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  • Title: noTours – Augmented Aurality
    Descriptive info: .. Augmented Aurality for Android.. Home.. About.. Our Platform.. EDUCATIONAL.. Downloads.. Soundwalks.. EDITOR.. noTours at Artropocode 2013.. {.. Artropocode.. •.. noTours.. Soundwalk.. }.. During the last two weeks, Horacio González from noTours team has been participating as a collaborator in Artropocode 2013, sharing noTours experience with the artists in residence and the participants.. As a result of a previous noTours collaboration with Helen Torres in 2011, one of Artropocode s selected teams, “Emocorporeishon, Hacking de códigos emocionais” by Helen Torres and Lucre Masson, proposed the usage of a soundwalk to construct a non graphic emotional cartography of the event.. Helen first soundwalk, “Serendipia”, was a very complex geolocated narrative for the civil cemetery of Ceares.. Read the full story.. Open call for participation to A knocking bird an alternative exploration of Sint-Niklaas with noTours.. Exhibitions.. Locative-media.. Workshop.. Locative Audio Documentary Film.. Manchester.. Locative Audio cities@Manchester.. Geolocation.. Radiophonica Mobile Sound Walks in Cambridge.. Cambridge.. University.. Code.. Source code of the NoTours Software.. History of the development and new features.. project.. The project NoTours in the world.. Public presentations, tours, applications in specific places.. aurality.. Hearing and auditory cultures and researching about cultural aspects of the ear.. escoitar.. News and information on the group Escoitar.. org (research on cultural aspects of listening).. android.. News and information about augmented reality in Android (sound, image, touch ).. ».. Locative Audio 2013.. Locative Audio.. Locativeaudio 2013 is a collaborative project including simultaneous soundwalks, and interactive works exploring geolocative audio and media in the urban context.. It is a practice-led project which investigates human interaction with cities from a sonic perspective, connecting the urban experience with the ritual of the concert hall, art gallery or museum and back.. Audio Portrait of Southampton Interview.. southampton.. Benjamin Louis Mawson (http://benjaminmawson.. com/):.. Composer Virtual Performance Developer working at Southampton area with noTours and geolocated technologies.. Interview on Xan Philips South by Southampton , Voice103.. 9 FM  ...   took their van and drove eight hours from France, Helena Torres had time to contribute, and even more Luca surprised us attending to the workshop.. We are becoming a small family.. Pedro Soler was not physically there but was always around in the atmosphere.. Pedro is not only friend, but a contributer, mentor.. Next Page.. About noTours.. NoTours.. is a project by.. Escoitar.. org.. that allows editing a place with sounds.. This means that you can attach sounds to a territory and that later, when you go physically to that place you can listen to them.. The trick is using our noTours Android Application that detects your location (via GPS) and plays your audios exactly in the place where you decided.. proposes an augmented aurality experience.. In other words, you can add a new layer of reality to your place.. You can leave messages, tell stories, create geolocated concerts or just share your thoughts.. The team of noTours.. org is looking forward to know your ideas and your possible uses.. In fact we are artists and developers.. Take a look at some of the sound walks we have made in the world.. In noTours.. Sound Cluster.. Artesonoro.. Mediateletipos.. net.. Next noTours:.. 1st April: Athens - Goethe Institute.. 9th April: Valencia - Locative Audio.. 25th April: Vienna - ELAK.. LISTEN TO THE PROJECT.. WHAT IS NOTOURS?.. HOW DOES IT WORK?.. NOTOURS PROPOSES.. THE SOUND AS A PRODUCER OF SENSE.. noTours news.. ANGELOS Project Gameplay.. Mediateletipos News.. Sound SEM Indianápolis Streaming.. Los Mossos estudian usar cañones de sonido.. El sensacionalismo del ruido.. El electro Compositor.. Valencia.. 100% Cine la Casa Encendida Madrid.. ¿Qué sonidos prefiere un bebé?.. Sans titre (un inconnu, l eau et ce que je suis) Dakar.. Anna Raimondo.. The Influencers (7-9 noviembre, Barcelona).. Este proyecto recibió el apoyo de las.. Ayudas de Movilidad de Creadores del Ayuntamiento de Madrid.. |.. Log in.. Entries (RSS).. Comments (RSS)..

