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  • Title: Library Success: A Best Practices Wiki - Library Success: A Best Practices Wiki
    Descriptive info: .. Library Success: A Best Practices Wiki.. From Library Success: A Best Practices Wiki.. (Redirected from.. Main Page.. ).. Jump to:.. navigation.. ,.. search.. Contents.. 1.. Introduction.. 2.. Join the Community.. 3.. Categories.. 1.. Community.. 2.. Management and Leadership.. 3.. Materials Selection and Collection Maintenance.. 4.. Professional.. 5.. Programming.. 6.. Readers' Advisory.. 7.. Reference Services and Information Literacy.. 8.. Resource Sharing.. 9.. Selling Your Library.. 10.. Services to Specific Groups.. 11.. Training and Development for Librarians.. 12.. Technology.. Access.. Implementing Tech in the Library.. Information Sharing and Education.. 13.. UnConferences.. 14.. Working Together.. 4.. Need help?.. Introduction.. Welcome to Library Success: A Best Practices Wiki.. This wiki was created to be a one-stop shop for great ideas and information for all types of librarians.. All over the world, librarians are developing successful programs and doing innovative things with technology that no one outside of their library knows about.. There are lots of great blogs out there sharing information about the profession, but there is no one place where all of this information is collected and organized.. That's what we're trying to do.. If you've done something at your library that you consider a success, please.. write about it in the wiki.. or provide a link to outside coverage.. If you have materials that would be helpful to other librarians, add them to the wiki.. And if you know of a librarian or a library that is doing something great, feel free to include information or links to it.. Basically, if you know of anything that might be useful to other librarians (including useful websites), this is the place to put it.. I hope this wiki will be a venue where people can share ideas with one another, and where librarians can learn to replicate the successes of other libraries.. This wiki is not run by any commercial entity and does not represent any commercial interests.. For those wishing to use content in the wiki, the wiki itself (and all the content contained herein) is licensed under the.. Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike.. Creative Commons License.. Please familiarize yourself with the license before using any of the content on your own site.. Anyone.. who wants to add to or edit topics on the wiki can do it.. You don't need to ask before making a change -- this wiki belongs to the community of librarians who use it.. If you have any technical questions about the wiki, please contact its creator,.. Meredith Farkas.. Questions about specific content in the wiki should be directed to that individual author.. If you are going to link to this wiki, please use the following URL:.. http://www.. libsuccess.. org/.. Logo designed by.. Christopher Rios.. and Zandra Vlahakis.. Join the Community.. Just create an account to start adding and editing content on the wiki.. Please enter your e-mail address when you create an account and you will be sent a link to confirm your address (after which you will be able to edit the wiki).. When you register for this wiki, you can then add to your own user profile page.. Please add your profile to the.. Wiki User List.. so we can all get to know each other!.. Note:.. If you are going to add to the list of recommended vendors or software, please put your name on your recommendation so we know that it's not from a vendor.. From here on in, we will have to delete any.. new.. vendor/software recommendations that do not have the author identified.. If you want to see recent changes made to the wiki, visit.. Recent Changes.. There is also an.. RSS Feed.. for the Recent Changes page.. Categories.. Check out the.. alphabetized list  ...   Radical Reference.. Subject Guides.. Traditional Reference Services.. Library FAQ.. Resource Sharing.. Consortia.. Physical Delivery or Courier Services.. ShareILL.. Selling Your Library.. Annual Reports.. Branding.. Demonstrating Impact, Value and ROI.. Displays.. Fundraising.. Marketing.. Newspaper columns and blogs.. Promotions.. Services to Specific Groups.. Library Services in Academic Institutions.. Library Services in Schools.. Library Services for Homeschoolers.. Services for Distance Learners.. Services for the Disabled.. Services for Older Adults.. Services for the Housebound.. Library Services for the Military.. Services for First Year Students.. Services in a Multi-lingual Environment.. Services for the Poor and Homeless.. Services