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  • Title: Herb growing, herb gardening, herb cooking, herbal skincare, herbs for the home, herb craft tips from Mad About Herbs
    Descriptive info: .. Home.. About.. Articles.. HERB E-BOOK.. Herb Gift Shop.. Subscribe.. Mad About Herbs.. Take the heat out of cooking with Sage.. July 23, 2012.. This article is by Edward Gillan of.. Avogel.. Sage, Salvia officinalis, is one of our oldest medicinal plants and has been a popular food and medicine throughout history.. It has been used to flavour beer and cheese and remains a popular garden and kitchen herb.. Its generic name comes from the Latin, salvere, to be saved, and it was said that having sage in the home garden meant that no illness could prevail.. It originates from the Mediterranean region.. There are many varieties of sage.. It is a perennial shrub to 70cm (27in.. ) with rugose, glandular leaves that can be reddish or green and ovate.. Violet flowers appear on terminal spikes in late summer to autumn and it is easy to cultivate.. It likes to grow in well drained, rather limey soil in full sun.. It does not like cold wet winters so it is worth growing it in a container that can be taken inside during the winter months.. It has long been considered one of the most important medicinal herbs.. Early herbalists regarded sage, with its pretty purple leaves that sweat in the sun, as a sweat-regulator, helping with hot flushes accompanying a reduction in hormonal levels during menopause.. Sage is one of the plants known as phyto-oestrogens.. The most common symptoms during the menopause are.. menopause hot flushes.. and.. menopause night sweats.. Sage can be used to help cope with these debilitating symptoms and can do so without side effects and without interrupting the process of the menopause by interfering with hormone levels.. Using an extract of sage, such as in sage tablets, can help relieve the symptoms of excessive sweating and night sweats.. Sage is commonly used to enhance the flavour of food.. It goes very well with onions, especially in stuffings.. The pungent flavour marries well with eggs too.. If you have an abundance of sage leaves in your garden, why not reap the benefits of all that hard labour in your garden and give the following recipe a try.. Stuffed Sage Leaves.. INGREDIENTS.. Makes 20.. BATTER:.. 1 small egg.. 50 ml beer.. ¼ tsp Herbamare® Original.. 25 g buckwheat flour.. 10 g butter, melted.. FILLING:.. 5–6 sprigs of marjoram.. 200 g fresh cheese (see Tip).. Freshly ground pepper.. 40 sage leaves from the garden.. Olive oil for frying.. 1 Mix all the ingredients for the batter together and leave to rest for.. 30 minutes.. 2 For the filling, chop the marjoram and mix with the remaining.. ingredients.. 3 Shake the sage leaves, do not wash if possible or if necessary clean.. with a soft brush.. Spread 1 tsp of the filling on the underside of.. half of the leaves.. Cover with the undersides of the remaining leaves.. 4 Preheat a serving plate in the oven at 80 °C.. Dip your pre-prepared.. leaves in the batter and shallow fry in very hot oil on both sides for 3.. to 4 minutes.. Lay on kitchen paper and keep warm on the plate in the.. oven.. Season with pepper and serve.. TIP For the filling, fresh cheese such as Philadelphia or.. Gervais could be used.. About.. Eddie Gillan.. Author.. Eddie BA (Hons), DN, DNT (Dist) qualified as a nutritional therapist in 1997 and has a busy practice in Glasgow.. He has worked in the health industry since 1987 and currently combines her practice with the role of Education Manager for.. A.. Vogel Herbal Remedies.. Eddie lectures, trains and writes extensively on health issues, and is often to be found quoted in health magazines and on health-related websites.. {.. 0.. comments.. }.. How To Grow and Cook Pineapple Sage.. August 17, 2011.. Pineapple Sage (Salvia elegans) is one of my (many) favourite herbs.. I ve been able to grow and propagate this plant quite easily but I am often asked by others why their plant s leaves have turned brown/fallen off/wilted/it hasn t survived as well as their other varieties of Sage.. There are many reasons these problems could occur but the main one to remember is that this is a.. tender.. evergreen perennial herb and really prefers to be outside in natural sunlight (preferably in a sheltered position for example near the house) during the late spring/summer and indoors into a cool room during the late autumn/winter where it will give you some spectacular flowers at a time of year when most herbs are not in flower.. You can also rub the leaves to get their wonderful scent.. Other possible reasons for problems include over watering, sudden changes in temperature (eg when moving the plant from outside to a warm room inside),.. Leaf eelworm.. red spider mites.. The leaves are similar in shape to the more common sage (Salvia officinalis) and it is part of the mint family and is sometimes known as scarlet pineapple.. It has lovely tubular deep pink flowers in the winter and brightens up any room or conservatory in the early to mid winter.. The leaves have the most delicious pineapple scent when you rub them gently.. It is native to the highlands of Mexico and Guatemala.. Propagating Pineapple Sage.. I have many pineapple sage plants grown from cuttings mainly because I tried it once a few  ...   