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  • Title: Labour Land Campaign - Home Page
    Descriptive info: .. Home.. About Us.. History.. Constitution.. Officers.. Links.. Search.. Contact Us.. Land Value Tax.. What is LVT.. Benefits of LVT.. FAQs.. LVT & Labour.. Papers.. In The News.. Press articles.. Letters.. Press Office.. Press releases.. Book reviews.. The Campaign.. Meetings.. Forum.. Resources.. Events.. Policy.. Join us!.. Manifesto.. Introduction.. A fair tax.. A green tax.. The difference.. Transport.. Housing.. Farming.. Clear & simple.. Implementing.. The Labour Land Campaign advocates a more equitable distribution of the Land Values that are  ...   Labour Movement.. Our members are members of the British Labour Party, Trade Unions and Cooperatives, or are individuals who support our aim to share land wealth through Land Value Taxation.. Latest News.. UK exports land wealth to speculators.. The UK Govt could be collecting LVT instead.. Help to Buy won't help.. LLC Press Release - 12th October 2013.. Johann Lamont supports land tax.. Scottish Labour leader backs LVT, in 'The Scotsman'.. Labour Land Campaign 2013 |.. |.. Next meeting..

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  • Title: Labour Land Campaign - About Us
    Descriptive info: The Labour Land Campaign is a voluntary group working for economic land reform.. Our members are members of the British Labour Party, Trade Unions or Co-operatives or are individuals who support our aim to share land wealth through Land Value Taxation (LVT).. We are mostly (but not exclusively) socialists.. We work with other groups and political parties to promote our thinking on land reform which has been heavily influenced by the American economist Henry George and others.. Our membership is diverse and includes economists,  ...   actors, business people, local councillors, pensioners and many others.. Members undertake to raise the land issue and to promote the adoption of a Land Value Tax as a fair and sustainable method of paying for public services.. The Labour Land Campaign is enjoying a period of political success as a result of its recent activities.. We invite you to.. join us.. to help build the momentum for a fairer taxation system built on the principles of natural justice.. | Found what you're looking for? Try..

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  • Title: Labour Land Campaign - History
    Descriptive info: The Labour Land Campaign was started in 1983 by a group of people concerned with the future of our planet.. They brought together a mixture of skills: architecture, land economics, farming, town/urban/community/city farms, workers, trade unionists, academics, researchers, smallholders, town planning and protesters.. The Campaign has advised governments and others on the correct use of land.. They have objected to unsuitable legislation and unsightly, ecologically damaging developments and encouraged developers to consider the needs of the whole  ...   legislation, lobbied politicians and policy-makers, advised landowners, business and property companies, supported national and international campaigns on poverty, unemployment, equality, green issues and justice.. Members of the Campaign are members of an NGO recognised by the UN, have conducted research for radio and TV programmes, written articles and been invited to share their experiences by speaking at international conferences around the world.. The Monopoly Board Game, Henry George, and the Land Value Tax.. In Memoriam - Brian Hodgson..

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  • Title: Labour Land Campaign - Constitution
    Descriptive info: The Labour Land Campaign is a democratic campaign and transparent in how it goes about achieving its aims and objectives.. The Campaign's Constitution is available here.. Labour Land Campaign : Constitution.. [PDF : 44KB]..

