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  • Title: Nacel Open Door - Dedicated to promoting international understanding and language education.
    Descriptive info: .. Exchange Programs.. Nacel International School System.. About Nacel.. Login.. Contact Us.. Search.. Host Family.. "I never knew sharing our simple.. everyday life could be so much fun.. ".. Our Students.. "I'm living my dream, making new friends.. and attending school in the U.. S.. All while.. improving my English.. Representatives.. "Finding families, supporting students,.. making the world a smaller place.. Americans Abroad.. "Improving my language skills.. and finding that another place on earth.. can also feel like 'home…'".. 1.. 2.. 3.. 4.. Our Programs.. Academic Year Program.. For students who are looking for a broader experience of life in America.. Details.. Private School Program.. For students seeking an academically-orientated experience at a U.. private school.. Short Term Program.. For students looking to experience life  ...   (NOD) is dedicated to promoting international understanding and language education.. NOD believes it is essential for young people to develop a deeper awareness of their role as citizens of the world through direct experience in other cultures and languages.. Homestays are the foundation of most NOD programs.. The friendships that result from living as a member of a Host Family encourage continued communication and understanding of other peoples.. NOD is committed to providing accessible and affordable programs.. Home.. Sitemap.. Privacy.. Employment.. Document Center.. Social Media.. © 2013 Nacel Open Door.. All rights reserved.. Nacel Open Door.. 380 Jackson St.. ,.. Suite 200.. St Paul.. MN.. 55101.. Toll Free:.. 800-NACELLE (800-622-3553).. Local:.. pref.. (651) 686-0080.. Fax:.. fax.. 651-686-9601.. Email:.. info@nacelopendoor.. org.. Web Design.. by.. Plaudit Design..

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  • Title: Exchange Programs
    Descriptive info: Academic Year Program.. Private School Program.. Short Term Program.. Americans Abroad.. CultureNotes.. Get Involved.. FAQ.. Nacel Open Door Exchange Programs.. Home-stays are the foundation of most NOD programs.. NOD is committed to providing accessible and affordable programs which include the Academic Year Program, Private School Program, Short Term Programs and Americans Abroad program.. (NOD) offers programs in the U.. and abroad.. Home-stays are the foundation of most NOD programs because NOD believes it is essential for young people to develop a deeper awareness of their role as citizens of the world through direct experience in other cultures and languages.. A well as a well-structured support network help NOD programs standout from other programs in the industry.. NOD programs include:.. Academic Year Program (AYP).. AYP accepts international students ages 15 to 18 for  ...   allows American private schools to welcome qualified international students on their campuses.. While on a F-1 visa, these students typically come to the U.. for more than one year with the goal of graduating and attending an American college or university.. Short Term Program (STP).. With the STP, students are welcomed by an American family for anywhere from two weeks to eight weeks.. Host families provide room and board and memories to last a lifetime.. Americans Abroad (AAP).. American Students looking to travel abroad can take advantage of NOD’s partnership with Nacel France for all travel abroad programs.. This partnership offers expanded destinations and program options.. Read about becoming a.. Host or Local Representative.. CultureNotes.. :.. Thailand is known as the “Land of Smiles” for its friendly, peaceful, soft-spoken people.. Explore Cultures..

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  • Title: Nacel International School System
    Descriptive info: About.. Service.. Personnel.. Branch Schools.. Employment Opportunities.. Partners Relationships.. Nacel International School System.. Nacel International School System (NISS) manages overseas educational projects as a “franchise-styled” enterprise.. We offer an American school and American-styled program, including curriculum and international programs, that allow students to access study in a variety of countries and cultures, all within the same K-12 educational system.. NISS aims to convey its high quality American-internationalized education to other countries, preparing students of all ages for success in an ever-increasing global community..  ...   More.. Services.. NISS provides sponsors with a turn-key operation including: staffing, curriculum, syllabi, path to accreditation, assistance in recruitment, materials, operations, technology, and quality control.. Our Administrative Team.. Logistics and program integration are managed by a team of experienced administrators.. Our Branch Schools.. Nacel International School System oversees and manages a variety of school and program sites throughout the world.. Employment Opportunities.. Information concerning international employment opportunities.. Partnerships Relationships.. NISS cultivates relationships and partnerships with key players in the educational and international fields..

