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  • Title: NACS/ANEC :: Home
    Descriptive info: .. Home.. Scholarships.. Events.. Publications.. About.. Board.. Contact.. Newsletters.. The NACS / L'Association Nordique d'Etudes Canadiennes has been active for more than twenty years.. It has become a well-established association in the academic world.. 290 members today represent all relevant academic disciplines, and NACS/ANEC is visible at some twenty Nordic universities through official representatives and members.. Read more on NACS.. We invite you to explore our website to find information about conferences, seminars, publications, links to other Canadian Studies sites, membership, scholarships and much more.. If you don't find the information you are looking for, you are very welcome to contact our.. secretariat.. Apply now!.. EU-Canada Study Tour and Internship Programme 2013 -  ...   cover all areas within Canadian Studies.. To become a member, either contact the executive board member in your country, or use the online application form found on the.. Memberships.. -page.. NACS/ANEC offers student scholarships and summer school grants, and provides information on International Council for Canadian Studies' programs.. Read more on applying.. Recent events.. The Arctic Today and Tomorrow.. Opening conference of the Centre for Innovation and Research in Culture and Learning in the Arctic (CIRCLA).. 21 August 2012, Aalborg University.. Co-sponsored by Faculty of Humanities, Aalborg University and NACS/ANEC.. Programme and registration.. (pdf).. The Latest.. NACS Triennial Conference.. was held in Aarhus in August 2011.. 2013.. NACS/ANEC.. Sign In to Edit this Site..

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  • Title: NACS/ANEC :: Scholarships
    Descriptive info: This page offers information on NACS/ANEC's own scholarships and those offered by.. Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada.. and.. International Council of Canadian Studies.. NACS/ANEC Student Scholarship.. NACS/ANEC Canadian Studies Summer School grants.. Foreign Affairs and Trade: Understanding Canada.. ICCS/CIEC Graduate Student Thesis/Dissertation Scholarship.. The NACS/ANEC Student Scholarship (Travel).. The Nordic Association for Canadian Studies (NACS/ANEC) offers.. up to four (4) student scholarships.. each year in.. Canadian Studies,.. for students studying for a master's degree at a Nordic university, for travel to Canada for research purposes.. Each scholarship is for.. 1200 euro.. , towards travel and living costs.. Three-quarters of the grant will be paid in advance of the research trip, and the remaining one-fourth following submission to NACS of a research report after the thesis has been accepted.. Recipients of scholarships will be given one year's initial membership in NACS free of charge, and will be expected to present a.. report.. on their research at a suitable NACS event within a year of completion and for publication in the NACS Bulletin.. NB: These scholarships may.. not.. be used towards the costs of studying at a Canadian university.. Applications should preferably be written in English.. No standard format is required; your application must include a brief CV, project plan, itinerary and estimate of costs, and a letter of recommendation from your supervisor or an equivalent faculty member.. As from January 2012, there are 3 deadlines each year:.. 15 January, 15 April.. , and.. 15 October.. Applications can be sent to:.. Janne Korkka.. Department of English.. University of Turku..  ...   Denmark.. History.. Eva.. Pors.. of Aarhus.. Literature.. 2003.. Anna Lilje.. Flyverbom.. of Copenhagen,.. Giedre.. Kuodyte.. Law Univ.. of Lithuania.. Lithuania.. Politics/.. l.. aw.. 2002.. Louise Kielgast, University of Copenhagen, Denmark - Sociology.. 2001.. 2000.. Leif Konrad Borsheim, University of Bergen, Norway - Political science.. Hanna Suni, Vaasa University, Finland - Linguistics.. The purpose of the NACS/ANEC Canadian Studies Summer School grants is to.. assist students and young faculty to attend summer schools in Canadian Studies.. Grants of.. 300.. each may be awarded at the Board's discretion.. Note.. : these grants are intended.. only.. for summer schools in (about) Canadian Studies; they are.. intended for other summer schools which happen to be held in Canada (language schools, for example).. No standard format is required; your application must include a brief CV and a letter of recommendation from your supervisor or an equivalent faculty member.. Enquiries for further information should be addressed to Janne Korkka as well.. Foreign Affairs and Trade's Programs.. CANCELLATION OF THE UNDERSTANDING CANADA - CANADIAN STUDIES PROGRAM.. Please note that the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada (DFAIT) has decided to abolish the Understanding Canada-Canadian Studies Program.. Therefore, there will be no further grants issued under this program.. For possible updates about funding for Canadian studies, please consult the.. International Council for Canadian Studies.. website.. Ten awards of Can$3,500 max.. to go to Canada and study for 4-5 weeks at a Canadian university.. For further information, please contact:.. 250 City Centre Avenue, Suite 303.. Ottawa, Ontario,.. Canada K1R 6K7.. (613) 789-7834.. URL:.. www.. iccs-ciec.. ca/..

