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  • Title: The Labor Campaign for Single Payer Healthcare —
    Descriptive info: .. The Labor Campaign for Single Payer Healthcare.. Our Mission.. Contact Us.. Donate.. Sign Up.. Watch Out: the ACA is Coming! Briefing Paper Now Available.. November 8, 2013.. By.. Labor for Single-Payer.. Leave a Comment.. Our Briefing Paper,.. 10 Things Unions Need to Look Out for When Bargaining Under Obamacare.. has just been released.. The paper examines ten threats to union-negotiated health benefits under the Affordable Care Act (ACA).. It elaborates on the concerns expressed in.. Resolution 54.. passed at this year s AFL-CIO Convention.. While rejecting calls for an outright repeal of Obamacare as divisive and demoralizing, the paper asserts that the complex provisions of the ACA undermine the solidarity model of healthcare coverage embraced by unions.. It argues that the ACA will ultimately replace this model with a consumer-driven model where each worker is on his or her own to navigate a complex, for-profit system with limited resources.. [Read more.. ].. Filed Under:.. Update.. At the AFL-CIO Convention: Finish the Job!.. September 16, 2013.. Calling on the labor movement to Finish the job! Make healthcare a human right!, activists from the Labor Campaign for Single Payer,.. Labor United for Universal Healthcare.. and the.. Campaign for Healthy California.. were all over last week s AFL-CIO Convention.. They distributed copies of the.. Open Letter to the AFL-CIO.. , signed by over 600 union leaders and activists and attended workshops and spoke from the convention floor.. Leslie Lashinsky (AFM), Tom Newman (IATSE) and Betty Madden (IATSE) at the AFL-CIO Convention.. Delegates to the Convention overwhelmingly re-affirmed their support for a single-payer, Medicare-for-All healthcare system.. One resolution called for.. Protecting and Expanding Medicare Benefits.. It declared the Federation’s  ...   crucial moment for the labor movement.. We in the Labor Campaign for Single Payer believe that the fight for healthcare justice is central to the project of building a revitalized labor movement and a high road alternative to the austerity attacks on working people everywhere.. Older Posts.. Welcome.. No union today can bargain without facing a demand or hard choices on healthcare coverage in our contracts.. The absence of a national healthcare system significantly depresses our members' wages despite the productivity gains their work produces.. Get Involved.. Sign Up for Updates.. Individual Contribution Form.. Organizational Contribution Form.. Donate Online.. Follow Us On Facebook.. Single Payer Info.. Links.. Why Won't Corporations Support Single-Payer.. Union Heatlh Plans Will Suffer Under Obamacare.. About Us.. ACA Briefing Paper.. Labor Day 2013 Leaflet.. January 2013 National Strategy Conference Outcomes.. Advisory Board and Steering Committee.. Healthcare Powerpoint Presentation for Trade Unionists.. Downloadable Organizing Leaflet.. Report on 2011 Labor Campaign for Single Payer National Meeting.. Labor Caucus for Single Payer Letter to AFL-CIO Executive Council.. LCS-P 2010 Conference Resolutions.. Report on Jan.. LCS-P Founding Conference.. Getting Labor s National Healthcare Act Together.. AFL-CIO Endorses Single-Payer Medicare for All.. National Single-Payer Legislation.. HR 676.. S 915 / HR 1200.. Archives.. Please Sign the Open Letter to the AFL-CIO.. Another Obamacare Disappointment.. Single-Payer Forges Ahead in New York.. More Than a Bad Idea.. Between a Rock and a Hard Place: The Future of Healthcare Bargaining.. National Strategy Conference Calls for Labor to Continue the Fight for Healthcare Justice.. Chicago Teacher s Union President Karen Lewis To Address National Strategy Conference.. Return to top of page.. Copyright 2013.. Sample Child Theme.. on.. Genesis Framework.. WordPress.. Log in..