for Teens.. Libraries Services in Rural, Native, and Tribal Libraries.. Services for the Imprisoned.. Mobile Library Services for people remote from main library.. Services for Health Information Consumers.. Training and Development for Librarians.. Library Schools.. Online Training Resources for Librarians.. Resources for Library Information Technology students.. Staff Training.. Work Like A Patron Day.. ACRL IS 'Sponsors of Continuing Education Programs for Library Instruction.. Technology.. Access.. Cataloging.. Digitization.. Electronic Databases.. Institutional Repositories.. Improving Access.. (open_url, metasearch, metadata harvesting, etc.. Library Systems.. (integrated systems, automated systems, circulation systems].. M-Libraries.. (mobile access to library resources - cell phones, PDAs, mp3 players, etc).. Online Library Card Registration and e-Card Services.. OPACs.. Public Access Computer Management.. Search Engine Optimization (SEO).. Web Browser Extensions.. Web Services.. Widgets.. (desktop tools, usually based on JavaScript).. Implementing Tech in the Library.. Accessibility.. - general hardware and software technologies and information (not Web-specific).. Grants for Technology Projects.. Free/Open Source Software.. PLA TechNotes.. Providing Technology to Patrons.. (computers, wifi, iPods, etc.. Radio Frequency Identification (RFID).. Room Reservation Systems.. Self Checkout.. SMS or Short Messaging Service.. Technology in Library Instruction.. Technology Planning.. Videoconferencing.. Virtual Worlds.. Voice over IP (VoIP).. Website Design.. Calendars.. Content Management Systems (CMS).. Google My Maps.. - Libraries with a Mobile Website.. Podcasting.. Web Statistics Packages.. Web Tips and Tricks.. Information Sharing and Education.. Collaborative Tools in Libraries.. Blogs.. RSS.. Microblogging.. /.. Twitter.. Wikis.. Social Bookmarking.. Courseware.. (Blackboard, WebCT, Angel, etc.. Learning 2.. 0 Program.. Management of the WSF Information.. Online Communities.. Personal start-page tools.. Search Engines.. Social Networking Software.. UnConferences.. InfoCamp.. - Seattle, WA, October 10-11, 2009.. Library Camp.. - Ann Arbor, MI March 20, 2008.. Newbie unConference.. - Southfield MI, June 13, 2009.. One Big Library.. - Toronto, ON, June 27, 2008.. Tech Camp unConference.. - East Lansing, MI, May 15, 2009.. Information Literacy from Birth to Earth: An Unconference.. http://2011tlaunconference.. wiki.. zoho.. com/HomePage.. html.. Texas Library Association, April 2, 2011.. PLA 2012 Unconference.. Philadelphia, March 16, 2012.. The Unconference: Community College Library Issues.. - Santa Barbara City College, May 5, 2012.. Working Together.. Successful Collaborations.. Need help?.. Please visit the.. Wikipedia Style Guide.. for instructions on how to format text in the wiki.. Another great way to figure out how to do things in the wiki is to click edit on a certain page and see how things are formatted.. Check this.. tips page.. if you're new to wikis and just want a quick intro on how to get started.. Not seeing the stuff you added?.. Try this.. fix.. Any questions? Contact.. pvp serverler.. metin2 pvp serverler.. mt2.. mt2 pvp.. mt2 pvp serverler.. metin2 indir.. pvp indir.. metin2 pvp indir.. counter strike.. google reklam.. Retrieved from ".. http://libsuccess.. org/index.. php?title=Library_Success:_A_Best_Practices_Wiki oldid=17567.. ".. Category.. :.. Personal tools.. Log in / create account.. Namespaces.. Page.. Discussion.. Variants.. Views.. Read.. View source.. View history.. Actions.. Search.. Navigation.. Main page.. Community portal.. Current events.. Recent changes.. Random page.. Help.. Toolbox.. What links here.. Related changes.. Special pages.. Printable version.. Permanent link.. This page was last modified on 28 June 2013, at 04:10.. This page has been accessed 1,360,260 times.. Privacy policy.. About Library Success: A Best Practices Wiki.. Disclaimers..

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  • Title: Library Success: A Best Practices Wiki
    Descriptive info: Redirect page.. php?title=Main_Page oldid=14106.. This page was last modified on 9 May 2011, at 18:42.. This page has been accessed 17,451 times..

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  • Title: User:Crios - Library Success: A Best Practices Wiki
    Descriptive info: User:Crios.. I'm currently a library and information science graduate student at.. Dominican University.. Blog is.. Losing Sleep.. php?title=User:Crios oldid=7517.. User page.. User contributions.. Logs.. This page was last modified on 12 July 2007, at 17:26.. This page has been accessed 58,577 times..

