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  • Title: objscrs
    Descriptive info: .. objscrs.. The use of computer vision, such as motion tracking, in art and performance work normally tends towards the creation of illustrative and illusionistic works in which participants paint shapes, animate virtual avatars, or influence generative soundscapes with their body movements, often hiding the software and processes that enable this.. objscrs instead approaches the use of such software in performance as a visible and exposed negotiator of actions and programs, in a form closer to the Brechtian exposure of theatrical machinery or the deconstructive dance work of Yvonne Rainer.. The tracking mechanisms and algorithms of the software are presented as an explicit part of performances, combining the aesthetics of industrial surveillance systems and livecoding practice.. This is combined with the development of a performance technique that consciously explores ideas of program and algorithm within physical  ...   forms of notational medium alongside those of written, graphical and programming notations.. Documentation.. http://www.. constantvzw.. org/site/Advanced-Performance-training.. html.. http://ospublish.. org/mutual/.. http://data.. org/vj11/vj11.. 1/score-notations/.. rufa.. net/workshops.. html#c.. http://vj12.. org/static/html/kaleidoscope.. adashboard.. org/kaleidoscope/.. org/colapsekode/.. interface-our-space.. be/mapping-reports/participatory-methods-in-object-score-notation.. Resources.. objscrs mailing list.. source code, version 1.. 0 (pre-release, r.. 1).. , May 2012, GNU/Linux.. example files.. User Manual.. , June 2011.. Kaleidoscope visual scores.. , June 2009.. All Problems of Notation Will be Solved by the Masses.. , 2008.. Credits.. Software development:.. Simon Yuill.. and.. Pierre Marchand.. objscrs was originally developed in collaboration with.. Kirsty Stansfield.. This version of objscrs was developed for the performance project.. Kaleidoscope.. ! Co LAPse KoDe.. Production: Mangrove-Tentactile.. Coproduction:.. Constant VZW.. ,.. La Communauté Française Arts Numériques.. With the support of.. De Pianofabriek KWP.. La Raffinerie.. Maison de La Bellone.. Marginalia Project.. and the.. Vlaamse GemeenschapsCommissie (VGC)..

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