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  • Title: Home - Nyaya Health
    Descriptive info: .. Why.. Our Work.. Our Impact.. Blog.. About Us.. Join Us.. Donate.. We believe in being transparent until it hurts.. See the other core values that shape our.. cultural DNA.. 100% of your donations go directly to Nepal programs.. Invest.. in delivering health care.. Fund low-cost, high-impact medical treatments directly for the 1st time through our partner.. Watsi.. We work to build transparent, data-driven health systems for Nepal s rural poor.. Here s how we track.. our impact.. Join our mailing list ».. Marathon, interrupted: Lesson’s learned from health care delivery in Boston and rural Nepal.. July 3, 2013.. Picture of the Week.. July 2, 2013.. June 25, 2013.. June 18, 2013.. June 11, 2013.. Twitter.. If you are passionate about #technology and #health, then please consider joining our team as Web Developer http://t.. co/BiU7JMwDKm.. Jun 11, 2013.. RT @markarnoldy: Great article on myths around surgery: http://t.. co/mJxJ1UHQHq Hint: It's cost-effective even for the poor.. We're hiring! Show us your stats skills as Director of Data and get to work both in the US and Nepal http://t.. Jun 10, 2013.. "#Healthcare should not rely on chance encounters.. " Read @DuncanMaru's blog on the case story  ...   OUR IMPACT.. 137K.. Patients treated.. 155.. Nepalis employed.. $105K.. Invested by Nepal's government.. Learn More.. ».. WHY WE'RE DIFFERENT.. 100% X 2.. 100% of investments directed to Nepal.. 100% of line-by-line expenses made public.. "Big T" Transparency.. All of our operations — finances, data, protocols — are open at.. wiki.. nyayahealth.. org.. Government Partnership.. We work in existing government infrastructure and attract government investment to build durable, long-term systems.. x.. Stay up-to-date with Nyaya's ongoing work.. Thank you for your interest.. On average, you'll receive two emails per month.. We won't share your information with anyone.. *.. indicates required.. Email Address.. First Name.. Last Name.. Birthday (optional).. /.. ( mm / dd ).. Phone (optional).. OUR PURPOSE.. We exist to realize the right to health by delivering transparent, data-driven health care for Nepal's rural poor.. STAY CONNECTED.. USA.. 17 W.. 17th Street, 7th Floor.. New York, NY 10011.. Fri, 12:17AM.. NEPAL.. Badelgada, Ridikot-2.. Achham, Nepal.. Fri, 10:02AM.. OUR PARTNERS.. ».. Partners in Health.. Nepal's Ministry of Health and Population.. Nick Simons Foundation.. Brigham and Womens Hospital.. view more.. This work by Nyaya Health is licensed under a.. Creative Commons Attribution 3.. 0 License.. Site Design:.. LIVE/WORK..

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  • Title: Why – Nyaya Health
    Descriptive info: Our Mission.. Our mission is to realize the right to health by delivering transparent, data-driven health care for Nepal’s rural poor.. Our Cultural DNA.. Why: Our Story.. In 2006, then Yale medical student Jason Andrews and his Nepali wife and filmmaker Roshani Andrews traveled to Nepal’s neglected Far-Western region on their honeymoon to document the lives behind the HIV crisis they had heard so much about.. When they arrived, they instead found themselves in a situation of multiple crises in Achham District – where 260,000 people lived without a doctor, infrastructure was destroyed by a 10-year civil war, and families were torn apart by migration of men to India to find work.. On March 12th, 2006 Jason emailed his close friends at Yale Medical School, Duncan Maru and Sanjay Basu, saying he felt “wholly compelled but completely adrift” by the devastation he had seen.. (.. read the original email.. ).. “…While I was staying there, I literally had 10 women a night knocking on my door asking for medical help for themselves or their children.. All but one of their husbands had worked in India and half of them were widows at 25-40 years old.. Among those that knew their [HIV] status, all were positive.. There are no medical services available to them beyond the most basic primary care (and that is often geographically and financially inaccessible)… It was very difficult to talk with these women because there was nothing I could offer or recommend to them.. The nearest facility providing HIV care (and  ...   