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  • Title: Wiki User List - Library Success: A Best Practices Wiki
    Descriptive info: Members of the LibSuccess Wiki Community.. Add your name/user profile to the list (alphabetized by first name)! (.. Tip:.. Hit edit to see how this should be formatted).. Abigail Goben.. Adam Farkas.. Adam Leach.. Abdullahi W Diso.. Abdul Latef bin Alhadri.. Adity Gandhi.. Adesola Adekunle.. Aimee Thrasher-Hanson.. Alejandro Chiner Arias.. Alex Hodges.. Andrea Allen.. Alice Anderson.. Ayo Onatola.. Alice Majka.. Alison Henry.. , Edmonton, AB.. Alison Raab.. Amanda Etches-Johnson.. Amanda Heath.. Amanda Merk.. Amanda Werhane.. Amol Patil.. Amy McCarthy.. Andrew Whitis.. Angie Green.. Angela Kille.. Ann Jason Kenney.. Ann Owens.. Anthony Whyte.. Armand Michael Cardinal.. Badan Barman.. Barbara Boward.. Beatrice Pulliam.. Ben Hope.. Ben Krombholz.. Ben Ostrowsky.. Beth Gallaway.. Beth Ten Have.. Beth Wheeler Dean.. Brent Bradley.. Brenda Chawner.. Brenda J.. Clark.. Brian Gray.. Brian Herzog.. Brian Kopetsky.. , Appleton, WI.. Brian Smith.. Bridget Urmacher.. , Albuquerque, NM.. Bujar Kocana.. ,Albania,.. Cana Nudi.. Candice Marchand.. Carrie Ludovico.. Carrie Newsom.. Catherine Petersen.. Cathy Carpenter.. Cathy Spiegel.. , Southfield MI.. Carlo Pepato.. Carol VanHook.. , Pleasant Hill IA.. Carol Elliott.. Carolyn Eager.. Catie Roche.. Cheryl Coovert.. Char Booth.. Charlotte Duggan.. Charles J Greenberg.. Charles Bolding.. , British Columbia, Canada.. Charles Franklin.. Cheryl Lauricella.. Chloe Vicente.. , Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez, Chile.. Cindy Moore.. Chrissy Knoelke.. Christina Radisauskas.. Christine Brown.. Christine Taylor.. , Cheshire, CT.. , Chicago, IL.. Claire Gunnels.. , Houston, TX.. Clay Busker.. Colleen Brazil.. Constance Wiebrands.. Courtney Lavery.. Craig Clark.. Craig Haggit.. , Lancaster, PA.. Cyndi Candiloro.. , Green Mts of Vermont.. Cynthia Greenan.. , New York, NY.. Dana DeFebbo.. Daniel Patrick Rhodes.. , Jacksonville, NC.. Danielle Joffe.. Darla Grediagin.. Darlene Feldstein.. David Aznar.. Dave Pattern.. David Bevington.. , Penzance, Cornwall, UK.. David J Parkes.. Dawn Imada.. Dawne Tortorella.. Debra Cohen-Estes.. Debra Wade.. Denise Bosselman.. Denise Garvin.. denise schmidt.. Denise O'Shea.. Dianne E.. Johnston.. Donna Knight, Lawrenceville, GA.. Elize du Toit, South Africa.. Donna Straitiff.. Donna Van Cleve.. , Hutto, TX.. Dorothy Barr.. Dylan Baker.. Eddy Durkin.. Edward Vielmetti.. , Ann Arbor MI.. Eileen O'Hara.. Elizabeth Snyder-Powell.. , Bishopville SC.. Ellie Schwartz.. Elisabeth Jacobsen.. Emily Alling.. Emily Mazure.. Emily Stanford Schultz.. Emily Vardell.. Eric Schnell.. Eric Schwarz.. Filipe Bento.. , Aveiro, Portugal.. Fiona Bradley.. François Renaville.. [[User:ifijehgoodluck l Goodluck Israel Ifijeh ].. Gail Barraco.. Garth Siekerman.. Geddes Davis.. Genevieve Gore.. Gianluca Drago.. Gilles Caron.. Ginny Reese.. Glenda Gregory.. Gloria Martinez.. Gordon Harris.. Greg Schwartz.. Greg Tramel.. Gretchen Healy.. Gretchen Keer.. Gretchen Pruett.. Grisell Rodriguez.. Guus van den Brekel.. Heather Card.. Heather Yager.. Hayley Beale.. Heikki Doeleman.. Helene Bjorseth.. Ingrid Tonnison.. Ingrid Thomson.. Ivy  ...   Lisa Craig-Young.. , Beeville, TX.. Lisa Harrington.. Lisa Hobbs.. Lisa Sloniowski.. Lisa Wallis.. Liz Curry.. Liz Dodds.. Liz Sundermann.. Lizanell Boman.. Lorna Hardin.. Louise Alcorn.. Lucien Kress.. Lynda Citro.. , Englewood, FL.. Lynn Dennis.. , Roselle, IL.. Lynn Kirk.. Lynne Riley.. Maggie Moran.. Malar Villi NADESON.. Marc White.. Marcel Carroll, Montgomery, Ala.. Margaret Clifton.. Maria Farrell.. Marianne Hageman.. Marie Radford.. Martha Brown.. Martha Farley Berninger.. Mary Broadhurst.. Mary Gleason.. Maryanne.. , Australia.. Matthew Tallow.. Max Macias.. Matti Lassila.. Maureen Beck.. Meg Anastasi.. Meg Canada.. Meg Kwasnicki.. Melissa Bowles-Terry.. Melody Tungol.. Megan Scott.. merav seror.. Merri Monks.. Mica Gothamica Wickramasekara.. Michael E.. Bell.. Michael McArthur.. Michael Rangholm.. Michele Hampshire.. Michele Mizejewski.. Michelle Brannen.. Michelle Caulk.. Michelle Poulton.. Miranda Doyle.. Misha Stone.. MJM Raju.. Monica Anderson.. Muhammad Anwar Ejaz.. Mujib Rahiman.. , India.. Nanette Donohue.. Natalee