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  • Title: Labor Educator Home
    Descriptive info: .. Seek Out the Truth and Have the Courage to Defend It.. Publications.. LaborTalk Columns.. The World of Labor.. Why AFL-CIO is Broken.. The Labor Educator Series.. Labor Educator Archive.. Labor Links.. /TR>.. About Harry Kelber.. Contact Us.. The American Labor Reform Movement - Feburary 2, 2013.. Why Have No Candidates for Exec.. Council.. Announced They Would Seek Re-Election?.. Answer: Trumka has ensured them the job.. By locking up a majority of the convention.. votes for top positions IN ADVANCE, the.. Trumka Group can t lose at the convention.. It may seem puzzling to union members, but with the AFL-CIO s 2013 Convention in Los Angeles only eight months away, no top officer and member of the Executive Council has announced that he or she plans to run for re-election.. Don t be fooled.. They are hungry for re-election.. Read this story.. # # #.. LaborTalk - December 30, 2012.. Campaign to Elect a New AFL-CIO President.. To Replace 'Rich' Trumka Begins in January.. With only nine months before the start of the AFL-CIO s 27th convention, unions are beginning to elect delegates and prepare resolutions to describe how they feel about Richard Trumka and his group of sell-serving, self-perpetuating bureaucrats, who have had a hammerlock on the organization s policies and activities.. Read this story in LaborTalk.. World of Labor January 12, 2013.. ILO Urges Better Pay and Conditions for 53 Million Domestic Workers.. Mass Sick-Out Staged by Staff at College of the Bahamas.. Doctors Strike in Mozambique Enters Fifth Day.. Bangladeshi Ship Breakers Let Out to Sea.. Kenyan Nurses Demand Return to work Formula.. January 12, 2013.. Read Column.. Today, on my 98th Birthday (June 20, 2012),.. I, Harry Kelber, editor of.. The Labor Educator.. ,.. am announcing that I am a candidate for the.. position of President of the AFL-CIO.. This is.. not.. a frivolous decision.. Read Harry Kelber's announcement.. Harry Kelber Gets Labor Journalism Award.. From Machinists at Union's Convention.. October 5, 2012.. Harry Kelber, editor of The Labor Educator, received the prestigious George J.. Kourpias Award for Excellence in Labor Journalism.. at the Machinists union's 38th convention in Los Angeles on Sept.. 9-14.. Mr.. Kourpias, who was I.. A.. M.. president from 1989 to 1997, began his career as a young machinist in Sioux City, Iowa in 1952.. He is especially noted for his leadership as President of the Alliance for Retired Americans, representing more than three million members, with a mission to "support public policy that protects the health and economic security of the country's senior citizens.. ".. Read this story.. HARRY KELBER RUNS FOR PRESIDENT OF AFL-CIO.. 98-year-old Brooklyn Heights man runs for president of nation s largest labor group.. The Brooklyn Paper.. , By Danielle Furfaro.. July 30, 2012.. "On his 98th birthday, professional rabble-rouser and Brooklyn Heights resident Harry Kelber announced he will run for president of the American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations.. No, not the local chapter of the nation s largest labor group the activist born during the Wilson administration wants to be in charge of the entire 11-million worker organization, better known as the AFL-CIO.. The Brooklyn Paper s Danielle Furfaro visited Kelber and talked about his campaign, his life, his views on labor, and the era when a pony ride cost about the same as a haircut.. Read this story in.. At 98, gadfly plots AFL-CIO challenge.. Unlikely bid for organization s top office to emphasize transparency.. The Washington Times.. , By Sarah Freishtat.. July 20, 2012.. When Harry Kelber announced his intention to run for president next year of the nation s largest labor organization, he carefully planned his campaign message.. But he also had something else to plan his 98th birthday party.. Read this story from.. Labor of Love.. National Nurse Magazine.. , By Carl Ginsburg.. April/May 2012.. Nearing 98, Harry Kelber is still pushing the labor movement to do better and fulfill its potential.. Labor Educator Harry Kelber Is Interviewed.. By the Magazine s Reporter, Josh Eidelson.. April 30, 2012.. Over eight decades in the labor movement, Harry Kelber has been a rank-and-file union  ...   Reporter (CCR).. interviewed Labor Educator Harry Kelber.. Here is a link to CCR's website and the interview.. "At one time, Harry Kelber who just turned 97 last week was a conservative.. "But that was in high school.. Challenging Big Labor to Fight for a Living Wage.. By Ralph Nader.. August 30, 2012.. Commondreams.. Why should I listen to anything Harry Kelber says? exclaimed a visibly indignant Richard Trumka, president of the AFL-CIO.. Maybe because Kelber, 98 years young, has been honestly fighting for labor rights as a worker, union organizer, pamphleteer, author, professor and overall hairshirt of the moribund organized labor movement for 78 years or 15 years before Trumka, the former coal miner and United Mine Workers president, was born.. Revitalizing the AFL-CIO.. May 23, 2011,.. When Harry Kelber, the 96 year old relentless labor advocate and editor of The Labor Educator speaks, the leadership of the AFL-CIO should listen.. A vigorous champion for the rights of rank-and-file workers vis-à-vis their corporate employers and their labor union leaders, Kelber has recently completed a series of five articles titled.. Reasons Why the AFL-CIO Is Broken; Let Us Start a Debate on How to Fix It.. Tools for Union Organizing and Political Action.. Video, "AFL-CIO Tops Rig 2009 Election Rules To Stop Candidate Harry Kelber From Running".. Harry Kelber, a labor educator and journalist was prevented from running as a candidate for the AFL-CIO 2009 Executive Board election.. Although there are 43 spots available no other candidates have even sought to get elected.. In order to prevent Harry from running as he did at the last election the rules have been changed illegally to violate the constitution.. Watch Harry Kelber's Interview.. Click here or above to watch video.. 'My Seventy Years.. in the.. Labor Movement'.. >.. By Harry Kelber.. 10 Highlights of Harry Kelber's Unique Career.. 1.. During the Great Depression, Harry led a four-month strike at a major food market in Brooklyn, N.. Y, that ended with a good union contract.. 2.. At age 25, Harry was editor of two independent weekly labor newspapers that covered CIO organizing campaigns, as well as the activities of teamster and construction unions.. 3.. At age 50, Harry earned a B.. from Brooklyn College and an M.. and PhD.. from New York University - all within 5-1/2 years.. 4.. In the 1962-63 printers' strike that shut down New York City's daily newspapers for 114 days, Harry was editor of the Daily Strike Bulletin.. 5.. As the legislative director of the Physicians Forum, Harry played a key role in winning social security for the nation's doctors.. 6.. In 1968, Harry created and became the first director of Cornell University's Two-Year Labor/Liberal Arts Program.. 7.. In recognition of his distinguished teaching career, Empire State College created the Dr.. Harry Kelber Endowment in Labor Studies.. 8.. At age 70, Harry became the Educational and Cultural Director of Electrical Workers Local 3, I.. B.. E.. W.. , a position he held for nearly six years.. 9.. In 1992, Harry led a week-long seminar in Moscow for 145 labor leaders of the former Soviet Union on the theme, "Democratic Unions in a Market Economy.. 10.. In 1995, at age 81, Harry ran for a vice president seat on the AFL-CIO Executive Council to force the first election ever, in which a rank-and-filer challenged incumbent officers.. You will be fascinated by the stories.. surrounding.. each of Kelber's accomplishments.. $25 per copy (includes mailing).. 370 pages - 8 pages of photographs.. Click here to purchase 'My Seventy Years in the Labor Movement.. Daily News.. , "Spotlight on Great People: His [Harry Kelber] 70-year battle for the rights of workers," by Clem Richardson, October 10, 2008.. Read the article on Harry Kelber.. A Woman Is Not a Yes-Man.. Words & Music by Harry Kelber.. Read the song.. Listen to the music.. Harry Kelber's poetic commentary on "CEO Lust,".. delivered at Labor Notes conference May 2006.. You can see and hear Harry reciting his poem by clicking below.. You can read Harry's poem by clicking here.. There have been.. visits to this website.. Since October 4, 2004..

