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    Archived pages: 477 . Archive date: 2013-12.

  • Title: MA'AN Development Center
    Descriptive info: .. Site Map.. |.. Home Page.. Programs.. Agricultural & F.. S.. Community Dev.. Women Dev.. Youth & Adolescent.. Env.. Protection.. Capacity Building.. Publications.. Annual Reports.. Reports.. Agenda/Brochures.. Pamphlets/Booklets.. Books & Studies.. Presentations.. Training Manuals.. Newsletters.. Press Releases.. FactSheets/Reports.. Supplements.. Posters & Stickers.. Videos.. Achievements.. Donors & Partners.. Resource Center.. Org.. Structure.. General Assembly.. Board of Directors.. Staff.. What is MA’AN?.. Success Stories.. Offices and Facilities.. Job Opening.. Internships.. Speeches.. Photo Gallery.. Contact Us.. Links.. Latest Publications.. Electronic Environment Development Magazine.. The environmental online magazine played a crucial role in providing a platform for discussion and dialogue among the general public and environmentalists.. The impact of the online magazine was outstanding, which is stipulated from the numerous letters and comments as well as contribution from both Arab and Palestinian viewers.. Contribution received from different environmental writers and journalists from Lebanon, Arab Emirates, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Jordan, Tunisia and Morocco is evidence that the online magazine is receiving significant recognition and appreciation, which encourage us to pursue our leap towards protecting the environment.. more.. MA’AN’s Mission.. :.. To partner and work hand in hand with Palestinian NGOs, Community Based organizations, committees and grassroots groups in the poorest and most marginalized areas to improve the quality of their lives and empower them to take a lead in developing their communities and achieving self reliance, steadfastness and sustainable development based on freedom, participation equity equality, respect for human rights, democracy, and social justice through achieving the following five goals:.. l.. مركز معا ينفذ فعالية ثقافية بالتعاون مع المؤسسات القاعدية و المدارس في منطقة الكفريات /طولكرم.. نفذ مركز العمل التنموي/معا الثلاثاء.. الرابع و العشرين من شهر كانون الأول من عام.. 2013.. وبالتعاون مع نادي اتحاد كفر زيباد الرياضي مسابقة ثقافية شاركت بها خمسة مدارس بمنطقة الكفريات بمحافظة طولكرم وكانت المدارس المشاركة كالتالي :.. للمزيد.. دورة تدريبية: إدارة المؤسسات القاعدية.. نفذ مركز العمل التنموي معا ضمن مشروع تعزيز الأمن الغذائي من خلال بناء القدرات الممول من الحكومة الاسترالية وبالشراكة مع مؤسسة أفيدا الاسترالية في منطقة الكفريات / طولكرم.. دورة إدارة المؤسسات القاعدية.. بواقع 20 ساعة تدريبية ، حيث استهدفت الدورة حوالي 25 شخص من ممثلي الهيئات الإدارية و العامة للمؤسسات القاعدية المشاركة في المشروع.. مركز معا يشارك في زيارات تبادلية مع مؤسسات شريكة في محافظتي طوباس وجنين لتبادل الخبرات.. ضمن مشروع امنكا الذي تنفذه مجموعة من المؤسسات المحلية والدولية بدعم من الحكومة الاسترالية ، شارك مركز معا في زيارة تبادلية لمشاريع منفذة من قبل المشروع في محافظتي طوباس و جنين.. حيث قام فريق امنكا المكون من اعضاء من مؤسسات.. Fuel and Electricity Briefing and Update.. Coastal Municipalities Water Utility (.. CMWU).. Press conference organized by MA’AN Center on 12 / 11 / 2013.. Due to the continual fluctuation and unreliability of electricity with an average of more than 12 hours daily power cuts, water and wastewater services continues to be harshly and harmfully affected and deteriorated in October 2013.. More.. MA’AN’s Response to the International Community’s Handling of the Demolition of Khirbet Makhoul.. Yesterday, a group of international non-governmental organizations met with MA’AN and representatives with the PLO’s negotiating representatives.. The meeting was organized in order to meet and discuss issues around advocacy in the Jordan Valley.. اليونيسف تكرم مركز معا والمؤسسات الشريكة.. نظمت منظمة اليونيسف حفلا تكريميا للمؤسسات المنخرطة في تنفيذ مشروع تطوير مساحات صديقة للطلائع في الضفة والقطاع.. ضم حفل التكريم مركز معا والمجلس الأعلى للشباب والرياضة ومؤسسة عشتار وتامر والنيزك ودائرة تنمية الشباب.. Press Release:.. MA’AN Development Centre holds closing ceremony for PDC Course.. On the 24th of July of 2013, MA’AN was proud to have held a closing ceremony to mark the successful completion of the “Permaculture Design Certificate Course” by students and recent graduates of the Al-Najah Faculty of Agriculture at the Kadoorie College in Tulkarem.. مركز معا يختتم مشروع تمكين الشباب في الاغوار.. انهى مركز العمل التنموي معا مشروع تمكين وتطوير الشباب في منطقة غور الاردن والذي استمر 18 شهرا ، حيث استهدف المشروع الشباب من سن 15- 29 سنة حين نفذ المشروع بالشراكة مع مركز تطوير المؤسسات الاهلية الفلسطينية وبتمويل من الوكالة الفرنسية للتنمية،.. MA'AN Development Center (MA'AN) celebrates climate change conference in northern West Bank, June 2013.. Raising community awareness on