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  • Title: Oakville Home Page
    Descriptive info: ?.... Home.. Contacts.. Tour.. Calendar.. School Goals.. Our Schools.. Parent Pages.. District Lunch Menus.. Policies.. Superintendent News.. Counselor's Page.. Sports Schedule.. Delays? Emergency?.. School Weather.. School Report Card.. Digital Learning.. Student Pages.. School Board.. Gear Up!.. Athletic Director.. Welcome to Oakville's School District.. 2012 - 2013.. Welcome to the Oakville School District Web site.. We are located in Oakville, Washington, approximately 14 miles southwest of Olympia.. We are a district serving over 300 students in the Kindergarten through 12th grades.. Whether you are looking for information about registration at one of our schools, needing the District calendar in order to plan a family vacation, or seeking employment with us,  ...   is now available.. Also, there are several new staff members and staff assignment changes.. They can be seen on the.. page.. See the new superintendent's.. letter.. about an antibullying program called.. Rachel's Challenge.. that all Oakville students are participating in.. Also, read Mrs.. Lorton's latest.. Community Letter.. Last updated: August 6, 2012.. site.. Policies.. News.. site search by.. freefind.. Oakville School District.. #400 Washington.. The mission of the Oakville School District #400 is to work in partnership with students, parents, staff, and community members, to prepare and challenge all students as we provide them with the education needed to be successful and respectful citizens of our everchanging world.. Back Home..

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  • Title: 慏癫汩敬匠档潯潃瑮捡獴
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  • Title: Welcome to Oakville Schools
    Descriptive info: Welcome to Oakville Schools..

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  • Title: Oakville School Year Calendar
    Descriptive info: Oakville 2011-2012 Calendar.. search.. this site.. the web.. search engine by.. Published by Oakville School Ditrict |..

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  • Title: School Goal Statement
    Descriptive info: Oakville School Goals..

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  • Title: Our Schools
    Descriptive info: OUR SCHOOLS.. Our Elementary School is ready to welcome your children and help them start on a successful school journey.. We'll include parents in everything they want to be involved in.. Click here to visit this school.. The next stop on a student's education is our Middle School.. We are extremely  ...   Oakville students in this environment.. Visit the Middle School from here.. Reaching High School is a major event - for the student and the family.. In Oakville the faculty and administration joins in celebrating this milestone and we work hard to provide a environment for success.. Here is our High School..

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  • Title: Parents of Oakville School Students
    Descriptive info: Parents.. Here's your link to.. Skyward Family Access.. If you are not already setup for Family Access, contact Leslie Gilley at 273-5947.. What's up with Gear Up? Find out.. here.. !.. Keep up with what is going on in Gear Up.. Wow! Check out the exciting ways the Gear Up program is.. involving Oakville students in the learning process!.. Click here.. Would you like to help at school as a volunteer? We are always excited when parents and community members take an active role in assisting our students.. Check out some of the.. activities.. you can help with.. Interested? Check with any of our staff members and they will help you sign up.. Would you like to learn more about Oakville School policies and practices? Right now you have access to the following information.. Welcome from the Oakville School Board.. Oakville District Staff.. Attendance.. Support Programs.. Child  ...   Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act.. Riding the School Bus and Internet Access.. Closed Campus, Visitors, Cell Phones and More.. School Lunches, Athletics, Honors, Teacher Credentials and Facilities Use.. Student Handbook.. Parent Tips.. Cell phones and children? More than talk, more than conversation, sometimes there are concerns.. Kim Komando, a technology radio personality mentioned a service that might be of interest to parents.. Mentioning it here does not imply an endorsement or support, the information is simply for you to consider.. From.. mymobilewatchdog.. com.. :.. My Mobile Watchdog safeguards your child while using cell phones and immediately alerts you if he or she receives unwanted or suspicious email, text messages or phone calls.. Plus My Mobile Watchdog lets you stay connected to your child - set appointments, list tasks.. all from the Internet.. Other Internet Child Safety sites: Know how to keep them safe online!.. SafeKids.. NetSmartz.. org..

