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  • Title: OAGEE - Home
    Descriptive info: .. Facebook.. Login.. Friday, 13 December 2013.. OAGEE.. Ontario Association of.. Geographic and Environmental Education.. Home.. Membership.. Join/Renew.. Resources Curriculum.. Monograph.. Monograph Index.. Best of the Monograph.. Conferences.. All Conference Programs.. Conference FAQs.. About Us.. The Monograph Editor.. OAGEE Board.. News and Events.. Contact Us.. Regions.. OAGEE runs two conferences each year, the spring and fall versions, and sometimes a Summer Institute.. Each conference offers Geographers the opportunity to share knowledge and resources, learn about the latest developments, and review the latest from the publishing community.. Read about the 2013 Conference!.. Membership in OAGEE.. Having a membership in OAGEE means many terrific benefits for you: It means that you will receive a quarterly professional publication called "The Monograph".. Each issue contains lesson plans and activities, designed by teachers, for use in a variety of Geography courses.. The Monograph also contains resource lists, book reviews, Geography news, and information about upcoming events.. The Monograph.. The Monograph is the journal of the Ontario Association for Geographic and Environmental Education.. It strives to provide materials useful to secondary and elementary school teachers of Geography and its cognate disciplines.. Financial Literacy.. O.. A.. G.. E.. in partnership with O.. C.. , supported by the Ontario Ministry of Education announces lessons and activities to support financial literacy in geography courses in grades 7‐12.. Join us on our community page.. Share your favourite.. See what your colleagues are up to.. Improve education in Ontario.. 2013 Fall Conference Photos.. Written by Shawn Hughes on.. 27 November 2013.. Posted in.. Fall 2013 Conference.. Click here to check out a few pics from the 2013 OAGEE Fall Conference @ Balsillie School  ...   Birchall has contributed a lifetime s worth of work towards the betterment of Geographic and Environmental Education.. Continue Reading.. THANK YOU to the 2013 Fall Conference Committee!.. 03 November 2013.. A huge thank you to the 2013 OAGEE Fall Conference Committee!.. Ivan Ius, Sandy Wolf, Scott Kooy, Anna de Boer, Tara Jack, Chris Charman, Jennifer Roy, Darryl Keirstead, and Dana Stanek.. Absent: Jim Miller Andrew Tilt.. 2013 Fall Conference: Memo to Administrators.. 03 October 2013.. Click here for the attached memo.. that will hopefully convince decision makers that they should allow you (and your students!) to benefit from this fantastic learning opportunity.. 2013 Fall Conference.. 06 September 2013.. Ontario Association of Geographic and Environmental Education.. November 1 2.. Balsillie School of International Affairs, Waterloo, Ontario.. Conference Coordinators.. Chris Charman This email address is being protected from spambots.. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Ivan Ius This email address is being protected from spambots.. It's Here.. Written by OAGEE Admin on.. 30 August 2013.. The Ontario Curriculum, Grades 9 and 10: Canadian and World Studies, 2013, (revised) has been released in English and French.. http://www.. edu.. gov.. on.. ca/eng/curriculum/secondary/canworld.. html.. More Articles.. 2013 Spring Conference Resources.. Didn’t receive your latest issue of the Monograph?.. OAGEE Geography Resources.. The Return of Department Memberships.. Selling Geography.. Financial Literacy Lessons and Activities for The Ontario Geography Curriculum.. 1.. 2.. ».. End.. 2013.. Fall Conference.. Conference Info.. Register Now!.. Keynote Speakers.. Field Trips.. Social Events.. Presentations.. Accommodation.. View Schedule Grid.. Resources.. & Curriculum.. Downloads Folders.. Geography Resources.. Summative Assignments.. Dynamic Geography.. Geog.. Promo Materials.. Become a Member.. Become a Member or Subscribe to The Monograph Today..

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  • Title: OAGEE - Login
    Descriptive info: User Name.. Password.. Remember me.. Log in.. Forgot your password?.. Forgot your username?..