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  • Title: To Grow, To Lead
    Descriptive info: TO GROW, TO LEAD.. HERE'S WHAT UNIONS NEED!.. Click on an image to learn more and to order booklets.. By Harry Kelber.. THERE'S A NEW SPIRIT.. A NEW VITALITY.. a new strength surging through the nation's union halls and union households.. There's a growing awareness of the power we possess  ...   educated members spread the message of solidarity.. AND THERE ARE NO BETTER TOOLS.. to equip every union with essential knowledge than.. series of low-cost, high-impact publications that have already inspired and instructed thousands of readers.. To read more about our booklets,.. click on the booklet images above or "Publications" below..

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  • Title: LABORTALK
    Descriptive info: LaborTalk.. Columns.. Harry Kelber.. Go to The World of Labor Columns.. Go to home page.. LaborTalk: Campaign to Elect a New AFL-CIO President To Replace 'Rich' Trumka Begins in January -December 30, 2012.. Read Column.. LaborTalk: You've Been Stripped of Financial Privacy;cYour 'Credit Score' Haunts You Everywhere -December 29, 2012.. LaborTalk: Should the 2012 Elections Be a Fund-Raising Race For the Presidency Between Romney and Obama?-June 14, 2012.. LaborTalk: How the Unemployed Can Join with Unions To Press Congress for Jobs and Win Them! -June 9, 2012.. LaborTalk: Millions of Jobless Are Such Easy Targets For Congress and States to Slash Benefits - May 30, 2012.. LaborTalk: If I just spend $3 on a ticket, I could have a private dinner With President Obama.. Really? What are the odds? - May 24, 2012.. LaborTalk: JPMorgan Hired Lobbyists to Ease Risks and Create Loopholes for Investments - May 17, 2012.. LaborTalk: What Are the Spending Cuts Affecting Workers Which Obama and Republicans Both Approved? - May 3, 2012.. LaborTalk: Hospital Debt Collectors Harass Patients To Pay Bills Before Receiving Treatment - April 26, 2012.. LaborTalk: Why Is.. 'Socialism'.. Such a Dirty Word in America? Yet Why Do We Use Its Principles in Our Daily Lives? - April 18, 2012.. LaborTalk: AFL-CIO s Rallies Pretend to Fight Wall Street; When Will We Be Defended with Real Action? - April 16, 2012.. LaborTalk: The AFL-CIO Executive Council Must Come out of the Shadows To Provide National Leadership in the Fight to Save Our Unions - April 12, 2012.. LaborTalk: How Sweeney and Trumka Used Trickery And Illegal Votes to Win Four-Year Terms - April 10, 2012.. LaborTalk: Top Labor Leaders Thrive on Corrupt Practices; They Now Control AFL-CIO Policies and Funds - April 5, 2012.. LaborTalk: Union Members Should Vote for Candidates Who Support a Federal Law on Worker Rights - March 10, 2012.. LaborTalk: AFL-CIO s Newly-Designed Website Emphasizes Culture of Openness and Member Participation - March 9, 2012.. LaborTalk: Unions Will Spend Millions on the 2012 Elections.. What Benefits Will We Receive If Our Side Wins? - March 8, 2012.. LaborTalk: AFL-CIO s Self-Imposed Silence on Abortion and War Has Angered Its Women Members and Its Veterans - March 7, 2012.. Republicans Peddle the Ideal of Small Government : Would Relieve Us from Dealing with Public Needs - March 5, 2012.. LaborTalk: We Invite Trumka s Supporters to Occupy Our Space to Praise His Leadership Record - March 2, 2012.. LaborTalk: Let s Re-Build the American Labor Movement By Educating a New Generation of Workers - February 28, 2012.. LaborTalk: What Should Organized Labor Expect If Obama Wins the Presidency in 2012? - February 25, 2012.. LaborTalk: Why Do Unions Allow a Highly Profitable Company To Lockout 1,050 Workers and Keep Up Production? - February 21, 2012.. LaborTalk: Why Has the AFL-CIO Abandoned the Fight To Increase the Federal Minimum Wage? - February 17, 2012.. LaborTalk: Are the High Salaries of AFL-CIO Officials A Sign of Economic Inequality in Unions? - February 14, 2012.. LaborTalk: How America s Unions Helped to Build A Middle Class for Workers in the U.. S.. - February 12, 2012.. LaborTalk: AFL-CIO Members Are Becoming More Critical Of Their Leaders, Who Keep on Ignoring Them - February 10, 2012.. LaborTalk: How 'Right-to-Work Laws in 23 States Block Unions from Conducting Membership Drives - February 7, 2012.. LaborTalk: Donors Invest Millions in the 2012 Elections, Expecting Their Money to Produce Victories - February 3, 2012.. LaborTalk: Walmart Has Stores in 15 Countries; It Can Be Unionized by Global Effort - February 2, 2012.. LaborTalk: Obama s Buffett Tax Rule Offers Wealthy New Options to Avoid Fair Share Problem - January 31, 2012.. LaborTalk: Employers Use Lockouts to Win Concessions; Aim to Destroy or Cripple America s Unions - January 24, 2012.. LaborTalk: The Historic Problem of Economic Inequality That Americans Have Been Unable to Solve - January 20, 2012.. LaborTalk: Will Trillion Dollars Be Spent to Reduce U.. Debt Or Create Jobs and Save Key Domestic Services? - January 13, 2012.. LaborTalk: The AFL-CIO Still Has No Plans to Involve Its Union Members in the 2012 Elections - January 10, 2012.. LaborTalk: Iran Threatens to Shut Oil Exports In Response to New U.. N.. Sanctions - January 6, 2012.. LaborTalk: Manufacturers Are Hiring Workers in America, But Offer a Sharp Drop in Wages and Benefits - January 2, 2012.. LaborTalk: U.. Investors Are Buying Troubled European Firms; Will Shift in Strategy Affect the American Economy? - December 28, 2011.. LaborTalk: Republicans Agree to a Two-Month Extension Of Payroll Tax Cuts and Benefits for the Jobless - December 23, 2011.. LaborTalk: Democrats and Republicans Play Politics With Jobless in Limbo over Benefits - December 20, 2011.. LaborTalk: E-Mails and Marches Won t Persuade Congress To Create Jobs..  ...   Security - July 12, 2011.. LaborTalk: Obama and Boehner Seek a $4 Trillion Deal That Could Wipe Out Millions of Jobs - July 8, 2011.. LaborTalk: Will 155,000 Contractor Mercenaries Remain On Pentagon Payroll in Iraq and Afghanistan? - July 6, 2011.. LaborTalk: For 5 Years, AFL-CIO Hasn t Mentioned Iraq and Afghanistan on Its Web Site - July 1, 2011.. LaborTalk: Why Can t Our Unions Organize Any Wal-Mart or Target Stores? - June 28, 2011.. LaborTalk: Can We Create Ten Million New Jobs Or Tolerate an Army of Unemployed? - June 24, 2011.. LaborTalk: The AFL-CIO Will Never Regain Power By Its Blackout of Justified Criticism - June 21, 2011.. LaborTalk: AFL-CIO Says U.. Wars Aren t An Issue for American Labor - June 17, 2011.. LaborTalk: 131 on the AFL-CIO Payroll Earn $100,000 or More, Plus Benefits - June 10, 2011.. LaborTalk: Nurses Union, at Washington Rally, Proposes a Main Street Contract - June 6, 2011.. LaborTalk: AFL-CIO Abandons Its Campaign for Jobs; Wall Street Won t Pay for Economic Crisis - June 3, 2011.. LaborTalk: Obama Enlists Employers to Discharge Undocumented Workers or Be Penalized - May 31, 2011.. LaborTalk: Labor Should Have a Seat at the Table When Spending Cuts Are Being Debated - May 27, 2011.. LaborTalk: AFL-CIO Chief Issues Warning to Democrats: Labor Will Be Independent in 2012 Elections - May 24, 2011.. LaborTalk: The Big Debate Is Not About Creating Jobs, But How to Slice or Slash Public Spending - May 20, 2011.. LaborTalk: Why Did They Decide to Kill Bin Laden When They Could Capture Him Alive? - May 17, 2011.. LaborTalk: New Single-Payer Health-Care Bill Offers Coverage for All Americans - May 13, 2011.. Is Planning International Trade Agreements That Would Cost Americans Thousands of Jobs - May 6, 2011.. LaborTalk: Labor Board Cites Boeing Move as Illegal; Corporations Attack Board as Pro-Union - April 29, 2011.. LaborTalk: Obama s Plan to Allow Panel to Curb Medicare Meets Bi-Partisan Opposition - April 22, 2011.. LaborTalk: Republican Plan to Cut Medicare and Medicaid Could Cost the Economy Nearly 2 Million Jobs - April 15, 2011.. LaborTalk: Many Companies Pay No Federal Taxes; The Lost Revenue Means Cuts in Services - April 5, 2011.. LaborTalk: Will AFL-CIO s Massive April 4 Day of Actions Stop the Republican Effort to Strangle Unions? - April 1, 2011.. LaborTalk: Pep Rallies Are Good to Lift Our Spirits, But We Still Haven t a Winning Strategy - March 29, 2011.. LaborTalk: While Labor Leaders Remained Silent on Lybia, The Nation Hotly Debated U.. Military Mission - March 25, 2011.. LaborTalk: New York s Construction Unions Are Losing Their Market Share of New Building Projects - March 22, 2011.. LaborTalk: AFL-CIO Downplays its Fight for Jobs For the Present and the 2012 Elections - March 18, 2011.. LaborTalk: Moore Tells Us How We ve Been Screwed, But AFL-CIO Won t Print a Word About It - March 15, 2011.. Radicals Offer Lots of Advice, But Few Are Ready to Take Risks - March 11, 2011.. LaborTalk: Cultural and Sports Programs Can Breed Union Members Loyalty and Solidarity - March 8, 2011.. LaborTalk: New Health Law Is Riddled With Major Headaches; States Opt-Out Rights Will Add to the Confusion - March 4, 2011.. LaborTalk: Defensive Solidarity in Wisconsin Is Splendid; Unions Need a Battle Plan to Win Bargaining - March 1, 2011.. LaborTalk: Surge for Human Rights Is Worldwide; AFL-CIO Members Are Slow to Protest - February 25, 2011.. LaborTalk: Republicans Conduct Statewide Wars To Shackle Unions and Worker Rights - February 22, 2011.. LaborTalk: How Obama and the G.. O.. P.. Squabble Ways to Spend Our Hard-Earned Money - February 18, 2011.. LaborTalk: Millions of Jobless Still Haunt Us; Talk About Jobs Doesn t Help Them - February 15, 2011.. LaborTalk: Will AFL-CIO s Partnership with U.. Chamber And Obama s Woo of Chief CEOs Yield Jobs? - February 8, 2011.. LaborTalk: Mubarak Supporters Attack Protesters; U.. Insists Egypt s Despot Leave Now - February 4, 2011.. LaborTalk: Trumka and Chief Anti-Union Activist In Joint Statement on Infrastructure - January 29, 2011.. LaborTalk: Unions Lost 612,000 Members in 1010; Our Leaders See No Cause for Alarm - January 24, 2011.. LaborTalk: AFL-CIO's Faulty Strategy Doomed Vote on Employee Free Choice Act - January 21, 2011.. LaborTalk: NLRB Says Law Allows Card Check Option; The Board Will Sue Four States for Violations - January 14, 2011.. LaborTalk: While Congress Debates the Cost of the Law, 50 Million People Have No Health Insurance - January 11, 2011.. LaborTalk: Republicans Use States Budget Crisis With Plans to Cripple Labor Activities - January 8, 2011.. LaborTalk: To Solve Budget Crises, a 10% Pay Cut For Obama, Congress and Other Officials - January 3, 2011.. For earlier LaborTalk Columns, click here..