Reese.. Neal R.. Axton.. Nene La Beet.. , Surrey, UK.. Nick Tomaiuolo.. New Britain, Connecticut.. Nicole C.. Engard.. Nicole Politi.. Nicole Leguerrier.. Olivia Nellums.. Owen Stephens.. Pat Maurer.. Patricia McGraw.. Paul McIlroy.. Paul R.. Pival.. Peta Hopkins.. Phil Hearne.. Philip Fitzgerald.. Pirkko Pietiläinen.. Polly Farrington.. Portia Belmont.. Pushyamitra Veeramachaneni.. Quentin Packard.. Rachel Vacek.. Ray Matthews.. Raylynn Hughes.. Raymond M.. Kristiansen.. Rebecca A.. Howard.. Rebecca Metzger.. Rebekkah Smith Aldrich, Mid-Hudson Library System, NY.. Reflibrarian.. Ria van Brederode.. Richard Akerman.. Richard Wayne.. Richard Wisneski.. Rick Mason.. Ria Schildermans.. Rita Mitchell.. Renee Romanoff.. Rick Roche.. Rikhei Harris (AKA the Lethal Librarian).. Robert J.. Lackie.. Robin K.. Blum.. Robin Boulton.. Robin Jourdan.. Robin Wagner.. Ron Burdick.. Roseanne Hoger.. Rosemarie Bernier.. RoseMary Honnold.. Rosetta Metz.. Roxann Riskin.. Rudy Nyhoff.. Ryan Bradley.. Ryan Deschamps.. Sally Wilson.. Samantha Schmehl Hines.. Siobhan Champ-Blackwell.. Sarah Engledow Brown.. Sarah Mae Harper.. Sarah Houghton (AKA LibrarianInBlack).. Sarah Sehlodimela.. Sarah Washburn, the MaintainIT Project.. Saramanda Goodwin.. Saskia Dellevoet, BMB Netherlands.. Satu Nieminen.. Sheila Bankhead.. Shonna Froebel.. Scott Pfitzinger.. Sean Reinhart.. Sophia Anastos.. Sreeharsha BG.. Stacy Naus.. Sridhar, M S.. Stephanie Bailey-White.. Stephanie Iser.. Stephanie Zimmerman.. Stephanie Mikalatos.. Stephen Francoeur.. SteveShink.. Tammy Lowery.. Stephen Tapril.. Sue Heraper.. Susan Hansen.. Susan Kantor-Horning.. Susan Mahony.. Susy Moorhead.. Suzy Szasz Palmer.. Sylvia Welsh.. Tao Yang.. Tara Anderson.. Tattooed Librarian.. Teri Shiel.. Terri Pilate.. Tim Capehart.. Timothy Greig.. Timothy West.. Tracey Knouse.. Valentina Aguirre.. Vincent Courtney.. Valerie Hill.. User:Nikemove, Victoria Etoromi.. Walkingpaper (AKA Aaron Schmidt).. Wendy Robertson.. Whitney Herbert.. Whitney Edwards.. Wichor Bramer.. Erasmus MC (the Netherlands).. William Helman.. @thinkpol.. Yanni Cooper.. Zuheir Bakleh.. Vishal Gaikwad.. php?title=Wiki_User_List oldid=17588.. This page was last modified on 5 September 2013, at 13:47.. This page has been accessed 195,955 times..

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  • Title: Categories - Library Success: A Best Practices Wiki
    Descriptive info: This is an alphabetized list of categories currently in the wiki.. If you add a category, please add it to this list, but new categories should only be added when there are subpages listed under them (as is the case now with.. Books.. Education.. Librarianship.. Libraries.. Library highways.. Standards.. Types of Library.. World Wide Web.. php?title=Categories oldid=14515.. This page was last modified on 3 January 2012, at 06:06.. This page has been accessed 30,223 times..

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  • Title: Recent changes - Library Success: A Best Practices Wiki
    Descriptive info: Track the most recent changes to the wiki on this page.. Recent changes options.. Show last.. 50.. |.. 100.. 250.. 500.. changes in last.. 7.. 14.. 30.. days.. Hide.. minor edits |.. Show.. bots |.. anonymous users |.. logged-in users |.. my edits.. Show new changes starting from.. 16:14, 7 December 2013.. Namespace:.. all.. (Main).. Talk.. User.. User talk.. Library Success: A Best Practices Wiki talk.. File.. File talk.. MediaWiki.. MediaWiki talk.. Template.. Template talk.. Help talk.. Category talk.. Invert selection.. Associated namespace.. 6 December 2013.. (.. Block log.. ); 17:10.. Meredith..  ...   Deletion log.. ); 17:09.. deleted page.. User:Elayne Taylor.. (Vandalism: spam).. User creation log.. ); 03:29.. created a user account.. 5 December 2013.. ); 21:31.. Ppival.. Do MBT shoes really function?.. (Vandalism: content was: With the popularity of MBT shoes, it also triggers various doubts among people.. And most people doubt whether the MBT shoes function, just as mentioned could releas.. (and the only contributor was [[Special:Contributions/Cui.. ).. User rights log.. ); 20:47.. changed group membership for.. User:Ppival.. from (none) to administrator.. 30 November 2013.. ); 16:32.. User:Fait9holte.. (spam).. org/Special:RecentChanges.. Special page.. Atom..