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  • Title: Our Mission
    Descriptive info: The primary purpose of the Labor Campaign for Single-Payer Health Care is to increase grassroots labor support for H.. R.. 676 as an essential element in winning the support of Congress to enact the National Health Care Act Medicare for All as the public policy of this country because we believe that health care is a human right.. Our nation’s healthcare crisis is ruining the lives and livelihoods of millions of Americans.. The huge number of uninsured and underinsured families is growing dramatically and, increasingly, members of our unions are joining their numbers.. This crisis intensifies the difficulties of all workers struggling to survive in today’s predatory economic environment.. Shifting the cost of healthcare to workers under the current profit-driven system is a painful feature of virtually every set of contract negotiations these days.. For the vast majority of workers without a union, the situation is even more desperate.. A publicly financed, single-payer national health care system like those in virtually all other industrialized countries is the only solution that will control costs, increase access and improve the quality of care.. The Labor Campaign for Single-Payer Health Care.. is being launched at this critical time as an extension of already existing single payer support among many labor organizations and is intended  ...   democratically controlled, publicly administered, and single-payer financed.. We oppose the inclusion of private insurance companies and investor-owned providers in our country’s health care system.. Their interests are counter to, and often destructive of, the well being of a vast majority of the residents of our country.. A single-payer system is the only way to control costs, effectively reduce overhead spending, guarantee comprehensive health care to all, and remove a significant handicap on U.. S.. workers in the global economy.. We support provisions for the retraining and income support for those workers whose jobs may be made redundant by this essential legislation.. The Labor Campaign for Single–Payer Health Care.. intends to work closely with all other organizations that support HR 676 “Medicare for All.. ” The passage of HR 676 will require more than an assembly of organizational interests it will require the building of a social movement around the issue and an uncompromising commitment to “Medicare for All” health care as part of a greater public policy commitment to social justice.. This Statement is hereby approved by a vote of those assembled on January 10-11, 2009 at the National Labor for Single-Payer Health Care Conference in St.. Louis, Missouri.. Copyright 2011 Labor Campaign for Single Payer Organizing Committee.. All Rights Reserved..

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  • Title: Contact Us
    Descriptive info: Mark Dudzic, National Coordinator.. Labor Campaign for Single Payer.. c/o IUOE 148.. 2929 South Jefferson Ave.. St.. Louis, MO 63118.. Contact us at.. org s l rsi yer.. or 201-314-2653..

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  • Title: Watch Out: the ACA is Coming! Briefing Paper Now Available
    Descriptive info: In addition, it contends that, because it relies on employment-based coverage to provide the lion s share of healthcare insurance while, perversely, undermining key aspects of that coverage, we have concluded that the ACA will place new stresses and pressures on collective bargaining.. The ten threats that the paper explores are:.. 1.. Watch Out for the Wal-Mart Loophole.. 2.. The Race to the Bottom Just Got Faster.. 3.. The Cadillac Tax Will Speed Up Cost Shifting.. 4.. No Immigrants Need Apply.. 5.. Non-Profit Union-Sponsored Plans Will Be Taxed to Support For-Profit Private Insurance.. 6.. Subsidized Exchange Plans Could Undercut Union Benefits.. 7.. Some Employers May Try to Leave Multi-Employer Plans to Receive a Tax Credit.. 8.. Retirees Will Be Pushed to the Exchanges.. 9.. Corporate Wellness Programs Will Expand.. 10.. Private Exchanges Are Coming.. The Briefing Paper expresses our unconditional support for union fights to defend and expand hard-won healthcare benefits.. It also calls upon unions to use those fights as an important teaching and mobilizing moment and to connect them with the movement  ...   not rest until each and every person has legitimate access to the healthcare they need to live a happy and healthy life.. is an important contribution to the debate about how to move forward to healthcare justice.. It needs to be widely circulated and discussed.. You can help make that happen.. Please post a link to it on your union website and your Facebook page and.. download copies.. for members of your union and other union activists and leaders in your community.. Let us know how you are using it and what you think we need to do to support this important discussion.. Contact us at:.. r n e b f r n e y.. g.. Share this:.. Speak Your Mind.. Cancel reply.. Name.. *.. Email.. Website.. Notify me of follow-up comments by email.. Notify me of new posts by email.. Send to Email Address.. Your Name.. Your Email Address.. Cancel.. Post was not sent - check your email addresses!.. Email check failed, please try again.. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email..

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  • Title: Labor for Single-Payer
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  • Title: Update
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  • Title: At the AFL-CIO Convention: Finish the Job!
