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  • Title: The Kamaron Institute | Management Consulting Services Firm
    Descriptive info: .. Search.. News Section!.. Staff Professional.. Positive Work Environment.. Parenting/Education.. E-Business News.. Business News.. Customer Loyalty.. Branding.. The Kamaron Institute.. Making a difference.. BullyingSolutions.. Kamaron Institute -- Accelerating.. Business.. and.. Education Results.. Kamaron Institute, founded by Margaret Ross,.. is a management and educational consulting firm advising leading companies and educational organizations on issues of market strategy, market research, organizational dynamics, communications,.. technology.. , and staff development.. Top Management Consulting Services Organizational Development.. The aim of the Kamaron Management Consulting Practice is to make a positive impact on our clients thinking, business results, training practices and human operating environment.. We are experts in Market Leadership and Positive People Development.. Our approach and materials are tailored to meet the needs of the client.. We come to each engagement with no preconceived ideas; we help top management develop solutions for their most challenging problems.. We take an overall independent and research-based view of performance.. We work directly with leaders who can partner with us to develop recommendations and have the ability and influence to implement them.. Strategic Planning and Staff Development Services.. Review Firm's Goals and Objectives.. Assess Strengths and Weaknesses.. Evaluate Organizational Structure.. Corporate Communications Services Solutions.. Customer Partner Research.. Employee Climate and Employee Satisfaction Surveys.. Team.. Building/Interpersonal Relationships Training.. Creating A Bully Free Workplace Training.. Diversity Training.. How To Work With Difficult People Without Difficulty.. Proactive Communication Skills Training.. Conflict Resolution Training.. Character, Citizenship, Bullying Cyber Bullying Preemption Results.. Kamaron Institute s KC3 Positive Label Programs have a proven track record of helping America s education leaders improve the school life of students and teachers.. The Positive Label Program is a research-based, character education, violence and bullying prevention program offering educators and students simple, eloquent and  ...   is their baseline.. In shopping mall terms the baseline is the You Are Here' point.. Working with the right research partner is a seemingly small decision that can make a big impact on their bottom line.. You are missing some Flash content that should appear here! Perhaps your browser cannot display it, or maybe it did not initialise correctly.. Bookmark/Search this post with.. Business.. Kamaron Institue provides solutions and skills and training to be more successful in work and relationships.. Success Class TV.. Education.. Education solution programs for staff and bus drivers.. Increase quality teaching time.. Kamaron Positive Label Certification program, character building books, Parenting programs, teachers.. Parent Resources.. Center.. Cyber Bullying.. 12 million childern step off bus where bullying behavior happened.. Most childern say bullying causes problems at school.. How to tips Cyber Bullying.. Cut bullying by 50 percent.. Beware Facebook Abandons Privacy.. How to Save Face on Google.. Kamaron Institute Reveals the Skinny on Cookies.. Mastering Another Major Social Media.. Learning to Speak Horn.. Workplace and parenting expert, Margaret Ross, Secrets of a happy life: Bounce Back Effect.. Author, education and bullying expert on NBC news.. Graphs.. Management Consulting.. Customer Reviews Testimonials: 7 Stars.. Margaret Ross.. Staff Development Training.. Research Services.. Strategic Communications.. Contact Kamaron.. Communications.. Media.. Books.. KC3 TV Show.. Articles.. Contact Communications.. School Solutions.. Character Program.. Teacher Center.. Results Review.. Subscribe.. School Gallery.. Education Contact.. Bullying Solutions.. School Bullying.. Workplace Bully.. Cyber Bullying Prevention.. Bus Bullying.. Bullying References.. News Articles.. Workplace.. Staff Development.. Parenting Education.. E-Commerce.. Parenting Community.. Parenting Resources.. Community Outreaches.. Home Character Ed.. Program.. Citizenship Partnership.. Casey Military Gift e-Book.. Kamaron Institute.. About Kamaron Institute.. Contact Us.. Customer Reviews.. Kamaron Foundation.. Kamaron Resources.. Visible Strategy Communications.. The Resources Center.. Other..