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  • Title: NACS/ANEC :: Events
    Descriptive info: Information on the Tenth NACS Triennial Conference in Aarhus August 2011.. RECENT EVENTS ~ ÉVÈNEMENTS RÉCENTS.. 14-16 May 2011.. Several prominent Canadian and NACS scholars will be taking part in the prestigious MATCHPOINTS seminar on demcracy and democratization, which is being held at the University of Aarhus 14-16 May 2011:.. http://matchpoints.. au.. dk/.. 14-15 May 2009.. University of Aarhus, Denmark.. NACS is co-sponsoring a seminar on "Stories of Nationhood in Plural Societies" with Professors.. Andrew Cohen.. (Carleton University, Ottawa) and.. Jack Granatstein.. (York University, Toronto) among the invited speakers.. March 27th, 2009 - Reception.. Michael Böss was recently appointed new director of the Canadian Studies Centre and we look forward to celebrate the new prospects this brings with a small.. reception.. 20-21 March 2009.. ARENA Workshop.. Lessons from Europe's and Canada's constitutional experiences.. WP 2 - Constitutional politics.. Oslo, 20-21 March 2009.. Organised by ARENA - Centre for European Studies, University of Oslo.. in cooperation with:.. Nordic Association for Canadian Studies (NACS/ANEC).. European Network for Canadian Studies (ENCS).. Co-funded by DFAIT (Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada).. This workshop was organised within RECON's.. work package 2.. , which deals with (a) the constitutionalisation of the EU, (b) the Europeanisation of national constitutions, and (c) comparisons of constitutionalism in  ...   Chartier, Directeur du Laboratoire de l'Imaginaire du Nord à l'Université du Québec à Montréal a donné une conférence De circumpolaire au particulier: la nordicité culturelle du Québec à l'Université d'Aarhus le 17 mars 2009 et encore à la Journée de la Francophonie à Copenhague le 19 mars.. 3 March 2009.. Aarhus: "The North is hot again".. On March 3 an informal small-scale workshop was held on the changing situation in the Arctic.. Experts participants and discussants from Canada and Norway discussed issues regarding climate changes and some of the social, economic and political consequences of these transformations.. The four speakers and their themes were:.. Dr.. Heather A.. Smith (University of Northern British Columbia, Canada):.. Redefining Security in the Arctic: The Inuit Circumpolar Council and Climate Change.. Stéphane Roussel (Université du Québec à Montréal UQAM):.. Alone, in Couple, or in Group? Canada's Options for Managing Arctic Security Issues.. Geir Hønneland (the Fridthjof Nansen Institute, Oslo):.. The Barents Cooperation and the bilateral cooperative regimes between Norway and Russia within fisheries management, environmental protection, and nuclear safety.. Ekatarina Piskunova (Université de Montréal) on Russia and the North.. This workshop was supported by the Canadian Department of National Defence, the Nordic Association of Canadian Studies NACS/ANEC, and the Canadian Studies Centre, Aarhus University..

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  • Title: NACS/ANEC :: Publications
    Descriptive info: (ISSN 1101-6957).. Recent publications.. Initiated or supported by NACS/ANECS.. Canada: Social and Cultural Environments / Environnents Sociaux et Culturels.. A.. K.. Elisabeth Lauridsen et Lisbeth Verstraete-Hansen (eds.. ).. 300 pp.. Table of Contents / Table des matieres.. Introduction.. Social and Cultural Environments in Canada /Introduction.. Environnements sociaux et culturels au Canada.. Elisabeth Lauridsen and Lisbeth Verstraete-Hansen.. PART ONE.. SPACE / PREMIERE PARTIE.. ESPACE.. The "Peace of the Braves" and "Sanarrutik".. Michel Letourneau.. La geopolitique de Feau en Amerique du Nord.. Elisabeth Vallet et Charles-Philippe David.. Negotiating Identity in the Amalgamated City - Notes on a Small Town's Fight for Survival.. Louise Kielgast.. L'imaginaire boreal et la nordicite litteraire.. Au Nord, vers Ie Nord et Ie Nord.. en soi.. dans la litterature quebecoise.. Daniel Chartier.. Identite narrative et espace : Ie cas de Lise Tremblay.. Svante Lindberg.. PART TWO.. URBANISATION / DEUXIEME PARTIE.. URBANISATION.. New Continental Divides? The Transformation