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  • Title: Transforming Orphans' Lives : Orphanshope.org
    Descriptive info: .. Sign-up for.. Newsletter.. Make a Difference.. In An.. Orphan's Life!.. Donate Online Here.. Dedicated to the.. Compelling Needs of Orphans.. ______________________.. Donate.. - Stock.. - Call for Form.. -.. Computers.. - Frequent Flyer Miles.. - Car/ RV /Boat/.. Plane.. - Property.. Estate Planning -.. A Legacy in Orphans' Lives.. Call 1-952-941-1546 or.. Info@OrphansHope.. org.. Orphan's Hope Brochure - Click Here.. to Request Copy.. For new news please.. click here.. Camp for orphans.. In the last year we have delivered tons of rice to numerous orphanages struggling, as well as providing other food supplies.. Many of the 850+ children in these 24 homes, also received.. school clothes and supplies, bath towels, encouraging programs and more.. Thank you to our donors and the volunteer teams from the U.. K.. and Singapore.. The teams did a wonderful job, and together we have been able to help many children.. -------------------.. Finances are still tight here, but we thank God for such good blessings in key areas of need, and His faithfulness every month.. To Support Orphan's Hope.. Please.. Picture from August Camp.. Sunset from Orphan's Hope Ukraine camp on Black Sea.. It was a special time.. OHU staff Olesya noted;.. God gave such wonderful gifts as this every single day.. News.. :.. - Thank you so much for your prayers and generocity!.. - Singapore friends donated for eleven high quality dairy cows for Garden Home, providing for nutrition and sustainability.. - See Orphan's Hope 2011 picture albums.. Click for.. Ukraine.. or.. Asia.. - Two U.. churches provided timely funds for two orphanages needing food.. - A new house is under construction at Garden Home, thanks to a generous donor.. Key areas still need funding.. _______________.. Orphan's Hope is celebrating over 10 years as an organization.. Thank you for the privledge of partnering with you, to care for many dear children who have lost their parents! We desparately need help and are praying.. Over 2000 children and youth attended camps at Garden Home during April.. We had great teams from Wesleyan High School and Malone College working with OH in Ukraine recently.. Construction has also begun on a new house for orphans at Garden Home in Asia.. Transition Home in Ukraine.. New orphans have moved in and are enjoying life in our new home in Ukraine.. As we are able, we are glad to have completed our new OH Youth Center and office in Simferopol Ukraine.. Thank you to new and existing donors for support which has provided for urgently needs in many orphanages this year.. The joy of getting food when hungry.. The orphanage above had been without food for a week.. Staff members wept and the children cheered when they saw the Orphan’s Hope truck arrive with fruit, veggies, rice, beans, and meat.. We see such needs regularly and can only meet with friends like you.. We helped over 1000 Myanmar Orphans Go to School last year.. and help is needed again soon!.. Only $15 provided school entry fees for the year, a school book bag, umbrella, exercise books, and pencils! Funds are needed again by the end of March.. Click to donate for school fees.. God Bless You for Your Kindness to Orphans.. Who Need You.. Thank you very much, to our supporters, for all your kindness and care for the children.. Many orphans will have food and a loving home thanks to you!.. Thank You! From.. Orphan's Hope Staff and Children.. Thank you to Wesleyan High School for the volunteer  ...   pineapple, mango and papaya trees, sweet potatoes, among over 1000 fruit trees, a seedling nursery, and enough rice harvested to feed all the GH orphans for the year!.. ________________________.. Ukraine.. - We have orphans who never would have dreamed of going to University, now able to go thanks to our donors supporting our transition program for teens.. - OH lawyers in Ukraine have secured education funds, housing, and documentation key to orphans rights and future.. - Shoes and supplies continue to be shipped to care for orphans.. - Older youth mentored up through OHU programs are leading younger orphans.. - Planting made for record harvest to help orphanages.. - Over 1000+ children helped with school fees, clothes, and supplies.. - Electricity installed at a number of orphanages.. - Hundreds of sets of clothes made by teens girls in our sewing program, for orphans.. is struggling orphanages.. - Orphans are receiving medical exams, treatment and inoculations.. Garden Home.. Photos Link.. Orphans at.. Pineapple.. Planted at GH.. 75 acre farm.. for orphans.. 5 OH Staff focused.. on large orphanage in Ukraine with 320 children.. Planting Fruit Trees.. Most orphans.. are not getting.. fruit and meat.. even once a month.. Donate Here.. Compassion for Orphans.. 