addition during the winter months eg a slice of herb butter on a grilled meat or added to flavour noodles, pasta or steamed vegetables is delicious.. Pesto also freezes well.. How and when to harvest.. The plants should be at least 15 cm tall (6 inches) before you start harvesting them, in the case of young perennial herbs eg lavender, rosemary, sage, thyme, you might want to allow the plant to become more established and wait until the following year.. Once the plant flowers there is less flavour in the leaves.. Pinch out any flowering tips to maintain flavours for culinary use.. Leaves These should be picked fresh and preferably before flowering throughout the growing season.. They are best picked on a dry sunny morning after the dew has evaporated and just before the sun gets too hot (If you pick after this, the flavour of the leaf which comes from the oils in it will evaporate).. Make sure you choose healthy leaves.. ie with no pests or diseases on them.. Try not to bruise the softer leaved herbs such as basil because this will affect their flavour.. When I say leaves I mean cut the stem with leaves attached in the first place if it is a small leaved herb.. For larger leaves such as bay leaves you would cut them individually.. Always use a sharp, clean, knife or secateurs.. Remove lower leaves from the stems you have harvested; they may become damaged, then attach bunches of herbs together around the stems with elastic bands.. The length of stem removed will vary depending on how much you need to use/want to dry.. It is best to pick small quantities so that they are not left lying around waiting for you to use them or preserve them.. The plant will wilt and lose many of its properties if not used or preserved in some way shortly after cutting.. If you are.. harvesting from a perennial herb.. , try not to take more than a third of the leaves because these plants are slower growing than the annuals.. Eg rosemary, sage, thyme, oregano, lavender.. For annual herbs, picking will boost leaf production and you will need larger quantities because the flavour is milder than the perennial herbs.. Tip.. You could have a few pots of annual herbs which you rotate so that there is always one plant with some leaves to harvest on it.. The best way to achieve this is to sow seeds every 2 to 3 weeks for plants such as coriander, basil, parsley, chives and chervil.. If you harvesting several herbs try to keep them separate to avoid transferring flavours between them.. Once picked you can use them fresh, dry them (which makes the flavour stronger which is why you use less of a dried herb than its fresh equivalent), freeze them or preserve them in olive oil or use the leaves to flavour vinegar or oil.. Evergreen herbs can be harvested at any time in the year so don t really need to be preserved just in the summer like other herbs.. Copyright 2008-2011 Madeleine Giddens All rights reserved.. The article above is an edited extract from my.. herb gardening e-book.. which also covers the main methods of drying or you can see it in the.. online shop.. If your herb plants are already flowering or have been for a while, you could try pinching off part of the flowering stem to promote more healthy fresh leaves there s still time before autumn! I know this works well with basil and mint.. 5.. Previous Entries.. Welcome to the Mad About Herbs blog.. My name's Madeleine Giddens and I'm a herbaholic! Here is where I come - when I'm not number crunching or looking after my gorgeous daughters - to write about my passion for herbs and share with you what I've learnt over the last 11 years about growing them and their culinary and health benefits.. HERB GARDENING E-BOOK!.. Aromatherapy Products and more, click the box to open my shop!.. Herbal Medicine Making Kit.. Click Below To Visit My Herb Shop.. Herb Game For Kids.. Recent Posts.. Cooking With Herbs.. Lavender.. Pages.. About Contact.. Archives.. Blogs I Like.. Herb Articles.. Useful Links.. Categories.. Alternative Kitchen Garden.. aromatherapy.. basil.. calendula.. chives.. cooking with herbs.. cooking with spices.. culinary herbs.. drying herbs.. essential oils.. grow herbs.. growing herbs.. harvesting herbs.. herb.. herbal medicine.. herbal remedies.. herb cooking.. herb crafts.. herb crafts for kids.. herb flowers.. herb garden.. Herb Gardening.. herb gardens.. herb growing.. herb recipes.. herbs.. herbs and spices.. herb seeds.. Herbs For Health.. herb society.. herb uses.. how to grow herbs.. kitchen garden.. kitchen herb garden.. lavender.. medicinal herbs.. nettles.. nettle soup.. parsley.. rosemary.. roses.. sage.. spices.. thyme.. uses for rosemary.. Search This Site.. Lijit Search.. My Other Websites.. Affordable Eco-Friendly & Health products including Gardening, Gifts, Bamboo, skincare, pets, gadgets and lots more plus an opportunity for a second income.. Recent Comments.. Oke.. on.. 50 Best Blogs To Learn About Herbalism.. maddles on.. Natural Skin Care Courses by Aromantic.. Heuristic Spot | How To Grow and Cook Pineapple Sage.. Kimberly.. Borage Flowers On Ice.. Melanie Whittaker on.. Herb Books Equipment.. Keep In Touch.. @madaboutherbs.. Mad About Herbs Facebook Page.. Contact Mad About Herbs.. Get smart with the.. Thesis WordPress Theme.. from DIY Themes.. Powered by.. WishList Member..

