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    Descriptive info: .. Mondays - 10:00 A.. M.. On WLUW - 88.. 7 F.. Or listen live online at….. www.. wluw.. org.. To listen to streaming audio or download the most recent.. episodes of Labor Express Radio….. CLICK HERE.. MORE AUDIO, PHOTOS PRINT MATERIAL AVAILABLE AT….. http://pilsenprole.. blogspot.. com.. The views expressed on pilsenprole are solely those of Labor Express host/producer Jerry Mead-Lucero, and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Labor Express Radio Program or of the Committee for Labor Access which produces  ...   Express.. Download.. More Labor Express for download.. Labor Links.. More Labor Links.. Upcoming Events Urgent Actions.. Phone: (312) 502-7867.. Email:.. jerrymeadlucero@gmail.. Facebook.. laborexpress.. Labor Beat / Labor Express.. U.. E.. Hall.. 37 S.. Ashland.. Chicago, IL.. 60607.. Labor Express.. is a non-profit affiliated with.. IBEW Local 1220.. The views expressed on.. are those of it's producers and not necessarily those of.. IBEW.. is a production of the.. Committee for Labor Access.. in Chicago.. All labor involved in the production of this website was donated..

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  • Title: Download Labor Express...
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  • Title: Upcoming Events & Urgent Actions
    Descriptive info: National Nurses United (NNU) leads the ongoing fight for single payer, universal, non-profit health care.. Obamacare was more about keeping the health care insurance companies in business than dealing with the health care coverage crisis in this country.. The health care reform legislation passed in 2009 will  ...   skyrocket costs of care, and leaves to much power over our health care in the hands of insurance companies who's priority is the their bottom line, not our health.. Join the nurses as the continue to fight for real health care reform.. Find out more at….. http://guaranteedhealthcare.. org/..

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  • Title: About Labor Express...
    Descriptive info: Chicago has a long history of labor radio.. Some of you maybe familiar with the history of WCFL,.. Chicago s Voice of Labor.. - the radio station owned and operated by the Chicago Federation of Labor from 1925 to 1978.. The mission of WCFL, as their tagline suggests, was to give voice to Chicago s working people.. Unfortunately, WCFL is no longer with us.. This is particularly troubling given the fact there has never been a greater need for worker's access to the airwaves.. In a world of media monopolies, where six major corporations own and control the vast majority of America s mass media, the space for independent voices continues to shrink.. Corporate, profit driven radio has proved itself unwilling and unable to report on the world from the perspective of working people.. Chicago labor may no longer have their own radio station, but they do have a radio program that focuses on News for Working People, by Working People - Labor Express.. Labor Express came to life in 1993 when WLUW, 88.. 7 FM (at that time, Loyola University radio) decided to transform itself into a community focused radio station.. Gone was the 24-hour dance music format replaced with a variety of great programming reflecting the diversity and interests of the people of the Rogers Park neighborhood.. In this new atmosphere, former SEIU organizer Wayne Heimbach, saw the opportunity for Chicago labor to gain back a place on the radio dial.. With Wayne at the helm, and in conjunction with the folks at.. Labor Beat TV.. , Labor Express became one of Chicago s most important sources of labor news.. In the 11 years Wayne hosted the program, he covered SEIU Local 73 s efforts to stop the increasing privatization of public services in our city, reforms in the Teamster s movement and the early 1990 s War Zone in Decatur where workers at A.. Staley, Caterpillar and ADM were all involved in strikes or lockouts.. On the international scene, Wayne interviewed trade union activists fighting apartheid in South Africa, workers under attack by paramilitaries in Latin America, and U..  ...   had the pleasure to interview home health care workers on the South Side in their struggle for a living wage and rallies of City of Chicago employees downtown.. I have talked with day laborers fighting for the establishment of their own workers center and covered the efforts UFCW to keep Wal-Mart out of Chicago.. I have brought back interviews with workers in Mexico Guatemala from my summer travels and aired the speeches of Indian and Brazilian trade unionists.. I have also strived to cover all topics of interest to working people - whether it be a discussion with community organizers about affordable housing or immigrants rights activists about changing immigration laws.. Some of the issues we have covered extensively and will continue to cover on future episodes, such as the Renaissance 2010 plan, which impacts education and jobs, gentrification and privatization - touch on multiple aspects of working peoples lives.. Labor Express also continues to work close with the producers of.. (see the Labor Links page) as a member of the.. Committee for Labor Access.. With the support of our listeners Labor Express hopes to grow and thrive in the next decade.. We hope to soon be on more stations in the Chicago area and to reach an even larger audience, particular on Chicago s South Side.. You can count on Labor Express to continue to be Chicago s voice of working people and we hope we can count on you to keep listening and supporting our program.. We encourage our listeners to become involved in our program in whatever ways they are able.. Always feel free to get a hold of us about story ideas, feedback on the show or ways you can help the program grow.. Labor solidarity is all about collective action - help us live up to our commitment to be News for Working People by Working People.. for a PDF Flyer with info on the Labor Express Radio Program.. Give a copy to fellow union members, co-workers, friends and family and tell them to listen to Labor Express.. Jerry Mead-Lucero.. Producer of Labor Express.. Marnie Goodfriend.. Assistant Producer..

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  • Title: More Labor Express for download...
    Descriptive info: For more recent Labor Express Radio programs….. Labor Express for 12-31-06:.. For program description, click on link.. Labor Express for 11-26-06:.. Labor Express for 11-19-06:.. Labor Express for 10-29-06:.. Labor Express for 10-22-06:.. Labor Express for 10-15-06:.. Labor Express for 10-8-06:.. Labor Express for 9-10-06:.. Labor Express for 8-6-2006:.. Labor Express for 4-27-06:.. Labor Express for 3-26-06:.. Labor Express for 3-5-06:.. Labor Express for 2-26-06:.. See this page for the 2-5-06 2-12-06 episodes:.. Hurricane Katrina Web Page.. Labor Express for 1-29-06:.. Labor Express for 1-15-06:.. Labor Express for 1-8-06:.. Due to serious technical difficulties at the studio, this episode was not recorded, but the interviews with Robert Caldwell of  ...   our Hurricane Katrina web page….. Labor Express for 12-11-05:.. Labor Express for 12-4-05:.. Labor Express for 11-20-05:.. See this page for the 10-23-05, 10-30-05, 11-13-05 episodes:.. Labor Express for 10-16-05:.. Labor Express for 9-11-05:.. Labor Express for 9-4-05:.. See this page for the 7-31-05 7-24-05 episodes:.. AFL-CIO Convention Web Page.. July 17th 2005 Episode.. : For program description, click on link.. July 10th 2005 Episode.. July 3rd, 2005 Episode.. June 26th 2005 Episode.. June 19th 2005 Episode.. June 12th 2005 Episode.. May 15th 2005 Episode.. April 30th 2005 Episode.. Full interview with MST activist Vanderly Scarabeli.. Feb.. 20th 2005 Episode.. 13th 2005 Episode.. Dec.. 19th 2004 Episode.. 5th 2004 Episode..

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  • Title: Labor Links
    Descriptive info: Shift Break.. Labor Journalist Tom Herriman's labor news program.. Shift Break.. is broadcast on KBCS Radio in Seattle, Washington and is occasionally re-broadcast on Labor Express Radio.. Radio Chamba.. Chicago's other labor news program en Espanol.. Radio Chamba is a project of Interfaith Worker Justice and broadcasts on WLUW Sundays from 1:00-1:30 P.. Organizations, Issues People Recently Featured on Labor Express:.. Upcoming Events..

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  • Title: More Labor Links
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