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  • Title: Developing Excellence In Leadership | Knowles Consulting
    Descriptive info: .. Subscribe via RSS.. Knowles Consulting.. The New Leadership Paradigm.. Unleashing Talent.. Programs and Services.. Contact Us.. About Knowles Consulting.. About Wendy Knowles.. Client List.. Speaking Engagements.. Leadership.. Values.. Culture.. Results.. What we do:.. We leverage your leaders’ gifts and abilities around core values.. The outcome:.. Happier, more innovative, and productive work teams.. These days, change and adversity are the norm.. Strong leadership is critical to the ongoing success and sustainability of an organization.. Great leadership can makes all the difference.. Leaders who are resilient, empathic, trustworthy, believable, and authentic bring out the best in others.. Teams work well together.. High energy, innovation, and productivity are the norm.. At Knowles Consulting, we support you to leverage the best of your leadership teams gifts and abilities.. We do this by measuring values and  ...   be associated with your organization.. Employees bring their whole self to work and become even more self-expressed and make an even larger contribution.. Imagine being able to get a comprehensive diagnostic of the culture of your organization by asking just three simple questions that take around 15 minutes to complete.. Furthermore, imagine getting the same detailed report for any demographic grouping you care to list.. That is exactly.. what our flagship cultural values assessment, used by over 2,000 organisations, enables you to do.. What we do: We leverage your leaders’ gifts and abilities around core values.. The outcome: Happier, more innovative, and productive work teams.. community values assessment.. About The Work.. Halifax Office:.. 5540 Columbus Place.. Halifax, Nova Scotia.. Toronto Office:.. 168 Humbercrest Blvd.. Toronto, Ontario.. (902) 453-2116.. Copyright 2013 Knowles Consulting..

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  • Title: The New Leadership Paradigm | Knowles Consulting
    Descriptive info: You Are Here:.. Home.. New from Richard Barrett, The New Leadership Paradigm is more than a leadership text book (530 pages), it is a state-of-the-art learning system for 21st century leaders.. The book is in six parts.. Part 1 describes the fundamental principles and concepts that lie at the core of the New Leadership Paradigm learning system.. Parts 2, 3, 4 5 apply these principles to Leading Self , Leading a Team, Leading an Organisation, and Leading in Society.. The final  ...   Cultural Transformation Tools and an overview of the origins of the seven levels of consciousness model.. ".. I had the pleasure of working with Wendy for several months and I found her unconventional approach in revolutionizing corporate culture to be very refreshing.. She is fearless and extremely driven.. I am sure that Wendy will make a difference in any organization which she touches.. Best Regards,.. Raj Kapahi.. Chief Operating Officer.. Wicker Emporium – Chain of Home Decor Stores.. Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada..

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  • Title: Unleashing Talent | Knowles Consulting
    Descriptive info: Unleashing Talent.. This excerpt from The New Paradigm of Leadership by Richard Barrett describes in more depth, the context for our work at Knowles Consulting.. Talent managing management is used to describe the process for identifying and developing individuals who are most easily able to evolve consciousness.. These are the people the organization would like to fast-track into positions of greater influence.. This can readily occur by an organization putting emphasis on such an individual by evolving them through an accelerated program of powerful leadership development.. What are the characteristics that an organization should look for in selecting individuals for a talent management pool? What form of leadership development is most appropriate for these people and supervisors and managers, in general? The answers to both these questions are found in the understanding we have developed about the universal stages of evolution.. 1).. The first stage Adaptability.. First and foremost the quality of adaptability, the ability of an entity to maintain internal stability and external equilibrium when changes occur in its external environment there are two components to adaptability: speed and resilience the speed or agility with which an entity is able to adapt is very important in improving the entities chance for survival of survival.. The resilience of an entity is a measure of scope or range of changes or shocks that an entity confessedly withstand a quickly bounce back to internal stability and external equilibrium.. The more resilient and hence to the possesses resilience, the greater will be his ability to adapt and thereby survive.. 2) Continuous Learning.. The second most important quality is continuous learning.. There are two important components to successful continuous learning: first is the ability of an entity to institutionalize (store in memory) learning about maintaining or enhancing internal stability and external equilibrium such that it can repeat successful responses to changes in its environment and avoid responses that did not improve internal stability and external equilibrium – the ability to learn from  ...   ability and external equilibrium.. The ability to bond with other compatible entities for the purpose of mutual survival in a group structure with a shared identity becomes very important.. Successful bonding maximizes the amount of energy that is available to the bonded entities for responding to external challenges and, at the same time, minimizes the amount of energy it is required for maintaining internal stability.. Bonding can be strategic for both maintaining [surviving] and enhancing [thriving] external equilibrium.. For human beings, strong bonds require a high degree of trust.. 4) The Ability to Cooperate.. Cooperation is also an important adaptability strategy in evolution.. Whenever the framework conditions that a group structure encounters are more complex than is used to handling and threatened its external equilibrium, the ability to cooperate with the other group structures for the purpose of mutual survival is very important.. Successful cooperation requires an alignment of purpose.. Not only does cooperation en able surviving, it also enables thriving.. When the framework conditions are favourable and group structures are aligned, cooperation can lead to the creation of a higher order entity.. For human beings, cooperation requires a high degree of empathy.. 5) The Ability to Handle Complexity.. The ability to survive and thrive in increasingly complex framework conditions lies at the core of evolution.. This means being able to handle the internal complexity of a group structure as well as external complexity of the framework conditions.. Unlike the other four qualities as far as humans are concerned, the ability to handle complexity is age-dependent to a certain extent.. We can develop our adaptability, continuous learning, bonding, and cooperating skills at almost any age.. Our ability to handle complexity, however, develops gradually and naturally as we grow older through experience is age-dependent C have significant repercussions on leadership development of discussed.. At Knowles Consulting, we worl with your and your teams to leverage each person creating an environment for them to grow and make a greater contibution..

