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    Archived pages: 827 . Archive date: 2013-08.

  • Title: The Obscure Organization
    Descriptive info: .. mail.. login.. links.. people.. projects.. lists.. FAQ.. donate.. about.. statistics.. The Obscure Organization.. The Obscure Organization is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation that promotes community and creativity through technology.. We provide free resources and training to people and organizations hoping to advance their use of technology in.. non-commercial.. creative works and community-building efforts.. Recent News.. Service Interruption due to Derecho Storm.. (posted July 5.. th.. , 2012).. From approximately midnight on Saturday, June 30th to midnight on Tuesday, June 3rd, obscure.. org was down due to a power outage in the wake of a massive.. derecho.. storm that left the DC area bruised.. Most mail should get delivered and things should be back to normal within 24 hours.. I found and fixed several problems with DNS redundancy during the outage.. If you don't measure it, it's not science, and if you don't monitor it, it's not production-ready.. We may  ...   web hosting, programming, and other non-commercial purposes.. People have used their Obscure accounts to host web sites for.. non-profit organizations.. , to further their own education, to host their personal web sites, and to collaborate with other Obscure users on projects.. We try to help connect Obscure users with one another.. People in the Obscure community often help each other, both by teaching each other effective uses of technology, and by providing constructive feedback on creative projects.. This furthers learning both by those seeking help and by the informal mentors who provide help.. For older news, see our.. News Archive.. Warning!.. A visit to The Obscure Organization.. may cause you to think.. Thinking has been known to cause severe pain.. in the heads of the close-minded.. promotes creativity and community through technology.. Copyright 2002-2012 by The Obscure Organization.. Questions? email.. info@obscure.. org.. This page was last modified on:.. 2012-07-03 01:02:49-0400..

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  • Title: Roundcube Webmail :: Welcome to Roundcube Webmail
    Descriptive info: Welcome to Roundcube Webmail.. Username.. Password..

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  • Title: Obscure Login
    Descriptive info: Obscure Login.. If you have an Obscure account, and you want to use the command line tools offered by our Linux server, you need to login using one of several available methods.. There are many ways to login to the server -- any telnet or SSH client will work.. Telnet is an old protocol, available just about everywhere, but it is not secure.. SSH is a newer, encrypted login protocol.. We recommend that you install an SSH client on your computer, such  ...   for you.. Set up your SSH client to connect to.. shell.. obscure.. If you can't install software on the computer you are on, you can try to use one of these Java clients to login:.. SSHTerm SSH Client.. SSHTerm is full-featured, but it requires a 1.. 4-compatible JVM to be integrated with your browser.. Mindterm SSH Client.. Mindterm will work with just about any JVM, but it lacks some significant features (such as working cut-and-paste).. Copyright 2002-2006 by The Obscure Organization.. 2006-06-29 09:10:49-0400..