830 million orphans and undernourished people will go to bed hungry tonight, even though we have enough to feed us all.. In this amazing yet fleeting gift life; we are blessed so we can care for others who are struggling, not just to have more.. We see many orphaned children who are hurting and need friends like you to care.. Would you join us?.. Your choice can bring hope and comfort to a orphans who are genuinely struggling.. You can give them a home with love, and a future with promise.. For an orphan with no one in the world,.. your kindness, in the decision to help, makes all the difference.. Join Orphan’s Hope in.. Transforming Children’s Lives:.. Relief & Meeting Critical Needs.. International Teams, Summer Camps, Medical Care.. Education Scholarships, Mentoring/Discipleship.. Transformation/Building Projects.. Self-sustaining Long Term Solutions.. Life Skills & Character Development Training.. Computer Classes, Micro Enterprise.. Orphan & Orphanage Sponsorship.. Every week orphanages.. around the world.. contact us,.. struggling to feed the children.. in their care.. Can you help us care for them?.. Please Donate Here.. _________________________________________.. Orphan's Hope Ukraine Flash Presentation.. (some points outdated but still very good).. ___________________________________.. WE NEED YOU!.. Please Help Us.. We especially need monthly donors.. Orphan's Hope is a recognized U.. S.. public charity, tax-exempt under section 501(c)(3) and 509(a)(1)of the Internal Revenue Code.. All donations are tax deductible.. to the extent of the law.. Tax ID: 20-0052012.. NEWS.. Jesus said; I was hungry and you fed me.. Truly.. you have (or have not) done it unto me.. Matthew 25.. Orphan's Hope.. Volunteer Team.. s.. Sept.. 2013.. Summer Camps.. July Aug.. Individuals can go from 2 weeks to.. longer term.. Click to Donate.. Needed Supplies.. OH bringing orphans.. food supplies.. __________.. Sewing Program.. With 10 sewing machines and supplies, we are training teen orphan girls the skills for having their own business, while producing school clothes for orphanages in need.. Cows sponsored.. giving orphans milk.. __.. ________.. New Homes.. for Orphans.. Friends in the U.. and internationally have enabled Orphan's Hope each year to buy land, improve orphanages or build new housing.. - Food and other critical relief continues to be distributed on a regular basis.. _____________.. Thank You.. for.. Supporting.. Orphan's Hope!.. ________________.. Privacy/Security.. Site Map.. © Orphan's Hope 2000-2013..

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  • Title: Our Vision : Transforming Orphans Lives : Orphanshope.org
    Descriptive info: Join Orphan's.. Hope Family.. & Newsletter.. Make the.. Difference.. In An Orphan`s.. Life!.. © Orphan's Hope 2000-2011.. For A Orphan In Need.. Hope Begins With You!.. Orphan's Hope is 100% dedicated to.. the compelling needs of Orphans in poverty and transforming their lives.. While we provide relief for urgent.. needs, Orphan's Hope is committed to bringing lasting solutions that care for.. the children's physical, educational,.. and spiritual needs, in a way that gives them hope and a future.. We are.. currently focused on helping orphans.. in Asia and Eastern Europe.. Future expansion is planned for Africa as we.. have funds to help aids orphans.. Orphan's Hope mobilizing people in the compelling opportunities that transform struggling children's lives.. Orphan's Hope has partners in.. countries like Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, Netherlands, and the United Kingdom.. From wherever you visit this site you can see immediate.. and compelling needs and personally make a difference by donating online.. Most people can't name an organization totally dedicated to Orphans.. Orphan's Hope is, and we hope you will join us in  ...   over 1,700 orphans per mile.. If you were to follow that line of Orphans holding hands, driving 60 mph, you could drive 24 hours a day seeing 1,700 orphans every mile, hour after hour, day after day without stopping for over two months,.. and you would still see orphans holding hands.. How long would it take to stop, and with compassion take one child in your arms, to make a difference for at least one? They are hungry, lonely, afraid, have holes in their shoes, and face the greatest challenges of any children on the face of the earth.. They are very real children who need someone to love them and help them.. Join us!.. Orphan’s Hope is dedicated to transforming the lives of these children, and greatly needs help today, by giving, coming on teams, and adopting! There.. are children before us that we can't help without you.. Please.. Make a Difference for One Today.. (.. *Source: U.. Government “.. 5th Annual Report to Congress on Public Law 109-95.. ” and affirmed by UNICEF)..