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  • Title: Programs and Services | Knowles Consulting
    Descriptive info: To do our work, we employ a combination of assessment tools, coaching, consulting, and training.. We always begin with the Barrett Values Assessment s and interpretation – Individual Values Assessments, Leadership Values Assessments, Small Group Assessments, Cultural Values Assessments, and Leadership 360 degrees values assessments are some of the core assessment.. The Process.. The assessment data is typically collected anonymously.. Collecting data by name is an option.. Requesting names can be useful when working with small groups.. (SGA).. or leadership teams as it allows you to review data plots for each individual.. (IVA).. Survey.. participants log on to a password-protected website where they may be asked to choose from drop down lists of demographic categories.. They are then asked to select:.. Ten values that represent who they are (personal values);.. Ten values that represent how their culture operates (current culture);.. Ten values that represent for them the elements necessary for their culture to achieve its highest performance (desired culture).. The survey is typically open for one or two weeks.. Reports are presented in English, while the diagnostic diagrams can be provided in any of the chosen survey languages.. Questions may be added at the end of the survey with the following options: Free text, Yes/No, Multiple choice, and Likert scale.. Responses to the questions are provided as raw data, categorised by demographic  ...   impact on people and the organization.. The values assessment also measures the degree of alignment between participants’ personal values and the current culture, as well as the current culture and desired culture.. High performing cultures display low levels of entropy and strong values alignment.. Other indicators which are generated from the survey include: the ratio of positive to limiting values in the top ten values; the ratio of the individual, relationship, organizational, and societal values in the top ten values; and the Business Needs Scorecard which analyses the top ten current and desired culture values into six categories –Finance, Customers, Culture, Fitness (factors that impact speed, efficiency and productivity), Evolution (factors that impact the development of future products and services) and Societal Contribution.. This simple yet profound assessments are the starting point for uncovering the root causes of disengagement and cultural entropy.. They form the foundation for framework used to facilitate powerful and reflective conversations and considerations among the leadership team.. From there we will recommend a program from which to facilitate cultural transformation.. We move though the process, of leading self, leading others(leading teams), leading organizations, and leading in society.. Refer to.. www.. valuescentre.. com.. under products and services for more details.. If you are interested in the possibility of engaging in this work, please contact Knowles Consulting for an exploratory discussion..

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  • Title: About Knowles Consulting | Knowles Consulting
    Descriptive info: We are leadership development and organizational cultural transformation consultants.. We work with leadership teams to move their organizations from good to great.. The focus of leadership development should always be on helping people to become authentic and fully self-actualized.. This means supporting the individual and his or her own evolution as well as supporting the evolution of consciousness of humanity and the evolution of the organization and with organization in which they work.. – Richard Barrett, Barrett Values Centre.. How do we do what we do?.. We measure personal entropy and cultural entropy.. Personal entropy is the degree of dysfunction in one’s life that the presence of conscious or subconscious fear-based beliefs causes.. We measure Cultural Entropy in your organization.. Cultural Entropy.. is a measure of dysfunction.. It shows us the degree  ...   behaviours.. The values come from the leadership team and the historical way (memory) the organization works.. It’s “the way things are done around here.. ” These values and behaviours may or may not be optimal at instilling a climate of innovation, creativity, trust, and bonding – all required to bring out the best in people and teams.. For people to be really inspired they need permission to take their whole self to work.. And there needs to be an alignment of one’s personal values to the organization’s values.. We offer leadership and organizational values assessments and consulting, coaching and training services.. Ready to take a look at your organization from a deeper perspective? Wondering what is really going on? Consider speaking to us about the potential impact of our work at your organization..