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  • Title: Obscure.org Internet Starting Points
    Descriptive info: Obscure Links.. Table of Contents.. Essential Launch Devices.. Other Obscure Places.. Cool Places.. Going Places in the Real World.. Software Resources.. UNIX and Linux Resources.. Secure Shell Resources.. Mail and Anti-SPAM Resources.. Web authoring Resources.. Perl Resources.. Win32-UNIX porting resources.. Multi-User Dimensions.. Google.. Yahoo.. Excite.. HotBot.. Alta Vista.. Lycos.. Obscure.. com - Paul Egli's personal site.. The Obscure Company.. The Electronic Frontier Foundation.. Salon Magazine.. Slashdot.. News for Nerds.. MP3.. com.. The Kook Museum.. Urban Legends Reference Pages.. Conway's Game of Life.. MapQuest.. - maps plus driving directions.. Travelocity.. - airline reservations.. The Mozilla Project.. Open Office Project.. Red Hat.. Stroud's CWSApps.. Windows software directory with reviews.. Walnut Creek Software (ftp.. cdrom.. com).. Cheap Bytes.. - Open Source software CDs for less.. UNIX and Linux Help.. UnixHelp for Users.. LinuxCommand.. - a fine tutorial on shell scripting.. The Unix Reference Desk.. The Linux Archives at iBiblio.. Choosing Good Passwords.. The Bugtraq Mailing list.. See also our.. SSH section.. SSH (Secure Shell) and Related Programs.. OpenSSH - a secure replacement for rsh/rcp/rlogin.. for UNIX platforms.. Putty, an excellent  ...   other technical documents of interest to deep Web magicians.. World Wide Web FAQ.. Jaws' HTML Toolkit.. Gamma Correction Home Page.. 10 Myths about Copyright.. Web Pages That Suck.. (a primer on how to avoid this predicament).. The Web Page From Hell.. HTML Validation Tools.. Why Validate your HTML.. Yahoo's list of validation tools.. W3C HTML Validation Service.. - check your HTML syntax.. HTML Tidy.. - Clean up invalid HTML (installed on Obscure!).. Doctor HTML.. Bobby.. Linklint.. - Check validity of links (installed on Obscure!).. CGI and Forms.. A CGI Programmer's Reference.. NCSA's Forms Tutorial.. perl.. The Comprehensive Perl Archive Network.. Windows NT Perl.. Pythonic Resources.. Win32-UNIX Workalikes and Porting Resources.. Red Hat's Cygwin project.. (bash, GCC, cvs, openssh, etc.. for Win32).. VIM (Vi IMproved).. XEmacs.. has an excellent Win32 port.. GNU Emacs for Win32.. UNIX to NT Resource Center.. Mail and Anti-Spam Resources.. Filtering Spam and Mailing Lists on Obscure.. Coalition Against Unsolicited Commercial Email.. The Filtering Mail FAQ.. (procmail is installed on Obscure).. SpamAssassin.. (installed on Obscure).. Vipul's Razor.. Copyright 2002-2008 by The Obscure Organization.. 2008-06-23 16:33:44-0400..

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  • Title: Obscure Member Directory
    Descriptive info: obscure people.. fearless leader.. who runs the Obscure Organization.. community.. Alex Fry.. who continues his escapades as Optional Al.. Anais.. who appreciates Baudelaire and the Pre-Raphaelites.. Angldst.. who confesses to writing bad goth poetry.. Azathoth (Charlie).. who has had some bad encounters with explosives.. The Blue Vampire.. who is very persistent at getting her own way.. Dan Brown.. who likes to quote RFCs, and has a way with a camera.. Bruno.. who has some cool music tips for the world.. Celeste.. who will always be the Dancer In Red.. Eva Crider.. who has some interesting thoughts about the freak scene she has left.. Christopher Veres.. who can do really cool things with programmable calculators.. Darklock.. who rants cryptically in his role as the Anti-Pope Apparaticus Norvegicus.. Dew.. who is sometimes known as Silver Box Baby.. Drac (Dan).. who looks very cool in sunglasses.. Domino.. who has a fascination with Death (not what you think).. Etak.. who, if she were a superhero, would be known as Cheap Beer Girl.. Faisal Jawdat.. who insists that there is No Conspiracy.. Kevin Hogue.. who started the Raver Jesus mailing list.. Hyperion.. who really  ...   lit torches.. Medusa.. who is perhaps the Queen of the Glittergoths.. Mehitobel Wilson.. who is working on a novel.. Nimue.. who is sickly and bitter, but darned cute.. Nosferatu X.. who has many holes all throughout his body.. Owen Davis.. who drives several fast, unreliable cars.. Pain (Marcy).. who has been reviewing Richmond restaurants.. Patricia.. who looks delicious in silver.. Oddlystrange.. who hangs out in Hollywood Cemetary far too much.. Peter Burris.. who acts as a language policeman, and publishes some erudite and irreverent journals.. Puppy.. who has a Dirty Little Doghouse.. Random.. who is really a cynical bastard.. Raptor.. who likes blood-dripping animated gifs, apparently.. Raveness.. who has been collecting various Babe-Of-The-Week awards.. Rednikki.. who has come out of DJ retirement to save the DC club scene.. RiVeTeD.. who writes music, and spends entirely too much time running the talk command.. Rocky Jones.. who explores the waters of Ethical Misanthropy.. Rudy Fry.. who is a retired painter.. Stormlady.. who enjoys chasing tornadoes.. Vanguard.. who enjoys Greek.. erm, nevermind.. Vlad.. who, according to his.. girlfriend.. wife, has a "really cute butt".. Copyright 2002-2004 by The Obscure Organization.. 2004-08-11 22:38:00-0400..

