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  • Title: Welcome to The Majuro Cooperative School
    Descriptive info: .. The Majuro Cooperative School.. Accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges.. P.. O.. Box 81, Majuro, MH 96960.. Telephone (692) 625-3144.. Facsimile (692) 625-3719.. e-mail:.. majcoopk8@gmail.. com.. or.. majurocoophs@yahoo.. MCS Home.. Mission and Goals.. Message from the President.. Board of Directors.. Teachers Job Opportunities.. Our Beautiful Students.. High School.. Our Proud Alumni.. PTA Facilities.. School Calendar.. MCS.. Handbooks.. Donations.. Contact info Links.. The Majuro Cooperative School: A unique experience in education.. Majuro Cooperative School (MCS or Co-op as it is often called) is a private, secular school educating students in grades pre-K through 11th.. The school's campus is located on the southeast corner of Majuro Atoll, the capital of the Republic of the Marshall Islands.. The estimated 2007 population of the Marshall Islands is 53,000 with more than half that number living in Majuro.. The school was founded in 1975 by a small group of concerned parents who wanted to provide their children with a quality education.. Co-op was first accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges in March 1994.. In April 1997, the school was awarded a 3-year extension of its term of accreditation.. It was revisited again in March of 2000, obtaining another 3-year term of accreditation, which was subsequently extended for an additional two years through 2005, and then again through 2007.. In July of 2007 the school was accredited for three years through to the summer of 2010.. In 2010 the school was given a 6 year accreditation by WASC.. Our Little United Nations.. The school has grown significantly since its early days as a one teacher school with a single classroom.. There are currently 321 students (about half boys and half girls) enrolled at Co-op, representing diverse cultural and socio-economic backgrounds.. The current ethnic/nationality makeup of the student body is very similar to what it was in the late 1990s.. This is reflective of the fact that a consistently large number of Marshallese parents have chosen to send their children to Majuro Cooperative School because of its remarkable academic record.. The large percentage of Marshallese attending Co-op means that English is a second language for the majority of students.. For the vast majority of Co-op students, even those who have one parent who is a first language English speaker, the language that they use with their family and friends is Marshallese, and English is used only at school.. The need for strong English skills underlies the school's policy of starting English language instruction from the earliest grades in an effort to develop fluency in written and oral English among the students.. A significant challenge for the Marshall Islands is its transition from a rural, largely subsistence way of life to a highly urban, cash economy.. Today, with more than 2/3 of the population living in the two major urban centers, cultural norms through the extended family system that governed the society for generations are breaking down.. In 2011 MCS students, parents and staff starred in a third, award winning, Marshallese feature length film:.. Lañinbwil's Gift.. In 2010 MCS students, parents and staff starred in a second Marshallese feature length film:.. Yokwe Bartowe.. In 2009 MCS students, parents and staff starred in the Marshallese feature length film,.. Ña Noniep (I am the Good Fairy).. We Encourage.. Lasting.. Friendships.. We Encourage.. Participation in.. School.. and in our.. Community.. Traditionally, the biological parents did not provide nearly as much parenting as in the Western world.. Such responsibilities were often handled by grandparents or aunts and uncles in tight-knit extended family units.. But in today's urban centers, families have become more nuclear in makeup.. Thus, there are many young parents in Majuro who have little or no parenting experience and skill and who also lack the English language proficiency needed to encourage their children's studies.. The lack of parenting knowledge and experience is compounded by the fact that close to 20% of all births each year in the Marshall Islands are to teenagers.. This has led to noticeable problems in the urban centers.. Lack of supervision results in a lack of discipline and established limits for children, and increasing anti-social behavior among teenagers has led to the formation of neighborhood gangs and violence that was virtually non-existent ten years ago.. Despite these increasing social problems relating to young people and their parents, children generally respond very positively to authority and the setting of limits.. This is the case at the Majuro Cooperative School, which  ...   global society.. Within both the Majuro community and the Marshall Islands, the Majuro Cooperative School is perceived as producing a high level of academic achievement.. Annually, the MISAT (Marshall Islands SAT test) is administered for all 4th and 8th graders in the Marshall Islands.. The Co-op School students consistently perform at the top for all schools in English, Reading and Math.. Tuition fees generally cover the school s recurrent operating costs.. External grant funding has been used to address needed facility upgrades, Special Education programming, a computer lab for students, professional development for teachers, support for at-risk students, and curricular improvement.. Fundraising and grants cover about a third of the school s operating costs.. For many years, parents and staff at MCS considered the addition of a high school at program.. In 2005 a committee of parents and administrators began to formalize plans to gradually add a high school program.. At that time, the majority of graduating 8th grade students attended high schools off-island.. Parents were interested in a challenging high school curriculum at Co-op that provided equivalent curricular and instructional standards to international high schools.. Through grants and parental support, Coop school s first high school class began in August 2008.. The Majuro Cooperative High School provides families and students of the Marshall Islands an alternative to the previous options that include sending children to 1) Assumption High School (limited space and a Catholic orientation) or the Marshall Islands High School (a very large student body), which are the only other accredited high schools in the Marshall Islands ; 2) non-accredited local high schools 3) off island high schools.. The Co-op High School added a tenth grade in 2009-2010 and will add the 11th and 12th grades for the 2010-2011 and the 2011-2012 school years.. Annual tuition at Majuro Cooperative School for the 2009-2010 school year is $2100.. 00 for grades K through 12th (it is slightly lower for the two levels of pre-K, which provide instruction limited to half days).. The school's Board of Directors has frequently wrestled with the issue of the amount of tuition, attempting to strike a balance between school needs and parents ability to pay.. Majuro Cooperative School has the highest tuition of any private school in the Marshall Islands.. Nevertheless, its current level allows many Marshall Islanders with modest income levels to send their children to the school.. English is the medium of instruction with specialty courses in Marshallese culture and language.. Teaching staff in the 2011-2012 school year are from the United States, Fiji, Japan, Korea, and the Marshall Islands.. The teaching staff brings together a unique collection of instructors with a wide range of academic training and experience.. Because Marshallese see the value of strong English speaking and writing skills for their children, there is widespread support for the hiring of native English speaking teachers from off-island because of the perception that this translates directly into stronger English ability and fluency.. The school's overseas recruitment also reflects the fact that there are few Marshallese teachers who have attained a B.. A.. or teaching certificate, and the few that have are mostly in the public school system.. HELP US CONTINUE TO FUND THE BUILDING OF OUR HIGH SCHOOL.. The Majuro Cooperative School Board and the MCS PTA decided to move forward with a high school beginning with the 2008-2009 school year.. During the 2011-2012 school year, we achieved this goal and had our first graduating high school class in June of 2012.. We continue to search for ways to fund high school buildings and supplies.. To donate to this much needed project for the children of the Marshall Islands, please click on the click to donate icon at left.. We also have a program to help students with our tuition costs.. If you would like to donate to this program, please make note of this desire when you send us your donation.. CO-OP HISTORY:.. HIGH SCHOOL!.. Majuro Cooperative School broke ground on March 10, 2008, to build two new Science and Social Studies classrooms for its Middle School.. The high school had its first graduating class in June of 2012.. (photo) Students look on as Principal Kathy Stratte, Co-op Board member Jack Niedenthal, eighth grade Class President Anthony Reyes, Japan Embassy Charge d'Affairs Dr.. Kazuyuki Ohdaira and Hideyuki Shiozawa along with building contractor and Board member Scott Howe, 'dig-in'.. Japan's Grassroots Grant program.. is providing $84,503 for the effort.. WWW.. www.. majurocooperativeschool.. org..