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  • Title: Tips page - Library Success: A Best Practices Wiki
    Descriptive info: If you're brand new to the world of wikis you may be unsure how to start.. Here is a quick guide with some tips.. None of these are required, but many of them are helpful in creating a sense of wiki community and making the wiki more usable.. register.. - Registering lets people know who edited a page and allows all of your edits to be grouped under your name.. This helps you establish a reputation -- this is important on big wikis like Wikipedia, perhaps not as much here -- and lends authority to your entries and edits.. When you are registered, people can contact you through your talk page if they have questions about your entries or edits.. You can register here.. Please note: Registering is currently required on this wiki.. annotate.. - You have the option of adding little notes to your edits in the Summary box beneath the editing page.. When people look at pages like the.. page, or their own watchlist, they can tell at a glance what was done to the page you edited.. If you are including a fact that is not widely known, sometimes a brief cite is helpful here.. Check the minor edit box if you are just fixing a typo or a punctuation error.. discuss.. - Every page on the wiki has a discussion  ...   to another wiki page.. [[Online_Reference]] will get you.. Online_Reference.. linking to another wiki page using your own text.. [[Online_Reference|doing reference online]] will get you.. doing reference online.. linking to another web page.. [http://librarian.. net] will get you.. [1].. linking to another web page using your own text.. net my web site] will get you.. my web site.. list.. - If you are starting a list of tips, links, or comments, or are adding to a list, please start your addition with an asterisk (*), which shows up on the wiki like this.. Example.. It's just a good way to set each distinct contribution off from the rest.. Two asterisks will indent what you write as you can see on this line.. look.. - The best way to learn how to format things on the wiki is to look at how people have formatted things on other pages.. Just hit "edit" at the top of the page to see how people did what they did.. Firefox users.. - Install the.. Wikipedia Firefox extension.. This toolbar will work on any Mediwiki wiki such as this one and will automatically allow you to format text, add lists, tables and images, etc.. with the click of a button.. php?title=Tips_page oldid=7839.. This page was last modified on 2 September 2007, at 23:09.. This page has been accessed 45,710 times..

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  • Title: Guidelines - Library Success: A Best Practices Wiki
    Descriptive info: Guidelines.. Wiki Guidelines.. Libsuccess is a collaborative project.. In posting content here, you are tacitly agreeing to let other people edit it.. So let them.. Avoid.. edit wars.. Use discussion pages :.. for commentary and opinions, and to broach controversial issues likely to provoke disagreement.. This is not an encyclopedia.. The things you write do not have to be backed up by fact or citations.. However, if you are writing something that is clearly opinion, sign your name to it.. Unsigned opinions will be moved to the discussion page.. Personal attacks will be deleted.. Do not use this space as a platform to bash a person, group or product.. Vandalism will be deleted.. Vandalism is any addition, deletion, or change to content  ...   benefit to the community.. If you want to create your own wiki for your library or for your own personal content, there are many.. wiki farms.. out there.. Don't use this to advertise your product.. Advertisements will be deleted.. People can mention products related to the mission of the wiki, but if an opinion is stated, then it must be signed.. Don't infringe on copyrights.. Any material that is found to be copyright protected from another site or work will be deleted.. Explain why you deleted something.. If you delete someone else's content, please explain why in the discussion page for the entry.. php?title=Guidelines oldid=16642.. This page was last modified on 18 October 2012, at 23:58.. This page has been accessed 18,771 times..