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  • Title: Obscure Projects
    Descriptive info: Obscure Projects.. The Obscure Organization supports a variety of non-commercial art, music, education, charity, and research projects.. We provide web hosting and technical support services for these projects, and help connect people who want to lend a hand.. Here is the official list of supported Obscure projects:.. The Arlington Amateur Radio Club.. This is a a non-profit organization associated with the Arlington American Red Cross dedicated to public service, including providing emergency communications support for the Red Cross.. Arlington Unitarian Cooperative Preschool.. AUCP is a non-sectarian, parent-owned and operated, cooperative preschool for children aged six weeks to pre-kindergarten.. Cartoons and Cocktails.. This annual auction of original editorial cartoons benefits the.. National Press Club.. scholarships;.. Young D.. C.. , the independent newspaper by  ...   with Scratch", intended to teach elementary school children programming, design, and math in an accessible and engaging way.. The Charles Bukowski Memorial Center.. For Classical Latin Studies.. Ever wondered what modern people have in common with the ancient Romans? Visit these pages, and you'll see how the gutter looked much the same then and now.. The Low-Bandwidth Low-Cost.. Networking Research Institute.. This project shows you how to squeeze more performance out of low-cost networking links.. Sonic Envelope.. is a journal of Industrial music maintained the by electronic music maven.. Nasty Byte.. The USENET Physics FAQ.. (a mirror).. Obscure mirrors the list of.. Frequently Asked Questions about physics.. Obscure user.. Amarendra Godbole.. maintains these pages.. Copyright 2002-2009 by The Obscure Organization.. 2009-10-05 04:22:49-0400..

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  • Title: Obscure Mailing Lists
    Descriptive info: Obscure Mailing Lists.. The Obscure Organization hosts a wide variety of public and private mailing lists.. Electronic mailing lists can act as a glue that binds together real-life communities, giving people an opportunity to communicate with each other in a casual and constant way that no other medium offers.. Public Mailing Lists.. Please see the.. list of public mailing lists..  ...   run an Obscure mailing list, please send a proposed charter to.. The charter should contain the ground rules for the list, a statement of the list's purpose, and any other information new subscribers will need to participate.. The mailing list may be public or private, a discussion list or an annoucement-only list.. Copyright 2002-2011 by The Obscure Organization.. 2011-06-12 10:33:19-0400..

