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  • Title: Masonry Advisory Council - Articles on brick, masonry, concrete masonry, flashing details, fireplaces, stone, cast stone .. .
    Descriptive info: .. FREE TECHNICAL INFORMATION ON MASONRY DESIGN AND CONSTRUCTION - BRICK - BLOCK - STONE.. TECH LIBRARY CATEGORIES.. MASONRY EDGE MAGAZINE.. THE CUTTING EDGE.. CONSUMERS CORNER.. MASONRY MATERIALS.. BRICK.. CONCRETE MASONRY.. MORTAR.. STONE - CAST STONE.. GROUT.. FLASHING.. WALL TIES ANCHORS.. ADHERED VENEER.. MASONRY DESIGN.. MASONRY CONSTRUCTION.. MASONRY MAINTENANCE.. FIRE SAFETY WITH MASONRY.. RESIDENTIAL MASONRY.. MASONRY COSTS ESTIMATING.. R-VALUES / ENERGY CONCERNS.. MASONRY CODES/ORDINANCES.. MASONRY CASE STUDIES.. RAMBLINGS - INDUSTRY UPDATES.. SEARCH FOR MASONRY TECHNICAL INFO.. NEW MASONRY ARTICLES / INFO.. MASONRY COST GUIDE.. ESTIMATED COSTS OF MASONRY WALLS ASSEMBLIES.. Proper Design and Detailing  ...   the design and detailing of masonry wall systems.. WELCOME MESSAGE.. I would like to personally welcome you to the Masonry Advisory Council Web site.. We are dedicated to providing the public with as much general and technical information as possible about.. masonry design and detailing.. The core of the site is the.. technical library.. in which one may find several of our most popular technical documents available to read online.. If you are looking for a brick distributor, concrete masonry supplier or mason contractor check out the.. industry directory.. PRIVACY POLICY.. DESIGN:.. ENTASIA.. COM..

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  • Title: Masonry Technical Library - Suggested details, specifications and general information on masonry construction
    Descriptive info: [.. HOME.. ] [TECH LIBRARY].. Related External Links.. BIA Tech Notes.. NCMA Techical Notes.. SEARCH THE TECH LIBRARY.. ENTER KEYWORDS OR PHRASES.. FEATURED ARTICLES.. THINK SYSTEMS.. ADHERED VENEERS.. MASONRY FIREPLACES.. MASONRY COST GUIDE 2009-20.. 10.. Guide to Masonry Wall Systems.. Adhered Veneer Done Correctly.. Masonry Fireplace Design.. Installed Costs of 60+ wall systems.. CHOOSE A CATEGORY TO BROWSE ARTICLES.. Masonry Edge Magazine.. Our new full featured masonry magazine.. The Cutting Edge.. Section dedicated to new innovative masonry products and related technologies.. Consumers Corner.. Information for consumers regarding brick homes, a problem clinic for common problems with brick homes and various do-it-yourself masonry projects.. Materials.. Information about the different materials used in masonry construction.. Brick.. Articles regarding brick masonry.. Concrete Masonry.. Technical information on using Concrete Masonry.. Stone - Cast Stone.. Tech info on Cast stone, stone veneers,  ...   wall systems.. Movement Joints.. Technical info on expansion joints and control joints for masonry walls.. Fireplaces Chimneys.. Proper design of masonry fireplaces and chimneys.. Construction.. Technical articles focused on the construction of masonry wall systems.. Maintenance.. Guidelines for maintaining masonry structures.. Fire Safety.. Articles on fire safety with masonry with a fire rating finder.. Residential Masonry.. Information on brick homes for the consumer.. Masonry Design Awards.. Our annual awards program - view past winners or sign up.. Costs - Estimating.. Information on estimating masonry construction -.. 2009-2010 cost guide online now!.. R-Values / Energy.. Articles about masonry R-values and energy code compliance issues.. Building Codes / Ordinances.. Information regarding masonry codes and what local municipalities can do to improve standard of building.. Ramblings - Industry Updates.. Newsletter from Executive Director - Charles Ostrander.. {HOME}.. {TECHNICAL LIBRARY}.. {INDUSTRY DIRECTORY}..

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  • Title: industrytdirectory
    Descriptive info: ] [DIRECTORY].. Brick Industry Directory.. Find links to manufacturers of brick, Brick Distributors and related information.. Concrete Masonry Directory.. Concrete Masonry suppliers, organizations, etc.. Mason Contractor Directory.. Locate Mason Contractors.. Masonry Consultants / Services.. List of Masonry Consultants, Testing Labs, etc..

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  • Title: contact
    Descriptive info: ] [CONTACT].. Masonry Advisory Council.. 1440 Renaissance Drive Suite 340.. Park Ridge, IL 60068.. (847)- 297-6704.. info@maconline.. org..

