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  • Title: MADE-BY.org | MADE-BY. Making sustainable fashion common practice
    Descriptive info: .. MISSION.. Services.. MADE-BY Partnership.. Consultancy.. Seminars.. Tools.. Wet Processing Tool.. Wet Processing Workshops.. Benchmarks.. Scorecards.. Blue Button Label.. Partner Brands.. Projects.. News Events.. Events.. Blog.. Press Coverage.. Pressroom.. Press Contact.. Press Releases.. Resources.. Info Links.. Standards.. About us.. Annual Report.. The Team.. Ambassadors.. Partner Organisations.. Solidaridad.. Vacancies.. Contact Us.. Track Trace.. Home.. MADE-BY.. is a European..  ...   improve environmental and social conditions in the fashion industry.. To achieve this.. works with fashion brands of varying sizes and scope, and supports them in developing sustainable strategies to improve conditions across their entire supply chain.. has also developed a range of tools and processes which enable brands to be transparent to their stakeholders about their sustainability progress..

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  • Title: Our Mission | MADE-BY.org
    Descriptive info: Our Mission.. Who are we?.. MADE-BY is a European not-for-profit organisation with a mission to improve environmental and social conditions in the fashion industry.. MADE-BY was launched in 2004 in direct response to rising consumer concern in Europe over social and environmental issues in the fashion industry.. The organisation was founded by.. , a leading Dutch International NGO that has been an innovator and driving force in fair trade and  ...   Netherlands, Germany and the United Kingdom.. The UK office receives European Union funding for its operations.. What is our mission?.. Driven by a commitment to sustainability, our overall mission is to make sustainable fashion common practice.. We support fashion brands in developing and implementing sustainability strategies that can be maintained within a commercial environment in order to improve environmental and social conditions in the fashion industry.. Production in India © MADE-BY..

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  • Title: Our Services | MADE-BY.org
    Descriptive info: Our Services.. How do we do what we do?.. MADE-BY is a non-profit multi-stakeholder initiative and works with various organisations and NGOs.. This allows us to develop services that are relevant and effective for brands and suppliers and respond to gaps and needs in the market.. Our aim is to improve sustainability within the fashion industry in the long-term and we do this by engaging with fashion brands and retailers.. What are our services?.. We undertake a range of.. consultancy.. projects with fashion brands that are tailor-made to their specific sustainability needs, be it on a long-term.. partnership.. basis, or on an ad hoc one-off consultancy service.. This  ...   on-the-ground supply chain improvement programmes through our founding partner.. , who have offices in key manufacturing countries and are also involved in the development of sustainable cotton farming initiatives.. Through our.. , we are able to support brands in making the right sustainable choices in line with their business, and then we help brands to communicate their sustainability progress through the various.. tools.. that we have developed over the years, such as our annually published.. Scorecard.. If you are interested in becoming more informed on new developments in the field of sustainable fashion, we also run regular.. that are aimed at textile and apparel professionals.. CLAUDIA STRÄTER © MADE-BY..

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  • Title: MADE-BY Partnership | MADE-BY.org
    Descriptive info: Through projects undertaken at both brand and supplier level, MADE-BY supports partner brands in gradually improving their supply chains.. Whether a partner brand wants to take the first step on its sustainable journey or attain the highest standards of global sustainability, we work with them, providing practical support every step of the way.. To our partner brands we offer strategic support through our workshops, on topics which can range from sustainable fabrics and wet processing, to supplier improvement programmes and best purchasing practices.. We also support our partner brands in determining their improvement strategies,  ...   stakeholders, we offer partner brands a range of.. that support and communicate their work and yearly achievements.. By taking a brand-focused approach, as opposed to a product-focused approach, we aim to provide visibility across the entire collection of all of our partner brands.. Brands interested in partnering with MADE-BY should.. contact us.. for a preliminary discussion and presentation.. Brands are also encouraged to talk to existing MADE-BY.. partners.. to hear how the relationship has worked, how it has benefited them, and the tangible results that have come from the partnership.. RIANNE DE WITTE © MADE-BY..

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  • Title: Consultancy | MADE-BY.org
    Descriptive info: MADE-BY’s mission is to make sustainable fashion common practice.. We do this by offering services to brands both in a holistic and continuous way through our partnerships, as well as on an ad hoc basis with brands that may only require a one-off service.. We recognise that not all brands will have the same needs and demands, so by being dynamic and not constricting our services to only partner brands, we aim to reach a wider audience and thereby produce a larger impact.. To read more about how we work  ...   that perhaps have a strong in-house CSR department but need external expertise on specific sustainability projects.. Again, these can include social and environmental improvement projects within the supply chain on topics like traceability and sustainable fabric development or workshops for designers and buyers on how to design, source and produce more sustainably.. If you would like to book a one-on-one appointment, please send your email address and a brief description of your query to:.. MADE-BY United Kingdom.. infouk@made-by.. org.. MADE-BY Benelux:.. info@made-by.. nl.. MADE-BY Germany:.. infogermany@made-by.. Garment Producer, India © MADE-BY..

