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  • Title: Modelio Open Source Community
    Descriptive info: .. Follow us.. Home.. About Modelio.. Features.. License.. Videos.. Screenshots.. Downloads.. Modelio.. Source code.. White papers.. Community.. Get involved.. Discussion forums.. Wiki.. Mailing lists.. Bug tracker.. Blog.. Documentation.. Installation.. Quick start guide.. User manuals.. Tutorials.. Developer API.. FAQ.. Quick Links.. Download.. Forum.. Forge.. is an open source modeling environment (.. UML2.. ,.. BPMN2.. ).. Based on a 20-year track record of high end commercial products, Modelio delivers a broad-focused range of standards-based functionalities for software developers, analysts, designers, business architects and system architects.. More on Modelio's features.. Discover Modelio's history.. Welcome to the community platform for users who utilize the Modelio open source modeling environment and developers who build extensions for it.. This website provides valuable resources and everyone will be happy to help should you have questions.. Modelio 2.. 2.. 2 has been released.. The Modelio development team is glad to announce the release of Modelio 2.. It is mainly a bug-fix release! More info on the.. release notes.. Download Modelio 2.. Modelio 3.. 0 RC2 has been released.. The Modelio development team is glad to announce the release of Modelio 3.. 0 RC2.. This version is a major evolution of Modelio, both functionally and technically.. More info on Modelio 3.. 0 RC2 release notes.. Download Modelio 3.. Discover Modelio Store extensions.. Extend and adapt Modelio by adding modules which provide additional functionalities and services.. Go to  ...   can not share the file but it is definitely the stereotypes.. I deleted them completely from the project in 2.. 2 and now the diagram displays correctly in 3.. 0RC2.. Could it be a problem with the icons? Is there a way to remove the icons from the stereotype definition?.. Maybe I can create a minimum problem case later this week which I can share.. 0RC2: Converted class diagrams are empty - by: pan.. Could you provide us the zip file that you use to import in Modelio 3?.. I tested the migration with a model containing my own stereotype and I managed to open the diagram correctly however the image associated to the stereotype does not appear in the diagram.. Sorry, your reply was coming in as I was editing mine.. Yes that was the plugin I used to convert.. I did some more testing and the common denominator seems to be stereotypes.. Trying to confirm that, I created a small test case consisting of only one class with a user defined stereotype.. It fails to display and after removing that stereotype and converting again displays correctly.. All activities.. Forums.. Sites.. modelio.. org.. Modelio Store.. About.. Origins of Modelio.. Resources.. Online Demo.. Quick Start Guide.. Mailing Lists.. Bug Tracker.. Development.. Terms of Services.. |.. Privacy policy.. Trademark policy.. ©2011 Modeliosoft, except where otherwise stated.. All rights reserved..