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  • Title:
    Descriptive info: Warning: Do NOT buy any Herb Gardening Book.. unless it meets the following 6 criteria.. There is a lot of confusion surrounding our field.. I want to give you 6 criteria or elements you absolutely, positively must have in any solution you obtain:.. It categorises the herbs into their types and preferred position - make sure it is not just a list of herbs with a photo.. It covers the basics in detail.. Inspires you about how you can use the herbs once grown.. Practical and useful advice and tips are included.. Broken down into simple achievable steps.. Detailed section about herb gardening in containers.. I always used to have to buy my herbs from the supermarket when I needed them now thanks to you I am growing them myself.. with the help of my husband who is a keen gardener but had.. never grown herbs before so thank you again.. Dorothy Mungall, Scotland - Ezine Subscriber.. Now, you're probably wondering how and why this book can help you to do all those things.. Let me explain.. This 170 page e-book lays out 7 simple steps to creating your dream herb garden.. It also has a detailed section about.. how to prepare the ground, sow seeds, take cuttings and divide herbs.. You'll also learn.. how to harvest and dry your herbs.. You don't need a large garden to make the most of herbs, they can be grown in containers (there's a detailed section on these as well - how to choose the right one, what compost to use and other tips), indoors or outdoors, in the garden, on your balcony.. You'll be inspired about the many uses of herbs within the theme section.. This is an amazing chance to.. have all the herb growing information that you need at your fingertips.. If you're not inspired after reading this resource, just send me an email and you'll receive a prompt refund.. See below for more details of our iron clad satisfaction guarantee.. You will receive this digital product immediately after payment; you will be sent to an email with a link to a download page where you will be able to download the e-book as a PDF.. Don't take my word for it.. Listen to what our customers say.. ".. the herb bed is now well established and coming along nicely.. I already had a rosemary bush, this is now in flower, my bay tree seems to be growing for England.. Of the new plants- my oregano is steaming ahead, I plucked a leaf this evening (sitting in the garden watching the remainder of the sun go down with a nice glass of wine) rubbed the underside and held it to my nose, what a wonderful smell, sweet, aromatic, just crying out for warm bread, tomato, garlic and olive oil.. Lemon thyme, this seems to want to creep across the herb bed, almost as if it believes no one will notice.. My sage is racing for the sky, the lavender has shoots that stand tall and proud and my mint leaves are a beautiful purple-green colour, like young broccoli.. Elsewhere in the garden, my first potato plant shoots made an appearance today, my daughter spotted the carrot shoots last week and a row of garlic plants look promising.. In the utility room my chillies plants are close to flowering, the pepper plants grow on and the tomato plants are a shameless two inches high.. All my basil seeds seem to have taken, I have two French tarragon plants settling in and a couple of Russian tarragon just beginning to show their heads.. ".. Graham Kemp, Burntwood, Staffs, England - Ezine Subscriber.. When you place your order right now, you'll have.. immediate access.. to 'Your Dream Herb Garden In 7 Easy Steps'.. Today you can download everything for just 7.. 95 (approx $13).. That's it!.. Just.. Click The Button Below.. To Return To the Shop to purchase the Ebook '.. Your Dream Herb Garden In 7 Easy Steps'.. by clicking 'Add To Cart'.. Return to Shop To Buy The Ebook and Continue Browsing.. I want to make 100% sure that you are happy with your purchase and that you see the results that you want and of course I'd love you to share your results with me too!.. Here's to your beautiful dream herb garden,.. Madeleine Giddens.. P.. S.. Just imagine sitting in that dream herb garden with the lovely colours and scents around you, cooking mouth watering dishes with your herbs, creating your own herbal skin and hair care products or even your own herbal first aid kit.. Do You Want To Grow Your Own Herbs Successfully?.. Have You Tried To Grow Herbs But Not Got Very Far?.. Three Reasons To Believe What I Say.. P.. Imagine popping into your garden or picking fresh herbs from your windowsill! It's so simple and achievable.. Why not have a go with the help of my 7 steps and inspiring theme ideas.. Well, I remember that frustrating feeling and I guess you may also be.. fed up with supermarket herbs that only last a week.. , especially as this is  ...   way to get thriving herb plants.. You'll Instantly Find Out.. How to Grow Your Own Herbs.. Pick herbs fresh from the garden whenever you need them and save money whilst creating a visual and aromatic feast for your senses.. 