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  • Title: Movement Defence Committee | legal support for progressive organizing and activism in toronto
    Descriptive info: .. News/Updates.. About the MDC.. Resources.. Links.. Contact Us.. Movement Defence Committee.. Callout for Feedback Input on Developing Court Support Resources.. September 19, 2012 - 12:44am | by.. movementdefence.. From the G20, to Occupy Toronto to Indigenous struggles, we have seen the way that the State uses the court system and criminal charges to divide our movements and drive our communities apart.. The Movement Defence Committee is seeking to develop new resources to support community members and activists as they go through legal and court processes.. We are soliciting feedback from individuals and groups about what kinds of supports, information and resources would assist with navigating the legal process and court system.. If you have been targeted by the State or if you have provided support to others navigating criminal charges and court processes, we would like to hear from you about what kinds of resources, materials and other supports will assist you in this work.. Read more.. Upcoming deadline for potential G20-related legal action.. June 14, 2012 - 11:12am | by.. Reminder: if you have a potential claim or legal action against the police arising out of the G20, there is a two.. year statute of limitations period which is quickly approaching.. Generally speaking, any legal claims must be initiated within two years of the date upon which the acts complained of took place, otherwise the claim may be out of time.. We also write to let you know that we may have documentation and/or witnesses to assist you with your claim.. If you are bringing a claim against police or other state agents arising out of the G20 events, please contact us to let us know.. We had many legal observers on the streets documenting incidents, including arrests and police abuses, and with their permission, we may be able to put you in touch.. Finally, if you witnessed any police  ...   of conspiracy charges to this end.. We believe that it is an important victory that no convictions or guilty pleas were obtained on the conspiracy charges laid against the G20 Defendants.. A Clarification from the Movement Defence Committee Respecting Claims in the Article “G20 Conspiracy Case: The Inside Story”.. November 28, 2011 - 12:11pm | by.. An article entitled “G20 Conspiracy Case: The Inside Story,” published on CrimethInc.. com at.. http://www.. crimethinc.. com/blog/2011/11/24/g20-conspiracy-case-the-inside.. , and also published on infoshop.. org at.. http://infoshop.. org/page/toronto-g20-conspiracy.. , has claimed that "cops in the MDC us(ed) information meant to help protestors with their legal defense against them.. " The article also states that information from the Movement Defence Committee (MDC), a working group of the Law Union of Ontario, was used against a specific G20 defendant.. These claims appear to be based on a misunderstanding of events and the MDC’s organizational structure.. We would like to take this opportunity to clarify the distinction between the MDC itself, which has a closed membership, and the Legal Observer programs we run, which are open to the public.. LEGAL SUPPORT FOR OCCUPY TORONTO.. October 14, 2011 - 11:44pm | by.. The MDC is providing legal support on an ongiong basis for Occupy Toronto.. If you've been ARRESTED at Occupy Toronto or have witnessed an ARREST, please call 416-833-6137 or TTY: 416-619-0422.. If you receive a TICKET during Occupy Toronto, folow the instructions on the back of the tickets and choose the TRIAL OPTION.. Feel free to send us an e-mail using the Contact Us page to report your ticket.. If there is sufficient interest we will conduct a workshop on how to fight your ticket.. Stay tuned for for updates on continuing Legal Support.. 1.. 2.. 3.. 4.. next ›.. last ».. MDC Events.. No upcoming events available.. more.. Site Search.. Search this site:.. info by.. | site by.. OAT..

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  • Title: About Us | Movement Defence Committee
    Descriptive info: Home.. About Us.. Who we are.. The Movement Defence Committee [MDC] is an autonomous working group of the Law Union of Ontario made up of legal workers, law students, activists and lawyers which provides legal support to progressive organizations and activists in Toronto.. We recognize that members of oppressed groups are at higher risk when they encounter the law and we work to provide information and support that is specific to these groups.. Some of us were previously involved in the Common Front Legal Collective (2001-2008).. Who we work with.. The MDC will consider a request for support from any political organization, group or individual that is working to  ...   lawyers and activists; and works to respond to police misconduct and protect freedom of expression and the right to dissent.. In addition to ‘know your rights’ trainings, we also offer workshops on civil disobedience and direct action and how to set up your own legal support committee.. Demonstration support can include assistance with staffing an arrest hotline and/or legal office, tracking of arrestees and bail support (including locating sureties and other supports, organizing volunteer lawyers to conduct bail hearings, and/or liaising with duty counsel).. While we cannot guarantee pro bono representation for trials, we can assist arrestees with accessing legal aid, organizing defence committees and referrals to progressive counsel..