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  • Title: The MCS Mission Statement and Goals
    Descriptive info: The Majuro Cooperative School Mission Statement,.. Expected Schoolwide Learning Results, Philosophy, Goal and Objectives.. o.. Mission Statement:.. The Majuro Cooperative School will provide an environment that will encourage each student to reach his/her potential in the academics, arts and social discipline so that the child is ready for higher education and is able to assume his/her role in society as a responsible and productive citizen.. Life-long learning, respect for others, cooperation, self-reliance and appreciation of the Marshallese culture and the environment will be promoted and encouraged.. o.. Expected Schoolwide Learning Results:.. Students will demonstrate:.. *Proficient written and oral communication skills and comprehension in English.. *Effective problem solving, critical thinking and mathematical skills.. *Strong social skills to be a contributing, respectful and responsible member of society.. Philosophy:.. Children are the prime resources of the Marshall Islands and will assume their positions in a global society.. All children can learn.. Learning is never-ending.. Cultural diversity is one of Majuro Cooperative School's greatest strengths.. Partnership with parents and the community will strengthen the school.. Proper focus and adherence to our beliefs will enable us to carry out our mission effectively, enabling our students to assume their position in the global community.. Goal:.. Majuro Cooperative School goals and objectives were clearly stated by its founders: Majuro Cooperative School was created by concerned parents who want the best education possible for their children.. Through its 30 years of existence these goals have evolved and developed, taking shape as necessity dictated to cover the many changes, difficulties and successes in the course of becoming the institution it is today.. Objectives:.. o Provide a school environment that is safe and conducive to learning for all students.. o Promote self-esteem, respect of self and others, coupled with a positive attitude.. o Promote awareness and respect for cultural diversity.. o Develop responsible and productive citizens.. WASC ACTION PLAN 2013.. (download PDF).. WASC MID-TERM REPORT 2013.. WASC Midterm Visit a Huge Success for the  ...   mid-term report prepared by the school, the WASC team noted significant progress has been made.. Our only recommendation is we have no recommendation, said Laturnau.. Keep doing what you are doing.. A key issue in accreditation for all schools is the use of data to evaluate student progress and to make improvements in student learning.. Hendricks heaped praise on Coop in this area.. You are not just collecting data and putting it on a shelf to collect dust, said Hendricks.. We see you are using this data.. You are measuring progress, analyzing it, and making instructional improvements now.. Hendricks also commented on another area that impressed her during the one-day visit to the school.. The kids initiated conversations and their curiosity was refreshing, she said.. The report from the WASC team will go to the accrediting body s full commission, which traditionally meets in June to review reports on the status of schools in the western states of the US, Hawaii and the US-affiliated Pacific islands.. WASC accredits Co-op through 2016.. by Giff Johnson, Marshall Islands Journal, June 11, 2010.. Majuro Cooperative School has received the longest accreditation term possible from a United States-based agency that accredits schools in the region.. Coop Principal Kathy Stratte reported this week that she received a letter from the Western Association of Schools and Colleges this week confirming a six-year term of accreditation that follows a visit WASC officials made to the school earlier this year.. The Western Association of Schools and Colleges is pleased to announce the action taken by the Accrediting Commission for Schools granting Majuro Cooperative School a six-year term of accreditation with a midterm review, expiring on June 30, 2016, wrote Dale M.. Mitchell, WASC Commission Chairperson.. This action was taken after a careful study of the Visit- ing Committee Report, which noted many laudable aspects of the school, Mitchell said.. Please accept.. our congratulations on the quality of instruction being offered in your school..

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  • Title: Message from the President
    Descriptive info: Message from the President of the Majuro Cooperative School.. The Majuro Cooperative School ( Co-op ), which opened its doors in 1975, offers our Pre-School through High School students one of the most unique educational experiences in the Pacific.. Co-op is the.. only.. private secular school in the former Trust Territories that is accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC).. During the past several years, the Board of Directors' goal has been to upgrade the facilities on campus, to hire highly qualified teachers and staff who speak English as a first language, and to obtain relevant textbooks and other educational materials.. While the school is constantly striving to achieve these goals, adequate funding is our biggest obstacle to success.. Fortunately, various.. governments, individuals and companies.. have been kind enough to contribute to our school over  ...   with their tuition.. If you would like to help a student please make sure you mention this when you make the donation.. Co-op prides itself in building an environment for our children that is free from prejudice and that in turn allows our children to form close relationships with children from many different ethnic backgrounds.. We have built an atmosphere at our school that takes advantage of one of the most important aspects of the Marshallese culture: The value of the extended family.. Indeed, we consider our school a Family school.. Because the school stresses dedication to and pride in our school within our student body and our community, it is my belief that the challenges of continuing this great learning endeavor in the middle of the Pacific will continue well into the future.. Sincerely,.. Jack Niedenthal, President..

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  • Title: MCS Board of Directors
    Descriptive info: Majuro Cooperative School Board of Directors.. Current Board Members Information.. All corporate powers of Majuro Cooperative School are exercised by or under authority of the Board of Directors under the corporate bylaws.. The board is a 9-member body: 7 of the Board members are elected by the parents who are in good standing at an annual election at the beginning of each school year, 2 of the Board members are appointed as at-large members from the community.. Each person who is a parent or guardian of an enrolled student has the right to vote and to be elected to sit on the Board of Directors.. Elected for two-year terms, three members are elected in 'odd' number years and four members are elected in 'even' numbered years, and the at-large members are appointed for 2 years.. This practice, established by the.. bylaws (pdf).. , ensures that there is continuity in membership on the board and has been a stabilizing influence on the governance of the school.. The.. Board of Directors meets regularly, generally once a month or more, to discuss school-wide issues and polices.. A quorum of four members is required for a meeting to take place.. In addition to the school board, the Principal of the school and also frequently the PTA president attends these regular meetings.. The Parent-Teacher Association officers, who are also elected by the parents, supervise fundraising activities for the school and work with the Board of Directors on setting priorities for the school as well as providing feedback on school-wide issues.. Over the years, Majuro Cooperative School's Board of Directors has involved people who are leaders in business, construction, finance, legal, health and other professions.. The people elected to the board, in general, have a high-degree of skill in their respective professions.. While most of the members do not have education backgrounds, what they bring to the table is the knowledge and experience of how successful/ functioning businesses operate, which has allowed the Board to develop a relationship with the administration of setting policies in support of school-wide learning results, while delegating the day-to-day responsibility of educating students in the classroom to the administration and teachers.. While the Board delegates all day-to-day management of the school to the Principal and the administration, it does evaluate overall operations at the school.. Among the most pressing issues for the Board of Directors are resources in support of school programs.. For example, the need for renovation of classroom facilities was identified as critical by the Board of Directors during the 2001-2002 school year.. In response to this urgent need, Board members prepared a grant proposal amounting to $79,807.. 