of Urban Canada in a Changing Global Context.. Larry S.. Bourne.. Canada's Major Cities and the Economy of the 21st Century.. Peter Karl Kresi.. The New Governmental Structure of Toronto and its Relevance for the Economic and Social Environment of the 21st Century.. Harvey Schwartz.. Does Amalgation make a City More Efficient? The Case of the Greater Toronto Area.. John Robinson.. PART THREE.. POLITICS / TROISIEME PARTIE.. POLITIQUE.. Is Quebec a North American Region State?.. Jean-Francois Lisee.. New Security Environment -New Security Concept? Canada and the Security (Concept) Dilemma.. Jens Fey.. A Changing Political Environment: The Politicization of Asian Canadians in British Columbia.. Douglas C.. Nord.. Les processus societaux dans 1'integration linguistique des enfants immigrants ou de parents immigrants.. Elisabeth S.. Lauridsen.. PART FOUR.. IDENTITY / QUATRIEME PARTIE.. IDENTITE.. British Columbia: Canada's Essentially Pacific Province.. Diddy R.. Hitchins.. Global Muslim Community as Local Identity Builder: Identity Building among People with Pakistani and North Indian Muslim Background in Vancouver.. Hanne Geirbo.. Continuite, conflit et rupture : La Famille Roy.. Jeanette Urbas.. Crises d'identite dans.. L'Eau blanche.. de Noel Audet.. Vochita-Maria Sasu.. List of Contributors/Liste des collaborateurs.. This book can be ordered from the Canadian Studies Center, Department of English, Aarhus University, DK-8000 Aarhus.. , Denmark.. canadianstudies.. dk.. or by email: canstud@hum.. Literary Environments.. Canada and the Old World.. Collection: Études Canadiennes - Canadian Studies Vol.. 5.. Year of publication: 2006.. Bruxelles, Bern, Berlin, Frankfurt am Main, New York, Oxford, Wien, 2006.. 246 pp.. , 1 ill.. ISBN 978-90-5201-296-4 / US-ISBN 978-0-8204-6659-0 pb.. This book contains contributions from the Stockholm triennial conference of the Nordic Association for Canadian Studies and presents Joy Kogawa's compelling plea for peace and a sheaf of poems by Heather Spears along with twenty essays using a variety of approaches in dealing with a wide range of Canadian writers.. The origins and circumstances of travel books and of diaries written by pioneering women are explored as are the functions of sports and science fiction.. Among the offerings are also investigations of the Canadian landscape and its metaphors in a large selection of drama, poetry and prose.. The concluding piece discusses the reception of English-Canadian literature in Sweden.. Publisher's information.. Contents:.. Britta Olinder: Introduction.. Joy Kogawa: Three Deities.. Ruta Slapkauskaite: Exploring Intertextuality.. Fairy Tale Motifs in Joy Kogawa's.. Obasan.. Richard Davis: The Travel Book's Itinerary.. The Case of Sir John Franklin.. Jane Mattisson: Finding a Place.. Female Space in the Evolving Pioneer World in Canada, 1828 to 1846.. Valerie Legge: Why Go Abroad? Agnes Laut in.. Wonderland.. Gudrun Björk Gudsteins: The Cutting-Edge Cuts Both Ways.. The Case of Freeman B.. Anderson.. Birgitta Brown: Old and New Environments.. Anglophone Representations of Acadie.. Elisabeth Mårald: Contemporary Canadian Historiographic Metafiction Meets History.. Allan Weiss: Destiny and Identity in Canadian Urban Fantasy.. Björn Sundmark: Hockey Fictions.. Albert-Reiner Glaap: Contemporary English-Canadian Plays as Mirrors of a Shifting Understanding of Identity.. Heather Spears: Six Poems from.. Poems Selected and New.. Ene-Reet Soovik: The Country of Those Animals.. Signification in Margaret Atwood's Poetic Environment.. Gurli Woods: Silenced Roots and Postcolonial Reality.. Marlene Nourbese Philip's.. She Tries Her Tongue: Her Silence Softly Breaks.. Janne Korkka: Old Environments? Western Canada Seen by Its Writers.. Malin E.. Sigvardson: Non-Extensional Movement in Rudy Wiebe's.. The Blue Mountains of China.. Heidi von Born: No Name - No Man's Land or Finding the Way to Kanada/Canada.. Gwendolyn MacEwen's Inner Landscape.. Stephen Scobie: The Magic of the Corner.. Mavis Gallant on the Streets of Paris, May '68.. Britta Olinder: Old and New Environments in Janice Kulyk Keefer's.. The Green Library.. Anna Branach-Kallas: Old Environment or New Environment? Place and Self in Jane Urquhart's.. Changing