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  • Title: Donate Here : Shop for Orphans' Needs : Support Orphans and Orphanages : Orphanshope.org
    Descriptive info: Life!.. or Donate by Mail:.. For USA:.. Orphan's Hope.. 10190 B Suncrest Dr.. Leavenworth, WA 98826.. For Canada:.. Orphan's Hope Canada.. P.. O.. Box 75300.. White Rock, B.. C.. V4B 5L4.. (Donations Tax Deductible.. Under World Outreach.. Please make checks payable to.. Orphan's Hope Canada.. ).. Questions - Call: 612-270-8878.. We get more for your money by buying supplies overseas.. Our staff deliver to the orphans with the greatest needs!.. Donation Cart.. Click Items for Details.. Questions - Call: 612-270-8878.. Most Critical Needs.. Top Request.. Food for Hungry Orphans.. Ukraine Programs Fund.. Garden Home Orphanage.. Send Orphans to School in Asia - Only $20.. Shoes.. Orphan's Hope Staff.. Blankets.. Medical and Dental Care.. Transition Homes for Orphan Teens - Exodus Project.. Birthday or Christmas Gifts, & Celebration.. Winter Sweaters & Jackets.. Clothes for Orphans.. Fresh Water Well.. Children's Books Set, Shelf, or Library.. Bibles.. Mini-Farm for Orphanage.. Sponsor an  ...   other key needs for the ministry.. Monthly Donors are Most Needed - Please see automated recurring option in shopping cart.. Suggested Donation:.. Any Amount - Thank you!.. SHOPPING CART.. QUANTITY.. COST.. TOTAL.. Most Critical Needs.. Individual Gift or Auto-Recurring.. One Gift.. Weekly Recurring.. Monthly Recurring.. $0.. 00.. Delete.. GRAND TOTAL.. Recalculate.. 00.. CHECK OUT.. Note.. : We work to faithfully insure your donations reach the children.. Pictures are representative of items that will be provided.. Contributions are solicited with the understanding that Orphan's Hope has complete discretion and control over the use of all donated funds.. Orphan's Hope is recognized as a U.. tax-exempt not-for-profit organization, as under section 501(c)(3) of the U.. Internal Revenue Code.. to the extent of the law under section 170 of the code.. Orphan's Hope is also a public charity under section 509(a)(1).. Our official IRS determination letter available on request.. Orphan's Hope International.. 2001-2011..

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  • Title: Adoption Program : Donations Children : Child Sponsorship : Orphaned Children : Orphanshope.org
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  • Title: Projects and Opportunities : Lasting Legacy : Donations Children : Charity for Orphans : Orphanshope.org
    Descriptive info: Throughout the world we have seen how the funds you give can so significantly change the lives of struggling orphans.. Orphan's Hope is always connecting you with compelling projects and opportunities that can forever change these children’s lives.. Top Current Needs.. Purchase New Youth Center Office.. in Simferopol Ukraine.. We have received $10,000 and are praying for additional $24,000 to purchase our newly renovated youth center in Ukraine.. It is a very nice space of about 1000 sq.. feet.. and a hub of activity caring for youth who have come from the orphanages.. :.. New Vehicle Needed for Garden Home.. -.. (Answered thanks to Canadian Believers a Widow).. We needed a vehicle for transporting children to school and for moving Garden Home supplies.. We have 26 children attending junior high and high school who have to travel a significant way by bicycle or walking, which is difficult in the rainy season especially.. Build A New Home for Orphans.. A Lasting Legacy - Provide a Home for Orphans.. Transform their Lives Forever.. New homes are greatly need for orphans in Myanmar (Burma).. Orphan's Hope has been said to have the best model, in our Garden Home orphanage, which is dedicated to children who have lost both parents and had no place to go.. It is a wonderful place for the children to grow up, run and play.. It is also designed for a healthy lifestyle and to be self-sustaining, not endlessly struggling for foreign support.. It has many fruit trees, gardens, rice fields, cows for milk, chickens, and more, providing a healthy diet and income.. (It is unlike any other home we have seen in the country).. We hope to next build another home or the Education Center.. Engineering Ministries International sent a team which is developing excellent technical plans to further develop GH capacity for more children.. It includes an family style cottages, education center, multipurpose open air hall, and new laundry.. We are praying for partners to help us build on the success of Garden Home, enabling more children to be taken in  ...   