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  • Title: Executive Leadership |Staff Employee Training | The Kamaron Institute
    Descriptive info: Home.. Kamaron Professional, Leadership, and Staff Development Services.. Kamaron professional development group is passionate about empowering and enabling life-long learning and increasing your skills and knowledge in areas that are most likely to help your professional success.. Our goal is to benefiting our adult students' careers, families, and communities.. The same principals that help an adult have a good day at work also help a child have a good day at school, notes Margaret Ross.. So, time invested with us provides benefits to your real life.. Learning keeps you young and it is never too late to train your brain.. Creatively working together, we can personally benefit and strive to improve the well-being of society's adults, children, and families.. Workshops.. Each professional training engagement begins with needs assessment and survey.. Each learning engagement is customized for your company, cause, or organization.. We don't believe in drive by development.. We take the responsibility seriously.. We train your leaders, empower your mentors, trouble shoot the process, and measure progress.. Contact us.. to schedule your company's next staff development class.. Mini Learning Events—Conference Speakers: Lunch Learn Trainer:.. If your need is an event training (conference, leadership retreat, etc.. ) speaker or creating a unique and valuable lunch and learn type development experience, we are well versed and experienced in these venues.. Recent clients have included International and United States publicly and privately-held businesses, nonprofit and government organizations.. Customer Reviews.. We are very satisfied with our Kamaron training experience; strengths were the expertise, customer service, and the innovation.. Consulting produced tremendous results that helped positively change our workplace.. The experience was so user friendly but more importantly successful.. We’ve expanded to other locations..  ...   (A Success Class).. Demystify what really makes networking work.. Even if you've always thought it isn't something easy for you.. It's a skill.. So you can be successful, too.. Dealing With Difficult People and Workplace Bullies (A Success Class).. How to Build Step by step confidence in surviving the jerks at work bullying proofing your life.. Positive Label School Staff Certification Training (A Success Class).. How to make the program principals part of everything you do.. It is a success class.. Communicate With Tact and Professionalism (A Success Class).. Tailor your messages and meetings to achieve buy-in.. Improve your nonverbal skills.. Cyber Bullying Coming To a Cell or Computer Near You (A Success Class).. How to safe guard your self and children from cyber bullies.. You have the power.. Effective Executive Speaking Skills.. Powerful and effective speaking skills are critical for every executive.. You have the basics.. Now take it to the next level with a national TV host as your mentor.. Management Consulting Training by Margaret Ross.. Margaret Ross, an executive consultant and organizational and staff development business trainer has been advising management teams of leading corporations and high tech companies around the world for 20 years on issues regarding leadership, managing diversity, and team development in a global and virtual environment.. Margaret combined a broad business background with expertise in organizational development to help organization competitively leverage their human resources potential.. Ross founded her professional organization development consulting practice with the Kamaron Institute in 1998 and has since helped managers to develop their personal leadership capacity and management leadership skills, improve employee satisfaction and motivation.. She has also helped organizations to resolve conflicts and management organizational change..

