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  • Title: LabLife: Tools for Your Lab Research
    Descriptive info: .. LabLife has been permanently discontinued.. (click to learn more).. Learn about LabLife.. Community.. Product Search.. Search:.. existing users.. can log in above.. lablife is advancing to.. Labguru.. we are no longer accepting new lablife accounts.. has all the features of lablife & more including:.. Dedicated Account Manager.. 24/7 Customer Support.. Advanced Logistics and  ...   Windows only).. iPad App.. Daily Backups.. Take a Tour of LabLife.. Catch the LabLife.. video.. tour!.. Join thousands of labs across the world who have already signed up for our web tools!.. Home.. |.. FAQ.. About.. Blog.. Have a question?.. Terms of Use.. Privacy Policy.. Terms of Service.. 2011 LabLife - All Rights Reserved..

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  • Title: LabLife Community
    Descriptive info: Community Home.. Shared on LabLife.. Jobs.. Vector Database.. Public for everyone.. LabLife Community:.. connecting scientists.. Explore.. Shared on LabLife (1099).. Jobs (108).. Vector Database (4194).. Publications.. Biology References.. What's New.. pSELECT100.. shared by Nanno.. MSC Chondrocyte Diff.. shared by Maye Lab.. PCR cloning.. Calvaria Culture.. Job:.. Postdoctoral Fellow - Pa.. , Indiana University, Indianapolis.. Post-Doctoral Scholarshi.. , Universidad Andres Bello.. Test-Job1.. , University of British Columbia.. Public Profiles.. Ali Fallah.. SystemBiomed.. Huesnue J.. Topal.. H Topal Lab.. Siyao Xing.. True Lab.. Kenneth Fan.. LabLife.. Robert Dutnall.. Dutnall Lab.. Pauline C  ...   gls.. Cairo University.. Dutnall Lab.. University of San Diego.. MVP Lab.. Ludwig Maximilians Universitet (LMU).. pgm group.. Ankara University.. UTRs.. University of Padua.. forestclub.. University of Washington.. Lipid droplets UAB.. Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona.. Browse by last name:.. A.. B.. C.. D.. E.. F.. G.. H.. I.. J.. K.. L.. M.. N.. O.. P.. Q.. R.. S.. T.. U.. V.. W.. X.. Y.. Z.. Browse by institution:.. Labguru is an online research and management tool that enables researchers to:.. Plan experiments.. Track progress.. Get more results.. Free.. for personal use..

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  • Title: LabLife: Frequently Asked Questions
    Descriptive info: Frequently Asked Questions.. General Information.. (for general information about LabLife).. Technical Support.. (for research tools, workspaces, etc).. Q: What is LabLife?.. A:.. LabLife provides scientists with web-based tools to make research and lab processes more organized and efficient, enabling scientists to coordinate lab purchasing, manage inventory, centralize files, analyze data and more.. LabLife’s online platform makes it easy for scientists to securely share information through private lab workspaces and public community webpages.. Thousands of scientists use LabLife each day to access and share product information, data, documents, publications, and protocols.. Q: Why should I use LabLife?.. Our software is easy to use, and can be conveniently accessed through the internet from any computer, at any time of day.. Unlike most desktop applications, we take care of implementing software updates and back up your data hourly.. Our Lab and Community features enable you to access the shared knowledge base of scientists from your lab and from around the world.. Lastly, we are happy to answer questions and  ...   that only authorized members of your lab can access it.. All data on LabLife are backed up hourly both on-site and off-site.. You can also export your inventory data to Microsoft Excel to keep locally on your computer.. Q: How do I get started?.. Sign up.. for an individual account to begin taking advantage of the LabLife platform.. Then, to share information with your labmates, click on the large Lab tab on top of the screen.. Create a new Lab and invite members to join your Lab.. If you want to join an existing Lab, you can also send a request to a member to join the group.. Q: I forgot my email and/or password, how can I login?.. If you have registered for a LabLife account, you should login with your institutional email address.. Users transitioning from Addgene Labs can enter their Username in the Email field to login for the first time.. If you forgot your password, you should use our.. Forgot Password.. feature..

