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  • Title: Announcements | OASIS eGov
    Descriptive info: .. Promoting Open Standards for Citizen-Centric Government.. Search.. Navigation.. Latest images.. About.. Join.. Announcements.. Committees.. Activities.. Members.. Governance.. Donations.. Library.. Mailing lists.. Contact.. Recent posts.. The OASIS eGovernment Member Section (eGov MS) serves as a focal point for discussions of governmental and public administration requirements for e-business standardization.. Bringing together representatives from global, regional, national and local government agencies, the eGov MS provides a platform for those who share a common interest in  ...   awards with TGF-based portal.. TGF makes significant strategic impact on British Council work.. NEW WORK PROGRAMME FOR 2012/2013.. OASIS eGov welcomes new Steering Committee members.. eGov Member Section Steering Committee Nominations Now Open -- Nominations close 2 April 2012.. OASIS Web sites:.. OASIS.. |.. Cover Pages.. XML.. org.. AMQP.. CGM Open.. eGov.. Emergency.. IDtrust.. LegalXML.. Open CSA.. WS-I.. Copyright 2013.. All Rights Reserved.. OASIS.. trademark.. ,.. IPR.. , and other.. policies.. apply.. Login..

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  • Title: Latest images | OASIS eGov
    Descriptive info: Home..

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  • Title: About | OASIS eGov
    Descriptive info: Created by.. John.. Borras.. on 29 November, 2007.. Last updated on 16 October, 2009.. For the purposes of the work of the Member Section, Government is taken to encompass all jurisdictions of the public sector, including regional, national and local government, and their agencies and dependencies.. And the term eGovernment refers to all aspects of e-enabled government, eg online public services, transformation of back office functions, inter-agency exchanges etc.. The key objectives of the Member Section are:.. To promote the adoption and implementation of open standards that facilitate interoperability within and between government agencies and all of their stakeholders..  ...   of.. public.. administrations with other OASIS constituencies – enterprises, technology vendors, research and academia and ICT professionals, wherever they are.. To promote interoperability and the implementation of open standards for transformational government.. To develop eGovernment guidelines that could add value by focusing on use cases and specific requirements at different jurisdictions of public administration in countries from varying levels of economic and technological development.. To create a platform for a series of activities focused on stimulating more inclusive, citizen-centred and shared solutions for Transformational Government.. To discuss, scope and if needed initiate additional standardization projects within OASIS.. Printer-friendly version..

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  • Title: Join | OASIS eGov
    Descriptive info: cgeyer.. on 27 August, 2007.. Last updated on 24 June, 2009.. Everyone is welcome to join the OASIS eGov MS and contribute to discussions on governmental and public administration requirements for e-business standardization.. There are many benefits of joining the eGov MS.. How to join.. eGov MS participants take advantage of membership in.. , the international standards consortium.. -.. If you are not already employed by an.. OASIS member organization.. *, you may join the eGov MS by.. joining OASIS.. and selecting.. eGov MS Supporting Entity.. on the.. Membership Agreement.. After your organization joins, you and an unlimited number of your co-workers may participate in the eGov MS and in any other of the more than 60 OASIS Committtees.. If you are already employed by an.. *, your employer may elect to become an eGov Supporting Entity by having your Primary Representative notify.. Member Services.. If your employer chooses not to become an eGov Supporting Entity, you may still participate in the Member Section as an Observer.. If  ...   OASIS offers a wide range of.. membership options and dues.. designed to ensure that all those affected by open standards have a voice in their creation.. It costs OASIS members.. nothing extra.. to join and participate in the eGov MS.. Organizations and individuals may also advance the work of OASIS eGov by underwriting specific activities.. Donors may contribute any amount.. Donations may be used for specific purposes, such as to defer meeting expenses, produce educational materials, hire program managers, etc.. or to support general activities of the Member Section.. An OASIS member who donates 5,500 USD or more annually (in addition to their OASIS Foundational or Sponsor-level dues) may have their organization's logo linked from every page of the Member Section's web site.. See the.. Member Section Supporters program.. description for more details.. For more information.. You will find additional useful information on the.. OASIS Membership FAQ.. If you still have questions, please contact.. *.. Individual-level membership is also available for those unable to join through their employers..