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  • Title: noTours – Augmented Aurality » About
    Descriptive info: Full Brochure of the project here:.. noTours is a project by the collective.. This means that you can attach sounds to a territory and that later, when you go physically to that place, you can listen to them.. It is as easy as going to our.. editor.. , creating your user and starting to edit a map with your sounds.. Finally you will need our Android application for enjoying the soundwalk.. We can send you a demo if you are interested.. In that case, please.. contact us.. You will need and Android phone for running our.. application.. Install it,.. edit a map.. and enjoy the walk!.. In fact, you don´t have to do anything else than loading the walk and opening the app in you phone.. The device gets your location and manage audios and effects.. For a better understanding of editing and installing the application, please go to our.. tutorial.. In this release of noTours your edited sound walks are only available for you and for the friends you want to share them.. AN EXAMPLE OF A PROJECT: NOVARS RESEARCH CENTER GEOLOCATED WALKS @ MANCHESTER.. NOTOURS PROPOSES.. Take a look at some of the.. sound walks.. we have made in the world.. CONTEXT.. [Sound as a producer of sense].. Every place, as every inhabited space, is loaded with a meaning, with a historical  ...   place and for elaborating new ways of knowledge and expression for the ear, avoiding the silence and the usual frontality of the vision, always with the intention of creating new possible sensible cartographies of the place that surrounds us.. CREDITS PROJECT TEAM.. Enrique Tomás.. (Engineer and sound artist, Madrid/Linz),.. Juan-Gil López.. (Musicologist and sound artist, Santiago de Compostela),.. Chiu Longina.. (Anthropologist and sound artist, Vigo),.. Horacio González.. (Artist and programer, Santiago de Compostela) and.. Berio Molina.. (Artist and programer, Lugo).. the Milena principle.. (collaboration in geolocated poetry) :.. Geert Vermeire.. (artist, poet, curator, Bruges/B Brasilia/BR),.. CONTACT.. If you are interested in testing our application or you need further information about the project don´t hesitate to contact us:.. noTours INTERNATIONAL.. Phone:.. +43 664 2076 329 / +34 696 5249 15.. ultranoise.. es.. [at].. gmail.. [dot].. com.. 2 Comments.. noTours -sound mapping app for android- Binckhorst.. said:.. [.. ].. http://www.. notours.. org/about.. editor.. Share this:TwitterFacebookLike this:LikeBe the first to like this post.. ].. # 2 December 2011 at 11:31 pm.. City as Museum / City as Instrument: new possibilities for sound and the city cities@manchester.. ] add a virtual and interactive layer of sound – a sonic annotation – to places and spaces.. Their NoTours application detects location (via GPS) triggering the playing of audio files as the individual [.. # 20 June 2012 at 3:10 pm..

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  • Title: noTours – Augmented Aurality » Our Platform
    Descriptive info: [noTours Android Software + Acer Liquid + Peli Case i1015].. Since its inception, we (.. ) have developed our own technological solution for noTours.. Our developments are designed taking into account the creative and artistic needs of our projects (and yours!).. We don´t depend on third party partners so we are open to your ideas and suggestions about our technology.. Feel free in.. contacting.. us!.. How does it work?.. We have built an app for you, non expert Android developer.. Find an Android Phone, install the application, edit your map and walk.. The application directly connects with the bigger amount og GPS satellites available.. While walking, the app knows where you are and triggers audios linked to particular places.. You don´t have to do anything else than walking and listening.. The map and sounds editor.. noTours has its own.. It is a web based editor so you can run it in any computer connected to Internet! You only have to open a web site! In the editor you can search your territory in then map and then add circles for specifiying active areas for your sounds.. You can attach a sound to every circle so when you are physically there you will be able to listen it! Please, take a look  ...   walks.. We offer you the possibility of having your own app with your logos, your commercial info and specifications.. This is typical for music festivals, shops, etc.. Please.. contact.. us and submit your enquiry.. We will reply you soon.. Specifications of noTours.. - Unlimited number of sound areas.. - Fade in/out effect transient mode when entering/outgoing of areas.. - Speaker effect available: volume depends on distance to the center of area.. - Integrated compass: selectable sounds depending on orientation.. - Total kiosk mode for exhibition, with integrated peli casi anti-impact and waterproof.. - More than 1500 hours exhibited since 2009 without technical issues.. noTours has been succesfully tested in the following handsets.. - Acer: Liquid (1.. 6 and 2.. 1).. - Samsung: Galaxy S (2.. 1), Galaxy Mini (2.. 2), Galaxy Y.. - Google Nexus One (2.. - HTC: Tattoo (1.. 6), Â Desire, Desire Z (2.. 1, 2.. 2).. - Huawei: U8500 (2.. [Acer Liquid + Peli Case i1015 + noTours Stick].. [Acer Liquid + Peli Case i1015 + Flycase].. One Comment.. mscape -like app for Android | DMS 555: Mobile Media Workshop.. org/audioguides.. This entry was posted in Uncategorized.. Bookmark the permalink.. EchoTotems Matthew J Sama LikeBe the first to like this post.. # 5 April 2011 at 4:04 pm..