In 2010 we have purchased a very nice newly built four bedroom home in Simferopol area, looking out over the valley and mountains.. It will provide an important environment for girls and boys coming out of the orphanages.. We look forward to adding more homes as funds are provided.. - $400 for the salary for a full-time staff person.. - $250 a month, sponsors one orphan teen to be in an OH transition home.. This enables us to provide food, clothes, housing, educational programs, outings, etc.. - $150 a month, sponsors an English teacher classes.. Projects Bringing Real Transformation and Lasting Results.. The vision for Orphan's Hope was born when Steve Cassidy was working in Asia coordinating preparations for the charity ship M/V Doulos.. He saw orphans struggling in a hard life, malnourished and not knowing where their next meal would come from.. He saw beautiful children suffering for months and even dying for lack of two dollars in medicine.. God gave Steve a vision for making a significant transformation at one such orphanage so there could be healthy children with well-watered gardens and fruit trees, a freshwater well, thousands of fish in a pond for food, new facilities vital for children's health, and more.. In the following months, the vision became a beautiful reality.. People were mobilized in planting mango trees and lime trees, which were only fifty cents each, but would produce fruit for years.. A freshwater well was drilled for $200, farm supplies purchased and vegetable gardens planted.. Bath and toilet facilities were built for the children.. The pond was turned into a thriving fish farm.. The 2,500 fingerling fish that were bought multiplied, and a year later were almost as big as someone's arm.. It's an amazing transformation that continues today!.. The vision of Orphan's Hope is to achieve lasting results together, and see significant outcomes with the money you give.. Orphan's Hope is committed to make a life-changing difference, where orphans are suffering and in need.. Will you help us?.. For other question about Orphan’s Hope Projects.. please email:.. Projects@OrphansHope..

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  • Title: Orphans in Ukraine : Orphanshope.org
    Descriptive info: _________________________.. Orphan’s Hope Ukraine is working with many orphans on daily basis in government orphanages, bringing love and working to give them a future with hope.. The typical orphanages shelter about 250 children, who face great challenges.. These children have a tremendous vacuum, missing the love and care of a family.. Our focus is currently on orphanages located in Crimea, which is in the south of Ukraine.. Typically about 20% are orphans whose parents died and 80% of the children are social orphans.. Social orphans come from abandonment, abuse, and violence, with parents who were drug addicts or alcoholics.. The stories are tragic.. We have a tremendous need for monthly supporters for Orphan's Hope.. Could you help us in meeting this need?.. You can.. Click Here to Donate.. become a monthly supporter.. The cost to the life of an orphan in orphanages is hard to grasp unless you experience it firsthand and realize the needs of the children.. You can start to appreciate the depth of their needs, the hurt, and often despair, when you understand that an estimated 10% of these children commit suicide after leaving the orphanage (at fifteen or sixteen years old) and before their eighteenth birthday 60% of the girls end up in prostitution, and 70% of the boys in crime.. If only you could see how beautiful and normal these kids are in so many ways, the impact of loss beyond their control, and the power we have to make a real difference for them.. The more time you spend with them, the more you love them and have compassion for them.. Showers for the children come once a week, and all they have in the world could fit in a small drawer if they only had one.. People who should protect  ...   and a better life.. During the years we have been working with these children we have achieved remarkable results, in the face of the face of the many challenges.. Please Help Us.. Click to Donate.. Weekdays our staff are working in the orphanages loving the children, mentoring, teaching classes, providing humanitarian assistance, tutoring, counseling, offering special programs, and much more.. We have homes where Orphans who have just left the orphanages, are mentored and helped to make the transition.. We need funding for these and are hoping to build our own house and ministry base for Orphan’s Hope Ukraine in the future.. (See More).. We also teach practical life skills and character development in the orphanage and transition homes.. OH computers classes help develop children intellectually, as well as give practical skills.. OH summer camps are the highlight of the year for many orphans, which God uses in wonderful ways to help them grow.. Children are taken to homes on weekends to experience family life and give them chance to know the love and example there.. On Sundays we take them to children’s church where they can hear God’s Word and learn more about Jesus.. OH staff build close, one-on-one mentoring relationships with children.. These relationships allow us to meet both basic and deeper needs, and better prepare them to have a successful life at those who love God and please Him.. Orphan’s Hope has a great team working in the Ukraine, with a passion to see these beautiful children’s lives saved from tragic ends.. Can you help us? Any help you can give will be used to make the greatest difference possible.. Click Here for:.. Ukraine Donation Needs.. or.. Current Ukraine Projects.. Thank you for your interest and support for our ministry.. May God bless you!..

