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  • Title: NIME - Nordic Institute for Missiological and Ecumenical Research
    Descriptive info: .. NIME.. NIME - Nordic Institute for Missiological and Ecumenical Research.. Start.. Written by Jonas.. Monday, 11 October 2010 11:21.. Nordic Institute for Missiology and Ecumenism (NIME) is a scholarly society for the historical and contemporary study of Christian missions.. Main activities of NIME are:.. doctoral seminars - see.. this link for next joint doctoral seminar in Uppsala, 23-24 October 2013.. annual seminars and national study days - see.. this link for May 2013 seminar on 'Together Towards Life'.. nordic conferences in mission studies - see.. this link for the European Missiological Conference 'Mission and Money', April 2014.. an electronic newsletter on mission studies - subscribe in the box at  ...   Adelin Jørgensen for more details on This e-mail address is being protected from spambots.. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or use the link in the left side menu at the bottom.. Last Updated on Tuesday, 24 September 2013 12:03.. Main Menu.. Start.. What is NIME?.. Events.. Membership and payment.. Contact NIME.. Latest Events.. 26.. 03.. 2013 - 27.. 2013.. 23.. 10.. 2013 - 24.. Uppsala, Sweden.. 03.. 04.. 2014 - 06.. 2014.. http://www.. teol.. lu.. se/forskning/konferenser-och-sy.. Newsletter.. Name.. E-mail.. Membership_administration.. To administer membership of NIME, including change of membership and submission of address, please use this.. link.. Copyright © 2010 NIME.. Custom Joomla Templates designed.. by.. mozami.. net..

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  • Title: Start
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  • Title: NIME - Nordic Institute for Missiological and Ecumenical Research
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  • Title: What is NIME?
    Descriptive info: What is NIME?.. Written by Administrator.. Saturday, 18 September 2010 22:01.. Nordic Institute for Missiology and Ecumenism (NIME) was established as a learned society at the 26.. th.. of May 2011.. However, since 1972 NIME has been operational as a more loosely organized network of scholars active in the research of Christian mission and ecumenism.. The modern academic study of Christian missions and ecumenism took its beginning with the mission conference 1910 in Edinburgh.. In the Nordic region, a number of scholars took on the study.. Among them the Danish Johs.. Aagaard and the Norwegian E.. Myklebust were instrumental in the founding of NIME as a network in 1972.. Main activities of NIME have in the past been arrangement of doctoral courses, annual seminars, national study days, and a small electronic newsletter.. The last Nordic doctoral course on mission studies in May 2011 drew some 40 Nordic and international participants to Höör near Lund.. The theme was ‘The Future of Mission  ...   a special place in the life of NIME as a forum for presentation of the results from Nordic studies and perspectives on the international Christian missions.. With the establishment of NIME as a learned society, registered in Lund, we hope to continue these activities and possibly to include a number of new initiatives.. Furthermore, it is now for the first time possible to actually become a member of NIME, either as an individual or as an institution.. The membership fee structure is as follows: a) institutional membership: 1.. 000 SEK per year; b) individual membership: 300 SEK; c) reduced individual membership (for undergraduate and doctoral students): 100 SEK.. Further details and application for membership by writing to Jonas Adelin Jørgensen, secretary of NIME, on This e-mail address is being protected from spambots.. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We are welcoming you as a new member of NIME!.. Last Updated on Wednesday, 05 October 2011 09:46.. Members Institutions.. Archive.. MissNord..

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  • Title: Events
    Descriptive info: Events.. NIME Doctoral Course.. Events:.. 3.. Sorry, no description available.. Show Events.. EventList powered by.. schlu..

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  • Title: Membership and payment
    Descriptive info: Membership and payment.. Tuesday, 08 January 2013 10:36.. NIME Membership.. This page helps you administrate your NIME membership, applying for membership and paying your membership fee through PayPal.. Applying for membership.. At the annual general meeting in 2011, it was decided that NIME should be registered as a 'learned society' in Lund, and that and that NIME should accept individual membership.. I have earlier encouraged you to become a member of NIME – but so far we have got only 5 registered members! Therefore, I kindly invite readers of the newsletter and all in the Nordic region engaged in missiological and ecumenical research  ...   and receive the Swedish Missiological Themes for free!.. Cost: Membership fee is structured as follows:.. Student and doctoral student, per year: 100 SEK.. Individual membership, per year: 300 SEK.. Institutional membership, per year: 1.. 000 SEK.. Apply for membership by filling out this form:.. Your name, address and email is all we need.. (copy full link if browser does not open:.. https://docs.. google.. com/spreadsheet/viewform?formkey=dFh0RlFLU0E0M1NYUEZQZFp1azRpRmc6MA.. ).. Paying membership fee.. Pay.. individual membership fee for students - 100 SEK.. (payment through PayPal - opens new window in browser).. individual membership - 300 SEK.. institutional membership - 1.. Last Updated on Tuesday, 08 January 2013 10:55..

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  • Title: Nordic Institute for Missiology and Ecumenism
    Descriptive info: Nordic Institute for Missiology and Ecumenism.. Jonas Adelin Jørgensen, Chairperson Aron Engberg, Secretary.. C/o Danish Mission Council,Peter Bangsvej 1D.. Frederiksberg.. 2000.. Denmark.. This e-mail address is being protected from spambots.. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. +4539612777.. +4561678272.. missionsresearch.. org.. Please use the box below if you want to contact NIME.. Enter your Name:.. E-mail address:.. Message Subject:.. Enter your Message:.. E-mail a copy of this message to your own address.. Send..

