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  • Title: Michigan Anti-Cruelty Society
    Descriptive info: .. Home.. About MACS.. Our Mission.. Our Policies.. Veterinary Services.. Adoptions.. Adoptable Pets.. Success Stories.. Freemont.. Bella.. Larry.. Ozzy.. Mookie.. Vader.. Scruffles.. Sammy.. Cannoli.. Dorie.. Bailey.. Orlando Savannah.. Logan and Lexi.. Diego.. Donations.. Merchandise.. T-Shirts.. Sweatshirts.. Hats.. Misc.. Wish List.. Volunteering.. Special Events.. Pooch Prance.. Boat Cruise.. Fireworks Boat Cruise.. Kennel Show.. Puppy Palooza.. Santa Photos.. Contact Us.. Links.. MACS.. Since 1935, the Michigan Anti-Cruelty Society (MACS) has dedicated its efforts to providing refuge to stray, injured, and forgotten animals.. We work to promote humane education and actively initiate affirmative legislative action.. Each year, MACS investigates between 1,200 and 1,500 animal cruelty complaints and provides extensive sheltering organizations and pet adoption to the 13,000 animals who pass through the shelter doors.. We never turn away an animal in need.. For many animals, MACS is their only hope.. Funding for MACS.. The Michigan Anti-Cruelty Society is funded completely by private donations.. “MACS never turns any animal away or charges for the shelter  ...   review our four star rating.. MACS credo is ‘the animal comes first’ and we will continue to serve the Detroit community and environs with this service through the actions of your generous support.. ”.. -Linda Tuttle, President.. Please Note:.. We truly respect the privacy of our contributors.. The Michigan Anti-Cruelty Society does not, under any circumstances, distribute or sell the mailing list or the names of those who make donations.. News at MACS.. 10-18-13:.. Our latest newsletter.. MACS Tracks.. is now available online.. 10-19-13:.. The new Holiday Cards are now available for purchase! Click.. here.. to view them.. Check out our new Tshirts! Click.. Rescue Vans.. MACS has two rescue vans on the streets of Detroit five days a week.. Our drivers perform hundreds of animal rescues, pick-ups and cruelty investigations each year.. Our rescue vans were donated through the generosity of the Oliver Dewey Marcus Foundation.. Visitors.. |.. s |.. Related links.. Copyright © 2013 Michigan Anti-Cruelty Society.. All Rights Reserved..

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  • Title: Our Mission
    Descriptive info: To serve animals by providing humane education supporting and initiating affirmative legislative action, performing animal adoptions and animal rescues, reuniting lost pets with their families, and conducting cruelty investigations at all times.. The Michigan Anti-Cruelty Society never charges for dropping off animals.. Occasionally animals have been left on our doorstep at all times of the day and night, prompting us to advertise our “no charge policy” on the side of the building.. This puppy was left outside the shelter overnight.. We found him when we  ...   Cruelty Investigations.. The Michigan Anti-Cruelty Society investigates several hundreds of cases of animal cruelty each year.. The types of investigations we conduct may include, but are not limited to:.. Abandonment.. Inadequate nutrition (no food, malnutrition).. Inadequate medical care (untreated injuries or illness).. Water not provided at all times.. Short or improper tie-outs.. Dogs running at large.. Abuse.. Inadequate or no shelter.. Please contact the shelter during normal business hours at 313-891-7188 to report animal cruelty.. All complainant contact information is kept confidential to protect your privacy..

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  • Title: Accountability and Transparency
    Descriptive info: Accountability and Transparency.. Board of Directors.. Updated 6/21/13.. Linda Tuttle.. President.. Cynthia Gigliotti.. Vice President, Independant Voting Member.. Karen Benson.. Secretary, Independant Voting Member.. Peter Haley.. Treasurer.. Georgianna Allum.. Independant Voting Member.. Robert Benson.. Michael D.. Elias.. D.. Stephen Tuttle.. Member.. Shelter Management.. Clinic Management.. Debrah Thurman.. Director.. Dr.. William F.. Fuller.. V.. M..  ...   our Policies and Finacial Statements.. You will need Adobe Reader to view these files, which you can download for free.. Policies.. Donor Policy.. (adopted by MACS Board of Directors on 12/10/11).. Conflict of Interest Policy.. Whistleblower Policy.. Records Retention and Destruction Policy.. Process for determining CEO Compensation.. Audited Financials.. 2011.. 2012.. Form 990.. 2010..