7 simple steps to plan and create your herb garden.. Anyone can follow the system.. How to find out the perfect place to put the herbs that you want to grow.. So they'll thrive for years to come.. How t.. o grow hardy and traditional plants.. Save money and never have to buy short lived supermarket herbs again.. How to harvest and dry herbs.. Have your favourite herbs to hand whatever the season so you can create mouthwatering dishes to impress your friends and family.. Tips for successfully growing herbs in containers.. Grow your own herbs even if you don't have a garden.. Why Do I Need This Resource?.. Here is a summary of the benefits you receive from this book.. Still Unsure?.. You have absolutely nothing to risk because I'm taking all the risk by offering a full 60 day No-Questions-Asked Money Back Guarantee as detailed above.. You will be ordering through a 100% secure server and your purchase is completely safe.. You will get INSTANT access to download the e-book as soon as you order.. Copyright 2009-2011 by.. All Rights Reserved.. well written and informative, thoroughly enjoyed reading it, will be giving some of your theme ideas a go! Might even have a go at cooking just to try the herbs!!".. Lynn Owen, England.. For less than the price of a year's worth of supermarket herb pots you'll have access to practical information about how to grow your own herbs, how to propagate your own herbs so you'll save money and be able to use them in cooking, in the house, just for their beauty in the garden, in flower arrangements, for skin and hair care, to treat minor ailments, create your own herbal remedies.. If you use herbs a lot in your cooking and buy one or two pots of herbs a week at say 2.. 50 (approx $4) for say 48 weeks of the year you're spending 120 per year (approx $192) plus a couple of perennial herbs at a minimum cost of 15 (approx $24).. If you buy herb blends at say one a month that's even more but I haven't even included that here.. Total cost so far 135 per year (approx $215).. The.. cost of this ebook is only 7.. 95.. ,.. potential saving.. ( 135 - 7.. 95) =.. 127 ($203).. plus you get the freshest herbs and can enjoy your new dream herb garden!.. With this resource and the bonuses you'll learn how to grow your own long lasting herbs, how to create free herb plants, make your own blends and more.. saving you money through the next year and for many years to come.. In summary, here's what you will receive:.. A detailed ebook (170 pages) as a downloadable PDF covering everything you need to know about setting up your dream herb garden and then ensuring it thrives to give you years of joy and produce!.. You get at least 15 times your money's worth!.. You can't lose with our 100%, ironclad, moneyback guarantee.. Your satisfaction is assured through my no risk, 100%, no questions asked, iron-clad moneyback guarantee.. If for any reason, you aren't thrilled and satisfied with my product, and have carried out the steps detailed in the book, just contact me within 60 days and I'll refund 100% of your purchase price.. No hard feelings.. What I'm saying is, don't decide now if this product is for you.. Just get it and try it out.. If it doesn't do everything I say and more, if you don't save money, have a herb garden plan or aren't inspired by the herb garden themes or it doesn't work for you, you have nothing to worry about because you can get all of your money back under our no-loopholes guarantee.. So you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.. "The Herb Gardening e-book is more than excellent,it is informative, easy to read and understand with clear.. and concise (jargon-free) instructions to achieve the final goal, a well planned, personalised herb garden.. The herbs are grouped into many cross reference groups depending on what you might use your herbs.. for e.. g.. medicinal, colour, size, asian cooking, mediterranean cooking etc.. Chelle, England.. "I love the idea of having fresh herbs to use in cooking whenever I want but having a tiny London garden has made this difficult for me in the past.. Your book has given me renewed inspiration, particularly the section on planting in containers and I am off to dig out an old pair of wellies that I can plant in! Not only that but I now realise where I have gone wrong in the past and.. how I can start again with clear, easy-to-follow instructions from someone who clearly knows their stuff when it comes to planting a herb garden.. Cannot wait for my lovely mint mojitos this summer!".. Sarah Rourke, England www.. littlepurplebill..

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  • Title: sage, cooking with sage, sage recipes, menopause, hot flushes, sage leaves | Mad About Herbs
    Descriptive info: comments.. add one now.. Leave a Comment.. Name.. E-mail.. Website.. You can use these.. HTML.. tags and attributes:.. a href= title= abbr title= acronym title= b blockquote cite= cite code del datetime= em i q cite= strike strong.. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail.. Previous post:..