Heaven.. Margrét Gunnarsdóttir Champion: The Consolations of Tradition in Alistair MacLeod's.. No Great Mischief.. Katarina Leandoer: Canada Goes Global.. The Swedish Canon of English-Canadian Literature.. Amours et cultures.. Textes du Québec contemporain.. sous la direction de Helle Hoeyrup, Inger Jespersen et Lise Toft.. Cette anthologie présente des extraits de textes littéraires québécois publiés entre 1985 et 2005.. Les textes sont réunis autour du thème de la rencontre des cultures.. Ce thème est vu aussi bien comme la rencontre des différentes nationalités au Québec que comme la rencontre des différentes cultures dans la société moderne, comme celle, par exemple, des citadins et des paysans, des enfants et des adultes.. L'anthologie est destinée aux lycéens danois apprenant le français et les textes sont munis d'un glossaire français-danois ainsi que des questions visant une meilleure compréhension des textes.. Outre l'apprentissage du français langue étrangère, cette anthologie vise à inviter les lecteurs à réflechir sur la question de la rencontre avec l'autre en tant qu'immigrant, par exemple, et à fournir de nouveaux éléments au débat sur l'immigration et l'intégration des immigrants.. Le livre est illustré de photos du Québec de Jean-Eudes Schurr de Montréal.. Cet ouvrage réalisé sous la direction de Helle Hoeyrup, Inger Jespersen et Lise Toft a été publié au Danemark par Gyldendal (ISBN 87-02-03976-1).. On peut se le procurer auprès de l'éditeur au coût de 30$CAN: Gyldendal, Klareboderne 3, 1001 Copenhague K, Danemark,.. gyldendal@gyldendal.. Description de l'éditeur.. Canadian Environments: Essays in Culture, Politics and  ...   by Birgitta Trotzig and Michael Ondaatje.. Carl Klintborg: Theme, Intertextuality and Interpretation in Michael Ondaatje's The English Patient.. Valerie Legge: Worldly Women and the Land of Frost and Fire.. Lillian Vilborg MacPherson: Migrant Memory.. Mitham: Robert W.. Service in Sweden, 1917-1960.. Daisy Neijmann: Laura 'Lárusdóttir' Salverson: Walking in the Narrative Ways of the Father.. Mari Peepre: The Internment Experience in Japanese-Canadian Diaspora Literature.. Mark Shackleton: Echoes from the Canon: Tomson Highway's Midwinter Night's Dream and A Portrait of a Native Artist.. Ben-Z Shek: Convergence and Divergence: Religion, "Morality," and Gender in Marie Laberge and Brian Friel.. Guy Teissier: Robert Lepage, homme de théâtre québécois sur la scène du monde.. Lise Toft: The Globe and Le Devoir: Immigrants in the Canadian Press in 1919.. W.. D.. Valgardson: The Myth of Homogeneity - or Deconstructing Amma.. Christl Verduyn: Stor(y)ing Cultural Difference - Rediscovering Canada.. Birgitta Wallace and Joan Clark: Science and Story as it Relates to L'Anse aux Meadows, Newfoundland.. Allan Weiss: Beyond the Here and Now: Canadian Utopias and Dystopias.. Gundula Wilke: Resounding "O Canada": Variations on the Canadian National Anthem.. Special offer through the Vigdis Finnbogadottir Institute for Foreign Languages, Nyi Gardur, v/Sudurgata, IS-101 Reykjavik, ICELAND.. E-mail: joto@hi.. is Special price, incl.. surface mail: ISK 1500 kr.. / 17 EUR / CAD $24.. - Image, Place and Text.. 16, NACS Text Series.. Reykjavik: NACS IFLUI, 2001.. v, 175 pp.. The twenty-three essays in English and French selected for this 16th volume in the NACS Text Series are based on papers presented at the 6th triennial NACS Conference, held in Reykjavik, Iceland, in 1999.. They provide new angles on exploration and rediscovery of Canada through topos and textuality in the visual and audio-visual arts, historical writings and literature.. Gudrun Björk Gudsteins: Rediscovering Canada - Image, Place and Text: An Introduction.. Aritha van Herk: The Surfless Ocean.. Anna Branach-Kallas: Metafiction and History in Michael Ondaatje's Coming Through Slaughter and In the Skin of a Lion.. Virginie Chatard: Images de la Gaspésie et des îles de la Madeleine dans quelques romans et récits.. Myrna Delson-Karan: La Vision de Gabrielle Roy de l'enfance et de l'humanité dans Ces enfants de ma vie".. Gunilla Florby: Deconstruction in the Wilderness: Margaret Atwood's "Death by Landscape".. Albert-Reiner Glaap: Re-Discovering Canada in Plays from the Yukon.. Sherrill