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  • Title: Research | The Kamaron Institute
    Descriptive info: Research.. Internet Research Public Relations.. Surveys Adding Power to Press Releases.. We get it.. You don t need a five-year research project costing more than your first house with results too boring to capture the attention of a busy reporter.. You need customers, loyal fans, email from people who want your products, and inquiries about the services you offer.. You want more fame and more people knowing your company and web site s name.. A fascinating survey fact within a powerful press release may help you in this quest.. No guarantees.. Read more.. Business Research, Polls and Survey Services.. Smart companies use surveys, studies, and polls as a vehicle to make more money and be wiser about where and how they spend money.. Market Research.. can answer business questions such as, Will our new product or service idea sell? What is the right price point?.. The findings from Public Relations.. supporting Marketing studies, surveys and polls are the additional value a powerful press release needs.. Research based news releases and articles can give your company web site, blogs and other social media more fame, more quality inbound links, and more prominence in search engine results.. They also support your SEO efforts.. Customer Satisfaction.. studies can answer questions such as, How to we keep the customers we have? Will they buy more from us? What can we do to make the experience better for our big spenders?.. Taking informed action is a brilliant business move in any economic time.. Research is only useful if you use it.. Working with the right research partner is a seemingly small thing that can make a big  ...   Sample Calculator Tool:.. Polling enough people increases the strength or your survey or study results.. The number of people is known as the sample size.. Enjoy taking the calculator on this page for a test drive.. You ll now be able to decode the study stats you see (or don t see) in someone s news release.. It's easy to do with our Sample Size Calculator tool.. A) Enter the suggested numbers.. B)Click the = (equals sign) and the tools does the math for you.. C) Click the C to clear the numbers and try other numbers.. Enjoy.. Sample Size Calculator.. What margin of error can you accept? (.. 5% is a common choice.. ).. %.. What confidence level do you need? (.. Typical choices are 90%, 95%, or 99%.. What is the population size? (If you don't know,.. use 20000.. What is the response distribution? (.. Typically 50.. Your recommended sample size is.. Click = to calculate.. C is to clear information.. Survey Specials Services.. We offer several competitively priced packages.. The Mini Survey, Package A One Topic, One Demo.. Includes:.. Help you determine your survey sample target audience.. Whom you will survey/poll.. Establish the goal of the project.. What single, potentially news-relevant item you want to learn in this survey.. There are no guarantees.. Create the online questionnaire - What will be asked.. Test the questions and the survey.. Provide you with a unique survey link to online survey How we ask the questions.. Monitor survey progress.. Analyze the data Produce a clear, easy to understand one-page report on your single survey topic giving you survey data results, by gender..

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  • Title: Communications Strategy | Marketing Communications | The Kamaron Institute
    Descriptive info: Strategic Communications.. Strategic Planning Company Communications.. Communicating messages that are memorable and resonate with key constituencies.. enable our clients to build and shape opinions while protecting their reputation from the real risk of negative perceptions.. Be able to drive profitability and forge relationships by taking control of how your company, candidacy, or social cause is positioned in the marketplace.. Your custom communications plan can include efficient and effective interactive mediums such as customer and employee satisfaction surveys, web casting, social networking, online advertising, and brand building with function or vertical message specific sites.. A unique communication function site for a communications strategy project can minimize the noise around your most timely and critical message (e..  ...   Message Web sites.. Internet Platform development.. Endorsement development.. Web-based messaging (advertising).. Value:.. Effective communications platforms increase the reach and retention of your internal and external messages.. Effectively tell your story and communicate your company’s strengths and strategies.. Further differentiate your brand from your competitors by giving life to your values and culture.. Partner with Visible Strategies to increase the reach and measurability of your communication efforts.. Experience has proven that our unique Brand Message and PR website strategic plans enable clients to contribute to the growth of their company and its reputation in the global marketplace.. Plus, this specific web communication platform adds value to your existing corporate sites and customer relations communications web pages..

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  • Title: Management Consulting Services Firm | The Kamaron Institute
    Descriptive info: Top Management Consulting Services.. is a management and educational consulting firm advising leading companies on issues of market strategy, organizational dynamics, communications technology, and staff development.. The aim of the Kamaron Management Consulting Practice is to make a positive impact on our clients’ thinking, business results, and their human operating environment.. We are specialists in Marketing Leadership and People Development.. We come to each engagement with no preconceived ideas; we help top.. management develop solutions for their most challenging problems.. We take an overall independent and fact-based view of performance.. We rely on facts because they can align working groups.. We clarify common goals because this raises the view  ...   Services – Idea Innovation Delivered in Communication.. Team Building/Interpersonal Relationships.. Creating A Bully Free Workplace.. Peer Mediation and Proactive Communication Skills.. Analyze Internal Operations.. We are committed to modeling good character and to building long-term relationships based on trust.. We earn our clients’ trust.. We do this through our consistently superior service, our professional conduct, and our complete commitment to their goals.. We care for our clients as people.. People and relationships – matter.. Margaret Ross is President of the Kamaron Institute Inc.. a leading managment consulting, research, and staff development solutions firm.. Visible Strategies LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Kamaron Institute, delivering idea driven Internet Results..