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  • Title: About Wendy Knowles | Knowles Consulting
    Descriptive info: - Raj Kapahi, Chief Operating Officer, Wicker Emporium, Chain of Home Decorating Stores.. wickeremporium.. ca.. Wendy Knowles is the founder, and senior consultant and facilitator in the area of leadership excellence and organization transformation at Knowles Consulting.. Wendy graduated from CoachInc.. s coach training school, an International Coaching Federation accredited coach training institute, and leverages over ten years of coaching and consulting with organizations, teams, and individuals.. Consulting clients have come from the IT sector, Marketing Services, Consulting, Engineering, Professional Services, Financial Institutions, Retail, and Hospitality industries, medium to large organizations, SMEs, and solopreneurs.. Wendy was instrumental in launching the Performance Coaching for Workplace Program at Seneca College, Toronto, Canada.. Wendy holds a Bachelor of Business Management Degree in  ...   in Solution Selling, Miller Heiman, Extended DISC, Profiles International, and received training with the Interdevelopmental Institute.. Past roles include: Director, eCommerce Business Development for a major Canadian Telecom Firm; senior IT sales and sales management roles; large scale project and program management, and senior product management in IT, manager of training and development.. Wendy’s approach is direct, intuitive and straight forward, sometimes radical and often fun.. She is committed to moving organizations from Good to Great.. One’s work is so integral to one’s identity.. When workplaces foster innovation, camaraderie, and creativity, people are happy and engaged.. I am committed to bringing out the best in individuals, teams, and organizations.. It is wonderful to be part of this transformation.. Wendy Knowles..

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  • Title: Client List | Knowles Consulting
    Descriptive info: Client List of Barrett Values Centre.. USA.. Adams Street Partners, IL (Finance).. Advest, CT (Finance).. Allstate Insurance, Northbrook, IL (Insurance).. American Red Cross, NY (Not for Profit).. American University, Classroom Cohort, DC (Education).. AOCOO-HNS (Medical Association).. APPA, Alexandria, VA (Education).. Asbury, Pittsburgh, PA (Healthcare).. Austin Energy, Austin, TX (Utility).. Austin Lyric Opera Company, Austin, TX (Entertainment).. Availity, TX (Healthcare Software).. Behr America, Troy (Automotive).. Ben Bridge Jewelers, Austin (Retail).. Blue Shield California, San Francisco, CA (Insurance).. Brown Sharpe, Providence, RI (Multinational Engineering Company).. Brueggers Bagels, Rochester, NY (Retail Food).. Calendar Club, Austin, TX (Retail).. Catholic Health Services, Ft.. Lauderdale, FL (Healthcare).. Ceridian, Minneapolis, MN (Human Resource Services).. Center for Ethical Leadership, Seattle, WA.. CDH-Gurrie, Oakbrook, IL (Accounting).. Community Hospices of America (CHA), Springfield, MO (Healthcare).. Computer Associates, Islandia, NY (IT Computer).. Corning, Corning, NY (Manufacturing).. Court TV, New York, NY (Media).. Culver Freeman, Cincinnati, OH (Financial Managers).. D R International, Ltd.. , Silver Spring, MD (Energy).. Davita, Inc.. (Healthcare), Michigan.. DeSai Learning, Hartford, CT (Corporate Education and Learning).. Duke Corporate Education, Durham, NC (Education).. E.. W.. Kelley and Partners, London (Executive Search).. ELM Resources, Oakland, CA (Non-Profit).. Emergency Service Associates, Salisbury, Maryland (Healthcare).. Epsilon Technology, Jackson Hole, WY (Technology).. Ethical Leadership, Seattle, WA.. Experian, Orange County, CA (Information Management).. First American Appraisal Services, San Diego, CA (Finance).. Ford Motor Company, Detroit, MI (Automobiles).. FM Systems, Medina, OH (Security Systems).. Getchell Gold Corporation, NV (Mining).. HearthStone Homes, Omaha, NE (Home Construction).. Highmark, Pittsburg, PA (Health Insurance).. Home Federal Financial Corp.. , Sioux Falls, SD (Banking).. Houston Independent School District (Education).. Housing Community Development Network of New Jersey (Non-Profit).. Hudson RCI (Medical Services).. Human Services Coalition of Miami Dade (HSC) Imagine Miami (Community).. Independence Blue Cross, Philadelphia (Merger with Highmark).. Impact Austin, Austin, TX (Non Profit).. Innisfree Hotels, Pensacola (Hotels).. Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA), Altamonte Springs, (Non-Profit).. Insurance Network of Texas (Insurance).. Internal Revenue Service, Washington, DC (Government Agency).. Kostal, Novi MI (Motor Vehicle Manufacturing).. Leadership Inc.. , Philadelphia, PA (Philanthropy Training).. Lisa Vandenburgh Ltd.. , Washington DC (Interior Design).. LG InfoComm, San Diego, CA (Communication Products).. Local Matters, Inc.. , Denver (Technical Services).. Lockart, Atchley and Associates, Inc.. , Austin, TX (Finance).. Lutheran World Relief (Non-Profit).. Maracay Homes, Scottsdale, AZ (Real Estate).. Mallinckrodt Baker, Phillipsburg, NJ (Chemical).. MarchFIRST, Cleveland, OH (Internet Technologies).. Marsh McLennan Companies, New York (Financial Services).. Methodist Hospital System, Houston, TX (Healthcare).. Methodist Healthcare Ministries, San Antonio, TX (Healthcare).. Microsoft, Redmond, WA (Software).. Mt Zion Baptist Church, VA (Religious Group).. National Cooperative Bank, Washington (Banking).. New Thought Unity Centre, Cincinnati (Religious Group).. Ohio Air National Guard, OH (Military).. Orcom Solutions, San Diego, CA (Software).. Pinson Interests, Ltd.. , LLP, Woodstock, NY (Family Business).. Physical Electronics USA, Inc.. , Chanhassen (Electrical Manufacturing).. NALCO (Chemical and Mining).. NAPCO, Newark, NJ (Insurance).. Newspaper Association of America, Washington, DC (Media).. Pitcairn, PA (Financial Services).. Pfizer, New York (Pharmaceuticals).. Plexus Institute (Healthcare).. Radisson Hotel and Suites, Austin, TX (Hotel).. Rampart Hydro Services, Coraopolis, PA (Services).. Ricoh Latin America, Miami (IT Computer).. RLS Company, Hartford, CT (Retirement Living Services).. Robert Bosch Corporation (Manufacturing).. Rochester City School District, Rochester, NY (Education).. San Diego Workforce Partnership, CA (Not for Profit).. Santa Rosa Church of Religious Science (Religious Group).. Senior Citizens, Inc.. , Nashville (NFP).. Senior Citizens Services of Metro Atlanta, Inc, Atlanta, GA (Not for Profit).. Smithsonian, Washington, DC (Museum).. South Montgomery County, TX (Government).. Sterling Bank, Houston, TX (Banking).. St.. Luke’s Health System, KS (Healthcare).. Teleflex, Bannockburn, IL (Medical Devices).. Texas Annual Conference (Religious).. The Aspen Grove Project, Aspen, CO (Non-profit).. The Evangelical Lutheran Good Samaritan Society,.. Sioux Falls, SD (Healthcare).. The North Highland Group, Atlanta, GA (Consultants).. The Performance Center, Arlington, VA (Consultants).. The Sear-Brown Group, Rochester, NY (Construction Consultants).. The XLR8 Team, Rochester, NY (Consultants).. Thrivent Financial for Lutherans, Minneapolis, MN (Financial).. Turner Dehoney Associates, Burlingame, CA (Pension Fund Managers).. Unity Church of Omaha (Religious Group).. United Church of Religious Science, Los Angeles, CA (Spiritual Movement).. Union Central, Cincinnati, OH (Insurance).. University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia PA (Education).. U.. S.. Customs and Border Protection – Office of Information Technology, Washington, DC (Government).. Valley Transportation Authority, Santa Clara, CA (Public Transit).. Warren Johnson, Pallatine, IL (Architects).. Watson Wyatt, Dallas, TX (Business Consultants).. Wegmans Food Markets, Rochester, NY (Grocery Chain).. Wharton School of Business (UPenn), Philadelphia, PA (Education).. Woodbine House, Bethesda, MD (Publishing).. World Bank, Washington DC (Development Banking).. Yoshinoya Restaurant (Food Service).. Argentina.. Contreras Hnos SA, Buenos Aires (Construction).. Legión of Goodwill, Buenos Aires (not for profit).. Petrobras Energia (Oil Services).. Telefonica (Telecommunications).. Australia.. Absolute Capital Group, Sydney (Financial Services).. Adobe, Sydney (Software).. AGL, Sydney (Utility).. Alchemy, Sydney (Information Technology).. Ambience, Sydney (Media Software).. AMP (Financial Services).. Anvil Hill Alliance, Sydney (Mining).. ANZ Bank, Melbourne (Banking).. AW Workwise (Occupational Health and Safety).. Australian Conservation Foundation, Melbourne, (Non-profit).. Australian Graduate