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  • Title: Pineapple Sage | Mad About Herbs
    Descriptive info: 1.. trackback.. 07.. 21.. 12 at 3:54 pm.. 7.. comments read them below or.. add one.. Amanda.. 08.. 30.. 11 at 5:29 pm.. This is great information.. We are testing some sage plants for cold tolerance here.. We re not super cold, but at 3500 feet and we do get down into the single digits.. So far they are doing better than I would have guessed/.. Amanda recently posted.. Freezing Green Peppers.. 2.. Herbal treatment for psoriasis.. 09.. 23.. 11 at 2:01 pm.. What a fascinating herb, I had no idea this existed but sounds fabulous.. I recently put some pineapple chunks in a cake and it went down a treat, this sounds great! I will have to try and find some is it available in the UK do you know?.. Herbal treatment for psoriasis recently posted.. Psoriasis Skin Care.. 3.. Lisa.. 11.. 10.. 11 at 8:11 pm.. I love using pineapple sage but had no idea of all of the others uses of it.. I tried it as tea and it was just wonderful.. 4.. Carol.. 12.. 13.. 11 at 10:25 pm.. If you like Pineapple sage, you may want to try out other varieties of sage such as Honeydew Sage and Fruit Sage, although they do not have the culinary uses of the Pineapple  ...   to let you know that this summer the company I work for is hosting a photo contest via our Facebook page.. It s free to enter and the prize is really cool!.. This is a video I made explaining the contest:.. http://youtu.. be/A9i6VmpGSCg.. Each month we will choose a different theme for the photo contest.. Participants will take a picture that applies to the selected theme and then submit it to us to be included in the contest’s photo album.. The picture with the most “likes” at the end of the month will win an awesome prize.. This month’s theme is “herb gardens.. ” Contestants submitting pictures of their homegrown herb garden, no matter how big or small, will be encouraged to participate.. The prize for this month’s contest will be a set of five custom garden markers crafted from re-purposed vintage spoons.. Jen Matlack, the featured artist donating the prize for this competition, collects vintage spoons and then applies hand drawn images using archival ink, hand-colored, and sealed twice with a moisture and UV-resistant finish.. Each spoon is a unique work of art that we here at FOG simple adore.. This is our Facebook Page:.. http://www.. facebook.. com/FLOrganicGrowers.. Visit Matlack s online shop: daisychestnut.. etsy.. com.. Awesome work! I can t wait for more.. Next post:..

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  • Title: How To Harvest and Dry Herbs | Mad About Herbs
    Descriptive info: Barb Sturdy.. 05.. 11 at 3:20 pm.. Madeleine, I thoroughly enjoy your website.. I use many herbs and have dried many.. But I have found from your e-mails that there is much more I can do with herbs.. Basil and rosemary are two of my favourite herbs and I will continue cooking with them as long as I am able.. Thanks again,.. Barb.. maddles.. 11 at 3:51 pm.. Barbara, I love basil and rosemary too and your kind comments have inspired me to continue providing information!.. Jill Mansfield.. 06.. 11 at 7:07 am.. Hi Madeleine.. interesting as always but I was hoping to discover your method of drying..  ...   4:43 pm.. Interesting about the softer leaf herbs.. I ve had pretty good luck drying basil but freezing probably is easier.. Sweet Peppers.. Denise.. 04.. 12 at 5:37 pm.. First time dropping in and love all the information you provide.. I live in Ontario where the growing season is fairly short but that doesn t stop me from enjoying my beautiful herb garden.. Thanks for the great tips on preserving herbs.. I freeze and dry them but have to admit, I get the most satisfaction and enjoyment of stepping out and picking a fresh handful to add that extra special something to whatever recipe I have on the go!..