00 for the renovation of all 11 classrooms.. It was submitted to the Japanese Government for consideration by its Grassroots Grants program in early 2002.. After review and discussion with the Japanese Embassy, the grant was approved and funding provided for the project at the start of the 2002-2003 school year.. The Board and PTA, which included several members skilled in construction, then provided construction management, supervision and evaluation as the work was bid out to private sector construction companies to perform.. During the 2003-04 school year,  ...   implementation and construction of the high school, and to hear teacher/staff/student/parent grievances.. Majuro Cooperative School By-Laws in.. PDF.. Name.. Title.. Qualifications and Experience.. Jack Niedenthal.. Board Member, President.. e-mail:.. bikinijack@gmail.. Had served 10 years as a Board member.. Trust Liaison for the people of Bikini.. Former president of MCS PTA.. Educated: University of Arizona, BS in Economics with distinction.. Beta Gamma Sigma Honorary Business Fraternity, Chairman of the Marshall Islands Social Security Administration Board, he is also a Board of Regent for the College of the Marshall Islands and a Director on the Bank of the Marshall Islands Board.. He is also the founder of Microwave Films of the Marshall Islands, which has now produced 4 feature length films in Marshallese.. He has 3 children at the school.. This is his fourth year as President of MCS.. Mike Slinger.. tslrmi@ntamar.. net.. Mike manages and owns TSL Enterprises which includes computer equipment and business supplies, the Entertainment Center, and a tropical fish exporting business.. He also serves on the RMI Postal Authority Board.. Mike served as President of the school from 2007-2009.. Mike has 3 children at the school.. Terry Hazzard.. Board Member, Secretary.. email:.. Terry was the Principal of Fr.. Leonard Hacker High School, Guegeegue, Marshall Islands from Aug 2006 ~ Dec 2010.. He has a Master s Degree in Educational Foundation [M.. Ed.. ], Educational Leadership in the Asia-Pacific Region University of Hawaii at Manoa, Honolulu, Hawaii [in progress; anticipated graduation date Dec.. 2012].. He has a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology [B.. ], with two years of coursework in Elementary Education Cardinal Stritch University, Milwaukee, Wisconsin [ 99 ~ 04].. Gerald Zackios.. Treasurer.. gerald.. zackios@gmail.. Gerald is an attorney and was a long standing sitting member of the Marshall Islands parliment, the Nitijela.. He has served as Minister of Foreign Affairs and numerous other positions in the government.. He is serving his first two-year term as a board member.. Scott Howe.. Board Member.. joemar@ntamar.. Had previously served 4 years as Board Vice-President.. Owner of Joemar Construction and owns and operates Ace's One Stop Take-out and Gas Station.. Scott has 4 children at the school and has been an active board member for many years.. John Murphy.. Board Member.. eyecatcher@ntamar.. net.. John Murphy is the founder of Eyecather Designs and is serving his first year as a Board member.. He has one child at the school.. James McCaffrey.. James works as a private attorney in the Marshall Islands.. In addition to his Juris Doctor degree from the University of San Diego, he has an MBA from the University of Southern California.. Before coming to the RMI, he taught 24 undergraduate and graduate courses at National University.. He has worked for Lockheed Corporation and the RMI government in numerous capacities.. He has 2 children at the school.. Damien Jacklick.. damienj007@gmail.. com.. This is Damien's first year on the Co-op Board.. Brenda Maddison.. balikmad@yahoo.. Brenda works as an Assistant Secretary of Education for Policy and Planning and has oversight over the PRIDE program for the RMI government and has a BA from Western Oregon State University and a Masters Degree in Intructional Technology from Western Illinois University..

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  • Title: Majuro Co-op School Teachers and Job Opportunities
    Descriptive info: Majuro Cooperative School Teachers Job Opportunities.. Majuro Cooperative School's Marshallese Language Arts Teacher.. Jennifer Elcar.. Wins.. "Teacher of the Year".. in the Marshall Islands for the 2011-2012 school year!.. Contracts begin in August and are for two years.. Travel and housing is provided, in addition to a living allowance and salary.. Contact Ms.. Robin Gail Sims at.. or Becky Lathrop at.. Certification and previous experience is desirable.. JOB OPENINGS FOR 2013-2014 SCHOOL YEAR:.. *.. Special Education.. positions open for elementary and high school Require SPED certification and experience in the program.. Highly Qualified with a Masters in Special Education required.. *We also have a positon open for a highly qualified and.. US certified 6th grade teacher.. , with experience or certification in LanguageArts/Reading.. *Applications should include a detailed curriculum vita, copies of academic qualifications, indication of possible starting date, and available references from three most recent employers/supervisors.. Please visit our website for information about the Majuro Cooperative School.. We are a US accredited school through the Western Association of Schools and Colleges.. MCS Staff Handbook 2012-2013.. MCS High School Handbook for Parents and Teachers 2012-2013 School Year.. MCS Elementary and Middle School Handbook for Parents and Teachers 2012-2013 School Year.. MCS Calendar for the 2011-12 school year.. pdf.. Majuro Cooperative School Registration Materials for 2011-2012 School year.. Reply to:.. Ms.. Robin Gail Sims.. Majuro Cooperative School.. PO Box 81.. Majuro, Marshall Islands 96960.. Republic of the Marshall Islands.. Telephone: 692-625-3144.. Fax: 692-625-3719.. Website:.. http://www.. org.. Job opportunities occasionally open up over the course of the school year.. At this time, however, the Majuro Cooperative School is fully staffed.. If you would like to be considered for any future openings, especially for the 2010-2011 school year, please contact:.. , Elementary and Middle School Principal.. Becky Lathrop.. , High School Principal.. MCS 2011-2012 School Year Staff Handbook.. Current teaching staff and qualifications:.. ,.. P-8 Principal.. BS; Eastern Oregon University Education K-8.. th.. grade certified, Certified Reading Specialist University of Alaska; Educational Technology, Early Childhood Education, Environmental Education; Graduate Studies, US Highly Qualified, RMI Certified.. 28 years teaching experience, 2 years administration and curriculum.. Becky Lathrop, High School Principal,.. M.. Ed, Integrating Technology in the Classroom; US certified Math and Art, 7-12th grade, RMI certified.. Jennifer Bristow, Special Education  ...   (Honours in Entomology), PGCE, (Post Graduate Certificate of Education),.. David Applebaum, 9th-11th English Language Arts, Math, 11th grade advisor,.. BA in International Development and Women's Studies, B.. Ed in Primary/Junior Education, Canada certified Primary and Junior; RMI certified.. Katie Finberg, MSHS Health and HS Multiple, 10th grade advisor.. ; BA Political Science, RMI certified.. Brian Sarkozy, MSHS Social Studies, Math, Science, 12th grade advisor;.. MA Teaching, US certified 7-12 Math and Social Studies, RMI certified.. Adam Smearman, Special Ed/LRC 6-12;.. M Ed.. Special Education, US certified, RMI certified.. Jennifer Elcar, K-10 Marshallese Studies;.. AS Elementary Education, RMI ceritifed.. Mack Peter, K-10 Physical Education,.. RMI Provisional certification.. Yoora Lee, P-8 Music and Art.. , AS Early Childhood, BA degree in progress, RMI certified.. James West, Office Manager and substitute teacher.. Manny Mercado, Financial Officer.. Hernes Lanwi, Counseling.. Teaching Assistants:.. Morina Jokbata and Metha Clarence, Preschool; Rosenor Aneo and Carla Ramos, Kindergarten; Lucinda Peter, First Grade; Risen Phillip, Second Grade; Rose Luther, Third Grade; Briton Powell, 4th Grade; Jackie Mayers, 6th Grade; Linda Henry, Rolando Anien, Jolinda Roki, Rebi Lasmus, Kalora Hiram, Liana Revercomb, Jelyna Ritok, Special Education.. Kitchen, Maintenance, and Security:.. Wilson Lakoje, Analisa Francis, Francis Asta, Benjamin Kibon, Walton Loren, Tim Timothy, Chunlin Nakamura, Jila Swain, Bettina Tokamaen, Helly Phillip.. Example of the accommodations for teachers at the Co-op School:.. Robin Seru, Preschool and Pre-K Teacher.. Mere Tamanisau, Kindergarten Teacher.. Lucinda Peter Nei Tekaata, 1st Grade Teachers.. Tiffany Clark, 2nd Grade Teacher.. Kat Thorp, 3rd Grade Teacher.. Waisake Savu, 4th Grade Teacher.. Daniel Price, 5th Grade Teacher.. Alvin Paige, 6th Grade Class advisor.. Bryan Rusin, 8th grade English, Math, Writing and Social Studies, 7th grade Social Studies, 8th grade advisor.. David Applebaum, Grades 9-11 Language Arts, Math, 11th grade advisor.. Katie Finberg,Middle High School Social Studies and Health, 10th grade advisor.. Bruce Sullivan, 9th grade advisor and HS Science.. Brian Sarkozy, Middle and High School Social Studies and Math, 12th grade advisor.. Adam Smearman, Middle and High School Science, Special Ed/LRC 6-12.. Jennifer Bristow, Special Education and Learning Resource, P-6.. Alex Bellisimo, 7th grade class advisor.. Yuri Osawa, Japanese Teacher, grade 7-12.. Yoo-ra Lee, Music and Art Instruction.. Mack Peter, Physical Education Teacher.. Jennifer Elcar, Marshallese Languages Arts (Teacher of the Year in the Marshall Islands, 2010-11)..