    Descriptive info: A second resolution,.. on the Affordable Care Act.. presented a bill of particulars regarding union problems and concerns with Obamacare.. The resolution went into detail on how the ACA will undermine the ability of workers to keep health care coverage through collectively bargained, non-profit Taft-Hartley multiemployer plans.. It declared that, unless changes are made, the ACA will effectively use taxpayer dollars to subsidize employers that refuse to take responsibility for providing their employees health care.. In addition, the resolution cited concerns that the ACA could create a new underclass of less-than-30-hour workers and condemned the Act s cruel and short-sighted denial of eligibility to immigrants.. It reaffirmed the AFL-CIO s commitment to pursue health care for all ultimately through a single-payer system.. Some Convention delegates were reluctant to support this resolution.. They argued that it was  ...   union fund requests for waivers.. As the anti-labor.. Forbes Magazine declared.. , Well played, Mr.. President.. The Labor Campaign for Single Payer will work to transform the resolutionary politics of the AFL-CIO Convention into real commitment of resources and organizing capacity at the grassroots of the labor movement.. On September 27, union leaders and healthcare justice activists will meet at the California Nurses Association headquarters in Oakland.. Together with former State Senator Sheila Kuehl and California Labor Federation President Connie Leyva, they will lay out the agenda and strategy of the Campaign for a Healthy California.. This is the type of substantial organizing effort for healthcare justice that labor must lead.. We cannot go backwards.. The only effective way to overcome the problems inherent in the ACA is to keep moving forward to healthcare for all..

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  • Title: Open Letter to the AFL-CIO from Concerned Trade Unionists
    Descriptive info: Dear President Trumka,.. On January 1, 2014 millions of Americans will become eligible for no-cost or subsidized healthcare under the Affordable Care Act (ACA).. There is no doubt that this is a monumental political achievement.. One only has to look at how difficult it was to pass the ACA and the continued obstructionism of its opponents to understand the powerful forces opposed to healthcare justice in any form.. Almost without exception, unions supported the ACA.. Most did so because they saw it as a modest and achievable reform that could mitigate the combined effects of rising costs, decreasing quality and increasing numbers of uninsured and underinsured faced by working families everywhere.. Many saw it as a first down payment on real reform that would make healthcare a right for everyone in America through expanded and improved Medicare for all.. When labor went all-out to support the ACA, we did not anticipate the devastating impact it would have on Multi Employer Taft Hartley Funds.. We did not anticipate that our non-profit, worker friendly plans would be forced to pay a hefty “reinsurance fee” to subsidize the risk taking of private insurance corporations.. We did not anticipate the acceleration of race to the bottom pressures caused by the Cadillac Tax and the low standards of the tiered exchange plans.. We did not anticipate that it would encourage the insidious creep of hard won employer-provided coverage towards defined contribution plans.. Nor did we anticipate that the Obama administration would ignore legitimate labor requests for relief and adjustment while bending over backwards to accommodate business and private insurance interests.. All of this is creating division in the house of labor.. While many raise legitimate issues, some in labor have begun to call for the repeal of Obamacare.. These divisions have been exploited by the enemies of labor to advance their own anti-worker, anti-healthcare justice agenda.. The tragedy is that a model for healthcare reform existed right within the labor movement.. Multi Employer Plans have long provided a vehicle for continuity in