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  • Title: Veterinary Services
    Descriptive info: MACS Veterinary Services.. The MACS Veterinary Clinic is open for walk-in veterinary services such as shots, check-ups and emergencies.. Surgeries are available, but must be scheduled in advance.. The vet is open Tuesday thru Saturday from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm for walk-in appointments only.. Please note, we take clients on a first come, first serve basis, however, emergencies are taken first.. Surgeries are scheduled by appointment only.. Your pet must be up to date on vaccines before their surgery.. Please note, our veterinarian does not perform unnecessary cosmetic surgeries such as cropping tails or declawing cats..  ...   Overpopulation.. Overpopulation is the root of the problem.. You can help by spaying and neutering your animals.. Tell your friends, neighbors and everyone you come in contact with.. Let’s work together toward solving this problem, and save lives of thousands of animals each year.. Did you know….. Spaying and neutering make animals less likely to get into fights and become infected with contagious diseases.. They are also less likely to roam outdoors and possibly get hit by cars.. Spaying and neutering also helps prevent dogs and cats from contracting deadly cancers and other diseases of the reproductive system..

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  • Title: Adoptions
    Descriptive info: Adoptions and Adoption Fees.. We have many adoptable animals at our shelter with new ones arriving every day.. Every adoption is made in the best interest of the animal.. All applications are taken as quickly and thoroughly as possible, however, your patience is appreciated as the needs of the animals in the shelter always come first, which may delay your application process.. Fees.. Dogs.. $150.. 00.. Adult cats.. $100.. Kittens.. Adoption fee covers:.. Spay or neuter.. Age appropriate vaccinations including heartworm test and preventative.. Microchip.. MACS Tattoo.. Flea preventative.. Any other medical care provided by the shelter while they were in our care.. It is our policy that every animal adopted from the shelter, regardless of size or breed be altered to help control the unwanted animal population.. If you have room for a new family member, or are interested in becoming a foster family, please.. email.. us or call at 313-891-1088.. We accept applications  ...   finalized.. Animals are removed from the adoptable list as soon as possible after adoption.. Not ready to adopt, but would still like to help? You still can! You can sponsor any of our adoptable animals listed on Petfinder.. To sponsor a specific animal, please click on this Petfinder.. link.. , choose any of the adoptable animals and click on their “Sponsor me” button.. Local Pet Adoptions.. On-site pet adoptions are held from 11 am to 2:30 pm on Saturdays at the following locations:.. (Click on the name of the city to view a map of the adoption location).. 1st Saturday of the month: PetSmart-.. Utica.. 2nd Saturday of the month: PetSmart-.. 3rd Saturday of the month: Petco-.. Roseville.. 4th Saturday of the month: Petco-.. 5th Saturday (if applicable): PetSmart-.. Adoption locations and dates may change on short notice.. Please call the shelter to confirm the location of the adoption you wish to attend at 313-891-1088..

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  • Title: Adoptable Pets
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  • Title: Freemont
    Descriptive info: Freemont is just one of the many animals who have found permanent homes through MACS.. Because of MACS, and his wonderful new family, Freemont’s story is just beginning.. Freemont’s Journey Journal.. From Michigan to Maine --- December 2008.. It all began when my new family saw this picture of me online in November of 2008.. I was under the care of the Michigan Anti Cruelty Society.. They contacted my caretakers and asked if I was available, I soon heard I was going to a new home.. Two days after Christmas I met my new parents.. Here I am with the vet for my check up to travel.. Here I am with my new Mommy and Daddy waving goodbye to the wonderful people that took care of me.. We had a lot of fog on the trip home.. This is me in New York learning to use the doggy area at the rest stop.. We stayed over night in New York and the next day we arrived in Maine.. I wasn’t sure of all the noise from the traffic when we took this picture.. I was happy to get back in the car.. This is my new home in Maine.. Behind the house are the barns and the pen for the sheep.. When I got out of the car, I played in the snow banks in the driveway.. This was a pile by the old chicken coop.. After I played for a while, it as time to meet everyone.. They all ended up at the farm with a story like me.. Daddy took me out to meet the sheep.. This was very exciting! They were not sure of me, I didn’t look quite like the dog they are used to seeing.. Mommy said if I’m good I  ...   for me.. I’m trying to get the cat Dusty to like me.. Mommy and Daddy say she is the princess and I must be gentle.. I get very excited and approach her too fast.. I have to learn to slow down, I hope she likes me.. This is a picture of Dusty from last summer; she likes to sleep in the window.. She was a wild kitty when she came here; very thin and scarred up a bit.. She came inside to get better and decided to stay.. I’m playing here with a rope from one of my toys.. I had pulled this toy apart during the car ride on the way home.. Mommy and Daddy stopped in Massachusetts to get me another one.. Here I am by the Christmas tree.. May I be the best present of 2008!.. When I’m inside I like to play with my squeak toy.. I’m learning to play catch with it – I have to practice on catching, I’m not very good at it yet.. My day starts at 4:30am with a walk.. Then Mommy feeds the sheep.. She said when I learn to stay by her I can go out and help.. Then I play some with Daddy while Mommy makes breakfast.. I get 2 meals a day now.. Breakfast is my Pro-plan with a scrambled egg.. Mommy said it will make my coat nice and I need the protein for the day.. For dinner I get some more Pro-plan with canned food and will be getting boiled chicken added to it.. During the day I play some more, go for walks, chase the kitty, (yes, I need to slow down), then I get tired and need a nap.. At night, I sleep upstairs next to Mommy and Daddy’s bed..