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  • Title: 慏癫汩敬匠档潯教牡䌠污湥慤
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  • Title: Oakville School District School Policies
    Descriptive info: Oakville School District School Policies.. School Policies.. The Board of School Directors set District policies upon recommendation from the Superintendent.. Many policies have a set of procedures, which are approved by the Superintendent.. Each policy and procedure is thoroughly reviewed by the appropriate staff before making any recommendations to the Superintendent or School Board.. For further information, please contact the Superintendent's Office by telephone at 360-273-0171.. Please Note:.. There is a delay between the time the board makes policy changes and the time those changes are available on this site.. The policies on this site are for information only and do not reflect any updating activities in progress.. Series 1000.. Board of Directors.. Series 2000.. Instruction -.. Series 3000.. Students - Series 3000.. Series 4000.. Community Relations -.. Series 5000.. Personnel.. Series 6000.. Management Support.. The Board of Directors - Series 1000.. ORGANIZATION.. 1000.. Legal Status, and Operation.. 1005.. Key Functions of the Board.. ELECTION.. 1105.. Director District Boundaries.. 1110.. Election.. 1110P.. - - Procedures.. 1111.. Oath of Office.. 1112.. Director Orientation.. 1113.. Board Member Residence.. 1114.. Board Member Resignation.. 1115.. Vacancies.. 1115P.. BOARD ORGANIZATION.. 1210.. Annual Organizational Meeting.. 1220.. Board Officers and Duties of Board Members.. 1230.. Secretary.. 1240.. Committees.. METHODS OF GOVERNANCE.. 1310.. Policy Adoption, Manuals, and Administrative Procedures.. 1320.. Suspension of a Policy.. 1330.. Administration in the Absence of Policy and Procedure.. MEETINGS.. 1400.. Meeting Conduct, Order of Business, and Quorum.. 1400P.. - -Procedures.. 1410.. Executive or Closed Sessions.. 1420.. Proposed Agenda and Consent Agenda.. 1420P.. 1430.. Audience Participation.. 1440.. Minutes.. 1450.. Absence of a Board Member.. PRINCIPLES OF OPERATION.. XXX.. Conflicts of Interest.. 1610.. - -2.. nd.. Class District.. 1620.. Board-Superintendent Relations and Board-Staff Communications.. 1620P.. - -Procedure.. 1630.. Evaluation of the Superintendent.. BOARD MEMBER BENEFITS.. 1731.. Board Member Expenses.. 1731P.. 1732.. Board Member Insurance.. 1733.. Board Member Compensation.. 1733P.. BOARD DEVELOPMENT.. 1810.. Annual Goals and Objectives.. 1820.. Evaluation of the Board.. 1820P.. 1822.. Training and Development for Board Members.. 1830.. Participation in School Boards’ Association.. Instruction - Series 2000.. Program Development and Resources.. 2000.. Student Learning Goals.. 2004.. Accountability Goals.. 2005.. School Improvement Plans.. 2020.. Curriculum Development and Adoption of Instructional Materials.. 2020P.. Procedure.. 2023.. Lesson Plans.. 2025.. Copyright Compliance.. 2025P.. - - Procedure.. 2090.. Program Evaluation.. 2090P.. Learning Programs.. And.. Supports.. 2104.. Federal and/or State Funded Special Instructional Programs.. 2104P.. 2106.. Program Compliance.. 2108.. Remediation Programs.. 2108P.. 2110.. Transitional Bilingual Education.. 2110P.. 2125.. Health, Family Life and Sex Education.. 2126.. AIDS Prevention Education.. 2150.. Co-curricular Program.. 2150P.. 2151.. Interscholastic Activities.. 2151P.. 2153.. Non-curriculum Related Student Groups.. 2153P.. 2161.. Special Education and Related Services for Eligible Students.. 2161P.. 2162.. Education of Students with Disabilities Under Section 504.. 2162P.. 2163.. Response to Intervention.. 2165.. Home or Hospital Instruction.. 2165P.. 2170.. Vocational Education.. 