coverage, particularly for employees in seasonal, temporary or part time jobs.. Their non-profit healthcare model has been the gold standard for millions of workers and retirees.. A real reform could have built upon this model and expanded it to everyone.. Yet this model of care is one that is most threatened by the ACA.. We would not be in this boat if the crafters of the ACA had looked to the labor movement for guidance rather than relying on insurance industry lobbyists whose business model relies on a failing employment-based system and whose profits depend on shifting costs onto the backs of workers while reducing choice and quality of care.. We believe that this is not the time to turn our backs on health care reform and advancing the cause of health care justice.. Rather, we must push the envelope further.. America’s working families need a healthcare system, not a healthcare industry.. They need healthcare that is affordable, guaranteed and accessible to all without regard to age, employment status, income or geography.. They need a system like every other industrialized country in the world where healthcare is a birthright, not a commodity.. Only labor can lead this fight.. The business community’s lockstep adherence to a failing ideology blinds them to the benefits they would enjoy under a single payer healthcare system.. It would create more agile enterprises, a more productive workforce and unleash greater entrepreneurial creativity.. And, for both business and labor, it would take healthcare off the bargaining table and establish predictable and equitable costs, eliminating competitive disadvantages.. Seldom in American history have such powerful economic and reactionary forces been so mightily aligned against such a moral and just cause.. The viciousness and extremism of the enemies of healthcare justice defies description.. Their intent is to convince the American people that all reform is impossible because the enemy is too powerful.. Labor did not win its place in American society by backing away from such challenges.. Rather, labor’s greatest advances have been made in times of trouble when it has aligned its interests with those of the vast majority of Americans who work for a living.. We are encouraged and inspired by the AFL-CIO’s leadership in calling on all union members to join the discussion on building a revitalized labor movement that will speak for all working people.. We believe that continuing the fight for healthcare justice is a central part of this agenda.. We urge the AFL-CIO to take the lead to mobilize support for single payer healthcare among other stakeholders including religious, community and poor people’s organizations and among the sick, healthcare providers and the small business community.. We hope that this September’s quadrennial convention takes up this historic task.. As a first step, the AFL-CIO should endorse national single-payer legislation such as HR 676 sponsored by Representative John Conyers and endorsed by hundreds of local unions and labor councils and pending legislation that will be submitted by Senator Bernie Sanders.. In addition, support and resources are needed for a number of state campaigns from Vermont to California that seek to utilize the 2017 innovation waivers under the ACA to put their states on the path to healthcare for all.. These are fights worth having.. Our movement will grow if we let the American people know that we have a better idea for healthcare for all Americans.. In Solidarity,.. Seth Ackerman, AFT local 2334 (PSC/CUNY).. Susan Ackoff, UFT.. Laurence Adams, National Postal Mailhandlers Union Local 300/LIUNA.. James Albers, AFGE 3840.. Marilyn Albert, NUHW.. Charles Alexander, OMCE, OPEIU.. Stephanie Allan, Stationary Engineers, Local 39, AFL-CIO.. Mark Allen Bailey, UAW Local 1005.. Luke Anavi, ATU 757.. Paul April, AFT.. Edgar Aracena, AFT.. Vicki Arnett, AFL/CIO.. Gina Arthur, AFSCME.. Lawrence Atkin, RCIU (in 1965).. David Atwood, American Train Dispatchers Association (BLE).. Barbara Aupperle, IAMAW Retiree.. Peter Bagnoio, SURS.. Doug Baier, I.. A.. F.. Mary Baine