Grace: Representations of the Inuit: From Other to Self.. Anne Hart: Into Unknown Labrador.. Staffan Klintborg: A Text-Linguistic Approach to Michael Ondaatje's The English Patient.. Elisabeth Mårald: The Underbelly of Toronto.. Mary Mc Donald-Rissanen: Pulling Back the "Thin Veil.. " The Poetic Discourse on Nature in L.. Montgomery's Selected Journals.. Marie-Lyne Piccione: Revoir, relire et repenser le pont Jacques Cartier.. Line Reeh: National Material, Modern Methods: The Group of Seven and English-Canadian Identity.. Marie-Béatrice Samzun: Découvrir et redécouvrir les paysages du grand Nord: La Montagne secrète de Gabrielle Roy.. Voichita-Maria Sasu: Itinéraire gaspésien / Itinéraire créateur: Noël Audet.. Martina Seifert: Hardy Country Revisited: The Poetry of Tom Dawe.. Conny Steenman-Marcusse: Carol Shields's Small Ceremonies Rediscovered Jóhann G.. Thorarensen: The Last of Layers: Boy Staunton in Robertson Davies' Deptford Trilogy.. Jeannette Urbas: Recuperating History: the Lives of Three Franco-Ontarian Women.. Patricia Vervoort: The Hardness of Snow: Winter Landscapes.. Heidi von Born: The Writer: Active Protagonist, Controlling Storyteller, or Passive Observer? Three Short Stories by David Arnason.. Jerry White: Film and Video in the Canadian North: The Case for a New National Cinema.. Gurli Woods: Aritha van Herk's Rediscovery of Canada - or How to Avoid Travel and Story: Restlessness.. A Novel.. 675 kr.. / US $16; outside Europe: ISK 1.. 890 / US $18.. Regular price, airmail, within Europe: ISK 1.. 890 kr.. / US $18; outside Europe: ISK 2.. 470 / US $24.. is.. Special price, incl.. surface mail: ISK 1.. 400 kr.. / 16 EUR / CAD $22.. The Nordic Association for Canadian Studies Text Series (back copies).. 1.. Canadiana: Studies in Canadian Literature/Études en Littérature Canadienne.. Eds.. Jørn Carlsen Knud Larsen.. 2.. and the Nordic Countries.. Jørn Carlsen Bengt Streijffert.. 3.. Essays in Canadian Literature.. 4.. Multiculturalism and Canadian Culture and Communication Policies.. Joy Cohnstaedt.. 5.. The.. Canadian North: Essays in Culture and Literature.. 6.. The.. Arctic.. :.. Ed.. Per Seyersted.. 7.. Literary respons to Arctic.. Jørn Carlsen.. 8.. Essays on Arctic.. Bengt Streijffert.. 9.. Norden and Canada - A Geographer's Perspective.. William C.. Wonders.. 10.. The Counterfeit and the Real in Jack Hodgin's.. Invention of the World.. Carol Langhelle.. 11.. Transcultural Travels: Essays in Canadian Literature and Society.. Mari Peepre-Bordessa (ed.. 12.. and the Nordic Countries in Times of Reorientation: Literature Criticism.. Jørn Carlsen (ed).. Essays presented at the fifth NACS/ANEC Canadian Studies Conference held at the University of Aarhus, Denmark from 15-18 August 1996.. 13.. and the Nordic Countries in Times of Reorientation: Culture Politics.. Jørn Carlsen (ed.. 14.. and the Nordic Countries in Times of Reorientation/Le.. et les Pays Nordiques à l'Heure de la Réorientation: Junior Scholars/Jeunes Chercheurs.. Elisabeth Lauridsen (ed.. 15.. Europe.. Looks at Canada/L'Europe Observe le Canada: Essays by 15 Young Scholars/Des Essais par 15 Jeunes Chercheurs.. Pernille Rygh and Peter Streijffert (ed.. Lund, Sweden: NACS/ANEC, 1999.. 281 pp.. ISBN 91-971343-6-8.. 16.. Gudrun Björk Gudsteins (ed.. Reykjavik: NACS IFLUI, 2001.. 17.. Reykjavik: NACS VFI, 2001.. 18.. Thomsen and A.. 19.. : Culture and Politics.. Reykjavik: NACS VFI, 2002.. C.. anadian Environments: Essays in Culture, Politics and History.. 21 Forthcoming, 2006.. 22 Forthcoming, 2006.. Also published by NACS.. NAFTA seen from a Multicultural Perspective.. Trade Panel Proceedings.. from the 7th Triennial Conference of NACS.. 8-11 August 2002, Stockholm.. Published with the support of NACS.. Literatura: Canadian Studies.. Vilnius University Research Papers 45 (5).. Vilnius University Publishing House, 2003.. With an introduction and plenary lecture on Canadian Women Writers by Isobel Grundy and Nordic contributions by:.. Britta Olinder, "The Role of Travelling in the Fiction of Janice Kulyk Keefer and Aritha van Herk", pp.. 50-58 and.. Jane Mattisson, "Telling Oneself, or a Return to the Beginning: The Metaphor of Return in Aritha van Herk's.. Restlessness,.. pp 59-65.. 2011..