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  • Title: About Nacel
    Descriptive info: Contact Us.. History Facts.. Nacel Staff.. Donation.. About Nacel.. , a nonprofit organization dedicated to international understanding and language education.. Nacel International is a worldwide federation of organizations, companies, and representatives working together to deliver a culturally-immersive education around the globe.. Nacel International is governed by a group of founding partners who work together to ensure standardized quality of programs and provide mutual support worldwide.. (NOD) is one of these founding partner organizations which, since 1957, has promoted programs and opportunities aimed at students who want to broaden their perspective of the world and gain practical experience living, working, and learning in another culture.. NOD has different programs to meet the varying desires of international students who are interested in exploring the world.. For students who want a full year of study in another culture, NOD  ...   a curriculum that fits the needs of pre-school through high school aged students and increasing NOD's presence in Asia.. NOD launched its own high school initiative with schools in the U.. , Korea, Poland, China, the Philippines, France, Vietnam, and Turkey.. Language acquisition, experiential learning, global exploration, formal college preparatory education, and advanced online learning have become the hallmarks of Nacel.. Structure.. The NOD National Office is located in St.. Paul, MN.. Roughly 25 Coordinators and Regional Program Directors, assisted by more than 200 Local Representatives, organize the programs on the state and local levels.. NOD also employs both full-time and part-time employees to administer programs worldwide.. Affiliations.. NOD is listed by the Council on Standards for International Educational Travel and is designated by the U.. Department of State as a J-1 Exchange Visitor Program Sponsor..

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  • Title: Contact Us
    Descriptive info: Required fields are.. Marked *.. Name.. *.. Email.. Phone.. Address (optional).. Country (optional).. Program Interested In (optional).. Please Select.. American Abroad Program.. Becoming a Host.. Becoming a Local Rep.. Comments.. Have questions or comments? Contact us today!.. Want to speak to a live person? Call the Nacel Open Door National Office.. Monday – Friday.. Minneapolis Web Design..

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  • Title: Search
    Descriptive info: Begin your search by using the form below..

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  • Title: Academic Year Program
    Descriptive info: , during which they live with Host Families and attend school.. Program Overview.. For students who are looking for a broader experience of life in America, Nacel Open Door, Inc.. (NOD) offers the Academic Year Program, either 5 months (academic semester) or 10 months (academic year) in duration.. Students live in a host family and attend an American high school.. Participating in a long-term academic program means total immersion in American life, and as such, it is an ideal way to achieve proficiency in the English language as well as gain a complete cross-cultural experience involving American home life and school.. Students stay in communities across the United States with host families who are carefully chosen and screened by NOD representatives.. These families are volunteers and agree to welcome the students into their lives as a member of their family.. They provide room and board as well as the care and support necessary for students as they learn and adjust to life in the U.. Students have the opportunity to take part in family activities and are encouraged to make the most of the opportunity to learn about everyday life in America from their host family.. Students attend high school in their host family’s community.. These schools can be public, charter, or private, but are most  ...   people, as well as the NOD National Office staff, are dedicated to assisting students in having an enjoyable and memorable experience in the U.. Eligibility.. In order to participate in an academic semester or year program, students must be at least 15 years of age and not more than 18.. 5 years of age by the time they come to the U.. Students must have at least 3-5 years of English study, based on their age; meet minimum English proficiency score requirements; and demonstrate both oral and written proficiency in the English language, supported by the recommendation of an English language instructor.. To be able to meet the rigor of course work taught in English at an American high school, students must have an above-average academic record in their native country (a “C” average or above across all coursework in their transcripts for the last three years).. Students must demonstrate the strength of character and flexibility necessary to adapt to studying and living abroad, and they must have an open mind as well as a desire to learn new things and meet new people.. Mexican culture is family-centered, traditional, and hierarchical.. People are taught to respect authority.. Useful Documents.. AYP Fact Sheet.. AYP Travel Documents.. CSIET Certificate of Acceptance.. Social Media Links.. Twitter.. Facebook.. AYP Blog..