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  • Title: Majuro Cooperative School Students
    Descriptive info: Majuro Cooperative School Students.. MAJURO, Republic of Marshall Islands (September 14, 2009) The Pacific Fleet Band performs the Republic of Marshall Islands national anthem during a flag raising ceremony held at Majuro Cooperative School (with their school's Boy Scouts).. The U.. S.. Navy s Pacific Partnership is the dedicated humanitarian and civil assistance mission conducted by, with and through partner nations, non-governmental organizations and other U.. and international government agencies to execute a variety of humanitarian civic action missions in the Pacific Fleet area of responsibility.. Pacific Partnership is currently in Oceania.. U.. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class (SW/AW) Joshua Valcarcel.. Organization for Student Learning.. School Purpose.. The founders of Majuro Cooperative School in 1975, parents Jerry Kramer, Carlton Hawpe and Dennis McBreen, desirous of providing their children with an education comparable, if not equal to, mainland standards decided to form the school.. The purpose, as set out by the founders, has been to provide the best education possible for students attending the school.. Over its 30 years of existence, the school has used this purpose as a guide in the quest for offering educational opportunities to young people.. mission statement.. reflects the sentiments of the school community.. Parents of Majuro Cooperative School students almost universally have the goal of sending their children to college - a goal that is achievable for the majority of students who graduate from Majuro Cooperative School.. While SAT scores suggest that the school is not equivalent to the standard in the U.. , scores in recent years show that w.. e are closing the gap in most areas.. Math scores are meeting US national averages on SATs.. Science scores have also improved significantly.. Students are showing greater gains in reading on other formal standardized tests.. Our students still struggle in Reading, English and Listening, with these areas being the most closely related to English language proficiency.. In 2009 we began piloting an English Language Learners program that is focusing on developing more proficiency in all English areas (speaking, reading, writing, comprehension).. We believe some of the discrepancy between our school and the US in SAT scores is because our students need more practice in using multiple choice format in reading.. In the last three years, 100% of students who took the Marshall Islands High School entrance test passed, and our scores are consistently 23 or more points above the national average.. Co-op had the 2 highest scores on the MIHS entrance test in 2009.. In 2009 the school also won the Japanese Speech Contest in competition with other Marshall Islands students under the age of 18 even though the students we had competing were only 14 years old.. Our 9th grade also won the National Math Competition for all 9th graders.. In a country where more than 30 percent of the eighth grade students are 'pushed out' of the school system by virtue of there not being adequate classrooms in public and private schools to accommodate the numbers of students wishing to enter, the education Majuro  ...   that Marshall Islands students have scored well below average on standardized math tests, the Board instituted the Saxon Math series during the 2005-06 and the 2006-07 school years for grades K-8.. The school purpose and Mission Statement are presented to parents each year at the beginning of the school year, in written form at the first PTA meeting.. In addition, the school communicates on a regular basis through newsletters and a principal's letter that are sent home with students or given directly to parents.. Because of the nature of this small community, informal communication between parents and teachers/administrators about school issues takes place nearly every day, and also at formal quarterly honor roll awards ceremonies and the parent-teacher conferences twice a year.. So the school is able to receive feedback on an ongoing basis.. School Leadership.. School leadership is provided in several ways.. The Principal is the head administrator for the school.. All school-wide decisions are made by the principal and approved by the Board.. Teachers and students are also influential in school leadership.. Teachers provide insight on educational, social and economic progress.. They are instrumental in providing direct leadership to the students and feedback to the administration on school issues and concerns.. Students also provide school leadership by investing time and energy into the Student Council.. The Council leads the school by providing much needed communication and representation from the students to the administration, and from students to other students.. All staff are encouraged to communicate with each other and administration on issues, needs and problems.. Staff meetings are held on a bi-weekly basis and cover school issues such as classroom management, record keeping, communication, programs and other activities of the school.. Memos are frequently sent to staff to.. disseminate information about school policies and issues.. In addition, because of the small nature of the school, even if the Principal does not bring all concerns expressed by teachers to the attention of the Board, members of the Board are invariably informally told about issues either by teachers or other parents.. The accessibility of the Board to communication facilitates openness and interaction that is beneficial to everyone.. School Environment.. The school environment is composed of many attributes: plant structure, professional relationships, student behavior, health and safety.. The school buildings have been upgraded, improved and remodeled over the years.. The constant upgrading of facilities greatly improves the learning environment as the classrooms are brighter and cleaner, though heat in classrooms, particularly the three on the second floor, remains an issue that the school has continued to work on to resolve.. In addition to the remodeled classrooms, the school is conducive to learning by offering three separate structures that house classrooms, office space, a computer lab and a library.. There is a staff room that allows staff to congregate, socialize and work on professional development and schoolwork.. The office allows for communication with and among staff, parents, students and the community by several means: telephone, internet, mail, copier and via fax.. Scenes from Majuro Cooperative School Classrooms..