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  • Title: Lablife - Community - Shared
    Descriptive info: Share Data!.. LabLife provides scientists with convenient tools for sharing protocols, materials, data, and more.. Browse: 1099 items found.. Browse Shared Items.. Shared type.. Antibodies (36).. Chemicals (56).. Forms (1).. Hybridomas (9).. Manuscripts (4).. Mice (1).. Microscopy (1).. Notes (2).. Oligos (420).. Plants (3).. Plasmids (246).. Presentations (2).. Proteins (3).. Protocols (174).. Publications Library (18).. Sequences (69).. Viruses (51).. Worms (3).. Organization.. University of Wisconsin, Madison (1).. Addgene (425).. Harvard Medical School (88).. Massachusetts General Hospital (43).. University of Washington (1).. Michigan State University (1).. Brigham and Women's Hospital (18).. Children s Hospital, Boston (1).. University of Colorado (7).. University of Connecticut Health Center (14).. University of Connecticut (2).. Iowa State University (2).. University of Michigan (1).. Oregon Health Sciences University (13).. University of Pennsylvania (2).. University of Puerto Rico (2).. Saint Louis University (98).. Stanford University (1).. Duke University (38).. University of California, Davis (46).. University of California, San Francisco (39).. University of Massachusetts, Amherst (1).. Philipps-Universitaet Marburg, Germany (4).. University College London (1).. University of Zurich (1).. National University of Singapore (5).. National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Strokes (NINDS) (4).. Uniform Services University (Henry Jackson Foundation for the Advancement of Military Medicine) (1).. University of Ottawa (5).. University of Edinburgh (2).. Garvan Institute of Medical Research (3).. University of Western Australia Centre for Medical Research (4).. Hong Kong Baptist University (1).. Universidade Federal de Sao Paulo (2).. Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences (1).. University College Dublin (1).. INSERM, ADR Toulouse (1).. CNRS, Delegation Languedoc Roussillon (5).. Istanbul University (41)..  ...   Métin Lab, UMR-S 839 (1).. Riccio Lab (1).. Tzingounis Lab (2).. Gomes Lab (19).. Veening Lab (MolGen) (1).. Franceschi Lab for Transcriptional Regulation of Bone Formation and Regeneration (1).. Peter Poon s Bioscience HK Lab (1).. Micro Lab (1).. Schenkman Lab (2).. Gasser Lab (5).. Lewinsohn Lab (13).. Young-Pearse Lab (88).. Trimarchi lab (2).. Yudowski Lab (2).. Nanno (1).. Bezanilla Lab (1).. Hsiao Lab (5).. Mitotic Control Lab (3).. Maya High Purity Fine Chemicals Lab (1).. Ruth Slack Laboratory (5).. Name.. Shared By.. Shared On.. Description.. Type.. Nanno.. Jun 19, 2013.. Hygromycin resistance construct utilizing endogenous LDSP promoter for transformation of Nannochloropsis oceanica CCMP1779.. Plasmids.. MSC Chondrocyte Differentiation.. Maye Lab.. Aug 3, 2012.. (none).. Protocols.. Calcein and Xylenol Orange Mouse Injection.. RNA Purification with Trizol.. BAC Miniprep.. Preparation of BAC DNA for Pronuclear Injection.. Bone Marrow Stromal Cell Culture.. Mouse Tail PCR Genotyping.. Fluorescent Fast Blue - Alkaline Phosphatase Staining.. Cryotape Sectioning.. Field Inversion Gel Preparation.. Mouse Tail Genomic DNA Prep.. Fluorescent Fast Red - Alkaline Phosphatase Staining.. Ad-SDF1-GFP.. IDI Viral Vectors Lab.. Jul 17, 2012.. Adenoviral vector expressing SDF1 and GFP.. Reference: Di Rocco et al.. 2011 Stem Cells Int.. 2011: 304562.. Viruses.. Ad-PEPCK-DSRed.. Adenoviral vector expressing DSRed fluorescent protein under the control of the PEPCK promoter.. Ad-Katushka Red.. Adenoviral vector expressing Katushka red fluorescence protein.. Ad-hADD NRS/GFP.. Adenoviral vector expressing human Adducin.. Ref: Cappuzzello et al.. Cardiovasc Res.. 2007 Aug 1;75(3):608-17.. Jahani et al 2011 JBC.. Ruth Slack Laboratory.. Apr 3, 2012.. Publications Library.. Prev.. 1.. 2.. 3.. 4.. 55.. Next..