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  • Title: Bullying Solutions Workplace Cyberbullies School Bus Bullying | The Kamaron Institute
    Descriptive info: School Bullying Solutions.. Workplace Bullies.. Cyber Bullying Solutions.. Cyber or Internet Bullying Information / Definition.. A Cyber Bullying Survival Guide from parenting and relationship expert Margaret Ross.. Cyber bullying behaviors are growing like a pandemic on the Internet.. This behavior is a proven source of peace of mind pollution.. Nearly half of American tweens and teens are being impacted by it.. Plus, the behavior is surging in the adult workplace and in younger elementary aged children.. As children's computer skills begin at younger ages, so do their cyber bullying behaviors.. These behaviors are also rampant in the workplace, technology enabled rude, ridiculing behavior abounds.. Definition Cyber bullying.. Internet or Cyber Bullying is the use of Internet e-mail, instant messaging, chat rooms, pagers, cell phones, or other forms of information technology to deliberately and repeatedly hurt, taunt, ridicule, threaten or intimidate someone , says Margaret Ross, Kamaron Institute.. Click For.. : Cyber Bully Internet Bully Solutions.. Click To:.. Contact Kamaron Cyber Bully Speaker.. Workplace Bullies Defined / Information.. The common stereotype of a bullied person is someone who is weak, socially isolated, or a loner.. On the contrary, the adult target chosen by an adult bully, his will very often be a capable staff member well liked by co-workers.. Adult Bully - Adult bullies, like their schoolyard counterparts, tend to be insecure people with poor social skills and little empathy.. They turn this insecurity outwards, finding satisfaction in their ability to attack and diminish the capable people around them , states Ross.. Recent research found that Adult Bullies often pick on  ...   Training/Speaker.. School Bullying Behaviors Problems: Defined.. Bullying words are blight on life impacting most adults and every school-age child.. Bullying behaviors can be physical, verbal/or and social.. Every school day half of our children step off a bus where bullying happened.. Bullying words that taunt tease ridicule and hurt then also pollute the entire educational environment causing problems.. over half of Elementary Students.. and for 8 out of 10 secondary students and students and staff, states Margaret Ross.. The Kamaron Institute bullying prevention program for school environments focuses on teaching school staff the skills to increase (1) Kindness, (2) Cooperation and (3) Decrease Bullying behaviors.. ►.. Results.. 50% decrease in office discipline referrals.. Days and weeks of regained teaching time.. Name-calling bullying decreases 60%.. Kindness and cooperation doubles.. Plus, correct implementation delivers more classroom teaching time, without adding a single second to the school day.. It s all about the power of words.. Words can hurt Words can also help.. Contact Us School Bullying Prevention.. Click: About Kamaron Proven.. Author: Margaret Ross.. Kamaron Institute provides solutions and skills and training to be more successful in work and relationships.. Education solutions programs for staff and bus drivers.. Kamaron Positive Label Certification program, character building book, Parenting program, teachers.. Parent Resource.. 12 million children step off bus where bullying behavior happened.. How to tips Cyber Bullying.. School board president one American's largest school systems, L.. Radloff endorsement.. School Board Superintendent and school s hero, L.. Radloff awarded endorses Kamaron school program.. Gwinnett is one of America s largest and top school systems.. Graph..

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  • Title: Contract Kamaron Information Research, Training, Corporate Communication | The Kamaron Institute
    Descriptive info: Kamaron Customer Reviews….. Produced tremendous results that have helped positively change our workplace.. I would absolutely recommend them; because they will help you achieve your results and provide your staff with great training.. Practice Areas.. Training.. Occupational Development.. Corporate Communications.. Educational Programs.. Kamaron Institute: How may we help you?.. I want to know more about:.. Consulting Service:.. --None--.. Corporate Communication.. Internet Communication.. Brand/Reputation Management.. School Program.. Corporate Research.. Bullying Preemption.. Litigation Communication.. Kamaron Foundation.. Other.. First Name.. Last Name.. Company.. Title.. Email.. Verify Email:.. Phone.. Address.. City.. State:.. AK.. AL.. AR.. AZ.. CA.. CO.. CT.. DC.. DE.. FL.. GA.. HI.. IA.. ID.. IL.. IN.. KY.. KS.. LA.. MA..  ...   For Brief Conversation:.. Monday.. Tuesday.. Wednesday.. Thursday.. Friday.. Best Time Period:.. 7am - 10am.. 10am - 1pm.. 1pm - 3:30pm.. 3:30pm - 5pm.. Type the characters that you see in the box (.. 5 characters.. The code can include characters.. 0.. 9.. A.. F.. I cannot read the characters.. Generate a.. Client Reviews.. Produced tremendous results that have helped positively change our workplace.. They accomplished the goals; it was measurable.. We saw the difference.. We’ve expanded.. We have dramatically reduced discipline referrals.. Results included more comradeship among faculty; continuity of teaching between home and school.. PO Box 2261.. Peachtree City GA 30269.. (770) 487-3681.. (877) 486-6283.. kamaron.. org..