They were told repeatedly that building a quality health system there wasn’t possible due to lack of infrastructure, the immense poverty, the political turmoil, and for lack of precedent – no one had done it before.. Yet they pushed back, determined to build an effective, durable organization rooted in the philosophy of “nyaya” or “the realization of just systems.. ”.. Nyaya Health’s vision began to be realized in 2008, when the three were joined by a growing global team of leaders – from Nepal, India, and the U.. S.. – and Achhami doctor and Nyaya Health Founding Medical Director, Jhapat Thapa, to transform an abandoned grain shed into a beautiful clinic operated by Nepali health care providers using a small sum of funding from friends and family.. That commitment to realization then came to define everything the organization did, from forming a novel public-private partnership with Nepal’s Ministry of Health to moving radically beyond a shamefully substandard approach to transparency in international development work.. Today, the organization has treated more than 101,000 patients, employs over 155 Nepali employees partnered with a global network of support, has attracted over $1 million dollars of investment ($105,000 from Nepal’s Ministry of Health), and has been.. distinguished by GiveWell.. as a standout organization for its ability to deliver care in an extremely poor region with unusual levels of transparency.. The right to health is being realized, and we need you to bring health to more people throughout rural Nepal.. Will you join us?.. Yes!.. Fri, 12:18AM.. Fri, 10:03AM..

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  • Title: Our Work: Model – Nyaya Health
    Descriptive info: LEARN MORE.. Our Programs.. Our Work: Our Model.. Our model of change isn t founded on magic bullet solutions, but instead on a deeply rooted commitment to these three principles.. Partner with the Government.. We partner with Nepal’s government at all tiers of health infrastructure – hospitals, clinics, and community health workers because the government provides what we call the “infrastructure for equity.. ” Only public systems are fundamentally designed to reach the poorest of the poor.. Working within that infrastructure also creates a wedge for innovations and successful programs to achieve real scale quickly throughout the entire country via replication over shared systems.. Build Durability through Nepali Staff.. To us, long-term  ...   of our team members come from within a 3-district radius of Achham District in Nepal’s neglected Far-Western region.. This approach has made us one of the largest employers in the entire region outside the civil service sector.. Use Tools of Transparency.. Our ultimate aim is to strengthen services and accountability mechanisms so rural Nepalis can receive high-quality and responsive care from their government systems.. To achieve that level of accountability, we use powerful tools of transparency layered on top of government systems of management, accounting, and reporting.. We publish all financial and budgetary information in line-by-line formats, open impact data, and all clinical and management protocols on our public organizational wiki at..

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  • Title: Our Impact – Nyaya Health
    Descriptive info: 2011.. Annual Report.. View our annual report for a quick look at what we accomplished in 2011.. Download.. 2012 Highlights.. See the stories of our impact by visiting.. our blog.. That means we track our impact openly, applying the most rigorous standards possible between our data entry in Nepal and analysis by team members spread across the world.. From the start,.. our wiki.. was developed as a transparent model for accountability and  ...   including transparent data on clinical outcomes, community health, finances, and all organizational operational protocols.. We invite you to.. view our highlights from 2012.. WIKI.. Transparency + Accountability + Replication.. Dive deeper into Nyaya Health s transparent depth as an organization by navigating through our.. wiki homepage.. , or by going directly to some our most popular pages listed here:.. Open Financials.. Open Clinical Data.. Open Organizational Information System.. Open Research Policy.. Open Press..