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  • Title: World of Labor
    Descriptive info: World of Labor.. Go to The LaborTalk Columns.. The World of Labor January 12, 2013.. Singapore Strike Highlights Workers Problems.. More Than 1,600 Cambodians Fainted in 2012, Report States.. U.. Intervention in El Salvador by Privatization Scheme.. Walmart Strikers Plan New Strategies for 2013.. Nurses to Rally Against Graduate Scheme.. Unions under Attack by Bashneft in Russia.. The World of Labor January 5, 2013.. Michigan Becomes the 24th Right-to-Work State.. EU Parliament Votes in Favor of a Financial Transaction Tax.. ScotRail Workers to Strike on Christmas Eve.. French Unions Vow Fight Against Mittal Steelworks Deal.. Brazilians March in Solidarity with European Workers.. Zimbabwe, After 30 Years under Mugabe.. The World of Labor December 22, 2012.. Survey Shows European Outlook for Growth in 2013 Remains Bleak.. First Rally for Workers Rights in Qatar.. Volkswagen Limits Precarious Work Globally.. Singapore to Deport 29 Mainland Chinese Bus Drivers.. Tunisian Union Calls Off Strike in Siliena.. Unions Accuse French President of Betrayal.. The World of Labor December 8, 2012.. Amnesty International on Global Strike.. Millions of European Workers Join World-Wide Nov.. 14 March,.. Mexico Passes Controversial Labor Reform Bill.. Russian Teachers Union Collects one Million Signatures for Bill.. The ILO Names Five Countries for Serious Violation of Rights.. Colombian Government Judicial Workers Sign Pact That Ends Strike.. The World of Labor November 17, 2012.. Hurricane Sandy Causes Devastating Damage on U.. S East Coast.. European Unions Protest against Ford Plants Closures.. Workers Triumph after Setting Up Cooperatives.. Bahrein Doctors Jailed for Treating Injured Protesters.. Bosses Cave in to Kenya Dockers Job Demands.. Grenada Workers Take to the Streets to Protest Job Cuts.. The World of Labor November 3, 2012.. Ford Says 4,000 Will Lose Jobs in Belgium.. Union Pressure Brings Reversal of Turkish Law to Ban Strikes.. Iberian Peninsula Calls General Strike.. Singapore May Tighten the Inflow of Foreign Workers.. Violent Attack on Peaceful Demonstration at Canadian-Owned Mine.. Unemployment in Spain Exceeds 25% as Economic Crisis Deepens.. Rubber Bullets Are Fired in Fresh S.. African Mining Clash.. The World of Labor October 27, 2012.. Hard-Core S.. African Strikers Are Not Caving In.. Spain and Portugal Joining in Strike Against Austerity.. L.. Strike Puts Walmart on the Defensive.. Thousands March in London s Union Protests.. Hyandai Motor Workers Climb a Pylon to Protest.. Chile Fines Starbucks $50,000 over Illegal Labor Practices.. The World of Labor October 20, 2012.. Unions in Retreat across Europe.. Amplats Fires 12,000 S.. African Workers Ahead of Talks.. Walmart Workers in Los Angeles Walk Off the Job.. Greek Electricity Workers Call 48-Hour Work Stoppage.. Iranian Teachers Are Jailed for Speaking Out.. Egyptian Doctors to Escalate Strike.. The World of Labor October 6, 2012.. Chicago s Strike Continues into Second Week.. Brussels Drops EU Plan to Limit the Right to Strike.. Millions of Low-Wage Filipinos to Get Pay Rise This Year.. Death Toll at Karachi Factory Rises to 289.. IPhone Manufacturer Responds to Accusations.. Tyson Poultry Workers Wait 12 Years for Back Pay.. The World of Labor September 15, 2012.. Lufthansa to Shun Cheap Contract Labor.. Global Unions Have Called for a Job Stimulus.. Thousands of Foreigners go down in Turkish Mines.. Chicago Teachers Strike for First Time in 25 Years.. Alcoa Italy Workers Clash with Police over Jobs.. Amnesty U.. K.. Workers to Strike for First Time in 20 Years.. The World of Labor September 8, 2012.. South Africa Drops Murder Charges against Striking Miners.. Irish Unions Are Told to Accept Cuts or Face Job Losses.. Air France Expected to Plan Chinese Maintenance Sites.. Indonesia s Goal: Universal Health Insurance by 2019.. Kenya Teachers Strike Begins Sept.. 3.. Norway Oil Strike Averted after Last-Minute Deal.. The World of Labor September 2, 2012.. Foreign Firms Face Labor Shortage.. South African Minister Meets Union after Mine Deaths.. Disabled Workers in Scotland to Stage 4-day Strike.. Siemen s Sweet Talk Masks a Union-Busting Plan.. The World of Labor August 25, 2012.. Italy Wrestles with Rewriting Its Stifling Labor Laws.. Myanmar s Workers Exercise Their Rights to Organize.. Hotel Staff Strike Against Overtime and Working Public Holidays.. Egyptian Workers Demand Voice in New Government.. Nigerian Electricity Workers Threaten Strike.. Wage Cuts on Top of a Wage Freeze in the Philippines.. The World of Labor August 11, 2012.. Italy s Beaches Are Empty as Umbrella Men Strike.. German Union Vows No Closing of GM s Opel.. Crackdown on Striking Swasiland Teachers.. Spain s Anti-Privatization Rail Strike Disrupts Train Schedules.. A Proposal for the Largest Private Sector Union in Canada.. Egypt s Transport Authority Workers End Sit-in After Talks.. The World of Labor August 5, 2012.. Lebanese Civil Servants Stage General Strike to Boost Pay.. Launch Global Boycott of Hyatt Hotels.. New York s Low-Wage Workers Rally for Their Rights.. Swazi Troops Stand by to Break Strikes.. Israel s Firefighters Win Big Gains, including Right to Strike.. Tunisian Police Fire Warning Shots at Protesters.. The World of Labor July 28, 2012.. Olympic Scandal Reveals True Cost of Cheap Clothes.. Report: Millions of People Protest in 80 Spanish Cities.. Thousands Stage Strike at Egypt s Textile Giant.. No Labor Laws in Iraq; Employers Pick Workers Reps.. Foreign Students Ripped Off at Kenya Kiwifruit Labor.. Riot Police Used by Government in Steel Plant Dispute.. The World of Labor July 21, 2012.. With 50 Million Members.. IndustriALL is Set for Action.. Botswana High Court Reinstates Thousands of Dismissed Unionists.. Indonesia Plans to Send Home All 12,000 Workers in Syria.. Air France Plans to Cut 5,000 jobs from Its Work Force.. Spain s Coal Miners Block Roads in Mass Strike.. Argentina Deploys Military Police in Fuel Strike.. The World of Labor June 23, 2012.. Only One in 10 of the G20 Countries Believes Austerity Will Work.. Turkey Prohibits All Acts of Protest at Ataturk Airport.. Salafistas Firebomb Tunisian Union Offices across the Country.. 