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  • Title: P.I. Business | The Kamaron Institute
    Descriptive info: Search.. P.. I.. Business Blog.. |.. Life Blog.. Margaret Ross, Editor.. business.. Business Tips.. Computing.. When I say cookies.. What comes to mind? Chocolate chip?.. Revealing the Skinny on Cookies.. What is a computer cookie?.. Here s the skinny on computer cookies (aka browser cookies).. Lets Talk Cookies: If the first thing that comes to mind when you think of cookies is chocolate chip you aren't alone.. Even among many well versed in the use of computers and the internet aren't familiar with the computer kind of cookies.. Essentially they're little tiny bits of information passed from a website to your browser and stored there while you are checking out whatever site has your attention at the moment.. Then whenever you pass that way again the website can retrieve that information and access it.. kamaron s blog.. business intelligence.. privacy.. social media marketing.. Saving Your Face.. Tips to Save Face on Google+ and Facebook.. If you hope to keep anything private, it is probably better to stay off the Internet altogether.. If a bunker isn t your best life style choice, you need to know that both Facebook and Google+ are making changes to their privacy settings.. Facebook is making it nearly impossible to hide from crazy acquaintances, ex-bosses, and that bully that tormented you in the 4th grade.. Whereas before you could choose whether or not you wanted to show up in search results, the new policy allows anyone to be found using the site's search function.. If you are a parent, be sure and check impact on your kids privacy on Facebook.. The company said they made the change because they have had complaints that two people might be in the same Facebook Group, but still can't find each other with a search.. They also said that people were confused when they tried to find a friend, but couldn't find them in search results, (ignoring the fact that this was the whole purpose of the privacy setting in the first place.. ).. How to Check Your New Public Face on Facebook.. If you are curious as to what others are seeing when they find your Facebook page, use the View As feature, which you can find on your profile page s Activity Log drop down menu.. Google+ Google+ recently sent out an email specifying changes regarding what information it shares about you.. It will allow you to opt out of Shared Endorsements, meaning if your Google+ page follows another page publicly, you can choose whether or not you want your name and photo to appear in ads that are on that page.. This means that, in theory, if you don't pay attention to your settings, you could see your name and face hawking products in ads without being paid a single cent.. How to turn off Shared Endorsements.. How To Set Up, Run and Measure a Social Media Campaign.. Advertising.. branding.. Plan, launch, network, measure social media.. As we've discussed previously,.. social media campaigns have an enormous advantage.. over traditional advertising, because they are  ...   mean: - A tap while at a light: I don't want to be rude, but the light has changed.. Do you think you might go now? - A tap while on the freeway: I see your signal and will let you in this lane if you hurry and acknowledge this courtesy with a hand wave.. Toot.. Taps and toots are often difficult to distinguish.. However, as the amusing word toot signifies, toots are friendly honks.. You might hear a toot from your college roommate, who spots you while you are driving on the other side of the road.. Perhaps you haven't seen him or her in years; perhaps you are driving the same car you were in college, and it is now held together with duct tape, while they are driving their brand new BMW, and the whole incident makes you reevaluate your whole life and how you've spent the last 20 years.. Sigh.. Anyway, that's what a toot can mean.. Honk.. This is more serious than a tap or a toot.. Honks are rarely friendly greetings.. They are much more likely to be sounds of Watch out! or Pay attention! The noise duration is longer.. The sound decibels are louder and more intense.. A honk may mean, The light has been green for 15 seconds already, so finish your text later.. Just as with a tap or a toot, everyone within ear shot is startled and the momentary stress relief is only experienced by the honker.. Social Media How To Turbocharge Your Business.. blogging.. Marketing Communications.. social media marketing communications.. Five ways to turbocharge a business on the web.. Social Media Resolutions To Turbo Charge Your Business.. Social media has become a force that can't be ignored by the business world, and the best way to take full advantage of its power is to do the same thing you do for your business - formulate a plan of action, and follow it.. Here are our recommendations for taking social media action.. :.. 