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  • Title: Majuro Cooperative High School
    Descriptive info: Majuro Cooperative High School.. 2011-2012 Student Government Officers.. Co-Presidents – Asia Chong-Gum, Henry O’Brien.. Secretary – Randon Jack.. Treasurer – Sage deBrum.. 12th Grade Representative – Leah Halferty.. 11h Grade Representative – Zoya Laninbit-Lobju.. 10th Grade Representative – Keoni Murphy.. 9th Grade Representative – Kaiboke Isea.. 8th Grade Representative – Keston Lejjena.. 7th Grade Representative – Tyler Milne.. Fall 2012 High School Report.. 2012-13 Will Be a School Year to Remember.. Majuro Cooperative High School is off to a great start! As I wander around our campus and talk with students and staff, I am delighted to see so much great learning already taking place, just one short month into our new school year.. The College Seminar Class is busy planning community service with a leadership component.. Students are making plans to help organize and decorate the library, offer a child daycare on Saturday mornings, and tutor students who need help learning to read.. Also in the works is a public service video encouraging R.. M.. I.. residents to keep their beaches clean and teaching them about how garbage affects the marine environment on a global scale.. Meanwhile, the Japanese III students are making a brochure for Japanese tourists and the 9.. grade English students are gearing up to read and fall in love with.. To Kill a Mockingbird.. The photography students are doing a Past and Present project, researching historical photos and then taking photos of Majuro life today.. The Pacific Studies students are excited because they will be taking a field trip next week to see how the Marshall Islands’ traditional  ...   staff and students; I believe the retreat is an experience unique to our school and want to acknowledge and thank the Single State Agency for our Substance Abuse Prevention and Treatment Grant that funded our trip.. Our students have the wonderful opportunity to take classes from qualified staffs who hail from all over the world.. Our K - 12 programs have certified teachers from Canada, Japan, the U.. , South Africa, Korea, Fiji, and the R.. I am especially excited to see our physics and technology labs up and running this year.. Our juniors and seniors will be enjoying a brand new physics lab thanks to generous donations from an anonymous donor and the Class of 2012.. Our technology lab has 24 new computers with internet connection thanks to a grant from AusAid and a great donation from Dan Finberg and the Juniper Company.. Stay posted, there will be a lot of good news from Co-op High School this year.. Meanwhile, if you’d like to be a guest speaker or volunteer with one of our events or activities give me a call or send an e-mail!.. Warm Regards,.. Rebecca Lathrop.. Principal, Co-op High School.. (692) 625-3144.. Course Offerings for the 2012-2013 School Year.. 9th Grade.. English.. Biology.. Japanese I.. History.. Pre-Algebra and Algebra.. PE/Health.. Speech I/Marshallese Language Arts.. 10th Grade.. Environmental Science.. Japanese II.. Pacific Studies.. Pre-Algebra, Algebra and Geometry.. 11th Grade.. Chemistry.. Japanese III.. World History.. Pre-Algebra, Algebra, Geometry, Algebra II.. Current Events /Practicum.. Music.. 12th Grade.. Chemistry or Technical Drawing.. Japanese IV or Study Hall.. College Seminar/Speech II.. Practicum (2nd Semester)..

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  • Title: Majuro Co-op Alumni
    Descriptive info: Majuro Cooperative School Alumni.. Former Students.. Former Teachers.. Above: Vala Welch with the 1975 Co-op School kids.. In 2003, graduates of the Majuro Cooperative School formed an alumni organization to support the school.. We are compiling a list of Co-op School grads and their accomplishments.. If you can help us, please email:.. Graduation from the Majuro Cooperative School:.. No Matter What Life Brings, Keep Moving Forward!.. Below are scenes from the last Co-op 8th grade graduating class.. After 2008, with the establishment of our high school in the Fall of 2008,.. 8th graders have only had a promotion ceremony.. Very Top:.. Mikela Heine walks to the stage with her classmates.. Above left:.. 2008 Graduating class.. Above right:.. Noah Kabua, Valedictorian, makes his remarks.. Left:.. Guest Speaker David Kramer, an original member of the first 1984 Co-op graduating class, and now the Minister of Justice, delivers his remarks.. Below left:.. Talie Savu (left) with 2008 Class President Anthony Reyes (right).. Below right:.. Gary Liu.. Bottom left:.. Krystal Jibas.. Bottom right:.. Karen Liu and Pearlynn Johnson.. Very Bottom left:.. Joseph Howe.. Very Bottom right:.. Bobby Hawley and Noah Kabua with the first First Lady of the Marshall Islands, Emlain Kabua (grandmother to Noah, great grandmother to Bobby).. 2008 8th Grade Dedication Song.. Lyrics and Original Music by Denisa Momotaro (grade 7).. Download the MP3 [4.. 1 MB].. We're saying goodbye.. to the bestest of friends.. since our sixth grade class and now its come to this day.. We will miss you so.. Smiles, faces and such.. It's been a great year of having your class as school leaders.. (Repeat).. Chorus:.. To the class of 2008.. Jerramon from our seventh grade.. Co-op School, it won't be the same without you.. Through the good and bad we got along.. There were times of ups and times of downs.. There were times of smiles and times of frowns back in the days.. And now we're here.. We gathered today.. For one of the special days that's on this month of May.. May God bless you! and your family too!.. Good luck through all your days.. From all of us here on this special day.. 2007: Class Song.. Lyrics and Music by Gold Wase.. Download in mp3 [4.. 6 MB].. We started in Coop School.. But now it's ending soon.. Worked with one another,.. Like sisters and brothers.. Met and became friends,.. Like a song that never ends.. But now we're in eighth grade,.. It's time to graduate.. We know it's gonna be hard.. But that's what life's about.. Things always change and we know because it's pain.. For the good times and the bad.. Happy and we're sad.. All I know is we'll remember the times when we're together ooh.. Chorus.. Remember when we used to cry when one would say good-bye.. Remember when we used to sing, doing our music thing.. Remember when we used to laugh, our days would never last.. So give your attention to the class of 2007.. For the cute and gentle smiles.. And the fashion unique styles.. Truly amazed a feeling hard to erase.. Going in separate ways.. Don't worry, we'll meet someday.. We know this is something new,.. Don't be scared 'cause there'll be clues.. For the good times and the bad.. Happy and were sad.. All we know is we'll remember the times when we were together oooh.. Back to chorus.. Juon in ien, Jaikuj in monono.. Juon in ien, Jaikuj in jibwe bein doon.. Juon in ien, Jaikuj lale doon.. Konke ta? Kojaan juon.. Top right:.. From Left to Right, Father Rich McAuliff, MCS Board Member Jack Niedenthal, and Hon.. Ambassador Greta Morris.. Father Rich and Ambassador Morris recieve honorary 8th grade diplomas from the Majuro Cooperative School in May of 2006.. MINISTER DAVID KRAMER,.. in November of 2007,.. became the first Majuro Cooperative School graduate to be elected to the.. Nitijela.. , the national government of the Marshall Islands.. He was named to be Minister of Justice in 2008.. Minister Kramer was a member of the graduating class of 1983.. He had been active in his family's business, Pacific International, Inc.. , before being elected to the Ntijela.. AMBASSADOR TO THE UNITED STATES, BENJAMIN GRAHAM.. Ben is a graduate of the Co-op class of 1987.. In April of 2008 he was named by the RMI government to be the Ambassador to the United States.. Though he never got to serve because of a diplomatic technicality between the RMI and US governments, Ben was the youngest person ever named to an Ambassadorial posting from the Marshall Islands.. He graduated Georgetown University with an MBA.. MCS STUDENTS, PARENTS AND STAFF STAR IN FULL-LENGTH FEATURE FILM, ÑA NONIEP.. In March of 2009 a film about a young Marshallese boy's battle against an evil old witch was released.. The film, written, produced and directed by MCS Board member Jack Niedenthal.. , drew almost the entire cast and crew from the Co-op School.. This was the first children's film ever released in the Marshallese language.. TING YU LIN AND JAMES BING III STAR IN FIRST MARSHALL ISLANDS FULL LENGTH FEATURE MOVIE.. Ting Yu Lin and James Bing III, 2004 graduates of the Majuro Cooperative School and also 2008 graduates from Assumption High School in the Marshall Islands, starred in the smash hit.. Morning Comes So Soon,.. a full length feature film produced by Aaron Condon and directed by Aaron Condon and Mike Cruz.. This film confronts the issues of racism between Marshallese and Chinese people and suicide in the Marshall Islands, and was done in conjunction with the Youth-to-Youth in Health program.. LAURA THUY SMITH.. , age 20, graduated.. Magna Cum Laude.. from Hawaii Pacific University on August 17, 2006 with a BA degree in Human Resources Development with a GPA of 3.. 