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  • Title: Resources | Movement Defence Committee
    Descriptive info: Our handy pocket sized.. Know Your Rights flyer.. is available in.. PDF.. and.. RTF.. formats.. Take a look at our thoughts on what to do.. if the police come knockin'.. , available in both.. English.. French.. Our longer.. Know Your Rights pamphlet.. is.. here.. and is also available as a.. The Law Union's.. Post-G20  ...   about.. children at the G20 convergence.. , also available as a.. Legal information about.. borders and immigration.. for US visitors is.. and also available as a.. US legal geeks might also be interested in our US/Canada.. legal primer.. For other legal resources, please check out the various organizations and information in the Links section..

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  • Title: Links | Movement Defence Committee
    Descriptive info: Activist Legal Resources.. Olympic Resistance Network Legal - Know Your Rights Guide.. (Vancouver - some BC specific information).. McGrady Civil Disobedience.. Guide.. (Vancouver).. People's Commission on Security Certificates advisory on.. If CSIS Comes Knockin'.. (Montreal).. CCLA Know Your Rights Manual.. http://ccla.. org/?page_id=4860.. BCCLA Arrest Guide.. bccla.. org/05pubs.. htm.. UVic Civil Disobedience Guide.. elc.. uvic.. ca/publications/.. Suing the Police in Small Claims Court (slightly out of date).. http://charneylaw.. ca/helpfuldocs/HowtoSuethePoliceandPrivateSecurityinSm.. Toronto Cyclists Union.. http://bikeunion.. to/mycity.. Legal Information/Assistance.. Legal Aid Ontario.. http://lao.. on.. ca/en/.. Human Rights Tribunal  ...   (Police Complaints).. https://www.. oiprd.. ca/cms/.. Small Claims Court (Ontario).. attorneygeneral.. jus.. gov.. ca/english/courts/scc/.. Community Legal Education Ontario.. cleo.. ca/english/index.. CanLII.. canlii.. org/en/index.. php.. Allies.. OCAP.. http://ocap.. ca/.. No One Is Illegal.. http://toronto.. nooneisillegal.. org/.. Community Mobilization Network.. http://g20.. torontomobilize.. OAT.. http://oat.. tao.. Legal Collectives.. Midnight Special Law Collective.. (Oakland, California).. Coldsnap Legal.. (Minneapolis, Minnesota).. JustUs Legal Collective.. (NYC).. Just Cause Law Collective.. (Santa Cruz, California).. R2K.. r2kphilly.. Legal Support Ottawa.. flora.. org/legal/index.. html.. Legal Organizations.. Law Union of Ontario.. lawunion.. National Lawyers Guild.. nlg.. org/membership/committees_massdefense..

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  • Title: Contact | Movement Defence Committee
    Descriptive info: Contact.. Get in touch with the MDC by sending us a message using the form below.. You can also call us at 416-833-6137.. Your name:.. *.. Your e-mail address:.. Subject:.. Message:..

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  • Title: Callout for Feedback & Input on Developing Court Support Resources | Movement Defence Committee
    Descriptive info: What are we looking for?.. We are looking to hear your stories and feedback about your experience with the legal system, including:.. - what were your experiences following your arrest.. - what supports made things better and what supports were missing;.. - what expectations did you have regarding your lawyer? how were these expectations met/not met;.. - how you dealt with problems between you and your lawyer; and - different  ...   If you are interested in helping out and providing your feedback, please send us an email at.. lawunionmdc@gmail.. com.. before October 15.. We will then put you in touch with the MDC's Court Support Working Group.. The MDC will use your feedback to put together resources related to court support in the hopes of better supporting our communities and fostering resistance.. In solidarity,.. The Movement Defence Committee Court Support Working Group..

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  • Title: Upcoming deadline for potential G20-related legal action | Movement Defence Committee
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  • Title: A Statement of Support for G20 Defendants from the Movement Defence Committee (MDC) | Movement Defence Committee
    Descriptive info: Despite attempts by the state to silence and repress community movements through criminalizing protests and organizing, in Toronto, and globally, including through the Occupy movement, people are uniting in the fight against austerity measures and cuts to social services, and in their support for environmental justice, social and economic equality and sovereignty for Indigenous nations.. This gives us hope,  ...   inequality and oppression.. The MDC offers our solidarity to the G20 Defendants.. We also wish to express our commitment to supporting those now facing jail time.. The Movement Defence Committee is a Committee of the Law Union of Ontario (an organization of progressive lawyers, law students and legal workers) that provides legal support to movements for social change in Toronto..