Campbell, AAUP.. Joe Balkis, Teamsters.. Brooks Ballenger, UAW 2322.. William Bangs, Carpenter.. Dennis Barker, United Steelworkers.. Bill Barry, retired.. Eugene Barufkin, Wisconsin Single-Payer Network.. Kurt Bateman, United Auto Workers.. Eloise Bates, NEA.. Emily Beall, UFCT Local 1460.. Jonathan Beatrice, TWU Local 100.. Matthew Beck, IBEW Local #1837.. Maria Bell, NNU.. Michele Belluomini, AFSCME Local 2187.. Stephen Bendich, UFT, retired.. Henry Bennett, AFSCME.. Mary Bennett, AFSCME.. Pete Bennett, Local 2093 UAW.. Cynthia Bertrand Holub, AFSCME.. David Betsworth, UE Local 893.. Thomas Bias, New Jersey State Industrial Union Council.. Paul Bigman, IATSE Local 15.. Michael Bilbrey, California School Employees Association (CSEA).. Clayton Bradt, NYS Public Employees Federation.. Teresa Brain, OEA/LEA.. Wes Brain, SEIU 503 (retired).. Steve Brewer, NEA-ISTA.. Denise Brooks, NALC Branch 1433.. Jeff Brown, Machinist.. Ralph Browning, AFSCME Local 2621..  ...   IBT 853 (ret.. ).. Jerry Levinsky, SEIU LOCAL 509.. Jordan Lewis, IBEW Local 48.. Judith Lienhard, ONA.. Mark Lillis, USW.. Darlene Livermore, AFSCME Retired.. Steve Livingston, AFT Local 1.. Jeff Loken, UAW.. Bill Londrigan, Kentucky State AFL-CIO.. Sharon Loudon, AFT.. Christopher Lowe, Portland Jobs with Justice (Formerly SEIU Local 49).. Sally Lowell, Newspaper Guild/CWA.. Michael Lowery, IUBAC.. Kevin Lowther, IATSE #15.. Elvin Luskey, Steamfitter s Local 602.. MaryColleen MacDougall, MNA/NNU.. Micheal Madden, IATSE Local 16.. Donal Mahon, ILWU Local 6.. Kathleen Malecki, MNA/NNU.. Philip Mamber, UE.. George Mann, Local 1000, AFM.. Elena Marcheschi, IATSE 829.. Martinez, UAW.. Carmen Martino, AAUP-AFT.. Robert Maslanka, Chicago Teachers Union.. Tom Mathews, Local 12, UNITE HERE New England Joint Board, Boston.. Thomas Mathews, UNITE-HERE local 12, Boston, MA.. Thomas Matthews, Operating Engineer s Local 399.. Gordon McClelland, Carpenters.. Margaret McCormack, CWA-UPTE 9119.. David McCullough, UAW, USW, IBT, CWA, ITU, AFT, NEA.. Nicholas McDaniels, AFT Local 340.. James McGee, UA 520 and ATU.. Patricia McHugh, AFT MRTA retired.. Erin McKee, SC AFL-CIO.. Colleen McManus, IATSE Local 15.. Kevin McNamara, CTA/NEA.. Michael Meeropol, Professional Staff Congress.. Ed Michael, BLET, IBT, SMART.. Thomas Millender, Ironworkers Local 395.. Stephanie Millican, WEA.. Peter Mitchel, American Federation of Government Employees.. Nastaran Mohit, New York State Nurses Association.. Jeanine Molloff, AFT/ NEA.. Clay Monroe, BLE 724.. Ann Montague, SEIU 503.. Seth Moore, CWA 7901.. Hector Mori, NEA.. Jay Mulberry, Chicago Teachers Union.. Jo-Ann Murphy, AFL-CIO.. Katie Murphy, Massachusetts Nurses Association.. David Nack, AFT Local 223.. Margaret Nagel, New York State United Teachers.. Mary Neal, CSEA.. Bryan Nelson, New Labor.. Elaine Nelson, Oregon Education Assoc.. Ga nelson, SEIU local 503 opeu.. David Newby, AFT 3220.. John Newsome, CWA 1101.. Jim Nichols, Teamsters Local 728.. Sandy Nichols, UAW.. Nicholas Norris, AFCSME.. Maureen O Brien, INA.. Midge O Brien, UPE/AFLCIO (ret.. Angela O Malley, RBBEA.. Vic Oesau, UAW Local 180 retired.. Frank Olbris, Univ.. Staff Assoc.. , Mass.. Teachers Assoc.. Peter Olney, ILWU.. Bill Onasch, ATU Local 1287.. Sandy Oncay, CWA Local 1085.. Edith Orner, Oregon Education Assoc.. Rodney Orr, UPTE-CWA Local 9119.. Jamie Partridge, NALC 82.. Elaine Pawlak, IEA/NEA.. Joseph Payer, AFSCME Local 31 (Ret.. Fred Pecker, ILWU.. Mercedes Penalver, CWA Local 1101.. Cecilia Perry, AFSCME.. John Peterson, AFSCME.. J.. Linda Peterson, AFSCME Local 3214.. John Pettigrew, AFSCME Local 3135.. Fred Pfeiffer, SEIU, AFSCME.. Joan Phillips, retiree AFSCME.. Aubrey Pinder, UAW.. Levi Pine, UNITE HERE.. Mike Pinney, AFSCME 3336.. Alan Podber, AFSCME DC 37; AFM Local 171.. Bob Probst, retired local 688.. Laura Punnett, Mass.. Teachers Association.. Robert Quick, USW1435.. Peter Rachleff, UALE/CWA.. Carol Rathbun, AFSCME.. Jim Reagan, Public Employees Federation.. Susan Reardon, Pennsylvania Federation-BMWED-IBT.. Jim Reiland, 77p teamster.. Ray Reiss, USWA.. Dominic Renda, CWA.. Ramiro