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  • Title: Lablife - Community - Jobs
    Descriptive info: Post New Job.. Browse: 108 items in.. Shared Jobs.. Browse Jobs.. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (1).. Harvard University (1).. Case Western Reserve University (3).. University of Washington (2).. Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center (1).. Johns Hopkins University and School of Medicine (2).. Boston University (1).. University of Alabama at Birmingham (1).. University of British Columbia (1).. SUNY University of Buffalo (1).. Cedars-Sinai Medical Center (1).. Chinese University of Hong Kong (3).. University of Cincinnati (1).. University of Colorado, Denver (1).. University of Connecticut Health Center (1).. University of Delaware (1).. Indiana University, Indianapolis (2).. Iowa State University (1).. University of Kentucky (2).. University of Maryland, Baltimore (1).. Medical University of South Carolina (1).. Northwestern University (1).. Saint Louis University (2).. Texas A M University Health Science Center (1).. University of North Texas Health Science Center (3).. Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (1).. University of Virginia (1).. University of Massachusetts, Worcester (1).. University of California, Irvine (1).. University of California, Los Angeles (1).. University of California, San Francisco (2).. ETH Zurich (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology) (1).. University of Pittsburgh (University, School of Medicine, and Cancer Institute) (1).. University of Cambridge (2).. University of Oslo (2).. University of Zurich (2).. Pennsylvania State University (2).. University of Maryland at College Park (1).. Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center (1).. German Cancer Research Center (DKFZ) (1).. University of Turin (1).. Leiden University Medical Center (1).. Universitaet Heidelberg (1).. Kyung Hee University, Korea (2).. University Paris 7 Denis Diderot (1).. University of Southampton (1).. Tsinghua University (2).. University of Central Florida (1).. University of Helsinki (1).. Chinese Academy of Science (2).. University of New Mexico Health Sciences Center (1).. Instituto de Investigaciones Biomedicas Agusto Pi i Sunyer (1).. Nanyang Technological University (1).. University of Edinburgh (1).. University of Bern (1).. Technion (1).. Universidade Federal de Sao Paulo (1).. Bilkent University (2).. Haverford College (1).. INSERM, ADR Bordeaux (1).. Instituto de Investigaciones Biotecnológicas (IIB-INTECH) - San Martin (2).. VA Northern California Healthcare System (2).. Universita di Perugia (1).. Max Planck Institute for Biophysical Chemistry (1).. Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche (CNR) (1).. Universidad Andres Bello (1)..  ...   (1).. Castillo Lab (2).. Grotenbreg Lab (2).. Ian Callard Lab (1).. Biología del Desarrollo (2).. Laurie Lab (1).. Kuijper Lab (1).. Lu Lab (1).. Ebru Erbay Lab (2).. Post-Trans (1).. Cunningham Lab (2).. Paredes-Sabja Lab (1).. Brugmann Lab (1).. Mao Lab (2).. Chen Group (1).. Evans Lab (1).. Andres Lab (2).. Hashino Lab (1).. Guan lab (1).. Steve Lab (1).. Weiss Lab for Synthetic Biology (1).. Lab (1).. Spence Lab (1).. Miller Lab (2).. Popkin Lab (2).. Lee Lab (3).. PENG LI s Lab, GIBH (1).. Phee lab (1).. Woehler (1).. Scheffers Lab (1).. Ward Lab (1).. Tse-Dinh Lab (1).. ZHOU LAB IBT (1).. AntimicrobialResistance (1).. Test Lab (1).. Location.. Posted On.. Postdoctoral Fellow - Pain.. White Neuroscience Lab, Indiana University, Indianapolis.. Aug 18, 2013.. Post-Doctoral Scholarship.. Paredes-Sabja Lab, Universidad Andres Bello.. Aug 17, 2013.. Test Lab, University of British Columbia.. Apr 30, 2013.. Post-doctoral Position in Next-Generation Sequencing and Bioinformatic analysis.. AntimicrobialResistance, Instituto de Investigaciones Biomedicas Agusto Pi i Sunyer.. Mar 8, 2013.. Postdoctoral Scientist, recombinant protein expression/purification.. HIKE: Cell Response, Universitatsklinikum Greifswald.. Feb 19, 2013.. Postdoctoral Scientist, Gene Expression in Single Cells.. Graduate Student (PhD) - Neuroscience.. Woehler, Max Planck Institute for Biophysical Chemistry.. Feb 1, 2013.. Post Doctoral Fellow.. CeRMS-Molecular Oncology, University of Turin.. Jan 11, 2013.. Postdoctoral Scholar.. Phee lab, Northwestern University.. Jan 4, 2013.. Postdoctoral Research Associate.. ZHOU LAB IBT, Texas A M University Health Science Center.. Dec 6, 2012.. PhD/ post-doc.. Kehat, Technion.. Dec 4, 2012.. Postdoctoral Research Fellow.. Ebru Erbay Lab, Bilkent University.. Nov 21, 2012.. Postdoctoral Fellow.. Tse-Dinh Lab, Florida International University.. Oct 23, 2012.. Post-doctoral Fellow.. Brugmann Lab, Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center.. Oct 11, 2012.. Ward Lab, Case Western Reserve University.. Sep 23, 2012.. PhD student/Postdoc.. Scheffers Lab, University of Groningen.. Aug 22, 2012.. MSc and PhD positions.. Brady Lab, German Cancer Research Center (DKFZ).. Aug 9, 2012.. Postdoc.. PENG LI s Lab, GIBH, Chinese Academy of Science.. May 21, 2012.. Post- Doctoral fellow.. Popkin Lab, Case Western Reserve University.. Apr 23, 2012.. Post-Doctoral Fellow in Translational Breast Cancer Research.. Claffey Lab, University of Connecticut Health Center.. Apr 11, 2012.. 6..