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  • Title: Bella
    Descriptive info: About a year ago I was looking on Petfinder, just browsing and came across this puppy picture of a little blonde husky/lab mix (wasn t even really looking to get another pet).. I had to have her and even enjoyed jumping through a few minor hoops to get her, not to mention the blizzard we drove through to pick her up from the fosters.. After having Bella for only a few days we were given the news by MACS that her litter mate had an issue that was passed onto our pup.. I was stuck at home with bad weather along with sick kids and unable to take the puppy to your vet so you allowed me to take her to the vet close to home and even paid the bill, with no questions or hassles.. Because of all that your organization does, we have  ...   refer to Bella as their GrandDog.. We take her every where with us we can, even on vacation and she loves every second of it.. I am not sure if she even knows that she is a dog.. She is very spoiled and very special.. and our family just needed to send a huge Thank You to your group and wanted you all to know that when the days are tough.. in the end it is worth it because you did make a difference!.. I have enclosed a few pics of Bella (Lacey).. funny thing, it turns out her sister Vanilla (Bonnie) goes to our same vet and we have ran into them a few times for check ups.. Thanks again for enriching our family to the fullest and be sure to know that you do this for many others on a daily basis.. -Tracey M..

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  • Title: Larry
    Descriptive info: Dear MACS,.. My name is Larry.. I was adopted in October 2009 at the PetSmart located in Utica, MI.. I am two years old and I was found wandering the streets of Detroit.. Once picked up by MACS in September 2009 I was transported to the PetSmart.. From there I was named "Pumpkin" for the time being.. The next month in mid October 2009 a young lady always came to visit me, named Samantha.. She came up just about every other day to see if anyone decided to adopted me.. After a week she just had to have me.. I think its because I am so cute and furry.. After a week she decided to put an application in for adoption.. She was very happy once she learned that  ...   I don't like very much, but I deal with her.. I am so happy in my new home.. I love my mom so much that when she comes home from work I always greet her by the door and jump on her to give her a great big hug.. I like to be around my mom at all times and I like to be held constantly, I just LOVE attention.. I also like to eat, sleep, and lay in the sun.. I barely meow, unlike my sister who is such blabber mouth.. I am a very happy cat.. I want to thank the nice people at MACS for picking me up off the streets and giving me a wonderful home.. I couldn't be more happy.. Thank you for everything!..

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  • Title: Ozzy
    Descriptive info: Hello,.. I just wanted to send a quick hello and some pictures of my dog Ozzy (he was Brinker in the shelter--I adopted him back in April).. He is doing so well, and I thought you might like to know what he's been up to for the last few months.. Here's what he would tell you if he could talk:.. Hi everybody!.. You might remember me as the guy who had to wear that darned cone after my stitches got infected.. Boy, was I happy to get that thing off! When I got home I was just such a bundle of puppy energy.. My mom learned how to tire me out by taking me for two long walks every day and sending me to daycare at Canine To Five once a week.. I love daycare! The other dogs are so much fun and I can run and jump and play as much as I want.. I also learned to swim in the baby pool  ...   her pick out a new car.. I also get to come to work with my mom one day a week, and everybody spoils me.. We play fetch in the hallways and I get to greet all the visitors.. Luckily I also get to take a lot of naps there--working is tiring! Other than that, my mom says I have been a perfect gentleman around the house (I even like to nap next to her pairs of shoes by the door--how's that for trust?) and I am very friendly to everyone I meet.. People ask all the time what breed I am, and they're so surprised to find out I am a shelter dog.. My mom always tells them there are lots more great dogs who need homes back at the shelter.. I hope you are all doing well.. My mom and I are planning to bring some donations over for the holidays, so maybe we'll get to see you soon! Lots of love--.. Ozzy..

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  • Title: Mookie
    Descriptive info: So, it s been over a week since Mookie came home.. If we weren t in love with him before, now we are completely smitten.. He is the perfect mix of smart, funny and sweet.. His older brothers adore him - there is a lot of chasing and wrestling going on.. some cuddling too.. Just a few of the things we ve learned about Mookie:.. He may be a kitten, but he eats like a HORSE.. There is not an ounce of fear in his body - he's constantly exploring new areas.. There's a new saying in the Grotz house  ...   a cat nap is.. He sleeps very well at night (between Mom and Dad or curled up with the bros) but hardly sleeps during the day.. We're convinced that he's worried he'll miss something.. I have attached a few pictures - playing with his mouse, helping to put up the Christmas tree, hanging out with his brothers.. If any of you are in the South Lyon area, come on over.. You'll be amazed at how well adjusted Mookie and his brothers are.. Thanks again for choosing us to adopt Mookie - we will be forever grateful.. Best regards,.. Beth G..

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