Reyes, CWA local 1023.. Tonia Reyes Uranga, Miguel Contreras Foundation.. Will Ridenour, Council of Academic Professionals.. Sergio Rivera, LIUNA Local 1092.. Peter Robbins, CWA.. Melody Roberts, OPEIU retired.. Barbara Rodekohr, IBEW.. Larry Rodenstein, AFSCME.. Jean Rosd, National Nurses United.. Donna Ross, CSEA.. Gerome Rothman, Zenkoku Ippan Tokyo General Union.. William Runkle, IAMAW, Dist.. 98.. Deborah Russell, Illinois Federation of Public Employees Local 4408.. David Russell, Local 687.. Laura Ryan, TWU Local 100.. Donald Sanborn, AFT, Local 1600.. Gordon Sansaver, UA/WSA/#699.. Rebecca Sawyer-Spoon, AFT.. Alli Sayre, Teamsters Local 223.. Jay Schaffner, Local 802 AFM.. Michael Schulte, Carpenters # 156.. Joel Schwartz, AFSCME.. Bob Schwartz, AFSCME (retired).. Robert Score, IATSE Local One.. Rodger Scott, AFT Local 2121.. Doug Scott, ATU 85.. Judy Seagal, APWU.. Vann Seawell, Workers United.. Tom Sedor, USWA.. Paul Sellnow, AGMA.. Steven Serikaku, Local 1, AFT.. Kathy Setian, IFPTE Local 20.. Peter Shapiro, NALC Branch 82.. Alan Shapiro, United Federation of Teachers.. Stephen Shea, SEIU.. Mike Shearer, CNM Employees Union.. Harriet Sheeley, NEA (IEA) Retired.. Gregg Shotwell, UAW.. Barbara Sinclair, IEA.. Lou Sinniger, AFSCME 75.. Richard Sipple, Local 134 IBEW.. Robert Sisson, District Council 47.. Craig Slatin, Massachusetts Teachers Association.. Phil Smith, AFT.. Lee Smith, IBT (retired).. Michael Smith, LIUNA.. John Spagnola, NABET.. Kelly Sparks, UAW.. Arwen Spicer, Lane Community College Education Association.. Kent Spring, NEA.. Catherine Stanford, CWA 1032.. Aaron Stark, CWA.. Sandra Steubing, NYSUT.. Con Stoffregen, USW.. Marsha Stpierre, IBEW.. Richard Strahm, NALC Branch 1433.. Clare Strawn, CWA.. Michael Stuart, SMWU Local 73.. Mark Sturbois, CWA 7901.. John Sullivan, UA Steamfitters Local 602.. Frank Svejcar, SEIU.. Halley Tarr, AFSCME District Council 47.. Jodi Tillinghast, IBEW local 48.. Linda Tinsley, SEIU.. Josue Tirado, UAW #774.. Renee Toback, AFGE.. Joseph Tonan, Claremont Faculty Association (California Teachers Association).. Michael Townsend, Aft.. Jackie Traynere, CWA.. James Tucker, UAW.. Mary Tulloch, AFT Local 1.. Douglass Turner, NY PEF Retirees Region 2.. Nick Unger, NWU-UAW.. Lynn Unruh, AFT.. Martha Utz, California Nurses Association/ National Nurses United.. John Van Eyck, SEIU, CWA.. Michael Vanlandingham, Cook County Colleges Teachers Union Local 1600.. Susan VanPelt, MNA.. Jeanne Vaver, Chicago Teachers Union.. Catherine Villecco, 1105.. Susan Vorwerk, NEA-R.. Karen Wagner, AFT/IFT.. Andrew Wagner, ATU Local 1743.. Barbara Walden, BCTGM Local 19.. Jean Waller, AGMA.. Charlie Walp, Steel Worker.. Scott Wardinsky, AFM 47.. Colette Washington, National Nurses United.. Matt Weaver, BMWED of the IBT.. Gary Weber, IBEW.. Steve Wehr, IATSE LOCAL #15.. David Weiner, CWA Local 1081.. John Weiss, USW, SEIU.. Jon Weissman, NALC Branch 46.. Randall Wendy, WEAC.. Mark Westphal, USW Local 2-148.. Robert Whippo, UAW.. William Whitaker, SEIU and AFT retired.. Yvonne White, SEIU IL.. Evan Wickersham, AFSCME C75.. Robin Williams, PSEA.. Melody Williamson, SEIU Local 503.. Roger Willman, Laborers International Union of North America.. Kent Wilson, AFSCME 31.. Rand Wilson, SEIU Local 888.. Larry Wittner, United University Professions.. Lou Wolf, OPEIU.. Bruce Wolf, OPEIU Local 2.. Marj Woodruff, AFL-CIO, Moraine Vallery Commuinty College, Adjunct.. Steffie Woolhandler, CUNY-PSC Local 2334 of AFT.. Roland Wulbert, UPI 4100.. Michael Yaates, Operating Engineers.. Doug Yamamoto, IUPAT Local 718.. Jackie Yenna, IBEW.. Cindy Young, Nurses.. Dennis Young, OEA/NEA.. David Young, ONA (ret).. Lanny Younger, retired AFT.. Michael Youther, AFSME.. Mark Zatorski, TCU.. Bill Zoda, PASNAP.. Cliff Zolna, F.. O.. P.. Lodge 7.. Betsy Zucker, AFGE 2157.. Bennet Zurofsky, LCC AFM Local 1000.. Activist Supporters.. Dean Bekken.. Judy Bloom.. Michele Boutin.. Joanne Boyer.. D.. Clifton.. Catherine Critz.. Nick Cudzewicz.. William Davis.. Benjamin Day.. Daniel DeBold.. Sue F.. Terry Flowers.. Linda Foster.. Bradley Gordon.. Paul Haider.. Larry