2170P.. 2178.. Traffic Safety Education.. 2178P.. 2190.. Highly Capable Programs.. 2190P.. School Organization.. 2240.. Summer School.. Program Supplements.. 2320.. Field Trips, Excursions and Outdoor Education.. 2320P.. 2333.. Flag Exercises.. 2336.. Required Observances.. 2340.. Religious-Related Activities and Practices.. Requirements and Assessments.. 2410.. High School Graduation Requirements.. 2410P.. 2413.. Equivalency Credit for Career and Technical Education Courses.. 2420.. Grading and Progress Reports.. 2420P.. 2421.. Promotion and Retention.. 2421P.. 2422.. Homework.. Red = Essential.. Blue = Priority.. Black = Optional.. Admission and Attendance.. 3110.. Qualifications of Attendance and Placement.. 1.. Age of Admission.. 2.. Entrance Qualification.. 3.. Admission of Students Aged 21 or Older.. 4.. Placement of Students on Admission.. 3110P.. - - Procedure.. 3114.. Part-time, Home-based, or Off-campus Students.. 3114P.. 3115.. Homeless Students: Enrollment Rights and Services.. 3115P.. 3120.. Enrollment.. 3120P.. - -.. Procedure.. 3121.. Compulsory Attendance.. 3122.. Excused and Unexcused Absences.. 3122P.. 3123.. Withdrawal Prior to Graduation.. 3124.. Removal/Release of Student During School Hours.. 3124P.. 3126.. Child.. Custody.. 3130.. District Attendance Areas.. 3131.. District Attendance Area Transfers.. 3140.. Release of Resident Students.. 3141.. Nonresident Students.. 3142.. International Exchange.. Students.. 3142P.. 3143.. District Notification of Juvenile Offenders.. 3144.. Release of Information Concerning Student Sexual and Kidnapping Offenders.. 3144P.. Rights and Responsibilities.. 3200.. Student Rights and Responsibilities.. 3205.. Safety Civility in School.. 3207.. Prohibition of Harassment, Intimidation  ...   Improvement Districts and Licensing of Business.. Relations with the Law Enforcement, Child Protective Agencies and.. 4310.. the County Health Department.. 4310P.. 4314.. Notification of Threats of Violence or Harm.. 4314P.. 4315.. Release of Information Concerning Sexual and Kidnapping Offenders.. 4320.. Cooperative Program with Other Districts and Public Agencies.. 4330.. Cooperation with Private and Parochial Schools and Day Care Agencies.. 4400.. Election Activities.. 4400P.. Personnel - Series 5000.. RECRUITMENT AND PERSONNEL SELECTION.. 5000.. Recruitment and Selection of Staff.. 5000P.. 5001.. Hiring of Employee Retired School Employees.. 5005.. Employment: Disclosures, Certification, Assurances and Approval.. 5005P.. 5006.. Certification Revocation.. 5010.. Nondiscrimination and Affirmative Action.. 5010P.. 5020.. Collective Bargaining.. 5021.. Applicability of Personnel Policies.. 5050.. Contracts.. Certificated Staff Contracts.. Provisional Employment.. Persons Replacing Certificated Staff on Leave.. Adjustments to Certificated Staff Contracts.. Supplemental Employment Agreements.. Consultants.. EMPLOYMENT PRACTICES.. 5201.. Drug-Free Workplace.. 5202.. Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration Mandated Drug and Alcohol Testing Program.. 5202P.. 5211.. Transfers.. Voluntary Transfer.. Involuntary Transfers or Reassignments.. 5222.. Job-Sharing Staff Members.. 5230.. Job Descriptions/Responsibilities.. Duties of Classified and Certificated Staff.. Principals and Program Administration.. Duties of Administrative Staff.. 5230P.. 5231.. Length of Work Day.. 5231P.. 5240.. Evaluation of Classified, Certificated and Administrative Staff.. 5240P.. 5251.. 5252.. Staff Participation in Political Activities.. 5252P.. 5260.. Personnel Records.. 5260P.. 5270.. Resolution of Staff Complaints.. 5270P.. 5271.. Reporting Improper Governmental Action.. 