1,000 Workers Lose Jobs at Gold One Mine in South Africa.. London Buses Will Shut Down to Protest Olympic Award, UNITE Warns.. Heat Turned on Guatemala for not Respecting Worker Rights.. The World of Labor June 16, 2012.. Annual Survey of Trade Union Rights.. About 10,000 Singapore Civil Servants to Get Pay Raise Next Month.. Turkish Law Banning Aviation Strikes Becomes Official.. French Government Restores Retirement at 60 for 100,000 Workers.. Grave Concern for Algerian Unionists on Hunger Strike.. Finnish Unions Plan Action Against Nuclear Utility.. The World of Labor June 8, 2012.. Feeble U.. Job Growth Raises Fear of a Revived Recession.. G-20 Countries Urged to Use More Pension Funds for Investment.. French Unions Warn of Mass Job Cuts in Reform Talks.. British Doctors Take Action for First Time in 40 Years.. Journalists Protest Machete Attack in Bangladesh.. Dockworkers Strike at Brazil s Biggest Port.. The World of Labor June 2, 2012.. Burmese Migrant Workers Double Their Wages after Strike.. 75,000 Teachers in Mexico Launch Militant Strike.. Irish Unions Say New Investments Could Produce 100,000 Jobs.. Qatar to Establish First Labor Union.. A Rare Strike by Norway s State Workers.. New Caledonia Employers Upset at Reform Process.. The World of Labor May 26, 2012.. Thousands of Chicago Marchers Urge G-8 to Adopt Transaction Tax.. Germany s IG Metall Wins Highest Pay Rise in 20 Years.. Three European Labor Federations Merge to Form Union of 7 Million.. Dutch Workers Wages Are Among the World s Highest.. New French Cabinet Takes 30% Pay Cut.. Walesa, a Polish labor icon from the 1980s, Criticizes Solidarity.. The World of Labor May 19, 2012.. Europe May Favor Growth Plan of French President.. Death Threats Continue Under Colombian Trade Pact.. 788 Nigerian Doctors Are Fired, as Unions Strike.. Polish Workers Chain-In Lawmakers over Pensions.. New Report Shatters DHL s Good Conduct Claim.. Workers React to Brazil s Rush to Build Dams in the Amazon.. The World of Labor May 12, 2012.. Workers of the World Mark May Day 2012.. Jobless Rate Reaches New High in Euro Zone.. Strike at Amazon Project in Second Week.. New-Look Dutch Labor Federation Should Be More Democratic.. Irish Workers Celebrate as 139-day Sit-in Ends.. Workers Stage Warning Strike in Germany.. The World of Labor May 5, 2012.. Anti-Terror Laws Haunt Pakistani s Unionists.. Brazilian Mining Giant Under Fire for Environment Damage.. UNI Steps up Campaign against Firings by Major British Company.. Occupiers and Unions, will celebrate May Day in New York City.. 100,000 Indonesian Workers to Rally on May Day.. Ireland s Unions to Resist Cuts in Allowances.. The World of Labor April 28, 2012.. Unions Challenge G20 to Invest 2% of GDP in Green Jobs.. Unions Push to Get Rio Tinto Off the Olympic Podium.. Public Sector Workers In Slovenia Strike against Pay Cuts.. Workers Building Big Dam in the Amazon Plan to Strike.. Russian Workers Actions Express Growing Discontent.. Despite Record Profits, Company Closes Unionized Factory in Mexico.. The World of Labor April 21, 2012.. Indonesia Ratifies Convention on Migrant Workers.. Kenya s Aviation Union Strikers Ignore Return to Work Order.. Labor Organizer who exposed dangerous Conditions Is Tortured and Killed.. Australian Steelworkers Meet in a Bid to Save Their Industry.. Brazil s World Cup Construction sites Disrupted by Strike over Wages.. Brussels Transport Strike Extended after Fatal Attack.. The World of Labor April 14, 2012.. IndustriALL, a New Global Union, to Unite All Workers in Supply Chain.. Israeli Unions Fight Netanyahue s Plan to slash salary incentives.. Saudi Arabia Frees 22 Indonesian Maids on Death Row.. Italian Labor Reform Plan Sparks Wide Debate.. Polish Women Workers Fight Back Against Spendthrift Austerity.. Swaziland Closes Its Only Trade Union.. The World of Labor April 7, 2012.. Women in Manufacturing Face Fourth Largest Pay Gap.. Demand Saudi Arabian King End Slavery of Domestic Workers.. Canadian Auto Union Donates $100,000 to Women s Shelters.. Central Asian Women Encounter Hardships as Migrants to Russia.. Unions Press DHL to Guarantee Rights to All of Its Global Workforce.. Brazil s Trucker Strike Leaves Gas Pumps Near Empty in Sao Paulo.. The World of Labor March 10, 2012.. Tens of Millions Join India s One-Day Protest Strike.. Oil Services Giant Is Pressured over Egyptian Union-Busting.. Europe s Unions Protest Straitjacket Treaty.. Haitians Take Arduous Path to Brazil and Jobs..  ...   Help Thailand Truck Drivers.. 300,000 Israelis Take to the Streets for Social Justice.. Egyptian Labor Flaunts Anti-Stike Law.. Striking Greek Taxi Drivers Offer Free Rides.. Huge Turnout Expected In Seoul at Rally for Change.. Thousands of Building Workers in Burma Lose Jobs.. The World of Labor August 13, 2011.. A Global Minimum Wage System Needed for Economic Recovery.. Indian Banks Hit by Nation-Wide Bank Strike.. TUC Launches New Microsite to Help People Know Their Rights.. AFL-CIO Council Lauds Middle East Workers Fight for Freedom.. Journalists Condemn NATO Bombing of Libyan Television.. Steelworkers Accept Honeywell Contract After a Long Lockout.. The World of Labor August 6, 2011.. Olympics Firms Warned on Sweatshop Abuse.. Israel Crisis Escalates as Unions Step in.. The Fiji Government Will Stop Collecting Union Dues.. German Workers Retiring Later in Life.. Chilean Copper Miners Strike Global Company.. S.. Korean Woman Spends 200 Days on Top of Crane.. The World of Labor July 30, 2011.. Germany Looks to Greece and Spain for Workers.. IBM Unions Form Global Alliance.. Kenyan Dockers Begin Go-Slow over Privatization.. Thousands of Oil Workers Protest in Colombia.. Unions Accuse Thai Government of Migrant Abuse.. Poland s Solidarity Union to Sign Paper Deal.. The World of Labor July 23, 2011.. Unions Call on Japan to Stop Nuclear Energy Use.. East-West Wage Gap Persists in Germany.. Egyptian Strikers Threaten to Shut Suez Canal.. Starbucks Workers Are on Strike in Chile.. 90% of New Korean Unions Remain Unaffiliated.. Taiwan s Teachers Set Up First Legal Trade Union.. The World of Labor July 16, 2011.. Economy in Slowdown; No Growth in Jobs.. Union Condemns Closing of British Paper.. Report Reveals Weak Labor Laws In Europe.. Starbucks Coffee Faces Strike in Chile.. Canadian Union Plans National Fight Against Cuts.. Indonesian Copper Miners Start Seven-Day Strike.. The World of Labor July 9, 2011.. Biggest British Strikes Since 1980s over Pensions.. Finland Aims to Create 90,000 Jobs.. Germany Uses Shorter Work Week to Save Jobs.. Chile s Unions Plan Strike at Codelco.. Czech Unions Plan Protests at Health Ministry.. Nigerian Unions Issue 14-Day Strike Notice.. The World of Labor July 2, 2011.. Court Dismisses Women s Suit Against Wal-Mart.. Chrysler, Fiat Unions Join Global Network.. Unions Protest EU s Austerity Measures.. Unpaid Sri Lanka Workers in Iraq on Hunger Strike.. Spying on Workers Made Legal in New Zealand.. Bangladesh Rickshaw Drivers Warn of July 3 Strike.. The World of Labor June 25, 2011.. Biggest British Strike in 100 Years, Says Union Chief.. Tories to Strip Canadian Unions of Bargaining Rights.. Indonesian Workers Demand Social Security for All.. New Unions in Egypt Clash with Mubarak Old Guard.. Unions Demand Equal Pay in Switzerland.. Volkswagen Strike in Brazil Ends After 40 Days.. The World of Labor June 18, 2011.. World-Wide Survey Shows Repression Is Increasing.. Russians Move to Ban Temp Agency Labor.. Police Attack Renewed Strikes in Egypt.. Bahrein Puts Medical Staff on Security Trial.. The Government Wants Unions to Pay for Strikes.. Strikes Hit Greece in Protests at More Austerity.. The World of Labor June 11, 2011.. European Railroad Workers Reject Fragmentation.. Argentina s Trade Union Wins 30% Pay Increase.. 