School of Management, Sydney (Education).. Australia Post, Melbourne (Communications).. Bank of Queensland Ringwood Branch, Melbourne (Banking).. Bell Real Estate (Real Estate).. BHP Billiton (Manufacturing).. Commonwealth Bank of Australia, Sydney (Banking).. Computer Associates, Sydney (IT).. Crown Castle International, Sydney (IT).. Datacom, Sydney (IT Computing).. Dattner Grant, Eltham (Consultancy).. Empire Rubber, Bendigo (Manufacturing).. Ertech Pty Ltd, Perth (Engineering).. Estia Foundation of Australia, Sydney (Charity).. Fairfield City Council, Sydney (Local Government).. Foundation for Young Australians (NGO).. Freehills, Sydney-Melbourne-Perth (Legal).. GasNet, Melbourne (Utilities).. GAMAA (Graphic Arts Merchants Association of Australia).. Gilles, Delaney, Brown, Sydney (Law Firm).. Harvey Norman, Sydney (Retail).. Highland Partners, Sydney (Consultancy).. Human Synergistics, Sydney (Change Management).. Individual and Family Support of the Disability Services Commission, Perth.. John Holland Group, Sydney (Construction).. KBR Government and Infrastructure APAC, Sydney (Engineering).. Learning Dimensions, Melbourne (Consultancy).. Look Print, Sydney (Printing).. Maquarie University, IT Department (Technology).. Mackay Local Authority (Local Government).. Mariner Boating, North Sydney (Tourism).. Motorola Leadership Development (Technology).. National Values Assessment.. NIB Health Funds Limited, Newcastle (Healthcare).. Northern Sydney and Central Coast Area Health Service (Healthcare).. Pacific Brands, Victoria (Retail).. Paul Denny Conveyancy (Property Conveyancy).. Pfizer, Sydney (Pharmaceuticals).. PricewaterhouseCoopers (Consultancy).. Quantas, Sydney (Transportation).. RogenSi, Melbourne (Consultancy).. Royal Botanical Gardens – Melbourne Gardens (Services).. Sandersons Motor Group, Sydney (Motor Vehicle Retail).. SAP, Sydney (IT).. Shirlaws (Business Coaching).. Sophie Bartho + Associates, Sydney (Advertising).. Starcom (Communications).. State Government of Victoria, Melbourne (Local Government).. SUNCORP, Melbourne (Banking).. Tarong Transport Alliance (Transportation).. Tenant Representation Services Pty Ltd (Real Estate).. Tenix, Melbourne (Military).. Telstra, Sydney (Telecommunications).. The Customer Experience, Sydney (Consultancy).. The Royal Automobile Club of Western Australia, Perth (Service).. Transurban, Melbourne (Construction).. VIC Roads, Melbourne (Central Government).. Voicepoint Communications, Sydney (Telecoms).. Westgate Alliance, Melbourne (Construction).. Western Australia Local Government Authority, Perth (Local Government).. Western Mining Corporate, Melbourne (Mineral Extraction).. Wilson Asset Management,  ...   Innovaform, Goteborg (Corporate Identity Consultants).. Kungälv Kommun, Kungälv (Local Government).. Living Questions, Stockholm (Customer Relations Software).. Lever Faberge, Scandinavia (Food Products).. LOCUM AB, Stockholm (Municipal Agency).. Öhrlings PricewaterhouseCoopers, Stockholm (Accountancy).. PEAB AB (Construction).. SEB Bank, Stockholm (Banking).. Skandia, Stockholm (Insurance).. Skanska, Gothenberg (Construction).. SOS Alarm, Stockholm (Personal Safety).. Vattenfall, Stockholm (Energy Supply).. Vårdförbundet (National Union of Nurses), Stockholm (Health Care).. Volvo Aero, Scandinavia (Manufacturing).. Volvo IT, Göteborg (IT).. Switzerland.. Bank Julius Bär, Zurich (Banking).. Friedau, Frauenfeld (Senior Citizens Home).. RTC Realtime Center AG, Bern (IT Computer).. Sign of Soul, Zurich (Value and Identity Development).. Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation, Berne (Government Agency).. Tanzania.. Placer Dome, North Mara Mine (Mining).. The Netherlands.. ABN AMRO, Rotterdam (Banking).. Afdeling Sociale Zaken Vlissingen (Local Government).. Air Traffic Control The Netherlands, Amsterdam (Government Agency).. Altana Pharma (Pharmaceuticals).. Aluchemie, Rotterdam (Pharmaceuticals).. AstraZeneca (Health Care).. B/CPP Centrum voor Proces-en Productontwikkeling,.. Utrecht (Ministry of Finance).. Boskoop (Local Government).. Bouwend Nederland, Gouda (Construction).. Calibre Group, Amersfoort (Consultancy).. CBS (Agriculture-Forestry-Fishing-Hunting).. Centrada (Social Housing).. Centrum voor Werk en Inkomen, Amsterdam (Local Government).. CITO, Arnhem (Education).. DHL (Courier Services).. De Baak Management Centrum, Noordwijk (Consulting).. Dienst, Eindhoven (Social Services).. Directie Regionale Zaken, Den Haag (Central Government).. Duinwaterbedrijf Zuid Holland, The Hague (Water Supply).. Dutch State Mines, Delft (Mining).. Eneco Netbeheer (Utilities) Rotterdam.. Erasmus Universiteitsbibliotheek, Rotterdam (University Library).. Ernst Young (Accountants and Consultants).. Eurocontrol, Maastricht (Air Traffic Control).. Fire Brigafe Netherlands (Central Government).. Gemeente Delfzijl, Delfzijl (Local Government).. Gemeente Smallingerland, Smallingerland (Government).. Gemeenten Boxtel – Haaren (Local Government).. Gemeente Groningen, DIA (Local Government).. Gemeente Delfzijl (Local Government).. Generali, Amsterdam (Insurance).. Getronics PinkRoccade (IT Computer).. GGD Gelre-Ijssel, Daventer (Healthcare).. HEMA, Amsterdam (Retail).. Het Ontwikkelingsbedrijf, Rotterdam (Real Estate Development).. Human Development Counselling Foundation, Zutphen (Consultancy).. Icare, Meppel (Healthcare).. Integrated Business Consultancy (Management Consultants).. IBM, Amsterdam (IT).. IKST Cancer Centres, Enschede (Health Care).. ING Bank, Amsterdam (Banking).. ING Bank, Den Haag (Banking).. Intergemeentelijke Sociale Dienst (Local Government).. Honig, Koog aan de Zaan, Rotterdam (Food Products).. JJI Heuvelrug, Zeist (Local Government).. KLM Equipment Services, Schiphol, Amsterdam (Service).. Koninklijke de Ruijter, Baarn (Food Products).. Nijestee (Housing).. Novo Nordisk, (Chemical Pharmaceutical Manufacturing).. Nuon, Amsterdam, (Utilities Electricity and Water).. Platform informatiebeveiliging, Amstelveen (Services).. Polynorm (Automotive Sheet Metal).. PricewaterhouseCoopers, The Hague and Utrecht.. (Accountants and Consultants).. Provincie Gelderland, Arnhem (Local Government).. Rabo Bank, Utrecht (Banking).. RIBW Zwolle, Zwolle (Healthcare).. ROC Eindhoven (Vocational Training).. Royal Boskalis Westminster, Papendrecht (Mining).. Servatius Woningstichting, Maastricht (Social Housing).. Sogeti, Vianen (IT).. Stichting Milieubewustzijn, Graveland (Education).. Stichting Natuur En Milieu, Utrecht (Not for Profit Environmental Group).. Stichting Ouderenzorg Rivierenbuurt, Amsterdam (Health).. Transavia, Amsterdam (Transportation).. Van Heck, Messelbroek (Manufacturing).. Visser Copini Partners, (Consultancy).. Vodafone, Maastricht (Telecommunications).. Wageningen University, Wageningen (Agriculture University).. WeDoHRM Associates (Consulting).. Woningstichting Sint Servatius, Maastricht (Public Housing).. Wooncom VAB, Emmen (Local Government).. Woonbedrijf Ieder1, Deventer (Social Housing NGO).. Turkey.. Tatko, Istanbul (Conglomerate).. UK.. Allen Overy (Legal).. Allied Worldwide, High Wycombe (IT).. A T Kearney, London (Corporate Services).. Bath and North East Somerset (Local Government).. BCWA, Bristol (Healthcare).. Bexley Care Trust, London (Healthcare).. BNP Paribas Securities Services UK, London (Financial Services).. BP Beyond Petroleum, London (Energy).. BR Pharmaceuticals Ltd, Leeds (Pharmaceutical).. Bradford NHS, Bradford (Healthcare).. BSoftB, Manchester (Internet Software Development).. BTG PLC (Chemical Pharmaceutical Manufacturing).. BT Ignite (Customer Service).. Bureau Veritas, Aberdeen (Oil Gas).. Cable and Wireless (Telecommunications).. Cambridge University, Sustainability Class (Education).. Campbell’s (Food).. Capital One UK (Finance).. Child Support Agency, London (Local Government).. Claverham Ltd.. , Bristol (Aerospace).. Coors Brewing Ltd.. , Burton on Trent (Drink Manufacturing).. DCS Group, London (Information Technology).. Delphi International, London (Ethical Investment Advisors).. Empa Performance, Manchester (Radio).. Emergent Dynamics (Consultancy).. Endaba, London (Consultancy).. The Environment Foundation, London (Charitable Trust).. FD Solutions, London (Financial Services).. Findhorn Foundation, Findhorn, Scotland (Educational Centre).. Fujitsu, London (IT and Computers).. Gazeley, Milton Keynes (Real Estate Development).. General Mills (UK), London (Food and Drink).. Halma Group plc (Safety Engineering and Manufacturing).. Herbert Brown (Pawn Brokers and Jewelers).. Housing Corporation, London (Public Sector).. Kellogg’s (Food Products).. Lloyds TSB (Banking).. L’Oreal, London (Cosmetics).. Littlewoods (Retail).. Liverpool Direct Limited (Local Government).. Manchester City Art Gallery, Manchester (Museum).. Mars Confectionary UK Ltd.. (Food Products).. MasterFoods (Food Products).. Merryck, Mentoring (Corporate Services).. MTV Networks Europe, London (Media).. Nuffield Hospitals, London (Helathcare).. Oldham City Council (Local Government).. Optimum Contact Solutions, Manchester (Services).. Partners for Change, London (Consultancy).. PetCareCO, London (Pet Care Products).. Petroplus UK Ltd.. , Stockton-on-Tees (Oil Refinery).. Prodo, Chester (Web Design).. Prudential Property Investment Managers Ltd (Financial Services).. The Psychosynthesis Trust, London (Counseling).. Quest Worldwide (Consultants).. Renaissance Executive Group (Museums).. Robin James Salons, Sherbourne (Hairdressing).. Rocket Medical plc, Watford (Manufacturing).. Rotherham Council (Local Government).. Royal Mail, London (Local Government).. S N UK, Edinburgh (Food Drink Manufacturing).. Sanofi-Aventis, London (Chemical Pharmaceutical Manufacturing).. Sefton Sure Start (Government).. Shanks East London, London (Service).. Show Business, London (Software Development).. Smith and Nephew (Manufacturing).. Skandia, London (Insurance).. Somer Housing Group (Real Estate).. Sustainability, London (Environmental Consultants).. Telos Partners Ltd.. (Consultancy).. The Business Connection, Knutsford Cheshire (Telecom).. The Wrigley Company Ltd (Food Drink Manufacturing).. t-three, London (Consultants).. Tyne and Wear Museums, Newcastle on Tyne (Museum).. University of Bath, EMBA Program Athens (Education).. University of Chester, SGSS, Chester (Education).. University of Southampton, Southampton, University Survey (Education).. University of Sunderland, Leadership Values Assessment (Education).. University of West of England (Education).. Venture Production plc, Aberdeen (Oil).. West Kent Housing Association, Sevenoaks (Housing).. Wincanton, Lutterworth (Distribution).. Yorkshire Water (Utility).. Ukraine.. Venezuela.. Banco del Caribe, Caracas (Banking).. Bridgestone Firestone Venezolana, Valencia (Manufacturing).. General Motors, Caracas (Motor Industry).. Telcel, Caracas (Telecommunications).. EPA, Valencia (Hardware for Home and Offices).. Proagro, Valencia (Animal Feed).. El Carabogeno, Valencia (Newspaper).. Servofarma, Valuencia (Pharmaceuticals).. Venancham, Caracas (Chamber of Commerce).. Vicson, S.. , (Manufacturing).. Schools and Classrooms.. Perth College, School Values Assessment.. De Boomhut, Classroom Values Survey.. De Boomhut, School Values Survey.. Basisoefenschool, Wijnegem Classroom Values Survey.. C.. V.. -K.. H.. N.. B.. , Classroom Values Surveys.. , School Values Survey.. Kyuushuu Sangyou University.. OBS De Tjalk, Teacher’s Values Assessment.. Hogeschool Zuyd, Teacher’s Values Assessment.. BS Swetibold, School Values Assessment.. Samisk videregående skole og reindriftskole, University Assessment.. Stockholm stad/FARSTA, School Values Assessment.. Brampton Manor School, Classroom Values Survey.. Broadbank Primary, Salford, Classroom Values Survey.. Hollymount, Bury, School Values Survey.. Irlam Endowed Primary, Salford, Classroom Values Survey.. Lea School, School Values Survey.. Lower Kersal Primary, Salford, Classroom Values Survey.. Northumbria University Estates Department, Newcastle, University Survey.. Old Hall – Kimberworth, Rotherham, School Survey.. American University, Washington, DC.. Campbell Hall, California, School Values Assessment.. Daycroft, Michigan, Classroom Values Assessment.. Daycroft, Michigan, School Values Assessment.. Edison School, Pell City, Leadership Values Assessments.. Grace Church School, School Values Assessment.. Liberty Eylau Independent School District, Schools Values Assessments.. Richmond Public Schools, School Values Assessment.. Thatcher Montessori School, School Values Assessment..

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  • Title: Speaking Engagements | Knowles Consulting
    Descriptive info: Wendy Knowles is available for speaking engagements in the area of Leadership Excellence and Organizational Transformation.. Wendy will tailor her talk to your particular audience and current challenges.. Please contact Wendy directly at Knowles Consulting..

