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  • Title: National Association of Environmental Professionals
    Descriptive info: .. Home.. Join Us.. Renew.. Contact Us.. Login.. About NAEP.. Mission Statement.. Board of Directors' Profiles.. Code of Ethics.. History.. NAEP Documents.. NAEP Staff.. Membership.. Membership Categories.. Membership Benefits.. Membership Application.. Chapters.. Alaska Association of Environmental Professionals.. Arizona Association of Environmental Professionals.. California Asso of Environmental Professionals.. Florida Association of Environmental Professionals.. Georgia Association of Environmental Professionals.. Hawaii Association of Environmental Professionals.. Illinois Asso of Environmental Professionals.. Mid America Asso of Environmental Professionals.. Mid Atlantic Region Environmental Professionals.. N.. Carolina Asso of Environmental Professionals.. North Texas Asso of Environmental Professionals.. Northwest Asso of Environmental Professionals.. Rocky Mountain Asso of EnvironmentalProfessionals.. Texas Asso of Environmental Professionals.. Annual Conferences.. 2014 Conference.. 2013 NAEP/AEP Conference.. Past Conferences.. Calendar of Events.. Awards Scholarships.. 2014 Environmental Excellence Awards.. 2013 Environmental Excellence Award Recipients.. 2012 Environmental Excellence Award Recipients.. 2011 Environmental Excellence Award Recipients.. 2010 Environmental Excellence Award Recipients.. Environmental Excellence Award Past Recipients.. Jim Roberts Scholarship Fund.. Committees.. Awards Committee.. Chapters Committee.. Communications Committee.. Conference Committee.. Education Committee.. Environmental Policy Committee.. Membership Committee.. NAEP Operations Committee.. Publications Resources.. Environmental Practice Submission Guidelines.. About the EP Editors.. National e-News.. Job Career Development.. Post Your Resume or Job Listing.. ABCEP.. National Association of Environmental Professionals.. NAEP March/April 2013 E-News is now available.. Please click the link below to access the NAEP March/April 2013 E-News.. This issue contains feature articles and important association information.. There is an informative article on the highlights of the 2013 N-AEP Conference that occurred in Los Angeles, California.. https://naep.. memberclicks.. net/assets/naepenewslettermarapr2013.. pdf.. There are two feature articles in this issue.. There is also plenty of NAEP news including President s Letters (pg 1), 2013 Conference Opening Remarks from Paul Looney (pg 3), a notice regarding the availability of the 2012 NEPA Annual Report (pg 4), Highlights from the 2013 Annual Meeting (pg 5), 2014 Annual Meeting information (pgs 11, 12 and 15), topics and registration instructions for the 2013 APU webinar series (pg 13), Introduction to newly elected/re-elected Board Members (pg 16), Introduction to NAEP Executive Committee (pg 19), NAEP 2014 Environmental Excellence Awards Nomination information (pg 19), NAEP 2013 Environmental Excellence Award Winners (pg 21), Chapter Committee Report (pg 20), Norman Arnold Announcement (pg 24) Chapter Reports (pgs 25-28), CEP Information (pgs 29 and 31) and a special offer to a NEPA Reference DVD (pg 33).. Read more.. April 7 - 10, 2014.. St.. Petersburg, Florida.. CALL FOR PAPERS/ABSTRACT SUBMISSION.. The.. Call for Papers.. is available, and abstracts are being accepted on a wide variety of topics.. The deadline for submission of abstracts is September 30, 2013.. Use this.. link to submit your abstract.. EXHIBITORS AND SPONSORS.. There are a variety of options available for both exhibitors and sponsors including a new dual sponsorship with the FAEP annual conference in September of 2013.. Review the.. opportunities.. and the.. exhibitor layout map.. to decide which fits your company best.. Online sign up.. is now available or you may fax the sign up form to me to reserve  ...   week in Los Angeles, California.. Registration will be accepted on-site so you can still attend if interested.. The meeting starts Monday, April 1 with two great session - a NEPA Basics Workshop and a Climate Change Symposium.. The Full Meeting starts on Tuesday, April 2 with a General Session at 8:30am.. Information can be found on the website at.. http://n-aep2013.. org/.. net/assets/naepenewsletterjanfeb2013.. The articles in this issue are not what is normally provided.. Swinging within your own Hula Hoop is a new interpretation of one of our basic tenants as professionals.. We also have a reprint article that highlights the great work being done by Jim Yawn, immediate past president of ABCEP and his employer, the Disney Company.. Don t forget, we will have Mr.. Brett Rohring, the Director of Corporate Citizenship and Environmental Policy as a keynote speaker at the conference next week.. Finally, a treat from down under.. Our article,.. Lessons Learnt as a Young Professional.. came to us unsolicited from an American who spent a number of years in Australia.. Jean Wolfers-Lawrence provides a good summary of lessons we all can learn or be reminded of.. The Academy of Board Certified Environmental Professionals.. Partners with American Public University.. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE.. November 2012.. The Academy of Board Certified Environmental Professionals (ABCEP) is excited to announce a partnership with American Public University (APU), part of regionally-accredited American Public University System.. Eligible applicants will receive six semester hours of omnibus credit towards a Master of Science in Environmental Policy and Management at APU from any of ABCEP's five Certified Environmental Professional (CEP) functional areas.. If a student does not pursue this specific degree, the hours may be credited towards other APU graduate degrees if there are available electives.. For more information, please visit.. APU's transfer credit.. website.. Environmental Practice - Call for Submissions.. EP vol.. 15 no.. 4 will focus on Great Lakes Sustainability.. Submissions are due by May 15, 2013.. Please click the link below to view the call for papers.. EP 15.. 4 Call for Submissions.. 16 no.. 1 will focus on Environmental and Public Health Risks Associated with Climate Change.. Submissions are due by August 1, 2013.. EP 16.. 1 Call for Submissions.. MISSION STATEMENT.. Our mission is to be the interdisciplinary organization dedicated to developing the highest standards of ethics and proficiency in the environmental professions.. Our members are public and private sector professionals who promote excellence in decision-making in light of the environmental, social, and economic impacts of those decisions.. Our vision is to:.. Be the primary source of unbiased information on environmental practices.. Support the advancement of the environmental professions as a whole and our individual members in their careers.. Encourage better decision-making that thoughtfully considers the full implications of those decisions.. Past News and Events.. NAEP Headquarters.. PO Box 460.. Collingswood, NJ 08108.. P: 856-283-7816.. F: 856-210-1619.. E:.. naep@bowermanagementservices.. com.. NAEP can also be found on Facebook and LinkedIn Click on the links below:.. powered by MemberClicks..