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  • Title: Obscure FAQ
    Descriptive info: Obscure FAQ.. This list of Frequently Asked Questions attempts to address common issues and concerns about The Obscure Organization.. Users and Members.. Why would I want to be an Obscure User?.. How do I request an account and become an Obscure User?.. How do I become an Obscure Member?.. What's the difference between a User and a Member?.. What changes if I remain a User?.. Technical Help.. How can I change my password?.. How can I start a web page on Obscure?.. How can I get rid of spam and filter my mail?.. How do I configure my mail client to send and receive mail through Obscure?.. Organizational, Legal, and Tax Issues.. Are donations to Obscure tax-exempt as charitable contributions?.. Is The Obscure Organization a 501(c)(3) publicly-supported charity?.. What are allowed and prohibited uses of Obscure resources?.. How can I contribute money to The Obscure Organization?.. Who is on the Board of Directors and what does it do?.. When are the regular Member meetings and can anyone attend?.. How can I help?.. Random Q A.. Obscure Users have direct access to the computing and communications resources that the organization maintains.. As a User, you can have an account on the computer server (a machine running the.. Linux.. operating system) that we maintain for the benefit of the community.. This account has a rich set of tools available to help you share your creativity with the world.. As an Obscure User, you might use the account to achieve some of these goals:.. Publsh your (non-commercial) creative works on the Web.. Maintain an Internet presence for a charitable organization.. Use the email facilities provided (including anti-spam tools) to manage your interactions with the community.. Write.. free software.. using the development tools available on the server.. Manage an email discussion list that helps glue your community together.. It's important to note that you'll need to get Internet access from an Internet Service Provider (ISP).. Obscure is not an ISP.. Send a polite email to account-request@obscure.. org.. asking for an account.. Please detail how you plan to use the account in your request.. We will send you additional information on becoming a User.. Donate at least $20 to Obscure.. Yearly dues are currently set at $20.. See our donation page:.. http://www.. org/info/donate.. shtml.. If you become an Obscure Member, but you are not an Obscure User, but would like to be, please indicate this and we will set you up as an Obscure User.. You will then receive your membership card and a welcome package.. A User is an active participant in the Obscure community who has an account on the Obscure computer server.. A Member is an active financial supporter of the organization, who pays annual dues to support the activities Obscure provides.. You can be a User without being a Member, because Obscure does not require payment of dues to maintain an Obscure account, but almost all Members are also Users.. Nothing! If you are a current Obscure User (you have an obscure.. org account), you will still have access to your e-mail account and your web space.. However, you won't have a chance to vote on Obscure's future and we might remind you every once in a while to consider becoming a Member.. You can change your password using  ...   tax purposes if they meet the applicable provisions of sections 2055, 2106, and 2522 of the Code.. Donors may deduct contributions to you only to the extent that their contributions are gifts, with no consideration received.. The IRS has made an.. that we are a 501(c)(3) organization.. Obscure resources, including accounts and web pages, are restricted in that they may not be used for for-profit purposes.. This restriction sets us apart from commercial service providers, and ensures that the organizations operates only for tax-exempt purposes.. Our.. bylaws.. spell out what is allowed and not allowed:.. The resources of this corporation are not to be used for creation or maintenance of a for-profit business.. The following are prohibited uses of obscure.. org: use of obscure.. org as the primary e-mail account for a for-profit business; use of the obscure.. org e-mail address on business cards, business letterhead, or business advertising used by a for-profit business; posting advertising for a for-profit business to newsgroups from an obscure.. org account; and maintenance of web pages on obscure.. org advertising a for-profit business.. The following are permitted: maintenance of a resume on the obscure.. org server; use of an obscure.. org e-mail address for job searches, or on a resume; use of the resources of this corporation for scientific and technological research intended to benefit the general public; use of the resources of this corporation for the creation, development and promotion of works of literature, music, visual art and performance art (not including works of art offered for sale by or used in the promotion of a for-profit business); and links from a personal web page on obscure.. org to a business web page on another server.. You can donate online with a credit card:.. You may also send a check to:.. 300 S Jackson Street.. Arlington, VA 22204.. You will receive a receipt for your contribution along with our many thanks! Because Obscure is a publicly supported charitable organization,.. contributions are tax deductible to the extent permitted by law.. A five-person board of directors oversees the management of The Obscure Organization.. They choose officers who run the organization on a day-to-day basis.. The duties of board members and officers are explained in our.. More information on the duties of directors and officers can be found in the.. Nonprofit Directors and Officers FAQ entry.. on the.. idealist.. site.. The current board members are:.. Richard Lunson Bullington-McGuire, President.. Faisal Jawdat, Vice President.. Shawn Ferry, Treasurer.. Colin MacDonald, Secretary.. Jean Stoner.. The membership has a chance to elect a new board in the fourth quarter of each year.. Currently, Obscure will have at least one regular meeting per year, in the fourth calendar quarter of each year.. The board chooses the date and announces the meeting by mail to the members.. Anyone may attend a meeting, but only members may vote.. You could volunteer to be a mentor.. You could offer to donate computer equipment, network connectivity, or system administration help.. You could volunteer to write a tutorial.. Please contact.. help_us AT obscure DOT org.. if you want to contribute your skills or equipment.. Who wrote.. The Author's Voice Uncovered; Stage Directions in Modern English Drama.. ?.. Erin Nelson wrote this thesis.. Please contact her by email.. for queries related to this thesis.. 2012-01-10 16:30:42-0500..