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  • Title: Librarians who IM - Library Success: A Best Practices Wiki
    Descriptive info: Are you a librarian? Are you interested in chatting and collaborating with other librarians? Do you have an IM handle? If so, feel free to add it to this list!.. Note: Please try to keep the list in alphabetical order.. Abdullatef.. , Gtalk: ibnsaadiah, Yahoo: abdullatef@ymail.. com.. Max Anderson.. NN/LM-GMR (Chicago).. , AIM/Gtalk/MSN: maxlibris, Yahoo: norskmax.. Lori Ayre.. Mentat.. The Galecia Group, AIM/bowenayre: Gtalk: loriayre.. Steve Backs.. , Monroe County Public Library (Indiana), AIM/Gtalk: stivab, Yahoo: stivabmcpl.. Derik A Badman.. , Temple University,.. Madinkbeard.. , AIM/Yahoo: derikbad.. Moreno Barros.. ExtraLibris Brazil.. , AIM: morenopissedoff ; MSN: moreno.. barros[at]gmail.. Jenny Benevento.. , Associated Press, AIM/MSN: dorkbrarian, Gmail/talk: jennybento at gmail, skype: Jenny Benevento, URL:.. jennyjenny.. org.. Abby Blachly.. LibraryThing.. , AIM: librarythingabby.. Rebecca Blakeley.. McNeese State University Library, Government Documents Department.. AIM, Yahoo!, MSN, Meebo: MSUGovDoc.. Laura Blalock.. , Tennessee Technical University,.. Creative Librarian.. AIM: auricelest, GTalk: lablalock [at] gmail.. com, Jabber: laura [at] creativelibrarian.. com, skype: lablalock.. Chad F.. Boeninger.. , Ohio University Libraries,.. Library Voice.. AIM Yahoo IM: cfboeninger.. Stephen Boggs.. , New Carlisle - Olive Township Public Library, New Carlisle, Indiana,.. AIM: ncpl, Yahoo IM: sbatncpl2002.. Madeleine Bombeld.. , University of North Carolina Wilmington,.. [2].. AIM: accesslib randallcircdesk.. Michelle Boule.. , University of Houston,.. A Wandering Eyre.. AIM: LeFey6 GTalk: mboule [at] gmail [dot] com.. Michael L.. Bradford.. , Harvard Divinity School,.. Library Despot 3.. 0.. , AIM: libdespot.. Eliz Breakstone.. , University of Oregon, Eugene, Oregon, AIM: ElizUOLib; Yahoo MSN: Eliz_UOLib.. Stephanie (Willen) Brown.. , the University of North Carolina School of Journalism and Mass Communication (formerly of University of Connecticut adjunct professor, Simmons GSLIS);.. CogSciLibrarian.. IM: cogscilibrarian.. Adam Burke.. , Waubonsee Community College, AIM/Yahoo: adamthelibrarian, MSN: adamthelibarian [at] hotmail.. Anna Burke.. , Babson College, AIM: bananarama667, GTalk: amalthea67 [at] gmail.. Marcel Carroll.. From the Library Universe.. Michael Casey.. LibraryCrunch.. , AIM: librarycrunch.. Darren Chase.. Secret Library Workers Union.. , AIM: secretlibrary, Y!M: shushyourself.. Peishan Chen.. Shelf Conscious.. , MSN: latestnovel [at] googlemail.. Mary Carmen Chimato.. Indie Rock Librarian.. , AIM/YIM: mcc6676.. Charles Cobine.. , University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, AIM: CharCobi, GTalk: cobine [at] gmail.. Rob Coers.. Coers Internet Trainingen (Netherlands).. , MSN:coers, GTalk: robcoers, Yahoo!: robcoers.. Karen A.. Coombs.. , University of Houston Libraries,.. Library Web Chic.. , AIM/Skype: librarywebchic, GTalk: librarywebchic[at]gmail.. Carolyn Coulter.. , Pikes Peak Library District, Colorado Springs, CO.. PPLD.. , MSN: c.. coulter47@hotmail.. Coastal Bend College Library, Beeville, TX.. LisatheLibrarian.. com.. , GTalk: l.. craigyoung[at]gmail.. Anna Creech.. eclectic librarian.. , University of Richmond, AIM: creechal, Y!M: anna_creech, MSN: creechal@spamcop.. net, GTalk: eclecticlibrarian [at] gmail [dot] com.. lis.. dom.. , Meeteetse Branch Library (WY), AIM: theblackmolly, Y!M: lcrossett, GTalk: newrambler [at] gmail [dot] com.. , Daniel Library, The Citadel (SC), AIM: DanaDeFebbo.. Marlène Delhaye.. , Université Paul Cezanne Libraries (Aix-en-Provence,France),.. Marlene's corner.. , AIM/Y! : ebibliothecaire, GTalk : marlene [dot] delhaye [at] gmail[dot] com.. , Roselle Public Library (IL), AIM/Y!M: almdennis, MSN: lynn_dennis [at] hotmail [dot] com, GTalk: lynn.. dennis [at] gmail [dot] com.. Francesca Denton.. , Beaufort County (SC), AIM: fld113.. , Halifax Public Libraries (Halifax, Nova Scotia, CA),.. The Other Librarian.. , AIM : Greebiemaster, MSN: GreebieMaster.. Skills Like This.. , AIM: nanetteamplified, Y!M: amplifiedtorock.. Emily Drabinski.. , Long Island University, Brooklyn Campus, AIM: emilydrabinski, GTalk: emily.. drabinski.. Bill Drew.. ,Morrisville State College,.. BabyBoomerLibrarian.. , AIM:BillDrew4.. Katie Dunneback.. , East Central Library Services,.. Make of It What You Will (active