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  • Title: Blog - Nyaya Health
    Descriptive info: Blog topics.. A Week's Work.. A weekly summary of top news.. 6 posts.. Campaigns.. A closer look at campaigns to watch.. 4 posts.. Data Drive.. Data visualization + analysis.. 7 posts.. Guest Posts.. 1 post.. Meet the Staff.. Meet our extraordinary team members.. 2 posts.. Milestones.. Insight into our most important moments.. 5 posts.. Narrating Nepal.. Reflections on the meaning of progress and challenges.. 17 posts.. Patient Stories.. A look into the lives of those we care for.. 15 posts.. 46 posts.. Transparency Matters.. Revealing our tools of transparency and failures.. Uncategorized.. THE NYAYA HEALTH BLOG.. ·.. Caroline King.. This year, on April 15.. th.. , I impulsively decided to run the Boston marathon.. I was at mile 25.. 77 when the bombs went off at the finish line, and experienced first hand Boston in crisis mode.. After the finish line was closed off and I found myself temporarily stranded in a sea of runners, I returned back to a friend’s college, not far from the bombings, to watch the media footage from the security of a dorm lounge.. Thirty-six hours later, I was on a flight to London, where I would then transfer with Nyaya’s co-founder Duncan Maru to Delhi, Kathmandu, Dhangadi, and finally arrive 10 hours later by jeep in Achham.. Throughout our travel, I read stories of the brave men and women at the end of the marathon who ran to Mass General to give blood and heard of the near perfect execution of the city’s hospitals in response to a mass casualty incident, even in the face of staggering numbers of wounded.. I watched as the city of Boston, the United States, and others around the world turned their attention to Boston, with the Twitter hashtag #bostonstrong trending in just twenty-four hours.. I was proud of Boston, and especially its medical staff, some of whom I’m honored to call friends.. It seemed a difficult time to be away from the city, but even 10,000 miles away, the strength and resilience was palpable.. Ten days later… it’s our last day in Achham.. Duncan and I walk to the emergency department to do an ultrasound of a boy he suspects may have a pericardial effusion.. The physicians are indecisive about his treatment, as his family can only spend 3000 rupees on his care.. The pending question is: should the boy travel with Duncan and I out of Achham to the nearest referral hospital in Nepalgunj tonight? Or is it possible that he will respond to drugs, already two weeks delayed, and ultimately recover?.. As we start the ultrasound, Bayalpata’s ambulance driver comes roaring into the parking lot, blaring his horn.. I walk to the other side of the ultrasound room, and see a crowd of people unloading a young man who is screaming and covered in blood.. He’s quickly brought into the emergency department, and one of the two staff physicians comes to find Duncan.. We leave the ultrasound room, and move into the emergency department.. Within the next hour, fifteen patients are brought to Bayalpata Hospital from a jeep accident nearly an hour away.. I watch as the first six patients are unloaded from ambulances, and then as the rest are unloaded from the back of a military truck bed lined in hay.. There are only five beds in our emergency department, and the staff are running around, pulling mattresses from the in-patient department and store room to put on the floor for patients.. With three physicians  ...   had a difficult time adjusting post-Nepal.. I spoke with Dan Schwarz, a Brown medical school alumnus who is now a medical resident in Boston, who provided me with the framework I tried to use for most of my trip.. Prior to my leaving for Achham, Dan wrote “I have two hopes for you: That you come back insanely, overwhelmingly excited and inspired by the work that we do, and that you come back humbled (indeed, perhaps even appalled and angered ) at how much more there is to do.. So thankful was I that we had a medical system that I looked at most cases through the lens that if Nyaya were not here, the patients we see wouldn’t receive even the level of care that they’re receiving now.. But now, I’m writing this piece from the front seat of a jeep that carries myself and our jeep driver in the front seats.. Duncan is in the trunk.. A set of young parents, a baby who suffered a fall today, and the boy on whom we performed an ultrasound for a pericardial effusion sit in the back.. The boy needs emergency care in Kathmandu.. We’re driving in a line of four ambulances to Nepalgunj, where the baby will be seen, along with the patients in the other three ambulances who are critical or urgent from the jeep accident.. Before I began writing, we pulled over so that Duncan could check on the most urgent patients and continue to push dextrose down the nasogastric tube in the baby.. For all the flaws in our medical system, I can’t help thinking that if these patients were in Boston, they could walk into an ER and find life-saving, although likely not free, care.. Setting aside all of the other barriers that patients in Achham face, proximity to timely, life-saving care is a frontrunner in a time of crisis is among the most significant.. Now, back in Boston, the city has regained a sense of normalcy.. The emergency rooms stand waiting, well-stocked, for their next patients who are just three telephone digits away from life-saving care, while those in Accham are not afforded this same privilege.. I am left appalled, angered, but above all hopeful about the work that remains ahead.. In Achham, the race to provide widespread comprehensive care has just begun.. Posted in.. |.. Permalink.. | no comments.. Rob Tinworth.. New.. Thupri (left panel) visits Bayalpata for her prenatal checkup - she is three months pregnant.. Bhumika s baby (right panel) was born with neonatal sepsis.. Nurses place an IV for antibiotics - if the baby had been born at home, he would very likely have died.. Nyaya Health has teamed up with kangu.. org to crowdfund safe deliveries.. Visit bit.. ly/givemotherhood to learn more.. Some of the patients that arrive at Bayalpata will travel hours, or even days along precarious paths to reach the hospital.. With only one ambulance, and little road access to most of the surrounding villages, patients are often carried here.. As the sun dips below the horizon, the darkroom sends out its final xrays for the day and closes its doors.. Outside, Dr Roshan Bista examines an X-ray as the last group of patients wait.. Before Nyaya Health took over the running of Bayalpata Hospital, it was a series of dilapidated buildings overseen by a couple of caretakers.. Today, it is a fully functioning hospital that sees hundreds of patients a day.. 1.. 2.. 3.. 22.. Next..

