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  • Title: NACES® - The Standard of Excellence for Credential Evaluation Services
    Descriptive info: .. Home.. |.. About NACES.. ®.. |.. Current Members.. Applying for Membership.. Contact NACES.. © 2003 National Association of Credential Evaluation Services (NACES®.. ).. All rights reserved.. Site designed by.. Holly West..

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  • Title: About NACES®
    Descriptive info: The Standard of Excellence.. NACES.. is an association of private foreign educational credential evaluation services committed to formulating and maintaining ethical standards in the field of foreign educational evaluation.. Within the United States, no government agency monitors the establishment of foreign credential evaluation services.. was founded in 1987 by credential evaluation services dedicated to promoting excellence and committed to setting the standards for the profession.. Affiliation with a selective association such as NACES.. is an important indication of the quality of work accomplished by a foreign credential evaluation service and an assurance that the evaluations it performs will be reliable.. members serve foreign-educated persons who have completed part or all of their education outside of the United States and who are seeking further education, professional licensure, or  ...   countries.. Evaluation reports prepared by NACES.. members are judgments based on appropriate reference material, including current research.. member organizations examine documents for accuracy and authenticity.. Reports include information about the credential awarded and the U.. S.. equivalency.. Individuals and organizations wishing to have a NACES member evaluate their foreign education credentials should use the.. page for a complete listing of our members with links to their websites.. NACES Informational Brochure.. Code of Good Practice.. Evaluation Definitions.. Home.. People who rely on NACES.. members' expertise include:.. Graduate or undergraduate admissions officers at U.. colleges and universities.. High school counselors.. Staff members of state licensing boards (covering professions from accounting and barbering to veterinary medicine and X-ray technology).. Immigration attorneys.. Current or potential employers.. Staff members of government agencies..

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  • Title: NACES® Members
    Descriptive info: NACES Members (alphabetically).. Contact NACES :.. info1@naces.. org.. Please scroll down if necessary to see the full list of members.. A2Z Evaluations, LLC.. Member since May 2009.. Foundation for International Services, Inc.. Member since March 1987.. Academic Evaluation Services, Inc.. Member since May 2008.. Global Credential Evaluators, Inc.. Member since March 2004.. Center for Applied Research, Evaluations, & Education, Inc.. Global Services Associates, Inc.. Member since May 2000.. e-ValReports.. Member since May 2007.. *.. International Academic Credential Evaluators,  ...   Inc.. International Education Research Foundation, Inc.. Educational Perspectives, nfp.. Member since April 2003.. **.. Josef Silny & Associates, Inc.. International Education Consultants.. Member since April 1991.. Educational Records Evaluation Service, In.. Member since April 1993.. SpanTran Evaluation Services.. Member since April 1996.. Evaluation Service, Inc.. Member since June 1991.. Transcript Research.. Member since September 2011.. Foreign Academic Credential Service, Inc.. World Education Services, Inc.. Foreign Educational Document Service.. Member since April 1994.. * Membership Chair.. ** NACES Chair.. /..

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  • Title: Applying for NACES® Membership
    Descriptive info: Applying for NACES.. Membership.. member organizations demonstrate a high level of expertise in the evaluation of international educational documents, maintain a significant professional involvement in international education organizations and have an extensive, current reference library containing pertinent resources regarding international educational systems and credentials.. Organizations qualify for membership by fulfilling member criteria, including:.. The organization must be private (or non-profit), independent and located in the United States.. The organization must have a current library of standard references in the field of international education with an emphasis on credentials evaluation.. Senior evaluators (i.. e.. , those making decisions concerning the equivalence of foreign educational qualifications to education in the United States) must have not less than five years of full-time current, substantive, and supervised experience in international student admissions at a regionally accredited institution or international credential evaluation work at a NACES member organization covering all levels of education.. A U.. bachelor  ...   evaluation business for at least twenty-four (24) months prior to the date of submission of the application for membership.. All offices must be open and conducting business five (5) days per week, at least thirty-five (35) hours per week, with such hours occurring sometime during the hours of 8 a.. m.. and 6 p.. , local time.. Staff members must follow the NACES.. standards of professional ethics.. Details concerning the full criteria for membership are listed in the Application for Membership.. Applying for membership.. membership is offered only after a rigorous screening and selection procedure has been completed, including a two-member on-site visit at the applicant s expense.. Organizations interested in applying for NACES.. membership should write to the NACES.. Membership Chair and request an application.. Please contact the Membership Chair regarding the deadline for the submission of applications.. Applications are reviewed for membership vote at the NACES.. Annual Meeting.. Membership Critieria..