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  • Title: NACS/ANEC :: About
    Descriptive info: About NACS.. Board and Officers, 2001-2014.. The Nordic Association for Canadian Studies / L'Association Nordique d'Etudes Canadiennes (NACS/ANEC) has been active for more than twenty years.. NACS/ANEC was founded 1 May 1984 at the University of Aarhus and has become a well-established association in the academic world.. 320 members today represent all relevant academic disciplines, and NACS/ANEC is visible at some twenty Nordic universities through official representatives and members.. The aim of the association is to promote Canadian studies in the five Nordic Countries: Denmark (including Greenland), Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden.. Furthermore, NACS has for some years supported the establishment and development of Canadian Studies at universities in the Baltic states by various means, including the organization of two-day seminars, as well as the organising of conferences and symposia, etc.. In past years seminars have been held in collaboration with our Baltic colleagues in Tartu, in Estonia; Vilnius, Siauliai, and Kaunas, in Lithuania; and in Riga, in Latvia.. Main Activities.. Our activities as an association are concentrated in the following areas:.. organising conferences and seminars with Canadian guest lecturers and prominent Canadianists.. maintaining and expanding a Canadian Studies network at Nordic universities and universities in the Baltic states,* including a biannual Bulletin, an association website with links to other sources on Canada and Canadian studies, and an e-mail network.. encouraging students, researchers, university teachers and high school teachers to found, improve and expand Canadian Studies in their institutions, including encouraging exchange programs.. publishing a Text Series and other publications.. keeping in contact with Canadianists in the world and taking an active part in the European Network for Canadian Studies.. The Nordic Network.. The network is a main priority.. Scandinavia is a vast area.. Most of the universities are  ...   Studies courses of varying length and structure at almost all the Nordic universities.. The University of Aarhus even offers a programme and a degree in Canadian Studies.. The organisation, structure and quantity of the courses vary, due to five different national systems.. NACS/ANEC as such does not run these courses.. They naturally "belong" to the individual universities but most of the faculty members involved are NACS/ANEC members.. NACS/ANEC also assists the centres or departments, and when asked to do so, provide them with access to our network and encourage their work through our conferences, seminars and guest lecturers.. This co-operation is of mutual benefit, as NACS/ANEC both provides them with new contacts as well as responds to their requests for lecturers.. Student exchange programs and in-service training for high school teachers are increasing and have become a higher priority for universities and public authorities.. NACS/ANEC has taken this challenge seriously.. As a consequence, a large number of Scandinavian students are doing part of their studies at Canadian universities, either for a full term or academic year or for a short period.. Some of the most active Nordic universities may have up to a hundred students at Canadian universities.. Their studies are generally within Canadian Studies in a broad sense.. Scandinavian universities have bilateral exchange agreements with more than twenty-five Canadian universities.. They may be between or among universities, or under an EU program.. Canadian Studies professors and NACS/ANEC have been instrumental in most of these agreements.. These exchange programs have substantially increased enrolment at Canadian Studies courses in Scandinavia, since the students want to continue the study of Canada when they return "home" and will eventually bring forward new generations of Canadianists at universities, high schools, industry or public administration..

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  • Title: NACS/ANEC :: Board
    Descriptive info: Board and Officers, 2011-2014.. (elected in Århus, August 2011).. President and Chair of NACS Denmark:.. Peter Bakker, Department of Linguistics, University of Aarhus, Denmark.. Vice President and Chair of NACS Norway:.. John Erik Fossum, ARENA Centre for European Studies, University of Oslo, Norway.. Secretary and Chair of NACS Finland:.. Janne Korkka, Department of English, University of Turku, Finland.. Chair of NACS Iceland:.. Ulfar Bragason, Arni Magnusson Institute for Icelandic Studies, Reykjavik.. Chair of NACS Sweden:.. Irina Schmitt, Centre for Gender Studies, Lund University.. Treasurer:.. Thomsen, Department of History, International and Social Studies, University of Aalborg, Denmark.. Secretariat..

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  • Title: NACS/ANEC :: Contact
    Descriptive info: Contact NACS/ANEC..

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  • Title: NACS/ANEC :: Newsletters
    Descriptive info: NACS Newsletters.. Newsletter July 2011.. Newsletter May 2011.. Newsletter May 2010..