70,000 Mexican Teachers Protest Use of Test Scores.. Chinese Workers Owed Billions in Failed Payments.. Spain Will Act to Approve New Wage Rules.. Japan Relaxes Worker Dress Code to Save Energy.. The World of Labor June 4, 2011.. Arab Workers Demand Jobs and Rights in Region.. G8 Summit Must Deliver on Jobs, Say Global Unions.. Protest Global Corporation s Use of Lie Detectors.. Paris FedEx Air-Hub Workers Strike over Pay Rise.. Turkish Aviation Union Wins Strike on First Day.. Brazilian Auto Workers Want Profit-Sharing at GM Plant.. The World of Labor May 28, 2011.. Asia-Pacific Unions Are Creating a Global Federation.. Finnish Paper Walkouts Intensify Because of Strike-Breaking.. AFL-CIO Seeks to Halt Trade Pact with Bahrain after Crackdown.. Greeks Stage Protests Against New Spending Cuts.. Egyptian Doctors Hold First Nationwide Strike.. Temp Workers in Germany Dismay Unions.. The World of Labor May 14, 2011.. Millions March on May Day Amid Austerity Measures in Europe.. Italian Union Declares a General Strike on May 6.. Progress Reported toward New Global Union.. Sixty Big-Name Brands Continue to Use Sweatshop Labor.. Finland Seeks to Improve Social Security for Self-Employed.. A Deal Is Reached with a Codelco Copper Mine in Chile.. The World of Labor May 7, 2011.. May Day, a Workers Holiday, Is Celebrated Around the World.. Workers Memorial Day Honors the Dead, with a Vow to the Living.. Building Unions in the Arab World.. and Colombia Near Trade Pact, Despite Murders.. Argentina Labor Leader Call for Street Rally of Half-Million Workers.. Labor Unions Demand Better Conditions at Sodexo.. The World of Labor May 1, 2011.. Earth Day Is Celebrated by Countries Around the World.. Banana Firm Hired Colombian Paramilitaries.. Labor Board Orders Boeing to Shift Production to a Union Site.. Egyptian Workers Strike for a Better Textile Industry.. Turkish Tekel Workers Face Eight Years in Prison.. French Riot Police in Uproar at Ban On Lunch-Time Booze.. The World of Labor April 23, 2011.. 200 Million Chinese in Danger of Workplace Disease.. French Nuclear Group Signs Pact with Union on Training.. One-Month Strike at GM s India Plant Continues.. Bolivia Protesters Challenge President Morales.. Striking Zurich Police Refuse to Hand out Fines.. Swaziland Unions Call Off Protests, Fearing Violence.. The World of Labor April 16, 2011.. Government Shutdown Averted by Budget Deal.. 300 Immigrant Hunger Strikers in Greece Win Struggle.. Russian Unions Skeptical About Labor Promises.. Finnish Salaried Workers Opt for 2-Week Strike in Paper Industry.. Workers at Jordan Water Company Stage Sit-in to Back Demands.. 40,000 Honduran Teachers Back at Work after Month-Long Strike.. The World of Labor April 9, 2011.. AFL-CIO to Conduct Nation-Wide Day of Actions on April 4.. Arab World Unions Call for Support for Labor Rights.. Honk Kong Unions Threaten to Boycott Cargoes from Japan.. Canadian Workers Occupy Legislature after Defeat of Bill.. Saudi Women Step Up Equality Demand.. Thousands of Mexicans Protest Outsourcing and Firings.. The World of Labor April 2, 2011.. Egyptian Workers Defy Draft Bill to Ban Protests.. Unions Ensure Noisy Start at European Summit.. Turkish Workers Launch Mass Strike at 21 Companies.. A Warning Against Restricting U.. Workers Rights.. Expect 300,000 at British Rally to Protest Austerity Plans.. Polish Nurses on Hunger Strike Demand Arbitration.. The World of Labor March 26, 2011.. Global Unions Send Condolences and Funds to Japanese People.. Malaysia Reveals It Caned 30,000 Foreign Workers Since 2005.. Union Lawyers from Various Countries Meet in Cuba.. Public Workers Nationwide Strike Paralyzes Italy.. Workers Expand Their Ranks in Fight for Bargaining Rights.. Norway s Labor Inspectorate Scrutinizes Staffing Industry.. The Taxi Strike in Western Cape (S.. Africa) Will Go On, Union Vows.. The World of Labor March 19, 2011.. International Women s Day Celebrates 100th Anniversry.. 1,500 Workers in Rangoon, Burma Stage Mass Strike.. French Riot Police Break Ferry Strike in Marseille.. Thousands Strike at Vietnam s Yamaha Factory.. The World of Labor March 12, 2011.. Global Unions Spotlight 28 Oil Multinationals on Libya.. Jobless Rate Drops to 8.. 9%; Add 192,000 jobs; Recovery Still Fragile.. Labor and the Future of the Egyptian Revolution.. Computer Giant Ignores Request from Chinese Poisoned Workers.. Final Round for Domestic ILO Convention.. Facebook Is Used To Build Audience for Mass Protest.. The World of Labor March 5, 2011.. 200,000 Indian Workers March to Parliament to Air Grievances.. Labor Unity Grows During Wisconsin Standoff on Bargaining Bill.. Egyptian Workers Strike for Higher Pay and Ouster of Corrupt Officials.. Global Day of Action in Mexico Draws Unionists from 40 Countries.. Millions of People in U.. Worked Unpaid Overtime Last Year.. Greek Police Clash with Anti-Austerity Protesters.. The World of Labor February 26, 2011.. Suez Canal Workers Join Broad Strikes in Egypt.. Wisconsin Governor Denounced for Anti-Union Bill.. Two-Day Strike Wins Georgian Miners 20-40% Pay Rise.. Immigrant Workers Say F rance Betrayed Strike Deal.. Korean Courts Pay Cleaning Women Below Minimum.. Labor Unions Work to Raise Indiana s Profile.. The World of Labor February 19, 2011.. Mubarak Resigns; Egyptians Win Battle for Freedom.. Tunisia Is Pressed to Act on Country s Social Needs.. A U.. Governor Would Use Military to Back Anti-Union Bill.. Algerian Military Worried About Marching Protesters.. Women Activists Seek Change in Union Structure.. Finland Creates Temp Jobs for Unemployed Youth.. The World of Labor February 12, 2011.. Jobless Rate Drops to 9%; Only 36,000 New Jobs.. Global Unions to Support Egypt s Protesters on Feb.. 8.. Pressure on Deutsche Telekom to Deal with U.. Union.. Turkish Police Clash with Protesting Workers.. Union Allowed to Bargain for 45,000 Airport Security Guards.. Radical Irish Candidates Declare War on the Rich.. The World of Labor February 5, 2011.. Revolt in Egypt Continues, Despite Mubarak Crackdown.. Tunisian Unions Play Increasing Role in Country s Crisis.. Spain s Government in Deal to Raise Retirement Age.. Union Leaders Team Up with Davos on Job Creation.. 