blog).. Young Librarian (retired blog).. , AIM: slsiaconsultant, Y!M: slsconsultant.. Elizabeth Edwards.. , George Washington Univerity, AIM: leepforward.. Donna Ekart.. Kansas State University Libraries.. , gtalk: dfekart[at]gmail.. com, MSN: dfekart[at]hotmail.. Julie Elliott.. , Indiana University South Bend,.. i prefer reading.. , AIM: jmfelli, Yahoo: jmfelli.. , Open Source Evangelist, LibLime, AIM: nengard, Yahoo: nengard, Skype: nengard, gtalk: nengard [at] gmail.. com, gtalk: nicole.. engard [at] liblime.. , McMaster University (ON),.. blogwithoutalibrary.. net.. , AIM/Skype: torontolibrarian, MSN: amanda[at]etches-johnson.. com, yahoo!: etches_johnson.. Jessica Everingham.. , Altamaha Technical College (GA), Meebo: atclibrary.. , Norwich University (VT),.. Information Wants To Be Free.. , AIM MSN: librarianmer, gtalk: mgfarkas [at] gmail.. St.. Joseph County Public Library.. libbythelibrarian.. AIM: sjcpllibby.. David J.. Fiander.. University of Western Ontario.. MSN: dfiander@uwo.. ca.. Darlene Fichter.. , University of Saskatchewan,.. Blog on the Side.. , AIM: darlenefichter, MSN:darlene.. fichter[at]usask.. Tanya Finney.. , Automation Technology Coordinator.. Cheltenham Township Library System.. , Meebo: msfinney / Yahoo:babygirl_2009 / IMVU: HottieLibrarian.. Susan Fisher.. , Alameda County Library (CA), AIM/Yahoo: librariantalking.. Jane Foo.. , Seneca Libraries (Ontario, Canada), gtalk: jf2850[at]gmail.. com, MSN: pip, Yahoo: senlibjane.. Eboni A.. Francis.. The Ohio State University's.. Food, Agricultural and Environmental Sciences Library.. Yahoo: ebonifrancis.. , Baruch College (NY),.. Digital Reference.. , AIM: frogheart1966, gtalk: frogheart [at] gmail.. David Free.. , Georgia Perimeter College (GA), AIM: dwfree1967, gtalk: dwfree[at]gmail.. Jenna Freedman.. , Barnard College (NY),.. Reference Services.. AOL, GTalk, Yahoo: BarnardLibJenna.. I use jabber for secure conversations.. If you want that address, get in touch.. , Metrowest MA Regional Library System (MA),.. http://home.. comcast.. net/~egallaway.. AIM: rimeswith0range, gtalk/Skype/Yahoo!/ICQ: informationgoddess29[at]gmail.. Meghann Gardner.. , Sewickley and Moon Public Libraries (PA), AIM: MAGYA311.. Michael J.. Giarlo.. Technosophia.. , Digital Library Architect,.. Penn State..  ...   Man Librarian.. ; AIM (and iChat): sjoberg67, Gmail: steve.. oberg [at] gmail.. com, Yahoo: steve_oberg.. , Drake Memorial Library, SUNY Brockport eohara@brockport.. edu AIM: OHaraLibr.. Gina Persichini.. , Idaho Commission for Libraries, AIM and Yahoo!: GinaISL.. BiblioTech Web.. , Butler University,.. DawgBlog.. , AIM Yahoo: pfitzlib, GTalk: spfitzinger.. Christina Pikas.. Christina's LIS Rant.. , The Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory; change 6/06: during working hours use first.. last@ initials for where I work.. edu, AIM: Christina Pikas0, Yahoo, MSN, GTalk: cpikas.. Paul Pival.. The Distant Librarian.. , University of Calgary, AIM: ppival@gmail.. com, Yahoo: prpival, MSN: ppival@hotmail.. com, Skype: ppival, GTalk: ppival.. 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Urechia Public Library, Romania.. Yahoo, gtalk: camitoporas.. Karen Ulric.. Solomon Schechter Day School of Essex and Union.. (NJ) AIM: LibrarianPower.. Patty Uttaro.. Ogden Farmers' Library.. , AIM: PatriciaU524 or scotchblossom ; MSN: cosmosgrrl.. University of Houston Libraries.. , Yahoo, GTalk, Skype: vacekrae, AIM: vacekrae1976.. Ken Varnum.. , University of Michigan Library,.. RSS4Lib.. , AIM: kvarnum.. Felicia Vereen.. LibraryTrax.. AIM/Y!/MSN: fdvereen.. Roy Vickers.. University of Salford.. Academia.. Meebo, roy_salford.. Rita Vine.. , University of Toronto Libraries and.. Workingfaster.. , AIM: ritathelibrarian; Yahoo: ritavine; GoogleTalk: ritavine(AT)gmail.. com ; MSM: rita.. vine(AT)utoronto.. Teri Vogel.. SDLibrarian.. , University of California - San Diego, AIM/Yahoo: tmvogel2.. Sherri Vokey.. , University of Toronto,.. ::schwagbag::.. , AIM/iChat: IIsherrivokeyII.. Sukhdev Singh.. Sukhdev's World.. India, Gtalk: esukhdev.. , Northeastern Illinois University, AIM/Yahoo!: lisacwallis ; MSN: lisacwallis@hotmail.. com ; gtalk: lisacwallis@gmail.. Deb Werner.. University of Chicago's.. John Crerar Library.. , AIM/Meebo: ClassLib2011.. , librarian.. AIM: iamthebestartist Yahoo/MSN: jessamyn_west gtalk: jessamyn[at]gmail.. , Muskingum College Library (Ohio),.. library+instruction+technology.. AIM/Yahoo: askwhitis.. Elizabeth Winter.. , Georgia Tech, AIM: ewintergt.. , Newton Free Library (MA), AIM: lauriewoo9.. Barb Wright.. , Weld Library District, CO, Yahoo/MSN: barbeenie.. LSLC Training.. , AIM/gtalk/meebo: Slzimm1.. , Allegheny County Library Association, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania - Yahoo: afewsocks.. Saljoqi Mansour.. , Kabul University Library, Esteqlal and Malalai High schools Libraries (adviser), Kabul, Afghanistan - google Talk: msaljoqi.. hossein mokhtari.. , University of iran Libraries.. india.. and.. iran.. and four best link.. 2009.. ,.. 