the impact of climate change on Palestinian agriculture and available adaptation strategies.. The increasing scientific certainty of future climate projections and their impact on Palestinian agriculture points to a dire need to strengthen community awareness and capacities to mitigate the worst effects of future climatic disruptions.. MA’AN demonstrates cooking methods using alternative energy in the Jordan Valley.. On May 30th, 2013, MA’AN Development Center conducted a workshop in the Jordan Valley community of Bardala.. This was part of a series of workshops in the project “Fostering.. Adaptation to Climate Change among Farming Systems in the northern Jordan Valley,” funded by the.. Spanish Agency for International Cooperation (AECID.. ).. AMENCA2 Extension is Announced at the Annual Workshop.. The MA’AN-APHEDA team participated in the annual workshop for the AMENCA2 partners conducted April 18-21, 2013.. The workshop, arranged by AUSAID, was held in Istanbul, Turkey with the participation of all the local and international NGO partners of the AMENCA2 project.. Participating NGOs shared their experiences and challenges and explained their implementation approaches across the project’s geographical clusters and output components.. MA'AN agroforestry booklets.. the booklets - available in English and Arabic - has been prepared by MA'AN Development Center with the assistance of Bustan Qaraaqa.. It is part of the project “Fostering Adaptation to Climate Change among Farming Systems in the northern Jordan Valley,” funded by The Spanish Agency for International Development Cooperation (AECID).. MA’AN Conducts a First Aid Workshop in Jerusalem.. As part of the Child Resilience project, MA’AN conducted a first aid workshop in Sheikh Sa’ed for mothers of the girls and boys participating in the Child Resilience project.. Two 3 hour meetings have been held so far.. A volunteer from the Palestinian Red Crescent Society conducted the sessions, in which 15 mothers attended.. The training addressed various techniques of dealing with injuries that might occur to children at a playground, such as bone fractures, burns, poisonings, and bites.. MA’AN, through the Child Resilience Project with Save the Children, Conducts an Accessories Design Activity.. As part of the Child Resilience project with Save the Children International, MA’AN carried out an accessories design training for the girls of the Sheikh Sa’ed Girls’ School in the village of Sheikh Sa’ed, Jerusalem.. Approximately 25 girls participated in the workshop that took place Saturday, 13 April, 2013.. Decoupage ART all the Way from Europe On Thursday,.. On April 11th, MA'AN Development Center conducted a unique workshop at the College of the Lady of Pillar, under the framework of the Child Resilience Project.. A Palestinian/Polish volunteer, Shereen Hindiya, came from abroad to share some of her knowledge in Decoupage Art, a simple and creative ART form that originated from France.. Yallah Nakhrbesh.. يلا نخريش.. As part of the Child Resilience Project, and in partnership with Save the Children International, MA'AN Development Center released a music album for children.. The album contains eight songs and they promote values like non-violence and communication.. مركز معا التنموي يعقد ندوة مؤسسات المجتمع المحلي ما بين المسؤولية الاجتماعية والمسالة المجتمعية.. عقد مركز العمل التنموي معا ضمن مشروع تطوير الأمن الغذائي من خلال بناء القدرات الممول من قبل الحكومة الاسترالية و بالشراكة مع مؤسسة أفيدا ، ندوة بعنوان ( مؤسسات المجتمع المحلي ما بين المسؤولية الاجتماعية و المسآلة المجتمعية ) ، وذلك بالتعاون مع بلدية الكفريات و المؤسسات القاعدية ، وبحضور مديرة الشوؤن العامة في محافظة طولكرم السيدة.. ميسون زريقي و السيدة أسماء عودة مستشارة قانونية.. محرومون من الطفولة.. فيلم جديد من إعداد مركز العمل التنموي/ معا، يسلط الضوء على ظاهرة عمالة الأطفال الفلسطينيين في المستوطنات الإسرائيلية الزراعية في وادي الأردن.. يأتي عمل الأطفال في ظل ظروف اقتصادية واجتماعية قاسية، وفي ظل ازدياد حدة الفقر والبطالة والتهميش الذي يعانيه المواطنون في الأغوار الفلسطينية.. توزيع قرطاسيات ومواد تعليمية على مدارس في الأغوار الفلسطينية.. قام مركز العمل التنموي/معا بتوزيع مجموعة كبيرة من القرطاسيات على عدد من مدارس الأغوار الأكثر حاجة والأقل حظا من مدارس الأغوار الفلسطينية.. والمدارس هي: مدرسة خالد بن الوليد - فصايل الفوقا.. - مدرسة بدو الكعابنة الاساسية المختلطة.. - مدرسة مرج نعجة الثانوية المختلطة.. وفد من الحكومة الاسترالية في زيارة الى مزرعة مركز معا العضوية.. قام وفد من الحكومة الاسترالية، ضم جويل ثورب وتوفيق رعد ومساعدة البرامج في مكتب الممثلية الاسترالية، بزيارة تفقدية إلى مزرعة بيت قاد في منطقة جنين حيث أقام المركز مزرعة عضوية تضم العديد من المكونات التي تشمل زراعة أكثر من 700 شجرة مثمرة تضم 70 نوعا من الأشجار، وبيت بلاستيكي لإنتاج الفراولة العضوية،.. مركز معا يشارك في إحياء يوم الأرض بمحافظة طولكرم.. شارك مركز العمل التنموي/ معا في إحياء ذكرى يوم الأرض في منطقة الكفريات، في