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  • Title: Seminars | MADE-BY.org
    Descriptive info: MADE-BY Seminars.. MADE-BY offer Seminars on a range of topics covering every aspect around sustainable fashion.. These are aimed at textile and apparel professionals, and are hosted in key European cities.. They are primarily intended for brands and retailers who are looking to become more informed on new developments in the field of sustainable fashion, such as fabric sourcing and opportunities in the supply chain.. The Seminars consist of a combination of presentations and lectures, interactive clinics, small group in-depth discussion in the breakout sessions and panel discussions.. The Seminars also serve as a platform to bring together experts and industry practitioners along the supply chain of garments, whilst providing an open and neutral ground to discuss hot topics and issues, latest innovations, how to address challenges, and the best  ...   to sustainable fashion, good networking opportunities and the open atmosphere during interactive discussion".. – PUMA, Germany.. "It's interesting yet educative".. – Louis Vuitton, France.. "Most valuable aspect was meeting with other people facing the same issues and discussing how we can work through to a solution together".. – Marks Spencer, United Kingdom.. "Its been highly useful in buiding our sustainable fashion program".. – Adidas, Germany.. "The seminar was very much relevant to increase our understanding in critical issues and it was a really valuable contribution to our knowledge in the area".. – ASOS, United Kingdom.. Upcoming Seminars:.. Past Seminars:.. 31st May, 2011.. Brussels, Belgium.. Organic and Sustainable Textile Seminar for Brands and Retailers.. , hosted by MADE-BY and Textile Exchange.. 17-18 November, 2010.. Amsterdam, the Netherlands.. How can sustainability be profitable?..

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  • Title: Our Tools | MADE-BY.org
    Descriptive info: Our Tools.. Through our experience and expertise, as well as our partnerships with various NGOs and organisations, MADE-BY has been able to develop several tools that support brands in becoming more sustainable, as well as help them to communicate their sustainability progress.. We have developed a.. system for brands which measures, benchmarks and tracks a brand’s progress year-on-year, in a way that is transparent.. These Scorecards are shared with brands and are published online.. By collating and analysing this data, we  ...   brands can show consumers that they are working with MADE-BY by using the.. , which can be used across the collection once there is evidence of sustainability within the supply chain, and demonstrates that a brand is committed to producing their collection with respect for the environment and the people working in the supply chain.. MADE-BY partner brands also have access to our ‘Sustainable Supplier Database’ which also allows them to find sustainable supplier that suit their needs.. MADE-BY Scorecard © MADE-BY..

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  • Title: Wet Processing Tool | MADE-BY.org
    Descriptive info: A.. Guide to Textile Wet Processing Standards.. Why did MADE-BY develop this tool?.. Through our experience and expertise, as well as our partnerships with various NGOs and organisations, MADE-BY develops tools that are relevant and effective for brands and suppliers in becoming more sustainable and that respond to gaps and needs in the market.. The sustainability agenda is continuously growing and at MADE-BY we believe working together in pushing this agenda by sharing industry knowledge is key.. Wet processing refers to the textile process where products are pre-treated, dyed, printed and finished through a liquid-based process.. During these treatments, large quantities of water, energy and (hazardous) chemicals are consumed.. The scope of wet processing is broad, covering multiple processes occurring at multiple stages of the supply chain, each having a different and significant environmental impact.. In addition, many variable factors at a supply chain level are involved, such as machine type and settings, making it an extremely complex field.. Nevertheless there  ...   chains in the area of water, energy and chemicals use.. Therefore this tool has been developed as an objective guide, providing a practical and comparative overview that enables brands to determine which standard(s) are most applicable in their supply chains.. The guide has been developed in collaboration with the managing bodies themselves and we will maintain the tool as updates are provided.. How to use this tool.. To enter the tool, click the '.. VIEW GUIDE.. ' button below.. You will then see an overview of all standards covered within the MADE-BY guide.. Should you wish to see a detailed summary of a particular standard, simply click on that standard.. Within the text, abbreviations and definitions are further defined; to see the references,.. To see a brief overview of all the standards covered within the MADE-BY guide according to the criteria most relevant to you, select these criteria in the 'Help me find the right certification' section and click the 'go' button..