Holliday.. karyn Hollis.. Erika Hundrieser.. Christopher Jarrett.. Chaim Julian.. Charal Kellner.. Carol Kessler.. John Knapp.. Robert Kolkebeck.. Diane Kopan.. M.. C.. Kubiak.. Elizabeth Lindquist.. Mark Lundholm.. Don Manning.. David Margolis.. Michael Martin.. Pam McLellan.. Patricia Michaels.. Jeff Muckensturm.. Joseph Mungai.. Ricardo N.. Christine Nechvatal.. Kathy Quinlan.. Kathleen Randall.. Audrey Stillerman.. Bob Treski.. Giudi Weiss.. Laura Wetzel.. Steven Wishnia.. D Wolf.. Mary Wu.. Comments.. David Johnson retired UBC Carpenter and IWW member.. says:.. September 11, 2013 at 9:50 pm.. sign my name to the open letter to the AFL-CIO National Convention demanding Medicare for All.. Reply..

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  • Title: The Labor Campaign for Single Payer Healthcare —
    Descriptive info: August 14, 2013.. 15 Comments.. As the AFL-CIO prepares for its quadrennial convention September 8-11 in Los Angeles, a number of unions have gone public to expose the new stresses that the Affordable Care Act (ACA) places on their ability to negotiate decent healthcare for their members and retirees.. This is particularly true for union-supported Taft Hartley Funds, long the healthcare gold standard for working Americans.. These complaints have been exploited by.. anti-labor, right wing ideologues.. to undermine the very idea of healthcare reform.. Some in labor will use these attacks to call for a circling of the wagons around Obamacare.. We in the Labor Campaign for Single Payer maintain that such a response is self-defeating.. Rather, we believe that this crisis is an important organizing opportunity to unify the labor movement around the continuing fight for healthcare justice.. We have drafted the below.. Open Letter to the AFL-CIO from Concerned Trade Unionists to President Richard Trumka.. and will distribute it at the Los Angeles Convention.. Please consider signing it to add your voice to the growing grassroots labor movement for single-payer Medicare for All.. Signatures must be submitted by Thursday, September 5.. Finish the Job! Make Healthcare a Human Right.. An Open Letter to the AFL-CIO from Concerned Trade Unionists.. Please sign on below.. July 11, 2013.. Last week, the Obama administration announced that they were delaying for one year the implementation of the employer mandate provisions of the Affordable Care Act.. The mandate would have required all employers with 50 or more full-time employees  ...   to part-time status as a way to evade the new law.. Apparently, these concessions and loopholes were not enough to satisfy the business community.. They continued to pressure the Obama Administration for more delays while they forged ahead with.. plans to exploit every loophole.. in the existing legislation.. Tagged With:.. Obamacare.. June 7, 2013.. While some in the labor movement counsel that the fight to establish a single-payer expanded and improved Medicare for All system must wait until the Affordable Care Act (ACA) is fully implemented or until a Democratic majority is restored to the U.. Congress, activists in New York continue to move the healthcare justice struggle forward.. They are mobilizing support for Assemblyman Gottfried s.. New York Health Bill (A.. 5389).. that would create a single-payer, universal healthcare system for all New Yorkers funded through equitable public financing and with no co-pays, no deductibles and no premiums.. The ACA has made some important improvements in how we organize and pay for healthcare in this country, said Gottfried, who chairs the Assembly Health Committee.. But it still leaves us and our healthcare and our wallets in the hands of private insurance companies We can do better.. A.. just released study.. finds that, even if New York State embraces Medicaid expansion under the ACA, over 1.. 2 million New Yorkers will remain uninsured in 2016.. Millions more will be afflicted with inferior insurance plans that would do little to protect them from bankruptcy if they experience a major medical catastrophe.. New York.. ,.. Single-Payer Healthcare.. Newer Posts..