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  • Title: noTours – Augmented Aurality » EDUCATIONAL
    Descriptive info: Tampere.. TAMK.. Gijon.. LABoral.. NOVARS.. Tallinn.. KUMU.. Ghent.. SMAK.. Maribor.. Kiblix.. Anglia Ruskin University.. Barcelona.. Hangar.. Leave your response!.. Add your comment below, or.. trackback.. from your own site.. You can also.. subscribe to these comments.. via RSS.. Be nice.. Keep it clean.. Stay on topic.. No spam.. Name (required).. Mail (will not be published) (required).. Website (optional).. You can use these tags:.. a href= title= abbr title= acronym title= b blockquote cite= cite code del datetime= em i q cite= strike strong.. This is a Gravatar-enabled weblog.. To get your own globally-recognized-avatar, please register at.. Gravatar..

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  • Title: noTours – Augmented Aurality » Downloads
    Descriptive info: noTours Demo app for Android (v.. 1.. 5.. 5).. Install it from the.. Android Market.. Install our app in your phone and design your walks with the.. Edit as much areas you like but take into account that this demo only allows you to play the first 10 sounds!.. noTours Full app for Android (v.. No limit of layers or sounds!.. noTours Simulator (alpha release).. Download it from here.. and follow the readme instructions.. App of some of our Soundwalks [see instructions below].. (no)Tour Gent [May 2011].. Project for.. S.. M.. A.. K.. Gent by.. and.. as a result of a children´s workshop and as a dialogue with Jorge Macchi´s exhibition.. CitadelPark of Gent.. Recordings and compositions  ...   org/app/smak/noTours.. apk.. When it is finished click on the notification on your Android bar and it will automatically install it.. 2.. Download the audio contents of the walk from.. org/app/smak/smak.. zip.. to your phone.. You have to unzip and copy them to your Android phone SD Card or External Memory.. For that use your favorite Android app (like.. Unzip.. ) or just donwload the contents to a computer and later copy them to your phone´s card.. All these contents (mp3 files) have to be copied to a folder named sdcard/notours/sound and if they are not exactly there the application will not work.. 3.. Start the application and enjoy the walk.. If you have any question please.. !..

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  • Title: noTours – Augmented Aurality » Soundwalks
    Descriptive info: Some stereo recordings from noTours experiences produced by Escoitar.. noTours S.. (2011).. A production by.. for.. in Ghent.. keysounds: spoken word, poetry, Jorge Macchi, opera,.. read all here.. Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip.. Download the latest version.. here.. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.. noTours AdiBera (2010).. and adiBera for the.. Festival Ertz.. 2011 in Bera (Spain).. keysounds: sharpeners, versolaris.. noTours Madrid El ángel (2010).. for the exhibition ARTe SONoro in Madrid.. keysounds: fallen angels, Rilke, birds.. noTours Cimadevilla [Gijón] (2009).. for the exhibition El Pasado en el Presente by LABoral Centro de Arte in Gijón (Spain).. keysounds: aural memory, Pepe Bajamar, unfiltered version of a place.. See.. noTours Map of Activity.. in a bigger map.. 2013.. Exhibition Le Continent Rouge by Gigacircus Marseille.. 2012.. 1st November Goethe Institute Athens.. 29th Cities of Manchester NOVARS University of Manchester.. 14th-15th June ESC Labor Graz.. 7th-9th June Metropolis Biennale Copenhagen.. 1 June Cambridge Visualise Festival.. 30th May 2nd June Listening Cities Conference in Vienna..  ...   November Artist in Residence in Laboral.. 11th June @ Mantis Festival Manchester.. Exhibition.. 3rd an 4th June.. @ Worm Rotterdam.. 21st May @ University of Seville Innovation Art Technology.. Presentation.. 18th May @ NOVARS University of Manchester.. 17th May @ Anglia Ruskin University of Cambridge.. Lecture.. 12-14th May @ Linux Week of Linz (Liwoli).. 12th May to 15th September @ KUMU Tallinn.. 3rd May @ Art Academy of Ghent.. 1st May @ SMAK.. 2nd February @ Humanities University of Tallinn.. 23rd January 3rd February @ KUMU Tallinn.. 2010.. 17th September @ Arteleku San Sebastián.. 10th to 18th September @ Festival Ertz Bera.. 4th to 7th September @ Festival BAW Tirgu Mures.. Workshop and Lecture.. 23rd April 30th June @ ARTe SONoro Madrid.. Cambridge, days 2 3 | Tangible Auditory Interfaces.. ] and the needed software for the phone is available through their website.. Here are some soundwalks they did recently, one for the Kumu in Tallin in summer 2011.. Later that day, we had a go with the software outside [.. # 1 December 2011 at 1:22 pm..

