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  • Title: NADIA Project ~ Homepage
    Descriptive info: .. Project Summary.. |.. Activity Workplan.. Announces.. Gallery.. Publications.. Seminars and Conferences.. Partners.. NADIA Project.. Home.. Gender Action Plan.. IMS Project.. Reserved area.. Administrative Documents.. Deliverable Milestones.. Meeting minutes.. Meeting presentations.. Mini-Master Presentation.. Technical reports.. Workplans.. Dissemination.. Newsletter.. E-learning.. Homepage.. NADIA European Project - New Automotive components Designed for and manufactured by Intelligent processing of light Alloys.. Objectives.. NADIA will exploit the potential of light multifunctional alloys for car and truck components and systems through advances in nano micro technologies.. The project has the following multi-level S T objectives:.. Final level:.. to produce light alloys cast component prototypes for the EU transport industry, as proof-of-concept of the intelligent processing strategy;.. to integrate new simultaneous nano-technology based design tools  ...   cost-effective standardised production;.. to set up testing procedures standards for designing producing reliable light alloy components.. Basic level:.. modelling of nano-scale phenomena involved in solidification processing of light alloys;.. describing, starting from a nano-scale, the effects of a wide set of alloying elements on components behaviour.. Project Plan.. NADIA includes 24 Partners, and covers, into 8 WPs, the full design production chain for automotive: materials producers equipment suppliers, engineering design companies, foundries, component car manufacturers, linked with RTD centers Universities, focussed on materials, processing, engineering, application.. NADIA provides an integrated combination of materials, processes and the new NM2 simultaneous engineering tools for the production of automotive demonstrators.. Organizational Information.. Coordinator: Ing.. Stefano Odorizzi.. EnginSoft.. (Italy) Contact:.. nadia@enginsoft.. it..

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  • Title: NADIA Project ~ Activity / Workplan
    Descriptive info: Activity / Workplan.. Attachment.. Size.. Workplan_NADIA_project_EU.. pdf.. 665.. 65 KB..

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  • Title: NADIA Project ~ Announces
    Descriptive info: Light alloys for automotive: the challenges of NADIA Project.. April 16, 2010.. The results of the NADIA Research Project (New Automotive components Designed for and manufactured by Intelligent processing of light Alloys, Contract n.. 026563-2) will be presented in this meeting.. NADIA is a project financed by the European Union with 7.. 2 million Euros, involving 26 industrial and university partners in the 2006-2010 period.. NADIA project has been aimed at exploring, for the European transport industry, the potential of light alloys to produce components and systems for cars and trucks through the use of nano- and micro-technologies.. Obviously,  ...   to invite all the industrial and academic players in the field of light alloys casting at this event, offering an overview of some scientific topics and of their practical implementation in design and production of automotive components.. --.. International Mini-Master.. Advanced casting design of automotive components.. June 22nd-26th, 2009.. DTG.. Dipartimento di Tecnica e Gestione dei Sistemi Industriali.. Università di Padova, sede di Vicenza.. Str.. S.. Nicola, 3.. Vicenza (Italy).. International Summer School on Aluminium Alloys.. 8th International Summer School on ALUMINIUM ALLOY TECHNOLOGY.. Trondheim, Norway.. August 21st - August 25th 2006.. Casting and Solidification of Aluminium- and Magnesium Alloys..

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  • Title: NADIA Project ~ Gallery
    Descriptive info: Images taken at the meetings can be downloaded.. here for first file.. and.. here for second file.. NADIA 2nd GA Meeting..