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  • Title: About Us – Nyaya Health
    Descriptive info: Global Team.. Nepal Team.. US Board of Directors.. US Board of Advisors.. Nepal Board of Directors.. Nepal Board of Advisors.. Partnerships.. Media + Publications.. FAQs.. Contact Us.. Nyaya (‘knee-eye-uh’) means “the realization of just systems” in Nepali.. We chose that because we aren’t the type of people to sit around and talk about justice.. The word implies action, and we are all about realizing the right to health by delivering transparent, data-driven health care for Nepal’s rural poor.. Our cultural DNA is really important to us.. And it’s best described by imagining what would happen if you collided the care and concern of a global health doctor with the insatiable drive towards efficiency and scale of a technology entrepreneur.. Here are the values that matter most to us:.. Put our patients first.. Not our own egos – the dignity and opportunity of our patients is far more important.. Be transparent until it hurts.. Doing so is an accountability guarantee against our own human frailties, and it is a way to  ...   greater efficiency with entrepreneurial tenacity.. Good ideas and intentions ≠ good enough.. We celebrate the results of well-designed implementation, not merely ideas and intentions.. Think BIG.. Lions can catch, kill, and eat mice, but they will die doing so because it’s a calorie negative endeavor.. So instead they hunt antelopes.. Like lions, we can’t afford to hunt mice.. Build simple.. That’s it.. Challenge Convention.. Especially the conventional thinking and way of acting that keeps the poor without health care.. Leapfrog in thought and action.. Barriers - Opportunities.. Turn barriers into opportunities.. The lens of possibility is desperately needed.. Great design - Dignity.. Everything we build, from a hospital to a business card, is a metaphor for the dignity of the communities we work in.. Good design isn’t a luxury – it’s a powerful and real priority.. Smile + Support.. This work is hard enough without creating problems for ourselves.. We value those we work with, find joy in what we do, celebrate progress, and smile…a lot.. Fri, 12:20AM.. Fri, 10:05AM..

