and constantly improving for a child to read and write well..

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  • Title: Literacy Activities, Family Literacy Activities, Early Childhood Learning
    Descriptive info: Fun Literacy Activities.. There are many ways to overcome difficulties in reading and writing.. The best place to start this process of learning to read and write would be in the classroom where a child has a well educated teacher to show them the proper way to write or an easier way to learn how to read at a good pace for them.. However, if learning in the classroom proves to be difficult for a child, there are ways to learn at home, even online literacy activities.. There are games which can be found on the internet that have beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels.. These games cover a range of topics such as antonyms, synonyms, letter to sound correspondence, the order of the alphabet, and more.. If these games are too serious, there are a range  ...   alphabetical order, and more dealing with the alphabet.. If the child has moved past this learning stage, there are more difficult games that can be played but that still have fun incorporated.. Some of these include practicing writing upper and lowercase letters, practice writing numbers, contractions, months of the year word searches, and spelling words which focus on short vowels, long vowels, digraphs, blends, and plurals.. In addition to games on the internet there are family literacy games or even language activities to play on a long car ride.. Some of these games include rhyming games, nursery rhymes, sound blending, sound spy, ending sounds, say and clap, and go rhyme fishing.. Still others include hunting for letter sounds, matching, and comprehension games such as make a pattern book, timelines, and thinking about what you have read games..

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