قرية كفر عبوش وذلك يوم السبت الموافق 30/3/2013 ، وبالتعاون مع محافظة طولكرم وبلدية الكفريات , وممثلي عن المؤسسات الحكومية والاجهزه الأمنية.. وذلك عبر زراعة أشتال الزيتون، بحضور محافظ طولكرم السيد : جمال سعيد ورئيس بلدية الكفريات السيد عماد الزبده وأعضاء البلدية وممثلين عن مركز معا، والعديد من مدراء المؤسسات الرسمية والأهلية وطلبة المدارس وحشد من أهالي المنطقة.. مركز معا يوقع منح و مساعدات مالية للمؤسسات القاعدية في الكفريات – محافظة طولكرم.. طولكرم- معا- ضمن مشروع تعزيز الأمن الغذائي من خلال بناء القدرات الممول من الحكومة الاسترالية والمنفذ بالشراكة مع مؤسسة أفيدا الاسترالية ، وقع مركز العمل التنموي/معا اتفاقيات منح لأربعة مؤسسات قاعدية واتفاقية مساعدة مالية في الكفريات - محافظة طولكرم.. مركز معا التنموي يعقد ندوة عن حقوق ذوي الاحتياجات الخاصة في منطقة الكفريات.. عقد مركز العمل التنموي معا صباح يوم السبت الموافق 23/3/2013 ندوة بعنوان ( حقوق ذوي الاحتياجات الخاصة في منطقة الكفريات) ، وذلك بالتعاون مع بلدية الكفريات و المؤسسات القاعدية ، حيث أن شريحة ذوي الإعاقة وذوي الاحتياجات الخاصة في منطقة الكفريات بشكل خاص والمجتمع الفلسطيني عامة لا تختلف نسبتها عن باقي دول العالم ،.. MA’AN Center Conducts a civic debate on the Rights of People with Special Needs in Al-Kafryat Area.. MA’AN Development Center conducted a civic debate on the rights of people with special needs on Saturday March the 23rd of 2013.. The civic debate was conducted in cooperation with the Kafryat municipality and with local CBOs.. MA’AN Center Organizes a Seminar about Dealing with Wild Pigs and Tuta Absoluta in Al-Kafryat Area.. A seminar was conducted on February 25 to talk about both the issue of wild pigs and the plant disease of tuta absoluta in Al-Kafryat Area, Tulkarem.. The seminar was conducted with cooperation with the Ministry of Agricultural and the Ministry of health with a wide participation from local CBOs and village clusters.. مركز معا يعقد ندوة حول ظاهرة الخنازير البرية و آفة التوتا ابسلوتا في منطقة الكفريات.. عقد مركز معا يوم الاثنين الموافق الخامس و العشرين من شهر شباط ندوة حول ظاهرة الخنازير البرية و آفة التوتا أبسلوتا بالتعاون مع وزارة الزراعة و وزارة الصحة الفلسطينية بمشاركة بلدية الكفريات ,المؤسسات القاعدية ,.. يوم عمل تطوعي في مدرسة فصايل الفوقا.. بتنظيم ورعاية من مركز العمل التنموي/معا , وضمن الحملة التعريفية بالأغوار الفلسطينية المستمرة منذ سنوات.. قامت مجموعة من طالبات مدرسة راهبات الوردية الثانوية للبنات من مدينة القدس بالاضافة الى مجموعة من طلاب جامعة القدس بزيارة الى مدرسة خالد بن الوليد في قرية فصايل الفوقا في الأغوار.. مركز معا يعقد دورة تدريبية بعنوان المواطن الفاعل في منطقة الكفريات.. نفذ مركز العمل التنموي معا ضمن مشروع تعزيز الأمن الغذائي من خلال بناء القدرات الممول من الحكومة الاسترالية وبالشراكة مع مؤسسة أفيدا الاسترالية في منطقة الكفريات / طولكرم دورة المواطن الفاعل بواقع 20 ساعة تدريبية ، حيث استهدف المشروع 29 مواطنا فاعلا (24 امرأة و 5 رجال) من ممثلي المؤسسات القاعدية المشاركة في المشروع.. MA’AN Conducts a Volunteer Day at the Ka’abneh School in the Jordan Valley.. On 17 March 2013, MA’AN conducted a volunteer day in the Jordan Valley in conjunction with Ramallah Friends School.. The trip brought teenage students from the Friends School to al-Ka’abneh, a school outside Jericho that MA’AN built five years ago.. Over 60 students from neighboring herding communities attend the school, in a village with extremely high poverty rates.. مركز «معا » يتابع انجازات مدارس القدس ورام الله في مجال «تعزيز السلوكيات البيئية لدى الطلبة ».. القدس، رام الله.. -.. تابع مركز العمل التنموي.. معا.. ، من خلال مبادرتين لمدرستين في القدس ورام الله، عملية تعزيز الثقافة البيئة لدى الطلبة من خلال فعاليات وأنشطة بيئية خضراء من شأنها أن تخلق توعية وانتماء للطبيعة والأرض المحيطة بهم، وذلك من خلال زيارات لمدرسة اكاديما المستقبل في العيسوية التي نفذت فعاليات بيئية عبر دعم وتنفيذ من جمعية الإغاثة الزراعية، وأيضا مدرسة عزيز شاهين في رام الله الحاصلة على جائزة الم درس ة البيئية النموذجية لعام.. 2011.. ،.. مركز معا ينشئ في غور الأردن خمسة عشر نظاما لترشيح المياه الرمادية بيولوجيا.. نادية توفيق صوافطة، أم لأربعة أطفال من سكان بردلة في غور الأردن، لم تفكر أبدا أنها يمكن أن تستخدم المياه من المطبخ لري حديقتها.. بفضل مشروع نفذه مركز العمل التنوي / معا، هذه وغيرها من الممارسات الصديقة للبيئة تزدهر في هذا المجتمع المحلي.. لماذا يقوم مركز معا بذلك؟.. المخاطر التي يفرضها تغير المناخ.. تشير توقعات الفريق الحكومي الدولي المعني بتغير المناخ لجنوب وشرق البحر الأبيض المتوسط إلى أن تغير المناخ البشري المنشأ سوف يؤدي إلى إرتفاع درجات الحرارة في المنطقة ما بين 2.. 2 و 5.. 1 درجة مئوية حتى نهاية القرن الحالي، وانخفاض ما بين10٪ و20٪ في هطول الأمطار السنوية.. MA’AN Conducts a Jordan Valley Tour for Students from the Ramallah Friends School.. On 10 February 2013, MA’AN brought a group of 30 students from the Friends School in Ramallah to the Jordan Valley for an educational tour.. The students decided of their own initiative that they wanted  ...   