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  • Title: Masonry Edge Magazine
    Descriptive info: ] [.. TECH LIBRARY.. ] [masonryedge].. MASONRY EDGE MAGAZINE / THE STORY POLE.. STATEMENT OF THE PREMIER WALL SYSTEM.. A Publication of the Masonry Advisory Council.. For more information:.. BIA Tech Notes Online.. (SELECT REGIONAL SPONSOR TO VIEW TEK NOTES).. DOWNLOAD SUBSCRIPTION FORM.. MASONRY EDGE/STORY POLE.. Published by the accomplished bsYOUNG Associates.. The Masonry Edge Quarterly Magazine is packed with technical articles, industry innovations, news and more.. Subscriptions are only $12 / year.. SELECTED ARTICLES FROM PAST ISSUES:.. Adhered Veneer.. Coping  ...   School Case Study.. Multi-tasking Masonry.. Garbage Enclosures.. Job Site Mockup Panels.. Modular Wall Design.. Thinking Outside the Frame.. Managing Water on Exterior Stairs.. History of Insulation with Masonry.. Designing Masonry Lintels.. Say Goodbye to f'm 1500.. Self Consolidating Grout.. What is the Magic of 6T?.. High R-Value Masonry Wall Choices.. Polyisocyanurate - Raising the "R" with Polyiso.. Supporting Brick Without Shelf Angles.. School Administrators Speak Out | Insisting on Masonry.. The Flexibility of Brick.. Statement in Stone | Elmhurst Public Library..

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  • Title: The Cutting Edge - Innovative products for the masonry industry
    Descriptive info: ] [Edge].. The Cutting Edge - New and innovative products for the masonry industry.. Online Articles (html).. Article.. Description.. Glass Fiber Reinforced Rebar.. GFRP Rebar - Glass fiber reinforced rebar.. Harvard Brik / Heritage Brick.. Concrete masonry units that look just like clay brick, but are structurally as capable as concrete block.. Concrete Masonry Basements.. An age old idea, while popular in many states, holds promise for the Chicago area.. Detail included.. Thermadrain.. Insulated drainage board for masonry cavity walls - manages moisture and insulates the wall in one step.. Raising the Bar for the  ...   Discovering the Future, Don't wait for the trends to develop.. Instead, watch for people messing with the rules that is the earliest sign of significant change.. topics covered : self consolidating grout, load bearing masonry, fire resistance.. Acobat files (PDF).. Ramblings 6.. Major Changes in Design using steel studs and rigid insulation - Tolerances in poured concrete foundations for masonry, good limestone cap details.. Ramblings 5.. LEED Program and masonry, we're already there.. Fire Protection, Codes, etc.. Ramblings 1.. Real R values - Thermal shorting of studs leaves R values less than desireable in stud walls..

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  • Title: Masonry homes - infomation for consumers
    Descriptive info: ] [CONSUMERS].. BIA Tech Note 7F.. Consumer's Corner.. Information for consumers regarding masonry home construction, common problems with brick veneer homes, and various do-it-yourself projects using masonry.. Section.. Why Choose a brick home?.. A homebuyer's guide to brick homes showing how a brick home is safer, more energy efficient and let's face it - brick homes look better and have a higher resale value.. Brick Veneer Home Problem Clinic.. My least favorite section - the problem clinic - answers to several questions regarding moisture problems, flashing problems, and anything else that can go wrong along the way..

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  • Title: Masonry Materials - Brick, mortar, stone, block, concrete masonry, wall ties, anchors, flashing
    Descriptive info: ] [MATERIALS].. Masonry Materials.. Search for Masonry Articles.. MASONRY MATERIAL INFO - SUB CATEGORIES.. Face Brick.. A regularly updated collection of articles regarding brick masonry.. A regularly updated collection of technical information on using Concrete Masonry.. A regularly updated collection of technical articles on mortar for masonry.. Information regarding the design of this relatively new sector of masonry - and it's particular challenges.. Masonry Ties / Anchors.. Information on masonry wall ties, anchors, etc.. Wall ties - Anchorage.. Article explains wall  ...   lists STC ratings of several wall assemblies.. R - Values.. A 2 page Acrobat PDF File which shows examples of real world R - Value calculations and provides you with all the information you need to determine R of any masonry wall.. This document explains this often misunderstood material - same as the html version above only prints better.. Same as above - print quality.. Tall Slender CMU Walls.. Article Showing the efficiency of Single Wythe Block Walls for Warehouse Construction..