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  • Title: OAGEE - Membership
    Descriptive info: Written by OAGEE Office on.. 09 October 2013.. Having a membership in OAGEE means many terrific benefits for you:.. It means that you will receive a quarterly professional publication called The Monograph.. It means that you are part of a large network of teachers across the province who together can have influence on Geographic education in Ontario.. New! Unlimited access to  ...   the calendar year.. OAGEE provides an annual subscription that expires approximately 12 months after registration (i.. e.. register on April 10, 2013, expiry will be March 31, 2014).. Current Fees.. Individual Member ($50.. 00).. Retired Member ($30.. Student Member ($25.. Department Membership ($90).. Monograph Subscription ($60).. Join, Renew or Subcribe online today.. here.. !.. Join, Renew or Subscrbe by mail or FAX..

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  • Title: OAGEE - Login
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  • Title: OAGEE - Resources & Curriculum
    Descriptive info: 15 July 2013.. Promo Material.. Curriculum.. Curriculum Packages.. EY and Primary.. Think Literacy - Geography.. Disclaimer.. The Ontario Association for Geographic and Environmental Education (OAGEE) is very pleased to assist its teacher members by hosting easily implemented classroom resources, which is the result of many teachers’ hard work donated in good faith.. OAGEE, though very grateful to these teachers, did not develop these resources.. You can easily become an OAGEE member at:.. oagee.. org/membership.. If you are the copyright holder and are aware of a resource that has been posted in error, please advise us and  ...   unaware of any potential copyright infringement, and wish to be accountable and responsive to any potential problems.. The classroom teacher is responsible for the appropriate selection, review, and delivery of the content.. OAGEE would of course value contributions of any supplemental materials for the website or publication in the Monograph!.. org/monograph-journal.. Geography.. "Gr 9 Appl.. " - Geography of Canada.. Grade 9 Applied.. "Gr 9 Acad.. Grade 9 Academic.. "Environment" - The Environment and Resource Management.. Grade 12 University and College Preparation.. "World Issues" - Canadian and World Studies: A Geographic Analysis.. Grade 12 University Preparation..

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  • Title: OAGEE - Monograph
    Descriptive info: A.. Sample Monograph.. can be downloaded.. It is in PDF format and is large.. If you wish to submit an article, review or lesson plan to the Monograph, please read.. Monograph Advertising and Article Information.. All correspondence and manuscripts should be addressed to the Editor.. Materials not used will be returned only if accompanied by a stamped, self-addressed envelope.. Members of OAGEE  ...   own classrooms, giving credit for the source.. Permission to reproduce any page of The Monograph for any other reason must be obtained in writing from.. Kindly note that unless otherwise stated the views expressed in this publication do not necessarily reflect the views of the Publisher.. For advertising, please download the ad rate sheet here.. [Click here to subscribe to The Monograph]..

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  • Title: Monograph Index
    Descriptive info: Essential Resources for Geographic and Environmental Educators.. Search Monogragph Resources.. Select an Issue.. Vol.. 64, No.. 1.. 2.. 63, No.. 4.. 61, No.. 59, No.. 3.. 