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  • Title: Modelio Open Source Community
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  • Title: Features within Modelio the open source modeling environment
    Descriptive info: About Modelio.. The open source modeling environment.. Main Features.. UML Modeler.. Modelio is a first and foremost a modeling environment, supporting a wide range of models and diagrams, and providing model assistance and consistency checking features.. BPMN support integrated with UML.. Modelio combines BPMN support and UML support in one tool, with dedicated diagrams to support business process modeling.. Java code generator.. The Java Designer module uses an RCP/Eclipse-style project file structure, and supports Java code generation and reverse, Javadoc generation and Java automation.. XMI import/export.. Modelio provides an XMI import/export feature that enables you to exchange UML2 models between different tools.. HTML model publishing.. With the HTML Publisher module, publish your models in HTML format.. Extension system.. Modelio can be extended for any language, methodology or modeling technique just by adding modules to your configuration.. You can either use existing modules or else develop your own.. Scripting language support (Jython).. Modelio provides integrated support of the Jython scripting language, for online requests, small scripts and macro definition.. Users.. Code developers.. Business architects.. Software architects.. System architects.. Analysts.. Modules.. A flexible extension mechanism.. By adding Modelio modules to your configuration, you can adapt Modelio to your own profile and needs.. A wide range of existing modules.. The following open source modules are available for.. download.. For additional modules, check out the Modelio store.. Java Designer.. :.. Support of UML2 and Java 6, providing Java code generation and reverse functionalities, Javadoc generation and Java automation.. XSD Designer.. Graphical modeling of XML schemas (XSD models), transformation of UML class diagrams into XSD models and generation of XSD documents from an XML model.. WSDL Designer.. Graphical modeling of web services (WSDL models) and generation of WSDL code from a WSDL model.. Togaf Architect.. Support of the TOGAF Enterprise Architecture Framework, with dedicated editors for use in enterprise architecture modeling and TOGAF catalog and matrix production.. SysML Designer.. Support of the Systems Modeling Language - SysML for short -  ...   Systems Modeling Language - SysML for short - is a modeling language specific to the field of systems engineering.. TOGAF.. TOGAF is the Open Group enterprise architecture framework, providing a complete approach to enterprise information architecture design, planning, implementation and governance.. SoaML.. SoaML is the SOA architecture modeling standard defined by the OMG, used to model and design services within a service-oriented architecture.. The UML Testing Profile is the standard test modeling language defined by the OMG.. General.. Licensed under the GPL v3 license.. Modelio is an open source environment whose core is licensed under version 3 of the GPL from GNU.. For more information on Modelio open source licensing,.. click here.. RCP architecture.. Modelio uses existing open source solutions as much as possible, notably the RCP framework from the Eclipse open source platform to manage the GUI structure of the tool, and the GEF Eclipse graphical library to support Modelio diagrams.. MDA core architecture in Java.. Modelio's core architecture is based on a meta-meta infrastructure.. The current metamodel (UML2, BPMN2, extensions) is translated into a uniform set of services and APIS that provide the fundamental modeling services (storage, unique identification mechanism, explorer browsing, consistency checks, import/export, and so on).. The efficiency of this core is a key aspect of Modelio.. The core architecture supports extensibility mechanisms, notably for UML profile definition, and provides the concept of "modules", which package extensions and which can be dynamically applied to or withdrawn from an existing model.. Modelio is developed in Java, except for a small part of the code written in C++.. Latest version: 2.. 0.. Up to Modelio version 1.. 2 (and previously Objecteering version 6.. 1 and earlier), Modelio was published under a commercial license.. Version 2.. 0 is the first open source version of Modelio, and provides many new features, in particular related to diagrams and BPMN2 integration.. 0 of Modelio was published on June 30th 2011.. Check out the detailed list of Modelio features..

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  • Title: Modeling open source licensing
    Descriptive info: Modelio open source licensing.. Information on the different licenses used.. in the Modelio open source ecosystem.. Different types of license for different types of contribution.. The rules for reusing and/or distributing elements of the Modelio open source ecosystem are defined by the following licenses:.. The Modelio core, which is mainly the modeler and all the necessary components, is licensed under.. the GPL license.. The GPL license requires that the destination software reusing the code also be open source under GPL.. Any distribution that includes elements of the Modelio core must therefore also be distributed under the  ...   code that is embedded within Modelio modules.. It manages module lifecycle and provides a rich Modelio-handling API.. This code is distributed under.. the Apache Public License (APL).. which provides a very large degree of freedom to anyone wishing to reuse and embed the code.. Every Modelio module includes the Modelio Module Runtime.. These modules can be distributed under any license, whether commercial or open source, due to the openness of the APL license.. For example, they can be under APL or GPL open source license, or sold under a commercial license, or free under a commercial license..

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  • Title: Videos - Demos
    Descriptive info: A picture speaks a thousand words,.. but a video is even better!.. Introducing some of our main features.. The demo that follows will introduce you to some of the main features of Modelio, to help you get a glimpse of what you can do with this open source modeling environment.. To watch the demo, just click on the link and the demo will automatically open in a separate window.. If you  ...   please feel free to post in our.. forums.. to get help from other users.. Main features of Modelio.. Java Designer overview.. More demos and tutorials on Youtube.. The Modelio community regularly provides demos and tutorials on Youtube.. Don't hesitate to follow us on the.. Modelio community channel.. Below, you can view the latest video tutorials posted on Youtube.. To view all our videos you can go to our channel on Youtube..