10,000 March in Milan Against New Fiat Work Rules.. Thousands Protest in Jordan with a Series of Demands.. The World of Labor January 29, 2011.. Tunisian Union to Call General Strike for a New Government.. Chicago Teamsters Form Partnership with Chinese Unions.. Jobs on Agenda at Monetary Fund and World Bank.. Trade Unions May Be Allowed Back into Burma.. Walmart Challenged in South Africa by a Coalition.. Thousands Rally in Jordan Against Economic Policies.. The World of Labor January 22, 2011.. Plans to Sue 4 States over Election Law Rights.. to Renew Organizing Effort at Foreign-Owned Plants.. Tunisians Drive President from Power in Mass Revolt.. Lebanon Unions to Strike Despite Government Collapse.. Egypt s Workers Demand Government Attention.. Japan Denies Workers the Right to Strike.. The World of Labor January 15, 2011/a>.. ILO Says Economic Crisis Cut Global Wage Growth by Half.. Israeli Diplomacy at Standstill as Staff Stages Slowdown.. Mines Became Death Traps for 105 in 2010.. FIAT Union Head Repeats Call for Jan.. 28 Strike.. Unions Clash with Government over 90-Day Probation.. 700,000 Workers in Saudi Arabia Have No Pay Protection.. The World of Labor January 9, 2011.. For earlier World of Labor Columns, click here..

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  • Title: Reasons Why the AFL-CIO Is Broken; Let Us Start a Debate on How to Fix It-1
    Descriptive info: Why the AFL-CIO is Broken.. Reasons Why the AFL-CIO Is Broken; Let Us Start a Debate on How to Fix It-Article 1,.. Read Article.. Reasons Why the AFL-CIO Is Broken; Let Us Start a Debate on How to Fix It-Article 2,.. Reasons Why the AFL-CIO Is Broken; Let Us Start a Debate on How to Fix It-Article 3,.. Reasons Why the AFL-CIO Is Broken; Let Us Start a Debate on How to Fix It-Article 4,.. Reasons Why the AFL-CIO Is Broken; Let Us Start a Debate on How to Fix It-Article 5,..

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  • Title: Labor Educator Series
    Descriptive info: The Amercian Labor Reform Movement.. Read Articles.. Thinking About Labor's Future 2012.. Read Series.. Concepcion Picciotto: A 30-Year Continuous Fighter For Peace and Social justice.. Why the AFL-CIO is Broken 2011.. Building Labor Unity 2009.. Labor's Voice for Change 2009.. Eyewitness Report: The New Deal 2008.. Read Series.. 3 Presidential Candidates 2008.. Why Workers Won't Join 2008.. American Labor  ...   The Enigma of Andy Stern 2006.. Why Sweeney Should Resign As President of the AFL-CIO 2006.. ‘Kelber Expelled from the CWA 2004.. AFL-CIO's Dark Past 2004.. ‘A New Game Plan for Union Organizing 2003.. Inside AFL-CIO Columns 2001.. One Delegate, One Vote Developments 2001.. Read Article and Letter.. Special Report: How to Reverse Labor s Losing Streak 2000.. Read Report..

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    Descriptive info: Labor-Related Links.. Aircraft Mechanics Fraternal Association (AMFA).. Association for Union Democracy.. BC Carpenters Union.. Bricklayers Local 3.. California Nurses Association, National Nurses Organizing Committee, National Nurses United.. Campaign to Stop Killer Coke.. Can My Boss Do That?.. Carol Simpson DesignWorks for Labor.. Carpenters Democratic Union International.. Carpenters Union BC.. Corporate Campaign, Inc.. CSEA Local 1000.. IBEW Local 21.. ILA Rank and File.. Indiana  ...   AFL-CIO.. International Labor Communications Assn.. Ironworkers.. Kenneth Burt.. Labor Notes.. Laborers for Justice.. Members for Democracy.. Pace Local 2-86.. Painters District Council 711.. Progressive Populist.. Rank and File AFL-CIO.. Road Sprinkler Fitters Local Union 669 (Unofficial Site).. San Francisco Bldg & Construction Trades.. Teamsters for a Democratic Union.. UAW Local 602.. Union Millwright.. United Steelworkers Union Locals 12775 & 13796.. Utility Workers of America..

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  • Title: Labor Educator Newsletter
    Descriptive info: About Harry.. |.. Labor Educator.. Labor's Voice for Change.. Contact.. HARRY KELBER has been a front-line observer and active participant in struggles over the past seven decades.. In 1939, at age 25, he was editor of two weekly labor papers that reported the historic CIO organizing campaigns.. As a union printer, he was involved in the 1962-63 strike that shut down New York City's major newspapers for 114 days, serving as editor of the daily strike bulletin.. In 1968, after earning a Doctorate in American Civilization from New York University, he created and directed Cornell University's Two-Year Labor Liberal Arts Program.. Three years later, he played a principal roll in founding a four-year accredited Labor College as a division of Empire State College, where he was senior professor until his retirement in 1984.. As a labor educator, Harry has helped develop generations of new labor organizers and leaders.. From 1985-90, he was education and cultural director of the 36,000-member Electrical Workers Union, Local 3, of the I.. In that same period, he was the coordinator and principal instructor of the Trade Union Leadership  ...   became the first and only independent candidate to run for AFL-CIO vice president in 30 years, forcing federation leaders to hold an election.. Kelber has written a dozen booklets dealing with union organizing, labor in politics, union democracy and leadership training.. He has been writing a weekly column, LaborTalk, on the Internet since 1994.. Since 2005, he has also published a weekly column, World of Labor.. He is also the author of Union Printers and Controlled Automation.. (Macmillan Free Press, 1966) and a novel, The Labor Leader (Picket Press 1989).. At the AFL-CIO's 2005 convention, Kelber, at 91, was given the rare privilege of presenting his critical views of labor's top leaders to the delegates and received a standing ovation.. Harry has long been considered a leading constructive critic of the AFL-CIO.. His autobiography, My 70 Years in the Labor Movement, was published in 2006.. Kelber lives in Brooklyn Heights, New York City.. He has three daughters and seven grandchildren.. CLICK.. For Ordering Information.. Harry Kelber Teaching a Class on the Importance of Labor Unions in Politics.. Labor Journalist and Professor Harry Kelber..