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  • Title: NADIA Project ~ Publications
    Descriptive info: List of publications.. 1.. Life Cycle Assessment in the automotive industry: comparison between aluminium and cast iron cylinder blocks - HTDC 2006, Vicenza (21-22 September 2006).. Franco Bonollo, Ilaria Carturan (DTG, Università di Padova, sede di Vicenza, Italy), Giuseppe Cupitò (Centro Ricerche Fiat, Orbassano, Italy), Roberto Molina (TeksidAluminum, Carmagnola, Italy).. 2.. NADIA: New Automotive components Designed for and manufactured by Intelligent processing of light Alloys - HTDC 2006, Vicenza (21-22 September 2006).. Stefano Odorizzi - EnginSoft SpA, Padova, Italy.. 3.. Comparative Corrosion-Wear behavior for cast iron and aluminium - EUROCORR 2006, Maastricht (23 September 2006).. A.. Igartua (Tekniker), R Bayon (Tekniker), R.. Zabala (Abamotor), P.. Zabala (Abamotor), V.. Pais (Abamotor), J.. Damborenea (Cenim), J.. -P.. Celis (KUL).. 4.. Microstructure, defects and properties in aluminium alloys castings: a review -ALUMINIUM 2000, Italy (13-17 March 2007).. G.. Timelli, F.. Bonollo (DTG, Università di Padova, sede di Vicenza, Italy).. 5.. Theoretical Foundation of Energy Balance Determination during Deformation of Polycrystalline Materials - 1.. st.. Congress of polish Mechanics, Warsaw (28-31 August 2007).. W.. Oliferuk (IPPT PAN -Institute of Fundamental Technological Research, Polish Academy of Science, Warsaw, Poland) - in Polish.. 6.. Aluminium casting in Europe - Technology, innovation and market - ALUSIL 2007, Moscow (3-5 December 2007).. Mario Conserva (Edimet S.. p.. A.. , Italy), Franco Bonollo ((DTG, Università di Padova, sede di Vicenza, Italy).. 7.. A comparative study of defects and mechanical properties in high-pressure die-casting and gravity die cast aluminium alloys - HTDC 2008, Montichiari (9-10 April 2008).. Akhtar,.. L.. Arnberg,.. Timelli,.. F.. Bonollo and.. M.. Di Sabatino.. Department of Materials Science and Engineering, NTNU, Trondheim (NORWAY).. Department of Management and Engineering DTG, Univeristy of Padova, Vicenza, (ITALY).. SINTEF Materials and Chemistry, Trondheim (NORWAY).. 8.. A Probabilistic Approach For Modelling Of Fracture In Magnesium Die-Castings - HTDC 2008, Montichiari (9-10 April 2008).. C.. Dørum.. ,.. , D.. Dispinar.. , O.. S.. Hopperstad.. and T.. Berstad.. ,.. SINTEF Materials and Chemistry, Oslo, Norway.. SINTEF Materials and Chemistry, Trondheim, Norway.. Structural Impact Laboratory (SIMLab), Centre for Research-based Innovation, Trondheim, Norway.. 9.. Microstructure vs Properties correlation in Al-Si Cast Alloys - HTDC 2008,  ...   University of Science and Technology, Trondheim, Norway.. 14.. Effect of Hydrogen Content, Melt Cleanliness and Solidification Conditions on Tensile Properties of an A 356 alloy - ICASP-2 2008 (Second International Conference on Advances in Solidification Processes), Seggau, Austria (17-20 June 2008).. Akhtar,.. D.. Dispinar,.. Arnberg,.. Di Sabatino.. Department of Materials Science and Engineering, NTNU, NO-7491 Trondheim (NORWAY).. SINTEF Materials and Chemistry, NO-7465 Trondheim (NORWAY).. 15.. Measurements of permeability of A356 aluminium alloys - ICASP-2 2008 (Second International Conference on Advances in Solidification Processes), Seggau, Austria (17-20 June 2008).. Dispinar, K.. Ellingsen, M.. Di Sabatino, A.. Mo SINTEF Materials and Chemistry, Trondheim, Norway.. 16.. Nano-Scale Solidification Phenomena - to be presented at XXII ICTAM 2008, Adelaide, Australia (25-29 August 2008).. J.. Czerwinska, E.. Deriaz T.. Kowalewski Institute of Fundamental Technological Research, Polish Academy of Science, Warsaw, Poland.. 17.. Creep and Low Cycle Fatigue Investigations of light Aluminium Alloys for Engine cylinder Heads.. , A.. Rutecka, L.. Dietrich and Z.. Kowalewski (IPPT, Warsaw), W.. Rehm (Daimler AG, Ulm) – 12th EAEC European Automotive Congress.. 18.. Thermo-Acoustics phenomena in the metal nanoparticles system generated by ultrashort laser pulse.. , Y.. Bilotsky, M.. Gasik (Helsinki University of Technology), N.. Grigorchuk, P.. Tomchuk (Institute of Physics, Ukraine);15th International Conference on Photoacoustic and Photothermal Phenomena.. 19.. Evaluation of the Heat Treatment Role for Light aluminium Alloys subjected to creep and Low Cycle Fatigue.. Kowalewski (IPPT, Warsaw) – International Conference on Processing Manufacturing of Advanced Materials.. 20.. Crashworthiness Simulation of Mg Die Casting Parts including Local Properties from Process Simulation.. , H.. Gese (MATFEM), A.. Bach, U.. Weiss (FORD), N.. Nowack (IMPERIA), P.. Bernbeck (MAGMA); 8th International Conference on Magnesium Alloys and their applications.. 21.. Integrated design and Process Simulation for crash resistant Mg die casting parts.. , E.. Hepp (MAGMA), S.. Tewes (RWTH), U.. Weiss (FORD); 8th International Conference on Magnesium Alloys and their applications.. 22.. Simulation of porosity in gravity die casting Al-Si foundry alloys,.. Akhtar, (Department of Materials Science and Engineering, Trondheim) in collaboration with MAGMA and SINTEF.. 23.. On the quality of A354 ingots and its impact on cast product.. , S..

