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  • Title: Neighbor To Neighbor Mediation
    Descriptive info: .. Click on "Training and Events" Tab to learn about Basic Training event.. Click this button to see current news.. Dana Eckfield has been hired to replace Alicia Yoder as Administrative Assistant.. Earlier this year Alicia graduated from Portland State University with her Bachelors degree in Business.. She has been seeking an entry level Human Resources position in the Portland Metro area since then and has had several interviews.. On June 11,2013, Alicia accepted a position with a recruiting firm in Portland and will be leaving us effective June 26, 2013.. In anticipation of Alicia securing a job soon, I began advertising for her replacement and in mid-May hired Dana Eckfield to replace Alicia.. Dana's training with Alicia began immediately but has been ramped up to get as much training from Alicia as possible.. Feel free to check out Dana's bio and picture on our "People" tab, and feel free to call me with any questions about this transition.. Home.. About Us.. How Mediation Works.. History.. People.. Training And Events.. Links.. Neighbor-to-Neighbor, Inc.. Address :.. 945 Columbia St.. NE, Salem, Oregon, 97301.. (click on the address to see a map).. Marion County email:.. n2nmediation@gmail.. com.. Benton Linn email:.. N2NBentonLinn@gmail.. Phone Numbers.. 503.. 585.. 0651 - Marion County.. 541.. 223.. 4189 Benton Linn Counties.. A Community Mediation Center.. Serving Benton, Linn, Marion Counties.. will not discriminate against any individual, on the basis of race, color, national origin, disability, sex, sexual orientation, religious preference, age, or marital status, in its programs, services, activities, or employment practices.. About N2N.. Mission.. Neighbor-to-Neighbor is dedicated to providing peaceful solutions to conflict through mediation, facilitation, education and training.. Our aim is to provide families, neighborhoods, and crime victims the means to achieve peace and reconciliation.. Vision.. We are committed to enhancing our local community by supporting individuals and groups to peacefully resolve conflicts, achieve reconciliation, and learn appropriate dispute resolution behavior.. Values.. In the conduct of Neighbor-to-Neighbor's operations, we value:.. Conflict as an opportunity for learning and growth.. Appropriate dispute resolution approaches to conflict.. The right and innate ability of each person to find peaceful solutions to conflict.. The primacy of volunteers as mediators.. Professional development of staff, volunteers, and board.. Meaningful compensation for and recognition of staff.. Collaborative relationships with other community groups and organizations.. Open and respectful communications among staff, board, volunteers, community members, and mediation participants.. Sensitivity to and appreciation of community and cultural differences.. Mediation is a voluntary, confidential process where people with disputes come together, sit down with a mediator or mediators, and talk about ways to solve their dispute.. When someone has a conflict, he or she calls the N2N office and asks for help.. We take down a bit of information about the dispute, including as much contact information about the other party as is known.. The case is then assigned to a case developer who calls or visits both parties to talk about what mediation can do for them.. The case developer invites the parties to schedule a mediation session.. If both parties are willing to meet, the case developer sets up a time and place (usually at the N2N offices, but mediations can be held elsewhere).. The N2N office sends notices or calls everyone concerned to inform them of the time and place of the session.. The parties meet.. The discussions are facilitated by the mediators.. Most of the time, agreements are reached.. However, even if the parties don't formalize their agreements, we generally find that they do come away from the process with new understandings, clarified information, and reduced stress in their relationships.. If you would like to know more about mediation, call the Neighbor-to-Neighbor office at 503-585-0651 and ask questions or request a brochure.. STEPS TOWARDS RESOLVING CONFLICTS.. TALK DIRECTLY.. Assuming that there is no threat of physical violence, talk directly to the person with whom you have the problem.. Direct conversation is much more effective than sending a letter, banging on the wall, throwing a rock, or complaining to everyone else.. CHOOSE A GOOD TIME.. Plan to talk to the other person at the right time, and allow yourself enough time for a thorough discussion.. Don t start talking about the conflict just as the other person is leaving