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  • Title: Home | Open Identity Exchange
    Descriptive info: .. OIX.. Search.. About.. About OIX.. Members.. General FAQ.. Directed Funding Program FAQ.. Contact.. News.. All News.. Press Releases.. Media Coverage.. Blog.. Press Contacts.. Events.. People.. All People.. Board of Directors.. Executive Committee.. OIX UK Team.. OIX US Team.. Help Desk.. White Papers.. Pipeline of White Papers.. IDAP.. NSTIC.. Trust Frameworks.. Joint Legal Resources.. Projects.. All Projects.. IDAP Alpha Projects.. Online Attribute Exchange (AXN) Pilots.. Working Groups.. All Working Groups.. Telecom Data Trust Framework WG.. Online Attribute Exchange Trust Framework WG.. What is a Trust Framework?.. Creating a New Trust Framework.. OIX Trust Frameworks.. U.. S.. Government ICAM.. ICAM OIX-Certified Providers.. Telcom Data Trust Framework.. APA Publish Trust Framework.. Respect Trust Framework.. Mydex Trust Framework.. OIX Listing Service.. OIXnet.. OIXnet Overview.. OIXnet FAQ.. OIXnet Presentation.. OIXnet Prototypes and Pilot.. OIXnet Working Groups.. Working Group Due Diligence.. Join OIX.. How to Join OIX.. Membership Documents.. Home.. It Takes a Village to Raise an Ecosystem.. 17 September 2013.. In August 21, SecureKey, an OIX Executive board member, announced it had been.. awarded a contract by the U.. Read More.. APA Publish TrustFramework Pilots OIXnet … and it's not all Academic.. 09 September 2013.. OIX is preparing to announce the first OIXnet prototypes in October 2013.. The American Psychological Association (APA) Publish Trust Project is among  ...   Discipline Before Technology.. 31 July 2013.. Last Tuesday, July 23, 2013, I briefed the.. MIT Communications Futures Program.. on OIXnet in Cambridge, MA.. The MIT CFP s vision is to define the roadmap for communications and its impact on adjacent industries.. CFP is a new partnership between MIT and leading industry organizations across the entire communications value chain.. Trust frameworks have become a recent focus of the MIT program.. Vote for Second OpenID Connect Implementer’s Drafts is Open.. 23 July 2013.. Please vote now at.. https://openid.. net/foundation/members/polls/68.. The vote is open between July 23 and July 30, 2013.. Read More at openid.. net.. OIX Blog.. Upcoming Events.. Press Room.. Copyright 2013 Open Identity Exchange.. All Rights Reserved.. Terms of Use.. |.. Privacy Policy.. Contact Us.. Administrative Login.. Managed by Global Inventures.. OIX UK.. Learn about the public-private initiative between the OIX the UK Identity Assurance Programme (IDAP).. Learn about this new solution for online identity assurance.. OIX Joint Legal Resources.. Learn about building trust frameworks hot button identity system issues.. Read the OIX White Paper.. Find out why the OIX was founded by the OpenID and Information Card Foundations.. OIX Newsletter Sign Up.. Joining OIX.. is your opportunity to participate directly in.. open identity trust frameworks.. along with these industry leaders.. Follow @trustOIX..