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  • Title: Screenshots - Diagram examples and more
    Descriptive info: Modelio screenshots.. Modelio, its GUI and its features in just a few pictures.. Before you start using or contributing to a tool, it's important to get a feel for what it's all about.. The following screenshots are designed to give you a quick taster of Modelio, its features and its interface.. Each screenshot either shows a different aspect of Modelio or presents the tool being  ...   on the magnifying glass in the bottom right corner.. Don't forget that you can also.. check out the Modelio online demos.. Static diagrams.. Class diagrams.. Sequence diagrams.. Activity diagrams.. State machine diagrams.. Use case diagrams.. Link editor (dependencies, generalizations, import links,.. Rich text editing on model elements.. BPMN process modeling.. Process map modeling (using the TOGAF Architect module).. SOA architecture modeling (using the TOGAF Architect module)..

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  • Title: Download the Modelio open source modeling tool based on UML and BPMN
    Descriptive info: Downloads.. Find out everything you need to know about installing Modelio.. Installation instructions.. Get started.. Discover how to start using Modelio, with information on how to carry out common modeling operations.. Read the quick start guide.. Extend your tool by adding new features with a choice of modules.. Go to Modelio Store.. Developers, get access to Modelio source code.. Go to Forge.. Modelio is an open source modeling environment which can be extended through modules to add functionalities and services.. You will also find a range of existing open source modules on the.. Modelio forge.. You can download modules from each individual forge module project.. Latest release.. Download Modelio [3.. 0 Release Candidate 2].. The second Release Candidate for Modelio 3.. 0 is now available.. (Last update on Jul 20, 2013 ).. It is a pre-relase build so we recommend to use it only for testing and evaluation purposes not for critical projects.. Please select the right file for your system and for your particular needs Please note that Modelio is available as an archive file.. Just unzip the downloaded archive and use Modelio!.. Platform.. Architecture.. File.. Windows XP/Vista/7.. 32-bit.. Modelio (3.. 0 RC2) - Windows 32-bit (.. 184.. 52 MB.. ).. 64-bit.. 0 RC2) - Windows 64-bit (.. 186.. 53 MB.. Linux.. 0 RC2) - Linux 32-bit  ...   through modules or Jython scripts.. Many extensions are free/open source, some are commercial.. Core product.. UML/BPMN modeler, XMI, UML2 and BPMN2 diagrams,.. Code generation.. Java.. C++.. C#.. SQL.. Document generation.. Web Model Publisher.. Document Publisher.. Modeling extensions.. MARTE.. Jython scripts.. Jython scripts can be used for small tasks, automated tasks, get quick information from model,.. Download Jython scripts.. Download modules and scripts.. Previous versions.. Download Modelio previous version [2.. 1.. 1].. The previous stable version of Modelio is 2.. 1.. (Last update on Apr 03, 2012 ).. Please select the right file for your system and for your particular needs Please note that Modelio 2.. 1 is available as an archive file.. If you encounter difficulties downloading these archives, you can try our.. alternative download links.. 1 - Windows (.. 183.. 67 MB.. 1 - Windows 64-bit (.. 75 MB.. 1 - Linux (.. 179.. 05 MB.. 1 - Linux 64-bit (.. 93 MB.. 1 Checksum file.. Alternative download links.. If, for some reason, the download does not succeed or if it is too slow you can try the following alternative download links.. 0 RC2 - Windows 32-bit.. 0 RC2 - Windows.. 0 RC2 - Linux.. 2 - Windows.. 2 - Linux.. 1 - Windows.. 1 - Linux.. Additional information:.. Modelio is distributed under open source licenses.. Video resources..

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  • Title: Find source code
    Descriptive info: Modelio source code.. Direct access to project code.. So where can I find the source code?.. The source code of the Modelio Modeler and Modelio modules is available on the Modelio forge at this address:.. http://forge.. modelio.. org/projects.. Just go to the project whose source code  ...   to some of the main project pages:.. Modelio Modeler - C++ core.. Modelio Modeler - Java application.. Hibernate Designer module.. Java Designer module.. MARTE Designer module.. Modelio Modeler module.. SoaML Designer module.. SysML Architect module.. TOGAF Architect module.. UTP module.. WSDL Designer module.. XSD Designer module..

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  • Title: White papers
    Descriptive info: Expertise and experience from the community.. The white papers published here present real-life projects and case studies involving Modelio, introducing you to some of the main features of modelio and helping you get the most out of this powerful and versatile tool.. New white papers will be added regularly, so don't forget to visit this page from time to time.. Each white paper can be read separately.. -.. Improve your Java development efficiency with Modelio and UML.. Despite the advantages of modeling an application before coding it, most Java developers are not using modeling  ...   to others in the development team.. The problem is that once developers begin coding, ad-hoc changes to the code are not reflected in the model, and the model gradually loses sync with the code and becomes useless.. This white paper will walk through typical Java modeling use cases and describe how Modelio can be used to model Java architecture.. It will demonstrate one of Modelio's most useful features: its ability to automatically maintain consistency between the code and the model, so that any changes made to the code will automatically update the model and vice-versa..