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  • Title: Private School Program
    Descriptive info: PSP allows American private schools to welcome qualified international students to their campuses.. While on an F-1 visa, these students typically come to the U.. private school, Nacel Open Door, Inc.. (NOD) offers the Private School Program (PSP).. Since 2000, PSP has been committed to promoting cultural understanding, foreign language acquisition, and educational opportunities.. On a F-1 visa, PSP students have the opportunity to earn a U.. high school diploma.. More than 125 quality private schools choose to work with PSP because of the high quality student applicants and unparalleled support for students, Host Families, and Foreign Partners.. Students.. In collaboration with PSP’s foreign partners, potential students are carefully screened to ensure that the program is a good match for the schools as well as the individual students.. Some characteristics PSP students are screened for include:.. Flexibility, open-mindedness, and maturity.. Ambition to succeed academically.. Ability to integrate into a school community and host family.. Competent command of written and spoken English.. Students are encouraged to participate in activities beyond the classroom to further enrich their education.. Whether it is musically, artistically, athletically or in other extra-curricular activities, students are encouraged to participate.. Host Families.. While participating in the PSP, students live with host families.. The specific dates of stay correspond with the school calendar.. Host families open their homes  ...   students at all times and will work to help ease the integration process.. NOD operates a 24-hour emergency helpline that is available to students, host families and schools.. A travel coordinator is also on call to provide travel assistance for arrival and return flights.. PSP additionally provides national advisors trained in supporting the unique needs of international exchange students.. NOD strives to make every exchange experience a positive one.. School Partners.. Participating schools provide some of the best educational opportunities in the U.. These select schools are chosen to be PSP partners for their academic strength and their commitment to the overall education of their students.. PSP regional program directors meet with school administrators and personally tour the campus and facilities to ensure that each school meets PSP’s rigorous standards of quality.. Partner school highlights.. 90% to 100% of students at PSP partner schools attend university.. Offer Advanced Placement classes and opportunities for college credit.. Score higher than the national average on SAT/ACT.. Have a strong community and encourage students to become part of it.. Offer a wide variety of extracurricular activities, from arts and music to sports and science clubs.. Values mentioned in some of the oldest Mongolian literature include love for one’s parents, hospitality, and a general longing for home.. PSP Fact Sheet.. PSP Travel Documents.. PSP Blog..

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  • Title: Short Term Program
    Descriptive info: Host Families provide room and board and memories to last a lifetime.. Short Term Programs offer students opportunities to experience life in the United States by living with a family and experiencing the culture first-hand.. Students also have opportunities to integrate into the host community, enhancing their cultural experience by engaging in activities that are both enriching and interesting to their particular age group.. Nacel Open Door’s Short Term students have a variety of program options, lengths, and seasons, from which to choose.. Lengths vary from two to eight weeks, and students have the freedom to select a program that best suits their interests and time frame.. Most short term programs offer the traditional homestay, where students become a family member and improve their English language skills.. Students simultaneously bring a cultural experience to the host family, thereby promoting international understanding.. Our home-schooling and tutorial programs offer students individual and small group settings where language learning is a component.. Additionally, the  ...   utilize the language in less traditional ways, i.. e.. debate, panel discussion, interviewing, and role playing.. The ESL program also incorporates language learning into the daily afternoon activities and weekly full day excursions.. Additionally, language learning programs can be developed to meet the specifications of the sending organization with sport or thematic options as requested.. NOD has recently added Short Term dormitory programs, during which students and their chaperones have the opportunity to reside on a local university campus, experience language learning through morning academic classes, and enjoy afternoon and evening activities in and around the area.. Sports, camping, or even a traditional homestay component can also be added to the dormitory program if students wish.. Nacel Open Door is happy to welcome short term students from Europe, Latin and South America, Asia, and the rest of the world.. As a historically important trade route point between Europe and Asia, Serbian culture has a wide range of influences.. STP Fact Sheet..