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  • Title: About the Open Identity Exchange | Open Identity Exchange
    Descriptive info: About the Open Identity Exchange.. The Open Identity Exchange (OIX).. is a non-profit trade organization focused on internet identity solutions.. OIX is a team of rivals , with a membership of industry players representing a cross-section of private and public sectors e.. g.. the internet (Google, PayPal, etc.. ), data aggregation (Equifax, Experian, etc.. ), telecommunications (AT T, Verizon, etc.. ) and government (UK Cabinet Office).. The OIX s goal is to enable the expansion of online services and adoption of new online products through the development and registration of trust frameworks and sharing of domain expertise, joint research and pilot projects to test real-world use cases.. OIX is building OIXnet, an authoritative registry for online identity trust to enable global interoperability among identity federations.. openidentityexchange.. org.. Leadership.. The OIX Board represents leaders in online identity in the internet, telecom and data aggregation industries concerned with both market expansion and information security.. Government.. The OIX Board meets regularly with government leaders in the White House at the  ...   a comprehensive and forward thinking response to the NSTIC NOI.. History.. Shortly after coming into office, the Obama administration asked the.. General Services Administration.. (GSA) how to leverage open identity technologies to allow the American public to more easily, efficiently, and safely interact with federal websites such as the.. National Institute of Health.. (NIH), the.. Social Security Administration.. (SSA), and the.. Internal Revenue Service.. (IRS).. So, at the 2009.. RSA Conference.. , the GSA sought to build a public/private partnership with the.. Open ID Foundation.. (OIDF) and the.. Information Card Foundation.. (ICF) in order to craft a workable identity information framework that would establish the legal and policy precedents needed to establish trust for.. Open ID.. transactions.. Read more.. How Do I Learn More?.. Start by reading the.. OIX Executive Overview Presentation.. Next see answers to.. Frequently Asked Questions.. Read the.. OIX white paper.. for a more detailed overview of OIX s original mission.. Check out the next OIX.. event.. Find out how to.. become an OIX Member..

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  • Title: OIX Members | Open Identity Exchange
    Descriptive info: OIX Members.. Executive Members.. General Members.. Trust Framework Authority Members..

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  • Title: General FAQ | Open Identity Exchange
    Descriptive info: Overview.. Open Market Approach.. Membership.. What is OIX?.. Who is leading OIX?.. OIX leadership is comprised of some of the premier product line managers and identity thought leaders in the industry.. The Board of Directors includes Kennie Kwong, AT T; Jeffrey Broberg, CA Technologies; Pat Mangiacotti, Equifax; Daniel Elvester, Experian; Eric Sachs, Google; Dennis Becker, LexisNexis Risk Solutions; Tony Nadalin, Microsoft; Farhang Kassaei, PayPal; Patrick Harding, Ping Identity; Andre Boysen, SecureKey; Paul Agbabian, Symantec; and Peter Tippett, Verizon.. The Chairman of the OIX Board of Directors and OIX President is Don Thibeau, who currently serves as the Executive Director of the OpenID Foundation.. What problem is.. OIX solving?.. To effectively provide digital services, businesses and governments need to validate, verify, and authenticate identity in a cheap, reliable, repeatable manner.. The rapid advancement of open identity technologies has created an interoperable technical platform to make this possible.. While the technology exists for relying parties (such as an online retailer or government agency) to utilize third-party identity providers, the business and legal policies that set the rules for identity issues such digital transactions have lagged behind.. Without clear agreements on the business, legal, and technical terms of a transaction, how can parties trust each other? OIX was formed to facilitate the development of the business and legal policies that match open identity technologies, thereby establishing trust among act actors trust that will enable deeper deployments of existing services and rapid deployments of new online products.. How does OIX work to solve this problem?.. To create greater trust in the identity layer of online transactions, OIX addresses the hardest issues head on.. OIX taps the domain expertise of its leaders and members to engage in a business, legal, and technical policy sandbox.. There they lead joint research and pilot/alpha programs that study and test pre-market solutions to impediments such as liability, payments, trustmarks, interoperability, and privacy.. But OIX goes beyond thought simply thought leadership to aggregate best practices developed through papers and projects to form internet-scale legal agreements for identity in online transactions: trust frameworks.. All this is something one company can do, but when done on a collect basis with the most innovative names and brains in the industry it is more cost effective, and hold and greater market impact.. For an example, see how OIX members are collaborating to test identity verification and the elevation of authentication through the use of social media attributes in the.. Internet Life Verification Alpha Project.. What is a trust framework?.. In digital identity systems, a trust framework is a pre-negotiated set of business, legal, and technical agreements that bind all stakeholders with mutual assurance that online transactions are reliable and repeatable.. What is an identity provider?.. An identity provider is the website or service providing a security credential on behalf of the user  ...   