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  • Title: LabLife: Privacy Controls
    Descriptive info: Privacy Controls on LabLife.. LabLife is structured in three sections:.. Personal, Lab, and Community.. This is designed to mimic your actual life in lab, where you have some data that is private, some data that you want to share with your lab, and some data that you want to publish for the research community.. Personal: Private for me.. Information that is in the Personal tab can be viewed only by you.. This is an ideal place to store and analyze your private data.. Lab: Private for my lab.. Information that  ...   is an ideal place to keep a shared lab inventory of materials or exchange news with your labmates.. Community: Public for everyone.. Public Lab Webpages and Community Resources are public for everyone, meaning they are also available to non-registered users of LabLife.. Public Lab Webpages are meant to share information about your lab with the world.. Personal Profiles on the Community tab can only be viewed by other registered members of LabLife.. Non-registered members will be required to login to see the details of your profile.. Read more about our..

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  • Title: LabLife - Publications
    Descriptive info: Find Profiles of Your Favorite Author!.. LabLife users can tag themselves or other users as authors of articles.. Search for an article, then click on an author's name to see their profile, research interests, other publications, and more.. Enter search terms below to find PubMed articles of interest to you.. Recently added articles.. Recently LabLife users have added these articles to their profiles:.. miR-204 targeting of Ankrd13A controls both mesenchymal neural crest and lens cell migration.. Avellino et al.. PLoS One.. 2013.. 8(4):e61099.. Interactions of Spodoptera littoralis haemocytes following injection with the entomopathogenic fungi: Beauveria bassiana and Nomuraea rileyi.. Meshrif et al.. J Egypt Soc Parasitol.. 2011 Dec.. 41(3):699-714.. Genetic variation among Drosophila melanogaster isofemale lines influences encapsulation ability of the parasitoid Asobara tabida.. 2013 Apr.. 43(1):1-15.. In Helicobacter pylori auto-inducer-2, but not LuxS/MccAB catalysed reverse transsulphuration, regulates motility through modulation of flagellar gene transcription.. Shen et al.. BMC Microbiol.. 2010.. 10():210.. In Helicobacter pylori, LuxS is a key enzyme in cysteine provision through a reverse transsulfuration pathway.. Doherty et al.. J Bacteriol.. 2010 Mar.. 192(5):1184-92.. Histone deacetylase 10 promotes autophagy-mediated cell survival.. Oehme et al.. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A.. 2013 Jul 9.. 110(28):E2592-601.. Modulation of serines 17 and 24 in the LC3-interacting region of  ...   roles in neuropathic pain.. White et al.. Brain Behav Immun.. 