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  • Title: Renew
    Descriptive info: For more information or if we can answer any questions please call the NAEP Headquarters at 856-283-7816.. The most current Member Application is below.. Please complete the application for your renewal and send it back to NAEP Headquarters at the address or fax number on the form.. NAEP membership application.. To renew online click below:.. Renew your membership online now!!..

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  • Title: Contact Us
    Descriptive info: Please note that our address and contact information has changed.. The correct information is below:.. www.. naep.. org..

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  • Title: Login
    Descriptive info: Username.. Password.. Remember Me.. Forgot your password?..

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  • Title: About NAEP
    Descriptive info: NAEP is.. the multi-disciplinary association for professionals dedicated to the advancement of the environmental professions.. a forum for state-of-the-art information on environmental planning, research and management.. a network of professional contacts and exchange of information among colleagues in industry, government, academia, and the private sector.. a resource for structured career development from student memberships to certification as an environmental professional.. a strong proponent of ethics and the highest standards of practice in the environmental professions..

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  • Title: Mission Statement
    Descriptive info: NAEP Mission Statement..

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  • Title: Board of Directors' Profiles
    Descriptive info: NAEP BOARD OF DIRECTORS.. PRESIDENT.. Harold Draper.. ,.. D.. Sc.. , CEP.. Burns McDonnell.. Kansas City, MO.. Click here for more information on Harold Draper.. VICE PRESIDENT.. Brock Hoegh, CEP.. HNTB Corporation.. Atlanta, GA.. Click here for more information on Brock Hoegh.. TREASURER.. Courtney Arena.. Stanley Consultants, Inc.. West Palm Beach, FL.. Click here for more information on Courtney Arena.. SECRETARY.. Robert P.. Morris, JR.. , PE.. US Army Corps of Engineers.. Fort Worth, TX.. Click here for more information on Robert Morris.. IMMEDIATE PAST-PRESIDENT.. Paul Looney.. , CEP, CSE, PWS.. Volkert Associates, Inc.. Mobile, AL.. Click here for more information on Paul Looney.. At Large Board of Directors (Three-year terms).. West Palm Beach, FL.. Term Expires 2015.. Marie Campbell.. Sapphos Environmental.. Pasadena, CA.. Term Expires 2016.. Click here for more information on Marie Campbell.. David Dickson.. Cardno ENTRIX.. Tallahassee, FL.. Click here for more information on David Dickson.. , D.. Burns McDonnell.. Mark Gerber.. Hatch Mott MacDonald.. Salt Lake City, UT.. Click here for more information on Mark Gerber..  ...   PA.. Click here for more information on William Plumpton.. Chapter Representatives.. Anna Kohl.. - Alaska AEP.. Patricia Mariella.. - Arizona AEP.. Roger Turner.. - California AEP.. Kristin Bennett.. and.. Bruce Hasbrouck.. - Florida AEP.. Brock.. Hoegh.. - Georgia AEP.. Dennis Peters.. - Hawaii AEP.. Ron Deverman.. - Illinois AEP.. - Mid-America AEP.. Carolyn.. Henn.. - MAREP (Mid-Atlantic).. John Jamison.. - North Carolina AEP.. Crystal.. Lawson.. - North Texas AEP.. Shane Phelps.. - Northwest AEP.. Tyler Sparks.. - Rocky Mountain AEP.. Thomas.. FitzHenry.. - Texas AEP.. Ex-Officio Members of the Board of Directors.. ABCEP President.. Don Deis.. ATKINS.. Jacksonville, FL.. ABCEP Representative to the NAEP Board.. Gary F.. Kelman.. , MS, CEP.. Maryland Department of the Environment.. Baltimore, MD.. Click here for more information on Gary Kelman.. CRB Chair.. Kris Thoemke.. Costal Engineering Associates, Inc.. Naples, FL.. Editor-in-Chiefs of the Environmental Practice Journal.. Kelly Tzoumis.. , PhD.. Department of Public Policy Studies.. DePaul University.. Chicago, IL.. James A.. Montgomery.. Environmental Science Program.. Parliamentarian and Recorder.. Norman Arnold.. Independent Consultant.. Gaithersburg, MD..