58, No.. 57, No.. 56, No.. 55, No.. 54, No.. 53, No.. 52, No.. 51, No.. 50, No.. 49, No.. 48, No.. 47, No.. 46, No.. 45, No.. 43, No.. 42, No.. Select an Author.. Ackroyd, Steven.. Alder, Michael.. Alexander, Stephanie.. Alexander, Jennifer.. Alves, Jennifer.. Andrew, Wayne.. Andrews, Wayne.. Anthon, Kirsten.. Armstrong, Erica.. Aurich, Tom.. Aurich, Rob.. Austen, Dave.. Barrett, Linda.. Beattie, Kathleen.. Beeharry, Tasleema.. Bell, Gerry.. Benedict, Angela.. Birchall, Gary.. Black, Nigel.. Borland, Shawn.. Brampton Centennial Geography,.. Brown , Andrew.. Brown, Jacqueline.. Budgell, Alexander.. Budgell, Robert.. Carbone, Andrea.. Cartwright, Fraser.. Caspell, Scott.. Chang, Siu Ling.. Chapman, Chris.. Childs, J.. Chochla, Mark.. Chortos, Renee.. Christoff, Theo.. Cialeo, Angela.. Cox, James.. Crapsi, Dino.. Crispo, Randy.. Davel, Kirsten.. DeChillis, Rose.. Desharnais, Angela.. Devito, Jordan.. Dilley, Estrela.. Dimitru, Jeff.. Dontas, Kris.. Dorge, Tara.. Doucet, John.. Draper, Graham.. Druce, Jennifer.. Ducroix, Daniel.. Duffy, Ryan.. Duley, Mark.. Earle, Kim.. Edmison, Sara.. Eedson, J.. Marsden.. Eldridge, Lorraine.. Ellis, Amanda.. Ellis, Amanda.. Ennis, Katherine.. Farley, Mike.. Ferandes, Lester.. Fischhoff, Tina.. Fisher, Tom.. Fleischacker, Melissa.. Fleming, Charlotte.. Fletcher, Jonathan.. Fletcher, Chris.. Frauts, Susan.. Gauthier, Rebecca.. Geographers, Peel.. Greer-Velez, Cynthia.. Griffith, Andrew.. Harper, Ryan.. Harris, Richard.. Haskett, Robert.. Heitner, Irene.. Heltner, Irene.. Hinan, Doug.. Hobler, Dan.. Hogaboarn-Gray, Anne E.. Hotte, Sue.. Hough-Rancourt, Cindy.. Hughes, Joanna.. Hughes, Shawn.. Hume, Marlene V.. Hurlington, Kingsley.. Huynh, Niem Tu.. Johnston, Ethel.. Jolie, John.. Jones, David.. Kasperski, Kimberly.. Keeler, Cory..  ...   Virginia.. Rogers, Bill.. Roulston, Kristen.. Ruberto, Renee.. Savage, Bruce.. Schafer, T.. Schouten, Brian.. Smith, Ashley.. Smith, Graeme.. Smithers, Cheryl.. Soscia, Patrizia.. Staple, Susan.. Stroud, Carol.. Taylor, Kendall.. Taylor, Rex.. Teachers, Peel Geography.. Theunissen, Shane.. Tinney, Darryl.. Todd, Duane.. Tracz, Natasha.. Trave, Ryan.. Tsanos, Dimitra.. University of Reno,.. Vaillant, Sheri.. VanLieshout, Anne-Marie.. VanZant, Paul.. VanZant, Susan Hopkins.. Vieira, Allman.. Wallace, Kim.. Ward, Tony.. Watkin, Mark.. Werbowetski, Megan.. Wilkie, Randy.. Williams, Ross.. Willie, Denise.. Wintjes, Luke.. Woolley, Liz.. Wright, Ian A.. Yaworsky, Kim.. Yeung, Shawna.. Young, Greg.. Yuen, Frances.. Zeltins, Vicky.. Zondo, Lionel.. View articles by tags.. Academic/Applied (CGC1D/CGC1P).. Canadian and World Issues.. College Preparation (CGU4C).. Geographic Patterns and Isses.. Geographics.. Geography of Canada.. Geography Skills.. Geomatics.. Geotechnologies in Action.. GIS Specific Activities and Resources.. Grade 11.. Grade 12.. Grade 9.. Grades 7 and 8.. Human Patterns and Interactions.. Literacy.. Open (CGG3O).. Patterns, Processes and Interactions.. Physical Geography.. Regional Geographic Perspective.. The Americas.. The Environment and Resource Management.. The Geographer's Toolkit.. Travel and Tourism.. University Preparation (CGU4U).. University Preparation (CGW4U).. University/College and Workplace Prepara.. University/College Preparation (CGD3M).. University/College Preparation (CGF3M).. University/College Preparation (CGO4M).. Urban Patterns and Interactions.. Workplace Preparation (CGT3E).. World Geography.. Issue listing.. 64 No.. (2013).. 63 No.. (2012).. 61 No.. (2010).. 59 No.. (2008).. 58 No.. (2007).. 57 No.. (2006).. 56 No.. (2005).. 55 No.. (2004).. 54 No.. (2003).. 53 No.. (2002).. 52 No.. (2001).. 51 No.. (2000).. 50 No.. (1999).. 49 No.. (1998).. 48 No.. (1997).. 47 No.. (1996).. 46 No.. (1995).. 45 No.. (1994).. 43 No.. (1992).. 42 No.. (1991)..

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  • Title: OAGEE - Best of the Monograph
    Descriptive info: Best of the Monograph 4 Now Available!.. 04 March 2013.. Monograph Back Issues.. The best resource for anyone teaching Geography has just gotten even better with the addition of full issues of The Monograph from 2006 to 2011, all in one handy and compact CD.. You will find this CD is a golden archive of proven classroom activities for all Geography courses from Grades 7/8 to Grade 12 that have appeared in The Monograph from  ...   the CD is a compact and accessible source of all those back issues that have been worn thin with use or have gone missing for one reason or another.. All you will need is your favourite web browser to access the files organized by course, grade, and theme.. Only a few mouse clicks and you will be able to open and print any of the lesson articles in a few seconds.. Best of Monograph Order Form..