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  • Title: Donate to Obscure
    Descriptive info: Donate to Obscure.. Obscure's services are primarily supported by the generous contributions of its members, users, and the general public.. Without public support, the resources Obscure provides would wither.. As such, donations made to Obscure are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.. In June 2003, the IRS issued an.. advance ruling.. agreeing with this status, and in March 2007, it issued a.. confirming this status.. Membership in The Obscure Organization is $20 per year.. By becoming a member, you are making a committment to support Obscure's mission of promoting creativity and community through technology.. You will also get a chance to steer the direction of Obscure by electing the board of directors..  ...   one-time donation, or as a subscription, you will become a full-fledged member of The Obscure Organization.. Fortunately, it's easy to contribute to Obscure! You can do so online with a credit card by following one of the links below, or you can send a check by mail to the address below.. 300 S Jackson St.. Arlington VA 22204.. Make a one-time donation.. Donate any amount to Obscure.. Sign up for a membership subscription.. Basic Membership.. ($20/year).. Supporting Membership.. ($50/year).. Sustaining Membership.. ($100/year).. If you sign up for a membership subscription, your membership will automatically renew each year (as long as you keep your PayPal information current).. Copyright 2002-2007 by The Obscure Organization.. 2007-04-20 13:25:39-0400..

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  • Title: About Obscure
    Descriptive info: About Obscure.. Contact Us.. Purpose.. History.. Legal Documents.. You can reach us by U.. S.. Mail at:.. Our main e-mail address is.. Obscure's President, Richard Bullington-McGuire, can be reached by phone at 703-979-4380.. The Obscure Organization promotes creativity and community through technology.. Obscure is a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation, a public charity dedicated to educating individuals and the public about the benefits of using technology to further creative expression and build communities.. Articles of Incorporation.. and.. Bylaws.. spell out the rules regarding how we are organized.. Obscure gives free computer accounts to anyone who asks nicely, to help people expand their knowledge and use of Internet technologies.. See the.. "How do I become an Obscure User?.. section of the.. for more information.. Obscure has helped sponsor people's efforts to learn more about the Internet, the World Wide Web, artistic expression and new media, electronic communities, computer programming, UNIX and Linux, and our evolving culture.. Obscure is the collective creation of its users - people with a wide variety of tastes and interests.. Some have used Obscure to show their art to the  ...   the Internet.. We.. accept tax-dedictible contributions.. from members and the general public to offset the costs of operating our services and programs.. Founded in 1995 to promote experimentation in the arts and technology, Obscure started as a learning excercise to see if it was possible to operate a full-time Internet site on a shoestring budget.. Once it was on the Internet full-time, it seemed obvious to give accounts to people who could benefit from learning about these new technologies, or who could use Obscure's resources to further their own personal, professional, and artistic development.. In 2002, to further develop Obscure's potential, it was reorganized as a non-profit corporation.. In 2003, the IRS issued an advance ruling that The Obscure Organization is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt entity.. In 2007, the IRS issued a final ruling that The Obscure Organization qualifies as a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt public charity, qualifying under section 170(b)(1)(A)(vi) of the code.. IRS Tax Exemption Advance Ruling.. (1.. 02 MB PDF).. IRS Tax Exemption Final Ruling.. (49 KB PDF).. IRS Form 990 - 2002.. (940K PDF) - our initial tax return.. 2008-01-04 12:16:11-0500..