5271P.. 5280.. Termination of Employment.. Release from Contract.. Resignation.. Retirement.. Probation, Non-renewal or Termination.. Program and Staff Reduction.. 5280P.. 5281.. Disciplinary Action and Discharge.. 5281P.. COMPENSATION.. 5310.. Compensation Schedules.. Certificated Salaries.. Classified Salaries.. Administrative Salaries.. Application of Course Credits to the Certificated Salary Schedule.. Military, Peace Corps or Vista Credit.. 5315.. Garnishment and Personal Credit Problems.. 5315P.. LEAVES.. 5400.. Personnel Leaves.. 5401.. Sick Leave.. 5402.. Maternity Leave.. 5403.. Family Emergency Leave.. 5404.. Family Leave.. 5405.. Emergency Leave.. 5406.. Leave Sharing.. 5406P.. 5407.. Military Leave.. 5407P.. 5408.. Jury Duty and Subpoena Leave.. 5410.. Holidays.. 5411.. Staff Vacations.. BENEFITS.. 55.. Retirement Programs.. 5520.. Staff Development.. 5520P.. 5521.. Teacher Assistance Programs.. 5521P.. 5525.. Professional, Civic and Service Organization Memberships.. AUXILIARY PERSONNEL.. 56.. Substitute Employment.. 5610P.. 5612.. Temporary Administrators.. 5630.. Volunteers.. 5630P.. 5641.. Student Teachers.. 5641P.. 5642.. Internships.. 5642P.. Management Support - Series 6000.. FINANCIAL PLANNING AND MANAGEMENT.. 6000.. Program Planning, Budget Preparation, Adoption and Implementation.. 6000P.. 6010.. Fiscal Year.. 6020.. System of Funds and Accounts.. 6020P.. 6021.. Interfund.. Loans.. 6030.. Financial Reports.. 6040.. Expenditures in Excess of Budget.. REVENUES.. 6100.. Revenues from Local, State and Federal Sources.. 6100P.. 6102.. District Fundraising Activities.. 6111.. Tuition.. 6112.. Rental or Lease of District Property.. 6113.. Rental of Musical Instruments.. 6114.. Gifts.. 6114P.. 6119.. Uncollected Tax Revenue.. 6120.. Investment of Funds.. PURCHASING.. 6210.. Purchasing: Authorization and Control.. 6210P.. 6212.. Charge Cards.. 6213.. Reimbursement for Travel Expenses.. 6213P.. 6215.. Voucher Certification and Approval.. 6215P.. 6216.. Reimbursement for Goods and Services: Warrants.. 6220.. Bid Requirements.. 6220P.. 6230.. Relations with Vendors.. 6240.. Food and Beverage Consumption.. 6240P.. 6250.. Cellular Telephones.. RISK MANAGEMENT.. 6500.. Risk Management.. 6500P.. 6510.. Safety.. 6510P.. 6511.. Staff Safety.. 6511P.. 6512.. Infection Control Program.. 6512P.. 6513.. Workplace Violence Prevention.. 6513P.. 6530.. Insurance.. 6535.. Student Insurance.. 6540.. School District’s Responsibility For Privately-owned Property.. 6570.. Data and Records Management.. 6570P.. 6590.. Sexual Harassment.. 6590P.. TRANSPORTATION.. 6600.. Transportation.. 6600P.. 6605.. Student Safety Walking to School and Riding Buses.. 6605P.. 6608.. Video Cameras on School Buses.. 6608P.. 6620.. Special Transportation.. 6625.. Private Vehicle Transportation.. 6630.. Driver Training and Responsibility.. 6640.. School Owned Vehicles.. 6690.. Contracting for Transportation Services.. FOOD SERVICES.. 6700.. Nutrition and Food Services.. 6700P.. SCHOOL PROPERTY.. 6800.. Operations and Maintenance of School Property.. 6810.. Energy Management/Education.. 6881.. Disposal of Surplus Equipment and/or Materials.. 6881P.. 6882.. Sale of Real Property.. 6883.. Closure of Facilities.. 6890.. State Environmental Policy Act Compliance.. 6895.. Pesticide Notification, Posting and Record Keeping….. 6895P.. CAPITAL PROJECTS.. 6900.. Facilities Planning.. 6905.. Site Acquisition.. 6910.. Construction Financing.. 6920.. Construction Design.. 6921.. Educational Specifications.. 6921P.. 6923.. Energy Conservation.. 6925.. Architect and Engineering Services.. 6925P.. 6950.. Contractor Assurances, Surety Bonds and Insurance.. 6955.. Maintenance of Records.. 6957.. Change Orders.. 6959.. Acceptance of Completed Project.. 6970.. Naming Facilities.. 6970P.. 6971.. Works of Art..