Fasayil al-Foqa as Part of MA’AN’s Voice to be Heard Project.. As part of MA’AN’s ongoing house renovation project funded by the Norwegian Representative Office (NRO), five houses and sanitation units were built in order to support five families who recently came to Fasayil al-Foqa due to a conflict within the family, which resulted in destruction and harassment.. بناء أربع منازل وبعض الوحدات الصحية لخمس عائلات لجأت الى منطقة الفصايل الفوقا.. وضمن واجبنا الانساني والوطني وبعد النداءات التي سمعناها في وسائل الاعلام.. قمنا في الأسابيع القليلة الماضية ببناء أربع منازل بالاضافة الى بعض الوحدات الصحية لأربع عائلات لجأت الى منطقة فصايل الفوقا.. حيث قام المركز بتوفير كل مواد البناء اللازمة بالاضافة الى الأبواب ةالنوافذ وكل ما يلزم لاتمام البناء, وقد ساهم المستفيدون بجهدهم الشخصي كأيدي عاملة بدلاص من المساهمة بسبب ظروفهم الصعبة وحالتهم الطارئة.. MA’AN Conducts a Two-Day Capacity Building Training for 20 Teachers.. As part of the capacity building component in the Child Resilience Project, MA’AN Development Center conducted a two day capacity building training for 20 teachers.. The purpose of the training was to introduce the teachers from the participating schools to the child resilience manual, in order to equip them with the necessary knowledge and tools to implement the twelve sessions in the schools.. MA’AN Development Center conducts an orientation workshop for the participating teachers in the child resilience project.. In partnership with Save the Children International, MA’AN started the third cycle of the Child Resilience Project.. This part of the project will be conducted from 1 August 2012 until 31 December 2012.. The project will be implemented in eight schools in Jerusalem:.. MA’AN Conducts Parents’ Meeting at the YMCA in Jerusalem.. As part of the activities of the Child Resilience Project, MA’AN development center conducted the first parents meeting at the YMCA in Jerusalem.. The meeting took place on 27 September 2012.. Around thirty parents attended the meeting.. The purpose of the meeting was to introduce the parents to the Child Resilience Project, to the activities that their children will be engaged in, to present to them the achievements of the first two cycles of the project, as well as to get their feedback and input on how to develop the project.. افتتاح حديقة دار الإيمان لرعاية الأيتام في قلقيلية.. من محمد صبري مراسل موقع بانيت وصحيفة بانوراما.. 19/09/2012 14:37:36.. نظم المجلس الثقافي البريطاني بالشراكة مع مركز العمل التنموي - معا وبالتعاون مع محافظة قلقيلية حفل افتتاح حديقة دار الايتام في قلقيلية ضمن مشروع المواطنة الفاعلة ، والذي ينفذ في كافة محافظات الوطن ، بحضور كل من العميد ربيح الخندقجي محافظ محافظة قلقيلية، محمد خضر نائب رئيس بلدية قلقيلية، محمود ولويل امين سر حركة فتح ، الدكتور يحيى ندى رئيس جامعة القدس المفتوحة في قلقيلية، الن سمارت مدير المجلس الثقافي البريطاني، سعد الدين الحلواني مدير البرامج في المجلس الثقافي البريطاني،.. Population statistics of Israeli settlers living in the occupied Palestinian territories.. The Israeli Ministry of the Interior recently released, in Hebrew, the new population statistics of Israeli settlers living in the occupied Palestinian territories, not including East Jerusalem.. The statistics speak for themselves.. Currently there are 350,143 settlers in the West Bank alone.. More than 15,000 Israeli Jews have become settlers in the past year, 48,389 in the past three years, and 159,937 since 2000.. MA'AN Development Center, in cooperation with Save the Children, organized an open day for children in Al-Jahhalin School.. On Sunday, September 2, MA'AN Development Center, in cooperation with Save the Children organized an open day for children of Al-Jahhalin.. Unfortunately, Al-Jahhalin School has been given an eviction order providing members of Al-Jahhalin with no choice other than moving to a new city if they wanted their children to pursue their basic right -.. education.. - indifferent of the family's needs for survival and their lifestyle, considering they are Bedouins.. July 2012 Settler Attacks in the West Bank.. (not including Jerusalem).. Haaretz recently published this.. map of settler attacks.. in the West Bank (excluding East Jerusalem) against Palestinian land, property and people during the month of July 2012, based off of reports from B'Tselem, Ta'ayush Arab Jewish partnership, and the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs.. To make the map more accessible, here is a formatted table listing the attacks by date.. Child Resilience Project Activities.. As part of the Child Resilience Project, MA’AN organized seven summer camps to engage children in enrichment activities following the end of their school year.. These summer camps included various activities such as drama, animation training, sports, arts, crafts, photography, and computer skills.. Child’s Rights Summer Camp.. In partnership with Save the Children, MA’AN Development Center conducted a three day child’s rights summer camp in