1.. Don't just formulate a plan; act on it.. 2.. 3.. 4.. 5.. 6.. 7.. 8.. next ›.. last ».. Blog E-mail Subscription.. More Info.. Enter your Email.. Blog RSS Subscription.. E-mail Subscription Bonus.. "52 Ways To Save Money on Nearly Everything".. Click.. to subscribe to PI.. Popular Articles.. Workplace Bullies: How to Best the Business Bullies.. The Majority of People On Twitter Tweet For Business, Poll Shows.. Kamaron Institute Launches Positive Impact Blog and Newsletter.. How To Keep Your PC Data Safe During Wi_Fi Wars.. The Power of Customer Loyalty and Retention to Build A Business.. Anger Management Strategies for Business Managers.. Cyberbullying How Parents can Prepare Protect Kids.. Important Facebook Privacy Setting Secrets.. Resources.. Personal Finance.. How to save money, pay less, earn more.. How to stop bullying.. Ask us.. Social Media.. Social Media success tips, research, help.. Marketing Research.. Marketing research services.. Visible Strategies.. Top brand strategy reputation quadrupling relevant site traffic and tripling sales leads.. Stay Connected.. Facebook.. Contact Kamaron.. Subscribe to P.. Blog.. YouTube.. Follow us on Twitter..

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  • Title: Bullying Prevention Programs Character Education Lessons | The Kamaron Institute
    Descriptive info: Kamaron s KC3 Character-Powered Bullying Prevention Programs Training.. Benefits.. ►Cut Discipline Up To 50% ► Regain Weeks Of Quality Teaching Time.. ►3-Minute Activity Plans Tied to Your Existing Lessons ►Training, Materials, Reporting.. Click:.. To Watch Program Results Video.. Click: To Buy Casey Series Character Education : Social Intelligence Books.. KC3 Positive Label Bullying Prevention Character Ed Program is a research based Bully Prevention and Positive Character Program, proven to decrease name-calling, discipline and distraction incidents in school and on the school bus.. It increases self-esteem, positive attitude and cooperation.. It improves a school's atmosphere for learning and improves bus safety by decreasing distractions.. It positively impacts the atmosphere in which school children, teachers and bus drivers start and spend their day.. The Program has expanded beyond the curb and on to the bus and into the community.. Traditional bright yellow buses are being morphed into Mobile Positive Word Zones as drivers complete the certification program with their riders.. Home Program is available to two year participants at no additional charge.. The Positive Label Program been commended by the White House, been featured on Fox News, is recommended by the Georgia Center of Character Education and is an Official Resource Project of the National Museum of Patriotism.. The names of Schools and Transportation teams completing their certification will be included in the Casey Citizenship Exhibit at the National Museum  ...   month, we invite you to accept our gift and download a complete a mini version of the Positive Label Home Program.. Go to.. download.. page and follow the simple instructions.. Positive Label Bully Prevention + Character Education Program:.. Addresses the awesome power of labels/words -- for either good or harm.. Breaks the name calling and bullying cycle.. Stops school violence before it starts.. Teaches self respect and empathy skills.. Empowers patriotism and citizenship.. Brings Character Education traits to life.. Encourages reading.. Values grandparents.. Simple to use and easy to include.. Includes a parent outreach/enrichment component.. Research based (pre/post testing) -- to provide measurable impact.. Committed to positively impacting the world -- one child, one home, one school at a time.. A Proven Effective Method to Stop Bullying.. Brings Character Education To Life For Teachers, Parents and Students.. In a period of only 6 weeks 96% of the required traits can be introduced, brought to life, and practiced using the Casey story series as a foundation.. Local boards may implement such a program at any time for any grade levels, and the state board shall ncourage the implementation of such plan.. All laws and parts of laws in conflict with the ACT are repealed.. Source:.. http://www.. glc.. k12.. ga.. us/qstd-int/ancil/charedu/implmnt.. htm.. * Examples - traits being put into action are also found on additional pages of book and in activities..