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  • Title: Masonry Technical Library - Brick
    Descriptive info: MATERIALS.. ] [BRICK].. Active ASTM Standards for Brick.. C216 Standard Specification for Facing.. (Solid Masonry Units Made from Clay or Shale.. C652 Standard Specification for Hollow.. (Hollow Masonry Units Made From Clay or Shale.. C1405 Standard Specification for Glazed BRICK (Single Fired, Solid BRICK Units).. Introduction.. An overview of the advantages of using brick.. Brick to Siding Transitions.. Detailing the transition in brick veneer where eifs or siding transitions to a brick base.. The 10 Major Items to Consider with Brick on Wood Frame Construction.. Our list of the top 10 concerns when using brick veneer over a wood frame.. Brick sizes.. Sizes, dimensions and nomenclature.. Choosing a  ...   Why it pays to use brick.. Brick Economics - initial cost - life cycle cost, etc.. Suggested Details.. Brick details.. How size effects cost.. How larger units cut labor costs.. How cost per 1000 effects real world cost.. Cleaning New Brick Masonry.. Constructing clean brick-work greatly minimizes the amount of work required later.. There are several important factors to consider in this regard.. Brick Home Problem Clinic.. Help for brick homeowners with problems, leaking, cracking, stains, etc.. Useful links for brick including a comprehensive list of links to brick manufacturers.. Brick's Unmatched 100+ Year Life Expectancy Boosts its Green Rating.. Newsletter detailing the environmental friendliness of brick construction..

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  • Title: Concrete Masonry
    Descriptive info: ] [CMU].. Active ASTM Standards for Concrete Masonry.. C90 Standard Specification for Loadbearing Concrete Masonry Units.. C55 Standard Specification for Concrete Brick.. C946 Standard Practice for Construction of Dry-Stacked, Surface-Bonded Walls.. Single Wythe CMU.. This article outlines the proper material selection, insulation selection, detailing and workmanship required to create an effective single wythe cmu wall.. Designing Single Wythe Block Walls That don't Take on Water.. A commonly asked question for us answered - "how should a single wythe concrete block wall be designed and built to prevent moisture penetration.. Design of Concrete Block Veneers in Cavity Walls.. Concrete block veneers, whether smooth face block, ground face block or split face block - all need to be detailed properly to prevent cracking and/or water penetration.. Design of Concrete Block Veneers in Stud Walls.. Concrete masonry veneers used over stud walls have a different set of requirements the designer must take into account..  ...   tall slender warehouse walls with CMU.. Getting Grout into a Wall.. Article explaining the process of grouting using the lastest technology.. Mortarless Block Systems.. Innovative mortarless systems have improved with time and are now more competitive in many more market segments than before.. Post-Tensioned Masonry Slashes the Need for Grout.. Unlike conventional reinforced masonry, which requires grout in every core containing rebar, post-tensioning tendons don t need grout.. A four page brochure showing the proper material selection, insulation selection, detailing and workmanship required to create an effective single wythe cmu wall.. Concrete Masonry Firewall Details.. 3d and 2d drawings showing concrete masonry firewalls used in wood frame structures.. Case Study # 16 - Block Stands Tall at the Box Office.. A case study of exceptionally tall state of the art reinforced concrete block walls use for theaters in the chicagoland area.. Ramblings 3 - Charles Ostrander.. Crack control in 4" CMU..

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  • Title: Mortar
    Descriptive info: ] [MORTAR].. Active ASTM Standards for Mortar.. C270 Standard Specification for Mortar for Unit Masonry.. C1329 Standard Specification for Mortar Cement.. C1384 Standard Specification for Admixtures for Masonry Mortars.. Online html articles:.. An overview of the characteristics of mortar.. Wet Characteristics.. Workability.. Retentivity and flow.. Dry Characteristics.. Compressive Strength.. Bond Strength.. Replacing Historic Mortar.. reproducing similar products for restoration and repair of existing masonry, and identify the fundamental parameters and standardized testing methods for the old mortars.. Understanding Mortar: Masonry Materials.. It is critical to appreciate mortar s properties and how the ingredients in mortar affect performance.. Three important properties of mortar are workability, bond, and compressive strength.. A Case for Hydraulic Mortar: Masonry Materials.. Like everything old, hydraulic mortars are new again, finding a place in historic restorations.. Grinders for Removing Mortar.. Small disc grinders are indispensable for repair contractors who do a lot of masonry repointing.. These electric-powered right angle grinders allow hardened mortar to be cut out quickly and efficiently.. Pointing with Poise.. Getting  ...   a lime mortar was used originally.. Surface Grouting to Repair Mortar Joints.. When joints are weathered but not badly deteriorated, surface grouting can stop leaks more economically than repointing.. Try Surface Grouting.. Adobe Acrobat PDF Articles.. BOND STRENGTH and WATER PENETRATION of LOW IRA BRICK and MORTAR.. Brick with initial rate of absorption (IRA) less than 5gm/min/30 in2 can be used successfully when laid in mortar having low water retention.. In this research program, brick with IRA near 1 gm/min/30 in2 and 4 gm/min/30 in2 were combined with seven different mortars.. Mortar materials were portland cement/lime, mortar cement and masonry cement.. A control was established by combining a brick with a mid-range IRA, 15 gm/min/30 in2, and portland cement/lime mortars.. Flexural bond strengths were evaluated using the bond wrench.. The combinations of materials which resulted in the highest and lowest bond strengths for each of the cementitious materials types were tested for water penetration resistance.. This paper presents the parameters of the program, material properties, results, and conclusions..

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  • Archived pages: 231