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  • Title: Herb Butters | Mad About Herbs
    Descriptive info: How To Make Herb Butter.. May 30, 2010.. With lots of lush growth on the herb plants in my garden at the moment, I decided to have a go at making some herb butters again and wanted to share the basics with you so you can enjoy them too.. The basic method is to:.. Take half a pack of butter 125g (in the UK, most packs are 250g) and let it reach room temperature so it will be soft enough to mix the herbs into.. Decide which herbs you d like to use they can be fresh or dried.. Add between 1 tsp to 1 tbsp of each herb depending on the strength of the herb and to your taste.. Prepare the herbs by chopping them finely, I find my Mezzaluna and wooden board that it came with the easiest to use, looks similar to.. this one.. but larger, but you could just buy the.. *Mezzaluna.. or even a.. *herb chopper.. if you re not comfortable using just a.. knife.. to chop the herbs.. Prepare any other ingredients that you wish to blend into the butter.. Place the butter into a bowl and whip until it has a creamy texture.. Blend in the other ingredients with a spoon or hand held mixer until they are evenly dispersed.. Roll the butter into a log shape and wrap in greaseproof paper/cling film/foil, twist the end of the paper to seal it or fold ends as if wrapping a present and tuck underneath.. Place in the refrigerator for about 2 hours to harden and allow the flavours to develop.. Alternatively, place in the  ...   Grigson making herb butter using a blender.. Making and trying herb butters is a good way to find out which herbs or blends of herbs are your favourites.. Here are just a few ideas for which herbs go well with certain foods but just let your imagination run riot and see what delicious combinations that you can come up with:.. Fish: parsley, fennel, dill, chervil, coriander leaf, lovage, lemon thyme, lemon balm.. Meats: marjoram, garlic, rosemary, mint.. Chicken: tarragon, basil, sage.. Vegetables esp.. beans and tomatoes: basil, thyme.. Egg based dishes: chives, chervil, parsley, tarragon.. If you d like a detailed recipe, leave me a comment and I ll write a few blog posts with just recipes.. Alternatively, if you have any favourite combinations feel free to share them below.. * these are affiliate links, the item price is unchanged but if you chose to buy via the link, a small commission will be paid to me which will help with the running costs of this site.. trackbacks.. Herb Gardening Secrets.. | The Herbal Healings.. 10 at 3:05 pm.. Herb Butter | Mad About Herbs.. 06.. 11 at 10:53 am.. How To Harvest and Dry Herbs | Mad About Herbs.. 11 at 2:29 pm.. comment read it below or.. Linda.. 10 at 6:10 pm.. Great instructions on making herb butters.. A great way to add flavor to cooking with herbs, I love them on fish and steaks especially.. I also use my food processor to mix, and my small Cuisanart to chop the herbs, making it very quick and easy.. Great suggestions on the herb combinations, Linda.. Edible Flowers.. Elderberry Creations..

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  • Title: Herb growing, herb gardening, herb cooking, herbal skincare, herbs for the home, herb craft tips from Mad About Herbs - Part 2
    Descriptive info: July 23, 2011.. A few herb tips for you from Jamie.. I hope that you find them useful.. Feel free to share any of your own tips in the comments below.. June 24, 2011.. My lavender plants are just starting to flower so I thought this old article might be useful for any of you who are wondering how to grow, harvest and use your lavender plants.. The word lavender is derived from the Latin lava , to wash, the Romans introduced this plant into Britain, they used it in their bath water.. It was used as a strewing herb for its insect-repelling properties and also included in tussie-mussies to mask household and street smells.. There are many varieties of lavender some are more tender than others.. In Europe some of the more tender lavenders will not last through the winter, so make sure you know what you are buying at the garden centre! The reason Lavender is unlikely to last through the winter is the combination of wet feet and frozen ground which it does not like at all.. Growing.. Lavender can be grown relatively easily from seed, but it will take a few years for the plant to become established and some people say that it has a tendency not to be true to species if grown this way.. Alternatively, softwood cuttings can be taken from non-flowering stems in the spring or semi-hardwood cuttings in the summer/early autumn from the new growth.. Another method is layering which would be done in the autumn, this is where you lay a stem along the ground and either peg it down with a wire clip or weigh it down with a stone; roots should form where the stem is in contact with the earth.. Any rooted cuttings need some protection in the winter and are more likely to survive if planted out in the following spring.. It prefers well drained soil in a sunny position and should be pruned just after flowering to avoid the stems becoming too woody.. It is advisable to replace lavender bushes once established after 3 to 4 years, when they are past their peak.. Harvesting.. Lavender buds/flowers should be harvested just as the flower buds open and either used fresh or dried and then stored in an airtight container.. For a great photographic guide to when this is click here.. Culinary Uses.. There are numerous ways of using lavender in cooking; in lavender biscuits, flavouring sugar, made into herb jelly or vinegar, Lavender tea, sprinkled on fruit or made into a syrup.. Household uses.. Can be put into lavender sachets or pillows.. Blend with other herbs eg roses, lemon verbena or mint to make pot pourri or a filling for a dream pillow.. Lavender water/room spray (lavender essential oil).. Lavender wands You can see how to make these here.. Lavender wreaths.. Medicinal uses.. Lavender has calming, sleep inducing properties so is often used in sachets tucked into a pillowcase.. Lavender sprinkled into a hot bath is calming, or it could be mixed in to salts to make lavender bath salts.. Lavender essential oil applied to  ...   