before forming the identity trust framework to service its digital by default charge.. Is OIX following an open market model approach?.. Yes, the key challenge to providing identity assurance at Internet scale is removing the need for direct trust agreements between identity providers and relying parties.. To solve this problem, the open identity community, led by members of the OpenID Foundation and Information Card Foundation, developed the.. Open Identity Trust Framework (OITF) model.. This model breaks apart centralized control of certification into separate functions in order to create an open competitive market for each function.. What are the benefits of an open market model for identity assurance?.. Open market models reward good market behavior in a virtuous cycle.. Having trust frameworks, trust framework providers, identity providers, relying parties, and assessors competing directly with each other for business means:.. More choice for users and websites about the policies that will apply to their interactions.. Market pricing for services throughout the open identity infrastructure.. Economies of scale as service standardization lowers costs for all parties.. Diversity from head to foot of the long tail , which is especially important to preserve the diversity of contexts and policies necessary for a healthy online ecosystem.. Who should join OIX?.. If you are a provider of identity services, a site that wants to consume identity credentials from certified providers, or a professional IT industry assessor/auditor, OIX is the market for you.. In addition OIX welcomes governments, professional associations, non-profit networks, and other communities who want to develop their own trust frameworks.. What are the top benefits of OIX membership?.. The top benefits exclusively available to OIX members are the ability to:.. COLLABORATE.. with competitors, suppliers and partners to build pragmatic industry-wide solutions to common issues.. REGISTER.. at OIXnet to discover, publish and validate your organizations participation in global trust frameworks.. GAIN EARLY INSIGHT.. into dynamic market conditions to enhance existing services, explore adjacent markets and launch new products.. DEVELOP BUSINESS AND BRAND.. by working with a worldwide network of market leaders, domain experts and innovative start-ups.. SHARE COSTS.. in research and field tests of key business, legal, and technical issues in internet identity.. INFLUENCE.. the direction and requirements of public and private sector initiatives through an established, neutral, non-profit, global industry association.. How can I join OIX?.. Joining is easy, simply.. follow these instructions.. How much does it cost to become a member?.. OIX s two tiered member program Executive and General (with a special pricing plan for government, academic and non-profit organizations) - encourages organizations of all sizes to participate, collaborate, and contribute to the success of our shared mission.. Each tier has auditing, participation and/or leadership benefits commensurate with financial contribution.. See the complete fee schedule.. Where can I get more information?.. For more information please contact.. help.. [at].. openidentityexchange [dot] org..

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  • Title: OIX Directed Funding Program FAQ | Open Identity Exchange
    Descriptive info: OIX Directed Funding Program FAQ.. 1.. What is the OIX Directed Funding Program?.. The OIX Directed Funding Program provides a mechanism whereby OIX members can help to advance the mission of OIX by making contributions to OIX that are designated for a specific purpose of interest to the OIX member for the benefit of the OIX and its membership (such funds referred to as Directed Funds ).. Contributions of Directed Funds are used by OIX to fund projects for the specific purpose designated by the OIX member subject to the policies of OIX as same may be amended from time to time, or to pay for OIX-run conferences or similar events to advance the specific purpose designated by the OIX member.. OIX is a nonprofit trade association described in Section 501(c)(6) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986, as amended, and exempt from federal income tax under Section 501(a).. All Directed Funds for programs must be consistent with its legal obligations as a nonprofit.. Accordingly, additional restrictions may be necessary to ensure that their is no adverse impact on the OIX continuing to be an organization described in Section 501(c)(6) that is exempt from federal income tax.. 2.. Who can contribute to the OIX Directed Funding Program?.. OIX members in good standing can contribute Directed Funds to the OIX Directed Funding Program.. 3.. How are Directed Funds treated?.. All contributions of Directed Funds are irrevocable donations to OIX.. OIX shall have the sole and absolute discretion to accept or reject Directed Funds.. All Directed Funds may be used or disbursed by OIX for the specific purpose(s) for which they were received, subject to the restrictions, if any, designated by the OIX member.. Directed Funds may be accepted by OIX subject to a memorandum of understanding between OIX and the OIX member.. 