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  • Title: Help Orphans in Asia : Homes for Orphans : Food Relief: Orphanage Donate : Orphanshope.org
    Descriptive info: Help Orphans in Asia - Myanmar.. We are providing thousands of meals to hungry orphans, getting orphans into school, building and improving orphanages, meeting critical need for children's health, drilling wells for clean water, setting up self-sustaining agricultural projects, giving teenage orphans vocational skills, and much more.. These are beautiful children, without parents to love and care for them, who are often hungry and struggle for their most basic needs.. We need people like you to help us make a difference in their lives.. We are able to do tremendous things for the money, in saving and transforming these orphans’ lives.. Where children have been suffering months and even dying for lack of a few dollars medicine, Orphan’s Hope is providing care and saving lives.. Where hundreds of children were not able to go to grade school because they lacked few dollars, Orphan's Hope has been getting them into school, with supplies, and school uniforms.. Where orphans rarely get fruit, we have planted excellent fruit trees and helped them start vegetable gardens.. Where many were cold, in need of.. blankets, we bought for only US$ 5.. Now they are warm.. Where children were rarely getting meat and protein we have helped them start a chicken or fish farms that have been successful in meeting both critical and long term needs.. Myanmar Background:.. Myanmar is a beautiful and fascinating Southeast Asian country with friendly people.. Over the years of working here we have come to have a great love and respect for the Myanmar people.. We have welcomed hundreds of people from around the world to lend a helping  ...   the challenges, we are pleased to have an positive experience in Myanmar, and have had the joy of loving and helping many children there.. Food Distribution with OH Board of Trustees.. Member Tim Barber and Steve Cassidy.. Staff and Volunteers.. Orphan’s Hope Myanmar currently has 25 full-time staff, and many volunteers and organizations who help us throughout the year.. We have a very faithful and dedicated National Director.. We also have international teams and individuals who come every year, meeting needs through hands on projects, children’s programs, medical care, building assistance, and more.. Areas of Work in Asia:.. Humanitarian Aid.. Food Relief.. Medical Care.. Education Scholarships for.. Grade School.. ,.. University, Vocational School.. , Apprenticeships, etc.. International Teams.. Building Projects.. Critical Home Improvements.. Self-sustaining Agricultural Projects.. Micro-Enterprise.. Camps.. Children’s Conferences.. Children’s Programs and Outreach.. Providing.. and Lesson Materials.. Mentoring/Discipleship.. Children’s Programs.. Teaching English.. Training and Assistance for Staff in Homes.. Critical Needs Assistance.. The reality is that every day there are hungry orphans within our reach in Asia, but we don’t have the funds to help them.. One orphanage Director told us this year that he has had to turn away over 90 orphans because they had no way to care for them.. Our Top Request for Myanmar are for funds for a truck for programs, moving supplies for the children, projects, international teams, and more.. Funds are also always needed for food and education for struggling orphanages.. Donate Here for Myanmar:.. Key Projects.. or Assorted.. Orphans' Needs.. Thank you for taking the time to read this and considering becoming an Orphan’s Hope Partner.. © Orphan's Hope 2000-2008..

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  • Title: Kids Gallery : Charity for Orphans : How to Sponsor a Child : Orphanshope.org
    Descriptive info: View all.. Get your own.. Kids Photos.. Here is just a sample of many great pictures from our OH programs and from many intl.. volunteer teams.. Garden Home.. Vision Ahead.. Asia Programs.. 2012.. 2011.. 2010.. 2009.. 2008.. 2007 and Earlier.. 2000-2006.. Ukraine Programs.. 2009.. 2008.. 2007.. 2000-2006.. Help Needed -.. Graphics/Web Volunteer.. or Funding.. If you have web design, graphics and photography talent,.. we need volunteer help..

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  • Title: In the News : Homes for Orphans : Orphaned Children : Orphanshope.org
    Descriptive info: S.. eattle King5.. News Video.. On Orph.. an's Hope.. Click to Watch.. 2013.. News Updates.. Archived 2012.. New Orphans Come to Garden Home.. Over 1800 Children and young people.. attended camps at GH.. OH Ukraine staff, Olesya Pritchenko.. Getting quality time with children.. Ten Acres Land bought for Win Child Care Orphanage.. Marking out land for new buildings.. Wesleyan High School Team to Ukraine.. Rice and  ...   with over 100 children urgently needed warm blankets where children were cold.. Thank you to OH donors for responding to this need.. New Water Tank for Orphanage in Need.. Celebrating Christmas and New Year at GH.. We Very Much Appreciate Your Support.. Please Donate Online at:.. www.. OrphansHope.. or By Mail: Orphan’s Hope.. Leavenworth, WA 98826.. ________________________________________.. Join Us in Transforming Orphans' Lives.. © Orphan's Hope 2000-2012..