2010 Aug.. 24(6):859-65.. CXCR4 signaling mediates morphine-induced tactile hyperalgesia.. Wilson et al.. 2011 Mar.. 25(3):565-73.. Sciatic nerve injury induces functional pro-nociceptive chemokine receptors in bladder-associated primary afferent neurons in the rat.. Foster et al.. Neuroscience.. 2011 Jun 2.. 183():230-7.. Suppression of inflammatory and neuropathic pain by uncoupling CRMP-2 from the presynaptic Ca²⁺ channel complex.. Brittain et al.. Nat Med.. 2011 Jul.. 17(7):822-9.. Merging Structural Motifs of Functionalized Amino Acids and α-Aminoamides Results in Novel Anticonvulsant Compounds with Significant Effects on Slow and Fast Inactivation of Voltage-gated Sodium Channels and in the Treatment of Neuropathic Pain.. Wang et al.. ACS Chem Neurosci.. 2011 Jun 15.. 2(6):317-322.. Further insights into the antinociceptive potential of a peptide disrupting the N-type calcium channel-CRMP-2 signaling complex.. Channels (Austin).. 2011 Sep 1.. 5(5):.. Neuroprotection against traumatic brain injury by a peptide derived from the collapsin response mediator protein 2 (CRMP2).. 2011 Oct 28.. 286(43):37778-92.. A PEPTIDE UNCOUPLING CRMP-2 FROM THE PRESYNAPTIC Ca(2+) CHANNEL COMPLEX DEMONSTRATES EFFICACY IN ANIMAL MODELS OF MIGRAINE AND AIDS THERAPY-INDUCED NEUROPATHY.. Ripsch et al.. Transl Neurosci.. 2012 Mar.. 3(1):1-8.. The persistent release of HMGB1 contributes to tactile hyperalgesia in a rodent model of neuropathic pain.. Feldman et al.. J Neuroinflammation.. 9():180..

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  • Title: LabLife - Molecular Biology Reference
    Descriptive info: Molecular Biology Reference.. Genetic Code.. List of amino acids and RNA codon table.. Common Epitope Tags.. Protein and DNA sequences of common epitope tags.. Sequencing Primers.. Commonly used sequencing primers.. Restriction Enzymes.. Commonly used restriction enzymes..

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  • Title: LabLife - Shared: pSELECT100 (Nanno Shared Data)
    Descriptive info: Inventory.. pSELECT100.. Shared by.. (Michigan State University).. Plasmid Name.. Backbone.. 497pSfi.. Bacterial Resistance.. Ampicillin.. Selectable Marker.. Hygromycin.. Plasmid Sequence.. View Sequence.. Print Page.. Also shared by Nanno.. Plasmids.. More..

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  • Title: LabLife - Shared: MSC Chondrocyte Differentiation (Maye Lab Shared Data)
    Descriptive info: Documents.. MSC Chondrocyte Differentiation.. (University of Connecticut Health Center).. Name.. Attachments.. MSC Chondrocyte Cultures.. doc.. (21kb).. Also shared by Maye Lab.. Fluorescent Fast Red - Alkaline.. Protocols..

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  • Title: LabLife - Shared: PCR cloning (Maye Lab Shared Data)
    Descriptive info: PCR cloning.. PCR Cloning-Peter..

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  • Archived pages: 340