4.. How are Directed Funds maintained and accounted for?.. All contributions of Directed Funds will be received, held by OIX, and separately accounted for on its books and records as Directed Funds.. Directed Funds, however, may be co-mingled with the general OIX funds.. To ensure transparency, reports of expenditures of Directed Funds will be made available to OIX members upon reasonable request.. 5.. What directed funding options are available to OIX members?.. Any OIX member may make a contribution of Directed Funds for a specific project.. In addition, more than one member may, join together, to make a series of contributions to fund a project, such as, for example, via a matching funds program.. 6.. Are there are any restrictions on the OIX member s designated use of Directed Funds?.. Directed Funds will be accepted by OIX only for purposes that advance the mission of OIX, and that benefit its members and the identity community generally, as determined in the sole discretion of OIX.. Contributions will not be accepted for purposes designed to solely benefit any OIX member(s), for purposes designed to provide an OIX member with a competitive advantage over other entities, subject to any restrictions unacceptable to OIX, or under circumstances that may cause OIX to cease to be an organization described in Section 501(c)(6) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986, as amended, and exempt from federal income tax under Section 501(a).. In all cases, the use of Directed Funds will be subject to the requirement that all work products and other deliverables produced through the expenditure of Directed Funds be owned by OIX, be subject to the OIX IPR policy, and be made publicly available on the OIX website.. 7.. What is the role of OIX regarding Directed Funds?..  ...   Funds reasonable sums incurred for out-of-pocket expenses by OIX, and a reasonable administrative fee for undertaking the project.. 8.. How much control can the OIX member exert over the use of the Directed Funds?.. Subject to the requirements set forth in Paragraph 7 of this FAQ, the OIX member contributing Directed Funds may designate a specific project on which the Funds are to be spent, recommend person(s) or entity to whom Directed Funds will be paid, specify the general category or subject matter for which the Directed Funds should be used, as well as other related requirements specified in a memorandum of understanding negotiated between OIX and the OIX member at the time the Directed Funds are contributed.. Notwithstanding the foregoing, in the event that subsequent to the acceptance of Directed Funds OIX determines that the project may cause OIX to cease to be an organization described in Section 501(c)(6) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986, as amended, and exempt from federal income tax under Section 501(a), OIX shall have the sole and absolute right to terminate such project.. In such event, all unused funds will remain the property of OIX and available for future projects.. The OIX member shall not have a right to receive a refund of its contributions.. 9.. How will work product and other deliverables be used?.. All work products resulting from the use of any Directed Funds will be owned by OIX and subject to the IPR policy of OIX.. OIX will make such work product freely available on its website.. In no case will ownership of, access to, or use of any such work product be restricted to or by any OIX member.. 10.. Can an OIX member terminate a project?.. An OIX member can request that OIX terminate a specific project, and OIX will use reasonable efforts to do so, consistent with its commitments to the service providers involved.. In the event of any such termination, all unused funds will remain with OIX and available for future projects.. 11.. What is the responsibility/liability of OIX to the OIX member for performance of the project?.. OIX takes on only the general obligation to use the funds for the general purpose specified by the OIX member, subject to the limitations and conditions described in this FAQ, any applicable memorandum of understanding, and such policies of OIX as amended from time to time, and to administer the disbursement of funds in accordance with that purpose.. OIX does not take on any responsibility for achieving any specific result or deliverable, or for insuring that any resulting work product or services are acceptable to the OIX member.. 12.. What happens to Directed Funds that are not used for a particular project?.. All Directed Funds will be applied for a specific purpose.. If a project under which such funds are expended does not exhaust the funds, the remaining funds may be contributed to the OIX general fund at the sole discretion of the OIX member or will continue to be maintained in a segregated account for the specific purpose originally designated or for an additional project(s) within the scope of the designated purpose.. Directed Funds are not refundable.. 13.. Are there any other restrictions or requirements for the OIX Directed Funding Program?.. All directed funding programs must be consistent with the legal obligations of OIX and its members under applicable antitrust and fair business practice laws and regulations.. 14.. Where can I get more information about the OIX Directed Funding Program?.. Contact Don Thibeau, OIX President/Executive Director or John Ehrig, OIX Program Manager..