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  • Title: NACS/ANEC :: Membership
    Descriptive info: NACS has more than 300 members who are mainly teachers, researchers and students, and together they cover all areas within Canadian Studies.. Membership of.. NACS.. automatically includes membership of the.. International Council for Canadian Studies (ICCS).. , which is the umbrella organization for Canadian Studies throughout the world.. All members receive the ICCS  ...   of the many ICCS programmes.. The membership fee is currently 100 DKK, NOK, SEK, 20 (Finland) or 1000 ISK a year.. To become a member, either contact the.. executive board member.. in your country, or use the online application form.. Name.. Title.. Address line 1.. Address line 2.. Postal Code.. City.. Country.. Phone.. Email..

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  • Title: NACS Triennial conference
    Descriptive info: NACS X TRIENNIAL CONFERENCE AARHUS 2011.. The Northern Atlantic Connection:.. Canada and the Nordic Countries.. Registration info.. An interdisciplinary conference of the humanities and social sciences.. Wednesday 10 Saturday 13 August 2011.. Programme updated 4.. 8.. 2011.. Download programme as.. doc.. Download programme as pdf.. Keynote Speakers and Presenters [listed in alphabetical order].. Michael Byers.. Canada Research Chair in global politics international law.. University of British Columbia.. G Zoë Garnett.. writer, critic;.. Writers Union of Canada, Toronto.. Kristin R Good.. Dept of Political Science,.. Dalhousie University, Halifax NS.. Catherine Iorns Magellanes.. Faculty of Law, Victoria University of Wellington,.. Aoteaora New Zealand.. Ian Morisette.. Director for Political and Public Affairs.. Délégation Générale du Québec, London.. Lars Møller.. Ambassador, Chair of the Senior Arctic Officials,.. Arctic Council, 2009 2011,.. Danish Foreign Ministry.. Stéphane Roussel.. Département de science politique,.. Université du Québec à Montréal.. The individual presentations will be organized by topic and theme into parallel workshops of usually three presentations per session (20 minutes for presentation plus 10 minutes for discussion).. Location.. Wednesday, Thursday, Friday: Aarhus University Campus.. Building 1441: Auditorium 1, Auditorium 2, Room 010 (presentations).. Building 1451: Room 219 (receptions), room 225 (NACS General Meeting).. Building 1423: lunches Thursday, Friday.. Saturday:.. Den Gamle By.. Hobrohuset.. Møllehuset.. Wednesday 10 August:.. All sessions on campus, University of Aarhus.. 12:00.. 1441 Foyer:.. Registration desk opens.. Ia.. 15:00.. 1441, Auditorium 1.. : OPENING OF THE CONFERENCE.. Rector s Representative.. ,University ofAarhus.. Peter Lundy.. ,Canada s Ambassador toDenmark.. Peter Bakker.. , President, NACS.. Ib.. 1441, Auditorium 1:.. Plenary keynote address:.. G.. Zoë Garnett.. writer, critic; Writers Union of Canada,Toronto.. 17:00-18:00.. 1441, Foyer.. : Coffee; Literary book exhibition.. 18:00 19:30.. 1451-219.. RECEPTION hosted by the CANADIAN EMBASSY,COPENHAGEN.. 20:00.. 1451-225.. NACS TRIENNIAL GENERAL MEETING:.. President s Report, 2008-2011.. Treasurer s Report, 2008-2011.. Elections: NACS Central Executive Board and National Chapter Boards.. Thursday 11 August:.. 08:30-18:00.. : registration desk open.. 09:00-10:00.. : Plenary keynote address:.. 10:00-10:30.. : Coffee.. 10:30-12:00.. Presentation sessions.. 1441, Aud.. 1.. Urban environments: Cultural diversity and governance.. 2.. Colonialism and the politics of memory.. 1441, 010.. Canadian foreign policy and the USA.. 10:30-11:00.. Harvey Schwartz:.. The Economic Affects of Large Cities on the Canadian Economy.. Hans Hauge:.. The return of anti-imperialism and the end of post-colonialism: Aquin and Beauchemin.. Joseph T.. Jockel and David G.. Haglund:.. What s love got to do with it? Obama and Canada-U.. S.. relations.. 11:00-11:30.. Gurli Woods:.. Cultural Diversity in Canada s Urban Environments as Depicted in Novels by Goto, Lai, Nourbese Philip, van Herk, and Brand.. Keith Hyde:.. The Heart of the Monster: Cultural Weetigos in Tomson Highway s Kiss of the Fur Queen.. John Belec and Patrick Buckley:.. One Public or Two: Environmental Resource Management along the US-Canada Border.. 