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  • Title: NADIA Project ~ Seminars ans Conferences
    Descriptive info: Seminars ans Conferences.. KickOff_Meeting_10May2006.. MSC_SC_meeting_28-29_Nov2006.. GA Meeting_OSLO_10May2007.. MSC_SC_meeting_22-23_Nov2007.. GA MEETING_Helsinki_12June2008.. MSC_SC_meeting_27-28_Nov_2008.. GA MEETING_Bruxellles_4-5June2009.. MSC_SC_meeting_26-27_Nov2009..

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  • Title: NADIA Project ~ Partners
    Descriptive info: Participant Name.. Short Name.. Country.. Enginsoft SpA.. ES.. Italy.. Centro Ricerche Fiat.. CRF.. Daimler AG.. DC.. Germany.. Hydro Aluminium.. HYDRO.. Norway.. Raffineria Metalli Capra.. RMC.. Teksid Aluminum.. TKAL.. Italy.. TOOLCAST.. ABAMOTOR Energía.. ABAMOTOR.. Spain.. MAGMA GmbH.. MAGMA.. Foundrysoft.. FS.. Sweden.. University of Trondheim.. NTNU.. Norway.. University of Padova.. Inst.. Podstawowych Problemów Techniki.. IPPT.. Poland.. Helsinki University of Technology.. HUT.. Finland.. SINTEF.. Fundación Tekniker.. TEKNIKER.. MBN.. MATFEM.. Thermico.. THERM.. LPM.. IMPERIA.. Autokomp Ingeniería S.. CIE.. FORD.. University of Jönköping.. HJ.. University of Aachen.. RWTH.. INGUS AB.. INGUS..

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  • Title: NADIA Project ~ Gender Action Plan
    Descriptive info: NADIA PROJECT - GENDER ACTION PLAN.. The EC’s 2002 Women in Industrial Research (WIR) Report states that women constitute only an estimated 15% of industrial researchers in the EU and are severely under-represented in university education, and national or governmental laboratories.. This is especially evident in the sector of the “hard” sciences; namely mathematics, physics and engineering.. In the field of materials research, foundries, car/trucks components research and in automotive research groups, there is also an unac ceptable under-representation of women.. One of the aims of the NADIA Project will be to address this skills-shortage by attracting female researchers into industrial research.. The following special effort to recruit female researchers, and to encourage young female researchers in related fields (Gender Action Plan) will make an attempt at:.. understanding gender-related problems,.. adopting positive measures to ensure a fair gender balance in the project, and.. creating better public awareness of female researchers involved in industrial research, especially inside the SMEs environment.. The partners in the NADIA Project are in full agreement with the EC’s objectives to promote gender equality and aim to promote the recruitment of female researchers.. The NADIA project supports the European Policy of.. equal opportunities between women and men.. that is enshrined in the Treaty on EU.. Articles 2 and 3 establish equality between women and men as a specific task of the Community.. Currently, it is difficult to estimate a percentage of women involved in the NADIA project, which is however expected to be slightly higher than the European average of 15% for industrial research.. Women’s participation has been encouraged just from the beginning in the preparation of this NADIA project.. Following the recommendations of EU, a 33% of people of the working teams involved in the project should be women (being one of the partners, Tekniker, a pioneer since 70% of their technical team is formed by women).. However, the intermediate goal within this project is to reach a minimum of 25% of female researchers, at the recruitment stage,  ...   part-time work, distant-working and childcare, as well as relevant EC documents.. Offer links to other gender-related networks.. Organise posters for PR events and exhibitions advertising the active involvement of women in the NADIA Project in the public (locally and internationally, where available).. Monitor the achievements and report to the project co-ordinator and the EC on a regular basis, i.. e.. annual progress reports.. The Gender Action Plan Report, which is drawn up on a yearly basis, is a sort of collection and elaboration of the information provided by the NADIA partners with regard to gender issues, in replay to the input coming from the Gender Panel Committee.. The aim is to share data and useful information among the partners and of course to evaluate the positive or negative results achieved in terms of gender policies.. As the promotion of Gender Equality is a main objective on a European level, this section of the NADIA Project web site, which is easy accessible to a general public and not just restricted to the project members, will constitute a gender portal focused on disseminating how such issues and topics are dealt within European companies and organizations.. In order to offer such perspective, several interesting links concerning gender-related issues (such as rights, hiring policies, family life, maternity leave, part-time work, distant-working and childcare) are listed here below, as well as relevant EC documents are available for downloading.. LINKS.. http://www.. umich.. edu/~cew/PDFs/designing06.. gmc-uk.. org/publications/valuing_diversity/gender_issues.. asp.. org/publications/valuing_diversity/employment_relations.. http://edf.. org.. uk/.. employersforwork-lifebalance.. EC DOCUMENTS for downloading.. Woman in industrial research: good practices in companies across Europe.. Besides directly promoting gender equality within the project, NADIA will also indirectly encourage women to consider science and engineering as a perspective for life and career.. There fore, special attention will be given to young women in its education and dissemination programme.. By fundamentally reshaping the image of engineers and scientists, the team is confident that it will succeed in attracting and retaining female researchers for the benefit of the European Research Area..