Beit Sahour.. The camp was implemented by the child resilience team in MA’AN and a specialized team from Defence for Children International/Palestine Section.. Jordan Valley Youth for Change.. On July 17th, July 18th and July 19th, MA'AN Development Center, in partnership with Save the Children International, has conducted three kick off workshops in Tubas, Nablus and Jericho to launch the new project Jordan Valley Youth for Change for the local communities.. Main objective, goals, and activities were discussed during the workshop along with the initial steps of the project.. مركز معا يستضيف مدير الوكالة الاسترالية للتنمية.. استضاف مركز العمل التنموي معا المدير العام لوكالة التنمية في الحكومة الاسترالية (AusAid ) السيد بيتر باكستر في زيارة ميدانية لمنطقة الكفريات في طولكرم يوم الجمعة الثالث عشر من تموز الجاري.. جاءت هذه الزيارة الميدانية، وهي الأولى لفلسطين للسيد باكستر، في سياق برنامج تطوير الأمن الغذائي وبناء قدرات المؤسسات المجتمعية (أمينكا) الذي ينفذه مركز العمل التنموي معا بالشراكة مع مؤسسة أفيدا الاسترالية وبدعم من الحكومة الاسترالية.. MA’AN Development Center Initiates Educational Tours of the Jordan Valley.. As part of its advocacy initiative, MA’AN is now conducting tours of the Jordan Valley in the occupied West Bank.. The first tour was on May 13th and was made possible through a gracious donation from the Norwegian Representative Office (NRO) in Ramallah.. In total, 18 internationals and Palestinians attended.. MA’AN Development Center Hosts International Students for a Weeklong Educational Tour of the Occupied Palestinian Territories.. From 11 to 15 June, MAAN Development Center hosted a group of students from the prestigious King's Academy in Jordan.. The weeklong trip focused on learning more about Palestine and, specifically, the Palestinian Jordan Valley.. Eight students from King's Academy were joined by five more students from Friends School in Ramallah to learn more about the lives of some of the most marginalized Palestinians.. MA’AN Carries Out a Teachers’ Meeting through the Child Resilience Project.. On May 31st, MA’AN convened teachers, principles, and counselors in the village of Burham in Ramallah.. This is a part of the Child Resilience Project in coordination with Save the Children which has been in force since June 2011.. Altogether 20 participants were involved and conducted meetings from 2pm-5 and the meetings focused primarily on SWOT analysis.. Baby Greenhouses for Organic Farming Initiated through the AMENCA II Project.. In May 2012 the MA’AN-APHEDA AMENCA II project, funded by AUSAID, established a baby greenhouse in the village of Kufr Zayoub in the Tulkarem governorate.. The initiative was voted on by the women’s committee and the youth sport club based in the village.. Active Citzens Cermony.. May 9th, 2012, Wednesday - The British Council, in partnership with MA’AN Development Center, has organized the graduation ceremony for the Active Citizens Program which was implemented in the Nablus, Jenin, Tulkarem, Salfeet, Qalqiliyeh and Tubas Governorates.. The ceremony was held under the auspices of the Palestinian Prime Minister Dr.. Salam Fayyad, Dr.. Mohammed Abu Zaid, Deputy for MOEHE, British Council Director, Ms.. Sandra Hamrouni, MA’AN’s Director General Mr.. Sami Khader, in addition to a number of governors and 245 participants in the program.. Computer Lab.. As part of the “Voices to be Heard Project” funded by the Norwegian Representative Office and the “Increasing Resilience Project” funded by Cordaid, MA’AN Development Center has completed the rehabilitation of the Zubeidat Upper School computer lab in the Jordan Valley.. As part of a program aiming at increasing and improving the services available to the youth of Zubeidat, MA’AN provided the Upper School with 10 new computers in addition to new computer tables.. The Health Crisis in Idhna: E-waste and the Occupation.. April 19 - The Palestinian NGO, Sunflower, organized a tour of the Palestinian village, Idhna, located just west of Hebron in the occupied West Bank and home to 20,000 residents.. A MA’AN representative took part in the tour to not only support the critical work of a fellow Palestinian NGO, but to also gain a more nuanced understanding of the challenges this particular village faces.. خبر اختتام برنامج المواطنون الفاعلون في محافظات الشمال.. نظم المجلس الثقافي البريطاني بالشراكة مع مركز العمل التنموي-معا يوم الأربعاء الموافق 9 ايار 2012 وللعام الثاني على التوالي حفل تخريج المشاركين في برنامج المواطنة الفاعلة الذي ينفذ في محافظات نابلس وجنين وطولكرم وسلفيت وقلقيلية وطوباس وذلك وذلك تحت رعاية رئيس الوزراء الفلسطيني د.. سلام فياض وبحضور د.. محمد أبوزيد وكيل وزارة التربية والتعليم العالي بالنيابة عن رئيس الوزراء ومديرة المجلس الثقافي البريطاني السيدة ساندرا حمروني والمدير العام لمركز العمل التنموي- معا السيد سامي خضر ومحافظو المحافظات المعنية و245 مشاركا في برنامج المواطنة الفاعلة.. MA'AN