11:30-12:00.. Sarah Feingold:.. Language Education Policy and Cultural Diversity in Urban Environments.. Ruta Šlapkauskaite:.. Along Narrative Traplines: A Poetics of Confusion and Politics of Memory in Eden Robinson s Monkey Beach.. Charles-Philippe David and Élisabeth Vallet:.. Has  ...   War.. Michael Böss:.. Canada Pride and Patriotism: Debating Canadianness at the Vancouver Olympics.. 17:00-17:30.. L.. Pauline Rankin:.. Canadian Studies in a Cold Climate: Securing the Future of Canadian Studies Programs at Home and Abroad.. Voichita-Maria Sasu:.. Histoire et mémoire: Le Livre d Emma de Marie-Célie Agnant.. Julie Perrone:.. Playing Hockey and Building Communities: A Case Study of the Montreal Forum.. 17:30-18:30.. Plenary keynote address.. (video conference):.. Canada Research Chair in Global Politics.. International Law.. 18:30-20:00.. RECEPTION hosted by CANADIAN STUDIES CENTRE,University of Aarhus(incl.. book launch).. Friday 12 August:.. Registration desk open.. VII.. : Plenary keynote address:.. Faculty of Law,.. Victoria University of Wellington.. , Coffee.. VIII.. 2.. Canadian spaces and narratives.. s Arctic identity.. panel debate and workshop.. Panelists:.. Claire Campbell, Anna Fahraeus, Eva Pors, Robert C.. Thomsen.. Britta Olinder:.. New Perceptions, New Writing: Janice Kulyk Keefer s.. Midnight Stroll.. Krisztina Kodó:.. Creation of Identities through Northern Visions in Canadian Art.. Katja Sarkowsky:.. Places of Citizenship in Canadian Literature.. John Kennair:.. Snow Bound: Developing a Common Identity throughCanada s Arctic Policies.. Janne Korkka:.. The full page of our knowing : Robert Kroetsch and Canadian spaces.. 12:15-14:15.. Lunch at.. 1423, Stakladen.. IX.. 14:30-17:45.. Migration and settlement.. Trans-Arctic relations.. Canadian collective social identities.. J.. Laliberte:.. All My Neighbours are Ghosts:.. How the Gold in Them There Hills Left the Specters in This Here Valley.. Joël Plouffe:.. L effet canadien en Arctique : impulsion politique ou calcul stratégique ?.. Stefanie Rudig:.. The Two Solitudes in Twenty-First-Century Montreal: Communicating Across the Linguistic Divide.. Freyja Egilsdóttir:.. Taking the linguistic heritage with you: Canadians of Icelandic descent.. Nord:.. The Arctic in Recent Canadian and American Foreign Policies.. America M.. Lizarraga Gonzalez:.. Québec Film Industry: Culture and Identity.. Ulfar Bragason:.. Benedikt Gröndal s criticism of the Icelandic Emigration to North-America.. Lena Sidorova:.. Features of the Russian ethnic corporate culture in the Russian - Canadian cooperation.. Nobuaki Suyama:.. The rise and pseudo-culmination of Quebec s independence movement.. Aspects of a northern urban community: Thompson, Manitoba.. Federalism and democracy in Canada and the EU.. Greg Stott:.. Transplanting the Suburban Dream: The Emergence of the Planned Northern Resource-Extraction Town of Thompson, 1956-70.. John E.. Fossum David Laycock:.. Representation and democratic legitimacy: comparing the European Union andCanada.. Maureen Simpkins:.. Staying in the North? Evolving Attitudes Towards Gender Identity Issues and Same Sex Relationships.. Michael Behiels Robert Talbot:.. PM Harper s Conception of Federalism: Theory and Practice,.. 1987-2011.. 17:30-18:00.. Chad D.. Thompson:.. Incorporating the North : the city in Canada s Arctic fantasy.. X.. 18:00-19:00.. Ian Morissette.. Délégation Générale du Québec.. 19:00-20:30.. RECEPTION hosted by DÉLÉGATION GÉNÉRALE DU QUÉBEC.. Saturday 13 August:.. All sessions at Den Gamle By (The Old Town) Outdoor Museum and Park.. XI.. 10:00-11:00.. Hobrohuset : Plenary keynote address:.. Dalhousie University ,Halifax NS.. 11:00-12:30.. GUIDED TOURS OF.. DEN GAMLE BY.. HISTORICAL PARK.. 12:30-16:30.. LUNCH in Møllestuen (free for all participants).. FREE TIME (museums, shopping, etc.. Coffee, Møllestuen.. CLOSING OF THE CONFERENCE ( Hobrohuset ).. 18:00-.. CONFERENCE BANQUET Hobrohuset..

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