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    Descriptive info: To contact.. for information:.. Cooper Station.. P.. Box 1002.. New York, NY 10276-1002.. Phone: (718) 852-2808.. Fax: (718) 852-2412.. info@LaborEducator.. org.. We'll get back to you soon!.. To order our publications, click below:.. ORDER.. FORM.. Or E-mail us at:..

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  • Title: World of Labor for January 12, 2013
    Descriptive info: World of Labor for January 12, 2013.. ILO Urges Better Pay and Conditions for 53 Million Domestic Workers.. The International Labor Organization (ILO) has urged countries to adopt new standards to ensure decent working conditions and pay for the world's 53 million domestic workers, mostly women.. The ILO report,.. Domestic Workers Across the World.. , shines a spotlight on a group of workers often neglected by policymakers and largely excluded from national labor laws.. "Domestic workers are frequently asked to work longer hours than other workers, and in many countries do not have the same rights to weekly rest that are enjoyed by other workers," said Sandra Polaski, the ILO's deputy director general.. "Combined with the lack of rights, the extreme dependence on an employer, and the isolated and unprotected nature of work can render them vulnerable to exploitation and abuse.. Using official statistics from 117 countries, the report estimated the number of domestic workers in the world at 52.. 6 million in 2010.. The 2010 figure is a significant increase from the 33.. 2 million recorded in 1995.. Mass Sick-Out Staged by Staff at College of the Bahamas.. Some 350 non-faculty staff at the College of the Bahamas (COB) have been agitating for a new industrial agreement, since their last contract expired in 2009.. For the past two days, in apparent protest for the delays, several of those staffers called in sick.. In a statement released by COB last night, the college explained the present situation.. "On Wednesday, Jan.. 9, 2013, some non-faculty staff did not report for duty, indicating they were ill," the statement said.. "Today, some employees remain on sick leave.. College policy allows members of staff to take two consecutive sick days without requiring them to produce a valid certificate from a physician.. " The college emphasized that the sick-out did not affect COB's operations.. Last month, Education Minister Jerome Fitzgerald said the government was working to free up hundreds of thousands  ...   between the parties will be held at a local garden.. Bangladeshi Ship Breakers Let Out to Sea.. Every year, the shipping industry sends 800 to 900 end of life ships to yards where they are recycled, mainly by hand, to recover the steel.. Bangladesh is one of the world's largest ship dismantlers, but ship breaking remains one of the most dangerous jobs in the world.. According to records, 98 percent of the ships were dismantled in five countries: India, Bangladesh, China, Turkey and Pakistan.. The world's largest ship breaker is India, which processed 527 ships in 2012.. The Bangladesh Ship Breaking Association (BSBA) reports that more than 200 ships were imported into the country in 2012 for scrapping.. The Bangladesh ship breaking industry adds about $1 billion to the country's economy.. The industry employs approximately 200,000 people.. Not everyone is happy at the growth of the industry.. Labor and environmental activists see the expansion of ship breaking as bad for the country's future economy and environment.. Kenyan Nurses Demand Return to work Formula.. The industrial court has ordered the Kenyan government to enter into a return to work formula with nurses, following their calling an end to the strike.. The court gave the directive after the unregistered Kenyan National Union of Nurses aid that some of its members had been interdicted, demoted and sacked, while others had been issued transfer letters when they reported to their stations.. Seth Panyako, an official, urged the court to intervene and ensure that the government allow the nurses to report back to their work without being victimized.. Penyako said the court had ruled last year that the nurses' strike was legal, before it overturned the ruling and ordered the nurses to return to work.. To keep informed about workers and their unions in foreign countries, we suggest you read our weekly "World of Labor," posted here and on our two sweb sites:.. www.. laboreducator.. and.. laborsvoiceforchange.. Powered by YMLP.. com..

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  • Title: Labor Reform Movement
    Descriptive info: Labor Reform Movement: August 12, 2012.. I lived in Brooklyn Heights with my wife for 50 year and I knew hardly anyone.. all this time.. I ve learned the importance of community ties and will focus on.. their problems extensively in my candidate for President of the AFL-CIO.. HARRY KELBER RUNS FOR PRESIDENT OF AFL-CIO.. 98-year-old Brooklyn Heights man runs for.. president of nation s largest labor group.. BY DANIELLE FURFARO.. On his 98th birthday, professional rabble-rouser and Brooklyn Heights resident Harry Kelber announced he will run for president of the American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations.. Danielle Furfaro: How long have you been involved in the labor movement?.. Harry Kelber: For 75 years.. I m 98-years-old.. As a young man, I was thrust into it.. I went to Cornell, but then I got a call that my father was dying.. I was thrust into the working world as a breadwinner and I learned all about safeguarding workers rights.. Then, they realized that I could write, and when the trade unions got hit hard, they gave me two newspapers: a construction trade paper, and the AFL-CIO paper.. They didn t give me a dime I had to sell advertising to make an income.. I did that from 1938 until 1942 and then I was drafted from 1942 until 1945.. When I came home, both papers were gone.. DF: What did you do when you came back from the war?.. HK: At the age of 46, I decided that I wanted to go to college.. So I wrote to Brooklyn College.. I got my baccalaureate from Brooklyn College and my master s and Ph.. D from NYU.. I graduated in 1965 and a half.. DF: What s the best job you ve ever had?.. HK: When I became editor  ...   you get a hundred different locals agitating for what they believe in.. They will coalesce and have a labor movement.. That s what we did in the 50s.. There was no magic.. DF: Do you have a campaign manager?.. HK: I have a couple of people who are competing for it.. At the moment, I m the campaign manager.. DF: Are you using Facebook and Twitter to court voters?.. HK: Very little.. I have enough things to worry about and capitalize on.. I do have a Facebook page.. But I haven t done anything on Twitter and I don t intend to.. DF: What year were you born?.. HK: 1914.. DF: You were born the same year as my grandmother.. HK: That was a wonderful decade.. There was a Depression, but we got social security and food stamps and all sorts of programs.. Since then, there s been nothing.. DF: Do you think people will be wary of voting for someone who s 98?.. HK: 98 is not a young age, but I have a lot of pep in me.. People are curious.. If a 98-year-old guy can do this, why can t a 50-year-old? Because they don t have the guts.. DF: How old do you feel?.. HK: I feel 50.. I have the intelligence and memory of a 50-year-old and I could debate them all to hell.. My memory s great.. I remember a pony ride I got out of a guy when I was three in exchange for letting him cut my hair.. I ve been all over the world and I remember all the fun and the aggravation.. DF: Are you a rebel?.. HK: You can call me a rebel.. I ll take any name.. As long as I can get things done.. ©2012 COMMUNITY NEWSPAPER GROUP..

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