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  • Title: noTours – Augmented Aurality » EDITOR
    Descriptive info: Go to the editor!.. Pedro Montesinos.. Hola.. Estoy mirando el proyecto y me parece muy interesante como forma innovadora de acercarse a los sonidos del entorno Además creo que podría ser muy interesante utilizar esta aplicación en un proyecto de archivo de paisaje sonoro en la isla de El Hierro que tengo previsto inicicar este verano.. He mirado los tutoriales y sigo teniendo dudas que me gustaría aclarar (¿es necesario un dispositivo concreto para grabar?, ¿se puede subir material grabado con otros medios? ¿qué formato de audio utiliza?.. ¿se puede grabar/recibir desde cualquier dispositivo con Android?, entre otras).. También he visto lo del taller en Hangar (hubiese sido lo mejor, pero a estas alturas Yo estoy en Barcelona, lo mismo alguien que hizo el taller le apetece echarme una mano).. Bueno, poco más simplemente insistir en el interés de vuestra propuesta.. Gracias..  ...   reproducción geolocalizada.. Una vez con sonidos grabados por cualquier medio, se pueden crear paseos sonoros geolocalizados con nuestro editor online.. Cuando una persona ejecuta la aplicación y va al sitio determinado, escucha alli los audios que se han determinado antes.. - Puedes utilizar formato wav y mp3.. - Funciona con cualquier dispositivo Android (hay más de 950 en el mercado, pero suponemos que es compatible con todos!).. - En Barcelona puedes contactar con la gente de Hangar, para ver si quieren realizar alguna actividad parecida.. Si no, en cuanto tengamos otra por España te avisamos.. Ahora mismo te escribimos desde Tampere, donde estamos realizando otro taller.. Mucha suerte con tu proyecto de El Hierro, cualquier cosa que necesites o quieras preguntarnos, no dudes en hacerlo.. Espero que esta vez podamos responderte mucho antes!.. abrazos.. Enrique-Escoitar.. # 21 September 2012 at 2:06 pm..

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  • Title: noTours – Augmented Aurality » Blog Archive » noTours at Artropocode 2013
    Descriptive info: Headline.. During the last two weeks, Horacio González from.. team has been participating as a collaborator in.. Artropocode 2013.. , sharing.. experience with the artists in residence and the participants.. As a result of a previous.. collaboration with.. Helen Torres.. in 2011, one of Artropocode s selected teams,.. “Emocorporeishon, Hacking de códigos emocionais”.. by Helen Torres and Lucre Masson, proposed the usage of a soundwalk to construct a non graphic emotional cartography of the event.. Helen first soundwalk,.. “.. Serendipia.. ”.. , was a very complex geolocated narrative for the civil cemetery of Ceares that successfully intersected feminism and activism with a classic black novel structure, to create an incredibly deep passage through the cemetery accompanied by its wandering spirits.. See the.. Original images.. at Flickr.. In this occasion, Helen and Lucre have decided to use a more unstructured and poetic approach, instead.. Using sound recordings from the artists in residence and the participants in order to map the affective  ...   poetic and relational aspects.. On the other hand we had the unexpected pleasure of meeting.. David da Paz.. , a Brazilian artists that mixes performance and locative media using tools like.. Hipergeo.. or.. Psycogeo.. During the event we had the chance to exchange experiences and invite him to use.. for one of his projects, that consisted in a samba dress designed to wear a smart phone and an amplifier, so you can dance and perform while listening to locative pieces of rhythms and music.. David da Paz decided to try out.. with his incredibly funny smart cloth and asked another artist in residence, the dancer Nuria Sotelo, to perform with it while playing back a small musical.. soundwalk.. Even with a very simple soundwalk, the experience turned out amazingly playful and exciting.. Playing back the sound of the walk using speakers instead of headphones radically changed the experience of.. transforming its very intimate and personal nature into a collective party..