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  • Title: OAGEE - Conferences
    Descriptive info: Summer Institute.. Call for Presenters.. Spring Conferences.. Past Fall Conferences.. Fall 2012 Conference.. Fall 2011 Conference.. Fall 2010 Conference.. Fall 2009 Conference..

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  • Title: All Conference Programs
    Descriptive info: OAGEE Conferences.. Past Events.. OAGEE Fall Conference 2013.. :.. November, 1st 2nd 2013.. Balsillie School of International Affairs.. ,.. Waterloo.. At the Balsillie School of International Affairs in Waterloo Ontario.. Package.. Price.. Early Bird before October, 12th 2013.. Fall Conference (Member).. $240.. 00.. $200.. Fall Conference (Student).. $90.. Fall Conference (Committee member).. $0.. A beginner's guide to field studies: Rouge Park.. A Picture is Worth a Thousand (Teacher) Words.. ArcGIS: A tool for collaboration.. Buy, Use, Toss!.. Creating Story Maps.. Earth From The Inside-Out (English version).. Expanding Your Web 2.. 0 Toolkit: Blended Learning in the Geography Classroom.. Facing the Future through the Lens of Sustainability: Beyond UNMDG 2015.. Forced to Think About Nature: Causes and Impacts of Extreme Weather.. Geographic Education for Canadians: Vision, Engagement and Action a National Meeting.. Geographic Literacy through Global Student Perspectives.. Geography and Environmental Studies at the Post-Secondary Level.. Getting students outside our classroom walls experiencing the geography around them.. Geysers,Arches,Canyons and more.. GPS, UTM grid/projection and GIS in one fun geo-cache activity.. Hopeful High School Hooligans: Giving Students a Reason To Dream.. Integrating ArcGIS Online and ArcGIS Desktop.. Introduction to ArcGIS Online.. Let's Get Engaged 2.. 0! Using GIS to Engage Students.. Literacy Development Using Technology in the Geography Classroom.. Making InQuiry Learning Work in Your Classroom.. Maximum City: Teaching Urban Sustainability.. Patterns and Trends of Canadian Railroads moving North American Natural Resources.. Rainforest Simulation.. Re-imagining Canadian Geography.. SMART Boards in Geography.. Spatial Skills in the Intermediate Classroom.. Sustainability Education -- The Flipped Classroom in Action!.. The DI Difference: Instructional and Assessment Strategies for CGC.. There are no right answers - An Issues Based Curriculum.. Think rocks are boring?.. Thinking like a Geographer!.. Tinker with ArcGIS Online.. Using Mindfulness in Geography Lessons.. Using Serious Games to Explore Local and Global Poverty.. Whats your Earth IQ?.. Working with Geography in the Revised Canadian and World Studies Curriculum, Grades 9-12.. Working with Geography in the Revised Canadian and World Studies Curriculum, Grades 9-12 (cont'd).. OAGEE Spring Conference 2013.. May, 24th 25th 2013.. Motel 8.. Kenora.. Come explore the Canadian Shield and its rich history.. This year's conference is being held in Kenora, Ontario.. A small northwestern city located on the shores of Lake of the Woods -- one of Canada's largest fresh water lakes.. The area has a very rich history, geological wonders, and Aboriginal traditions and cultures that date back to the beginning of time.. Spring Conference (Member).. $100.. OAGEE Fall Conference 2012.. October, 19th 20th 2012.. Queen's University.. Kingston.. What is Where? Why There? Why Care?.. Early Bird before September, 29th 2012.. $99.. "Engaging Students in Learning Conversations to Promote Thinking".. 