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  • Title: Get involved in the Modelio community
    Descriptive info: Community.. Contributing is easy.. Find out how here.. There are many ways to get involved in the Modelio community, on whatever level you choose.. For each type of contribution, we recommend a certain level of knowledge as a user (someone who has some knowledge of the Modelio tool, as well as modeling or standards such as UML, SOA, BPM,.. ) or a developer (someone with some knowledge of programming):.. : No special knowledge necessary.. : A good level of knowledge necessary.. : Some knowledge necessary.. : An advanced level of knowledge necessary.. If you want to correct bugs or develop extensions/the application core, a good knowledge of the Java language is essential.. For more information on community contribution rules and the Modelio open source licensing scheme,.. Dev.. User.. Share knowledge.. Get help or help other users by sharing your Modelio knowledge on  ...   it would be great if the Modelio environment were available in Japanese? Or if its user manuals were translated into Spanish? Multi-lingual community members, we need you!.. Take part in a translation project.. Contribute bug fixes.. If you come across a bug while using or developing Modelio, and you don't feel like just reporting it and then waiting for it to be corrected, why not correct it yourself?.. Contribute a bug fix.. Develop/Share modules.. Modelio is an extendable tool, so why not develop your own modules to adapt Modelio to your own needs?.. Got a Modelio module that you've developed? Want to share it with the rest of the Modelio community?.. Share your modules.. Enhance the core.. For the hard-core among you, get down to brass tacks and help us develop the heart of the Modelio application.. Get involved in core enhancement work..

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  • Title: Categories - Modelio forum
    Descriptive info: Index.. Recent Topics.. Rules.. Search.. Welcome,.. Guest.. Username.. Password:.. Remember me.. Forgot your password?.. Forgot your username?.. Create an account.. Modelio forum.. (1 viewing) (1) Guest.. Board Categories.. Announcements.. Modelio website.. Usage.. General help.. Feature requests.. Scripts.. Core.. Issues.. Latest information, news from Modelio.. Moderators:.. andy.. 22.. Topics.. 11.. Replies.. Last Post:.. discount orlistat australia no.. by.. Kesutedapssop.. 1 week, 3 days ago.. Post here any suggestion, question or difficulty encountered on Modelio websites.. 6.. Re: problem.. Leen.. 6 months, 3 weeks ago.. Learn how to use Modelio.. Forum for general discussions that don't fit in the other forums.. tma.. ebr.. 188.. 758.. Re: Modelio 3.. 0RC2: Converted.. avedasik.. 1 day, 1 hour ago.. Questions and information about Modelio installation and configuration.. cde.. osl.. 33.. 110.. Donde comprar Tretinoin generi.. Cromychomobre.. Questions and information about Modelio extensions.. You can share information and add support about your own extensions here.. chm.. 40.. 145.. Re: XPDL export  ...   Technical discussions about Jython scripts.. cma.. 14.. 20.. Re: Adding eclipse classes.. pan.. 2 months, 1 week ago.. Technical discussions about Modelio Core development.. 5.. 24.. Re: Dump of modelio's database.. 5 months, 1 week ago.. Did you find a bug? You can discuss here to determine if it is really a bug and how to report it to development team.. 30.. 185.. Re: Where can I find the model.. Heng.. 1 month, 1 week ago.. Who is online.. In total there are.. 180.. users Online ::.. 1.. Member and.. 179.. Guests.. Legend ::.. Site Administrator.. Global Moderator.. Moderator.. Modelio forum Forum Statistics.. Total Users:.. 681.. |.. Latest Member:.. vpanuganti.. User List.. More Statistics.. Total Messages:.. 1772.. Total Subjects:.. 372.. Total Sections:.. Total Categories:.. Today Open:.. Yesterday Open:.. Today Total Answer:.. Yesterday Total Answer:.. Powered by.. Kunena.. Time to create page: 0.. 16 seconds.. Forum content is available under the.. Creative Commons 3.. 0 license..

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