85.. She delivered the valedictory address on behalf of students graduating in bachelor degree programs.. She is a member of the following honor societies Phi Sigma, Alpha Chi, Pi Gamma Mu, Phi Sigma Alpha, National Scholars Honor Society.. She was twice accepted in the National Dean's List for 2004 - 2005 and 2005 - 2006.. She began her education at the Majuro Cooperative School.. In 1999, after passing the 8th grade at Coop School.. , she attended Assumption High School where she graduated in 2003 with honors.. JASMINE MYAZOE,.. while attending high school in Texas, was chosen for the.. People to People Student Ambassador Program.. in Australia in June of 2009.. I like to believe that people in the long run are going to do more to promote peace than our governments, said President Eisenhower, who created.. People to People.. He created this program for young citizens to travel to different countries to share cultures, promote peace, and create friendship bonds.. Jasmine graduated from the Majuro Cooperative School in 2007.. ANDY MARTY, JR.. transfered to the Majuro Cooperative School in 1997 from Costa Mesa, California where he was born and raised.. He graduated with honors from Co-op in 2001.. He attended Marshall Islands High School in where he delivered the Valedictory address on behalf of 181 students graduating in May of 2005.. He is currently attending the College of the Marshall Islands majoring in Liberal Arts and Elementary Education.. In addition, he is a Student Ambassador and the.. 2009-2010 CMI Student Body President.. among 850 students attending the college.. Upon graduation he plans to attend Pheonix University where he will get his degree in Aeronautics and General Education.. His goal is to be a High School Principal or a Commerial Airline Pilot.. DEBORAH BARKER MANASE.. , a 1990 Co-op School graduate, a graduate of the University of the South Pacific Foundation program, and a graduate of the University of Waikato in New Zealand with a Bachelor of Management Studies in the Environment and Management Program, was named the.. General Manager of the RMI Environmental Protection Agency.. in 2009.. Previously she worked at the Office of Environmental Planning and Policy Coordination as a Deputy Director.. MCS STUDENTS, PARENTS AND STAFF STAR IN FULL-LENGTH FEATURE FILM, YOKWE BARTOWE.. In February of 2010 a film about a young Marshallese man's family conflicts that arise from the interfernce in his life from an evil demon bird was released.. The film, written, produced and directed by MCS Board member Jack Niedenthal and Co-op parent Suzanne Chutaro.. This film was an official selection at the.. Big Island Film Festival.. in Hawaii.. Interior Department Scholarships Awarded To Four Outstanding High School Students to Study This Summer in the States.. Department of the Interior and The Junior Statesmen Foundation proudly announce the winners of four full scholarships to the 2010 Junior Statesmen Summer School.. The scholarships, funded by the Interior Department, cover all tuition costs and round trip transportation to the Summer School.. Julie Ann Lulani Ritok, a Bikinian and a freshman at Majuro Cooperative High School,.. Tony Dujmovic, a junior at Marshall Islands High School, Ida Najera, a sophomore at Ebeye Seventh Day Adventist School, and Marvin Selvenious, a junior at Marshall Islands High School are the 2010 winners of these prestigious scholarship awards.. Ida, Julie Ann and Marvin will be attending the Junior Statesmen Summer School at Stanford University.. Tony will be attending the Summer School session at Princeton University.. Janis Pamela A.. Basuga.. , an alumni of Majuro Cooperative School, Class of 2006, graduated 12th grade as.. valedictorian.. at John Marshall High School Class of 2010 at Los Angeles, California, on June 29, 2010.. MCS STUDENTS, PARENTS AND STAFF STAR IN FULL-LENGTH, AWARD WINNING, FEATURE FILM, LA NINBWIL'S GIFT.. In May of 2011 a film about an aold man with a complicated secret was released.. This film won the following awards in 2011:.. * Finalist, Grand Jury Award for Best Feature Narrative, Guam International Film Festival.. * Winner, Best Foreign Language Film, Hawaii Ocean Film Festival.. * Winner, Columbia Gorge International Film Festival, International Feature Award.. * Finalist, Moondance International Film Festival.. * In Competition, Asia Pacific Screen Awards.. Majuro Cooperative School Alumni List.. This listing is a work in progress.. The last name is listed first.. Any name.. highlighted in red.. indicates that this former MCS student has received.. a degree of higher learning.. from either college or a professional advanced certification such as a pilot's license.. Graduates of the.. Majuro Cooperative High School.. , which will have it's first graduating class in 2012, will be listed in.. green.. :.. Please help us add to or correct this list:.. Abner, Cathner 89.. Abon, Kimberly 07.. Abraham, Chloe 11.. Ackley, Eric 87.. Ackley, Joe 88.. Ackley, Mike 90.. Alfred, Albert 01.. Alfred, Cradle 02.. Alfred, David 05.. Alik, A.. J.. 09.. Alik, Brian 10.. Alik, Eola 93.. Amram, Jacob 03.. Andrike, Loretta 04.. Andrike, Melinta Esther 97.. Andrike, Nicholas 99.. Andrike, Steven 90.. Andrike, Waika 02.. Andrike, Wesley 97.. Anjolok, Iohann 06.. Anni, Juslita 05.. Asokan,  ...   best and am proud to see that they have become bright and beautiful young men and women!.. Linda and Bill Puleloa.. Linda was the MCS principal after Jim Duffy in the late 1970s until she left in 1981.. Currently Linda serves as the principal of Molokai High School.. Her contact points are:.. PO Box 160.. Kaunakakai, Molokai.. Hawaiian Islands, 9748.. (808) 553-3778.. lindap@wave.. hicv.. Michael, our oldest child attended MCS from 1978 to 1981.. He currently teaches at the Kamehameha Schools in Honolulu, and is a doctoral candidate at the University of Hawaii.. Born in 1973, his godparents are Charles Carolyn Domnick.. His middle name is Jelelin , given to him by Charlie s mother Hanako upon his birth.. Our second child Penny, who attended MCS from 1979 to 1981, is now a public school counselor on Molokai.. Our third and youngest child was below school age and hence not officially enrolled in MCS in spite of spending many a day on campus.. Although not paid in any way by MCS, Bill spent much of his spare time up keeping the school facilities as a volunteer janitor, painter, carpenter, plumber, etc.. Romila Laneab.. Started as Teachers Aide in Kindergarten 1996 -1997.. also taught pre-school 1998 - 2001.. 5855 62 ave n 104.. Pinellas Park , Fl 33781.. Contact Infos.. Ph # (727) 408-4165.. E mails.. Li_malla77@yahoo.. Maliceromila@yahoo.. Lelokaibojwej@msn.. Resides in St.. Petersburg Florida with her husband doing the Lord's work as a Minister/Pastor.. Joseph P.. Gillum.. 2004-2006 - Middle School Science Teacher.. josephgillum@hotmail.. Married, No Children.. I have just begun my third year teaching kindergarten in California.. Keith Hoekema.. 1995-1997 2000.. khoekema@cvsd.. I taught third grade at Coop for 2 years, then moved back to Spokane WA and earned my Masters of Education.. I was rehired in 2000 and arrived back in Majuro on Jan 2nd, 2000 to teach the same students again as 6th and 7th graders.. After teaching at Coop, I moved to Hawaii and taught with Penny Puleloa who is the daughter of Linda Puleloa who was the principal at Coop in the 1970s when Penny was a little girl.. Small world, huh? Today I am an elementary teacher in Spokane, WA and am married with three children.. Amy Olson and Dave Rueb.. Amy worked as the office administrator from 2005-2007 and Dave worked as the 2nd grade teacher from 2005-2007.. 