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  • Title: MADE-BY Programme on Sustainable Wet Processing in the Fashion Industry | MADE-BY.org
    Descriptive info: MADE-BY Programme on Sustainable Wet Processing in the Fashion Industry.. D.. eveloping Implementing Strategic Improvements.. Why Change is Necessary.. :.. The environmental impact of textile wet processing is enormous.. The high levels of energy, water, and hazardous chemical use have resulted in polluted waterways, desertification, deforestation, and toxic emissions into the air we breathe.. The fashion industry is becoming more and more aware of the need to improve environmental conditions in the garment supply chain, but the way forward is unclear.. While a multitude of standards and certification systems are available, it is quite difficult for most fashion companies to discern what they do, how they differ, and how they can be used to improve conditions in their own supply chains.. How MADE-BY can Empower your Brand:.. MADE-BY is a European not-for-profit organisation with a mission to improve environmental and social conditions in the fashion industry and make sustainability common practice.. MADE-BY has expertise supporting brands in making long-term improvements in sustainability through consulting projects, partnerships, and hands-on training.. This spring we will be offering a limited number of personalised training and strategy workshops to help your team understand and transform the environmental impact of textile wet processing in your supply chain.. MADE-BY can offer insights  ...   your business?.. • How do you implement a wet processing improvement strategy in your supply chain?.. At the end of the day, you will leave with a deeper understanding of the issues related to wet processing, and a pragmatic strategy you can implement to improve environmental impacts in your own supply chain.. Workshop and Logistics:.. Through a subsidy from the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs, Agriculture, and Innovation we are able to offer this workshop at a reduced rate.. Please contact us for further details.. MADE-BY’s Supply Chain Consultants will conduct this full-day workshop at your headquarters.. Workshop content is ideal for CSR Managers, Buyers, Product Developers, and Material and Sourcing Managers.. Please contact your MADE-BY Supply Chain Consultant or email.. Floor.. Driessen@made-by.. to register and schedule a workshop for your company.. Sneak Peek:.. Advanced Implementation.. There will also be an opportunity for participating brands to take their environmental strategy one step further: MADE-BY will be partnering with Solidaridad to provide support for implementation of improvement strategies, helping you tackle supply chain challenges at the mill level, either through existing international programmes or through tailor-made supplier trainings.. For a limited number of participants, the advanced implementation phase is fully supported with funding from the Dutch government..

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  • Title: Benchmarks | MADE-BY.org
    Descriptive info: Benchmark for Social Standards.. View Benchmark.. Environmental Benchmark for Fibres.. Social Policy for Developed Countries..

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  • Title: Scorecards | MADE-BY.org
    Descriptive info: MADE-BY partner brands commit to registering their social and environmental progress, which is published yearly in the form of MADE-BY Scorecards.. The Scorecard shows how a brand has improved year-on-year and where it may have encountered any significant challenges.. An online analysis explains successes for the year along with any hurdles the brand has faced and how it will or has tried to overcome them.. Only companies that have been partner brands of MADE-BY for the entire year have a Scorecard published.. Based on the.. MADE-BY Benchmarks.. that rank and classify fibres and social compliance initiatives in terms of sustainability, the Scorecards aim to make each brand’s activities more transparent.. They highlight progress towards becoming more sustainable and ethical in the production methods used by their supply chains.. The Scorecards illustrate the percentage of their supplier’s factories that are socially certified, in addition to the percentage of organic cotton and environmentally friendly materials used to produce their collections.. Two Benchmarks form the foundation of the  ...   special ranking is given to suppliers located in countries which MADE-BY has deemed as ‘low risk’.. These include EU countries (excluding Romania and Bulgaria), Japan, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.. In essence, social policy distinguishes between certain developed countries, where workers' rights are adequately protected, and the rest of the world, where adequate protection is often lacking.. Environmental Benchmark for Fibres.. Brown and Wilmanns, a research company specialising in fibre analysis, has developed a materials benchmark with MADE-BY.. The benchmark supports brands in limiting the impact of its materials on the environment and advises them on sustainable alternatives.. In this benchmark the processing of a large range of materials from raw to yarn are compared in relation to emissions produced, their use of land space, pesticides, chemicals, water and energy.. Brand Directory.. 100% Organic Cotton.. Alchemist.. Atelier Awash.. Chasin.. Claudia Strater.. Falcon.. G-Star.. Greenality.. Haikure.. Imps Elfs.. Jackpot.. Komodo.. KuSan.. Kuyichi.. La Siesta.. Limobasics.. Nomad.. Pure.. Rianne de Witte.. Sey.. Slippely.. Snoozebaby.. Ted Baker.. The Baand..

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