1 Billion Years of Earth History: Geology of the Kingston Area Field Trip.. A Teacher's Perspective of the Oil Sands.. Any spare change? Teaching Geography and History Using the Coins of Canada and the World.. AP Human Geography: From Audit to Exam.. Building Aboriginal Content into the Grade 9 Geography Curriculum.. BUMP IT UP! Assessment for, of, and as learning in the geography classroom.. Cancelled session.. Changing China: The past 50 years.. Chasing Storms and Getting in the Way of Scary Weather.. Climate Change Research in the Canadian Arctic I.. Creating An Online Spatial Journal Part I.. Creating An Online Spatial Journal Part II.. Creating Your Own GIS Lesson from Start to Finish.. Development Workshop.. Docs For Schools.. Education for Sustainable Development - Youth and Media.. Explaining Microfinance through Experiential Learning.. Explore GIS and GPS with ArcGIS Online.. Exploring Earth's Extremes.. Eyes on Planet Earth!.. Gapminder World - Bringing Global Development Data to Life.. Geographic Inquiry, Environmental Education and Sustainability in the Revised Curriculum.. Geography meets EcoSchools.. Geography Rocks!.. Goal Patrol.. Here's a twist on an old saying: Diamonds are a teacher's best friend!.. Highlights of the Revised Ontario and World Studies Curriculum.. Highlights of the Revised Ontario Canadian World Studies Curriculum.. Highlights of the Revised Ontario Social Studies, Grades 1 to 6, History and Geography Grades 7 & 8.. Let's Get It Started: High-Impact Lessons on the Arctic.. Let's Get Engaged! Using GIS to Engage Students in the Geography Classroom.. My Principal Bought Me iPads, Now What?.. National Geographic Giant Travelling Maps: AFRICA is here!.. Our Energy System and How to Engage Students.. Renewable Energy in Ontario : Power for the people.. Sloths, Monkeys, Hot Springs, Adventure and More!.. Spitsbergen Island - Arctic laboratory.. The War of 1812: People and Places - Educational Resources from RCGS : Giant Map of War of 1812.. Transmedia Simulations: The Merging of Film, Narrative and Online Simulations.. Water, Water Everywhere.. Web 2.. 0 Toolkit: Seamlessly Blending the Internet into your Geography Classroom.. Where Can I Find GIS Resources in Support  ...   - Natural Resources Canada Tour.. Canadian Population, Immigration and Demographics.. Classroom Resources from CBC.. Constructavism.. DI in the Travel Tourism Classroom.. Earth Science Resources for Physical Geography.. eCards -- environment, eLearning and engaging.. Engage Your Students on Key Global and Environmental Issues.. Engaging Geographic and Environmental Resources for You and Your Students!.. Exploring the effects of the mountain pine beetle in ArcView.. Eye in the Sky: MultiSpec Remote Sensing Analysis.. Geoheritage Parks: Discovering Canadian Geodiversity.. Geologic Journey Across Ottawa and Gatineau.. Geomatics Curriculum Share.. GIS and Literacy.. Human Activity and the Environment.. Images and Documentaries: How to Access Timely Content.. Integrating GIS and GPS in the Classroom.. Let's Collaborate: Developing New Resources Together.. Love That Map!.. Mapping census data! Integrating E-STAT data into ArcView.. Maps as Stories I: Using Google Maps to tell Geographical Stories.. Maps as Stories II: Reimagining Canada.. Museum of Nature Tour.. Natural Hazards: How communities 'Weather' the Impact.. Ont.. Min.. of Ed: Canadian and World Studies Curriculum Review Feedback.. Ottawa Annual Sustainable High School Conference.. Parks Canada - Rideau Canal and Jones Falls Heritage Tour.. Practical Strategies for Teaching Environmental Issues and Ecological Consciousness.. Remembering the Rwandan Genocide Against Tutsis.. Serious Games: Educational Video Games in Geography.. Song Writing Projects for Civics/History/Geography.. Specialist High Skills Major - Environment.. Spotlight on Global Issues.. The Asian Connection: Patterns Trends in North American Trade.. Where is Geography in the K-12 Curriculum across Canada?.. OAGEE Fall Conference 2009.. October, 30th 31st 2009.. Trent University.. Peterborough.. Geography – Kawartha Tourism.. Pre-Service Teacher ($80 with Student Membership).. A Hungry World: Understanding the Global Food Crisis.. Analyzing Our World Using GIS.. AP Human Geography: Teaching, Writing, Reading and Auditing.. Are you Hungry for Change?.. Birds and Tourism in the Presquile and Brighton Area.. CBC Digital Archives.. Co-operative Learning in Geography.. Discovering Culture First Hand.. Discovering Diamonds: A resource for high school teachers.. Docs for Schools Program.. Ecozone Fair.. Engage your Students on Key Global and Environmental Issues.. Engaging Children and Youth in Environmental Education.. Engaging Lessons for the Applied Grade 