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  • Title: NADIA Project ~ IMS Project
    Descriptive info: IMS_oct_2008_NADIA.. 649.. 32 KB.. NIDIATA Project.. NIDIATA_oct_2008_NADIA 8-10.. 49.. 83 KB.. INTERCOATINGS Project.. INTERCOATINGS_oct_2008_NADIA 11-14.. 520.. 61 KB..

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  • Title: NADIA Project ~ EnginSoft - SME - Italy
    Descriptive info: EnginSoft - SME - Italy.. Description of organization.. Founded in 1984, EnginSoft (ES) is an expert player in informatics applied to CAE, virtual prototyping, process simulation (including mechanics, fluid-dynamics, fast dynamics and crash, metallurgy, process simulation, porous media, environmental engineering, off-shore engineering and others) and the optimisation of design and production processes in general.. Research centre for numerical methods in engineering acknowledged by the Italian Ministry of University and Research.. Department: process simulation.. Contact details.. EnginSoft SpA.. Via Giambellino 7 – 35129 PADOVA – ITALY.. Tel.. +39 049 7705311.. Fax +39 049 7705333.. Role in the project.. EnginSoft SpA is the coordinator of the NADIA project.. Development of models for lifecycle, crash performance.. Models for casting and prediction of microstructure.. Simulation of casting processes, metal forming processes, heat treatments and welding processes.. EnginSoft people involved in the project.. Stefano Odorizzi.. In the company since 1984.. General Manager.. Structural engineer.. Professional experience in advanced structural analysis, process simulation.. heat treatments  ...   and so on) and on the development of dedicated computer programs.. His competence in metallurgy, manufacturing processes (in particular foundry processes) and mechanical component design is the background that led him to manage European Projects focused on industrial research in automotive field, such as Irewo, Coprofound, Metro, IDEAL and NADIA.. Coordinator Assistant, member of the Steering Committee.. He’s in charge of managing the scientific and technical matters of the project, together with the Coordinator and the other members of the SC.. He’s referent for general issues about the estimated and financed budget, the person-month distribution and the website structure and forms, as well as for information about reports writing out and delivering.. Emilia Della Corte.. Marisa Zanotti.. BA in Linguistic Sciences and Foreign Languages specialized in Marketing Management.. MA in Art and Culturel Management.. She’s involved in meeting organization, collecting of documents, requests and information gathering and distribution among the partners and between the Consortium and the EU Commission..

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  • Title: NADIA Project ~ Centro Ricerche FIAT - RTD - Italy
    Descriptive info: Centro Ricerche FIAT - RTD - Italy.. Centro Ricerche FIAT (CRF): industrial organisation has the mission of promoting, developing and transferring innovation to its clients (FIAT Group and automotive suppliers).. Core competence: land transportation: advanced vehicles and propulsion systems, innovative components with associated manufacturing processes and methodologies for product development.. R D activity focused on four strategic areas (new materials and technologies, next generations manufacturing, virtual manufacturing, materials technologies and systems for the environment).. Centro Ricerche FIAT.. Strada Torino 50 – 10043 ORBASSANO (TO) – ITALY..  ...   blocks and chassis components.. Study of physicochemical and thermochemical effects during machining (high speed).. In collaboration with TEKSID demonstration of technologies in cylinder blocks.. CRF people involved in the project.. Giuseppe Cupitò.. In Company since: 1977.. Project Manager in the Advanced Process Technologies area and has a deep background in structural analysis of engine component, integrated methodologies and material science.. He worked 14 years in Engine Division and 6 in Advanced Process Technologies.. Actually he works in the Advanced Manufacturing Materials.. Responsible for the technical work..

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