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  • Title: Oakville School News and Superintendent Letters
    Descriptive info: 2012 - 2013 News.. October 1, 2012.. To Our Community Members:.. The.. Oakville.. School District.. launched "Rachel's Challenge" on September 18.. th.. for all grades and for the community.. Our elementary, middle and high school students joined the challenge to combat bullying in our school and community.. In the evening, the program was offered to parents and community members.. Rachel's Challenge is a series of student empowing programs and strategies that equip students and adults to combat bullying and ally feelings of isolation and despair by creating a culture of kindness and compassion.. The programs are based on the writings and life of 17 year-old Rachel Scott who was the first student killed at.. Columbine.. High School.. in 1999.. Rachel left a legacy of reaching out to those who were different, who were picked on by others, or who were new at her school.. Shortly before her death she wrote,.. "I have this theory that if one person can go out of their way to show compassion, then it will start a chain reaction of the same.. People will never know how far a little kindness can go.. ".. Rachel's Challenge was started by Rachel's dad and stepmom, Darrell and Sandy Scott when they realized that the writings and drawings Rachel left not only had an impact on her friends and classmates, but also resonated around the world.. More than 18 million people have been touched by her message.. The Rachel's Challenge philosophy of education is based on a historically sound principle of the "three H's," the heart, the head and the hands.. It  ...   Board Chair Laura Bale, Judith Palmer, Don Secena, Bill Scholl and Steve Mittge.. Each member brings a unique expertise to our school district.. They are compassionate and caring when working with our parents, staff and students at.. Each member works above and beyond their day to promote a positive educational environment in our district.. Thank you board members!.. As many of you are aware, we have recently experienced problems with our bus routes.. We have three routes and only three drivers.. We also only have one part time substitute driver.. This has caused problems and we have had to double up on runs.. The flu season has greatly affected our drivers, teachers and students, this year more than any other year.. If you are interested, we need substitute drivers.. Please call Cindy Henry for details pertaining to qualifying to be a bus driver.. She can be reached at 369-508-7513 or 360-273-5946.. It is that time of year when those little head lice critters show up.. Please check your kids often and treat them with proper medications.. We only have a nurse on campus twice per month to check for head lice or complete other nursing duties.. Our staff does complete checks and then notifies parents of issues, as warranted.. If the student has live lice, we recommend that until the treatment is completed, to stay home from school.. Our Principal does have the authority to recommend any exclusions.. We completely disinfect our classrooms as needed.. The.. Center.. of.. Disease.. control does not endorse any students being excluded from school due to head lice.. Sincerely,..

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  • Title: Oakville Sports Calendar
    Descriptive info: School Report Card.. School Board.. SPORTS SCHEDULE.. Baseball/Fastpitch Schedules.. Here is the current schedule.. (3/4/2012).. 3/12@ NWC Baseball Sky Hawk field 4:00 Vans Leave 3:00.. 3/14 Adna Baseball 4:00.. 3/15 Elma Fastpitch 4:30.. 3/19 @ Lake Quinault both 4:00.. 3/22 Taholah Fastpitch 4:00.. 3/22 @ Adna 4:00.. 3/23  ...   Ocosta both 4:00.. 4/9 @ North Beach Double Header Both 3:00.. 4/12 NWC Both 4;00.. 4/16 Naselle Double Header Both 3:00.. 4/19 Lake Quinault Both 4:00.. 4/23 @ Taholah Fastpitch 4:00.. 4/23 Napavine Baseball 4:00.. 4/26 @ Wishkah Double Header Both 3:00.. Published by Oakville School District |..

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