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  • Title: Announcements | OASIS eGov
    Descriptive info: OASIS eGov Member Section announcements:.. on 03 December, 2012.. Last updated on 03 December, 2012.. From Jan McConchie, Director eGovernment, Government Services Group, Department of Premier and Cabinet, Government of South Australia:.. The government of South Australia has deployed key elements of the OASIS Transformational Government Framework (TGF) in helping to shape and deliver our strategy for citizen-centric service transformation.. Read more.. From John Worne, Director Corporate HQ, British Council:.. on 06 August, 2012.. The eGov MS Steering Committee has agreed a new work programme for 2012/2013.. The associated action plan reflects the limited resources available but does identify the key areas where the committee intends to focus its efforts.. If any member wants to get involved in any of the work items, or wants to suggest additonal areas of work, will they please get in touch with the StC chair John Borras (.. johnaborras@yahoo.. co.. uk.. ).. 1 attachment.. on 01 May, 2012.. Congratulations to Kenneth Dagg of the Government of Canada, Mohammed Kammachi of the Belgium Ministry of Finance, Peter Brown, and Gershon Janssen.. They have been elected to serve on the OASIS eGov Steering Committee until April 2014.. DeeSchur.. on 26 March, 2012.. Five seats on the OASIS eGov Member Section (MS) Steering Committee are up for election.. Three seats, two seats serving two year terms and one seat serving a one year term, are to be filled by current or past employees of governmental or public administration entities that are OASIS AGA members and two seats will be filled by any member of the Member Section..  ...   Int l Cloud Symposium speaker list and press release.. on 23 August, 2011.. Last updated on 23 August, 2011.. OASIS issued a press release on the upcoming International Cloud Symposium with links to the programme and confirmed list of speakers.. Registration is open and sponsorship opportunities are available.. This event is co-hosted by the OASIS eGov and IDtrust Member Sections.. OASIS Announces International Cloud Symposium.. jharnad.. on 28 June, 2011.. Last updated on 28 June, 2011.. The Intersection of Policies, Standards, Best Practices for Robust Trusted Public Sector Cloud Deployments is the theme of this first annual event, which will be held 10-14 Oct at the historic Ditton Manor outside London.. The interactive format will allow professionals from public, private and academic sectors to share experiences on cloud adoption challenges and barriers.. The newest developments in successful cloud computing implementations will also be featured.. Member Section to Host eGov Breakfast Seminar in Brussels, Belgium.. on 26 April, 2011.. Last updated on 26 April, 2011.. Host by the OASIS eGov Member Section, this breakfast seminar and networking event provides members with an opportunity to help identify.. what OASIS, as an organization together with its TCs, can do to ensure that open standards continue to play an important role and that our.. standards can be legitimately referenced and used in EU public policy and service delivery in the future.. All are welcome to attend to debate theses and other issues of common concern with representatives of the European Commission, European Parliament and other governmental agencies.. 1.. 2.. 3.. 4.. next ›.. last »..

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  • Title: Committees | OASIS eGov
    Descriptive info: Last updated on 01 November, 2010.. The eGov Member Section oversees the work of these OASIS Technical Committees:.. Transformational Government Framework (TGF).. Advancing an overall framework for using IT to improve the delivery of public services.. New Committees.. eGov is open to ideas for forming new Committees in this arena.. Contact us.. for more information..

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  • Title: Steering Committee's Current Work Plan | OASIS eGov
    Descriptive info: Steering Committee s Current Work Plan.. The latest version of the Steering Committee's current work plan is available as an attachment, see below.. This is updated regularly after each monthly SC meeting.. If members wish to make any comments on this plan or wish to contribute to any of the work please contact John Borras (.. Members can also propose additions to this work plan using the procedures set out at.. org/apps/org/workgroup/egov-ms/document.. php?document_id=35720.. Attachment.. Size.. Web site Activities List.. pdf.. 200.. 81 KB..

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  • Title: Members | OASIS eGov
    Descriptive info: Roster.. All organizations are welcome to become.. OASIS eGov Member Section Supporting Entities.. To.. join the eGov MS.. contact.. Foundational Sponsor:.. A worldwide leader in software, services and solutions,.. Microsoft.. helps people and businesses realize their full potential.. Microsoft has designed cost-effective and innovative solutions that allow government agencies to leverage existing infrastructure and applications, and accommodate future demands.. Offering a multifaceted approach to interoperability, Microsoft is committed to solving real-world challenges with  ...   Smartcard Solutions Inc.. Booz Allen Hamilton.. Connectis.. EMC Corporation.. Fujitsu Limited.. General Services Administration.. Oracle.. Quest Software.. SecureKey Technologies, Inc.. US Department of Defense (DoD).. Veterans Health Administration.. ViewDS.. Contributors:.. Adullact.. APIphany.. Belgian SPF Finances.. CS Transform Limited.. Deloitte Consulting LLP.. iFOSSF (International Free and Open Source Solutions Foundation).. Knowledge As Power.. Netherlands Tax and Customs Administration (Belastingdienst).. New Zealand State Government.. Salzburg Research Forschungsgesellschaft.. Treasury Board of Canada, Secretariat.. Yaana Technologies, LLC..

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  • Title: Governance | OASIS eGov
    Descriptive info: Last updated on 18 October, 2007.. The OASIS eGov Member Section is governed by a.. Steering Committee.. under the group's published.. Rules of Procedure.. The eGov MS Steering Committee consists of nine members, each serving a two-year term.. For consistency of management, terms are staggered so that four  ...   following year.. Steering Committee representatives are nominated and elected by the eGov MS membership in an open process.. The selection of the Steering Committee is based on individual merit and is not tied to financial contribution.. Rules of Procedure for the OASIS eGovernment Member Section.. Steering Committee ›..

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  • Title: Donation | OASIS eGov
    Descriptive info: Donation.. Organizations and individuals are encouraged to advance the work of OASIS eGov by underwriting specific activities.. , or to support general activities of the Member Section.. An OASIS member organization that donates 5,500 USD or more annually (in addition to its OASIS Foundational- or Sponsor-level dues) may have its logo linked from every page of the Member Section's web site.. description for more details or.. contact OASIS Member Services..

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  • Title: Library of all approved outputs from the eGov Member Section | OASIS eGov
    Descriptive info: Library of all approved outputs from the eGov Member Section.. This is the official library of all approved outputs from the eGov Member Section, e.. g.. , documents, presentations, specifications, etc.. 21 June 2010 -.. IPv4 to IPv6 Transition Guidance Document.. 26 May 2010 - Open Government Webinar.. recording.. 12 April 2010 -.. eGov Pitfalls Guidance Document.. FLOSS Guidance Document.. 3 December 2009 -.. FLOSS Webinar Slides.. eGov_Pitfalls_Guidance Doc_v1.. 416.. 8 KB.. FLOSS Guidance Doc v1.. 264.. 91 KB.. IPv6_Guidance Doc_v1.. 0.. 240.. 67 KB.. FLOSS Webinar.. 316.. 7 KB..

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