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  • Title: Contact | Open Identity Exchange
    Descriptive info: OIX is committed to promoting digital identity assurance worldwide.. We encourage everyone interested in digital identity assurance to contact our support staff with feedback, comments and questions.. Your name:.. *.. Your e-mail address:.. Subject:.. Category:.. - Please choose -.. General Inquiry.. Join the OIX Interest Group.. Membership Assistance.. Press and Analyst Inquiries.. Request a Speaker.. Message:..  ...   in the OIX community and help us shape the future of digital identity.. Join today!.. Don Thibeau.. OIX Board Chair.. don.. Phone: +1.. 202.. 841.. 8222.. John Ehrig.. OIX Program Manager.. jehrig.. inventures [dot] com.. 925.. 275.. 6677.. Open Identity Exchange.. 2400 Camino Ramon, Suite 375.. San Ramon, CA 94583.. Phone: 925.. 6648.. Fax: 925.. 6691..

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  • Title: News | Open Identity Exchange
    Descriptive info: Title.. Date.. Ping Identity CTO Patrick Harding Joins Open Identity Exchange Board of Directors.. 27 Sep 2013.. SecureKey Named to OIX Board.. 22 May 2013.. Consult Hyperion joins OIX.. 22 Apr 2013.. Janrain Joins OIX to Help Build the Open Identity Trust Framework.. 22 Jan 2013.. Mydex Trust Framework recognized by Open Identity Exchange.. 05  ...   Guide 2012: Exclusive interview with Don Thibeau.. — The Paypers.. 03 Dec 2012.. Security: Identity Managment Alert.. — Network World.. 01 Nov 2010.. Don Thibeau OIX Podcast Interview.. — Digital Identity Blog.. 29 Oct 2010.. Google, PayPal and Equifax Offer Logins for US Gov t Systems.. — PC World.. 03 Mar 2010.. See all media coverage..

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  • Title: Press Releases | Open Identity Exchange
    Descriptive info: Will Help Complete the Development of Automated Federation.. Mobile Identity and Authentication Leader to Help Shape a New Trust Framework.. Trusted online transactions are a core interest of leading UK technology consultancy.. Consult Hyperion, the leading independent IT consultancy specialising in secure electronic transactions, has joined the Open Identity Exchange (OIX).. Janrain, the leading provider of user management solutions for the social web, announced today that it is joining the Open Identity Exchange (OIX), a non-profit organization dedicated to building trust in the exchange of online identity credentials across public and private sectors.. Mydex, the personal data store and trusted identity provider, today successfully secured approval for its Mydex Trust Framework to be listed by the Open Identity Exchange.. miiCard Joins Open Identity Exchange to Help Develop Online Trust Standards.. Online identity verification service miiCard today announced that it is the first United Kingdom-based identity service provider to join the Open Identity Exchange (OIX), a non-profit organization dedicated to building trust in the exchange of online identity credentials across public and private sectors.. 14 Aug 2012.. Respect Network Brings Together Neustar and Swisscom as Founding Partners of World’s First Trusted Data Network.. Vail, Colorado July 16, 2012 Respect Network Corporation, a San  ...   GakuNin is affiliated with the National Institute of Informatics (NII) and was formed to ensure interoperation among the authentication platforms of various universities and research organizations across Japan.. 16 Jul 2012.. Prooflink joins Open Identity Exchange to create an international accepted online identity ecosystem.. As of today, the European based online identity service provider, Prooflink joins the open identity exchange, a non-profit corporation serving as a neutral provider of trust frameworks for open identity technologies.. By contributing to the OIX, Prooflink lays a foundation for their current and future customers to accept multiple international identity providers, like Google, Paypal, Mobile or Government ID s and bridge the business, legal and technical gaps, currently limiting their online business.. 08 Jun 2011.. Connect.. Me Publishes the Respect Trust Framework with Open Identity Exchange.. MUNICH, GERMANY, European Identity Conference (May 10, 2010) -- At the opening of the European Identity Conference in Munich today, Connect.. Me announced publication of the Respect Trust Framework with Open Identity Exchange.. This is the first personal trust framework designed to give individuals control over the sharing of their personal data on the Internet, mobile phone networks, social networks, and other online forums.. 09 May 2011.. next ›.. last »..