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  • Title: Labour Land Campaign - Officers
    Descriptive info: President : Dave Wetzel.. As well as being President of the Labour Land Campaign, Dave Wetzel FCILT is CEO of 'Transforming Communities' the transport, housing, land tax consultancy he founded in 2008.. For eight years he was the first Vice-Chair of Transport for London and was also Chair of London Buses and TfL's Safety, Health and Environment Committee.. Dave's career has included working as a student engineer with Wilkinson Sword, as a London Bus Conductor, Driver and Inspector, as a Manager for Initial Services operating a small fleet of vans in East London, in aviation with British Airways and as Editor of Civil Aviation News (an Airport Workers' monthly paper).. A Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport, Dave has also been Chair of the GLC's Transport Committee, Leader of Hounslow Council, a founder member of a radical housing association, chair of Hounslow Council's Planning Committee, Director of the transport disability campaigning charity DaRT (Dial-a-Ride and Taxicard Users - now Transport for All ), President of London University's Transport Studies Society and Vice-Chair of a local Chamber of Commerce in Cornwall.. Dave is currently Chair of the Professional Land Reform Group (.. www.. plrg.. org.. ) and General Secretary of the International Union for Land Value Tax (.. theIU.. ).. dave.. wetzel@labourland.. Secretary Treasurer : Carol Wilcox.. Carol is a software engineer by profession but with a degree in economics.. It was whilst studying at Essex University in the early 80s, disappointed that there appeared to be no satisfactory solutions to economic ills, that she first read about land value taxation.. From that time she was puzzled why 'the only tax which meets all the criteria for a good tax' was ignored by policymakers.. By good  ...   it is something we all need to survive? Over the years, Heather has learnt the economic arguments about how land wealth is created by all of us and why it should be collected and returned to the public purse to pay for the maintenance and development of infrastructure and good public services.. heather.. David Hirst : Vice-Chair.. David Hirst has spent most of his career in IT, thinking about systems and how they work, and helping organisations and people make best use of the opportunities.. He is also an inventor of better ways of doing things, particularly in electricity, but finds the blockages to sensible and efficient changes are largely political.. Too much is blocked by rentier and corporatist thinking by powerful incumbents, driving a failed Hayekian ideology to force ever greater inequalities and injustices.. Always left leaning, David joined the Green Party, to campaign for greater fairness and reversal of global trends that can doom us all.. LVT is a clear and implementable policy towards these aims.. Richard Hithersay : Vice-Chair.. Awaiting details.. Craig Lundie : Trade Union Liaison Officer.. craig.. lundie@labourland.. Rob Evans : Co-operative Party Liaison Officer.. Organiser : Alan Spence.. LLC Organiser, Alan Spence's involvement with the 'Land Question' stemmed from his involvement in community activity to thwart property speculators' ambitions in Covent Garden during the early 1970s.. The community's alternative proved successful and saw Covent Garden renovated whilst retaining its character of being of a human scale for housing, business, entertainment and culture.. Prior to that, Alan had been involved in the trade union movement in the engineering sector of the aircraft industry, and was the Communist Party candidate for the constituency which includes the City of London in the 1983 General Election..

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  • Title: Labour Land Campaign - Links
    Descriptive info: Land.. UK Land directory.. Centre for cities.. Land is free.. Successful examples of land value tax reforms.. The Land Is Ours.. The International Union for Land Value Taxation.. LandValueScape.. UK Green Party policy on Land (including LVT).. UK 1909 Group (pages on LVT).. Pamphlets/Essays/Speeches on the Land Problem (various writers).. Henry George - books, downloads, resources.. Henry George Foundation.. Land Value Taxation Campaign.. Centre for Land Policy Studies.. Progress and Poverty.. Herbert Morrison's London Rating (Site Values) Bill 1939.. Caledonia Centre for Social Development.. Who Owns Scotland.. Land rent will save the world.. Understanding economics - Links page.. Community Land Trust.. Wikipedia LVT pages.. Robert Schalkenbach Foundation.. The Maryland Land Value Tax  ...   Environmental.. Socialist Environment and Resources Association.. Heathrow Association for Control of Aircraft Noise.. Urban Sprawl Information Center.. Economics/Tax.. Coalition for Economic Justice (CEJ).. Economics with Justice.. You CAN Understand Economics!.. (free online course on basic political economics).. Tax and corporate accountability blog.. New Economics Foundation.. Center for the Study of Economics.. The Geonomy Society.. Michael Hudson.. Philippe Legrain.. Research.. Social Research Associates.. Association for Accountancy Business Affairs.. Campaigns/Resources.. Anthony Werner books.. 'Wheel of Fortune' book - Fred Harrison.. LVTC - Frequently Asked Questions.. James Robertson newsletter.. Global Justice Movement.. Tax Justice Network.. Earth Rights Institute.. The Commons.. UK Green Party policy on Housing.. Labour movement.. Co-operative Party Manifesto 2010.. Morning Star.. Tribune..