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  • Title: noTours – Augmented Aurality » Artropocode
    Descriptive info: Archive.. Articles tagged with: Artropocode.. [4 Sep 2013 |.. No Comment.. | ]..

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  • Title: noTours – Augmented Aurality » noTours
    Descriptive info: Articles tagged with: noTours.. Workshop in Tallin @ KUMU.. [16 Mar 2011 |.. Our workshops are the perfect meeting point for preparing the contents of a noTours soundwalk.. Local people bring us to the actual sonorous situation of a place while giving us the necessary clues for finding soundmarks and important sounds.. In Tallin our workshop was organized by the National Contemporany Art Museum KUMU in collaboration with the Art Academy of Tallinn.. Our students were mainly undergraduate Bachelors and some teachers of the Music Academy and the Faculty of Humanities (Anthropology).. Featured.. noTours is.. [11 Feb 2011 |.. A video explainig the noTours experience.. A beautiful way of saying this is cool!.. Video recorded during our workshop in Tallinn, Estonia, in January 2011.. noTours has produced a new augmented soundwalk in the context of the exhibition Gateways (opening in May 2011 at KUMU).. If you want to see the video.. noTours Tutorial.. [10 Feb 2011 |.. This is the official tutorial that introduces you to main tasks like installing  ...   companion, take pleasure in fancying ourselves knights of a new, or rather an old, order not Equestrians or Chevaliers, not Ritters or Riders, but Walkers, a still more ancient and honorable class, I trust.. The Chivalric and heroic spirit which once belonged to the Rider seems now to reside in, or perchance to have subsided into, the Walker not the Knight, but Walker, Errant.. He is a sort of fourth estate, outside of Church and State and People.. Henry D.. Thoreau, The Art of Walking, 1841.. noTours en Bilbao (fotos del evento).. [17 Jan 2010 |.. Documentación fotográfica de la presentación de noTours en la Facultad de Bellas Artes de Bilbao en noviembre de 2009.. Mikel Arce (responsable de la asignatura El Hecho Sonoro de la facultad) organizó la presentación como un encuentro entre Soinupama.. net y Escoitar.. Allà se presentó la primera versión de noTours.. Xabier Erkizia y Chiu Longina presentaron Escoitar y Soinumapa y Oier Iruretagoiena, Berio Molina y Horacio González presentaron los motores software de ambos proyectos..

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  • Title: noTours – Augmented Aurality » Soundwalk
    Descriptive info: Articles tagged with: Soundwalk.. [4 Apr 2013 |.. [23 Feb 2013 |.. Open call for participation to A knocking bird / an alternative exploration of Sint-Niklaas with.. May 3 to May 10, 2013 – Sint-Niklaas (Belgium).. Within the framework of the project, A knocking bird, residents and European visitors to.. Sint-Niklaas are invited to explore the city in a search for nature, together with sound artists.. of notours.. org and WIT Urban Team (www.. wit-urbanteam.. com) during a stay in Sint-.. Niklaas (Belgium).. Anybody interested can apply for free travel, accommodation and meals for one week to.. participate to this residency and for this event.. This alternative tour of the city, experimenting with.. [28 Aug 2012 |.. [2 Jul 2012 |.. One Comment.. Locative Audio a film by Angela Guyton for locativeaudio.. org from NOVARS Research Centre on Vimeo.. The Locative Audio event at NOVARS  ...   Composers wanted to take a step forward the way we interact with cities and people and learn from other agents.. [30 May 2012 |.. The Department of Music and Performing Arts’ annual Festival Week is breaking new ground this year with Radiophonica Mobile Sounds Walks as part of their calendar of events.. These Sound Walks are experienced using a mobile phone, which will be provided, and take in evocative sites around the Anglia Ruskin Campus.. These range from the River Cam, to the Mill Road area including the Cemetery.. Each work explores different approaches to drama and place, from Gothic horror, to natural disaster and street crime.. Talk with Enrique Toma s (noTours.. org) and Dr Tom Hall (Anglia Ruskin University) 12-12.. 45pm Lord Ashcroft Building 028, via East Road Reception.. Experience the sound walks by joining us at Lord Ashcroft Building 028 between 1-5pm..

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  • Archived pages: 176