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  • Title: Media Coverage | Open Identity Exchange
    Descriptive info: Title.. Source.. Date.. The Paypers.. Network World.. Digital Identity Blog.. PC World..

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  • Title: OIX Blog | Open Identity Exchange
    Descriptive info: 17 September 2013 by Don Thibeau.. Postal Service.. (USPS) to provide the cloud-based authentication infrastructure for the new Federal Cloud Credential Exchange (FCCX).. I congratulated Andre Boysen, SecureKey s Chief Marketing Officer, on winning a contract that could send ripples across the identity ecosystem.. The FCCX initiative is a component of President Obama s National Strategy for Trusted Identities in Cyberspace (NSTIC) and its Identity, Credential and Access Management (ICAM) program.. The award is a milestone in implementing NSTIC s vision to use interoperable identity solutions to allow individuals and suppliers to securely access online services.. FCCX would act as a hub for multiple agencies authenticating credentials from multiple providers, across the range of Levels of Assurance defined by the National Institute of Standards and Technology.. SecureKey s.. briidge.. net.. Exchange service is suited to interoperability between federal agencies allowing use of familiar credentials, such as banking logins to access online services.. The FCCX will be designed to transmit credential information securely without knowing users actual identities.. To support the privacy requirements of anonymity, unlinkability and unobservability, the FCCX service will limit the ability of third-party credential providers and the federal agencies relying on their credentials to track individuals transactions among agencies.. Cloud-based authentication and credential brokerage services are at the heart of the FCCX initiative and are part of our mission at OIX.. I sent a note to Andre to brainstorm the possibilities for collaboration.. The open standards in the OpenID Foundation, including OpenID Connect, Account Chooser as well as OIXnet can help speed on boarding IDPs and broader adoption of FCCX.. At the upcoming O5 Internet Identity Summit in London we have a session devoted to the practical issues of business, legal and financial interoperability among similar hub initiatives in Canada, the UK and elsewhere.. We ll draw on the innovation and expertise of our global village in creating a secure and innovative identity ecosystem so that FCCX, like its analogs in Canada and the UK,.. can interoperate and help support and secure the growing range of online transactions.. Categories:.. 05 summit.. ,.. ecosystem.. FCCX.. SecureKey.. US Postal Service.. USPS.. village.. 0 Comments ».. 09 September 2013 by Don Thibeau.. The Publish Trust Framework (PTF) examines the feasibility of adding trust values to online identities for authors of scholarly publications, thus enabling them to reliably aggregate previous and current works and connect with other experts in their fields.. PTF is well-positioned to demonstrate the OIXnet registration approach for producing stronger trust frameworks.. PTF was developed by APA in partnership with the Human Computer Interaction Lab at the University of Maryland, the Open Identity Exchange, and VIVO.. The goal is to provide a way for an individual (the owner) to assert and exchange information about him or herself (attributes) that is backed by a credible party (the provider).. A pilot test of the PTF deployed at APA uses the domain of scholarly publishing as a motivating use case for the framework.. PFT is built on top of VIVO, a semantic web application designed to facilitate the discovery of research expertise and enable scientific collaboration across disciplines.. Currently there are 100 universities, agencies, and organizations running VIVO in 30 countries.. VIVO is built on top of SemanticWeb technologies and the data is harvested from a variety of sources, including publication and faculty databases.. Thus, a VIVO page for a researcher will be presented as a collection of attributes like their affiliations, publications, teaching history and service to the profession.. PTF uses ORCID as the persistent identifier for author disambiguation and augments owner assertions with provenance information that shows they were  ...   