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  • Title: Advisory Board and Steering Committee
    Descriptive info: Labor Campaign for Single-Payer National Advisory Board.. Don Berry President, Maine AFL-CIO.. Jeff Crosby President, North Shore (MA) CLC.. Rose Ann DeMoro Executive Director, National Nurses United.. Donna Dewitt President Emeritus, South Carolina AFL-CIO.. Maria Elena Durazo Executive Secretary-Treasurer, Los Angeles Federation of Labor.. Pat Eiding President, Philadelphia CLC.. Fernando Gapasin West Central Oregon CLC.. Ben Johnson President, Vermont AFL-CIO.. Jeff Johnson President, Washington State AFL-CIO.. Greg Junemann President, International Federation of Professional and Technical Engineers (IFPTE).. Bruce Klipple President, United Electrical, Radio and Machine Workers of America (UE).. Tom Leedham Secretary-Treasurer, International Brotherhood of Teamsters Local 206.. Fred Mason President, Maryland/District of Columbia AFL-CIO.. Hugh McVey President, Missouri AFL-CIO.. David Newby President Emeritus, Wisconsin AFL-CIO.. Henry Nicholas President, District 1199 American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME).. Tim Paulson Executive Director, San Francisco CLC.. Josh Pechthalt President, California Federation of Teachers..  ...   CSEA.. Donna Cartwright Pride @ Work, AFL-CIO.. Al Cholger Sub-District Director, USW Detroit.. Jed Dodd General Chair, Pennsylvania Federation BMWED/IBT.. Mark Dudzic USW Labor Party.. Sandy Eaton Massachusetts Nurses Association.. Jon Flanders Troy Area Labor Council.. Bill Gibbons USW Region 7 Co-Director (Ret.. Don Giljum IUOE Local 148.. Bill Henning Activist, NYC.. Peter Knowlton President, UE Northeast Region.. Martha Kuhl Secretary-Treasurer, NNU.. Paul Kumar Political Director, NUHW.. Traven Leyshon Secretary-Treasurer, Vermont AFL-CIO.. Martha Livingston UUP/AFT2190.. Lew Moye President, St.. Louis CBTU.. David Newby President Emeritus, Wisconsin AFL_CIO.. Elizabeth O’Connor Maine AFL-CIO.. Rodney Orr Political Director, UPTE/CWA 9119.. Lenny Potash Co-Chair, Labor United for Universal Healthcare.. Clyde Rivers CSEA.. Susan Reardon Pennsylvania Federation BMWED/IBT.. Jean Ross Co-President, NNU.. Jim Savage President, USW Local 10-1.. Robert Score Recording-Corresponding Secretary, IATSE Local 1.. Peter Shapiro NALC Branch 82.. John Walsh IBEW.. Jos Williams President, DC Metro Labor Council..

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  • Title: Healthcare Powerpoint Presentation for Trade Unionists
    Descriptive info: This PowerPoint presentation (.. ppt).. can be used as a template to give a talk at a union meeting or other labor event.. It was developed by Cindy Young of the California Nurses Association and the Campaign for a Healthy California.. Each slide includes a brief description of how to present it.. It also includes tips for customizing your presentation and sources for additional information.. Please feel free to adapt it for your audience.. Let us know how you used it.. Write us at.. rg ni er l bo fo i l a r r..

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