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  • Title: Code of Ethics
    Descriptive info: Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice for Environmental Professionals.. The objectives of Environmental Professionals are to conduct their personal and professional lives and activities in an ethical manner.. Honesty, justice and courtesy form moral philosophy which, associated with a mutual interest among people, constitute the foundation of ethics.. Environmental Professionals should recognize such a standard, not in passive observance, but as a set of dynamic principles guiding their conduct and way of life.. It is their duty to practice their profession according to this Code of Ethics.. As the keystone of professional conduct is integrity, Environmental Professionals will discharge their duties with fidelity to the public, their employers, clients, with fairness and impartiality to all.. It is their duty to interest themselves in public welfare, and to be ready to apply their special knowledge for the benefit of mankind and their environment.. Creed.. The objectives of an Environmental Professional are:.. 1.. To recognize and attempt to reconcile societal and individual human needs with responsibility for physical, natural, and cultural systems.. 2.. To promote and develop policies, plans, activities and projects that achieve complementary and mutual support between natural and man-made, and.. present and future components of the physical, natural and cultural environment.. Ethics.. As an Environmental Professional I will:.. Be personally responsible for the validity of all data collected, analyses performed, or plans developed by me or under my direction.. I will be responsible.. and ethical in my professional activities.. Encourage research, planning, design, management and review of activities in a scientifically and technically objective manner.. I will incorporate the.. best principles of the environmental sciences for the mitigation of environmental harm  ...   of project conceptualization.. Recognize that total environmental management involves the consideration of all environmental factors including: technical, economical, ecological, and.. sociopolitical and their relationships.. Incorporate the best principle of design and environmental planning when recommending measures to reduce environmental harm and enhance.. environmental quality.. Conduct my analysis, planning, design and review my activities primarily in subject areas for which I am qualified, and shall encourage and recognize that.. participation of other professionals in subject areas where I am less experienced.. I shall utilize and participate in interdisciplinary teams wherever.. practical to determine impacts, define and evaluate all reasonable alternatives to proposed actions, and assess short-term versus long-term productivity.. with and without the project or action.. Seek common, adequate, and sound technical grounds for communication with and respect for the contributions of other professionals in developing and.. reviewing policies, plans, activities and projects.. Determine that the policies, plans, activities or projects in which I am involved are consistent with all governing laws, ordinances, guidelines, plans and.. policies to the best of my knowledge and ability.. 7.. Encourage public participation at the earliest feasible time in an open and productive atmosphere.. 8.. Conduct my professional activities in a manner that ensures consideration of technically and economically feasible alternatives.. Encourage Development of the Profession.. Assist in maintaining the integrity and competence of my profession.. Encourage education and research and the development of useful technical information relating to the environmental field.. Be prohibited from lobbying in the name of the National Association of Environmental Professionals.. Advertise and present my services in a manner that avoids the use of material and methods that may bring discredit to the profession..