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  • Title: Join Us – Nyaya Health
    Descriptive info: If you would like to invest in Nyaya Health's work, please visit our.. donation page.. JOIN US ON:.. Facebook.. FOLLOW US ON:.. Join mailing list.. Join Us: Purpose Driven Careers.. See our listings below for current opportunities for employment through Nyaya Health within the U.. and Nepal.. But please do make sure to take time to learn more about our.. before you start filling out application materials.. U.. Web Developer.. Nyaya Health is seeking a paid, full-time Web Developer as the 3rd member of its growing U.. -based team.. Applications are being accepted on an immediate rolling basis for candidates that are open to start work in Nyaya Health’s NYC office.. The Web Developer will be provided a rare opportunity to use their skills in a critical role in an early-stage, growing organization dedicated to building health care solutions for the world’s poorest people.. Are you the right fit? The ideal orientation.. We are looking for a talented developer and committed self-learner hungry to use their skills for good that will build the back-end infrastructure of the most innovative, exciting, and contagious global health brand of the 21st century.. Most importantly, your orientation toward the work should match well with our operating values, or what we call our “cultural DNA”.. See those.. here.. In short, you’re entrepreneurial, have phenomenal coding skills for the platform we currently use the most (WordPress), committed to learning new coding languages over time, and are excited by the challenge of being asked to take on a large, diverse set of responsibilities in the fast-moving environment of a young, growing organization.. You can’t be in the market for a dry 9-5 ‘job’, but instead, you’re looking for an opportunity to use your time to transform and grow with a young organization to change hundreds of thousands of lives.. Must-haves:.. Web development experience:.. At minimum, we need you to be truly talented in the WordPress platform and the skills that are important to it (HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL).. 1-2 years of experience delivering significant web projects is strongly preferred.. Commitment to translating design:.. The Web Developer will be 1 of 3 full-time employees based in the NYC office, alongside an Executive Director and Creative Director.. Thus, a close partnership will be required to work with the Creative Director to translate their designs.. The Creative Director has background in web design, but only basic abilities in CSS and HTML.. Willingness to travel to Nepal:.. You will be in the U.. at least 80% of the time.. But your ability to be successful depends on your ability to understand our programs, data, and reporting systems in an extremely different environment in rural Nepal.. Your systems design and code are the central connection between that corner of Nepal, our team, and a broad global audience.. A commitment to innovative development:.. We intend for our impact evaluation and fundraising systems to be regarded as a paragon within global health.. We want you to thrive in the challenge of designing creative and inventive ways to connect people with our work while upholding the highest standards of transparency.. If you have the commitment to learn, we can connect you to best-in-class tech mentors in the NYC social impact space.. Experience in or willingness to train in Salesforce CRM:.. We have a newly created Salesforce CRM that needs support.. You will need to be willing to provide support in integrating and automating functions across our web presence with the database.. Our experience suggests that developers can self-train in the system quickly even if they haven’t had much specific Salesforce CRM experience.. Responsibilities:.. The Web Developer will be a member of a 3-person team alongside the Executive Director and Creative Director and will be challenged over time to go beyond being a developer to also taking a lead role in designing and building creative technology systems.. Execute the web strategy of the organization efficiently.. Expand and maintain Nyaya Health’s new WordPress-based website and blog.. Integrate back-office systems (accounting, Salesforce CRM, development dashboards) to our donor-facing web applications for fundraising, reporting, and impact evaluation.. Oversee migration from our current Wiki information platform (wiki.. org) to a more design-friendly, visual and intuitive micro-site housed within www.. Oversee the maintenance and use of the Salesforce CRM platform.. Ensure the availability and security of all IT systems.. Build creative in-kind partnerships where organizational gaps exist – in areas like analytics and SEO.. Be our technology evangelist, internally and externally, by demonstrating an incredible passion for how technology can connect our supporters and patients in meaningful ways and make our work more efficient.. Location:.. Nyaya Health’s new office located at 17 W.. 17th Street in NYC.. Benefits:.. Health insurance.. At least 1 trip to Nepal per year.. Connections to NYC’s top social impact tech talent through organizational partnerships.. Support for professional development.. Application process:.. Please send the materials below to.. humanresources@nyayahealth.. with “Web Developer Application – Your Name” in the subject line of the email.. Show, don’t tell.. Send us a portfolio of your work (which includes your resume).. We are