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  • Title: Americans Abroad
    Descriptive info: Americans Abroad Programs (AAPs).. AAPs offer American Students looking to travel abroad the opportunity to take advantage of NOD’s partnership with Nacel France for all travel abroad programs.. American high school seniors also have the opportunity to apply for a scholarship to study in Germany through the CBYX program.. Nacel Open Door (NOD) opens the doors to the world and invites students to discover the international adventures waiting for them.. Our programs are designed for students to experience the world, and its languages and cultures, by becoming part of them.. NOD provides opportunities across the globe in a variety of different formats, and we look forward to helping each student have the experience of a lifetime.. Our most traditional format, and the backbone of most of our programs, is the pure homestay where students learn the culture and language of a country by staying with a host family and participating in their everyday lives.. Students can also select more structured language learning opportunities by participating in home schooling or tutorial programs with excursions.. Virtually every destination offers touring opportunities as well.. NOD also offers work experience and internship programs for young adults – perhaps the career opportunity of a lifetime for many participants.. Students can participate on NOD programs as an individual or part of a group, in the summer or for a semester or an academic year.. Locations.. Nacel Open Door is proud to partner with.. Nacel International.. in coordinating travel for Americans abroad.. Nacel International has a large number of programs, to a wide array of destinations.. Europe is a long standing and popular location for our students.. Nacel’s French, German and Spanish programs are available in the summer through pure home-stay, home schooling, tutorial, small group, or touring options.. We also offer opportunities for students to study for an academic year or semester in  ...   very proud and excited to be able to offer homestay, language learning, and academic year programs in both Japan and China.. We offer programs for the language beginner and for those students who have already studied the target language.. Our programs offer students the chance to experience first-hand these wondrous and fascinating lands, full of surprises and discoveries.. And as an Ancient Chinese proverb says, “Traveling 10,000 miles is the same as reading 1,000 books.. ”.. Congress-Bundestag Youth Exchange to Germany (CBYX).. Conceived by members of the United States Congress and the German Bundestag, (the national parliament of Germany, and equivalent to the U.. Congress,) this full scholarship program is designed to provide an opportunity for the exchange students, to expand their perspectives and awareness of each other’s culture, society, history and politics.. At the same time, it enables German and American families to extend their friendships across international borders and to relate to one another as members of the same world community.. The friendships developed through this special program will deepen each participant’s understanding of the commonalities and differences in German and American social, economic and political institutions.. The Congress Bundestag Youth Exchange (CBYX) program provides a unique intercultural educational opportunity for American and German youth.. Each year a total of 25 one-year full scholarships are available to graduating high school seniors to become exchange students to Germany, where they will live with host families for a year and attend German schools.. Similarly, German students live for a year with American families in the United States.. This program is supported, as well as funded, by the United States Congress and the German Bundestag.. The Polish people are a very culturally homogenous group.. Of those living in Poland, 96.. 7 percent are ethnically Polish.. CBYX Instructions.. CBYX Application: Part 1.. CBYX Application: Part 2.. CBYX Application: Part 3..

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  • Title: Saint Paul Prep
    Descriptive info: Saint Paul Prep.. Beijing.. Paris.. Antalya Turkey.. St.. Paul Preparatory School.. Paul Preparatory School (SPP) is a private high school located in St.. Paul, Minnesota.. It was established in 2003 as the first school in the Nacel International School System.. SPP delivers a unique educational experience to students from the Twin Cities and around the world.. More than 70 countries have been represented at SPP.. Small class sizes allow for challenging, individualized learning within a diverse educational environment.. SPP is an AdvancED accredited, college preparatory school enrolling students in grades 9 through 12.. Mission.. Paul Preparatory School prepares our international student body for success in a global society by offering a college preparatory education, comprehensive English language instruction, and cultural exchange opportunities.. Location – The Twin Cities.. The Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St.. Paul are located on opposite banks of the Mississippi River.. Together, the metropolitan area is home to approximately 2.. 8 million people.. The Twin Cities are known as the cultural center of the upper Midwest and are home to countless artistic, recreational, and educational opportunities.. Residents enjoy the conveniences of urban city life in a beautiful, natural setting.. Lakes, parks, and riverside trails are abundant throughout the metropolitan area.. Facilities.. SPP has two campus  ...   science, arts, and physical education.. In each of our classes, we aim to maintain a culturally relativistic viewpoint and encourage students to share their personal experiences to increase the awareness and understanding of their peers.. For students in need of intensive language training, SPP offers multiple levels of ESL (English as a second language) courses to help students transition into our college preparatory classes.. Our ESL program concentrates not only on the mechanics of English, but on the application of English in the content areas.. SPP graduation requirements correspond with the AdvancED guidelines for college preparatory schools and meet or exceed the Minnesota state graduation standards.. Advanced Placement Courses.. To provide students with additional academic challenge, SPP offers several Advanced Placement (AP) courses.. These courses allow students to explore subject matter at an accelerated level and prepare them to take the standardized AP examinations in May.. Colleges and universities around the world award credit for qualifying AP exam scores.. AP courses may include:.. AP Art.. AP Biology.. AP Chemistry.. AP Comparative Government Politics.. AP Computer Science.. AP English Literature Composition.. AP Environmental Science.. AP Calculus AB BC.. AP Technology.. AP Statistics.. AP World History.. AP US History.. Visit the St.. Paul Preparatory School Website.. Paul, MN, USA.. SPP Blog..

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