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  • Title: Community | The Kamaron Institute
    Descriptive info: Community.. We are proud to support the educational program of the Kamaron Foundation.. The Positive Label Programs have an impressive track record to helping public schools leaders improve the schools of children and teachers across America.. The KC3® Positive Label Program is a research-based, character education, violence and bullying prevention program that offers educators and students simple, eloquent and fun techniques to manage aggressive behaviors, build self-esteem, resolve conflicts peacefully, encourage diversity, tolerance, practice valuable life-skills.. It is the step beyond mere bullying and cyber-bullying prevention….. It is bullying PREEMPTION.. About the People We Help.. Positive Label  ...   These programs have been evaluated and found successful with children of both genders from various ethnic groups, including Hispanic, Asian American, and African American, and diverse socioeconomic backgrounds.. Measurable Education Results.. School Systems across the country benefit from participation in the KC3Positive Label Program and earning their certification.. Teachers and bus drivers noticed that students were trying harder to get along with each other.. Students and teachers are feeling more safe and that is creating a more positive learning environment.. Name-calling and negative comments have decreased and classroom instruction and learning have increased.. - Dr.. Sara Cocolis, Principal..

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  • Title: Margaret Ross Kamaron Institute | The Kamaron Institute
    Descriptive info: Margaret Ross - Kamaron Institute.. Margaret Ross , President Kamaron Institute, Inc.. The Kamaron Institute, founded by Margaret Ross, is a management and educational consulting firm advising leading companies and educational organizations on issues of market strategy, market research, organizational dynamics, marketing communications, technology, and staff development.. Kamaron is the home of the Kamaron Concepts and the Kamaron KC3 Positive Label Programs.. OUR MISSION, is to positively impact the way the world thinks.. Margaret is the author numerous business and living articles plus the author of.. Making Business Work.. Inside Secrets of Success.. This is a pocket-sized MBA program for the real world.. It demystifies business jargon and puts the focus where it belongs -- on making a profit.. Ross' leadership training programs improve employee job satisfaction and productivity.. Margaret Ross' 20-year track record of business success in companies ranging from Fortune 300 to mid-sized corporations, combined with a background in education and communications, equip her with the special skills and talents that you enjoy in her leadership seminars and her business and personal development books (e.. g Making Business Work, Casey and the Amazing Giant Green Shirt, Casey and the Growing Spurt, Casey and the See Through Head, and Casey and  ...   company and educational organization.. Margaret is a frequently featured guest in the area of bullying preemption, successful workplace and life relationships on America s top radio and television stations including CNN and Fox News.. Ross has been featured in.. School Bus Fleet.. ,.. Sales Professional.. Entrepreneur Magazines.. Ross.. is host of Telly Award Winning.. TV show,.. Success Class.. New Blog is.. Kamaron PI - Positive Impact on Business and Life.. Using excellence as the cornerstone to how she does business, Ross believes that solutions to ever greater business challenges can only be addressed through solution oriented strategic thinking.. Margaret wrote the first Casey stories for families as a gift to military families.. She created the National KC3 Positive Label Certification Programs and wrote the new Casey stories at the request of educators, parents, and helping professions.. The Positive Label Program is the official character education program of the National Museum of Patriotism and has been commended by the White House.. Contact: Kamaron Institute.. Margaret Ross.. Market Research, Online Surveys.. Follow Margaret Ross: Kamaron Institute on Twitter.. On Facebook, Kamaron Institute.. Kamaron PI: Positive Impact Blog.. Feel free to contact Kamaron Institute to inquire about Ms Ross rates and availability for training engagements..

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