Celebrates Palestinian Child's Day in Bardala.. In cooperation with UNICEF and Save the Children, MA’AN Development Center conducted an open day for the children of Bardala, Kardala, and Ein al-Beida.. More than two hundred children participated in the event.. This event was done as part of the events celebrating the Palestinian Child’s Day and it took place on the 29th of April 2012 in Bardala.. MA’AN Development Center Sponsors a Sports Day at Al Nahda School in Jerusalem.. As part of the community initiatives in the Child Resilience Project, a project that is being implemented in cooperation with Save the Children International, MA’AN Development Center conducted a sports day for more than 150 children between the ages of 6 and 12.. This event took place at Al Nahda “A” school on 29 April 2012.. MA’AN Holds a Volunteer Day in Zbeidat.. As part of the project “Voices to be Heard,” funded by the Norwegian Representative Office, MA’AN organized a volunteer day in the village of Zubeidat in order to celebrate the work that has been completed in the village through the generosity of the Norwegian government.. On Sunday, May 6, 2012, MA’AN invited 25 students from the Rosary Sisters’ High School in Jerusalem to come to Zubeidat to learn more about the community and the Jordan Valley as well as to volunteer in the village.. MA’AN Development Center Commemorates Palestinian Prisoners’ Day.. Every year on April 17th, Palestinians commemorate Palestinian Prisoners’ Day.. This year, through the Child Resilience project carried out by MA’AN in partnership with Save the Children Sweden, a full commemoration event was organized.. MA’AN Commemorates Orphan Week.. On April 8, as part of MA’AN Child Resilience Project, a community initiative was implemented in the neighborhood of Izariyeh in Jerusalem.. Thirty girls from Jerusalem Girls School in Silwan visited a total of 120 children in the Jeel al-Amal Boys’ orphanage and Zuhoor al-Amal girls’ orphanage.. MA’AN Development Center Celebrates Palestinian Child Day.. Palestinian Child Day is celebrated every year on April 5th.. In commemoration of this event, over 400 children were brought to Al Hakawati theater in occupied East Jerusalem.. The event was organized and prepared for over a month by national and international institutions working in Jerusalem on child related issues.. Some of these organizations include Save the Children, UNICEF, Juzoor, Palestinian Counseling Center, and Al Maqdese for Society Development.. Palestinian Students of Jerusalem Commemorate Arab Orphan Week.. On April 5, 2012, Palestinian children from the al-Nahda school in occupied East Jerusalem visited Dar al-Tifel school for orphans, also in East Jerusalem, as part of the Child Resilience project with Save the Children.. This initiative, put forth by the girls of al-Nahda to commemorate Arab Orphan Week, raised awareness and support for Palestinian orphans in the area.. Open Day at Augusta Victoria Hospital in Jerusalem for Children with Cancer and Kidney Failure.. MA’AN Development Center recently organized an open day at Augusta Victoria Hospital in Occupied East Jerusalem on 3 April 2012.. This event was part of the Child Resilience Project’s community initiatives, coordinated with Save the Children.. Through positive and engaging activities, the open day aimed to provide support for the 100 children with cancer and kidney failure at the hospital.. Parallel Realities: Israeli Settlements and Palestinian Communities in the Jordan Valley.. MA’AN has recently completed its newest publication entitled “Parallel Realities: Israeli Settlements and Palestinian Communities in the Jordan Valley.. ” This factsheet describes in detail how and why Israeli settlers live in the Jordan Valley.. It documents the incentives that Israeli settlers receive in order to move to the Jordan Valley settlements, including tax breaks, unlimited water resources, and numerous grants for the starting of a business.. MA’AN Hosts Heinrich Böll Stiftung Co-President and Ramallah Office Director.. On Tuesday, April 3rd, MA’AN hosted a number of high ranking members of Heinrich Böll Stiftung for a field visit to the Jordan Valley.. This included the co-President Barbara Unmüßig, the Director of Heinrich Böll’s Ramallah office, Dr.. René Wildangel, and Heinrich Böll’s Project Coordinator, Lama Hourani.. Click here for our map that depicts where we work and showcases our various projects and partnerships throughout Palestine.. Links:.. Home Page.. |.. Contact US.. Gallery.. New Job Openings.. Copyright © 2010 Reserved MA'AN Development Center..

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    Descriptive info: Site Map:.. What Is MA'AN?.. Brochures.. Pamphlets.. Books Studies.. NewsLetter.. Fact Sheets.. Posters Stickers.. Donors Partners.. Structure.. SuccessStorie.. New job opening..