5 to 7 stems together.. Dry in a dark, dry, airy place.. Once dry, use flowers to scent clothes by placing in a drawstring fine mesh bag or sewing into a lavender pillow/piece of muslin and hanging in your wardrobe.. Alternatively, just wrap in some fine cloth and tie with string or ribbon.. Use dried flowers to flavour sugar to use in baking.. Use fresh flowers for cakes, pastries or make some.. lavender biscuits.. Lavender can be used to flavour ice cream.. Make some lavender wands.. Basil.. Make pesto.. Try a leaf or two with cold meats eg ham.. Sounds odd but it goes well with strawberries, raspberries and blueberries too.. The classic combination is of course with tomatoes either in salads, sauces, soup, with garlic on breads or in stuffings with butter.. Add a few leaves to a salad.. Try making.. basil butter.. Add a few leaves to pasta dishes or egg dishes.. Coriander.. Experiment in the kitchen adding it to dishes containing avocado, fish, citrus fruits, rice, root vegetables.. It can also be combined with basil, chillies, chives, dill, galangal, garlic, ginger, lemon grass, mint or parsley.. Freeze in containers to use later.. Use in tomato dishes, salsa and dips.. Sprinkle chopped coriander onto salads, chicken and pork dishes.. Dried coriander seeds can be dry roasted and ground and used in cakes, biscuits and root vegetable dishes.. Lemon Balm.. Blend fresh leaves into smoothies for a mild lemon-mint flavour.. Try it with fish/poultry in marinades, sauces or stuffings.. Add leaves to green, tomato or fruit salads.. Use to make a herb butter.. Try a few sprigs in recently boiled water for a lovely relaxing tea.. Rosemary.. If pruning an older bush, use some of the thicker stems (soaked in water first and leaves stripped off) as BBQ skewers.. Use an infusion as a hair rinse and tonic.. Use it in your cooking it helps your memory according to this article.. Tastes delicious with fresh oranges or can be made into a syrup to add to fruit salads.. Use it in foccaccia and other breads.. Use it to flavour oil.. Freeze the tiny flowers in ice cubes to make a pretty garnish for summer drinks.. Thyme.. Use dried thyme in potpourris and sachets.. Use to season tomato sauces, potatoes, peppers, cabbage.. One of my favourites is to add a few sprigs of thyme to steamed or roasting carrots or to flavour onion soups.. Yum!.. Add fresh leaves to salads.. Make a thyme herb butter great for melting onto hot vegetables or meats.. Flowering thyme can be used to make a lovely herbal tea.. Now, I ve told you what you can do, but not how in detail so if you want to send me a quick email or leave a comment telling me which one or which other herbs you want more detail on, I ll make the most popular requests the subject of my next few blog posts.. Alternatively, let me know which one you re going to try and how you get on in the comments below.. Copyright 2009-2011 Madeleine Giddens All rights reserved.. Next Entries..

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  • Title: cooking with herbs | Mad About Herbs
    Descriptive info: 11 at 3:30 pm.. I watch Jamie Oliver s cooking show almost every day.. I cooked my turkey last Christmas and made his incredible gravy and it was a huge hit.. Your website is fantastic.. Thank you,.. Margo Robinson.. 09.. 11 at 10:47 pm.. Dear Madelaine.. It was such a pleasure finding you while  ...   Pillow for a Cracker Christmas Workshop I am running come the 4th December so to cut along story short I found you, it felt like I had known you for ages or maybe a past life (anything is possible!!).. Thankyou for being there and enjoying as I do a passion for herbs.. Herbally yours.. Margo..

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    Descriptive info: 01.. 11 at 6:30 pm.. We just ran into a lavender vendor the other day and I was blown away by a lavender salt they were selling.. I am going to work at integrating more lavender into cooking around here.. Rye Berries.. Micki Sutton.. 22.. 12 at 12:36 am.. I have a lavender plant and would like to use it.. How to methods would be great.. Need help.. Thank you.. paris birkbeck.. 12 at 11:34 am.. I wonder if you could give me some information on uses for the herb lavender.. Thankyou..

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    Descriptive info: After many years in accountancy and starting a family I felt the need for a change of direction so learnt how to set up a website (a steep learning curve!) and share my passion for herbs.. For as long as I can remember I have always loved gardening, cooking and craft activities and for the last 11 years have been very interested in the versatility of herbs; how they can be used in all of the aforementioned pastimes.. I joined the Herb Society and also the.. Hertfordshire Herb Group.. in the year 2000 after completing a one year course on herbs at the Horticultural Correspondence College.. My main aim in creating this website is to provide useful information to inspire you and any children in  ...   to find out where and when a suitable course was taking place so I post a summary of course providers and events once a quarter via my.. blog.. My aim is to constantly improve the site and services to you so feedback is always useful.. Feel free to contact me with comments, suggestions, report an error, suggest topics or products you would like to see in my.. The quickest and most efficient way to contact me is via email: hello AT madaboutherbs DOT co DOT uk or.. I can be contacted by telephone: 07981 429647.. I ll do my best to reply to any queries as soon as possible but please allow up to 7 days.. I hope you enjoy the website.. Happy Herbing!.. Madeleine..