9 Geography Learner.. Engaging Youth in Urban Planning and Geography.. Environmental Ambassadors Project.. GIS in the Intermediate Classroom.. GPS 101.. Grand River Information Network - GRIN.. Hands on Geocaching.. Integrating GPS and GIS in the Classroom.. International Teaching Opportunities.. Making a difference in the Geography Classroom.. Making Geography Lessons Interactive using SMARTBoard Activities.. Ministry Focus Group for Curriculum Review Geography/Civics, Grades 7-12.. On-Line International Conference for Canadian and World Issues Students.. Professional Planners as a Resource.. Set your GPS for www.. statcan.. gc.. ca.. SMART Technologies: SENTEO / SMART Response.. Studying World Issues Through Pop Culture.. Take Me Outside.. Teaching Environment; Teaching Kids.. Teaching ESL Students in the Mainstream Classes: Practical Methodologies That Work.. Teaching Grade 9 Geography Through a Sustainability Lens.. The 41st Annual Trent University Map Making Contest.. The All-in-One Parks Canada Grade 9 ISU/Culminating Activity.. The Art of "Cart".. The Spatial Data Life Cycle.. Two approaches are better than one.. Use your Noodle, go to Moodle.. Using ArcGIS for Discovering Diamonds.. Using Internet Resources to Keep Your Classroom Up to Date!.. Wine, Sweets Treats Tour of Northumberland County.. OAGEE Fall Conference 2008.. October, 24th 25th 2008.. Burlington Holiday Inn.. Burlington.. All encompassing geography.. $55.. "What's Right in Developing Countries?".. A Book Club: Nonfiction In the World Issues Classroom.. Aboard an Arctic Vessel, studying Climate Change.. Better than Ever: The Canadian Oxford School Atlas Revised!.. CBC/Radio-Canada: Bring Digital Technology Into Your Classroom.. Classroom Strategies and performance Tasks for Grade 7-8 Geography.. Climate Change In Your Schoolyard!.. Creating "Top" Models: Making 3D landform models.. Discovering Diamonds: A Resource for Teachers.. e-Learning and Decision Making using Habitat in the Balance.. e-Learning and the Ontario Education Resource Bank.. Environmental Geography and the High Skills Major.. First Aid for Nature Deficit Disorder.. Geographic Literacy (GIS ArcView 9.. 2).. Global Issues: Online Multi-Media Content for the Classroom.. Grade 9 Geography - "We Deal Excitement".. Inclusive Aboriginal Learnings.. Integrating Environmental Education with Geography Curriculum (Earth Day Canada).. Integrating Smartboards and Cooperative Learning into the Geography Classroom.. Introduction to Student Success L-18 Differentiated Instruction Professional Learning Strategy.. Landforms of Mars: The Earth Model.. Metrolinx: The Future of Public Transit in the GTHA.. Smartboards, Geography & Differentiated Instruction.. Social Networking and Environmental Education.. Statistics Canada: Internet Resources.. Statistics Canada: Spatial Data Workshop.. Stewards of the Earth: How Agriculture Works to Ensure a Sustainable Future.. The Globalization of Disease.. The Joy of Teaching Essential, Applied and Workplace Classes.. This Earth: Teaching About Physical Geography and the Environment.. Using Geographic Inquiry to Infuse Environmental Understandings.. Using Geography to Make Integration Work.. What is a national marine conservation area?.. Who are the Nacirema? Understanding Our Cultural World View..

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  • Title: OAGEE - Conference FAQs
    Descriptive info: Conference FAQ.. Check here for Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on conference registration.. Display #.. 5.. 10.. 15.. 20.. 25.. 30.. 50.. 100.. All.. Title.. Author.. Hits.. What is the login for conference?.. OAGEE Admin.. 629.. What are any additional costs?.. 620.. What if I am presenter?.. 584.. Can I register at the  ...   membership?.. 530.. How do I get an official receipt?.. 517.. Are there waiting lists for full sessions?.. 431.. How do I pick my sessions?.. 426.. How to I check what I picked?.. 406.. Is payment required before picking sessions?.. 399.. Do I Need to Register for Conference if I am a Presenter.. 36..

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