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  • Title: Events - NIME Doctoral Seminar - Lund March 2013
    Descriptive info: Event.. Title:.. NIME Doctoral Seminar - Lund March 2013.. When:.. 2013.. Category:.. NIME Doctoral Course.. Description.. Next NIME doctoral course and Lund mission studies open seminar will be organized in 26th-27th March 2013.. The topic of the open seminar is "Researching Enchanted World: Positioning ourselves in anthropology of Christianity and  ...   presentations of international standing, among others Prof.. Joel Robbins (University of California).. On the second day, there will be doctoral seminars in mission studies and in anthropology of Christianity (registration needed).. Paper presentations reserved mostly to doctoral students and applicants to doctoral studies.. Rationale, program details and registration page:.. se/forskning/konferenser-och-symposier/2013-researching-enchanted-world/..

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  • Title: Events - NIME 2013 AGM
    Descriptive info: NIME 2013 AGM.. Where:.. Uppsala, Sweden.. -.. Annual General Meeting 2013.. The NIME 2013 AGM will take place in conjunction with the Swedish joint doctoral seminary (Lund-Uppsala) on 23.. rd.. -24.. October in Uppsala (please find detailed program below).. The NIME AGM will take place 24.. October 13:00-14:30 at the Fjellstedska Skolan, Östra Ågatan 6, Uppsala and all current and future NIME members are eligible participants.. Agenda:.. Roll call and annual reports.. Chairperson’s report.. Member institutions reports.. b.. Auditing: Preparations for audition have been done and a financial report will be presented.. c.. Membership fee structure:.. Suggestion: Approval of the existing structure suggested.. d.. The future direction of NIME.. How to increase membership of NIME?.. NIME and the European Missiological Conference, April 2014, in Helsinki.. e..  ...   October.. 12:30-14:00 Lunch.. 14:00-16:00 Senior lecturer in World Christianity Elizabeth Koepping (University of Edinburgh): “From Mission Studies to World Christianity – Experiences from Edinburgh and the rest of the world”.. 16:00-17:00 Discussion: Research programs in Mission Studies and World Christianities.. 17:00-18:00 NIME AGM.. 18:30 Dinner.. 24.. October.. 09:00-12:00 Seminar with doctoral students.. 12:00-13:00 Lunch.. 13:00-14:30 SMT Editorial Conference.. Registration: Please register for the seminar by email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots.. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ; if you want to stay for the night, please register and pay directly to Jane Tegnér -.. fjellstedtska.. se/?id=4.. For further information on upcoming events, study days and doctoral seminars, please visit our website.. www.. org.. Yours sincerely,.. Jonas Adelin Jørgensen,.. Chairperson, NIME.. Venue..

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  • Title: Events - European Missiological Conference, Spring 2014
    Descriptive info: European Missiological Conference, Spring 2014.. 2014.. se/forskning/konferenser-och-sy.. Call for panels and papers.. Venue: Cultural Center Sofia, Kallvikintie 28, 00980 Helsinki, Finland (.. sofia.. fi/en.. Dates: 3.. -6.. April 2014.. Deadline for submissions of abstracts: 1.. September / 1.. December 2013.. Conference theme:.. Mission and Money: Missions in the Context of Global Inequalities.. Dear mission studies colleagues,.. On behalf of the Nordic Institute for Missiology and Ecumenism (NIME), we invite you to submit a paper abstract or panel proposal for the 2014 European missiological conference.. With encouragement from the International Association for Mission Studies (IAMS) NIME is hosting the European meeting in 2014.. The NIME board has selected the Cultural Center Sofia, an orthodox center in Finland, for conference venue.. The Sofia center is beautifully located and easily accessible from Helsinki Airport.. The theme for our 2014 conference is ‘Mission in the Context of Inequalities’.. The program includes annual regional meetings of the various European missiological societies.. We hope to include panels both on teaching missiology and developing courses, on research methodology and publication, mission history, contemporary global Christianity, and mission theology, and we encourage scholars to submit proposals for panels.. We invite papers submissions in panels or as individual papers, relating to the conference theme of ‘Mission in the Context of Inequalities’.. What we have in mind is not simply the economic dimension of missions let alone fundraising but  ...   as it is available.. How to submit a panel or a paper.. Paper abstracts (single papers) and panel proposals (a panel consisting of up to five papers and allotted a fixed time slot for presentation and discussion) should include your name, institutional affiliation (if a panel, then also other possible contributors), a 500-word max proposal outlining the issue, your argument, and the relevance.. Questions concerning panels or papers should be directed to chairperson of NIME Jonas Adelin Jørgensen as should your proposal by email attachment to: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots.. Deadline for panel proposals is September 1.. st.. 2013.. Deadline for paper abstracts is December 1.. Preregistration.. Do you want to make sure to get updates on the conference as planning continues? Free online preregistration is available already now at.. Please follow the directions on the front page.. Registration Fee.. Registration takes place online at.. from September 1.. Before December 1.. Students 75 €.. Non-students 100 €.. After December 1.. Students 90 €.. Non-students 115 €.. Registration includes.. Registration includes conference fee only.. Please note that cost for lodging and board is not included.. Depending on the type of accommodation, prices range from 330 € (shared double bed room) to 540 € (single room).. Accommodation is registered when registration for the conference takes place, but paid directly and separately to Cultural Center Sofia upon arrival..

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  • Title: NIME - Nordic Institute for Missiological and Ecumenical Research
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