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  • Title: Agricultural and Food Security Program
    Descriptive info: Agricultural and Food Security Program.. MA’AN’s Agricultural and Food Security Program aims to improve the food security situation of the poorest and most marginalized sectors of the Palestinian society at the family and community level.. Challenges faced by the sector.. Despite the traditional basis and importance of agriculture in Palestine, its capacity to make a contribution to the economy and maintain food security is severely constrained.. Rapid population growth and demographic expansion combined with political and economic deterioration over the past.. 43.. years have reshaped agricultural systems and posed many constraints and challenges which effect Palestine’s ability to ensure the food security of its people.. The major obstacle to agricultural development as a result of the occupation is the continual confiscation of land.. Palestinians are not permitted to work in Area C, which comprises 61% of the West Bank, severely hindering the capacity of agricultural sector.. The construction of the Apartheid Wall has annexed more than 10% of the total area of the West Bank, including some of the best arable land in the West Bank.. Many farmers have been prevented from accessing and cultivating their land which now lies behind the wall.. More farmers still have had their land confiscated for settlement expansion purposes, to build Israeli only roads in the West Bank, or to create closed military areas.. In the process hundreds-of-thousands of olive trees have been uprooted, the biodiversity of many areas has been destroyed and Palestinians have been cut off from water sources.. In addition to inadequate land sources, in Gaza, fishermen are prohibited from fishing in the Mediterranean Sea, severely restricting a significant and important food source and income.. In the West Bank and Gaza, farmers have to deal with inadequate access to clean water.. In Gaza water is unfit for human consumption.. In many areas of the West Bank, especially in area C, farmers have to cope with severe restrictions on water usage due to overuse by Israeli settlements and the bans on building wells and reservoirs.. Existing wells are often behind locked fences and can  ...   programs also aim to combat unemployment and poverty in providing sustainable and long term jobs in agriculture.. In the context of such challenges, MA’AN’s Agricultural and Food Security Program aims to bring about sustainable food security in accordance with MA’AN’s values by focusing on the following areas of importance.. Protecting land and water resources from the risk of confiscation.. Improving food security.. Providing employment and regular income.. Contributing to economic productivity and exports.. Environmental protection.. MA’AN’s Agricultural and Food Security Program has identified the most pressing needs, resulting in the prioritization of the following objectives and strategies:.. Increasing steadfastness and enhancing agriculture by encouraging farmers’ attachment to the land through the rehabilitation of the damaged infrastructure and by offering support to farmers affected by the building of the Apartheid Wall.. Developing the efficiency and sustainability of agricultural resources by increasing water harvesting through the establishment of ponds and cisterns.. Reclamation and rehabilitation of new lands though sustainable means.. Increasing productivity and enhancing contributions to achieve food security.. Developing agricultural services and extension works for farmers through organic farming and pest control.. Advocating and lobbying at international and national levels to support the Palestinian people’s rights in the use of land resources, and advocating in order to prevent legal violations against farmers.. MA'AN works with rural communities to enhance food security using practical measures.. These will include the reclamation and rehabilitation of land, the construction of agricultural roads, home gardens, greenhouses, cisterns, irrigation pipes and systems, water storage facilities, stone terraces and fences, the distribution of trees, seedlings and animals, producing and marketing organic extra virgin olive oil, and providing animal husbandry units.. Comprehensive training in each of these activities has helped to ensure that food security is effective, efficient, sustainable and environmentally friendly.. MA'AN will also work on bringing together relevant stakeholders to develop a food sovereignty policy.. MA’AN also pays special attention to cooperating and coordinating with all stakeholders involved in agriculture and food security including the Ministry of Agriculture in the Palestinian Authority and NGOs to implement projects and agricultural strategies..

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  • Title: Community Development Program
    Descriptive info: COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM.. MA’AN’s community development program aims to.. enhance community development and decrease poverty in rural and disadvantaged areas.. MA’AN seeks to increase the opportunities of poor and marginalized areas and communities most affected by Israeli oppression and who are suffering from the consequences of this, based on real and fair participation.. The route to economic opportunity and community development starts with broad and open participation by all segments of the community.. The community is the basic building block of society and citizens themselves are the most critical aspect of community development and growth.. In the context of continuing military occupation, community development programs in the oPT face a unique set of challenges that make the principles of a holistic approach to community development all the more important.. Unemployment, imprisonment, restrictions on movement and the resulting lack of economic stability and self-confidence have put a strain on natural development and on the roles of men and women in society.. As a result, communities have suffered and brought new challenges to citizens who are struggling to cope with the consequences of Israeli oppression.. Therefore, there  ...   transportation, municipal works and educational facilities are often lacking.. In the context of these challenges, MA’AN hopes to build strong, sustainable communities where participation occurs in all areas and with all age groups and genders.. In order to achieve this MA’AN has outlined the following strategies for implementation:.. The development of an effective and appropriate infrastructure.. The implementation of labor-intensive projects.. The enhancement of community members’ skills, knowledge and attitudes appropriate for the local labor market.. The improvement of cooperation and coordination with all stakeholders.. Some specific projects focus on youth development and leadership in order to help create an environment suitable for active participation in social transformation.. Others develop women’s abilities to be more active and professional in their jobs and enhance women’s centers’ institutional structures and entrepreneurial development.. MA’AN’s projects have also included the construction and renovation of schools, sanitation units, connecting roads, youth and women’s clubs, community centers, retaining walls, playgrounds, water storage facilities, and community development premises.. These projects increase the effectiveness and sustainability of targeted communities.. MA’AN also creates jobs that bring income to families and the community, strengthening local economies..