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  • Title: Obscure News Archive
    Descriptive info: Obscure News Archive.. This is an archive of news items relating to.. Current news items are available on the.. main home page.. Archived News Items.. System Compromise: Password Reset / Software Reconfig Needed.. (posted October 5.. , 2009).. On Friday, October 2nd, I discovered that Obscure had suffered a serious system compromise.. The intruder gained root access and installed an SSH trojan that recorded several dozen passwords.. They appear to have had access to the system since at least September 17, 2009, a little more than two weeks.. Because of this, I have.. locked all user accounts.. and you need to.. call either me (Richard Bullington-McGuire) at +1 571 236 0938 or contact Faisal Jawdat if you have his contact information.. in order to receive a new password.. Since this compromise is related to account passwords, I have also.. locked down insecure network services.. , including:.. FTP / port 23 (use SFTP or SCP instead).. POP3 / tcp port 110 (use POP3S on port 995 instead).. IMAP / tcp port 143 (use IMAPS on port 993 instead).. I have completed backup and system audit procedures and have a reasonable level of confidence that we have mitigated the intrusion.. However, the intruder potentially had access to every file stored on the machine, so if you have stored sensitive data like account passwords in your Obscure account, please take stock of what your exposure might be and take appropriate steps to safeguard your information.. We may still need to spend some more money on backup hardware and incident response.. If you run a system that shares users with Obscure, you should double-check your SSH and SSHD binaries for signs of tampering, and look for the path.. /usr/local/share/0wn.. on your system:.. strings /usr/bin/ssh /usr/bin/sshd | grep 0wn.. Outbound Mail trouble.. (posted July 25.. You may have trouble sending outbound mail for a couple days, but we are working on the problem.. Verizon changed our IP addresses on Friday, and our new reverse DNS entries are for Verizon's pool of dynamic addresses, so anti-spam blacklists are blocking mail coming from us.. We have a request open with Verizon to fix the problem, and get us good reverse DNS entries again.. IP address change.. If you have DNS records pointing to obscure.. org, please change the IP address to.. 173.. 79.. 175.. 36.. Obscure Hardware Trouble.. (posted October 23.. , 2008).. Obscure's main server suffered its second major disk array failure in one month, requiring a restore from last night's backup onto borrowed hardware.. The system was down from 7 AM - 11 AM, and we lost data from 1 AM to 7 AM.. We are going to evaluate our options for replacing the current setup with other arrangements.. Scratch Lesson Plans Published under GFDL and CC BY-SA licenses.. (posted July 15.. We are pleased to announce that we are releasing the.. lesson plans under two free content licenses: the.. GNU Free Documentation License.. and the.. Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.. 0 Unported.. licenses.. As part of this publication, we have also opened up.. our wiki.. to the public.. Third Scratch Seminar Announced.. (posted May 8.. We are proud to announce the third session of our newest program, to be held at.. Campbell Elementary.. in Arlington, Virginia, from May 7.. to June 4.. , 2008.. This session is an intermediate class, following on the two beginner classes we held earlier this school year, again using.. Scratch.. to teach kids about design, programming, animation, and math.. Intermediate Scratch: Creative Computer Exploration (3rd-5th grade).. In this class, students will build on the skills they learned in the "Introduction to Scratch" class to design and implement larger and more complex computer games, animations, stories, and art.. We will work on strategies for collaboration and add sounds and photos we record to our projects.. Obscure support for the.. One Laptop Per Child.. project.. (posted April 28.. We are pleased to announce that we are providing operational support to the.. OLPC Learning Club D.. , by running a.. Jabber server.. This should help foster communication among.. XO laptop.. users and developers in the Washington, D.. area.. If you have an XO laptop, and you are in the Washington, D.. area, you can connect to our chat server by issuing this command in the Terminal activity, and restarting your XO:.. sugar-control-panel -s jabber dc.. olpc.. For