for work, after you have had a terrible day, or right before you have to make dinner.. Try to talk in a quiet place where you can both be comfortable and undisturbed for as long as the discussion takes.. PLAN AHEAD.. Think out what you want to say ahead of time.. State clearly what the problem is and how it affects you.. DON T BLAME OR NAME CALL.. Antagonizing the other person only makes it harder for him or her to hear you.. Don t blame the other person for everything or begin the conversation with your opinion of what should be done.. GIVE INFORMATION.. Don t interpret the other person s behavior:.. You are blocking my driveway on purpose just to make me mad!.. Instead, give information about your own feelings:.. When your car blocks my driveway, I feel angry because I can t get to work on time.. LISTEN.. Give the other person a chance to tell his or her side of the conflict completely.. Relax and listen.. Try to learn how the other person feels about what is going on.. SHOW THAT YOU ARE LISTENING.. Although you may not agree with what is being said, tell the other person that you hear them and are glad that you are discussing the problem together.. TALK IT ALL THROUGH.. Once you start, get all of the issues and feelings out into the open.. Don t leave out the part that seems too difficult to discuss or too insignificant to be important.. Your solution will work best if all the issues are discussed thoroughly.. WORK ON A SOLUTION.. When you have reached this point in the discussion, start working on a solution.. Two or more people cooperating are much more effective than one person telling another to change.. Be specific:.. I will turn my music off at midnight is better than a vague I won t play loud music anymore.. FOLLOW THROUGH.. Agree to check with each other at specific times to make sure that the agreement is still working then really do it.. The History of Neighbor-to-Neighbor.. In the mid-1980's, a nationwide movement was underway  ...   program assistant, and Tina Schweickert as a program coordinator.. The Oregon Dispute Resolution Commission was abolished during the 2003 state legislative session.. The Community Dispute Resolution Center program was moved to the University of Oregon Law School.. Neighbor-to-Neighbor continues to operate under a biennial grant from the Oregon Office of Community Dispute Resolution (OOCDR), with funds generated from county court filing fees.. The grant program is now administered through the U of O Law School.. Sophia Douglas and Sheri King left Neighbor-to-Neighbor in August of 2004, and Sandy Kristiansen stepped in as a Program Director.. In October of 2004, Dara Benton was hired as a Program Assistant.. In July of 2005, Rhonda Horn was hired as Director of the program after Sandy moved out of the state.. Dara Benton left Neighbor-to-Neighbor in September of 2005 to return to university full-time.. Neighbor-to-Neighbor currently maintains a roster of approximately 40 trained volunteer mediators and case developers and handles, approximately 18 cases per month.. Many volunteers take on an even greater commitment of their personal time through serving on the Board of Directors, training new mediators, training community groups, speaking at outreach activities and serving on various committees.. They come from all walks of life but share a common belief in the 'magic' of mediation.. The stated purpose in the original Bylaws is identical to the stated purpose in the Bylaws today.. While office spaces, board members, volunteers, and staff members have come and gone, breathing constant life into the community dispute resolution vision, the basic purpose and concept remains unchanged.. Neighbor-to-Neighbor Purpose:.. To support the voluntary and participatory resolution of conflict.. To foster acceptance of responsibility by the individual and community for conflict and its peaceful resolution.. To provide a forum for resolution of these disputes and training for volunteers to assist in this process.. To foster the philosophy that conflict has positive value and can be used for beneficial change.. To further develop a sense of community.. Neighbor-to-Neighbor handles approximately 200 cases per year, receiving referrals from law enforcement, housing authority, private attorneys, Marion County Juvenile Department, neighborhood associations, community and code enforcement, dog control, manufactured dwelling parks, schools and other local government agencies.. The time, effort, commitment and vision of individuals serving on the Board of Directors over the years, in the volunteer ranks, and as staff, is a testimony to the effectiveness, value and the constancy of alternative methods of dispute resolution.. In December of 2010, Neighbor-to-Neighbor