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  • Title: Leadership | Knowles Consulting
    Descriptive info: Effective Leadership is the linchpin for transformational change.. Our work with leaders leverages Richard Barrett’s work as described in the following excerpt from.. Leading yourself, and leading others is not the same thing.. You must be able to lead yourself before you can effectively lead others.. Leading an organization is even more demanding and requires an additional set of competencies and skills than leading yourself and leading others.. Full spectrum leaders display all the attributes of the Seven Levels of Leadership Consciousness.. They master:.. Survival consciousness by creating an environment of.. financial.. security and physical safety for themselves and those in their charge.. Relationship consciousness through learning to communicate openly, and by creating a culture of caring and belonging that engenders employee and customer loyalty.. Self-esteem consciousness by measuring and monitoring progress towards the organization’s goals, and keeping the organization focused on quality, excellence and continuous improvement, such that employees feel a sense of pride in the organization’s performance, and can pursue their professional growth.. Transformation consciousness by becoming responsible and accountable for their actions, learning to delegate appropriately, empowering their executives and managers, and encouraging them to pursue their personal growth.. Internal cohesion consciousness by finding a personal sense of purpose/mission to their lives; creating a vision of the future that is a source of inspiration for everyone in the organization; and engendering a climate of trust.. External cohesion consciousness by actualizing their own sense of purpose through collaboration with external partners in  ...   self leadership and team leadership, as well as learning how to embody the value of trust to create a team environment that operates with a low level of cultural entropy.. Trust is the human characteristic that enables team bonding to take place.. Without trust there will be no bonding.. Leading an organization requires us to master the five evolutionary characteristics involved in self leadership, leading a team, and leading an organization as well as learning how to embody the value of trust and empathy and create an organization that operates with a low level of cultural entropy.. Entropy and empathy and trust are the human characteristics required for core operations take place.. Without empathy and trust, human cooperation is impossible.. Leading in society requires us to master the five evolutionary characteristics involved in self leadership, leading others, leading an organization, and leading society as well as learning how to embody the values of trust, empathy, compassion and create an organization, community or nation that operates with a low level of cultural entropy.. Without compassion, empathy, and trust, it is impossible to create a well functioning society.. Leading yourself:.. The Seven Levels of Human Motivation.. Leading an organization:.. The Seven Levels of Organisational Consciousness.. Leadership:.. The Seven Levels of Leadership Consciousness.. For more information:.. Richard Barrett,.. Building a Values-Driven Organisation: A Whole System Approach to Cultural Transformation.. , Butterworth-Heinemann, Boston, 2006, pp.. 87-103.. Liberating the Corporate Soul: Building a Visionary Organisation.. , Butterworth-Heinemann, Boston, 1998, 159-172..

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    Descriptive info: The Barrett Values.. Cultural Transformation Tools we employ enable us to identify and map the values of an individual, an organization, a community or a nation to Barrett’s Seven Levels of Consciousness model.. The Seven Levels of Conscious represent a context, path, and checkpoint for personal, leadership, and organizational development.. How Values Assessment Process Works.. Values Alignment:.. We ask a group of people to pick ten values that represent who they are personally, how their organization/community/nation operates (current  ...   then able to measure the level of values alignment.. Value Jumps:.. We can also measure which values in the current culture people want to receive more prominence in the desired culture.. These are called values jumps.. The values with the highest value jumps those with the biggest increase in votes are the ones that should be given the most attention.. This toolset provides the foundation data required to do our transformation work with you, your team, and your organization..

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    Descriptive info: In The New Leadership Paradigm, Richard Barrett talks about the importance of culture.. What is culture anyway?.. An inspiring vision focuses the energy of all employees in the same direction.. The pursuit of an inspiring vision gives employees an opportunity to make a difference in their service in a way that brings meaning to their lives.. A highly motivated person is committed, enthusiastic, and passionate and taps into their deepest levels of creativity.. If you want to unleash employees discretionary energies, they need to feel at home in the organization so they can be their authentic selves [values alignment].. They need to feel that the organization is on the right track [Mission alignment].. Most organizations suffer from cultural entropy or disengagement that normally falls in the range of 5 to 45%.. For measuring the cultures of more than 2000 organizations between 1979 in 2009, Barrett Values Centre has found that bankruptcy, implosion or aggressive takeovers can occur when cultural entropy reaches the upper end of this range.. Cultural entropy is the key causal predictor of performance in any organization, business unit, or division.. Cultural entropy is highly correlated with employee engagement and revenue growth.. High levels of entropy lead  ...   the corrective measures associated with various levels of cultural entropy.. In government and municipal agencies, which do not go bankrupt, high levels of cultural entropy caused significant inefficiencies for service delivery leads to angry customers and disgruntled staff.. Therefore benefits for reducing cultural entropy they are attracting talented people to increased employee engagement three reducing turnover and four increase performance.. In order to have organizations that have really wonderful cultures, we need strong leaders.. And those leaders need to be involved in the evolution of human consciousness so that we can tame continually develop a new leadership paradigm.. We use the term leadership development describe a process for supporting individuals in their personal professional growth so they can fulfill their potential by becoming all they can become and thereby find personal fulfilling.. The focus of leadership development should always be but on helping people to become authentic and fully self-actualized.. Excerpt from The New Leadership Paradigm by Richard Barrett.. We uncover the source of the current limitations – that is the current culture and climate.. Then we work with your leadership team to create a living environment or culture that creates shifts at the individual, team, and organizational level..

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