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  • Title: History
    Descriptive info: NAEP History.. The NAEP Logo.. In 1993, NAEP filed a trademark application requesting registration of the NAEP logo.. NAEP is the only organization entitled to use this logo.. According to the first issue, Volume 1, Number 1, of the NAEP Newsletter:.. The logo for the NAEP is a globe, Planet Earth, but simultaneously the flame red of the Sun, the Wave representing the dynamics of change, the seasons, of Man's actions and impact.. The letters, NAEP, were in the past super-imposed, representing the name of the professional society, symbolizing an imaginary tool, man's genius for inventive solutions.. Today, the logo consists of the stylized sphere only.. An NAEP chapter may use the NAEP logo modified to reflect the chapter's geographical location on all appropriate printed material.. The chapter shall provide a copy of the modified logo to NAEP.. If the chapter does not wish to modify the logo, it may use the NAEP logo with its name and the words, "An Affiliated Chapter of NAEP.. ".. Additional information on the proper use of the NAEP logo is provided in our posted Copyright Notice.. Creation and Evolution of the Environmental Professions.. The Environmental Professional.. The catalyst for the creation of the environmental profession was the landmark legislation that was signed into law on January 1, 1970.. the "National Environmental Policy Act of 1969 (NEPA).. " In a nutshell, NEPA required a major change in the way in which future habitat would be provided for the complex animal species, homo sapiens, in the United States and created the Council on Environmental Quality (CEQ) to assure the uniform application of NEPA provisions.. Most germane to the creation of the environmental professional was the language of Section 102 (A) of NEPA which mandated that all agencies of the Federal Government shall "utilize a systematic, interdisciplinary approach which will insure the integrated use of the natural and social sciences and the environmental design arts in planning and in decision making which may have an impact on man's environment.. " All of the professional disciplines necessary to carry out this mandate existed at the time.. except for one! No discipline existed that provided sufficiently knowledgeable and skilled professionals to evaluate and to objectively give appropriate weight to the technical input of the varied disciplines required to assess the impacts of an action using the "interdisciplinary approach.. " As time proved, this was clearly a requirement of the  ...   few in the private sector were accepting assignments for which they were not qualified and others were taking license with facts to favor their clients projects.. By 1975, it became clear to the responsible professional environmental community that they were part of a newly created professional discipline and that the following situations required formal community action:.. Both experienced managers who had moved away from their former disciplines and had become qualified managers of environmental projects through informal learning and experience and new graduates who had been formally cross trained in many disciplines, had no peer group and no recognized professional label.. That no overall code of ethical practices existed to govern the professional practice of those within the professional environmental community.. The National Association of Environmental Professionals.. The action taken was the founding of the National Association of Environmental Professionals (NAEP) as the peer group representing the "Environmental Professional.. " The cornerstone of the new Association was its Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice for Environmental Professionals.. With this action the new discipline, the Environmental Professional had its label and its peer group.. When CEQ held its formal hearings in 1978 on proposed revisions to its regulations for implementing the procedural provisions of NEPA, NAEP was the only professional association officially invited to give testimony, thereby giving federal recognition to NAEP and its membership of environmental professionals.. The evolution of the Environmental Professional was still not complete.. By 1977, many of the early environmental project managers had become highly qualified and were in competition with other disciplines for senior positions.. yet there was no mechanism for formal peer recognition such as registration for engineers, certification for urban planners, foresters, architects, etc.. NAEP again took action, and in the remarkably short time of two years from concept, NAEP had its fledgling Certification Program in place by 1979.. This same year saw the first issue of The Environmental Professional, the official quarterly journal of NAEP, another big step for the new profession.. Over the years, the myriad of environmental laws, executive orders, and regulations that have come into being since NEPA have resulted in many new environmentally oriented professional specialties being developed that better fit within the environmental professional discipline than any other.. As a result, NAEP programs have been continuously updated and refined to adjust to an expanding and diversifying membership base and to the professional needs of the Environmental Professional..

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  • Title: NAEP Documents
    Descriptive info: Click any of the links below to access the NAEP Corporate Documents.. NAEP Bylaws (2011).. NAEP Articles of Incorportaion (1975).. NAEP IRS Tax Status Determination Letter (1977).. NAEP Certificate of Good Standing (2009).. NAEP 2009 990 Tax Return..

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  • Title: NAEP Staff
    Descriptive info: Tim Bower, CAE.. Managing Director.. NAEP is managed by Bower Management Services, LLC.. Conference Coordinator.. 1049 Sunset Dr.. Lake Wales, FL.. P: 863-949-0262.. F: 501-423-1701.. naepfl@verizon.. net.. Abby Murray.. Membership Coordinator.. O.. Box 460.. P: 856-470-4521.. naep2@bowermanagementservices..

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    Archived pages: 313