2008.. 2007.. ,in.. 30nema31.. php?title=Librarians_who_IM oldid=17474.. This page was last modified on 26 April 2013, at 15:48.. This page has been accessed 251,916 times..

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  • Title: Communications - Internal and External - Library Success: A Best Practices Wiki
    Descriptive info: Libraries with Blogs, both internal and external.. (separate wiki).. Internal Communication Project.. - a.. LEAP.. Project at Memphis Public Library Information Center.. In honor of the move toward transparency, in our county, I've created a district youth services wiki where I've invited the county children's librarians/staff to contribute their thoughts on how our county-wide Summer Reading Club prep and resources are going/went for them this summer.. In 2 days, we've already had 5 comments - which is stellar for us! It's a great way to open communication between me (the district youth services coordinator) and the staff.. Many people can't/don't attend the bi-monthly meetings and emails sent directly to me aren't seen by other staff members.. This way, everyone can voice their opinion and everyone else can see what everyone's thinking! A great way to not only inspire conversations, but to open communication up in a new way.. Tools for Internal Communication.. Social collaboration tools can be used to facilitate internal communications in a library setting.. These tools can bring administrative value to a specific library  ...   staff to stay current on information relevant to their library, as well as facilitate internal discussion.. Administrative Wikis.. : Similar to blogs, wikis allows staff to establish and grow a knowledge base in an organic fashion.. Wikis can be customized to the administrative needs of the library, whether it be the development of an electronic staff guide or e-manual, or a resource on outreach projects and ideas.. Since they primarily consist of written information and Internet links, wikis must be pruned regularly to stay up-to-date.. File Sharing system.. : File sharing systems allow library staff to access shared computer files within a given network.. As opposed to sending files through email, staff can view, edit, track changes to documents, and print files directly.. A file sharing system can be as simple as a shared folder on the library's network, or a file sharing program with enhanced collaborative features such as.. Dropbox.. or.. Box.. (formerly Box.. net).. php?title=Communications_-_Internal_and_External oldid=15486.. This page was last modified on 15 July 2012, at 20:55.. This page has been accessed 25,338 times..

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  • Title: Human Resources and Labor Management - Library Success: A Best Practices Wiki
    Descriptive info: Blogs/Websites to Watch.. Administration Management Resources.. from the Mid-Hudson Library System.. Please see discussion page.. Comments and opinions wanted!.. New Employee Orientation.. Most organizations have some means for introducing a new hire into the company, and it's usually in an Orientation class.. At Jefferson County Public Library the workforce is pretty stable so it only needs to hire one person at a time every couple of weeks or months.. Waiting for enough people to be hired to make a class would take  ...   of "instructors" who are staff members, each of whom have a subject to deliver.. It's one-on-one in each instructor's office and topics in the following categories are covered:.. - Communications.. - Organizational Overview.. - Culture.. - Compensation Benefits.. - Customer Service philosophy.. - General Personnel Rules they need to be aware of.. - Pertinent Policies.. There's even homework! See the whole program here.. php?title=Human_Resources_and_Labor_Management oldid=17354.. This page was last modified on 30 January 2013, at 23:21.. This page has been accessed 14,747 times..

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