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  • Title: Labour Land Campaign - Links
    Descriptive info: Looking for something on our website?.. Use the Google search engine below and select 'Labour Land Campaign website'.. Labour Land Campaign website..

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  • Title: Labour Land Campaign - Contact Us
    Descriptive info: Please feel free to get in touch with the Labour Land Campaign.. For general enquiries, email.. info@labourland.. For enquiries about joining the Labour Land Campaign, first visit our.. membership.. page.. Journalists should visit our.. press office.. For enquiries about this website, email.. webmaster@labourland..

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  • Title: Labour Land Campaign - Land Value Tax
    Descriptive info: Land is a natural resource that existed before mankind walked the earth.. Land values are created by the whole community because of our need to use land for housing, education, public services, agriculture, mining, business, transport and recreation.. Landowners do not create land values.. It is the efforts of others that generate land values.. (Imagine the effect on the price of housing land in an area  ...   increase in land values.. For example, with few exceptions, new motorways or rail systems lead to dramatic increases in land prices.. The planning process often provides landowners with huge windfall gains.. Not only the site to be developed, but often also adjacent or related sites.. The principles of natural justice tell us that land values belong to the whole community and not just a few landowners..

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  • Title: Labour Land Campaign - What is Land Value Taxation
    Descriptive info: What is Land Value Taxation.. Most of the things we see around us were made by man.. The buildings we live in, the vehicles we use, the clothes we wear and even most of the food we eat are set in their present form by human effort.. Land is completely different.. No human being has made land, and the value of a piece of land derives from such things as natural fertility, mineral deposits and its position in relation to public utilities, natural harbours, communications and population.. Different pieces of land vary enormously in their value.. An acre of land in the middle of a town, for example, may be worth many thousands of times as much as an acre of remote moorland.. Therefore, a tax on land values is a fair tax, because the person who owns land derives benefit from something which he or she has not made.. The big idea.. First off, the value of every piece  ...   be fixed on the basis of that value.. Of course this wouldn't mean any more overall taxation, because the introduction of Land Value Taxation would permit other taxes to be reduced or, in some cases, to be abolished altogether.. Want to know more?.. Economist Jerry Jones has updated and extended his pamphlet on land value tax and its implementation.. Download it here.. (PDF : 282 KB).. Chapter list:.. [Available to download as separate PDF files].. How land acquires value - and who benefits.. Reclaiming land value for public benefit - the case for a land value tax.. How Harrisburg in the US was transformed through a land value tax.. Valuing the land - how to measure land values.. Differences between a land value tax and other land and property taxes.. The case for replacing the council tax with a land value tax.. Land value tax and overall tax policy.. A strategy for introducing a system of land value tax in Britain..

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  • Title: Labour Land Campaign - Benefits of Land Value Tax
    Descriptive info: Compared to taxes on buildings Land Value Taxation provides a broad tax base because it would include all empty properties and empty sites.. LVT would encourage new capital investment rather than sterile land speculation as it would encourage a shift of private investment from land speculation (which creates no extra land but only higher land prices) to productive enterprises.. LVT would encourage the use of empty sites zoned for development, creating more job opportunities and wealth.. LVT would help avoid urban sprawl.. As brown field sites would be developed within towns and cities it would be unnecessary to permit urban sprawl.. Compact towns are also more efficient in their use of resources for transport and other services.. LVT could not be avoided.. (Unlike income tax and business taxes where tax avoidance experts are in great demand and the shadow economy flourishes to evade taxes.. ) Every landowner  ...   For example: with a new railway line most sites (especially those near stations) benefit from big increases in land values but some sites (maybe housing close to the track and suffering from its noise and vibration) would lose some value.. These sites would pay a lower Land Value Tax, providing automatic compensation without any complicated appeals system.. Lower interest rates.. The Bank of England tries to control land price and hence property inflation with a higher base rate.. LVT would act as a damper on escalating land prices, allowing the Bank to lower interest rates for the benefit of homeowners, industry and small firms.. The Government s auction of mobile phone airwaves for 25 years raised 21billion (and of course, the airwaves can be auctioned again in 25 years time!).. Landing slots at airports are also a natural resource that the Government should auction on a periodic basis..

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