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  • Title: General Guiding Principles of Good Practice for Educational Credential Evaluation
    Descriptive info: General Guiding Principles of Good Practice for Educational Credential Evaluation.. The National Association of Credential Evaluation Services (NACES) is an association of private educational credential evaluation services committed to formulating and maintaining ethical standards in the field of non-U.. education evaluation.. No government agency regulates the establishment of foreign credential services in the United States.. Membership in NACES is an important indication of the quality of work accomplished by a credential evaluation service and an assurance that the evaluation it performs will be reliable.. The Code of Good Practices is designed to present the perspectives of all NACES members regarding general guiding principles in the evaluation and recognition of non-U.. credentials.. General Principles.. NACES members are expected to accept and adhere to the following principles of good practice:.. In their promotional materials.. to state clearly and precisely the requirements for an evaluation;.. to provide a schedule of fees, services covered, and time typically required to complete the services;.. to describe in detail the terms and conditions of the service.. In their application procedures.. to serve all clients fairly and honestly, without regard to their race, color, creed, gender, age, disability or national origin;.. to obtain as much information and documentation as may be  ...   for proper notification of those decisions to applicants and, if appropriate, to other recipients indicated by applicants;.. to state the consequences of submitting altered, falsified, fraudulent, or misleading documentation or information.. In their document requirements.. to specify documentation required to provide evaluation services;.. to require official educational documents;.. to issue evaluation reports based on authentic academic credentials.. If documents have been found altered or falsified by the issuing institution or awarding authority, an evaluation report should not be prepared.. Guidelines for evaluation procedures and criteria.. the methodology employed in credential evaluation is based on professionally accepted resources and reference material available to the field of credential evaluation;.. to ensure evaluation policies and procedures are periodically reviewed so they are accurate, appropriate, and based on information that takes into account the diversity of educational systems;.. to evaluate an academic credential after the recognition/accreditation status of the academic institution and/or program has been established;.. to employ in the evaluation process a range of criteria, including, but not limited to:.. admission requirements.. length of program.. program type, structure, and intention.. credential/qualification award requirements.. In the appeal process.. upon request, the evaluation service should inform the applicant the basis for the outcome of evaluation.. Back to About NACES®..

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  • Title: Evaluation Definitions
    Descriptive info: Evaluation Definitions:.. Academic Qualification:.. A credential received upon the completion of a formal educational program of study.. Access:.. The eligibility or right of qualified candidates to apply and to be considered for admission to higher education.. Admission Requirements:.. Academic qualification, or level/stage of education, which must be completed prior to admission.. Authentic Educational Document:.. Received directly from the issuing institution or has been traced back to its source to confirm its authenticity.. Diploma Mill:.. An entity that sells documents not backed by appropriate educational activities.. Evaluation:.. An assessment, analysis and written comparability statement of individual qualifications.. Non-Recognized Institution:.. Academic institution that is not officially recognized by the appropriate authority.. Official Educational Document:.. Issued on official institutional letterhead and bears  ...   the qualification.. Program Structure:.. Required components of an educational program and their sequence for the award of a qualification.. Recognized Academic Institution:.. Academic institution officially recognized by the appropriate authority.. United States High School Diploma:.. The qualification that signifies completion of secondary level education.. United States Bachelor s Degree:.. Completion of a unified program of study leading to a degree, consisting of a minimum of 120 semester credits, or the equivalent thereof, generally over a period of four years.. It has a general education component and a major, and gives access to graduate education.. United States Graduate Education:.. Study requiring completion of a Bachelor s degree, or equivalent, for admission leading to the award of a higher academic qualification..

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