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  • Title: Women Development Program
    Descriptive info: Women Development Program.. MA’AN’s Women’s Development Program aims to empower Palestinian women in the context of the continual hardship brought by occupation and equip them to succeed in the extraordinary and multiple roles that are often demanded of them.. This program aims to emphasis equality and contribute to a more equal society for women.. Historically, Palestinian women have been largely responsible for ensuring the domestic wellbeing of their families.. However, imprisonment and exile of husbands and sons has meant that many families and communities suffer from a frequent absence of male wage earners and community leaders.. In such circumstances women have often emerged to take up new roles in communities and central positions in decision-making processes.. In Palestine as a whole, few women participate in the official labor market but many women, especially in rural areas, often work unofficially or their labor is not recognized because it largely takes place in the home and is unpaid.. However almost 65% of agricultural work is done by women as part of their household duties and women often carry out a significant amount of unpaid work in rural areas.. MA’AN understands that there are constraints that block women’s equal participation in the development process.. These obstacles include a lack of social services, lack of training, low self-esteem, lack of technology and a lack of information, in addition to social and cultural constraints.. Women are also not offered enough assistance,  ...   women as primary stakeholders and encourage female participation in all phases of our programs.. In addition, MA’AN is committed to supporting women’s role in society through promoting their participation in its development projects.. During project planning, implementation and evaluation, processes are applied that reaffirm the principles of gender quality.. Through the application of this approach, the Women’s Development Program pursues the following fundamental goals:.. Developing women’s leadership.. Strengthening women’s organizations.. Supporting women’s rights, equality and equity.. Creating political and economic opportunities.. By applying these objectives, MA’AN continues to work with women’s organizations in order to ensure that they are active participants in development.. MA’AN is assisting in the development and establishment of women’s centers and offers training courses in career development, computer skills and specialized English.. In addition MA’AN has assisted in training courses in food processing, home gardening, organic agriculture as well as in skills such as knitting, sewing machine maintenance, interior design, upgrading skills for dental assistants, and DIY.. Projects are also aimed at developing women’s abilities to be more active and professional in their jobs and enhance women’s centers’ institutional structures, systems, networking, infrastructure and entrepreneurial development for poor and most marginalized groups to start their own enterprises using the methodology of Competency-based Economies through Formation of Enterprise (CEFE).. In addition, MA’AN works to advocate for the rights of all women in Palestinian society and to improve their situation, representation and status in society..

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  • Title: Youth and Adolescent Development Program
    Descriptive info: Youth and Adolescent Development Program.. MA’AN’s Youth and Adolescent Development Program aims to empower youth and enhance their involvement and participation in developing themselves, their communities and Palestinian society as a whole.. Challenges faced the sector.. Palestine is a young society, 64% of the population is under 24 years old and 49% is under 15 years old.. Despite this, there are insufficient and inadequate services to support youth.. Although there are many youth centers located throughout the oPT these mainly cater for men, leaving a lack of services for young women and the services they do provide for men are inadequate.. The socio-political context of military occupation has led Palestinian youth to suffer from the absence of a secure environment for physical and mental development.. The occupation has meant that young people are unable to plan for a successful and happy future and opportunities for self-expression and employment are limited.. As a result unemployment among the young is extremely high and most young people are depressed about their present living situation.. Young Palestinians are extremely marginalized and there is weak participation at political, economic and social levels and especially and most importantly in decision making at the community level.. Youth, especially young men, are particularly targeted by the Israeli occupation forces.. Most of those who have been imprisoned, injured or killed by the Israeli occupation forces have been young men.. Currently, the political and social agenda  ...   violence, abuse and racism.. Providing and improving educational and youth orientated spaces.. MA’AN’s program is creating and improving venues for youth participation and improving the quality of services for youth and adolescents.. Within these youth centers, MA’AN hopes to improve the infrastructure, capacities, the ability to provide quality services and the good governance, transparency, efficiency and effectiveness of these youth centers.. It also aims to enhance values of citizenship and belonging among the young by increasing their participation at all levels of society and including them at every level of decision making.. It hopes especially to help women participate on an equal basis with men in society.. MA’AN’s interventions also aim to contribute to the enhancement of youth’s participation in policy formulation.. The Youth and Development program also comprises various training and developmental programs in with the aim of encouraging young people to have a more active role in participating in their communities and becoming the future leaders of Palestine.. The problems, interests and needs of youth and adolescents will be integrated into all MA’AN’s different sectors in order to create jobs, opportunities and increase the participation of young men and women.. MA’AN also seeks to advocate for the rights of young men and women in order to protect their rights and enhance their position in society.. MA’AN seeks to improve the partnership, complementarity and cooperation with different stakeholders, including government, NGOs and the private sector..

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  • Title: Environment Protection Program
    Descriptive info: Environment Protection Program..

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  • Title: Capacity Building
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  • Title: Publications
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  • Title: Annual Reports
    Descriptive info: Annual Report 2008.. (Arb).. Annual Report 2007.. Annual Report 2008.. Annual Report 2007.. Annual Report 2006.. Annual Report 2005.. Annual Report 2004.. Annual Report 2003.. Annual Report 2002.. Annual Report 2001.. Annual Report 2000.. Back to Top..

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