to what OIX membership is all about - collaboration and sharing of domain expertise, joint research and pilot projects to test real-world use cases.. It s really not.. all.. academic.. APA.. association.. demo.. OIXNet.. Pilot.. prototype.. psychological.. Trust Framework.. 31 July 2013 by Don Thibeau.. This presentation, like others, deliberately sought critical feedback from an informed and engaged communities of interest.. We are deliberately seeking evidence that disconfirms our working hypothesis: that OIXnet can deliver material benefits to member companies by reducing costs and mitigating risks.. Presentations at the CIS, MIT and other venues are part of OIXnet s due diligence.. They also help in filling a pipeline of prospective prototype participants and increasing the quantity, quality and diversity of input to the OIXnet Working Group.. OIXnet seeks to centralize trusted identity metadata to facilitate interoperability among identity federations in commercial, non-profit, and public sectors.. As an authoritative registry for online identity metadata, OIXnet design principles start with a notion of a metadata listing service and a dynamic API discovery registry.. When OIXnet is launched, it may incorporate other identity trust registries and become a registry of registries platform.. The OIXnet concept was well received by the MIT CFP group.. Feedback from an Italian telecom noted that a registry such as OIXnet aligns with trust frameworks under development at the GSMA.. ESPN, a CFP member, shared a TV Everywhere type use-case involving identity for verification and provisioning of subscription access (with the underlying copyright/license) and how it might be used to reveal derivation, source or ownership rights.. ESPN suggested a registry such as OIXnet could help address use-cases within the media and entertainment sector.. A shout out to the MIT, an OIX member, for hosting the organizational meeting of the OIXnet Working Group that followed.. This week at the Gartner Catalyst Conference, analysts including Ian Glazer pointed out the growing interest in identity federation and directory structures.. Ian referenced a new kind of federated signaling, a just-in-time provisioning to get attributes across domain boundaries by any means necessary.. A savvy industry analyst, Ian distilled his advice to early adopters: deploy discipline before technology.. Ian s words became a note to self to apply as much coherence as possible to the OIXnet Working Group s due diligence efforts.. A disciplined approach serves OIX well as we strive to serve multiple constituencies in the OIXnet prototype phase we envision announcing at the O5 Internet Identity Summit in October.. The OIXnet due diligence and requirements gathering will allow us to continue to engage the MIT CFP group as the OIXnet Working Group and the overall OIX membership evolve the OIXnet concept.. And the positive feedback from leading organizations outside of OIX with an interest in identity federation and trust frameworks will continue to benefit our efforts going forward.. Communications Futures Program.. discipline.. MIT.. presentation.. technology.. 1 of 25.. ››.. RSS.. ShareThis.. Archive.. September 2013.. August 2013.. July 2013.. June 2013.. May 2013.. April 2013.. March 2013.. February 2013.. January 2013.. December 2012.. November 2012.. October 2012.. August 2012.. July 2012.. June 2012.. May 2012.. April 2012.. March 2012.. October 2011.. July 2011.. June 2011.. April 2011.. March 2011.. January 2011.. October 2010.. September 2010.. January 2010.. Recent Posts.. 0 comments.. APA Publish TrustFramework Pilots OIXnet … and it s not all Academic.. OpenID Connect / Account Chooser Meeting @ IETF 87 Berlin.. A Pipeline of White Papers.. The Epicenter of the Identity Ecosystem.. Vulnerability Alert – OpenID 2.. 0 Implementations Vulnerabilities found in some OPs.. OIXnet on the Road.. Second OpenID Connect Implementer’s Drafts Approved.. More Blog Posts.. Building Trust in Online Identity..

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  • Title: Press Contacts | Open Identity Exchange
    Descriptive info: John Ehrig - Executive Director (Acting).. Contact John for general information about OIX and to arrange interviews with OIX board, management, and members.. Don Thibeau - OIX Board Chair..

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