8344 28th Ave NW #4.. Seattle, WA 98117.. olsonac@gmail.. We have been living in Seattle since we left the Marshall Islands.. Amy works at a non-profit called Children's Home Society of Washington in the fundraising department and Dave works with early elementary students in a before and after school program.. Kristine Peikert.. 1993 up to 1997.. I taught 4th grade the entire time I was at the school and truly enjoyed it.. I am now back in my home state of Minnesota and am currently working in the financial department at Archway Marketing Services in Greenfield, MN.. I had a wonderful time teaching in the Marshall Islands and miss the students, the ocean and the beautiful scenery.. Unfortunately, I began to miss the four seasons and that s why I returned to MN.. I found out that I really do like snow, icefishing and steamy cups of hot chocolate on cold winter days.. I wish everyone the best there in Majuro and hope the school continues for many, many years to come to provide an excellent opportunity for a wonderful education for children in the Marshall Islands.. My contact information is.. kristinepeikert@yahoo.. Name then: Vala Toutaiolepo.. Now: Vala Welch.. Years at Co-op School: From 1974-1976, the nascent first two years.. Taught everything and made most materials by hand.. Parents would copy the seat work for me as we had no copying machine.. Jim Duffy was my assistant that first year.. He did math and PE.. Parents came to school during lunch so that I would have a break during the day.. Mercy Cramer was a constant lunch parent.. My daughter, Elahe was born at Amerishoda Hospital on August 23, 1975, the old hospital, now where the Community College of the Marhall Islands is.. At one time my office was the same room where she was delivered.. Robin Coleman was my midwife and Dr.. Swain my doctor.. I'm still in touch with Robin, who lives on the Big Island and is a realtor.. The Co-op years of my still active teaching career remain the most vivid and touching, my most creative and rewarding endeavor.. I now teach English as a Second Language at Lana'i High and Elementary School on the Hawaiian Island of Lana'i.. I'm responsible for all of the ELL students in the school with two bilingual part-time teachers.. My actual teaching though, now, is at the high school level.. I've done a lot of different kinds of teaching since the 70's, including director of a parent and child center, part-time teacher at a high school, community college instructor at College of the Micronesia, ELI instructor for U.. of Hawaii in Majuro, one year of elementary on Kili Island.. Jack Neidenthall was the other teacher at that time (1985-86 school year).. I taught middle school and elementary in Florida between my second Marshalls stay and my current domicile on Lana'i.. I love Lana'i.. The last time I was in the Marshalls was in the summer of 1995, where I taught three writing classes for the Community College of the Marshall Islands.. Whew, I'm glad I finally settled down.. Elahe is now 33 and lives in Tucson, Arizona, Tevita, now 32, lives in upstate New York, and Antone, 30, lives in Honolulu.. They all have been students at Co-op School at one time or another.. How proud I am to see David Kramer, now Minister of Justice.. He was among the very first students at the school.. I wonder if he still remembers the song Tokozani.. How wonderful to see that the Board of Directors is mostly alumni.. I feel very blessed to have been a part of the inception of the Majuro Co-op School.. The pure motives, focus, and energy that were put forth by its founders back in 1974 are the bedrock for it's continueing growth and success.. God bless you all.. Vala Welch.. ">vala.. welch@gmail.. Jill Johnstone.. onyerpockets@gmail.. I came to Majuro from Washington State just before the winter holidays of the 1985-86 year.. I thought I'd melt; the sun made my bare skin feel ready to sizzle! The first day I entered the 4th/5th grade classroom, I thought I'd just observe and see what the routines, etc.. were.. I hadn't been there long when I could see there were no routines and the students weren't paying one bit of attention to the two aides who were doing their best to teach.. I later learned from one of those students that I scared the class half to death when I stood up and sternly announced that students were expected to be quiet and pay attention to their teachers.. After that, students did pay attention and they became, for the most part, a model class.. We made field trips to the Alele, the ice plant, and the Marshall Islands Journal, among others.. Coming from a background in mainland U.. schools, the conditions in the Co-op classroom at that time were a real jolt: bare cement block walls, bare cement floor, and an open raftered ceiling with sun shining through holes in the roof.. Students sat at picnic tables or on wooden whiskey boxes at tables made from plywood with 2x4 legs.. One of the problems was that students had no place to put their books, etc.. So the first thing I asked for was to have a cubby-hole cabinet built.. There also were no bulletin boards, no cupboards, and the teacher's desk was an over the sink kitchen cabinet which stood on the floor.. During the monsoons, we would crank closed the louvered windows on oceanside, but the wind still carried the rain into the middle of the classroom.. And we had to reorganize the desks to avoid the leaks from the roof.. Little by little, step by step, you've come a LONG way!.. The 1986-87 year, I taught 3rd grade, and the school got new furniture- students had combination desk/chairs.. My students did penmanship/social studies daily, each day focusing on a different state.. When we came to Washington, I was explaining about its geographic features; students were very impressed: ocean, Wow! ; rain forest, Wow! ; desert, Wow! ; volcano Wow! ; mountains, Wow! ; islands, Wow! One of the students said that Washington was a big Wow! I wrote asking Seattle's KOMO-TV if they had any video of the eruption of Mount St.. Helens available that I could share with my class.. They sent me a complimentary video tape, for which the students wrote thank you letters and sent photos.. KOMO was very impressed.. I organized a student talent show that year and taught summer school at Coop.. I also taught English reading and education courses at at Community College of Micronesia.. The 1987-88 year, I taught a small 7th grade class in what had been the tiny library (we had LOTS of books!).. Each term, students researched a different part of the world, so we took several field trips to the public library.. When I was around Majuro, I'd look for visitors whom I invited to come to speak about the places they were from or had visited.. A surprising number accepted, and students looked forward to those visitors.. It became a class joke that I would always ask how to say, 'peace', 'love', and 'welcome' in their languages.. During my time at Coop, Frank Cabral was principal teacher; other teachers included Nikki Cabral, Malou Buhay, Abe Kamakawiowoole, Joan Ackley, Risi Graham, and Kiku (I've lost her last name).. Due to family obligations, I had to return stateside in February, 1988.. It was a very difficult but necessary decision and one reluctantly made.. After my return, I was hired to teach at the Vader School District, during which time, I taught 1st-7th graders and earned my Master of Education degree.. I also taught English at Lower Columbia College in Longview.. My time in the Marshalls (I also spent a week each on Ebeye and Mili) continues to be the most stimulating and fulfilling experience of my life! Best wishes for your continued growth, and thank you for a wonderful opportunity!!!.. Becky Durr.. Email:.. becky@durrweb.. My sons attended Majuro Coop School from 1984-1986: Dylan Durr and Duncan Durr.. They both continued their education and eventually received degrees of higher learning.. I taught 2nd grade for half the year during 1984 until the main teacher arrived.. I finished that year as an aide in every single classroom.. The next year I left to teach at Assumption High School..