being purposefully vague in our explanation here.. Please send us whatever format (or combination of formats) best exemplifies your work that can be reviewed in less than 15 minutes.. Tell us (or show us) your story, and why you’re committed to doing whatever it takes to bring health care to the rural poor in Nepal.. Just make it fit on one page and break free from the confines of the traditional cover letter.. What happens after submission?.. Your submission will be responded to within 4 days, and if the application is advanced, we will ask for two references and an in-person meeting (or substitute a video chat if we have to).. If selected for the position, we will offer a paid 1-month trial period to allow us to work together so you can decide if you want to sign a longer-term contract and commit yourself to our mission.. Nepal.. Director of Data.. Job summary:.. Nyaya Health is seeking a paid, full-time Director of Data as the 6.. member of an Executive Team that spans our NYC and Nepal sites.. Applications are being accepted on an immediate rolling basis.. The Director of Data will be a key leader as part of the organization’s Executive Team, serving as an architect and implementer of the data strategy at a critical early-growth stage in the organization.. Organization background:.. Nyaya Health is a for-purpose organization that exists to realize the right to health by delivering transparent, data-driven health care to Nepal’s rural poor.. We believe that without health, there can be no dignity or opportunity.. Since 2008, the organization has delivered health care to over 137,000 people in Nepal’s poorest region, currently employs 160 Nepalis, and has catalyzed $140,000 of government investment in the last 4 years.. In 2011, the organization was named a Standout Organization (only 10 of more than 800 organizations examined received this distinction) by the extremely rigorous nonprofit evaluator GiveWell for our ability to deliver health care in a very poor region with “unusual” levels of transparency.. Our work has gained media attention in outlets as diverse as the New York Times, Christian Science Monitor, and Freakonomics Blog.. Read more about what makes us different as part of our.. Cultural DNA.. We are looking for an experienced data evangelist who believes data can transform health care delivery in the world’s most difficult places.. You need to have:.. 1) the discipline and grit to ensure the data we collect on-site in Nepal is accurate and honest,.. 2) the management ability to mentor and support local staff,.. 3) the strategic ability to establish data systems for new and expanding programs,.. 4) the visionary capacity to see how your data systems can drive investment and shift global policies.. Most importantly, your orientation toward the work should match well with our operating values, or what we call our “.. ”.. You can’t be in the market for a dry 9-5 ‘job.. ’ Instead, you’re looking for an opportunity to use your passion for data to transform a young, growing organization and change hundreds of thousands of lives.. Data experience:.. We are looking for someone with a minimum of 2 years of experience in a similar position in the areas of impact evaluation, data science, data management, or applied epidemiology that can show a track record of demonstrated success.. Technical skills:.. You can operate efficiently across a substantial set of data and statistical programs like Excel, Access, SPSS, R, GIS, and others.. Make sure we know what you’re great at.. A commitment to distinction:.. We intend for our data and impact evaluation systems to be regarded as a paragon within global health.. We want you to thrive in the challenge of designing creative ways to compel people with your work (both  ...   referral cases, and collect vital set of data on patients and health issues throughout Achham for Nyaya Health.. The role would also require preparedness to train and educate the CHWLs as well as patients, who do not speak or understand English.. 4.. Proficiency in Word, Excel, PowerPoint and familiarity with database applications.. Familiarity with MS Office and database applications would help the DCH ensure accurate collection, review and analysis of the household-level data reported by the FCHVs and CHWLs.. Expand FCHV/CHWL program to new VDCs.. Design and coordinate an implementation research program that drives the CHD program.. Coordinate with Government of Nepal/District Health Office to ensure CHD programs complement government services where possible.. Develop systems to assess the functioning of (sub) Health Posts and design programs to support them.. 5.. Design, implement and monitor school health school health education programs.. 6.. Design, implement and monitor community-based public health programs addressing:.. Household Air Pollution.. Sanitation.. Women’s Reproductive Health Rights.. 7.. Coordinate facility-based Family Planning services with community-based follow up and support systems.. 8.. Manage a portfolio of funded research programs focusing on assessing the efficacy of various community health intervention strategies.. 9.. Collaborate on the writing of peer-reviewed research publications.. 