was asked by the board of Linn-Benton Mediation Services to consider providing mediation services to Linn and Benton Counties as LBMS was financially bankrupt and would be ceasing operations.. Neighbor-to-Neighbor Board of Directors considered the request and authorized Board President (Sam Hall) and Executive Director (Charles Ikard) explore the feasibility of expanding services to Linn and Benton Counties utilizing existing volunteer mediators previously working for LBMS.. In February of 2011, Neighbor-to-Neighbor had secured adequate funding to support the expansion and restructuring had begun as of February 24, 2011.. In February of 2012, the Oregon Legislature passed SB 1552, which required lenders to mediate with borrowers prior to foreclosing on their residence.. The new program was named Foreclosure Avoidance Mediation Program (FAMP), and sought input from many stakeholders prior to its implementation in July of 2012.. Executive Director Charles Ikard represented the Oregon Association of Community Dispute Resolution Centers on the workgroup tasked with making recommendations to the Attorney General during the rulemaking process.. Charlie was also named to the Attorney General's advisory committee for the FAMP to provide ongoing program input from the Community Dispute Resolution centers in Oregon.. People at Neighbor-to-Neighbor.. Staff Members.. Charles (Charlie) Franklin Ikard.. Executive Director.. Charlie has been with Neighbor to Neighbor since August, 2007.. He is a "retired" Labor Relations and Human Resource professional with over 35 years experience in that field.. Dana Eckfield.. Administrative Assistant.. Dana has worked with nonprofit organizations for more than 20 years--with most of that experience coming from the Oregon State University Foundation.. She and her husband, Eric, enjoy good food wine, and supporting.. their son Michael in his activities at North Salem High School.. Kevin Grant.. Program Manager Benton Linn Counties.. Kevin holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Political Science from Oregon State University and currently sits on the Oregon Mediation Association Board of Directors.. Board Members.. R.. Sam Hall.. President.. Sam is a retired math professor from Willamette University and is partner and co-founder of a private mediation practice.. Sam is also an experienced mediator and volunteer mentor for Neighbor-to-Neighbor.. Sam has been a Board Member since October, 2006.. Laurie Mason.. Vice President.. Laurie, a Corvallis native, is a retired California professor, lawyer, and biomedical instrumentation business co-founder who now divides her time between her mediation practice and volunteer work through Neighbor-to-Neighbor, various community theaters, and as a member of the Corvallis Budget Commission.. Laurie joined the Board in February 2012.. Jim Lewis.. Treasurer.. Jim is currently the Executive Director of the Salem Association of Realtors.. Prior to that he spent 30 years in Title and Escrow Industry in Oregon.. Jim joined the Board in May of 2010.. Daniel Rice.. Secretary.. Daniel is a lawyer with the Heltzel Williams Law Firm in Salem, Oregon.. He joined the Board in November 2011.. Lynn Cardiff.. Board Member.. Lynn is a retired school counselor who has mediated for N2N since 1996.. She has also served terms on the Board of Directors twice in past years.. Lynn has been a Board Member since September, 2006.. Statewide Training Calendar.. Training Opportunities and Events.. Visit the Statewide Training Calendar above to find mediation training around the State of Oregon.. October 2013-BASIC MEDIATION TRAINING.. Training Flyer.. (click here).. Training Registration Form.. (click here).. Continuing Education Opportunities for Mediators.. To Be Announced.. The Danger of a Single Story-Chimamanda Adichie.. Foreclosure Prevention Links.. Oregon Homeowner Support.. Oregon Department of Justice Consumer Protection.. Oregon Foreclosure Avoidance Mediation Program.. Other Links.. Marion County.. Marion County District Attorney's Office.. Marion County Juvenile Justice Department.. Oregon Housing and Community Services Department.. Oregon Network for Compassionate Communication.. Oregon Mediation Association.. Oregon Office for Community Dispute Resolution.. Clackamas County Community Dispute Resolution Center.. Resolutions Northwest (Multnomah County).. Six Rivers Community Mediation Services (Gilliam, Hood, Sherman, Wasco, Wheeler Counties).. Central Oregon Mediation (Crook, Deschutes, Jefferson Counties).. East Metro Mediation (Multnomah County).. Center for Dialogue and Resolution (Lane County).. VORP/Community Mediation Service of Polk County.. 2007 n2n..

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