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  • Title: MCS Facilities & PTA
    Descriptive info: Majuro Cooperative School Facilities PTA Members.. PTA Officers for 2012-2013:.. Marie Milne, President.. Alexis Bilyard, Vice President.. Chelsea Reimers, Secretary.. Deanna Gilmar, Treasurer.. The roof (pictured, right) for the lower grades classrooms was replaced thanks to a $9,000 PTA donation with labor provided by the US Army 84th Battalion from Hawaii in September of 2007.. The school facility consists of 12 classrooms, library/technology center, cafeteria and office space.. In the summer of 2000, the school was confronted with a facilities crisis when a sudden wind storm hit the island, blowing the roof off four of the upstairs classrooms, and severely damaging the downstairs classrooms.. The school responded by obtaining an emergency loan from a local commercial bank to effect repairs to the building that was heavily damaged, and to build what is now the building housing the library, classroom for special needs students, and staff room.. While this resulted in a financial drain on the school as it repaid the loan at the rate of about $24,000 per year, the final payment was made on time in 2004, a tribute to the school's sound fiscal management.. In an effort to improve the learning environment, the school obtained funding support from the Japanese  ...   Association (PTA), the school renovated its old and deteriorating bathroom facility during the summer of 2003 so that the bathrooms were significantly improved for the 2003-04 school year.. Particularly since 2000, the school's PTA has been extremely proactive in addressing needs at the school raising on average about $12,000 annually for a variety of projects, mostly aimed at improving facilities.. The funding is raised through a variety of fundraising programs, including special events at the school such as the annual Halloween, Christmas and talent shows.. The PTAs have also organized very successful off-campus events to raise funds for the school.. In 2007 the school took out a $60,000 loan from a local bank and combined the proceeds from.. this loan with locally raised funds and built a 6 room teacher housing complex.. The financial success of these events is indicative of the strong Majuro Cooperative School-community partnership and bond.. Currently the school is attempting to raise funds through grants and donations to repair and construct various buildings on our campus.. If you are interested in giving a donation to the Majuro Cooperative School, please go to our.. page forfurther information.. We will accept any amount of money that you are willing to give..

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  • Title: Majuro Cooperative School Calendar
    Descriptive info: Majuro Cooperative School Calendar.. New:.. Majuro Cooperative School Registration Materials for 2012-2013 School year.. MCS Calendar for the 2012-13 school year.. Scenes for the Majuro Cooperative School's Halloween and Talent Shows:.. The Co-op School is a fun place to go to school because we foster creativity and closeness between the students by instilling respect for the values of many diverse cultures..

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  • Title: Donate to the Majuro Cooperative School
    Descriptive info: How to Make Donations to the.. Fiscal Year 2007 Audit for the Majuro Cooperative Schoo in PDF.. Fiscal Year 2008 Audit for the Majuro Cooperative School in PDF.. Many thanks to the.. Government and people of Japan.. for their generous contributions to the Majuro Cooperative School over the years.. The latest grant was a $85,503 Grassroots Grant to add additional rooms for a middle school science lab and social studies classroom.. European Union.. for the $78,186 grant to support our new high school project.. Government and people of New Zealand.. for the 2010 classroom renovations.. United States Department of Agriculture [USDA].. for the grant to help rebuild our library and cafeteria area.. Government and people of Australia.. for support of the English Language Learners program, funding for purchase of high school textbooks, the Sports Commission grant assisted in resurfacing of basketball court.. Government and people of the Marshall Islands.. for their generous donation toward Aid to Private Schools and the Special Education grants.. Government and the people of Taiwan.. for their $5,000 donation to our new high school project.. Yokwe Yuk Women's Club of Kwajalein Atoll.. for the series of grants, supporting reading resources, Special Education resources, professional development materials.. YOKWE YUK WOMEN'S CLUB.. KWAJALEIN ATOLL.. Thanks to.. Matson Navigation Company.. through the.. A B Foundation.. for the logistical support for the annual Xmas tree PTA fund raiser.. Thanks to.. Microwave films of the Marshall Islands.. for $24,000+ in donations from the 3 locally produced films,.. Ña Noniep.. Yokwe Bartowe.. and.. Microwave Films also donated $800 so high school students could take the SAT/ACT college entrance exams in 2011.. Thanks to the.. US Army 84th Engineering Battalion from Hawaii.. for providing the labor to replace the roof for the lower grades of our elementary school.. Many thanks to Neal Skinner and.. EZ Price Mart.. for securing a donation from a US public school of science materials for grades K-6.. EZ Price Mart is a huge contributor to our school in many ways, their kindness is much appreciated.. EZ.. Price Mart.. UNESCO.. - grant to support development of the Marshallese studies program.. Single State Agency.. - funding for development of health progam for high school.. Single..  ...   The Majuro Cooperative School Board and the MCS PTA decided to move forward with a 9th grade class during the 2008-2009 school year.. We completed our high school expansion at the end of 2012 and then graduated our very first 12th grade class in June of 2012.. As it is with our lower elementary and middle schools, our high school is fully accredited by WASC (Western Association of Schools and Colleges).. Outside financial support is absolutely crucial for us so we can continue to expand our high school classrooms as more and more students attend our schoot.. We would very much appreciate your help in this endeavor that profoundly helps the people of the Marshall Islands because we can offer a high quality, accredited high school education right here in the islands.. If you are interested in making a donation to the Majuro Cooperative School, please see the How to Donate section below.. Thank you.. President.. *The Current PTA Wish List:.. -supplementary literacy materials for primary classrooms and struggling students at intermediate level;.. -small stage area for graduation, assemblies, and concerts;.. -partial and full scholarships for students.. * (photo) During the 2003-04 school year, the deteriorating teacher-housing complex was identified as a key issue for improvement because the quality of the apartments directly affects teacher hiring.. The Board has moved ahead with this important project after receiving a loan from the Bank of Guam.. The building was completed in September of 2007.. *There is a constant need for funding for the upgrade of our facilties and for various kinds of educational materials.. *We also are asking that potential donors sponsor children to go to our school.. If you are interested in sponsoring a child for a year at the Majuro Cooperative School (about $2,100), or even helping out with a partial scholarship for a student, please contact the principal at the following.. How To Donate.. We accept donations of any amount of money.. Please note: donations to our school are not tax deductable under the U.. tax codes.. Please contact the following person regarding how you can donate to the school:.. Robin Gale Sims, Principal.. Please make all checks or money orders payable to:.. y>..

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