10.. Manage a technology platform that uses mobile technologies to communicate and disseminate health data to a system of health service providers.. Application Process:.. with “Director of Community Health Application – Your Name” in the subject line of the email.. Send us an example or portfolio of your work (which includes your resume, expected starting salary, and earliest possible start date).. Please send us whatever format (or combination of formats) best exemplifies your work that you feel has prepared you for this position that can be reviewed in less than 15 minutes.. Just make it fit on one page, and break free from the confines of the traditional cover letter.. Your submission will be responded to within 7 days, and if the application is advanced, we will ask for two references and an in-person meeting (or substitute video chat if we have to) before continuing the process.. If selected for the position, we will work to bring you to Nyaya Health’s U.. office in NYC (if logistically possible) to get oriented with the U.. -based team prior to transition to full-time work in Nepal.. Hospital Director.. Hospital Director:.. Nyaya Health (NH) is seeking a paid, full-time Hospital Director (HD) to serve as a long-term leader for Bayalpata Hospital, which currently serves as the hub of Nyaya Health’s clinical and administrative operations in Far-Western Nepal.. Applications are being accepted on an immediate, rolling basis for Nepali and international candidates.. Preference will be given to applicants willing to commit at least two years to the position.. More about Bayalpata Hospital:.. Bayalpata Hospital, the hub of Nyaya Health’s expanding work in rural Nepal, is a renovated 30 year-old government facility that is managed and operated by Nyaya Health through a public-private partnership with Nepal’s Ministry of Health and Population.. The hospital provides free care to over 32,000 patients per year in one of the poorest regions of the country and is home to 57 Nepali and 4 international team members.. The hospital is a full-service primary care hospital, providing outpatient, inpatient, and emergency medical services.. The core clinical programs are supported by x- ray, ultrasound, and laboratory services coupled with specific government partner programs in HIV, TB, malnutrition, and safe motherhood.. Obstetric care and minor surgical services will soon be complemented by a fully functional operating theater.. An image of Bayalpata Hospital is available.. We are looking for a leader readied for the challenge of building a clinical and operational hub of excellence in one of South Asia’s poorest communities.. The HD is expected to couple visionary leadership and strategy with disciplined management and detailed implementation in a challenging environment in Far-Western Nepal.. Most importantly, your orientation toward the work should match well with our operating values, or what we call our “cultural DNA.. ” See those.. In short, you are committed to working long-term (a minimum of two years in Nepal), have experience working in rural, resource-poor environments, and seek a diverse set of challenging management responsibilities in the fast-moving environment of a young, growing organization.. Must Haves:.. At least 3 years of management experience, a bachelor’s degree minimum with graduate and clinical training both strongly preferred, and the qualities below:.. We prefer to receive applications only from those able to live at least two years in Far- Western Nepal and intend to be a long-term team member at Nyaya Health.. The role would require roughly 85% of time spent at Bayalpata Hospital, with occasional work requirements in Kathmandu.. *Note: Nepali language ability is considered an extraordinary asset but not required to apply.. Ability to solve problems and deliver results on deadline.. Complex problems are a daily reality in Far-Western Nepal.. The HD is often chief decision-maker and required to problem solve through ingenuity, an understanding of people’s strengths and motivations, and streamlining processes.. The commitment to delivering on deadlines, in spite of the consistent unexpected problems, is key.. Experience as a patient relationship builder.. The HD will be perceived as one of the organization’s most identifiable leaders within the country of Nepal, second only to the Country Director.. Thus, a substantial component of the position is to build relationships across a broad spectrum – from parents of patients to staff to high-level partners in the government and global funding partners.. Ability to oversee work in multiple domains.. The HD is both a leader and manager – responsible for setting direction and delivering results through staff in areas of programmatic growth, procurement, human resources, clinical care, and data.. In short, the HD needs to be a chameleon – adaptable to being at home in many different work environments.. An efficient and inspiring approach to communications.. The HD is often a central connector or final filter between our work in Nepal and a broad global audience.. Hence, an ability to authentically and transparently capture the essence of our work in bringing health care to some of the poorest citizens of the world internally and externally is vital in order to motivate staff and supporters alike.. The HD will be a member of an expanding director-level team responsible for leading programs in Nepal and will be charged with overseeing the entirety of programs at Bayalpata Hospital.. Oversee all strategy and programs at Bayalpata Hospital:.. Direct strategy and management of Bayalpata Hospital, including budgeting, staffing, policy, procurement, clinical programs development, and partnerships.. Collaborate with other program leads including the Director of Community Health, the Kathmandu Office Manager, and the leader