more information on this service, please.. see the OLPC wiki entry.. on this topic.. New Server Migration In Progress.. (posted April 20.. We have just switched to our new server hardware, and migrated all user accounts, web sites, and programs to the new machine.. Right now we are still configuring the server software, so things might still be a bit broken.. Please.. send mail to Richard Bullington-McGuire.. if you notice problems.. Second Scratch Seminar Announced.. (posted Feb 3.. rd.. We are proud to announce the second session of our newest program, to be held at.. in Arlington, Virginia, from February 20.. to March 26.. We are using.. Here is the announcement that will go out to parents soon:.. Introduction to Scratch: Creative Computer Exploration (3rd-5th grade).. In this class, students will explore how to create games, animations, stories, and art using Scratch, a computer learning tool that teaches programming and design skills.. Students will draw pictures, add sound and movement, and share their projects with the class.. Admissions preference will be given to students who have not taken this class before.. We are planning an Intermediate Scratch class in the Spring term for students who have taken the Introductory course.. Obscure account holders can help.. help plan the class on our private Wiki.. and review.. our progress notes.. from our first session.. We are interested in finding volunteers who would like to propagate this program to other schools and settings.. if you have questions about this program.. New Obscure Officers for 2008 Selected.. At the first meeting of the new board, on January 13.. , 2008, we chose new officers for 2008:.. 2005 Obscure Organization Officers.. President: Richard Bullington-McGuire.. Vice President: Jean Stoner.. Secretary: Karen Hoofnagle.. Treasurer: Shawn Ferry.. Obscure Annual Meeting for 2007: Saturday, Dec 8th, 3 PM.. (posted Dec 2.. nd.. , 2007).. Obscure will be holding its 2007 annual membership meeting on December 8th at 3:00 PM at Obscure headquarters (and the home of current Obscure President Richard Bullington-McGuire) -- 300 S.. Jackson St.. , Arlington, Virginia.. The main issue on the agenda will be the election of a new board of directors.. Three of the directors  ...   to help run the organization and suggest future directions.. Finally, we will review the financials for 2004 and the budget for 2005.. Faster connection is here.. (posted November 23.. Obscure is now sitting at the end of a new 6.. 0Mbps downstream / 768Kbps upstream ADSL connection.. The company donating the Internet connectivity to Obscure did an upgrade to their Internet service.. This connection is twice as fast upstream and four times as fast downstream as the previous connection.. Just think nine years ago, Obscure got by with internet access provided by a single 28.. 8Kbps modem running full-time SLIP.. New server active!.. (posted April 14.. The new server we've been configuring for most of the last year is now online! Please bear with us while we work out the kinks over the next few days.. This new machine should bear up under the load of increased spam and traffic.. Buried under Spam.. (posted February 22.. We're currently doing emergency mail system maintenance to fix a SpamAssassin problem that has slowed everything down to molasses-like speeds.. The system has been partially accessible all day, but we hope to have things up again by midnight.. Once the smoke clears, we should have SpamAssassin 2.. 55 running instead of 2.. 44 (a big improvement).. Membership Meeting Results.. (posted December 28.. , 2003).. The December 20th membership meeting was a big success.. Nine people attended in person, and we recorded 22 valid votes for the board of directors, including votes by mail.. We gathered feedback from Obscure members on possible future programs, and formed new committees to help Obscure operations going forward.. Photo: Obscure member meeting attendees.. 2004.. Used with permission.. The 2004 Board of Directors will be:.. Richard Lunson Bullington-McGuire.. Patricia Lynn Bullington-McGuire.. Steve Busko.. Colin MacDonald.. Membership Meeting time set:.. 