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  • Title: A Clarification from the Movement Defence Committee Respecting Claims in the Article “G20 Conspiracy Case: The Inside Story” | Movement Defence Committee
    Descriptive info: By way of background, the MDC set up the Summit Legal Support Project to provide legal support for protestors against the G8-G20 Summit meetings in Toronto.. The Project ran from May to July, 2010.. As part of the Project, we welcomed members of the public to attend our trainings and act as Legal Observers (LOs) during demonstrations.. These LOs were trained to monitor and take notes of police misconduct, and were asked to report any arrests to the MDC legal office by phone.. Close to one hundred people attended trainings and volunteered to act as LOs during the G20 demonstrations.. The legal office itself, however, was staffed by members of the MDC, a secure committee with a vetted membership of trusted activists, legal workers, law students and lawyers.. Because the LO program was open to the public and anticipated to be vulnerable to infiltration, no LOs were given access to any confidential, sensitive, or non-public information gathered as part of our work.. It was not possible, given our group’s resources and ability, to ensure every potential LO was not an undercover police officer.. The division between the LO program and the MDC  ...   during the Summit Legal Support Project (SLSP), or at any other time.. We hope that this clarification serves to address concerns about the integrity of the MDC arising from the article.. We see the article as generally being a positive contribution to discussions about the need for a culture of security in our movements.. However, we suggest that where space for misunderstanding exists, it is very important to check facts and confirm details prior to airing serious allegations.. The MDC continues to function as a closed, secure committee, as we routinely handle personal, private and confidential information in an effort to facilitate the legal defence of activists.. We continue to work closely with community organizations like the Ontario Coalition Against Poverty, No One is Illegal, and many other local grassroots groups fighting against injustice and oppression.. We recently completed providing 40 days of legal support for the Occupy Toronto movement.. We have no reason to believe that our committee, or any confidential information provided to us, was ever compromised.. If anyone has any information to the contrary, please let us know as soon as possible.. The Movement Defence Committee.. www.. movementdefence.. org..

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  • Title: LEGAL SUPPORT FOR OCCUPY TORONTO | Movement Defence Committee
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  • Title: Movement Defence Committee | legal support for progressive organizing and activism in toronto
    Descriptive info: A Tale of Two Police Forces.. June 26, 2011 - 2:49pm | by.. thestar.. com/opinion/editorialopinion/article/1014920--a-tale-.. Adrienne Telford and Jeff Carolin.. As we mark the one-year anniversary of the G20’s visit to downtown Toronto, the events that unfolded in Vancouver last week cry out for comparison.. Take, for example, the differences between the police planning and response.. In Vancouver, the police planned for a public gathering of 100,000 people by deploying 300 officers.. When acts of property damage and looting broke out, the officers made 101 arrests, and then everyone went home.. In Toronto, 19,000 officers were deployed for protest marches that attracted upwards of 30,000 people.. The police made no arrests at the time property was being damaged, and then spent the next 24 hours patrolling the downtown in heavily armed groups, continuing the pattern they established earlier that week of on-the-spot interrogations and Constitution-violating searches.. BEYOND THE G20: Opposing All Forms of Police Repression.. June 24, 2011 - 3:45pm | by.. One year ago, Toronto became a police state to protect the leaders of.. the G20.. One year ago, thousands gathered in the streets to protest.. the G20's austerity agenda, and to demand social, racial, gender and.. environmental justice.. One year ago, Toronto police spent $125 million on G20 policing out of.. a total 'security' budget of one billion dollars.. 19,000 officers were.. deployed for protest marches that attracted upwards of 30,000 people.. The police spent  ...   TUESDAY NOVEMBER 23 at 10:00 am and 5:00 pm.. Where?:.. 180 Dundas Street West, 8th Floor.. This session will assist people who are thinking about filing a human rights application under the Human Rights Code about their treatment during the G20.. You may have been treated in a discriminatory manner if the police or other G-20 authorities treated you negatively and differently because of your race, ethnic origin, place of origin, citizenship, age, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, religion or creed, or family/marital status.. The session is also for people who had needs related to a disability, or related to another Code-related factor such as age or gender, if those needs were not recognized and meet by the police, for example, during the G-20.. Calendar.. Some Strategic Ideas in Pursuing a Police Complaint.. November 18, 2010 - 7:49pm | by.. In the aftermath of the events of this summer’s G8/G20 protests in Toronto, many people affected by the summit’s policing decided to submit police complaints to the Office of the Independent Police Review Director (OIPRD) in Toronto.. This is a relatively new office and police complaints system, with which few lawyers and community groups have had much experience.. In August of this year the MDC held a public information session which included a presentation on the police complaints system by students from Community Legal Aid Services Programme.. A video of this session is available.. « first.. ‹ previous..

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  • Archived pages: 184