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  • Title: CNV
    Descriptive info: .. Sitemap.. The Centre.. Members.. Research.. Training activity.. Contact.. CNV.. Centre Info.. Information about the Centre for Nano-Vaccines.. More about centre info.. Learn more about the technologies used in Centre for nono-vaccines.. More about.. Learn more about our PhD projects.. Shortcuts.. Objectives for the Centre.. Steering Commitee.. Advisory board.. Key persons.. Center for Nano-Vaccines.. Statens Serum Institut.. Artillerivej 5.. 2300 København.. Tlf.. 3268 3804.. E-mailadresser.. Du får denne besked fordi din browser ikke er sat op til at vise javascript.. Følgende emailadresser er angivet på denne side:.. den(snabel-a)ssi.. dk.. - erstat (snabel-a) med @..

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  • Title: Sitemap
    Descriptive info: Background and hypothesis.. Ali M Harandi.. Claire Poyart.. Wim Jiskoot.. Copenhagen University Health.. Copenhagen University Life.. Copenhagen University Pharma.. Lund University.. Research Center Borstel.. Innovative value impact and relevance.. Methodology and results.. Exploratory tools.. Ph.. D.. Carlotta Ober-Blöbaum.. Mette Hamborg Jensen.. Natalja Redinger.. Pall Thor Ingvarsson.. D.. Rickard Nilsson.. Truc Hoang.. Post.. Doc.. Dennis Christensen.. Mattias Gustafsson..

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  • Title: The Centre
    Descriptive info: Close.. Tell a friend.. Your name:.. Your Email:.. Your friend's name:.. Your friend's Email:.. Link:.. Comment:.. Centre for Nano-Vaccines is an interdisciplinary vaccine research centre combining cutting-edge infectious disease research, nano-particle based delivery, bio-imaging biotechnology into a versatile and flexible platform for vaccine research development.. The overall goal is:.. To be a versatile centre for vaccine research and development with strong  ...   expression) and bio-imaging/advanced animal models.. This will generate and educate a critical mass of research expertise and know-how in vaccine development for the Øresund region, which is readily applicable to other future disease targets.. The public health impact is obvious and since the platform builds on patented nanotechnology developed in Denmark, the commercial potential is significant.. Last revised 21 December 2011..

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  • Title: Members
    Descriptive info: Centre for Nano-Vaccines consists of 6 partners and groups from 4 different institutions/companies within the Öresund region.. Statens Serum Institute.. Copenhagen University, Pharma.. Copenhagen University, Health.. Copenhagen University, LIFE.. Borstel Research Centre..

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  • Title: Research
    Descriptive info: The centre will therefore tackle the infectious diseases with a single versatile vaccine delivery platform, which can be modified to direct the profile of the immune response.. This versatile platform is based on a recent breakthrough in the understanding of the requirements for the induction of different types of immune responses through signalling by different PAMPS on DC´s11.. This approach has proved a highly efficient way of inducing a strong CMI and humoral response with potential for TB and several other diseases.. The 1st generation formulation (CAF01) based on the cationic surfactant dimethyldioctadecylammonium (DDA) and the modified mycobacterial cordfactor trehalosedibehenate (TDB) has been extensively character-ized and optimized12, 13 and recently entered clinical evaluation.. We have also demonstrated that it is possible to modify the response induced by these liposomes  ...   formulate them with TB, GAS, GCS and influenza antigens.. The selected antigens will consist of protective antigens with a well-documented track record.. The M2e protein will be tested for influenza since it is conserved in different subtypes and has a major potential as a universal vaccine.. For streptococci we will start with the well-known variable M proteins, but in parallel will analyze the more recently characterized conserved Slr protein.. Moreover, we will exploit the strong adjuvanticity of the nanoparticle platform to optimize the vac-cines using a conserved subdominant fragment strategy: an approach that is at-tracting intense interest14.. Finally, for TB we will use the H56 molecule – a fusion of three very important antigens, which has shown a high degree of efficacy in preliminary studies, when used by conventional vaccination..

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  • Title: Training activity
    Descriptive info: Training and capacity building.. The centre will generate a number of Ph.. Ds and will stimulate cross-training at the participating institutes to ensure high quality education and the best possible net-work.. We plan to execute a number of laboratory-based training workshops that will cover new advances in technology and will harmonize the methods and assays used in the different laboratories to monitor immune responses.. We will furthermore invite international scientists with relevant expertise for the centre and integrate their lecture into existing programs such as the international guest lecturer series hosted by the SSI s centre for Vaccine research.. D projects:.. Carlotta Ober-Blöbaum, Ph.. Student, Resarch Center Borstel.. Project tilte: ".. Imaging of  ...   Vaccine adjuvants based on lipidic particulate delivery systems: Interactions with antigens.. ".. Natalja Redinger, Ph.. Student, Research Center Borstel.. Novel vaccine carrier development and assessment by in vivo imaging.. Pall Thor Ingvarsson, Ph.. Student KU - Pharma.. Spray drying of liposomal formulations for pulmonary.. Rickard Nilsson, Ph.. D Student, Ku - Life.. project title: ".. Characterization of M protein from Streptococcus pyogenes and SeM from Streptococcus equi".. Truc Hoang, Ph.. Student, Statens Serum Institut.. Malnutritioninduced reactivation of latent tuberculosis.. projects:.. Dennis Christensen, Post.. , Statens Serum Institut.. Optimal vaccine targeting in the respiratory tract inflammation and immunity.. Mattias Gustafsson, Post.. Ku - Life.. Immunochemical characterisation of streptococcal surface proteins: implications for vaccine development..

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  • Title: Contact
    Descriptive info: Centre for Nano-Vaccines.. Centre coordinator Dennis Christensen.. Department of Infectious Disease.. 2300 København S..

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  • Title: Objectives for the Centre
    Descriptive info: To develop vaccine formulations based on nanoparticles designed to provide the optimal immune profile for the target diseases.. To develop vaccine formulations for mucosa delivery suitable for clinical use.. To develop high throughput, accurate animal models for vaccine evaluation by employing state–of-the-art technologies in immune monitoring and bio-imaging.. To develop final vaccine formulations ready for clinical use and prime boost protocols for optimal immunity against.. M.. tuberculosis.. , group A and C streptococcus and pandemic influenza..

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  • Title: Steering Commitee
    Descriptive info: The memebers of the Steering Commitee of Centre for Nano-Vaccines are:.. Chairman (PI),.. Peter L.. Andersen.. , Vice president, Director, Statens Serum Institute.. Gunnar Lindahl.. , Professor, Lund University/Life KU.. Camilla Foged.. , Post.. Doc.. ,Pharma, KU.. Allan Randrup Thomsen.. , Prefessor, Health, KU.. Last revised 5 March 2012..

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  • Title: Advisory board
    Descriptive info: The advisory board members are:.. Ali M.. Harandi.. , Associate Professor, Göteborg University.. , Professor, Université Paris Descartes.. , Prof.. Dr, Gorlaeus Laboratories, Leiden..

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  • Title: Key persons
    Descriptive info: Andersen,.. Chairman PI of the Centre for Nano-Vaccines, Director Vice president at Vaccine R D at Statens Serum Institute.. , Centre co-ordinatior and Head of section, Statens Serum institute.. ,Pharma, Copenhagen University.. , Prefessor, Health, Copenhagen University.. Jan Pravsgaard Christensen.. , Associate professor, Copenhagen University, Health.. Sara Linse, Professor, Lund University.. Ulrich Schaible.. Dr.. Bent Aasted.. , Professor, Copenhagen University, Life.. Søren Skov.. , Associate Professor, Copenhagen University, Health..

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