2 PM on Dec.. 20th.. (posted December 16.. The meeting time for the December 20th membership meeting has been set for.. 2 PM.. at the.. Common Grounds coffeehouse in Clarendon.. Note that this time was incorrectly reported as Noon on the web site earlier.. Sorry about the confusion!.. Membership Meeting on Dec.. (posted December 8.. Obscure will be holding its first annual membership meeting on December 20th, 2003, at 2 PM at the.. , at 211 Wilson Blvd.. in Arlington, Virginia (2 blocks from the Clarendon Metro stop).. Of the five directors currently serving, only two are running again (Richard and Patricia Bullington-McGuire).. We will form member committees to help run the organization and suggest future directions.. Finally, we will review the financials for 2002 & 2003 and the budget for 2004.. Candidate Statements.. are available for all of those running for the board.. Ballots have been mailed to all members with current addresses on file.. Obscure Benefit.. Saturday, Dec.. 13th @ chiarOscuro.. (posted November 15.. We are currently gearing up for a.. fundraiser and membership drive.. in December and we need volunteers! The fundraiser is scheduled for the night of Saturday, December 13th at the.. chiarOscuro.. event at The Edge nightclub in Washington, D.. Full details on the event are avaliable.. on our fundraising page.. We need:.. People to organize and help out during the event.. This includes setting up for the event, coordinating with the event location, manning stalls, etc.. We are looking for all sorts of people and ideas.. Creative works by Obscure users and members.. If you are an artist or have used Obscure to do some technological work, we are interested in showing you off at this event.. Let us know.. if you are interested in helping out (even if you can't make the meeting)!.. Good News on Tax-Exemption, Fundraising, Equipment.. (posted June 9.. We have reached several new milestones recently:.. The IRS approved our application for 501(c)(3) public charity status by issuing an advance ruling in Obscure's favor.. We completed our Spring fundraising drive, and raised enough money (over $2500) to buy a new server to support Obscure's future operations.. We purchased the hardware, a Compaq DL360 with dual 1GHz processors and a gigabyte of RAM, and installed it into the rack cabinet where it will operate.. The board authorized the purchase of a subscription to Red Hat Enterprise Linux ES Basic.. The IRS confirmation of our tax exempt status gives us more freedom to solicit donations, since we can now assure our donors that their membership dues and contribututions are tax-deductible to the fullest extent that the law allows.. The new hardware and software will give Obscure a solid foundation on which to build its technical programs.. We will be purchasing the operating system software and installing it on the hardware in the next few weeks.. We had to switch servers partly because the operating system that we were using reached the end of its support lifetime.. The new operating system has a five-year support window, so we won't run into the same issue for a long time (and there will almost certainly be an easy upgrade path this time around).. March 14.. , 2003.. Our fundraising campaign to raise money for a new server is going well; we've raised over $500 since February 23.. Two generous members have offered to match the first $5 of the first 30 contributions to Obscure made between March 12th and April 15th, 2003.. Please consider sending a donation now.. , as your money will go farther than it would have otherwise.. March 3.. The Obscure Organization is proud to announce that it now hosts a.. mirror of the USENET Physics FAQ.. This list of frequently asked questions about physics helps support research and education in the public interest.. February 23.. Obscure needs a new server! The current server, a Digital Personal Workstation 500a (an Alpha-processor computer running Red Hat 6.. 2), is balking at accepting an operating system upgrade to Red Hat 7.. 2.. Support for this platform is waning, and future upgrades will be much more expensive and difficult if we stick with the Alpha architecture.. Therefore, Obscure is hoping to purchase a new server.. However,.. we need your help.. to raise enough money (around $2000) to buy a big enough server to handle our present and future needs.. January 25.. Our new.. should help answer some of your questions about this transition.. December 15.. , 2002.. We are now accepting membership contributions from current and new users of the service.. Obscure is now seeking IRS 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status -- this means that.. donations to Obscure.. will have the same tax-deductible properties as donations to other publicly supported charities.. 2012-07-03 00:32:06-0400..

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