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  • Title: About Us : Orphanshope.org
    Descriptive info: Beginnings by Steve Cassidy.. President and Founder.. Today, Orphan's Hope is caring for orphans with critical needs on a daily basis.. While working with the charity ships Doulos and Logos II for 10 years, and in my travels since, I have been impressed by the tremendous needs of orphans around the world.. It is estimated there are over 153 million orphans today.. All of us are needed to care for these children.. While in Asia in 1997, I saw beautiful children who didn't know where their next meal was coming from and suffered from easily treated medical issues.. I saw how a small amount of money could so significantly improve their lives and thought, "Who would not help such an orphan, if they only knew what they could accomplish for the money?".. One night, at a key point in my life, I was in the mountains praying and said to God that I would love to spend my life for Him, caring for orphans.. I was two days away from taking another job and there didn't seem any way for my vision for orphans to happen, except for God to do a miracle.. The next morning I received a call from someone I had not talked to in five months, who is a Partner of the advertising agency DKY Inc.. in Minneapolis.. He said God kept putting me on his heart that month and that morning, it was like a light bulb went on in his head that He should call me and offer me a job.. Without my saying anything about orphans to that point, he said they were excited about my vision for orphans, and that the job could include starting the charity to help these children.. He then said in addition, their company was willing to donate $50K of their resources towards helping make it happen! I had never talked with them about a job or coming to Minnesota, and he called on the very day I needed a  ...   wonderful and dedicated staff in our international locations.. Steve Cassidy serves full time as the President of Orphan's Hope.. We also have a great network of volunteers to whom we are very grateful, in addition to a few companies who generously assist us with their services and resources.. In the right hand column you also see other ministries we have worked with.. A Nonprofit Organization.. All donations are 100% tax deductible to the extent of the law in the U.. and Canada.. Orphan's Hope is a not-for-profit organization recognized as tax-exempt under section 501(c)(3) of the U.. Donations are considered tax deductible to the extent of the law under section 170 of the code.. We are also registered as a nonprofit organization in the state of Washington, USA.. Click Here for Orphan's Hope.. IRS Determination Letter - PDF Format.. Canada.. In Canada tax deductible donations can be made by mail to Orphan's Hope Canada in White Rock, in a partnership under World Outreach of Canada.. Headquarters.. 10190 B Suncrest Drive.. U.. A.. Orphan's Hope International (DBA - Washington State).. Toll Free:.. 1-888-251-2871.. Tel: 952-941-1546.. Fax: 952-944-2078.. Email:.. Orphan's Hope Board.. We are thankful to our OH Board for dedication and support.. Additional members are in the process of being added.. Greg Johnson.. Vice President -.. Financial Consultant.. The Johnson Karels Group.. RBC Wealth Management.. David Murphy.. Leavenworth Busness Owner.. Real Estate Investor.. Steve Cassidy.. President/Founder.. Orphan.. 's Hope.. _______________________.. Recommendation Letter.. for Intl.. Volunteer Teams.. from Director of Missions.. Wesleyan High School (PDF).. Click Read Testimony of.. Yeager Family Experience.. with Orphan's Hope.. Mark is founding partner of DKY Inc.. Ad Agency.. is endorsed by.. International Ministerial Fellowship.. We are working with or have provided assistance to organizations such as:.. - Operation.. Mobilization.. - Youth with.. a Mission.. - Samaritan's Purse.. - Grace Works Australia.. - Operation.. Care Lift.. - Campus Crusade.. - Vision Beyond.. Boarders.. - Ship M.. V.. Doulos.. - Churches from.. United Kingdom,.. Hong Kong, Singapore.. Australia, Malaysia and others..

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  • Title: Contact Us : Support for Orphans : Children’s Charities : Orphanshope.org
    Descriptive info: Contact Information:.. Orphan's Hope - U.. Headquarters.. (Donations Tax Deductible as allowed by law.. Phone: +1 (952) 941-1546.. +1 (206) 388.. -2721.. Toll Free: +1 (888) 251-2871.. Fax: +1 (952) 944-2078.. Email:.. (Donations Tax Deductible).. Accounting.. Accounting@OrphansHope.. or Call 952-941-1546 Ext.. 406.. Orphan's Hope is a 501(c)(3) Nonprofit..

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