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    Descriptive info: Here is an archive of my posts:.. Expand All.. July 2012.. (1).. 23:.. (0).. August 2011.. (2).. 17:.. (8).. 05:.. (5).. July 2011.. June 2011.. (3).. 24:.. 07:.. 06:.. Thyme and Orange Butter.. April 2011.. 13:.. New Culinary Herbalism Course with K.. Khalsa.. March 2011.. 31:.. Pretty Pot Marigold (Calendula officinalis).. (6).. February 2011.. 25:.. Herb Gardening Seed Sowing Tips.. January 2011.. Herb Workshops and Events.. December 2010.. 14:.. Herbal Christmas Craft and Recipe Round Up.. (4).. November 2010.. 30:.. Spiced Banana Cake.. 15:.. Kaffir Lime Chilli Peppers.. October 2010.. 20:.. Chamomile.. Natural Remedies For Colds And Flu.. Website Changes.. September 2010.. May 2010.. 28:.. April 2010.. 26:.. Wild Garlic and Tomato Soup.. 12:.. March 2010.. Grow Your Own Kitchen Herb Garden.. February 2010.. Kids In The Garden Special Offer.. 22:.. Hairy Pots!.. 19:.. Emerging From Winter With Herbs.. January 2010.. Herb Garden Design.. December 2009.. Grow Your Own Drugs Christmas Special.. November 2009.. 27:.. Rosehips.. How To Make Delectable Bath Bombs.. October 2009.. Cinnamon.. Fizzy Bath Bombs.. September 2009.. 11:.. Do You Want To Meet James Wong?.. August 2009.. Lavender and Roses.. 01:.. How To Make Lavender Biscuits.. July 2009.. 16:.. Bee-friendly herbs.. June 2009.. 21:.. Angelica.. 20 Reasons To Grow Herbs.. May 2009.. 15 Herbs To Grow In Shade.. 04:.. Happy Prima Donna Hop Plant.. 02:.. Free Herb Plants and Vegetable Seed Collection and Tomato Plants.. April 2009.. 29:.. Wordless Wednesday | Recycled Tyre Tree.. Nettle Soup.. Happy Earth Day 2009.. March 2009.. Herby Plant Pot Painting.. 03:.. Growing Stuff An Alternative Guide to Gardening.. February 2009.. Grow Your Own Drugs.. Herb Garden Plans.. 09:.. On Valentines Day You Two Can Have Fun In The Kitchen.. 28 Places to Get Your Herb Seeds.. (10).. January 2009.. Spicy Nuts.. Relax Kids magazine definitely worth a peek!.. Homemade Cappuccino and Resolutions.. December  ...   Back pain and Herb Garden Update.. April 2008.. Spring Tonics and the Herb Society on TV!.. Ten Top Tips for Growing Herbs in Containers.. Herbalism and Walking in the Alpujarra, Spain.. 18:.. Aromatherapy Dough.. How to make Marigold Cream and Tincture.. 10 Reasons to Grow Herbs in Containers.. March 2008.. Useful Weeds!.. Easter Fun.. Lemon Verbena.. February 2008.. Herbs on Allotments , Peppers and Podcast.. How to make a Herbal bath bag.. How to use Cinnamon in your meals.. Happy Valentines Day! The Language of Flowers.. Pots of fun.. How to make Bouquet garni.. January 2008.. New Herb Forum.. We made our own perfume.. Herb of the Year 2008.. December 2007.. How to make a room spray.. Winter herb gardening.. Christmas wall hanging and Iris Folding Patterns.. November 2007.. How to make Spiced Biscuits.. How to make an Orange Pomander.. Winter colds: How to prevent and treat them.. Which herbs and spices go with Apples, Pumpkins and Mushrooms?.. October 2007.. Herbal flower arrangements.. I ve been blog tagged.. September 2007.. Elderberry Syrup.. July 2007.. A chance to win chocolate!.. Free lavender has arrived and phase 2 of my Herb Garden.. Harvesting and Preserving Herbs.. June 2007.. Lovely Lavender.. Lemon Balm Tea.. Roses everywhere!.. How to make your own Vanilla Essence.. Alternative Kitchen Garden podcast Elderflowers and more.. May 2007.. The Alternative Kitchen Garden.. 7 Everyday Herbs Made Simple.. Dandelion Syrup.. April 2007.. Top 5 uses for Rosemary.. The nature of success.. Free organic kitchen gardens for schools.. Stop Garden Grabbing.. Violets and Jelly.. March 2007.. Nettle Soup green, healthy and delicious!.. Herb Gardening Jobs for March.. A cake called Herman!.. New Herb Garden.. February 2007.. Oooh, that s gone really green!.. January 2007.. Herbal Tea.. Chocolate Heaven naughty but nice.. What s your theme?.. The Original Spice Girl.. I don t believe it!..

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