responsible for leading expansion of programs into the health post level of care.. Consult with international team members on clinical program development and effectiveness, which may possibly include a primarily U.. -based Chief Medical Officer.. Expand key clinical partnerships within Nepal:.. Expand NH’s partnership with the Ministry of Health and Population at the District and National level in areas of funding, shared programmatic development, and training.. Expand NH’s partnerships at partner health facilities, referral partners, and hospital human resource pipeline partners.. Management of hospital staff:.. The HD reports to the Country Director and is responsible for management of team members at Bayalpata Hospital across clinical and non-clinical domains.. Financial oversight:.. The HD is ultimately accountable for the fiscal responsibility of Bayalpata Hospital, which will be operating on a budget of over $500,000 during the 2012- 2013 fiscal year.. Human Resources:.. Work with the Country Director, Director of Operations, and Administrative Director to develop and amend human resource policies.. Oversee hiring process for all hospital-based staff.. Oversee clinical volunteer recruitment and selection strategy.. Location.. At least 85% of time will be spent living and working at Bayalpata Hospital located in Achham District of Far- Western Nepal.. Roughly 10% will be spent in Kathmandu on operations and building partnerships.. Support:.. Up to 1 international flight per year to and from Nepal, if required.. All in-country, work-related food, travel, and housing.. Living stipend support for potential work time spent outside of Nepal.. Health care provided at the hospital and a stipend to purchase a supplementary international/emergency health care package.. with “Hospital Director Application – Your Name” in the subject line of the email.. VOLUNTEER POSITIONS.. We are a very lean organization so we must be strategic in our volunteer placements for those interested in supporting us within Nepal and the U.. For that reason, we only accept volunteers for positions posted formally on this page.. But if you feel that you have an offer we cannot turn away, email us at.. volunteers@nyayahealth.. Please understand, however, that we may not be able to respond to all inquiries.. There are no volunteer openings at this time.. Email*.. Firstname*.. Lastname*.. Birthday (optional).. MM.. DD.. Phone (optional).. Subscribe »..

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  • Title: Donate – Nyaya Health
    Descriptive info: ACCLAIM.. "Nyaya Health is a standout organization (only 10 of more than 800 organizations we have examined receive this distinction) because they provide health care in a very poor location and hold themselves to unusual standards of transparency.. ".. —.. GiveWell.. , an organization called "the gold standard of giving" by the Boston Globe.. 100% of your money goes directly to Nepal because we fund our U.. costs separately.. And we report 100% of line-by-line.. expenditures.. in the U.. Other ways to give.. INVEST IN NYAYA HEALTH'S WORK.. Nyaya Health is a registered 501(c)3 organization, and your donation is tax-deductible.. 100% of your investment goes directly to building transparent, data-driven health care systems for Nepal's rural poor via direct medical treatment, facility renovations, and the employment and training of local Nepali staff.. $50.. $100.. $500.. $1000.. $2500.. $5000.. $10000.. Other.. 00.. $.. Comments or questions? (optional).. Donations made through Google Checkout will incur a small transaction  ...   wire transfer, please write us at.. donations@nyayahealth.. and our team will provide you with the needed information.. GIVE THE GIFT OF STOCK.. To see how to give stock, view our instructions.. If you need support, please contact us at.. DONATE A SPECIAL EVENT.. Give up the gifts and turn a special event in your life into a celebration of generosity.. Donate your birthday, wedding, or other special event in 3 steps.. Visit.. http://wishes.. causes.. com.. Design your Causes Wish.. Search for and select Nyaya Health as your organization of choice.. OTHER WAYS TO GIVE.. There are other high-yield ways to invest in Nyaya Health's work.. Please email us at.. if you are able to provide support in any of these areas:.. Frequent Flyer Miles.. We use donated miles to help us cover one of our most expensive operations items.. Equipment and supplies.. We welcome in-kind gifts of all kinds, from problem-solving office equipment to medical supplies..

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  • Title: Marathon, interrupted: Lesson’s learned from health care delivery in Boston and rural Nepal – Nyaya Health
    Descriptive info: Caroline King graduated as an undergraduate from Brown University.. She is currently the Development Associate for Nyaya Health.. Commentary.. No comments.. Yours could be the first.. Cancel reply.. Your email will not be published.. Name.. Email.. Website.. Comment..

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  • Title: Picture of the Week – Nyaya Health
    Descriptive info: Rob Tinworth has edited documentaries for NOVA, Frontline, National Geographic and Discovery.. Rob spent a week with Nyaya Health in Achham researching a documentary about healthcare in remote locations.. See more of his work at robtinworth..

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  • Title: Picture of the Week – Nyaya Health
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